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3 Slices

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Rating: 4.4/5 (247 votes)
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3 SlicesArtbegottiA priest, a rabbi, and I forget who else all walk into a bar and order a pizza. Long story short, they eat three slices. And three slices is all you get in Gaz Thomas's newest physics puzzler, 3 Slices! Not unlike Thomas's Red Remover games, you've got to rid the screen of as much of the red material as you can using three magical swipes of your mouse. Click and drag to make a line, splitting the blocks on the screen, then release to finalize the cut and let gravity take its course. White matter can be cut but don't count toward your total, so you can set up ramps and weights to push red blocks around. You can make only three slices per level, so you've got to plan carefully!

Unlock each of the 20 stages in this puzzle pack by removing a target percentage of red from the screen. You might cut your way through the first levels pretty quickly, but afterwards, you've got a bigger challenge to conquer: split past the gold targets and unlock a a sinister gameplay twist by clearing 1900%. And that's all the International Committee of Spoiler-Free Reviews allows to be said about that! You can't experience the simple pleasure of this challenging phuzzler if you don't cut to the chase and play!

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This was surprisingly fun! There was actually a lot more replay value here than I thought there would be...just the right mix of difficult but possible.


Not a bad little physics game.

I have gotten gold on every level except for 8...can't get more than 98%. :(


100% level 8:

First,the hint: Drop the center so that the side wedges remaining tilt themselves out of place.

Now, the details:

1: from bottom right, just where the red touches the black ledge, upwards towards 11:00, so that the wedge you cut off will fall left when the center drops out
2: upwards from bottom left just where the red touches the black ledge, maybe even a bit inside the ledge, towards 11:00, exiting the red a bit below the top (say, 80% of the left vertical edge) leaving a VERY thin wedge.

At this point, the center drops out and the right wedge falls over. Sometimes the base of said wedge will slide off the black ledge, sometimes not, but either way, the last cut is the same

3: cut about half of the thin wedge on the left at a medium upward angle (bottom left to upper right.) This creates a top piece that slides behind the bottom wedge and pushes it out, then it lands on a point and falls to the right. If the right wedge did not slide out, continue the cut through that wedge, which should break it up just enough.

Cyberjar88 November 14, 2011 3:45 PM

Level 14 sure is a doozy...


Thank you ChairmanMUHC :) My total score now stands at 1958%.

@Cyberjar88, for level 14

Begin by removing a large slice from the middle.

Then, if you number the "pegs" like this:




Cut from just to the right of #6 to just under #3.

CaptPicard November 14, 2011 6:16 PM

Stuck on level 20!


For level 20

Number the pegs 1 through 8:
1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

You will be making a large X.

Make the first cut from just underneath #5 going up to the right passing just under #3 and out the top of the top red block.

Make the second cut from just under #8 passing just under #2 and out the top.

If you make them just right, all of the pieces will fall with only these two cuts. If any is left, use your last cut to clean up.

winfrith_279 November 15, 2011 1:11 AM

I almost got 100% on level 4, but failed the bottom half D:
I think you can get 100% with 3 slices for every level except level 3. Though I haven't gotten 100% for levels

4 and 7



of all the levels I can't beat the best at, it's level 2. :P


Octochan: Level 2 :)

try cutting along the very bottom of all the shapes, so the blocks slip to the right (ie, cut a slant with the left higher than the right.) because of the slant of the base, you can have a tiny gradient, and they'll still slide :)


I might be missing something but when I finished it said something about a bonus game if I scored more than 1900 (?). So I replayed a couple of the lower scores and ended up with 1958 but nothing happened...


Not a bonus game, but a bonus "Mode". The 2-slice mode that can be turned on at the level screen.


D'oh, I WAS missing something... Thanks


Stuck on 19... any suggestions?


the only levels i can't get 100% on are 2, 3, 4, and 7 other than that all 100% for a total of 1961% anyone got any tips for those levels?


I'm at 1964%- just can't get 100% on 3 or 4.

Tips on 100% for level 2:

begin by clearing the white block to the right by unbalancing it then slice the bottom red block to make them both topple leaving a thin red triangle... then use the far left block to push the thin triangle off he edge.

Tips for 100% on level 7

get the slope on the white block then cut an almost 45% triangle from the corner (takes some practice) but get it right and you can topple the whole block

I'm at 1836% for the 2 slices? What is everyone else at? :D Thanks!



1841% for 2 slices now.... :D FUN GAME!!!



1866% for 2 slices. I can only get 85% on level 4. Anyone know how to get more? Thanks!

Wildwanderer November 28, 2011 11:37 PM

For regular mode (3 slice) I have 100% on all levels but 3 and 4. I have 85% on both of them giving me a 1970% total. On 2 slice mode I have 100% on all levels but level 3:80%, level 4:76%, level 7:80%, and level 14:56% for a total of 1892% on 2 slice mode. Does anyone know how to get a better percentage on any of those levels, whether 2 or 3 slice mode?


Hi Wildwanderer... I have now got 1906% on 2 slice. Hoping to swap a tip or two! How can I get better than 78% on level 3? And how did you get 100% on level 2 2slice?

In exchange I will share this tip with you :D

81% on level 14 2 slice mode...

imagine the posts numbered:
1 2
3 4
5 6
cut a triangle that will remain at the end from just left of 5 to just above 4 so it sits there. Then cut almost parallel up from just under 3 to the top so that piece can slide out. If you have done it just right then that remaining top triangle can just slide through the gap also. It takes practice but keep at it!

Hope you think that is worth sharing tips on mine! :D


Wildwanderer November 30, 2011 1:16 AM

Lvl 2: cut a thin slice at the bottoms of all 3 pillars. Angle the cut high on the left low on the right. Angle it such that only the right white pillar and the red pillar slowly slide to the right. You will want the right white pillar and both large red pieces to fall off. This might take a while to happen. Sometimes a few minutes. Then cut a triangular piece off the left white pillar so that it falls and pushes the remaining red piece off the end. Hope that makes sense.

Wildwanderer November 30, 2011 1:33 AM

Thanks! I got 82% on lvl 14. I'm still playing around with it and I think it might be possible to get 100% on that level. I'll let you know if I succeed.

Wildwanderer November 30, 2011 1:46 AM

I appears I won't be able to knock that bottom triangle off to the right at the end. It either stays there or falls off too early. I did get 83% though.


I can only manage to get about 45% on 2-slice level 7 and 67% on level 4, and I'm at 1837% so far. Any tips on those 2?


Wildwanderer, how do you get 80% on 2 slice mode lev 7 ?

Wildwanderer November 30, 2011 5:24 PM

I got 2 slice mode lvl 7 up to 83% for a total of 1922%.

Level 7:

Start you first line on the right side of the white block about 1cm above the low black barrier and angle up left to cut about 1cm to the left of the bottom right corner of the left red block. If you do it right you can get more than half of the block to fall. About 33% of the total. Then cut an extremely thing slice, maybe 1mm or less on the bottom of the right red block. It's counterintuitive but make the slice so that the slightly thicker side is on the left. The block and the slice will slowly move to the left and if the upper left corner of the red block hits what's left of the flat top of the white block, it'll turn enough to allow it to fall down giving you 83%.

Wildwanderer November 30, 2011 5:36 PM

Level 4 2 slice mode

Number the blocks from highest to lowest elevation 1-10. Start near the lower left hand corner of #4 and angle up through #1. Make sure the cut goes through #1 about 1/2 to 1cm up from the bottom. You're purposely cutting less than you can. You do this so that along with #3 falling down and knocking #10 off, #1 also falls down and knocks #6 off. It may take you a few tries to get it to work right. Keep trying, it works. Then you slice off as much as you can of #7, #8, and #9. Hope it helps!

Wildwanderer November 30, 2011 5:47 PM

Level 3, 2 slice mode

Start your cut on the right side of the block about even with the low black barrier and angle up. You're just going to have to play around to find the right angle to make it work. Low enough angle to get a good percentage off but high enough that everything will slide off the edge. Then cut from just below the upper black barrier and angle down to form a triangle with a flat spot on the left. Just be patient and keep messing around with it until you get a higher percentage falling off. If the blocks slide off quickly, you know you're not getting 80%.

Wildwanderer November 30, 2011 5:57 PM

I'm still working on ways to get my percentages up. If I find something I'll post it as soon as I can. Btw, did I mention that I love this game?


Ah I've been trying that for level 3 just getting so frustrated! Yet having so much fun! It is featuring in my dreams now! LOL. Thanks for the level 4 tip!! It really helped! Up to 1911% now!

Wildwanderer December 1, 2011 4:03 PM

I got 100% on lvl 14 2 slice mode bringing my total to 1939%.

Imagine the posts are numbered

1 2

3 4

5 6

Cut from about 1cm to the right of #5 and to about 1 cm below #1. Then cut from even with the left side of #6 and then up and left about parallel with your first cut. If done correctly the middle piece will fall between #5 and #6, the right piece will tilt left and knock the left piece down through the same hole, then the right piece will slide off to the right of #6.

Wildwanderer December 1, 2011 4:12 PM

Here's another way to do lvl 14 2 slice mode. Someone posted this on youtube.

Wildwanderer December 1, 2011 5:24 PM

Just got 100% on lvl 7 2 slice mode for a total of 1956%. Just have to figure out how to get over 80% on lvl 3 and over 76% on lvl 4.

Just cut a triangle out of the white block only. Then cut a very thin slice off the bottoms of both red blocks. If done correctly, both red blocks will slowly slide off and fall down.


GENIUS!!! I can't quite get there on level 14. Really struggling even with the video!!! I wont give up!!! :D

Chromestone December 5, 2011 3:29 AM

This may sound stupid but im stuck on level 3 on 3 slices. Can someone explain or give me a screen shot on getting 50% or over(and don't forget, its level 3 on 3 slices. Pretty ironic eh? level 3-3 slices? LOL)?

Chromestone December 5, 2011 1:27 PM

Nevermind. I got level 3. Even with par! Heres how you do it with ONE step!

go on youtube(I didn't though). Simples!

Wildwanderer December 5, 2011 2:42 PM

Level 3

Start your first cut on the right side of the red block just above the lower right black retaining wall and angle it up and left to about 1/3 of the way up on the red block. Start your second cut just below the upper right black wall and angle down to the left to about an inch above your first cut. The middle piece should slide right out, followed by the upper piece. Use your last cut to see if you can get a little more. If the pieces don't slide out, just make your first cut at a steeper angle until it does slide out.


help!!!! level 19 on 2-slice mode please help!!!!!


woop i got 2000% in 2 slice mode this is how you do level 5, firstly you start with the left block ,,, cut from bottom right to half way up on otherside
next you cut from the top block on left hand side, half way up it to the bottom left corner of then red,
and taddaaa ask me for others??


level 19

start with the middle collum, right one the corner at the top left all way down to the bottem right, then you make the next cut depending on how it lands hope i helped


I have 1997%, how can i play the bonus?, i don't find any button.

Shaun West December 30, 2013 9:47 AM

Stuck at 1970 for 3 slice and 1939 for 2 slice mode.Finally got 100 for level 7.
Can't improve on 82 for level 3 and 88 for level 4. Suggestions anyone?

Shaun West January 3, 2014 9:21 PM

ok finally got to 1940 on 2 slice mode.
anyone with suggestions/

Shaun West January 5, 2014 8:11 PM

Ok finally up to 1972 on 3 slice and 1942 on 2 slice.


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