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Best of 2008:
Amorphous+Amorphous+ is an overhead arena combat game that casts you in the role of a little bald human character with a ridiculously over-sized sword: the Splat-Master 9000. This weapon is tailor-made for fighting Glooples, which are basically man-sized soft-skinned green blobs of goop.

Why we picked it: SPLAT! That's a sound that we and lots of our visitors have heard over and over again along with healthy doses of sploits, splatters, and squishes since Caleb Rhodes dropped his first flash game on us. Amorphous+ has many of the staples that make up a great action game: hundreds of baddies with lots of variety and personality, unlockable upgrades that allow you to customize your experience, and well balanced gameplay that'll keep you twitching long after the newness has worn off. Add to this an award system that teases your perfectionist nerve, and it can't be made more clear why we just can't put this game down, or why Amorphous+ simply has to be listed as one of the best of 2008.

Audience Award:
Skywire 2A sequel to last year's Skywire has been released by Nitrome that exceeds the original in many ways, including 3 bosses across 30 all-new levels. Now with lots more enemies, enough for a new one in every level, and new track elements such as gaps, breakable track and areas where your cable car goes under water.

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