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Alice Greenfingers

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Rating: 4.5/5 (31 votes)
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Alice Greenfingers

KarmenHere, among the roses of red and strange mushrooms, we find Alice. Is she visiting the Queen of Hearts? No, it isn't that Alice. Meet Alice Greenfingers. She doesn't have time for chasing rabbits and general nonsense (save the occasional gnome); she has to take some tomatoes to the market while the demand is still high!

In this brand new release from Arcade Lab, you can help Alice sell the fruits of her labor. You can also tell her when to labor, or where to plant the fruits in the first place. Alice Greenfingers is a hybrid cross between a simulation and a strategy game, with a very relaxing atmosphere. Simply by clicking in the appropriate place, Alice will do all the work, sowing, harvesting, and selling, while you choose how to spend the hard-earned cash.

Alice GreenfingersThe garden can be as organized or as eclectic as you like. You can pick and sell in a mad frenzy of profit, raking in the dough, or you can slowly shape your dream garden, stopping to smell the roses. In this downloadable game, it is your call: You set the pace. Even if Alice lags behind, your clicks are noted, and Alice will dutifully follow when she can.

Unlike many simulation games, you begin without any money. Instead, you have a shovel, a bag of tomato seeds, and potential. A kindly old maid will give you tips as you begin, suggesting just where to begin. This tutorial cannot be skipped, unfortunately. (You will at least earn a trophy for the effort.) Once you have covered the basics, you can explore at will, even moving fixtures such as the storage house and water pump by clicking the hand icon in the lower right.

Alice GreenfingersA variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers become available as your garden grows, along with farm animals and decorations, which can add to your unique design. Most items will help you earn more profit, while a few lead to rewards and bonuses, earned over the course of 30 days.

The pleasant folk-like background music and retro graphics lend a very nostalgic feel to the game. After hearing the soft strings and flute, you might find yourself reminiscing about adventure games of yore, and expect an armor-clad adventurer to stop by and purchase a bunch of tulips for his distressed damsel. While Alice likely won't have any medieval adventurers dropping by her market stand, she does have a strong customer base. In the market window, you can watch the flow of shoppers as they purchase the various items you've put up for sale. A statistics window will also show you the market trends, so you'll know just when to hold on to your cabbage and push the grapes.

While Alice Greenfingers is addictive enough to provide many satisfying hours of casual gameplay, it isn't without quirks. For instance, when the 30 days in the season end, you can continue fiddling in your garden. The announcements stop, however. So, you may find yourself with a few hens laying eggs all over the place and no one to buy them. Rewards and trophies are only given during the 30 days, as well. So, if you're trying to hit that magic $5000 mark, be sure to do it by day 29.

Finally, there was one part that puzzled me. You have cows, and you have a shovel. Why do you still have to pay for the fertilizer? Ah, don't mind me; I'm just full of manure. Instead, go play Alice Greenfingers.

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Alice Greenfingers is available to download from these affiliates:
Arcade TownBig Fish Games


That was easily one of the most delightful sixty-minute gaming sessions I've ever had. However, it saddens me slightly that I'd have to cough up $14.99 (if memory serves) were I desirous of continuing it.


It's $19.95, but you can get it for as low as $6.99 through Big Fish Games' Game Club. And if it's any consolation, purchases of the game help support JIG directly.

Regardless of which version you're considering, though, it's definitely an addictive and enjoyable game. And with decent replay value as well.

At first I didn't care much for what my garden looked like, I was all about efficiency and racking up the sales. Then I decided to slow down and smell the roses, and make my garden into a land of wonderment. xD


Sounds like another Harvest Moon to me. In all fairness, those were fun games.


If this game had some multiplayer aspect to it, I think I'd purchase it.


Oooh, now there's an interesting concept. Competing against other players with prices at the market to attract customers in a race to see who can make more money in a certain length of time. I'd play. ;)


JonMW, you're right. This does sound like Harvest Moon.

The understanding part of me wants to encourage this game because it's a budget title, and competition breeds innovation, but the fanboy part of me wants to decry this as a rip off.


I'm sorry, but I thought that this was an incredibly boring game. Harvest Moon was a great game, and when I played this game that was what I thought of. However, Alice Greenfingers was just as dull as the dirt that you dug up. People buy crops at random as they walk by, and even though having low prices makes it more likely that they will purchase something, it is still a small chance that they will buy something. Also, the game gets very repetitive. Dig, plant, wait, water (unless you have a sprinkler), pick, repeat. The game looks good and plays well, but the core reason you play a game is to have fun. I found it hard to have fun playing this game.


I have been having lots of fun playing this game, so perhaps the lesson here is that not every game is for everybody.

Personally, I find most RPG games dreadfully boring, but I can appreciate the many, many people that find that type of game compelling.

I'm just a casual gamer, and this particular game tickles my fancy. That being said, I do think the game could have been better, such as the multiplayer idea noted above, as well as a wider variety of objectives and a more sophisticated market system. But for what this game claims to be it delivers on that promise, and offers an enjoyable experience with even some replay value to boot.


I bought the game. (You're welcome)

It's kinda fun.

I do have a few complaints... it gets tedious and it takes a while to unlock new things.

I would also like to be able to hire workers or buy a robot or something to harvest for me... or at least just be able to program Alice to do things so I don't have to keep clicking things over and over.

That being said, I like the game and it is very enjoyable... I just tend to be critical.

I've also tried to hack the game to get more money or whatever, but the programmers intentionally made this hard... I found a way to change how much money it shows on screen, but it didn't effect the real amount of money I had... tricksey hobbitses. :-)

Anyway, if you figure it out... let me know.

Also, let's not hijack the thread and turn it into a cheater vs. anti-cheater flamewar. thanks.


Thanks, Brady. I appreciate your feedback and your purchase. I just spent a lot of money on another server for the site, something I just wouldn't be able to do without support from visitors like you. Cheers! =)


I also bought the game. I found it incredibly easy to win. 15 days left, and the only trophy I haven't won is the thirty day one. It's pretty boring to play with only the endurance prize left to shoot for.
This bums me out, mostly because I love JIG and I was excited to buy this game on your recommendation. After playing for an hour, I had no idea that it was going to turn out to be so easy as to be a waste of $$.
I mean, I'm not even good at games. I usually have to resort to walkthoughs and forums for advice, and my boyfriend has to do all the shooter parts for me. How is it even possible not to win everything in 15 days or so? It seems like all you have to do is buy seed, plant it and buy sprinklers. Am I missing some way to set difficulty or something?


Aww, sorry you're unhappy with it Polly. I did not even come close to winning everything the first time I played it. Perhaps you're better at games than you give yourself credit for. =)

In case you weren't aware, games purchased through our site carry a 30 day money back guarantee, should you decide to ask for your money back.


I must say, I LOVE this game and it's pretty addicting...I might've actually bought it, but for this reason: I'm stuck. Literally. I was doing the 2 minute extensions, and it stopped while Alice was in the shed. So, now I can't move her. At all. I've clicked everywhere, and there's not even an arrow showing up. All of my crops have been sold, and I don't want to start a new game due to the two minute limit-- and, like I said, I'm not sure I want to buy it because of this problem. Any suggestions?


Maybe there is a bug that made this game easy for me:

I would just switch my crops from storage to the market and then close the market window and run around harvesting and everything. My crops just sold in the background as I planted, harvested, etc. Are you supposed to have to wait at the market for your boxes to sell? If that were true, than this game would have been exponentially harder for me.

anyone know anything about this?


polly - that's the same thing I did. I don't believe you're supposed to wait at the market for your plants to sell, because of the messages that pop up to alert you when someone buys something.

And Blue - I don't know what to suggest, unfortunately. I have forwarded your comment on to the developer in hopes they might be able to suggest something. If I hear back from them I'll post a response here.


Brady - there are indeed cheat codes available for this game, but the developer is tight-lipped about what they are. Something about the game having good replay value and that the cheat codes would ruin the fun and motivation to play.

I say that's arguable.

Anyways, to get you started on a hunt to find more, there is one code I can offer that will unlock all shop items:

type SHOPPER while playing to enable all shop items

Unknown June 30, 2007 5:01 AM

Actually there is a fast earning way to the game..
follow this : the sign + represents a digged tile

start of the game, just dig it this way

++ ++

then plant as many tomato on this tile as possible..
when u wana plant another kind of plant, dig lyk shown below

+++++ +++++
++ ++ ++ ++
+++++ +++++
+++++ +++++

which means it is like this :

+++++ +++++
+++++ +++++
++ ++ ++ ++
+++++ +++++
+++++ +++++

just keep planting this way.. keep the rest at the corner of the map in case u accidentally use the spade and uproot your plant and they die..

then when u unlocked the item 'Sprinkler', place it in the middle of those tile.. eg. = represents the sprinkler


then you dont have to water your plants anymore..
and if you want to plant new plants, place the sprinkler there 1st before putting the seeds in the respective tiles.. but.. 1 disadvantage : when you plant about 5 or 6 crops.. you cant really handle.. try it and you will know what i mean..

Small profits tips:

when they say the day is gonna end.. IMMEDIATELY finish harvest 1 more box of crops into the storage but if you are afraid that you cant manage.. then just press the To the Market (the time will stop).. wait till your items are sold then you press on your garden.. a few more sec and the day is over..

Price tips :

Extremely low : $2
Very low : $3/4
Low : $4/5
Below Average : $5
Average : $6
Above average : $8
High : $10/11
Very High : $12/13
Extremely High : $15

you can drop the price by 1 if you are eager to go on to the next day and unlock items!

Knowledge Tips:
TRY not let any items in the 'Shop' says NEW.

LOADS OF $$$$$:
in order to have a lot of money.. you must have quite a sum of money HAHA...
buy a fence and place as many cows as possible inside it..then about 2 min later.. each cow will produce a bottle of milk .. you dont have to collect as it is auto..
1 day is about 15/16min.. so if you have 5 cows.. you will have 40 milk!!! each milk will be sold at the price of $2/3 each.the more cows/milks you have.. the faster the milk merchant will find you to buy milk from you because rumour in the town spreads real quick..



I read jay's post about the cheat to enable all shop items, and was motivated to look for more. So far, I have found a total of two, counting his.

Type SHOPPER to unlock all items in the shop.
Type GREENFINGER to make crops grow 'ultra-fast', and type GREENFINGER again to deactivate it.


I love the game but why is it that the plants heart meter is never fully up?


Cheats Codes

Type GOODTIME - Market demand will increase.
Type RAIN - Plants will no longer require water.
Type GREENFINGER - Plants will grow ultra-fast.
Type FUND - Gives you $100
Type SHOPPER - All items unlocked in the shop.
To deativate a cheat, just retype the cheat you no longer wish to use.

Enjoy :)

Valderra July 13, 2007 11:33 AM

I have quite a few games, and also bought this latest one.
I managed to get all the trophies except one.
I love the game, but am disappointed that once the 30 days are over no one seems to buy the milk or wool or eggs anymore, and when I look at the awards, it just says that the season is over now. So I assume it won't continue again. I can still sell fruit and veg at the market but I wish I could also still sell all those eggs, milk and wool.

And I was actually waiting to get a helper in, to help me with the crops, but that never happened. But still, all in all, a nice game.

Valderra July 13, 2007 11:40 AM

Oh... and I always thought I would have to hang around the market until all my goods were sold, but it's not so. I could have made it easier for myself if I had known from the start that I just had to bring the fruit and veg to the market and then go home again. There are two of Alice - one at the market and one on the farm !!


A fun (actually quite addictive) game at the beginning, but the replay potential is really limited. Once you've played a couple of rounds, there's nothing new to discover. The designers have said they have no intention of creating add-on packs, and once you've made it to the 30 day mark, no one buys eggs, wool or milk anymore. Having add-ons of new crops, or having more in the game and randomizing what you get in a game would provide more replay interest. It almost seems like this game was a trial run for something else in development, since this one is so limited.


There's a list of cheat code pop ups in the




i got a problem i got every trophy besides the popularity trophy and the 30 day trophy can someone give me tips on how to get my popularity up?


Type these cheats to make the game much easier:

(#1.) Goodtime = demand for crops will raise.
(#2.) Shopper = all shop items will be visible.
(#3.) Rain = All crops won't need water any more.
(#4.) Greenfinger = all crops will grow ultra-fast.
(#5.) Fund = +100$

(Type #'s 3 and 4 twice to deactivate cheat.)
(# 3 will wear-off in 2-3 days once (re-)typed.)


Typing FUND repeatedly gets you $100... repeatedly!


Can you purchase this game somewhere other than downloading online? I mean can you buy it in store? If so, where can I buy it or order it online and have it shipped?


I think if you could hire someone to work for you it would be "funner".


How do I access the wordlist file? Thanks.


bought the game...won it in a few hours. does it go to a second level? got all items in shop already...is this it? This is what $19.95 pays for?


how do you activate that spoilers for alice greenfinger game.


Can someone give me more screenshot?


I've got a problem with my game. I downloaded the free trial, and then purchased it when my hour was up. Now it's stuck in the 5 minute loop that you get when your free trial expires. Does anyone know how to fix this, or should I go to the developer on this one? And how do I contact the developer because I don't see anything with their contact info in the Readme file I have.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and nothing works. It also won't let me add another user, and I've already deleted my original user that got to play the game to the end.



Babs - where did you download and purchase your game from?


Any more cheats?

[Edit: No, there's no more cheats. -Jay]


I got mine from bigfish, and when you are a member there, you can get games for as little as $6.99 US.

I love this game BTW, and thanks for the spoilers!


I love this game.They should put this game on all systems. so people can buy it...


I got my game from Yahoo Games, and they haven't been very helpful. I'm at the point where I want my money back!


Sorry, Babs. But I have no connection with Yahoo games.

If you had purchased your game through my site here, I would have been happy to resolve the issue for you.

The best I can do for you is forward your issue to someone I know from the developer. Perhaps they can suggest something for you.


I have played this game and find it alright. I agree that it would be GREAT if you could hire a helper. I have wond all the trophies and everything, but I do have one problem. My chickens will no longer lay eggs. What should I do to make them lay eggs. The only other comments I have are that the baby chickens should grow into adult chickens and once a player purchaces cows and chickens there should be fertilizer points or credit.


I was hoping that at some point you'd be able to buy bigger boxes to hold more crops or something.


Hey how do you use/activate the spoiler for (windows) alice greenfingers? i tried the Ctrl + alt + C then the code, or enter first before typing the code, or just typing it and i still can't activate it... is there a technique or something you do to get this working?.... Thanks!


Just bought the game yesterday after lots of fun playing the free trial a week or two ago.

The graphics & colors are beautiful to look at and
the game is very relaxing to play.

I have a question though about the cows. After
building up quite an extensive garden of flowers,
vegetables & trees, I next purchased fencing and
4 cows. Everything was going well, even had a
couple of milk sales. Had to pause, then save the
game to be continued. Went back to the game an
hour or two later and everything was saved except
for the 4 cows. The money that I paid for the
cows did not come back into the account. I'm
wondering what could have happened to my cows.
Any thoughts?


The fund cheat only works if you have less than $500 on hand.

Also, to access the cheats just type the word at any point you are playing the game. If you didn't make a typo, or in the case of the above have $500 or more, it will show up as a message on your screen that the cheat was activated.

I got my first character all the way through the 30 days and I am still able to sell my milk, wool and eggs; not sure why others can't.



i just love this game


I'm a very 'Dull-RPG-repetitive' gamer, and I like games like Harvest Moon, Cake Mania, and so many others that got both complimented and flamed.

But I have to say--My demo version was the best sixty minutes of my life. I'm saving up to buy it, and for now, I'm just playing 2 minutes intervals. ^^; Yes, I love it that much.


i thought this game is dumb boring but i learned that planting games is the best among the best......................from abegail

lorrie Rader November 7, 2007 1:02 PM

I bought this game for my kids. My 9 year old loves it. The cheat codes made it less tedious for him so he could watch the market trends and not worry about watering crops while harvesting. Every time a new crop would become available he would get real excited. He was absolutely thrilled when he discovered his wool from the sheep sold for $5.00! The tip on the cows and milk was a huge success! Fun game- hours of enjoyment when you are stuck inside on a rainy day!


I own this game, and have won it several times, it's now getting boring. I've never used the cheat codes either.

So I guess it's time to go back and play it with some of the cheat codes, to see what happens.



when you do the


spoiler you can only get up to $500. So if you have $400 you can only do it once. $200, 3 times and so on. Sorry , Mena


How do u harvest chicken eggs? my chicken just runs around and doesnt even lay any!

LizzieTish November 27, 2007 1:26 PM

Roxy - you might need to buy a rooster before the chickens will lay eggs. Once they do lay eggs, just click on each egg for Alice to pick them up.


How do you sell milk/wool/eggs?


WG, to sell them is completely random. Someone will call and ask to buy all of the eggs/wool/milk that you have, and you can accept or decline.

Also, I've noticed that my bought items sometimes disappear when I mouse over them...I'm guessing that's the bad download as well, though.


What is the purpose of health, knowledge, wealth, and popularity bars, as well as decor?


How can i edit the cheats? wat does it look like? and where can i find it? pls help me...

RedFeather December 13, 2007 3:04 AM

I see in wordlist, there's a cheat option where you can buy stuff at shop without using money. anyone know what's the cheat code for that? help plz *puppy eyes*


i am left with just one trophy and i neva knw dats there is time in which u have to play to win all the awards.


I have to say, I love this game. I got it as a present, by a friend, who knew I once loved games like Harvest Moon, and long before that, SimFarm. I actually find many similarities between this one and the SimFarm...sometimes, I feels like I'm playing some kind of sequel, meaning nothing bad by that.
Still, there is a few things that would need improving, by my opinion...I got some proposals to developers (in hope, there will be a Alice Greenfingers 2 one day...I know chances are small ? ) :
1. A helper...I totally agree with all people who said Alice would have use of some help. Maybe even someone who she would have to pay or yes, why not, a robot, who she must buy. Or even a robot for who she must buy and collect all the parts, and then build it to work.
2. There are trees in game...but why not put some fruit trees...cherries, oranges, apples, pears...think about the possibilities! So many crops more!
3. The only real fault I find is that you barely can tell which one is the mushrooms and which one is the wheat or pumpkins when they are in the boxes once. Same with the tomato/carrots/raspberries or white daisies/cabbage. It can be a real drag, discovering, for who knows which time, you carried a wrong box or that boxes are mixed and you have long time of founding which is which. Knowing there is a limited color range, I suggest small icon by the quality line or a name of a crop in the box above it or similar mark...
4.Some machinery would come nice too...no need for anything too big, but maybe something like lawnmower or similar...if not machinery, then a bit more tools...not every work on farm is do with a shovel, you know?.
5. Why every fruit/vegetable got to be four, for box to be full? I know this could be too complicated, but for some (and count me in), different amounts of crops in boxes would be interesting thing. Besides, that's a matter of a simple logic...it can't be same amount of daisies and cabbage, right?
6. I really think the game needs a bit more of excitements...although new tax is not a good surprise, it's no too shaking either. Why not some insects/birds attacks or storms with visible consequences? Give Alice something to fix, rebuild or re-crop, time to time, and game would be more interesting.
6. Alice is measured by health, knowledge, etc. Why not give her more chances to care for either of those things? Why not some books, or some vitamins in the shop for her?
7. TIme is passing in the game...we are measured by the days. But there is no light changing...wouldn't be more interesting to see sunrise and improvement of light and then decay, somewhere after four, sunset and then night? It would also make things harder to do in the early morning/late afternoon, which would gain on the game dynamics.
8. By my opinion, there should be a house for Alice. Nothing too fancy, but a house she would get out in the morning and go in the end of the day. It wouldn't improve the game itself, but I think it would give a player more realistic feeling.
9. There should be someone in the market, to sell Alice crops. It's not that the game don't work well like this, but crops selling by themselves (cause most of us "return" to farm a moment we "leave" our products on market, not waiting for them to sell) are not very believable.


Does anyone here know how the wealth meter can be improved? Thanks!

AvalonInk April 28, 2008 10:16 PM

In the wordlist.txt file, there's a section on cheats, yes, but it doesn't give the actual cheat to enter, just the message that pops up when you activate/deactivate the cheat.
However, there's a message in there with no cheat activation code that I've seen yet - "CHEAT: Items in the shop are now free!"

Now finding THAT cheat would be awesome! I want to make my garden pretty and neat to look at, but the stuff is all so expensive! I'll keep looking, and if I find it, I'll post it here.

On that note - in the wordlist.txt file, I haven't tried it yet, but you SHOULD be able to change some of the things Alice says, or the wording of some of the notification messages if they start getting boring. DON'T DO THIS WITHOUT SAVING A COPY OF WORDLIST.TXT FIRST!! Just in case you mess something up. I'm the BEST program messer-upper out there, learn from my mistakes! ;)

Hellokitty March 26, 2009 12:46 AM

I can't build a proper fence for my cows... i just get the first end of it and i can't complete it. Do i have to buy it twice or something??


What are the point of chicks?

danialHafiz June 12, 2010 11:06 PM

here are some cheat codes that will make the game easier. Simply type these codes at any time during the course of the game:

Goodtime - Market demand will increase

Rain - Plants no longer require water

Greenfinger - Plants grow very fast

Fund - Gives you $100 each time you enter this code

Shopper - All items will be unlocked in the shop

To deactivate cheat codes "rain" and "greenfinger," simply retype the code. The rain cheat code will wear off around three days.

this cheat is not by me..im just copy it.

hope it will make the game easier.

thanks .. (:


Do the baby chickens in #1 or #2 grow up? and will there ever be a #3?


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