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Best of 2008:
GemCraftGemcraft brings a lot of innovation to the tower defense genre, quite an accomplishment considering how crowded it already is. The new gameplay mechanics create a lot of strategic depth, and the game adds replay value by keeping track of your high score for each level, allowing you to go back and replay them for much higher scores once your wizard has leveled up and is more powerful.

Why we picked it: Gemcraft excels by combining elements from standard tower defense games ("defend the path from oncoming creeps") with an intricate RPG-like system of skills and advancement. Combining multi-colored gems, instead of traditional towers, allows for greater freedom and strategy, and the "epic" battles give the journey multiple points of dramatic focus. The complexity of its gem-building system, the polished UI, and its addictive replay value consistently kept GemCraft at the top of the charts, and earned it critical acclaim as one of the Best of 2008.

Audience Award:
MutinyLand lubbers best be cowerin' below the decks, thar be a Mutiny going on! Some sea dog called Nitrome has riled up the crew with tales of booty and adventure, so grab yer peg leg and cutlass and prepare for a fight, Worms style!

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