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Auditorium (demo)

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Rating: 4.8/5 (561 votes)
Comments (122) | Views (15,172)

StaceyG"AuditoriumAuditorium is a fantastic new puzzle game of music and light, by Dain Saint and William Stallwood of Cipher Prime. Currently it's a comprehensive demo of a work in progress. There are about 15 levels in the demo, so it already makes for a great game.

Solve each level by manipulating the flow of light to create the perfect balance of music. The streams of light represent sound particles that you bend toward boxes until the audio levels are full. When the flow is correct, the audio levels fill up with the proper color and all the parts of the music will play.

Best of Casual Gameplay 2008The controls are very intuitive, but the main thing you need to know is you can expand and contract each direction button by clicking and dragging the edges. You start off with a directional arrow or two to guide the streams of light toward the audio level boxes. The navigation buttons become more tricky on later levels with the addition of the attractor control (the other controls mentioned in the instructions aren't available yet). You'll also have multiple colors to contend with, where you must guide the streams of light through rings of color to match the correct audio boxes.

If your computer is older you might want to take the game out of full screen mode—just press [ESC]. You can also right-click to change the graphics setting lower.

AuditoriumAnalysis: Often puzzles that involve directing a beam of light to an object are very rigid and there's only one answer. One of the best things about this game is there are many ways to solve each puzzle, which makes taking your time to experiment and have fun with the flow just as satisfying as finding the solutions. The last couple of levels, however, test the free form philosophy of the game makers, as they seem so complicated and so placement-specific that it's hard to imagine that there truly are multiple solutions. The last level especially requires you to place things just right, which can be a little frustrating. But for the most part, the game certainly delivers on the idea. Hopefully they will continue to develop with some higher tolerances built in.

The demo is presented in three "Acts," with a short teaser ending showing some of the controls and obstacles that will be added in the final game. The teaser is a bit of a let down, as you barely get time to look at it before it ends. It would have been better to end with the triumphant completion of the final puzzle. The game could also use a better title, nit-picky but true.

Linux users: If you experienced trouble playing the game before, please try again. The game authors have made a small change to the embedding code on the game page that may help with playing the game on Linux.

The music, digitally composed by Dain, is integral to the design of the game. It has enough variety from one level to the next that it doesn't get too repetitive (unless you get really stuck on a puzzle). It is fairly soothing for the most part.

Auditorium is very impressive in that each section you start to fill complements the musical piece until you hear the entire orchestration, and each part separately sounds just as good. Even more impressive, the visuals are dynamic and work on their own, even without sound.

Creative and challenging, this game has truly exceptional design and is a lot of fun to play.

Play Auditorium


Simply beautiful, thats all i can say.


I don't know what to say other than wow. this game is simply amazing,


Wow, wait till you guys get to level 3, the visuals' amazing.


Cool all the way to 3-4, at which point I could use some help figuring out where to put things. :/


Same here, I'm stuck on 3-4.

tomato-soup November 20, 2008 11:28 PM

Fun fact:
Hajimemashite = You did a good job.


Gorgeous. Frustrating, but gorgeous.


Gorgeous, visually and musically. At least up to 3-4, that is, since I haven't seen anything after that :-)


Design is everything! everything is so nice and peaceful.. fits well with the puzzle context.


consider dividing the beam if you're stuck in some level. It took me a while to consider that :)


hajimemashite means good to meet you (you say this the first time you meet somebody, then never to the same person again) I'm in Japanese class, and this was the first thing we learned


Thank you very much for the spoiler Diego, it actually allowed me to pass 3.4 and 3.5 :)
Now, I am stuck at 3.6 :(



Thank you all so very much! I am not sure how our game was picked up by anyone, but Dain and I (William Stallwood) are beyond happy!

Just a note on the article, Dain composed the music digitally over the years and it just made a perfect fit for our game.

Please give us any and all feedback, we want the full version to be the best it can be. The more ideas we have the better we can make it.

Thanks again, you guys are the best! Thank you StaceyG!


I still need a bit of help with 3-4.

I know I'm supposed to split the beam, but I don't know how to split the beam right.


nevermind, I figured it out

loopdey-loops are fun!


What a refreshingly awesome game. 5 super fat stars out of 5.


I absolutely loved this game. Played it through on my own, and everything.

My only complaint, and it is minor, is that when you get stuck on a level, sometimes the music gets annoying. As in, I got tired of one batch of strings 8-D

A possible solution would be to avoid using certain loops in more than one level, or to maybe mix up the style of music a tiny bit more. Of course, I realize this was just a preview!

Also, more than once I felt like I had dots hitting a bar, yet it wasn't "filling up". You might need to replace the square blocks with something round if that is the actual target area.

Excellent job all around. Just amazing that that was in Flash.


Am I the only one who has trouble with 1 - 3?


What a soothing game. I liked it a lot. Such pleasant music and visuals. I enjoy putting the parts of the music together like that. But I'd say it might be better if the music ended a bit less abruptly at the end of an act. Maybe fading away instead of suddenly cutting off. That was the only thing that seemed a little jarring to me. At any rate... such a nice game. It really calmed me down.


My only (minor) critique would be that the various bending zones seem to have differing degrees of influence strength. Possibly there's some kind of control I'm missing here, but -- for example -- if I place the left-pointing arrow directly in a stream, the stream goes left very sharply, versus if I place the up-pointing arrow in the same position, I end up with a more gentle bend upwards. This leads to a whole lot of trial-and-error and nudging trying to figure out where streams will end up.


I really like this game; simple and intuitive controls, great graphics and some very soothing sounds!


I am stuck on 1:1, it gives hajimemashite and nothing happens. what is wrong ? please help

margeman2k3 November 21, 2008 7:10 AM

The only thing I didn't like was that it was pretty short.

Uber-Awesome game. Graphics, audio, concept. Just wonderful.
I can't wait to see the full version.


Love the game! Great idea, great music, great graphics...

For constructive criticism...
i found it a tad unsettling that the music just stops abruptly though.. perhaps a form of continuity between stages? It feels terribly queer to have intermitted moments of no music.. kinda distracts from the calming experience...

But still TERRIFIC game... or perhaps more a work of art..


I cant actually get the game to play. I get a blank grey screen with Hajimemashite in the bottom right.


StaceyG! I just sent out an email to our mailing list informing them of your article so we send a little love back.

We are currently compiling a list of everyones feedback, so keep those comments coming.


Lukex115, thats odd.

I would check that you have flash 9. If you do, post a screen shot I will see what I can do to solve that problem for you!


Unfortunately the music doesn't play for me due to some work filters, but the visuals alone are fantastic. I put my own soothing type music on instead to try to capture the mood :) Excellent stuff here.


Unfortunately, this game has crashed my browser three times just by opening the page. It looks like a fun game, and I hope the bug gets fixed.

By the way, I'm on Ubuntu Linux Intrepid (8.10), using Firefox version 3.0.4, and I always tried to open the game in a new tab.


It seems I am the only one who cant figure out 2.5 :s

Firecracker5 November 21, 2008 12:55 PM

I am so glad that someone made a game like this! I have never been great at games and I really don't know much about them, or computers for that matter, but this game is not only entertaining and incredibly addicting, it's a simple & easy concept! It's honestly a game that EVERYONE can play and enjoy. I'd be lying if I said I haven't gotten frustrated trying to beat the levels, but it makes the game that much more addicting! These guys are geniuses, and I am so grateful that there is finally a game that is user-friendly and combines beautiful music, incredible visuals, and a puzzle that I just can't seem to get enough of. Bravo gentlemen, you've created a masterpiece!


2.5? I can't seem to get them all on at once


Nice game. Also relatively easy, but I can see potential for some very difficult puzzles. Most of multiple levels have multiple ways of solving the puzzles, and a few of them I didn't even use all the tools)

Sphax, one way for 3.6 is:

Use a loop to take care of the yellows first. Make the beam go couner clockwise.

Use your left where the beam leaves the last yellow box to force the beam so it travels all the way to the left side of the screen.

Use your other loop to grab the beam and make it go clockwise. This will require some tweaking in force and position to get it just right. It took a couple seconds for my blue/reds to fill up once I found the sweet spot.


I'm having trouble w/ 2.4 I saw something about splitting the beam in earlier post, but have no idea how to it. Please HELP!!!!

P.S. love the game


finished the level, but still do not know how to split the beam


LS: There seem to be two main factors in how strong an effect the motion fields have - one is the direction the particles are traveling before they hit the motion field, which you can't control, and the other is how big the field is, which you can (go to the center of the field so you see the arrow, then go to the edge of the field and you should see small arrows on either side of the edge that let you make it bigger or smaller). I suppose it's possible that certain directions always have a stronger effect on the particles than others, but for the most part that looks to be a moot point since you can make the other fields larger to get your desired effect.


2 things
1) 2.5: winter. Having a problem. any hints?
2) I want to find this music!!!!!


Very beautiful game!
Best game this week I'd say. :)


Bummer that this game doesn't work in Linux.


help with 2:5? anyone? awww come on! :(



Dain Saint, here. I wanted to thank everyone for the enormously positive response you've been giving -- it really means a lot to us and gives us the drive to keep pushing forward to make this the best possible experience it can be. Thank you so much for you support!

I wanted to help out some of the players having a hard time with the game in Linux -- we're huge open-source guys, and I'm personally running Flash 10 in Firefox 3 on Kubuntu 8.1 Intrepid. We've tried a different embedding method for the game now, so Fredzorz and other Linux users -- give it another shot! And let us know if you run into any other issues, we're always here to help.

Thanks so much for playing!

Rodentmaster November 21, 2008 6:31 PM

hey dain saint. great game. visuals= really great, love the shade effect, sound=well whaddya think? its a game called auditorium. the sounds have to be great, gameplay=fun, challenging and great concept, overall= brilliant!!!! 5/5


@ Al: Thank you so much for your help ! It was very usefull to finish the game ! :)

I can't wait for the full version to be released ! It is such a beautiful and intelligent game. Thanks a lot for making us discover such a great entertainment !


For those having trouble with 2.5

Think upside-down Triangular loop, triangles and loops mix well

darlingdestruction November 21, 2008 8:55 PM

Simply amazing. I played through twice, just to see the different ways I could solve certain levels, especially since by the end of the game I had picked up some tricks that I didn't know going into the game.


At first it was "This is awesome!" I got to act 2 and it was "THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER!" Seriously though, it's got intuitive gameplay, awesome graphics, and perfect music to go with it. Simply the best of the best.


Wow. I feel really, really dumb. I can't even get past level 1:4, despite spending half an hour on it. I've read the help and everything.

Nice music, though.

AnonymousGuy November 21, 2008 9:52 PM

2.5 was...hard

Think. Do you see a curve? Maybe how part of it links up? Try leading the light that way, and see if it works. Then think of how you can add the missing parts to the loop, or if it doesn't work, think of how to adjust it and after making part of it link up, the pieces just might show you the way to go

P.S. @Gr33nThunder: Mine looked more like a triangular paper clip o0

Think isoceles triangle sideways

AnonymousGuy November 21, 2008 10:45 PM

3.4 is really colourful...

P.S. Sorry if this post isn't really on-topic it was so beautiful


Liking this a lot so far, but it breaks for me at level 1.4: I get music and a gray screen with the level name in the lower right, but nothing else. If I reload the game, it asks if I want to resume from level 1.5. If I click yes, the same problem occurs, but this time without any music.

I'm using Firefox 3.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.5.5. I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know how to check my Flash version.


Oh, wait, there it is: Flash 9.0 r124


Nice game, but for me it doesn't work in Firefox for some reason. I'm using Windows Vista Premium, and Firefox 3.


Great game, some of the later ones get pretty hard, leaves you with alot of satisfaction when you finally do get it.

Still haven't managed 3.6 though


Ha! Tried again, got through 1:4, then sailed along through Act 2 without getting stuck at all, then got stuck at 3:4

The multiple colors really make it more interesting for me.

My one complaint is that at the end of a level, I'd like to keep listening to the music until clicking, instead of immediately advancing to the next level. What might also be fun would be a less purpose driven game with many, many different "catch basins", so it'd be more about the music then solving the puzzle. Different colors could create different music effects (raise/lower pitch, change timbre, etc)


Really great game! I love it.

Just a suggestion: I think it would be perfect if once you pass each level, the music sounds a bit longer, because the next level start very quickly and there is no time to enjoy the nice music that you have created!

Thanks for the game!


Excellent game. Still stuck on 3-4, despite the hint above...


Aha! I knew the mighty power of posting for help would do it. For anyone who needs more help on 3-4:

Leave a portion of the beam untouched... it will hit the yellow bars on the left without any help.

Use the left arrow to eject the beam out of orbit once it has hit the bars you need


Make the orbital circle very large and overlap the top portion of the beam so it goes up through the top yellow bars then right through the blue bars.

Place the left arrow inside the orbital circle, toward the right. The beam that comes down after passing through the blue bars will then be shot out to the left and will leave the orbit, passing through the red bars


Spectacular game!

One question, though - when you right click it, you get the message "Powered by Tricycle". Is this some kind of Flash game engine? I tried to find out more, but all my searches were spammed by pages about children's three-wheeled bicycles..


Any hints on 3-5?


Anyone see where the "Quality setting" is?

After right clicking on the play area, all I got were settings for FLASH (microphone, webcam and storage space). Where is the graphic quality control mentioned on the webpage?


3.6 Hints:

Split the Beam

You don't need the left arrow to win

Don't overlap the two circles, as this will cause light beams to go in between


I think the review here is too critical. I think the game is great... I like the title, it's as if you are creating some incredible audio and visual performance, and so Audiotorium is indeed suitable. The last couple of levels aren't really that complex, and it makes sense that more difficult levels require more specific placement. Lastly, the Teaser is just enough as an ending - short and sweet, as teasers are meant to be. The colors and sounds of the last completed level were gratifying enough for me!

Truly, a great game. And anyone who's played it can attest to that. =)


T'was a beautiful mental workout.


Want to add my vote for "excellent game" as well. Beautiful sound design, beautiful art design, accessible controls, and the feeling of accomplishment once you find "your own" solution, rather than a single canned solution (for most of the levels anyway).


William here!

In response to your question about Tricycle. Dain and I have been working on a rapid-development framework for flash. Tricycle is that framework. Soon enough you'll be able to get more information on tricycle at tricycle.cipherprime.com, but that won't be for a few weeks. We are still testing the framework some other projects before we release it to the public.

I also noticed a few people had mentioned the screen going dead on different levels when the level starts. I assure you the level will load if you just hang in there and wait a few seconds. This is purely a bandwidth issue. We have served up over 35,000 plays since Friday morning. I apologize for this, but we are working on ways to make this load faster as we speak.

I also just did some database dumps that should speed up some of those level load times. Thanks for playing and thanks even more for the feedback!


Great game. Loved it. I agree with the suggestions to have the music and visuals last longer once a level is completed. Once a puzzle is solved, it's nice to be able to watch the achievement in action for a little before moving on to the next level, especially with something as lovely as this.


Fantastic game.
I love the music.

I just had to donate. I can't wait to see more.


It went fairly easy until 2.5.

I just can't get the 2.5 :-(

The spoilers here are even adding more confusion. A "triangluar loop". What do you guys mean exactly with a "loop" (sorry, my english isn't so good). I can't get the beam to become long enough. It seems to go in the right direction, but stalls a few inches short of the pink target :-(

Please, someone give a more detailed hint, I'm going nuts here ! :-)


This game reminds me of World of Goo, in that it takes a pretty simple idea and turns it into an amazingly fun package with some slick gameplay.

I look forward to seeing how this is developed in the future!


It definitely needs at least a sand box mode. This is one of those games that is ultimately ruined by the increasing difficulty. So instead of it remaining a relaxing, pleasant experience, it quickly devolves into frustration and panic-inducing woe.



I disagree, I think the difficulty was placed appropriately. It took me 45 min the first time to complete it, and I can now do it in less than 10 min.


It took me about a half-hour before I figured out what I was supposed to do on 2.5.


It seems some are still stuck at 3.6.

Here is my solution. This one needs less "luck" than the "split beam" solution does.



I liked it very much. This is what music catch should have done with the downloadable release.


I am having trouble with 2:3 - Winter. I can't fill the purple thing.

Absolute Zero November 24, 2008 10:40 PM

Goodness! 3.6 took me a very long time, but as a matter of fact, the left arrow is VERY helpful! Necessary? I do not know, but it helped me.

Below is a photo spoiler.

NOTE: Some tweaking to the circles may be necessary (Because i doubt you'll set it up perfectly)

NOTE2: Wait. WAIT. It takes a few moments (possibly 1.5 minutes? Usually until the beam repeat) for everything to PERFECTLY line up. But it worrrksss!

Congrats. You've finished!

The Gamer Bard November 25, 2008 11:25 AM

Dangit I Almost got 3.5, All I needed was to move one over a little. then I moved it the wrong way and screwed it all up. any help, I know how to do it I just can't get the positions right. maybe if someone could post an image.


Finally! 2-5, 3-4, and 3-6 gave me the most trouble, but with the help offered here, I did it!


Still cannot get this game to work under Linux. It won't work under Linux version of Firefox because they do not make Shockwave for it, and the Windows version of Firefox under Wine loads the start screen okay but then everything locks up once you click to play (the exact same behavior I was getting before). Kind of a bummer, because it looks like a fun game.


thanks keith! 3.4 had my head spinning...



This game runs on the Adobe Flash Player, not shockwave. Flash Player 10 for Linux works amazing well, I would recommend upgrading. You can download that from:

Please keep in mind we develop on Linux using Firefox, so we know it works. If you could us some more detailed information we will try our very best to get it working for you, we don't want anyone left out!

Good Luck and let me know how it goes!


I discovered another way to finish 3.6, one that does not require splitting and finishes rather quickly.

What you do is use a spinner to make the entire beam hit the yellow collectors. Then, use the left push just above the top yellow collector to move the beam through the blue coloring and into the bottom two blue collectors. Finish up using the last spinner to move the beam first through the last blue collector, and then through the red coloring and collector. Fiddle with it until it works.

If I had a picture I would use that, but I don't, so try you best from my description.


I'm having a bit of trouble with 2:4.

And "hajimemashite" is roughly translated as "nice to meet you," but literally it means "please be nice to me."


I'm searching for the sounds, does someone know where I can find this little sound piece, I find it amazingly calming.


Great game, but over too soon. Can't wait for the full version to come out!


can someone tell me how to do 2:4?




For 2:4,

step 1:

put the leftward force so that the flow passes through the blue color sphere and the blue audio container.

step 2:

put the rightward force so that when the flow passes through the pink color sphere it rebounds to the pink audio container.

step 3:

put the downward force on the leftover flow (that means the unused part of the flow) so that the flow goes through the following objects:
blue color sphere, white color sphere, blue audio container, white audio container

and you're done!


Awesome game. Really genius approach nee philosophy. I don't think you must have different music for all of the acts or what not, but it would be cool to choose our own soundtrack. Some of us really dig the soothing parts of it but, we love all the colors in the emotional spectrum. It could be a style that goes throughout the entire game seasons acts and not per level or season-- but give us a choices like Spooky, Jagged, Electro-Hop, etc.

I got four lit up but having trouble with that far pesky blue one on 3.5.


Hi, I'm Adriana; I've been playing Auditorium and I have some spoilers and photos IF you need them.

So, in case you're having difficulty I'll assist in any way I can. =D


willstall: I guess I don't know what my problem is then. I installed the debian package at the flash download site you mentioned(I think it installed, it just said "Setting up adobe-flashplugin ( ..." and then ended), but when I go to the playauditorium.com site I just see a gray box with a white frame where the game is supposed to be. I do not think there is any flash running inside the box because when I right-click it, I get a dialog as if I have right-clicked an html page and not a running flash program.

Let me know if you have any ideas.


After being introduced to Auditorium recently I have been playing off and on all weekend, replaying the entire "demo" tirelessly. Quite simply this is one of the most captivating and beautiful games I've ever had the pleasure of playing, not the least of which is do to the phenomenal musical score which has been stuck in my head for two days. I cannot WAIT for the full version and will be looking forward to it immensely.


i almost had an accident shortly after the game began. this is sweet. "click to advance" would be nice. great visuals and sound quality. you guys are the shepherds of this industry.


This is a beautiful game.

Thank you.


"The last couple of levels, however, test the free form philosophy of the game makers, as they seem so complicated and so placement-specific that it's hard to imagine that there truly are multiple solutions. The last level especially requires you to place things just right"

Still, there are. The last level for instance can be solved using just two of the three tools offered.

Hector Delgado December 1, 2008 7:05 PM

I reached Spectors solution of 3:6 in his spoiler the first few times I beat the demo. There is a MUCH easier way I discovered yesterday. That's what I love about the game though... Sweet! I'll be beta testing in Philly soon...



Great game! I do have one suggestion: After completing a level, I think it would be nice to be able to watch your creation a little longer and enjoy the music in its fullness. Perhaps completing the level would simply display an overlaid message (e.g. "Sucess!", and display a "Go to next level" button in the bottom right, so that you could keep watching your creation until you were ready to move on.


Fantastic non-violent addictive beautiful puzzle game!

I think I breezed through the Demo, though. The only level I had real trouble with was 2:5 and that was because I came up with a tricky convoluted solution involving a split instead of the obvious linear one.

I didn't have much trouble with the later levels. I found my solution to 3:6 really quickly and easily, and I think it's rather elegant.

Here it is. But I've also done it since w/just the two Attractor forces and not using the Left force.


I reached 2:5 before losing interest. So far this game is Chromatron, with a thousand times the visual quality and a hundredth of the puzzle quality. I think I have played too many awesome games in my life to be excited by the opportunity to play with this purty engine, though it's easy to see how a lot of people would enjoy doing that. Without enjoyment of playing with the engine, there's no benefit for me in the "multiple solutions"; the only enjoyment left for me is that of solving the puzzles, and as I say, these puzzles, so far, aren't nearly as interesting as a lot of the puzzles I've solved in other games.


This is possibly my favorite game ever ... music + partical physics + gravity = epic win

cant wait for the full versions so i can buy it


Stunning work of art. I can't wait for the soundtrack when the full game is released. This forms part of a complaint with this game, though; The instant you complete a level, the soundtrack that you just pieced together in the level is instantly muted. I would have preferred for the music to stay a while in a sort of transition or something.

Other than that, gorgeous.



For me, anyway.


I just beat the demo, and I have to say that it is probably the best internet game I've ever played.

My ONLY gripe is that I only had a second or two to listen to the full piece before it moved on to the next stage. The sooner that friggin soundtrack comes out the better...


I need help! 3.5 has me stumped! What do you do?
(P.S.- Video walkthroughs end up all pixelated and hard to look at..)


I loved this game. The music is so relaxing and the visuals are just lovely.

Since the music is the central feature of the game, it's also the source of my two comments. The first is to echo the request that's been put forth by a few others and suggest that the songs last a little longer after each level is completed. After just assembling the song, I want to hear what it sounds like.

My second comment is that the music in Act Three is on a very short loop, which is not usually a problem for the piano track, but the strings tend to be very repetitive. A slightly longer musical phrase (maybe four to eight bars instead of one or two) would probably solve this completely. It took me a while to solve 3-6 the first time, and I could only get the strings to play for most of that time. This was the only point in gameplay that I was genuinely frustrated, and I feel like the repetitive soundtrack was part of that. This may be something that's already being worked out, being as this is a demo version.

However, Auditorium (I love the name, by the way) is one of the best online games I've ever played. Absolutely a great job.


My friend would like to try this game, but he gets all the time when he tries to open the message like this:
"children are position element is unclickable" or something like that
at the right bottom it says some word in another language and nothing does anything for him. ''

My friends has really fast computer, so the game's requirements should not be too much...why this is not working, help please.


Hey Everyone.

I'm going to see if I can help you all with all your problems.

I will be doing 1-3, 2-3, 2-4, and 2-5. This whole post is a spoiler, so beware.


This one is one of the easiest. Take the left arrow and put it onto the stream, then enlarge it (pull the ring out)


Take the Up arrow and position it in front of the purple ring so that the stream hits the white bar. It will work best if you can get the White part to hit the bottom right part of the bar.

Now, situate the down arrow directly in front of the white stream so that the stream is hit into the blue ring.

Now take the left arrow and position it so the blue stream heads through the purple ring after the blue bar, and hits the purple bar.


Take the left arrow and put it so the ring is not quite touching the top of the blue bar under the blue ring. This will have the stream go through the blue ring, and hit the other blue bar.

Not take the right circle and put it into the purple ring so the stream hits the purple bar.

Now take the down arrow and position it so the stream goes through the blue ring again and hits the blue bar. It should continue into the white ring and white bar.


I had a little bit of trouble myself with this one, but its still easy.

Position the up arrow inbetween the two blue bars. The white stream should end up hitting the white bar.

Now take the down arrow and put it so it hits the other white bar. Enlarge it, and re position it. You will need thje stream going right next to the blue circle. Take the right circle and force the stream through the blue circle, and onto the blue bar.

Now take the original up arrow and enlarge it until the stream goes up towards the blue bar, and onto the purple bar, through the purple ring. You may need to re adjust your stream a couple of times though.

Hope these helped.

Anonymous January 19, 2009 3:00 AM

This game is amazing! I loved it!

I played it over and over just to listen and see more of the visuals.

I agree with the earlier posts, the game should give us more time to admire our work and the sound track.

Though, and maybe this is just me, the music continued for a few seconds after the screen changed. It still wasn't long enough to admire it all.


Oddly enough 3-6 was really easy for me, i did it with the only two swirls by putting one big on on the left and one on the right and splitting the stream right in the middle.


Wrong, Hajimemashite means:
How do you do, or Glad to meet you. Hence why it was the name of the first act.


I'm stumped bad at 7:6


I'm a computer teacher at a K-8 school and the students love it. "I passed the level", "this is awesome", "the music is soo cool" These are just some comments I heard today, the fist day they played! Thanks guys for a great game! BTW- I'm hooked also.


I so need some help. I'm stuck on 4.3 for the last three days..no I haven't been playing three days straight... only well maybe a total of 5 hours total. I've been tweeking and tweaking this level and I just can't seem to get them to run smooth enough.

I have the swirler which is fully enlarged on the purple and just into the stream of blue, and the up arrow is pushing the flow faster which is medium size while the side flow is not very large and almost right in front of the closest blue grid to fill.. I can get them all to fill with this setup but not long enough before one starts to empty.


yeah! beat the whole game in less than 2 hours!!!!! please make a second one!!!!!

Anonymous July 20, 2009 5:31 PM

This game is amazing. I was hoping they did a version for the iPhone, but I guess they haven't gotten around to it.


I am stuck on level 5.3 any help?

Anonymous August 6, 2010 4:14 PM

Why does the music sound like the intro to Airwolf?

Yelawolf June 10, 2011 9:30 AM

i made it passed every level on this game :D it took a while but when u fail like a million times u end up figuring it out eventually... just wait till the full versoin come out :3


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