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Clash of Clans: Troops Spotlight

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There are 10 Classic Troops and 6 Dark Elixir Troops

Classic Troops

  • Barbarian is your first troop you unlock in the game.
  • Barbarians are the fastest troop to train.
  • They are the first troop you should deploy when attacking since they are great at taking damage.
  • Barbs are vulnerable to Traps since they tend to bunch up around targets.
  • They attack the closest building.
  • Barbarians are great units to trigger Traps and Clan Castles.
  • Barbarian King Rage ability only affects Barbarians so a great idea to use them with your Hero.
  • Archers show up in Barracks level 2 and can be upgraded to Level 7.
  • Archers move faster than Barbarians.
  • Archers attack Land and Air units.
  • They're great for support units behind units that take the damage.
  • Archers shoot over Walls.
  • Giants are a great Farming and Pushing Troop.
  • They are great Meat-shields or as a Tank for your follow up troops like Archers.
  • Heal spells and Healers work great in combination with them.
  • Giants prefer defense buildings first.
  • Giants are an offensive troop and shouldn't be used as a defensive unit in your Clan Castle.
  • Goblins are the best Farming troop that targets resources.
  • Goblins are the fastest moving troop.
  • They do double damage to Resource buildings.
  • Level 6 Goblins is the biggest upgrade giving it 84/dps.
  • Goblins have very little Health Points, so use them in conjunction of Tank units like Giants/Barbarians.
  • Drop Goblins last since they move faster than any other unit.
Wall breakers
  • Wall Breakers blow holes into Bases walls.
  • Wall Breakers move very quickly, deploy them behind a distraction unit like the Giant or Barbarian.
  • Wall Breakers can't be used a defensive unit in your Clan Castle since there isn't any Walls to break when defending your base.
  • They have splash damage but prefer Single layered walls versus a double or triple wall.
  • You don't always have to break through the wall, weakening the wall might be enough to help your other troops break through faster.
  • Balloons attack Defenses and do splash damage.
  • Level 6 Balloons gain the largest increase in statistics, so they're worth getting.
  • Balloons are considered aerial Hogs, they attack Defenses and go over walls.
  • The Balloon best friend is the Minion, Minions pick off the ground troops while Balloons attack Defenses.
  • Balloons are the slowest troop in the game.
  • Balloons are a good overnight build, build them while you sleep since they take awhile to build.
  • Wizards do splash damage, kill multiple units.
  • Wizards do not have any preferred target, they attack nearest building.
  • Wizards are slightly slower than Archers.
  • Wizards take 8 minutes to train so plan ahead when building them.
  • Wizards are very expensive to build so use sparingly.
  • Always use a Tank / Meat-shield ahead of your Wizards.
  • Wizards are a support troop to be used behind your main attacking units.
  • The Healer is a flying unit.
  • She will heal the nearest injured unit.
  • Healers do not heal flying units.
  • The Healer will heal your Hero at only 50% of her normal healing rate.
  • It is a very good support with Giants and Pekkas.
  • Dragons are good at dealing and taking damage.
  • You get Dragons at Town Hall 7.
  • When you first get Dragons that's a great time to attack bases because most bases don't have Air Defense.
  • Dragons are great for Clan Wars, and can be effective in getting a 2 star in Clan Wars.
  • Dragons don't have a favorite target, typically you want to clear out buildings around the base before you drop the Dragons.
  • Rage spells are Dragons best friend.
  • Pekkas are available at Town Hall 8 with Level 10 Barracks.
  • Pekka is a Female.
  • Spring Traps don't affect the Pekka.
  • Teslas are your best defense against the Pekka.
  • Pekka attack the nearest building and have no favorite target.
  • A level 1 Pekka has more HP than a Level 21 Barbarian King.
  • A level 1 Pekka does more damage than a level 36 Barbarian King.
  • A fully upgraded Pekka does more damage and has more hit-points than a Level 40 Barbarian King.

Dark elixir troops

  • Minions are available at Town Hall 7 when you build your first Dark Barracks.
  • They are flying and ranged units, basically a flying archer.
  • Minions have very low hit-points so you want to keep them protected.
  • Drop Minions slowly to draw out the Air Bombs.
  • Minions are cheap and fast to build.
  • Balloon and Minion strategy is great for two starring bases in Clan Wars.
Hog riders
  • Hog riders are good in Clan Wars to lure the Clan Castle troops.
  • Hog riders target Defensive buildings.
  • Hog riders can jump over walls so they are quick to destroy defensive buildings.
  • They are vulnerable to Spring Traps and Inferno Towers.
  • The Valkyrie unlocks at the Level 3 Dark Barracks.
  • Valkyries attack multiple targets at a time because of their 360 degree splash damage.
  • It takes 3 hours to train a full set of Valkyrie.
  • The level 4 Valkyrie is considered the most overpowered unit in the game to date.
  • Golems are available at Town Hall 8.
  • They can be upgraded to level 5 with 6,300 hit-points.
  • Golems split into Golemites when they're destroyed.
  • Golems are the perfect Tank / Meat-shield.
  • They attack the nearest Defensive building.
  • Single targeting Infernos are your best defense against Golems.
  • When Golems get destroyed they do small splash damage to buildings around them.
  • Witches are available at Town Hall 9 and Dark Barracks 5.
  • They have low hit-points so use them as a support troop.
  • The Witch's Skeletons can help Giants destroy buildings.
  • The Witch's Skeletons can easily overwhelm defenses
  • Jump spell and Two Freeze spells are ideal with Witches. Freeze spells to handle Mortars and use the Frenzy spell on the Witches to produce more Skeletons.
Lava Hounds
  • The Lava Hound is flying Golem.
  • It attacks first the Air defenses and after it goes for the other defenses.
  • When Lava Hounds get destroyed they do small splash damage to buildings around them.
  • They split into Lava Pups when they are destroyed.

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