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DoraLegend has it that if you're pure of heart and dazzling of smile, Neutral will leave you an escape game... and why, would you look at this, it's Elements! You're locked in a lovely room and, as always, your goal is to try to find a way out, but, also as always, the way is filled with Neutral's cunning puzzles, secrets, locks, and objects. To play, just click around to explore, but since the cursor doesn't change even if it passes over something you can use, you'll want to try to interact with everything, and every nook and cranny. Click the magnifying glass that pops up when you mouse over items you're carrying to view items up close and maybe interact with them more, and use the save function if you need a break. Pay attention to your surroundings, and maybe take some notes if you come across anything that looks particularly puzzle solutions-y, but don't expect a lot of hand-holding. And just because you've finally opened the lock doesn't mean you're out of the woods yet...

It's been a long time since Neutral has made an escape game that wasn't bite-sized, and fans have been excited for one for good reason... Neutral knows how to make games that are somehow at once both minimalist and beautiful in their presentation, with subtle sound effects and animation atop lovely backdrops, and then liberally packs it with puzzles that really encourage you to use your brain. Elements starts out slow, lobbing you a couple obstacles that can be cracked simply by using the right item in the right place, but slowly ramps up the difficulty with puzzles whose meanings aren't always obvious. While there's not really any pixel-hunting per se, it's still easy to miss something simply because there's so much to be found, and you'll quickly realize that Elements is far bigger and more complex than anything Neutral has put out in recent years. While some objects are tucked into odd places so finding them is a matter of spotting small details, Elements is more focused on connecting the dots from the clues you find everywhere, and it's easy to get overwhelmed if you don't keep track of them yourself, but also because some of them are so cleverly hidden you might not realize you're actually looking at one. While it's frustrating to get stuck and have the game offer no help or feedback at all as to why something isn't working, finally realizing what you need to do is so satisfying, and one of the reasons why Neutral's cunningly crafted escape games are always such an event. Elements is smart, sneaky, and all around lovely, and an absolute treat for fans who have been craving something with some serious meat on its bones to sink their teeth into.

Play Elements

Thanks to Corbin for sending this one in!

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

For those people who don't like to load a half-hour youtube video, here is a badly written text walkthrough. Writing this up costs me six hours and I'm in no mood to proofread it. Some of the details are rather sketchy but I think most of the people here just need a nudge.


A. Gather the items

  1. You should be facing the door. Click on the right-hand-side plant and pick up the triangular thing on the soil.

  2. Turn right and face the desk. Check the rubbish bin as usual, and find a red ball inside.

  3. Click on the middle drawer of the desk. There’s a box with two holes inside.

  4. The bottom drawer of the cupboard has a tool, bound with rope.

  5. Turn right to see a large cabinet. Click on the sun and then click on white container. Take the red ball inside.

  6. Turn right to see a sofa. There’s a compartment near the bottom right of the sofa. Open it and pick up a light bulb.

  7. There is a clockwork key under the white cube.

B. The coins

  1. Now, take a look at all four decors. Note the shape of their bottoms.

  2. Turn left to face the cabinet. Look at the bottom left compartment, which is locked.

  3. Enter the four-digit code to open it using the clue.

    The code is: Two bars, hollow square, black circle, four dots

  4. Take the box on the left. Open it with the clockwork key. Get the first coin.

  5. You should have two red balls. Put them into the box with two holes. Get the second coin.

  6. Turn to the desk. Look at the painting above. The painting swings open upon clicking. Don’t bother with the Yin-Yang symbol for now, because at the far right, the third coin sits on the frame.

  7. Face the sofa, and take a look at the painting on the left. Note the position of the square, triangle and circle.

  8. Turn to the desk and look at the radio-like thing. There are three dials. Using the clue, unlock it and get the fourth coin inside.

C. The sun

  1. On the desk, there is a notebook telling you that you can get a key with the four coins.

  2. Turn to the sofa. Look at the coinbox on the left. Throw all four coins into the slot. Press the button, and a grey key comes out.

  3. Turn to the door. Look at the let plant. A metal panel hides in the top left corner.

  4. Look at the metal panel. Open it with the grey key.

  5. Take the paper, and you should see a hole. Insert the triangular thing into the hole.

  6. Click on the triangle to rotate it. Note the directions where the triangle lights up. After one whole revolution, click on it again and the triangle should be in your inventory again.

  7. Turn to the cabinet and look at the sun. Put the triangle inside the slot.

  8. Light up the correct triangles. The Sun should open up and take the red “comma”.

D. The lightbulbs

  1. Back off to look at the cabinet. Look at the checkerboard.

  2. Open the piece of paper you have. Compare it with the checkerboard.

  3. Back off and look at the grey box under the lamp. There is a 4x4 grid on the box! Use the clue you have now to open the box, and take the light bulb inside.

  4. Turn to the desk and look at the lampstand on it. Press the button on it and note the sequence.

  5. There is a similar stand in the bottom left compartment of the cabinet. Use the two lightbulbs on it.

  6. Press the buttons to light up the lamps with the correct sequence.

    If you have trouble, notice that the sequence that you pressed is in reverse to the sequence of the lights. Right left left right right left right.

  7. Take the red “comma”.

E. The two-legged plug

  1. Turn to the desk and look at the fish painting. The painting will swing aside, revealing a Yin-Yang symbol. Insert the two red commas into it.

  2. The dragon inside is locked, so don’t bother with it. Instead, take the key from the compartment on the left.

  3. The key opens the top drawer of the desk. There’s a book inside. Take it.

  4. There’s also a photo, saying that a red cross is under the sofa.

  5. Look at the book, and the first page shows a star, with five red crosses as vertices.

  6. There is a cross under the desk, under the sofa, and in the bottom left compartment in the cabinet. Under the potted plant on the cabinet, there is also a cross.

  7. Look at the photo again. Plot the red crosses on it. Where’s the final cross?

    Somewhere in front of the door.

  8. Turn to the door and click on the floor. The final cross is revealed, along with a two-legged plug. Take it.

F. The corkscrew

  1. Turn to the cabinet and look at the bottom right compartment. The handle at the right looks off. Examine it to reveal two holes. Use the plug on it.

  2. Turn the plug. This will unlock the compartment.

  3. Take the wine and the brown book. Forget about the green books first.

  4. Turning over the brown book shall reveal that it is actually bound by screws, not a lock.

  5. Using the screwdriver of the bottom left compartment, open the book and take the bronze key inside.

  6. Use the bronze key on the dragon. The dragon will spit fire.

  7. Use the flame to burn the rope on the bound tool. Open the tool and it reveals to be a corkscrew.

  8. Open the wine bottle with the corkscrew.

G. Symbols and numbers

  1. Pour the wine in the white container, which looks like an ice cube maker, on the cabinets. Note the pattern.

  2. Back off and look at the cupboard on the far left. Unlock the doors using the pattern and take the “dagger”.

  3. Examine the “dagger”, only to find out that it is actually just steel wire.

  4. Open the bottom drawer of the desk. The drawer cannot be fully opened, but you can take the paper inside using the “dagger”.

  5. Look at the paper, and it looks like it is torn.

  6. Look at the book again, and you should find out a page is torn. Fill it in with the piece of paper.

  7. There’s an “S” on the page, which looks like the guard of the “dagger”. In fact, you can use the dagger on the book.

  8. Now you have the clue to play with the round lamp on the cabinet.

    The sequence is: Lower circle, lower square, upper circle, lower square, upper circle, upper square, lower square.

  9. Take the key after you solved the lamp. Use the key on the drawer below the cupboard, where you have taken the “dagger”.

  10. Look at the pocket watch. You should now realize that the symbols on the coins and the green books are actually numbers.

  11. Go back to the coinbox and press the button on it. All four coins will be returned.

  12. Try putting the coin “1” and coin “2” into the box and pressing the button. You will get the symbol for “3”. Pressing the button again and you can get the coins back. Basically, the coinbox sums the numbers.

  13. Use the coinbox to get all numbers, from 1 to 9.

  14. After you become familiar with the symbols, put the green book into the bottom right compartment of the cabinet. Now you can move the books.

  15. Rank the books from 1 to 9, then press the big yellow lever.

    Do this yourself, since I’ll use the numbers to refer to the symbols from now on.

H. Seasonal finale

  1. Back off, and now you see a painting has fallen down. Pick it up.

  2. Unscrew it with screwdriver. Take the paper inside.

  3. The paper indicates the potted plant on the cabinet has something inside. Examine the plant to get the coin “5”.

  4. The corner of the paper seems to be charred.

    Burn the paper with the dragon.

  5. Symbols are revealed. Use this clue to properly place the coins into the nine holes on the cabinet.

  6. The cabinet will move down to reveal a secret passage. Escape!

    One section down, four more to go.

I. Gather more items

  1. You should be entering the next section empty-handed. First, look for the caged dragon. There are a pair of binoculars inside the cage.

  2. Walk up the stairs and stop when you see a stand on the right, with a ball on top. Grab the ball.

  3. Go to the top of the stairs and enter the room (actually a lift). Search the lift to find a notebook.

J. Solve the towering puzzles

  1. Look at the notebook. Look at the photo inside. Note the pattern on the back cover, with numbers “4916”.

  2. Then, go back down the stairs and find the secret place indicated by the photo. Grab the other ball.

  3. Examine the panel near the caged dragon, with the number “5” on it. Put the balls into the slots.

  4. A 3x3 grid lights up. Now go upstairs to find the patterns “7124” and “8617”.

  5. Now go upstairs to the top. Look right, and you should be looking at a key. Look up. Use the binoculars to look at the far scribblings.

    It reads “Key: 24315”.

  6. You should have realized that each cell in the 3x3 grid corresponds to a number. Find out which cell is which, and then input the code on the panel.

    If you are too stupid to do this, press on the grid in this order: top-left, top-middle, bottom-right, bottom-middle, centre.

  7. A key falls out. Use the key on the chest upstairs.

  8. From the chest comes a stone tablet. Put the tablet into the pedestal on the right.

  9. Go inside the lift and pull the lever. Off to new pasture!

    Strictly speaking, three new pastures before the final escape.

K. Gather even more items

  1. Turn left and look at the cabinet. Open the left door and take the stone fragment out.

  2. The grey-white thing poking out at the far right should not escape our eyes. Click on the far right and take the box.

  3. Click on the left window pane and take the wooden gadget.

  4. Click on the butterflies. A stone fragment hide on the left.

  5. Click on the dome at the centre. Take the black thing.

L. Rocks in my backpack

  1. The grey box can be opened using the butterflies as a clue. Take the key.

  2. Use the key to open the cabinet. Leave the box alone for now. Take the spanner behind.

  3. Go to the dragonfly fossil and open the compartment, revealing a screw nut. Use the spanner.

  4. Take the fossil. Now, open the compartment below using the spiral shells as a clue. Take the m-shaped handle.

  5. Use the m-shaped handle on the three holes where the fossil was. A secret compartment is opened. Take the stone fragment inside.

M. The secrets of the fossil

  1. Look at the middle window pane. Open the hatch.

  2. Put the stone fragments in it. Press the button to watch a sequence. Note it down.

  3. Use the noted sequence to open the box in the cabinet. Take the windmill sails.

  4. Use the windmill sails on the model windmill. Turn it to see different numbers.

  5. Look at the back of the fossil. Compare the pattern to the windmill sail without a corner.

  6. Unlock the compartment under the butterflies using the clue.

    The code is 5476

  7. Take the “telescope”, which is actually a laser pointer. Also look at the photos.

N. The black bird and the white dots

  1. One of the photos indicates a secret stash. Grab it.

  2. This black “spoon” you get should actually be used on the other black thing in your inventory. Now it is clear they are wind vanes.

  3. Install the vanes on the black bird’s cage. It will spin.

  4. Now go to the compartment below and look inside the glass. Note the pattern.

  5. Use the clue to solve the 15-dot puzzle. Notice that the bottom dots of the second and fourth columns cannot be lit. Hence the solution is unique.

  6. Take the bar-with-two-legs below and use it on the slot under the black key picture. Press on the bar to unlock.

O. The mystery box

  1. Take the bar besides the box and unlock the picture on the right. Note the pattern.

  2. Play with the box on the right to find out how to produce the pattern.

  3. Produce that pattern on the box next to model windmill. Take the wooden gadget.

  4. Combine the wooden gadgets. Notice the butterfly on it. One of the photos has told you that you should use it with the roof, on the octagonal hatch.

  5. Take the paper that falls. Back off and examine the panel below the dome, which has six identical symbols on it. Compare it with the piece of paper you get.

  6. Use this clue to unlock the box with two buttons missing. Take the harness.

  7. Go to the dome. Use the harness to latch the wire to the square loop. Press the yellow button.

  8. Take the key. Unlock the chest to reveal another stone tablet. Use the tablet with another stone pedestal.

  9. Get into the lift and pull the lever. All the fuss just for a laser pointer.

P. From top to bottom

  1. Before going downstairs, look up. Look at the flying dragon. But more importantly, note the swastika-like symbol. If you note it down now, you don’t need to backtrack later.

  2. When you are walking down, you will see the stone stand again, where you have taken a ball from it. If you are particularly good at the escaping trade, you should notice that the laser pointer has a hexagonal base, matching with the stand. Since we are now used to move to new areas empty-handed. You can put the laser pointer there.

  3. As the dragon is now hoisted up, its cage is now empty and you can climb down.

  4. Go into the darkness. You won’t be eaten by a grue.

  5. Turn around to find a light switch. Pull it.

  6. Pull it again and you find that it bounces back. Good, there is no way back now.

Q. Escape from basement

  1. A blue gem is hidden under the stones under the light switch.

  2. Turn to the three panels. Look at the stones. Move the stone at the far right away to reveal another gem.

  3. Look at the balance. The top of the balance can be opened, and please, take the gem inside.

  4. Put the gems inside the box at the right of the balance to get a piece of paper.

  5. This piece of paper has three squares on it. It is so helpful that you want to throw it into the darkness.

    Just go into the darkness and look at it.

  6. In the darkness, there is also a house-shaped symbol with an arrow inside.

  7. Now go play with the three panels.

  8. Before hitting the middle panel, note the patterns on it. If you note it down now, you don’t need to backtrack later.

  9. After finishing the puzzle, take the notebook.

  10. One of the hint reveals the code of the box on the left of the light switch. Remember the house-shaped symbol?

    The code is down, right, down-left, up-right

  11. Take the chain with padlock, and the hammer. Use the hammer to break the stone under the panels. Get the turquoise orb.

  12. Put the orb into the dragon’s eye. Use the clue in the notebook to solve the puzzle.

  13. Remove the orb, which is now glowing. Pu it into the large chest.

  14. Open the chest and take the green badge. Put the hammer into the hole as handle.

  15. Pull the lever. The grating above opens. Take the small chest.

  16. Turn left to look at the three panels. Look at the stones below. Pick them up.

  17. Fill the chest with stone. Use the chains on it.

  18. Use the chest with stones on the light switch. It will hold the switch down.

  19. Leave and go upstairs, to the large door with a circular hole.

R. Indiana Jones and the garden

  1. Now, insert the green badge into the hole. Go upstairs to the laser pointer.

  2. SHOOP DA WHOOP!!! The laser, hitting the badge, shall unlock the door and release a large boulder.

  3. Follow the boulder. It seems the delicate wooden floor of the first room is largely intact, but the door is crashed open. Also you can remove the painting above the desk and note the pattern around the Yin-Yang symbol. If you note it down now, you don’t need to backtrack later.

  4. Go until you see a garden. Pick up the very long rod above a sewage grating on the way.

  5. There are some scribblings besides the bars that prevented our escape to the garden. Note it. Also, use the very long rod to grab the ring at the top right corner.

  6. Enter the code at the panel. After that, bars will be dropped, preventing us to go back.

  7. Insert the ring into the revealed slot. Go to the garden.

S. The octagonal scribblings

  1. After you step into the garden, turn left to see a picture featuring an octagon. There are three more pictures like that. Note them all down.

  2. When finding the pictures you should also have found a spade, near the picture on the dragon fountain.

  3. Using the pictures as a clue, go to the horned statue and solve the puzzle. You now get a key.

  4. Use the key to unlock the door of the storeroom, at the far end of the garden.

  5. Grab everything inside, including a wooden blob, a keyhole-shaped thing, and a watering can. Now go back out.

T. The fountain of wisdom

  1. Admire the beautiful colored window panes, especially the orientations of the red petals.

  2. Now go back into the storeroom, turn right, and open the rusted panels.

  3. There are four knobs inside. Those who admired the windows shall solve the puzzle in no time.

  4. Go back out. The dragon starts spitting water. Fill the watering can.

  5. Water the 4x4 grid in front of the final door. Yes, that’s the final door, and we’re near the end.

  6. A pattern will be revealed. Go back to the storeroom and enter the pattern in the device on the desk.

    Naively entering the pattern will not work. Every second input will not be registered. Hence, to solve this, you must light up all sixteen cells.

  7. Take the paper and read it. Now, go out and play with the first valve.

  8. Also, since the watering can does not magically disappear, you should fill it with water again.

  9. You should now realize that the valve must align with the blue lines on the paper after using the first valve. Now turn the other valves.

  10. The valve nearest to the entrance is missing. Anyways, take the wooden blob first.

  11. Dig up the treasure using the spade. It is marked X on the paper, aptly.

  12. A valve is dug up. Now use it right away.

  13. Go back to the entrance. Look at the grating where we found the very long rod. Take the floating bottle and get the coin inside.

U. Watering the scaly dragon

  1. Use the coin on the projector in the storeroom. Note the strangely shaped fish.

  2. Open the green box outside. You just watched the code.

  3. Take the key on the lid. Water the box. Note how the wooden spheres float.

  4. Use the key to open the locked drawer in the storeroom. Take the blob and the valve. Also, note the symbols in the other drawer.

  5. Use the valve right away on the water pump, where there is a hexagonal hole.

  6. Now you have three wooden blobs. They are actually eggs. Use them on the wooden hen outside.

  7. The hen just fires her lazer and blasts of the blackboard. Using the floating wooden spheres as clue, solve the puzzle.

  8. Go to the crossroad and face the final door. If you do it correctly, you have unlocked the thing on the left. Notice that it bears a different symbol from the valves.

  9. Get the square block and turn backwards. Insert the block to the panel. The panel will light up.

V. True finale

  1. Something below opens. Take the pliers.

  2. Use the pliers to cut the chains that come out from the dragon’s mouth and take the box. Take the gold ring inside the box.

  3. Use the gold ring to gain back access to the inside.

  4. Use the pliers to cut the screwdriver loose.

  5. If you have not make note of the patterns of the panels yet, you should now do so. They are located at the top of the stairs, the basement, behind the fish drawing of the first room, and the bottom of the dragon fountain.

  6. Back to the panel. When you have finished, the whole picture will be lit up. Now turn the cell right next to the glowing square, so that everything returns black. Then, turn that cell into the correct position again, and watch the whole pattern light up. Note the sequence of the symbols lighting up.

    Eight symbols should be lit up; the squares first, then the M’s, then the triangles, and finally the domes.

  7. Go to the final door. Unscrew the circular plate.

  8. Use the keyhole-shaped knob on the T-shaped hole. Solve the puzzle.

Walkthrough Manual (How to read and use this trusty walkthrough)

Items in bold.
Clues in bold, prefixed with (c)
Full puzzle solutions detailed in separate spoilers.

Example: Pick up the pliers
Example 2: Note the shapes: (c) Hexagon, Square, Triangle
Example 3: You should now know the order to cut the wires. Use the pliers to cut the wires correctly.

The shapes give the solution to this puzzle; the number of sides of each shape is the clue to which wire to cut. If the wires are numbered 1-7 from left to right, cut the wires in this order: 6, 4, 3.

For reference, glyph names and values:

Q (the one that looks like a backwards P): 1
S (three straight lines in a zigzag): 2
E (also looks like an arrow): 3
D (square with one side extending): 4
Tri (looks like a triangle!): 5
Windmill (square with two sides extending): 6
Z (looks like a backwards Z): 7
Four (looks like the digit four): 8
Eight (looks like an hourglass): 9

Elements Full Walkthrough

Act One: The Room

Starting Off

-You begin facing some doors.

-Click on the right-hand side pot plant.

-Collect the triangular knob.

-Zoom back out, and turn left.

-Click on the right hand side of the sofa.

-Behind the pot plant, there is a grey safe in the wall, which needs a key.

-On the sofa, the right-most wooden ornament (under the cushions) is a hidden drawer.

-Open it, and collect the bulb (1/2).

-Zoom back out, and take a closer look at the shapes on the ledge on the wall.

-Click each one in turn to raise them. Note the shape of their bottoms, in order, (c) Two vertical lines, square outline, solid circle, four dots.

-Pick up the wind-up key from underneath the white box.

-Zoom back out, and take a look at the painting on the wall. Note the locations of each shape: (c) Circle facing right, triangle facing down, square facing upper-left.

-Zoom out, and take a look at the brown box on the table. We don't know what this does yet.

-Zoom out, and turn left.

-Take a look at the sun box, on the left-middle shelf. Our triangular knob can go here, but we don't know the right code for the triangular lights which turn on and off. For now, take your triangular knob back. It might be useful somewhere else.

-Zoom out, and take a look in the white tray, on the left-bottom shelf. Collect the red marble (1/2).

-Zoom out, and take a look at the cupboard at the bottom-left. It needs a code of four shapes, some of which seem similar. Hmm... we'll get back to this.

-Zoom out, and admire the pictures in the center of this wall. There's a (c) 4x4 checkerboard pattern and a fleur-de-lys which appears to be screwed to the wall.

-Zoom out, and take a look at the spherical lamp on the right-middle shelf. There's four buttons here: two circles, two squares, one upper and lower for each. We don't know the code yet, it appears.

-Zoom out, and take a look at the items on the right-bottom shelf. There's a (c) red cross under the pot plant, and a box which requires a 4x4 on-off code. The checkerboard pattern seems not to work; whaaaaat?

-Zoom out, and inspect the cupboard at the bottom-right. It appears to be locked, and the right handle can be pulled out to reveal two holes. We don't seem to have anything that can fit here yet.

-Zoom out, and turn left.

-Take a look at the closet at the right. The main doors need a 5x2 red light code, and the upper drawer is locked. The lower drawer is unlocked, though, and we can collect the tied-up object inside.

-Zoom out, and look under the table by clicking on the trashcan. There's another (c) red cross here, and inside the trashcan we get another red marble (2/2).

-Zoom out, and appreciate the fine art hanging up on the wall. Or, you know, look behind it. There's a yin-yang shaped cavity behind it, how suspicious! Don't forget to collect the sneaky E coin which is on the back side of the painting.

-Zoom out, and take a look at the items on the desk. To the left, there is a radio with three knobs: a triangle, a circle, and a diamond/square. Hmm. In the center, a notebook open to a strange image, which appears to be telling us to put 4 coins in the odd machine on the table by the sofa to get a key. Hmmmmm. To the right, there is a candelabra. Pressing the button on it's base makes the lights light in this sequence: (c) R L R R L L R. The top opens, but nothing is in there. Hmmier hmm hmm.

-Zoom out, and ransack the drawers of the desk. The top one is locked, the bottom one can't open properly (there appears to be a piece of paper inside), so you're left with taking the silver box in the middle drawer.

-We've raided the room enough now. It's time to do some puzzle-solving.

Collecting Coins, and Cracking the Bottom-Left Cupboard

-Take a close look at the silver box in your inventory. There are two holes in the top; perfect for your two red marbles. Place them in the holes for the drawer to unlock and reward you with the S coin.

-Let's see if we can do something with the radio on the desk. Remember the painting near the sofa?

-Turn the dials so that the shapes are in the same locations that they are in the pianting near the sofa: the triangle points downwards, the circle points right, and the square points to the upper-left.

-Huzzah! Clicking the brown bar underneath the dials yields us the D coin.

-Zoom out, and turn right. Reckon you know how to unlock the bottom-left cupboard? You might need to recall some odd shapes, or rather, their bases...

-The solution is the bases of the objects on the ledge above the sofa. Their bases (and the unlocking code for this cupboard) are: two vertical lines, square outline, solid circle, and four dots.

-Once you've input the code (there's no click), zoom out and you can now open the cupboard.

-There's a screwdriver chained to the inside of the cupboard door; and we need a screwdriver to remove it. That's helpful.

-Collect the green box in the top-left of the cupboard.

-There's another candelabra on the right, needing two bulbs. We have one for now; place it on either candle.

-Also note the (c) red cross beside the candelabra.

-Take a closer look at the green box in your inventory. That keyhole looks awfully like a wind-up hole, and we have a key that looks awfully like a wind-up key. Coincidence? I think not. Unlock the box, and collect the Q coin.

-Zoom out. We're making good progress: bring it on, room!

The Mysterious Machine, the Sunlight Secret, and the Checkered Challenge

-Go back to the mysterious machine on the table near the sofa. If that notebook is to be trusted (never trust notebooks. Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared.), we have all of the coins we need. Make sure the sphere viewer is closed (you can toggle it with the button on the top-left), and place all your four coins in the machine. Press the toggle button on the top-left, and be rewarded with a lovely silver key. Press the toggle button again to retrieve your four coins.

-We've seen something silver in this room which needed a key. Do a short pixel-hunt to be greeted with the sight of the locked safe behind the pot plant, and use your silver key to hear the satisfying sound of yet another thing unlocked. Get used to it, by the way... you'll be hearing it a lot.

-Open the silver safe and take the paper clue. Unfolding it will reveal a (c) clockwise spiral in the shape of a 4x4 grid, starting from the lower left.

-Note the hole at the back of the safe. Place your triangular knob in the hole, and turn it to see what happens. The triangle lights up when it is facing to the (c) upper-right, lower-right, bottom, left, and upper-left.

-Retrieve your triangular knob, zoom out, and navigate your way back to the sun box. Place your triangular knob on the front to complete the sun, and now we should know which rays to light.

-Light up the rays facing the directions that lit up the triangular knob in the grey safe: upper-right, lower-right, bottom, left, and upper-left.

-Collect the yin-yang piece (1/2).

-Zoom out, and navigate your way to the 4x4 box, on the right-lower shelf.

-Two hints are required here: what buttons to press, and what order to press them in. Can you open the box?

-The clues are the checkerboard picture, and the spiral note. You must press the squares that are black in the checkerboard picture, moving in the shape of the spiral on the note. If the squares are labelled 1-16 going left to right, top to bottom, you must press these buttons in order: 9, 1, 3, 8, 16, 14, 6, 11.

-Yes! Pressing the grey bar will open the box to reward you with a bulb (2/2).

-I think we know what to do with this. Zoom out and head back to the incomplete candelabra.

The Candelabra Conundrum, and the Big Bad Book

-Complete the candelabra with your second bulb.

-We need to input a code here to open the top of the candelabra. There's a bit of a sneaky trick here, though...

-As shown by the other candelabra, the code we want the bulbs to light in is R L R R L L R.
However, this candelabra is a bit mischievous when it comes to interpreting your button presses.

-The candelabra reverses the order of the buttons you press. So, to get the bulbs to light in the correct order, we must input the reverse order, which is R L L R R L R.

-If you input the correct code, pressing the grey bar open the candelabra after the lights finish flashing.

-Collect the yin-yang piece (2/2).

-Go back to the painting above the desk, and place your yin-yang pieces in the cavities behind it.

-Press the completed yin-yang to open the safe.

-There's an odd sculpture with a keyhole to which we have no key, and a suspicious looking rectangle on the back of the open safe door. Investigating it will yield you a normal gold key.

-Zoom out, and give your key a try on the upper drawer of the desk.

-Wahey, it unlocks! Collect the book.

-Note the location of the (c) red cross in the picture underneath: behind the sofa.

-Zoom out. It's time to make sense of some of these red crosses.

The Really Puzzling Red Pentagram, Cracking the Left Cupboard, and the Bound Book

-Take a look at the first diagram in the book. Where is it telling you to look?

-The red crosses in the room make up the shape of a pentagram. You've seen four crosses. Where would the fifth one be?

-The fifth cross would be right in front of the doors. Take a look at the floor there.

-A hidden compartment! With a... pokey plug thing. Take it, the shape seems familiar...

-Navigate your way back to the cupboard with the dodgy handle.

-Use the pokey plug thing on the holes concealed by the dodgy handle, and turn it.

-Zooming out, you should now be able to open the cupboard.

-Collect the wine bottle, and the bound book which is to the left of all the green books.

-Take a closer look at the bound book... a keyhole on the front, and on the back... aha! Screws.

-Go back to the left cupboard, and use the screwdriver there on the bound book to get a rusty key.

-Keys galore, this game is. Zoom out again, let's look for a place to use it.

The Dragon Deception, the Squiggly Sword, and the Globe Lamp Gamble

-Navigate your way back to the dragon egg in the yin-yang safe behind the painting above the desk.

-Heyo, our rusty key works here! Let there be light!

-Fire is good at burning things. Maybe we can use it to free our tied-up object.

-It's a corkscrew! We know what to do with these. Use it on the wine bottle to open it.

-Where to put the wine? Make your way back to the white tray on the lower left shelf of the shelfy wall, and pouring the wine into the tray reveals an odd (c) pattern of red squares.

-Head back to the closet next to the desk. We should be able to open the main doors of it now.

-The code is the squares the wine spread into. If you label the places that can light up from 1-10, left to right, top to bottom, the squares to light up are: 2, 4, 7, 9, 10.

-Success! Inputting the correct code and pressing the big red bar will unlock the closet.

-Collect the sword.

-Taking a closer look at it and removing the cover reveals it's actually a squiggly sword.

-Swords are good for cutting, but this one might be good at hooking something.

-Go back to the bottom drawer of the desk, the one that doesn't open properly. Use the squiggly sword on the just visible piece of paper to get the book page.

-Open up your book and complete the last page with the book page.

-How strange! Placing the squiggly sword on the page seems to create some sort of (c) sequence.

-It might help with solving the strange white globe lamp on the middle-left shelf...

-The book shows the order of squares and circles to press on the lamp. The squiggly sword shows you which one of each shape to press: if the shape is underneath the sword, you press the lower button, and if the shape is above the sword, you press the upper button (this is shown by the lit and unlit circles above and below the sword). The sword also shows the direction to interpret the clues, right to left.

-The code is: lower circle, lower square, upper circle, lower square, upper circle, upper square, lower square.

-If you input the code correctly, the lamp will flash and open to reveal a normal key.

-As far as I remember, there's only one keyhole left in this room! Excitement!

Decoding the Glyphs, and Escaping the Room!!!

-Use the normal key to open the top drawer of the closet.

-Collect the glyph book

-Take a look at the clock. Hmm... the glyphs are located like so: (c) 12 o'clock: QS glyphs, 3 o'clock: E glyph, 6 o'clock: Windmill glyph, 9 o'clock: Eight glyph. You might start having an idea of what the glyphs represent.

-Go back to the lower-right cupboard, where all the other glyph books are, and place your own there to complete the set.

-We can now order the glyph books how we like... perhaps we need a certain order before the lever can be pulled. If you have an idea of what the glyphs represent, you should know what the order is... but it's a matter of working out each glyph one by one.

-The glyphs represent numerals, 1-9. The order we want the books to be in is, of course, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

-We have the clock to help us with some values, but is there anything else in the room that will help us deduce the values of each glyph?

-The mysterious machine next to the sofa will help a lot. You should know (from the clock), what glyphs represent 1, 2, and 3. The mysterious machine accepts coins, then outputs their sum in the circular viewer. From these small values you should be able to work out what every glyph represents.

-The glyphs are:
Q (the one that looks like a backwards P): 1
S (three straight lines in a zigzag): 2
E (also looks like an arrow): 3
D (square with one side extending): 4
Tri (looks like a triangle!): 5
Windmill (square with two sides extending): 6
Z (looks like a backwards Z): 7
Four (looks like the digit four): 8
Eight (looks like an hourglass): 9
-Place the books in this order, from left to right.

-If you've placed the books correctly, you can now pull the lever.

-Huh, what was that sound? Zoom out, then collect the woodcut that has fallen off the wall. Note the 3x3 grid of circles where it used to be... it seems like we can place the coins here, but we don't know how to place them yet.

-There's screws on this woodcut, and screws need driving, and we've got a driver in the lower-left cupboard. Use the chained screwdriver there to open up the woodcut to get the plant paper.

-The paper is telling us to look somewhere... inspecting the pot plant on the left-lower shelf will now give us a tri coin. Note that it's thicker than the others, so don't try putting it in the strange machine.

-The paper still feels a little blank... is that a burn mark in the corner? I think we can reveal some more to this piece of paper.

-Go back to the dragon egg lighter behind the painting above the desk, and use it on the plant paper to reveal a (c) glyph formation.

-Aha! This looks like the arrangement of coins in the 3x3 circle grid on the shelfy wall.

-Place the coins as shown on the plant paper.

-If the slots are labeled 1-9, the coins are placed like so: tri coin in slot 2, E coin in slot 4, D coin in slot 5, Q coin in slot 6, S coin in slot 8.

-Woah! Take the stairs to freedom!!!!!!

-Dang. Not so freedom.

Act 2: The Staircase

A New Beginning

-Turn right at the base of the staircase and take a close look at the dragon cage to find the binoculars, at the top-right of the inside of cage.

-Also note the stone basin of some sorts to the right of the cage. It has two spherical holes in it, a gold button, and a tri glyph in the centre. Hmm...

-Zoom out, turn left, and start making your way up the stairs.

-The first thing of interest you should come across is a (c) chalk drawing (1/3) on the wall, which has some highlighted squares and glyphs. You should take a note about this.

-The second thing of interest you'll come across as you ascend is a strange stone door/archway, which seems rather impenetrable at the moment.

-A tiny bit above, there is another (c) chalk drawing (2/3) on the steps (make a note! This is a fun puzzle), and a stone sphere (1/2) on a stand.

-Finally, at the top, there is a lot to look at. There is a lift which doesn't work, a chest which we don't have a key for, a stone stand with a gap we don't have anything to fill with, and (looking to the center of the stairwell) a key we can't reach.

-A lot of stuff we can't do, but there are some things we can; first of all, in the lift, looking out, there is a notebook in the bottom right, full of lots of juicy information. A sketch of the key we can't reach, a picture of a supposedly (c) special brick, a sketch of the entire stair tower, and another (c) chalk drawing (3/3).

-Another thing of interest here is that when you are looking at the hanging key, looking up you'll see something sketched in the distance. Use the binoculars to see a 'key': (c) S, D, E, Q, Tri glyphs in that order.

-We've done enough poking around here. Let's do some more useful things.

The Cheeky Chalk Puzzle

-Head back down to the bottom of the stairwell to check out the 'special brick'. You can access it when you are looking at the cage (not focused on the bottom) and clicking to the right, near the lights on the far wall.

-Pressing the brick as shown in the picture in the notebook will reveal a stone sphere (2/2).

-Going back to the stone basin, place your two stone spheres in the cavities there.

-You can now light up squares in the shape of a 3x3 grid on the basin. We seem to need to know the right code, and funnily enough we already have enough information...

-This is a really fun puzzle, also quite difficult. Using the three chalk drawings you need to determine what glyph goes where in the 3x3 square. If you number the squares 1-9, left to right, top to bottom, the basin gives you the location of one glyph: the Tri Glyph is located in spot 5.
The chalk drawings give you a subset of the squares, and what glyphs are located in those squares.
You can logic out the location of every glyph.

-Look for glyphs in common between the chalk clues; only one glyph is common between all of them, the Q glyph, and only one square is common between all of them, position 8. So the Q glyph is in position 8.

-Clues 1 and 2 have another square in common, spot 3, and another glyph in common, the Z glyph. So the Z glyph is in position 3.

-Clues 1 and 3 have another square in common, spot 2, and another glyph in common, the D glyph. So the D glyph is in spot 2.

-Clue 1 has one glyph and one square remaining: the S glyph goes in spot 1.

Clues 2 and 3 have another square in common, spot 4, and another glyph in common, the Windmill glyph. So the Windmill glyph is in spot 4.

Clue 2 has one glyph and one square remaining: the Four glyph goes in spot 7.

Clue 3 has one glyph and one square remaining: the Eight glyph goes in spot 6.

The entire grid has one square and one glyph remaining: so the E glyph goes in spot 9.

-Now that we know where each glyph is, what glyphs do we need to press and in what order?

-The order was given by the clue we saw through the binoculars. The order is S, D, E, Q, Tri, and their locations are, in order: 1, 2, 9, 8, 5.

-Pressing the right squares in the right order, then pressing the gold button will give you a old-fashioned key. Yay!

-Head back up to the top of the stairs and use the old-fashioned key to unlock the chest and obtain an up arrow tablet.

-Use the up arrow tablet on the stone pedestal to the right of the lift.

-Go into the lift and pull the lever!

Act 3: The Museum

Another Room?!?!?!?!

-Good golly gosh, there is a lot to do here. Take a look at the first stained glass window to get a pokey thing. Taking a look at the second stained glass window will reveal an incomplete stone tablet. The third window has nothing. Aww.

-The (c) shell display is rather interesting, take note of that.

-The (c) butterfly display is also intriguing, take a note about this too. There's also a sneaky stone tablet piece (1/3) to the left, and a locked drawer underneath that needs a four-glyph code.

-The dome in the middle doesn't seem to do much; the button doesn't do anything. There is however a wind-scoop piece (1/2) on the floor to the right and behind of the dome.

-Note the arches on the dome stand: if you number them 1-6, from left to right, top to bottom, they light up in the order (c) 2, 5, 4, 1, 3, 6.

-Admire the ceiling, too, if you want.

-Zoom out, and turn left.

-The painting on the wall needs a 5x3 black-white code. If you number the squares 1-15 going left to right, top to bottom, note that squares 12 and 14 can't go white.

-On the cabinet to the left, there is an incomplete windmill displaying a glyph, and a safe which, uh, does a lot, shall we say, that we can't see due to the shattered display. Hmm.

-In the left compartment of the cabinet there is another stone tablet piece (2/3).

-To the right of the cabinet (pixel hunt!) there is a steel box. Hmm, the layout and colors of the buttons seem familiar... we'll come back to this.

-Zoom out a bit, and turn left. Try the lift if you want, but it won't work... it seems as though we need a tablet for the pedestal here as well.

-Zoom out, and turn left again.

-The two key paintings have slots beneath them; the upside down key needs two prongs, and the right side up key needs one prong.

-The locked box on the floor we can't do anything with yet. The dragonfly fossil reveals that it's bolted down if you have a closer look.

-Underneath, the shell handles can turn in the direction of their larger side, but the compartment itself is locked.

-Enough investigating here (is this gonna get old? If so, too bad, because we've still got a fair way to go...), let's solve some puzzles.

The Butterfly Box, the Secret of the Shells, and the Blackbird

-Take a close look at the steel box in your inventory. Can you work out the code to unlock it?

-The colors should correspond with the butterflies in the display.
The top row is: Black, White, Black, Black. Blue, White
The bottom row is: Blue, White, Black, White, Blue, White

-If you input the code correctly you can slide open the box to retrieve the normal gold key.

-Go back to the shell drawer under the dragonfly fossil. Perhaps the other display will help here...

-The shell display details how much you should turn each shell at a time. The trick here is to make a each shell shape one at a time, in order.

-The sequence is: R(x6), L(x1), R(x4), L(x4), R(x4).

-If you input the code correctly you should be able to open the cupboard. Note the circular viewer, but for now just take the tri-prong.

-Go back to the two-compartment desk with the safe on it, and use the normal gold key to open the right compartment.

-Another safe! We can now see it do some things: the buttons, in order from top to bottom, show a triangle, square, M shape, and a dome shape. We still don't have any codes to input here, though.

-Don't forget to take the wrench from behind the safe, to the left a little.

-Go back to the dragonfly fossil and unbolt it using the wrench. You can now collect the dragonfly fossil once you zoom out once. It has an odd series of symbols at the back, diamond shapes pointing to the (c) bottom-left, top, left, top-right.

-There's three holes behind it; Use the tri-prong on it to lift up this back wall.

-Collect the stone tablet piece (3/3) and note the birdcage in here, but we can't do much with it yet. Also note the sound of wind...

Solving the Safes, Part One, and Pretty Pictures.

-Go back to the center stained glass window, and place all your three stone tablet pieces in the holder on the ledge to complete the engraving. Pressing the key bill make the symbols light up in the order: (c) Triangle, Square, Dome, M, Square, Dome, Triangle.

-We now can crack open the safe in the right compartment (underneath the broken viewer safe).

-The solution is to press the buttons in the right order to make the viewer display the symbols shown by the stone tablet (in that order). If you number the buttons 1-4 from top to bottom, the correct sequence is: 1, 2, 4, 3, 2, 4, 1.

-Pressing the bar at the top will open the safe if you input the correct code. Collect the windmill piece.

-Place the windmill piece on the top of the incomplete windmill nearby. Note the notched windmill arm; it looks like a diamond. Also, as you spin the windmill arms, the glyph displayed below changes.

-Head back to the drawer underneath the butterfly display. Have a go at opening it now...

-The two clues for this drawer are the dragonfly fossil and the windmill glyphs.

-The code for the drawer is the glyphs displayed when the notched arm of the windmill is in the same orientations as displayed on the back of the fossil. The glyphs displayed (and thus the code) are: Tri, D, Z, Windmill.

-Once you've input the correct code (no click, how evil), you should be able to open the drawer after zooming out.

-Collect the laser, and take note of the two pictures: one shows the ceiling, with a butterfly superimposed on it, and the other shows a secret compartment in this very room!

-The mystery deepens. Or not, since this game doesn't have a storyline... xD

The Boggling Black Grid, Back to the Blackbird, and the Krazy Key Paintings

-Let's check the secret compartment out. It should be right below the 5x3 grid of squares painting...

-Huzzah! It contains a wind scoop piece (2/2). Combine your two wind scoop pieces.

-Go back to the blackbird, behind where the fossil used to be. Place the wind scoop on top of the cage.

-Zoom out to watch the bird start spinning around...

-Check out the cupboard underneath. The viewer now displays a complete, cycling 5x3 three pattern of whites and black squares!

-Let's go back to that painting and input the correct code.

-The trick to this puzzle is to remember that the code shown is cyclic, and that two squares of the painting can't be changed...

-The only way the cyclic code fits over the 5x3 grid without needing to change the frozen squares is:

-Pressing the brown bar underneath will uh, give you the brown bar (two prongs). We know where this should go!

-Place the brown bar (two prongs) underneath the upside down key painting, and press it to open up the painting.

-Another safe inside! Missing a few buttons, huh, but now you should get an idea of what the dial to the left does...

-Take the brown bar (one prong) to the right of the safe.

-Use it on the key painting to the right, and press it for the painting to reveal an unusual set of shapes: (c) Dotted dome, spiralled triangle, M shape, Triangle with one line, Square with two lines.

-Eek. Time to do some serious solving.

Solving the Safes, Part Two, and The Descent

-Make your way back to the safe with the broken viewer. To open this safe, you should first know what code you need to input (not hard), and a good understanding of what each of the buttons and knobs do (a lot harder!).

-The code is, as shown by the key pianting: Dotted dome, Spiralled Triangle, M shape, Triangle with one line, square with two lines.

-From the two safes whose viewers are not broken, you should be able to deduce what each button and dial position does.

-The safe below the broken one shows you what shape each button is associated with: from top to bottom, Triangle, Square, M shape, Dome.

-The safe behind the key painting shows you what feature each dial position adds to the base shape. If you number each position 1-6, starting from the left and going clockwise, their effects are:
1: No change (Base line)
2: One vertical line
3: One dot in center
4: Horizontal dash
5: Two vertical lines
6: Spirals the end of the shape

-Now you should be able to input the correct sequence of dial and button presses.

-The full code is:
Dial at position 3, button 4
Dial at position 6, button 1
Dial at position 1, button 3
Dial at position 2, button 1
Dial at position 5, button 2

-If you input the code correctly, pressing the bar at the top will open the safe to let you collect a butterfly block.

-It has some holes in it... combine it with the pokey thing to make a butterfly remote.

-Where should we use this? Remember the other picture with the butterfly image superimposed. Look up at the ceiling, and use the butterfly remote.

-A rope falls down that we can't do anything with yet, but a key paper also falls down that we can collect and have a close look at. It shows some odd symbols; if you number the places 1-6 from left to right, top to bottom, (c) the symbols are:
1: Underscore (base line)
2: One vertical line
3: Dot
4: Two vertical lines
5: Dash
6: Curly thing

-I think we can open the last safe now, the one behind the key painting.

-The two clues are the key paper and the engraving under the dome which lights up.

-If you mentally superimpose the key paper over the engraving, the symbols light up in this order:
Square with vertical line
Square with horizontal dash
Square with two vertical lines
Square (with base line)
Square with dot
Square with curl at end

-Now that you know what each dial and button does, it shouldn't be difficult to input these shapes.

The full code is:
Dial at position 2, button 2
Dial at position 4, button 2
Dial at position 5, button 2
Dial at position 1, button 2
Dial at position 3, button 2
Dial at position 6, button 2

-If you input the correct sequence of symbols, pressing the bar at the top will open the safe to give you a clasp.

-Go back to the dome, and use the clasp on the dome and rope.

-Press the gold button...

-Huh. Take the black key that was raised to this floor.

-Use the black key on the chest underneath the key paintings to get the down arrow tablet.

-We know what to do with this! Place the tablet on the pedestal next to the lift to get it working again, enter the lift to pull the lever, and take the ride down!

Act 4: The Basement

Down The Rabbit Hole, and Gathering Gems

-Take the stairs all the way down, and at the base of the stairs turn left.

-The dragon has been freed from the cage, we can now enter the cage and take the ladder down to the basement. Here we go again...

-At the bottom of the ladder turn around and walk down the corridor until you reach pitch blackness.

-Turn 180 degrees, and pull the lever that's lit up.

-Eek, who did the lights? Nevermind. It's time to ransack this room!

-There's a safe to the left needing a four-directional code. Hmm.

-To the right, looking closely at those rocks will reveal that they are hiding a square gem which you should collect.

-Zoom out, and turn right. One of the rocks on the floor here looks a tad structurally unstable, and the small and sneaky rock to the right of it hides a hexagonal gem.

-Zoom out and take a look at the three stone panels. You can light up squares on the left one that will light up the corresponding squares on the right panel. The right panel rotates the current right panel pattern by 90 degrees. The center panel doesn't seem to do anything. How odd.

-Zoom out, and turn right.

-There's a locked chest on the floor, which we can't do much about, so take a look at the items behind the bars instead.

-On the left, we have a chest that we can't reach or unlock. It has an odd rotated phi symbol underneath it, though.

-In the middle, there's a scale/candelabra thing. The top of this will open to give you an oval gem.

-To the right, we have a box which needs three gems... of which we have all of them! Place the three gems in their matching slots, and open the box to collect and unfold a scroll. It seems rather bland... just three squares? Not very enlightening (pun intended... you'll get it in a moment!).

-Zoom out, and turn right. There's a large stone statue/mosaic thing here of a dragon, and it's eye looks a bit hollow right now.

-Let's see if we can start solving some of the puzzles in this room.

The Puzzling Panels, the Arrow Enigma, and the Difficult Dragon

-Go back into the corridor, which is now pitch black. If you look at the scroll in here, you'll see the patterns you need to create on the stone panels: (c) the first panel needs squares 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 to be lit, and the second needs squares 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 to be lit.

-If you turn to face the room, note the glowing symbol on the right; a house shape pointing up, with (c) the arrow pointing 90 degrees anticlockwise to the direction the house points. Take note of this.

-Let's head back to the stone panels and try to recreate the patterns on the scroll.

-Lighting up a square on the left lights up the corresponding square on the right, and pressing the right panel rotates the current right panel pattern by 90 degrees. The easiest solution for this puzzle only requires you to press the right panel three times in one go.

-The easiest solution is:
Light up squares 1, 2 on the left panel.
Press the right panel three times.
Light up squares 3, 5, 8 on the left panel.

-If you recreated the pattern on the scroll successfully, pressing the center panel will reward you with an old notebook.

-Taking a look in the pages, we see some sketches of our laser doing something to the stone door by the stairwell, something about the pedestal on the stairwell, a picture of the entire dragon mosaic glowing apart from the tip of it's tail, and some houses pointing (c) Left, Down, Upper-left, Lower-right.

-I think we can open the safe needing the arrow combination now.

-The houses in the notebook give the code, but the sign in the corridor tells us we need to do something with the directions the houses point in.

-The arrow was pointing 90 degrees anticlockwise relative to how the house was pointing. Rotate all the house directions by 90 degrees anticlockwise to get the correct code: Down, Right, Lower-left, Upper-right.

-If you input the correct code, pressing the bar above would unlock the lock, and zooming out would let you unchain the safe. You may as well take the chain.

-Inside the safe is a pickaxe! Heeeere's Johnny! I think we all know what to do with this.

-Go back to the cracked rock under the stone panels, and destroy it's puny existence with the might of your pickaxe. Collect the green orb, and as a memoir of your total annihilation skills, collect the rock pieces as well.

-Go back to the dragon mosaic, and place the green orb in it's eye spot.

-We want to light up all the sections of the dragon apart from the tip of the tail! It seems very erratic, though... If you ever get stuck, just take the orb out of the eye and put it back in to reset the puzzle.

-There is actually a very easy solution to this seemingly chaotic puzzle. Try to only focus on one thing at a time.

-Start by pressing the tip of the tail. 'Chase' the green section by clicking on whatever is lit, and it shows you the cycle of what affects what. Remember that the tip of the tail will not be lit, and pressing a lit section unlights it...

-You want to work backwards around the cycle from the spot just before the tip of the tail.

-The full order is:
Press the largest 'jigsaw' section in the bottom-right.
Press the second-smallest 'jigsaw' section in the bottom-right.
Press the smallest 'jigsaw' section in the bottom right.
Press the largest end-tail section at the left.
Press the only unlit (second largest) 'jigsaw' section in the bottom right.
Press the oddly shaped section just to the right of the head.
Press the second smallest end-tail section.
Press the second largest end-tail section.
Press the wing.
Press the tip of the tail.

-Collect the supercharged sphere.

-Go back to the chest on the floor and use the supercharged sphere to unlock it.

-Collect the lens.

-Place your pickaxe in the incomplete lever, and pull it.

-You can now collect the small chest behind the bars just above.

-Take a look at the small chest... it's empty, darnit. Let's put something precious in here; how about the bones of our enemy, the rock pieces? Hang on, now I've thought of a use for this chest... also combine it with the chain.

-Go back to the switch next to the corridor, and attach your chest with chain to it. The rock pieces give it enough weight to hold the switch down.

-Let there be light! Again! Head back up the ladder to the stairwell.

Intermission: Going to the Garden, Indiana Jones Style

-According to out old notebook, we have to do something involving our laser, lens, the pedestal on the stairs, and the stone archway/door.

-Place the lens in the stone archway/door on the stairs.

-Place the laser on the hexagonal pedestal near the top of the staircase.

-Push the button, and watch the magic happen!

-Where did that go...? Head back down the stairwell and all the way back into the original room to see what's happened.

-Ah! It opened up those doors for us. When you're as close to the boulder as you can be, turn right to see your final destination.

-Walk into the corridor, and pick up the long hook on top of the grate. It doesn't appear to be long enough to reach the jar under the grate, though.

-Take a look at the bars blocking your way into the garden. At the bottom-left, there seems to be something drawn on the wall...

-It's a glyph code! We encountered these sometime late last year I believe. I'm getting all nostalgic right now. It seems to be the Eight glyph, the D glyph, and the Q glyph. Don't forget to use your long hook to reach that gem ring in the garden.

-Take a look at the panel on the wall of the corridor. Looks like we'll use that glyph code here. Enter the Eight, D, and Q glyphs and then press the button.

-Whoops! We're trapped! Or maybe not. Use the gem ring on the right hand slot to open up the gate to the garden.


Ready for the Grand Finale?

-There is so much to do here that I can't list every single navigational step. Instead, here are the locations of everything to collect or take note of:

-(c) Octagon Chalk Drawings: On the left wall by the entrance to the garden, on the back wall of the garden opposite the large door, on the blackboard on the far right wall of the garden, and on the side of the dragon's neck (viewed from the location by the small storage door). Make sure you've seen the close-up of all four of the drawings.

-Trowel: By the dragon's neck (see above).

-Wooden egg (1/3): In the post to the right of the entry door.

-Posts with turning valves: Just about everywhere. These are mostly obvious.

-Post missing a valve: To the right of the entrance door.

-Post which doesn't open: To the left of the large exit door.

-Flower clues: The four outermost stained glass windows have unusual colorings. Take note of them.

-Tiki statue: You'll see this when you're looking back at the door from the far-left corner of the garden. It need's a strange type of combination code.

-Black grid: You'll see this on the floor in front of the large exit door.

-Exit door: Kind of obvious. The brown door with lots of fancy locks on the front. Note that the mural on the door is screwed down.

-Black machine with box: On the wall opposite the exit door. The black machine seems to be missing a piece, and the box seems to be locked by the machine.

-Empty dragon fountain: Kind of obvious. At the back right corner of the garden.

-Wooden hen: In front of the dragon fountain.

-Odd box: to the left of the small back storage door.

-Back storage door: What the title says. At the back-right corner of the garden.

-A lot of stuff to keep in mind! Let's solve some puzzles now.

The Tricky Tiki Statue and the Devilish Dials

-Navigate your way back to the tiki statue. You should be able to input the correct code now...

-This is a tricky puzzle. The four chalk drawings are the clues for this.

-Try visualising each tooth of the tiki statue as a wheel you are turning, much like a combination lock, and try to think about what the overall pattern of white/black is on each 'wheel', and how that corresponds to the chalk drawings.

-Each of the chalk drawings represents one tooth of the tiki statue. Each tooth is a wheel, and the black/white pattern of each tooth-wheel is detailed in exactly one chalk drawing. The correct placement of each tooth is that which matches where the arrow is located in the chalk drawing.

-The full code is as follows:
The first tooth is at the position where two white squares are visible.
The second tooth should be set to a single white block, the second that will appear after the double-white sector.
The third tooth should be set so that no white blocks are visible.
The fourth tooth should be set to the middle single white block, the second that appears after the long black section.

-If you input the correct code, zooming out and pressing the grey bar underneath will reward you with an brass key.

-Navigate back to the small storage door, and use the brass key to unlock it.

-Take a look at the desk at the back. One drawer is locked, and inside the other is a drawing of (c) a square, cross, circle, double-dash, and triangle. There's also an odd metal thing in this drawer.

-There's also a 4x4 black-white box, and pressing the button underneath does some odd things to the display. Hmm.

-Zoom out and turn left.

-There's a watering ca on the floor here, a wooden egg (2/3) on the ledge next to a projector which isn't working.

-Zoom out and turn left.

-There's a bolt shaped hole at the T-joint in the pipe, and some odd dials at the top-left which supposedly control the water that flows through the pipes. We should be able to input the correct code.

-The stained-glass flowers are the clues for this. Match the outer rim pattern with a window, and the red petal is the direction that dial should face. So the dials (going from left to right, top to bottom) should be facing:
Down, Bottom-right, Upper-left, Left
Now to actually get them facing the right directions...

-Pressing a button turns both dials adjacent to the button. The middle button is a quick reset.
-The easiest solution is:
Top button x3
Bottom button x6
Left button x1

-Once you've got the dials facing the right way, press the center button to start the waterflow. Let's take a look at what's happened in the garden.

Valve Trouble and Fancy Fish

-The dragon is having some serious regurgitation problems now. Fill up your watering can with some water from the fountain pond.

-Go back to the black grid on the floor and pour the water onto it to reveal the pattern. (I'd recommend refilling the watering can now, but you can refill it later with a bit more difficulty).

-Aha! We should enter this on the box in the storage room. Head back there, and open the box with this code. Or not.

-Note that pressing the bar does something to the display. You want the box to resemble the pattern on the floor grid after pressing the bar.

-The bar will turn off every second square you light up. So one of many correct sequences will be (numbered 1-16 from left to right, top to bottom):
1, 2, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 8, 10, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 15.

-If you made the correct display show after pressing the bar, you'll be greeted with a map.

-Open it up and take a look... There's a lot of blue lines which go through the valve poles, and... aha! X marks the spot!

-Go to the location where the X is marked in the map, underneath the chalk drawing by the door.

-Use the trowel to dig up a valve.

-Turn around and place the valve in the post by the door. You should be able to know what orientation to place all the valves now.

-The map gives the orientation of each valve. Remember to take into account perspective issues. All of their orientations are listed below:
By the entry door: Handles face up and right.
Far left, opposite entry door: Handles face down and right.
By the black machine, opposite exit door: Handles face up and right.
To the right of exit door: Handles face up and right.
Far right, opposite storage door: Handles face down and right.

-If you oriented every valve correctly, head back to the corridor that you used to enter the garden, and under the metal grating the water level should have raised to let you collect a bottle. Open it up and take the coin.

-Go back to the storage room and place your coin in the projector and push the button.

-Watch the show. Take note of the (c) shapes of the fish.

-We can now open the odd box just outside the storage room.

-The code for the box is the shapes of the fish in the order they appear in the projection. The full sequence is:
Right button, right button, left button, bottom button, left button, top button.

-You'll see the box open if you input the correct code. Collect the octagon key tucked into the lid. It's highly recommended that you fill up your watering can and fill the box with water now, but we can fix this up later if you don't do it now.

-Go back into the storage room and use the octagon key to unlock the drawer in the desk. Collect the wooden egg (3/3) and the large valve.

-Place the large valve into the bolt shaped hole in the pipe T-joint in this room, and turn it.

The Eggciting Escape (The Penultimate Puzzle)

-Place all your 3 wooden eggs in the nest by the fountain and watch mother bird do her awesome ninja laser eye skills. The safe behind the blackboard needs a five height code.

-If you still have the watering can in your inventory, and it's not filled, fill it up from the dragon pond (not the most close up; the view in which you can still see the dragon's head)

-If you haven't yet, use the watering can on the odd box by the storage door to see the balls float.

-Take a close look at the head of the stone dragon; there's a box chained to it.

-Go back to the safe behind the blackboard; we have enough clues to open it.

-The two clues are the piece of paper in the storage room, and the height of the floating balls in the odd box.

-The balls float height, in order from lowest to highest, is: Square, Double-dash, Cross, Circle, Triangle.

-The piece of paper states the order Square, Cross, Circle, Double-dash, Triangle.

-The answer to the safe is the float heights of the balls, in the order detailed on the piece of paper. If you label the five positions 1-5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, the correct code is:
1, 3, 4, 2, 5

-If you entered the correct code, you'll find that the odd pole to the left of the exit door is now unlocked, and you can collect the stone cube inside it.

The End. This is Really it. Are You Ready for a Crazy Meta Puzzle?

-Place the stone cube into the black machine opposite the exit door. AHHHHHH!!!!! A pipe puzzle! Let's leave it for now.

-The moldy box is now open, and you can collect the wire cutters from it.

-Head back to the head of the dragon, and use the wire cutters to retrieve the wooden box. Open it up to get the gold ring.

-Go back to the entry corridor, and place the gold ring in the empty receptacle on the wall to allow you back to all the other areas.

-Head back to the original room, and return to the lower-left cupboard next to the door leading to the stairs. You can now use the wire cutters to get the screwdriver I know you've been dreaming about all the while playing this game.

-Go back to the garden, zoom in on the mural on the exit door and unscrew it. Place the odd metal thing in the hole on the left. It's another symbol safe! Time to find the code.

-Head back to the pipe puzzle. You should know the how to arrange them all now...

-This is a crazy awesome meta puzzle. Go back to all the other locations and see if any symbols are recurring, or if there are any unusual patterns.

-The clues for this puzzle are:
The pattern in the dragon pond in the Garden
The pattern of the yin yang safe above the desk in the Room
The pattern of the stained glass windows in the Museum
The pattern of the center stone panel in the Basement

-Arrange the pipes so that the 8 tiles surrounding each circle resemble the patterns that appear around the game world associated with that circle pattern. In the end there should be no unconnected pipe joints, and the lit symbols should be:
Dome with two vertical lines
Triangle with dot
Triangle with two vertical lines
Square (starting symbol)
Square with dash
M with one vertical line
M with dash
Dome with one vertical line

-There's no indication if you have the right pattern, but you'll be pretty confident if you know what the clues are. We now have the eight symbols we need to enter in the symbol safe on the door, but in what order?

-Do you remember how the pipe puzzle lit up originally?

-Try turning just the pipe connected to the special square. Everything becomes unlit... what happens if you rejoin it?

-The order of the symbols is the order in which they are lit up from the starting square. So the full code is:
Square with dash
M with one vertical line
M with dash
Triangle with two vertical lines
Triangle with dot
Dome with one vertical line
Dome with two vertical lines

-At this point you should be confident with what each button and dial position does, but if you really need it:

Dial 1, button 2
Dial 4, button 2
Dial 2, button 3
Dial 4, button 3
Dial 5, button 1
Dial 3, button 1
Dial 2, button 4
Dial 5, button 4

-If you correctly deduce the order of the symbols and enter them in on the door safe, pressing the gold bar will give you your sweet, sweet, freedom. You've escaped!!!!!!!!!!


hatospali May 20, 2015 12:11 PM

Hi! I've found this huge game a few hours ago. So I'm in the game deeply

I've got out of the elevator and done some more things

, but I don't know when it will end. I'm not really stuck but I have to do something else (work), and then I'll have to go away. So if sy has questions, I can probably answer them (for a while)!

Kheldar May 20, 2015 12:24 PM

I am stuck with the following unsolved:

o Cabinet with red lights puzzle
o Bottom drawer of desk won't open all the way
o Light on shelf with circle/square on/off buttons
o Leatherman-like tool wired shut

I have the book, the four coins and the leatherman-like tool in my inventory.

Anyone have any hints for me?

jiffypop May 20, 2015 12:39 PM replied to Kheldar

@khledar - where did you get the book?

jiffypop May 20, 2015 12:47 PM replied to Kheldar

Never mind! Now i'm stuck in the same place as you.


Woohoo!! Neutral's new game! I've had a widget for their blog on my homepage for ages, waiting patiently for the new release. If anyone here is unfamiliar with Neutral's other *magnificent* escape games, go play them (http://neutralxe.net/esc/), because they're some of the best of all time. VISION is exceptionally great, but all are excellent and satisfying.

Can't wait to begin ELEMENTS!

hatospali May 20, 2015 1:02 PM replied to Kheldar

hey, try this!

search a thingy that you can put the coins in, the illustration on the table gives you a clue
then try to find out what the symbols on the coins mean, it will be essential throughout the game.
You can look into the bottom drawer a little bit. When you see that there is what you need then will be worthy to deal with it.

I hope I've managed to help you



Kheldar May 20, 2015 1:38 PM


I have used the coins in the machine once as described by the illustration on the desk to get the key pictured on the illustration. The machine returned the coins to me though so I assume they're used again/elsewhere?

I can tell the bottom drawer contains the missing page from the book, but I can only see on symbol on it. I've tried to brute-force the rest of the red-lights puzzle without success...

jason9045 May 20, 2015 1:43 PM

So far this is the single best escape game I have ever played. It is also enormous, and I fear I'm stuck much, much farther ahead in the game than anyone here seems to be.

I can offer some hints for anyone who's in the first three parts of this one.



Have you investigated the red Xs?

Kheldar May 20, 2015 1:46 PM

@Chris Ingersoll:

I've found the red X's and the star clue in the book calling them out, but haven't figured out the significance of them or the clue.

Kheldar May 20, 2015 1:47 PM

Aha! I figured out the red x/star clue. Thanks for bringing it up!

jason9045 May 20, 2015 1:48 PM


You've probably come across four of the five red stars, but where do you think the fifth one might be? It might be worth looking around there.

Kheldar May 20, 2015 1:55 PM

Aaaaand stuck again. :)

I got the tool from under the floor to open the lower right cabinet and collected the locked book and the wine bottle. I noticed the coin symbols on 4 of the books and tried using them in the machine in order from left-to-right and right-to-left to no avail.


Has anyone else made it to the greenhouse/garden yet? I'm not sure where to even start.

hatospali May 20, 2015 2:03 PM replied to Kheldar

try just one or two coins and push the button, and observe what happens!

Unfortunately I don't remember what follows what due to many enwreathing riddles. So I'm not sure, but:

you have to open the left and the right pair of doors at the lower part of the cupboard, and solve most of the puzzles there and the sun-like thingy on the left middle shelf
and just then will be able to open the glass-case, the drawer etc. and for the lamp you need at least 2 clues

huh, it's not easy



Check the book again.

quimeshine May 20, 2015 2:07 PM

Was telling myself I wouldn't resort to hints but YEESH this game's a doozy and it seems I'm not even that far in.

I'm almost to the same point as Kheldar's first post except

I haven't solved the sun code, I don't have the book, and I only have one piece of the yin-yang thing which I got from solving the lamp puzzle

cstarr May 20, 2015 2:09 PM replied to jason9045

Where are you stuck?

quimeshine May 20, 2015 2:09 PM

oh, I also forgot about

the silver handle on the cupboard opening

but I think I'm way too early to solve that

hatospali May 20, 2015 2:10 PM replied to Kheldar

ok, what do you have to do with a bottle of wine? and before? and with what?
and have you meet the yin-yang puzzle?


I love the screwdriver needing a screwdriver to unchain it.

Divine Wrath May 20, 2015 2:19 PM

I'm stuck. I've got

3 coins and something that looks like wired leatherman tool.

Could anyone help me? :)

Divine Wrath May 20, 2015 2:21 PM

And now I found a bulb. Still stuck :(

jason9045 May 20, 2015 2:25 PM


For the sun code,

There's a fairly well-hidden door behind the plant to the left of the double doors. I didn't see it for a long time and teeth were gnashed.

invisiblemonster May 20, 2015 2:27 PM


I'm in the top room of the windmill. I've got a telescope and a piece of paper with a key on the front. I assume this is related to the code given on the plaque on the sphere in the middle of the room and the boxes, but I can't quite figure it out

jiffypop May 20, 2015 2:30 PM replied to jason9045

Teeth still gnashed. Anybody got a better clue for the

bookcase/slider? I have all the coins and have even figured out a numerical value for each, and for all the symbols, but don't know how to get the slider to slide. Gnashy.

jason9045 May 20, 2015 2:31 PM


You're correct. Put the two together, and you should wind up with a series of symbols and an order for them, and one box that you haven't opened yet.

Pity the poor wretch who writes this game's walkthrough.

Anyone who's down in the garden, feel free to point me in any direction. I can't seem to do anything at all.

xjmox14x May 20, 2015 2:32 PM

where is this book everyone is referencing in their inventory???

jason9045 May 20, 2015 2:33 PM replied to jiffypop


Put them in order 1-9. When you get it right, the slider will slide. Click a book to pick it up, then move it to its correct location.

Kheldar May 20, 2015 2:38 PM replied to hatospali


I have figured out the coin combinations to make the missing 4 symbols and I tried inputing them into the machine in book order from left to right but that didn't work. Am I missing something else? Do I have to make all 8 symbols by combining multiple coins?

invisiblemonster May 20, 2015 2:38 PM

Never mind, POP!

chapel204 May 20, 2015 2:43 PM replied to Divine Wrath

I'm with you Divine Wrath. I also have this

key, like a clock key

but no where to put it.

chapel204 May 20, 2015 2:47 PM replied to Divine Wrath


If you haven't check

the shelf again...

specifically the items on it...

the bottoms of them...

they make the code for the left hand bottom cabinet door



the wheels in the statue are from the ones on the walls in chalk. Each one is a little different

Twinkie23 May 20, 2015 2:52 PM

I'm stuck a little earlier than most of you seem to be so maybe someone can help me out. I'm struggling with the 4x4 box puzzle in the back of the room, lower-right shelf. I'm guessing

the checkerboard picture


the paper diagram I found in the metal lockbox behind the plant/couch

are the clues I need to open it, but I've tried everything I can think of (upside down, backwards, you name it) and have not been successful yet. Can anyone nudge me in the right direction?

VoxPopuli42 May 20, 2015 2:53 PM

Oh gosh, neutral! Someone hold me.

And then please tell me how to find the book?

I have all the symbol coins, have found their relative values, I found half the ying yang, I have solved the sun puzzle, I have the lower left cabinet open and have placed one bulb there, i have seen both paper notes (the checkerboard and the arrow) and can't make sense of them...


what is this Red Star hint? is it in the book?

VoxPopuli42 May 20, 2015 3:03 PM

POP for the book -

but now I'm stuck at

how to find that last red x

Kheldar May 20, 2015 3:06 PM replied to VoxPopuli42

@VoxPopuli42 & @Twinkie23:

The 4x4 puzzle will look like the picture on the wall when completed, however the order in which you push the buttons matters. The paper with the arrow going in a spiral is the clue for the order.

hatospali May 20, 2015 3:10 PM replied to Kheldar

good, if you have the numbers, go away! You'll use the coins elsewhere!

I want to help more, but unfortunately I have to go. I'll be back, but who knows, perhaps then you'll be ahead of me. :-)
Good luck!

I think the yin-yang balance is very important for you now!

Kheldar May 20, 2015 3:11 PM replied to VoxPopuli42


The diagram in the book, the locations of the red X's you can see, as well as the picture in the top drawer of the desk all combine to lead you to the fifth red X.

It is not an obvious, physical item you click in the room. It's camouflaged.

Face the door and click on the floor tiles in front of it to find the 5th red X.

Hantenshin May 20, 2015 3:17 PM

Hi, can someone please advise on the lamp puzzle?
I have found:

The square/circle sequence in the book, and also the page in the bottom drawer.

VoxPopuli42 May 20, 2015 3:17 PM replied to Twinkie23

For the 4x4, you're on the right track

Make sure to follow the arrow but end up resembling the squares

jason9045 May 20, 2015 3:19 PM


THANK YOU. Holy crap I've been in there for hours, trying to make the

chalk drawings somehow work with the valve puzzles. I had written off that statue was being for one of the as-yet unlit grid puzzles.

MurphMan May 20, 2015 3:28 PM

So far, I've

opened up the lower-left cabinet and have three coins and the tied-up tool.

I've been stumped and need a nudge for where to go next.

I'm not sure how to

open the drawer to get a better look at the sheet of paper, or where to get the book.

I know I'll feel like a dummy once I get this; I just need that push in the right direction. (Until the next time when I get stumped on something else I don't notice.)

jason9045 May 20, 2015 3:32 PM


If it helps you to stop chasing your tail, you don't open the bottom drawer all the way, so stop worrying about that. Once you open the glass-doored cabinet, you'll be able to dig what you want out of there.

Your best bet is to find that fourth coin. Have you checked under and behind everything, including pictures and items on shelves?

MurphMan May 20, 2015 3:36 PM replied to jason9045

@jason9045 I'm a dummy, I didn't even see the last coin there.


VoxPopuli42 May 20, 2015 3:45 PM replied to MurphMan

Have you looked

to the right of the ying-yang?

VoxPopuli42 May 20, 2015 3:50 PM replied to MurphMan

Ugh, chalk

So i have 3 configurations of blocks + symbols & one with a key. And I can make the wall light up. But no matter which shapes I use, I can't get a response.

I tried approaching it like a number pad but I can't figure out what order the numbers would have to be in to get the arrangements the wall has


And out!

Wow, that was probably the longest escape game I've ever seen.


Stuck in the basement.

I got the three gems and opened the box, receiving the scroll with three squares on it. I noticed the arrow in the hallway, as well as the cracked stone, but can do nothing with either. I have also learned a couple of things about the wall panels.

Specifically that the right one mirrors what I put on the left but can also rotate in 90 degree increments. I assume the middle one will do something when I figure out how to arrange the right one.

I am at a loss as to what I need to do. The only other object in my inventory is what I assume to be a signal light (looks kind of like a telescope) with two holes on the bottom.

Lord_Cheeto May 20, 2015 4:02 PM

I think the game glitched for me, on the light up pattern wall, I enter a pattern but when i hit the button I get no response at all.

Lord_Cheeto May 20, 2015 4:04 PM replied to Lord_Cheeto

Never Mind I didn't realize the pattern needed to be entered in a certain order.

Everlark May 20, 2015 4:06 PM replied to Chris Ingersoll


What's special about the arrow in the hallway?

jason9045 May 20, 2015 4:24 PM

Well, I'm out. Neutral is head and shoulders above everyone else, including most paid game designers.


Am I the only person who can't move the books?

jason9045 May 20, 2015 4:33 PM replied to PAgent


The books won't move until you've got nine of them. I believe when you first open that cabinet and take the locked book out, you're left with eight and can't do anything just yet.


Jason: Thank you!

Kheldar May 20, 2015 4:48 PM

Is the...

...circle/square hint in the book applied to the lamp with the circle/square switches? I've tried the pattern there but it's not opening the panel on the lamp.

Hantenshin May 20, 2015 4:52 PM

Can someone please, please help with the lamp puzzle? I've literally done everything else I've can atm.

Everlark May 20, 2015 4:59 PM replied to Kheldar

@Kheldar & Hanteshin

You'll need another object before you can solve the lamp puzzle; just the book and the other page piece aren't enough.

jiffypop May 20, 2015 5:01 PM replied to jason9045

Lamp Puzzle:

You need to LITERALLY combine the clues

use the knife from the cabinet to get the torn piece out of the drawer

open the book to the torn page

combine the book, page, and knife.

hatospali May 20, 2015 5:09 PM replied to Kheldar

im back
in this game no effect if you don't have the clue, it won't let you forward despite the right codes.
so you must have some things:

the dagger-like thing from the glass case. if it's yours, you almost ready.
if it's missing, you have to obtain some delicious red vine!

escapermanmanman May 20, 2015 5:11 PM

Can someone please just tell me where the book is?

Everlark May 20, 2015 5:11 PM

I've been stuck in the garden for a while now. Do the wire cutters and key-shaped peg get used for or after the grid/rotating square puzzle (the one that's opposite the central door).

Everlark May 20, 2015 5:14 PM

Nevermind, I found what I was looking for.

Orient_Tiger May 20, 2015 5:16 PM

Stuck on 3x3 coin puzzle.

the only clue I have points to the plant where I found 5th coin.

Kheldar May 20, 2015 5:17 PM replied to hatospali


I haven't been able to figure out the red light puzzle to open the cabinet and get the axe/dagger/whatever it is in there...


I've finally reached the "garden" and have a spade and nothing else. Lots of new clues but I don't know how to apply any of them yet.

hatospali May 20, 2015 5:21 PM replied to Kheldar

you just need to fill the vine into the ice-cube rack on the shelf, and you'll see

Kheldar May 20, 2015 5:26 PM replied to hatospali


That would only work if I could figure out how to...

...uncork the wine bottle...


Everlark May 20, 2015 5:26 PM

Phew. That took a good four hours to finish. Kudos to Neutral for their great work! I'm just a bit sad I won't see anything of this magnitude in a real life room escape.

hatospali May 20, 2015 5:33 PM replied to Kheldar

yes, obviously :)

I'm convinced that you have the screwdriver, just you must annihilate the twine on it. A dragon would gladly help you!

hatospali May 20, 2015 5:35 PM replied to Kheldar

sorry screwdriver wants to be corkscrew :D

Hantenshin May 20, 2015 5:36 PM

Aha! Thank you Everlark and jiffypop!

Kheldar May 20, 2015 5:43 PM replied to hatospali


I do have the tool with the twine on it, but clicking it on the dragon statue with the keyhole in it does nothing. I also don't have a key for the keyhole.

Orient_Tiger May 20, 2015 5:43 PM

Newermind, dragon helped.

Harrington May 20, 2015 5:51 PM replied to Orient_Tiger


Hey, that note's a little scorched in the corner, isn't it?

Burn the paper with the dragon lighter.

hatospali May 20, 2015 5:51 PM replied to Kheldar

I'm not sure, but almost:

it comes from the sunny thing

hatospali May 20, 2015 5:58 PM replied to Kheldar

the uppermost sunray is on the fern's soil. to get the clue, go to the settee, and near the right end of that, there is a small door, where you can use the ray as a key (you need another key before, but I hope you've got it by now)

pepperowl May 20, 2015 6:01 PM

Hello! Can anyone help me with lamp puzzle?

I combined book, torn page and dagger and did:

upper circle, upper square, lower circle, upper square, lower circle, lower square, upper square

but nothing happens!

pepperowl May 20, 2015 6:04 PM replied to pepperowl

Apparently all up-down directions are reversed. WTH.

Kheldar May 20, 2015 6:04 PM replied to hatospali


I've opened the grey panel to the right of the couch long ago, but I don't have a key to use on the dragon sculpture...

Patreon Crew SonicLover May 20, 2015 6:08 PM

Out! Out at long last!

I saved my game just before leaving, because it seems like a nice place to wander around.



Wow. That was something I didn't expect. Thanks for the tip.

(Fun fact: I made all that progress at work but had to leave. Re-ran the entire thing to that point at home in about ten minutes. It's easy when you know what you're looking for and don't have to figure everything out again!)

houseworkisevil May 20, 2015 6:32 PM

Okay, I want to start this one, but I need to stop dancing around the room first because Neutral is BACK!!! Yay, Neutral!


I will just bask in the beautiful scenery for a while to make it last.

hatospali May 20, 2015 6:35 PM replied to Kheldar

Ok, you're right. I've started a new game. so you need a key

for the dragon, and you can find it in a (locked) book in the cupboard's lower right part (I suppose, you opened it earlier)

houseworkisevil May 20, 2015 6:40 PM

The sound effects alone....the satisfying thunk sound that things make when you put them back down on the shelf.

Hantenshin May 20, 2015 7:23 PM

Just got back from work! If anyone did the windmill room,

What do you do with the two-pronged wooden thing with a button?

Much appreciated!

hatospali May 20, 2015 7:26 PM replied to Hantenshin

just reserve it, you'll notice when it's time comes

quimeshine May 20, 2015 7:38 PM replied to Everlark

I'm stuck at the exact same place and this doesn't help much. :(


Escaped! Finally. That took a good chunk of the day.

jiffypop May 20, 2015 7:53 PM replied to jason9045

Is there a clue for the end?

the order of symbols?

Patreon Crew SonicLover May 20, 2015 8:12 PM replied to jiffypop

For the end:

Did you notice how the symbols didn't all light up at the same time?

CptnSuz May 20, 2015 8:33 PM

I'm in stuck in the windmill room.

I have black & bronze pieces of a weather vane, a two-pronged "key" with a button on it, and the dragonfly fossil with the shapes on the back.

A nudge would be greatly appreciated!

jiffypop May 20, 2015 8:37 PM replied to SonicLover

Thank you! Well, that was friggin epic.

Forsythe May 20, 2015 8:55 PM


The bronze piece isn't a weathervane, but you can use it as soon as you get it. The black weathervane is missing an arm.

Personally, I'm stuck w/ the 3rd safe:

I have the piece of paper w/ a key on the front, and I know it maps to the panel under the half-dome, but even though I punch in the symbols in the order suggested by the panel... it won't open.

hatospali May 20, 2015 9:03 PM replied to CptnSuz

if I imagine well what you say, "the two pieces" are diverse things. The bronze one fits to the windmill scale-modell, and then notice thoroughly what you see, and take a look at the fossil's back. If you succeed in setting together sg, I'm sure you'll find the place where you can use it


Stuck in the basement.

Have used 3 gems and got paper with 3 squares, played around with light-up panels, found glowy pentagon with arrow in hallway. I saw the clue from earlier about "what's special about the arrow in the hallway," but could someone give a bit of a larger nudge? Perhaps a shove? :)

hatospali May 20, 2015 9:19 PM replied to Forsythe

but it works... somehow, I've tried a lot of combination, and in the end it was more straightforward then I thought

the order really comes from below the half-dome. It's important, that you have to punch just the upper button (in this way you exactly get the symbols if you superpose the pictures of the half-dome and the paper.) Perhaps you haven't noticed yet, that the paper's order not corresponds to the order of the box (just almost)

thegreatescaper May 24, 2015 1:21 AM

Is there a longest walkthrough award? xD


What's the pattern on the wall on the basement? I've tried all the codes but to no avail please help :D

Billy Nitro May 24, 2015 1:17 PM

THAT WAS SO SATISFYING! I managed to solve it on my own with only one hint early on.

That's not to say that I didn't try to look for them other times, but there are too many other comments to sift through!

awfulperson May 24, 2015 3:46 PM

That was AWESOME. Intricate puzzles, incredible graphics--a real mind-bender. I would give this game six stars if I could. Took me two days! :)

awfulperson May 24, 2015 4:16 PM


If you're in the dark on this one, perhaps you SHOULD be in the dark...

And if that doesn't help:

Take the piece of paper with the three squares into the darkened hallway. :)

crashlanding May 24, 2015 6:52 PM


Is there a way for me to give neutral all my money so they can make more games? All of it. Every penny.

EscapeEverything May 24, 2015 8:43 PM

crashlanding they don't do it for money they do it to mess with your mind - just a guess

NewHere May 25, 2015 1:44 AM

Somebody please help me!
I'm stuck with 4 symbols and (I suppose) knife with rope.

I think that I need to put symbols in the box in the particular order to receive a key but don't have any clue.

I have lamp unresolved, bottom drawer is not opened - I see the paper but don't understand what should I do with it.

Please help - I stucked at the very begining!!!

thegreatescaper May 25, 2015 4:02 AM replied to NewHere

Hey there, sometimes it's best just to experiment, even for things which you have 'no clue'...

Just place all your coins in the machine, it'll give you a key.


Aaaaaaargh, I can't open the second part of the comments T.T

thegreatescaper May 25, 2015 10:57 AM replied to April

I have a feeling my walkthrough is so long it's crashed the comments. :(

habsfan May 25, 2015 4:34 PM

Hands down, best escape game of all time. Not sure anyone will top this.

habsfan May 25, 2015 4:36 PM

How does the developer monetize this? I would gladly donate money if there was a link for it.


you have to use all the codes and figure out the final one. the code of the final one needs the binocular and under the dome above high. use all the other codes to figure out the nine-grid pattern.


just guessing. he does not have funding. so he does this for three years. but all worth it.

thegreatescaper May 26, 2015 3:43 AM replied to Dora

It was in five parts so I guess I could split it.
If only I could find where I saved it... :*( that'll teach me xD


Just awesome! Exellent game! Thx for comments. Some of them really helpfull. I was stuck on vine puzzle. Thought bottle was empty, but it doesn't.

Daibhid C May 26, 2015 3:50 PM

Playing it through again, just to see how much I can remember, and I've just worked out the title. (Hey, I had other things to think about the first time...)

There's four sections representing the classic elements. The first room, with all the lamps, is fire; the windmill tower is air; the basement is earth; and the garden with its pipes is water.

Each section also has a dragon statue. The first breathes fire, the second rises into the air, the third is fossilised in the earth and the fourth spits water. Neat!

houseworkisevil May 26, 2015 7:14 PM replied to Sessie

Bang on about the donation. If there were an escape-writing event at the Olympics, Mya would walk away with the gold. I think donations are definitely called for here.

ThemePark May 26, 2015 8:40 PM

I finally finished this game, and even with all the trouble I had at certain points, my mind is blown.

This is by far Mya's masterpiece. It is no wonder that it has taken him/her over two years to make this, and it has been worth every second of it. This breaks the scale for room escape games, and for the mushroom system. This deserves ten mushrooms.

And I third? the idea of donating to Mya.

dailytherapyshop May 27, 2015 7:06 AM

Wow. I honestly think this game has changed my life. Absolutely incredible gameplay. I feel super awesome for every puzzle I managed on my own, and little shame for those I needed help on, because it was awesome!!!

barbara May 27, 2015 8:03 PM

Thanks thegreatescaper for a super walkthrough. I finally had to abandon the escape at the part with the valves. I don't think there's any way you could have written it better - I just couldn't keep track of where I was in that garden.

Even so, it's a fabulous escape game. It was very satisfying to solve some of the puzzles, especially the ones I solved without hints, but even when I needed a hint to get started, many of them were tough enough to satisfy.


Wow, That was amazing. I almost didn't want to walk through the final door. I am in awe of the brain power that made this game. Thank you Mya and K.K and Neutral. I look forward to playing this again next year. And, while I am thanking people...Thank you JayisGames for such an awesome gaming site.

580201h May 27, 2015 10:49 PM replied to Squiddly

No way to reproduce the first, second and fourth symbols

580201h May 27, 2015 10:51 PM replied to Squiddly

Windmill room.
Negative / positive key pictures
The right one shows a pattern of five symbols. The box behind the left one NEVER shows the first, the second and the fourth of that symbols.
So… can anybody tell me how do we know the pattern to use in the box by the lighthouse???


The Walkthrough Guide is now available!

Thanks to thegreatescaper for all their hard work!

jaybo33 May 28, 2015 8:51 AM

Just have to say this is the best escape game ever (have played 100s here on JIG)! I wish I'd known it was so LONG!


Random question - not that I mind or anything, but why did this game get reposted? Granted, I don't even remember what the original blurb on it was anymore, but I am somewhat surprised to see it bumped back up to the main page.

Fritware May 28, 2015 10:30 AM

Absolutely fantastic game. Didn't have the atmosphere of, say, a Submachine, or the narrative of some of the other great escapes/point-and-clicks, but for the pure puzzles and the satisfaction at solving them, one of the best I've ever played. I didn't want it to end, and it didn't for a long, long, long time.

My favorite part was some of the little details. I especially liked that

after finally retrieving the screwdriver, you could unscrew the plate attached to the chain that formerly secured the screwdriver. There was no reason in the game why there needed to be screws there at all other than to toy with the player's head, and it was a nice touch that you could in fact remove them just for completeness' sake.

Sessie May 28, 2015 11:22 AM replied to Fritware

@Fritware: YES! I had completely forgotten to mention that part. That attention to detail, and the awareness of how players play her games, are really what sets Mya/Neutral apart as a developer.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkEXUQyuOdzqjNjb7CbWDAJ8ufF6vv2bug May 28, 2015 5:46 PM

OMG. That's an amazing game. 5 stars, and well worth the wait. Neutral rocks!

Chaotick May 28, 2015 5:48 PM

I realized something very, very clever about the final puzzle.

You have to seek out four patterns on the glowing panels (these are also superimposed onto the door and the instruction paper).

One symbol is inside the dragon pond, filled with water.
Another is set in the door leading to a dragon lighter, emitting fire.
The third is set into the windows of the tower, which is a windmill. Air.
The last is carved into the wall in a basement deep under the ground. Earth.

Water, fire, air and earth. Now what was this game called again?

Patreon Crew SonicLover May 29, 2015 12:43 PM replied to Anon

@Anon: I think the reason the game was reposted was to draw attention to the fact that it now had a walkthrough.

lmoragon May 30, 2015 12:12 AM

@Chaotic: I did notice that just today actually (I just finished playing this game a second time and can't get it out of my mind!) Along those lines, I also noticed

The four basic shapes (triangle, square, round-top, and M) which first appear in the windmill (AIR) room, could also be simple representations of the elements. The triangle looks like a flame, the round top can be seen as an upside-down water drop, the blocky square is often used to represent earth, and the M shape (this may be a stretch) could represent a mountain peak where it is generally windy.

In any case, best escape game I've played: creative, beautiful, challenging but logical, and cohesive all the way through. Based solely on this game I would elevate Neutral/Mya to the level of Mateusz Skutnik as the two best point-and-click/escape/puzzle game artists out there!

oreilley May 30, 2015 1:53 PM

Thank you to Pulsaris for the walkthrough! You were right, perfect prose aside, all some of us needed was a nudge as to where something was or needed to be used!

lynnehammar927 May 30, 2015 8:16 PM

WOW, Dora!!

236 comments and 33,331 views!!

MiniTaurus June 1, 2015 12:33 AM replied to Kaelyn Robinson

Thank you for the twitter address ^^ I write simple thank you message to mya, words cannot express my fun (eureka) moments when playing this game ^^


I second, third... fifteenth the donation motion. Shut up and take my money! I'd get me one of those dragon lighters, too, it'd look cool inside my color-coded safe behind the wobbly picture.

The teensiest of nitpickish "buts": it felt a bit too much like four (good) different escape games strung together to me. Indeed they come together for the final puzzle, but I think a bit more crosstalk among the zones that implied some backtracking would have rounded up the overall experience.

All in all, a heck of a gift that has jumped at the very top of JIG escape list by rating. Thanks a bunch Neutral, it was a fun few hours!


That was amazing! Beautiful artwork, tough (but not impossible puzzles), and definitely the most satisfying escape game I've played.
Thanks to Pulsaris and Thegreatescaper for the walkthroughs - I definitely couldn't have done it without your hints.
And I concur with everyone on wanting to donate for this game - this is one I would have gladly bought.


I can't get the

bone puzzle in the basement. the order to click them is unclear.

Patreon Donator Reka June 7, 2015 11:40 PM replied to Paul

Paul, here's how I solved that one.

First, label each bone with a number or letter or whatever works for you. Next, click the tip of the tail, and note which piece it lights up. Click the lit piece and note which piece it lights up in turn. Go through the whole skeleton this way until you're back at the tip of the tail. Now take your list and go through it backwards, starting with the skull (which lights up the tail tip).

I know you generally like more handholding than that, but without a picture, it's kind of hard to specify which bone is which.

Patreon Donator Reka June 8, 2015 10:07 AM replied to Paul

I'm thinking Neutral really could have released this as four games, i.e. Elements Part I - Fire, Elements Part II - Air, etc.

kenziebluth June 17, 2015 5:51 PM

Wow, seriously a fantastic game. Absolutely perfect.

NeonOpal June 24, 2015 2:36 PM

I have been speedrunning this game for a good month, and now my fastest time from when I make my first click to when I walk out the door is 13.53 minutes. Whew.

Meterman70 July 8, 2015 1:50 AM

(opens empty chest in basement)


Couldn't help but think of a particular console RPG when I got to that point.


- This game is amazing.
- Most other escape games now seems lackluster.
- JIG doesn't have a sixth mushroom in the rating system so I can not properly rate this game.
- Does not include a feature to allow me to give them money.

That is all.

Aramith July 13, 2015 1:58 AM

I'm totally stunned.
Just when you think the bar (which neutral set with VISION) couldn't get any higher she utterly surpasses it with this beautiful escaper.

Yet again after playing on of Neutrals escape games I'm wishing I could have my memory wiped so I play this again.

sebtanic August 6, 2015 8:11 PM

Yes, this game is absolutely marvelous. I second what everyone else said about this being one of the best escape games ever, plus:

I also loved the "trailer". Watched it all the way to the end. Great how you see the windmill & garden on a hill from below in a still shot.

Hands down the best congratulations / trailer scene I've ever seen in an escape game!


This game is hands down my favorite escape game. I can't play other escape games now, need a new game in the same spirit.

Patreon Donator Reka October 21, 2015 7:06 PM replied to lintu

In that case, you're gonna have to find a different type of game to play. :) The only escape games that come close to Elements in quality are Neutral's other offerings: Vision, Sphere, RGB, Lights, and Linkage. (Her mini-games are worth playing as well, but, well, they're mini.)


I think my game is glitched. I have played the game up until I get the thing from under the floor in the first room. The problem is, when I pick it up it does not show up in my inventory. Did anyone else have this problem? If so, do you have any ideas of how to get past it? I really don't want to have to play the game from the beginning.


What's the point of commenting so long after the event?

Well, I just played the whole game all over again. And being blessed with a here-and-now kind of mentality, I only vaguely remembered some of the overall strategies involved. Of course, the same level of wow factor for each new "universe" revealed wasn't there. But the riddles were as crisp and sharp as I remembered; the graphics as stunning as ever.

What a spectacularly great game this is.

Only Neutral, Amanita and Skutnik games have this feeling of a world of its own. And now rumor has it that Submachine 10 will be out before xmas....


I haven't been here in so long. I didn't realize how much I missed escape games until I logged in on a whim and found this game.

It took me hours to play with the help of a much appreciated walk through.

If I could give it 10 stars, I would.



I just tried to replay this game and I can't get it to load! All the other games work for me. Can anyone else confirm or is it just my computer?

This is the best escape game I've ever played, sad to think I can't ever do it again.

Patreon Contributor Questioner May 11, 2016 3:10 PM replied to Andrew Rousseau

It works fine for me. (Firefox)


It must be my computer, then. I tried three different browsers. Oh well.

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone May 12, 2016 1:23 AM

It works fine for me, too.


I CANNOT figure out the gray stupid box in the first room.. the one where I compare the checkerboard to the note for the solution. Can anyone please help me???


Things to watch for in the checkerboard puzzle:

1. Make sure you're clicking the buttons in the order provided by the paper, i.e. in a clockwise spiral starting from the bottom left. (If you don't have this paper yet, you can't do the checkerboard puzzle yet -- go look for a key. If you have a key but don't know where to use it, look for a wall panel behind a plant.)

2. Make sure you figure out which button state (up or down) corresponds to black and which corresponds to white. If it doesn't want to work the first way you tried it, go back around and change all the buttons to the other state.


Is there a reason I can't get the two prong thing to plug in under the upside down key in the windmill????



And thank you, Reka. :)

mackrell10 October 1, 2016 5:07 PM

What an excellent game!!

The end pipe like puzzle to get the shapes for the last lock will light up even if you have it wrong. Oops.


Hey, I'm stuck in the Garden with the locked pole...

I looked in the locked box with the floating balls and in the drawer with the paper. I put the code in multiple times and it didn't work.

Cyberjar88 December 25, 2016 8:54 PM

A cool little thing I found: after getting the screwdriver, you can use it to unscrew the thing that attached it to the cupboard door.


Hello, I need some help about the two prongs brown bar on the museum and I don't know if this is a bug/glitch or I didn't do it right, but

After I got the two pronged brown bar from underneath the 5x3 buttons painting on the left side of the room I obviously going to stick that brown bar underneath the upside down keys painting, on the two slotted holes. But it seems like I can't make it? Like I clicked the two pronged brown bar and clicked the slot but it won't go in and nothing happened? The brown bar is still hovering with my cursor and I don't know what to do. The walkthrough said thats the right place for the brown bar too. :(. Thank you very much.


Oh nevermind, it worked after I refreshed the page.

Nate82 January 29, 2017 5:59 AM replied to Sefa Eve

This game is awesome. You'll love to play it.


230428 (today): Just replayed this ELEMENTS game on Flashpoint (most Tesshi-e games are on Flashpoint too!). It took hours but I FINISHED it with no help after 8 years since I first played it when it was released. I have played thousands and thousands of escape room games and THIS is my favorite!


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