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Being One:
Episode 2 - Bloodbath

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Rating: 4.2/5 (170 votes)
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GrinnypBeing One TwoPanting and shaking as you finish your fight with the mechanoid, you lurch towards the exit. Another set of blast doors? No problem. You've found a handy multi-tool and within minutes the door is open. You stagger up the stairs in relief. The exit is in sight! The exit is closer! The exit is...oh, crap.

Thus starts Being One: Episode 2 - Bloodbath by Psionic. You still haven't made it out of the lab, merely to a higher level where the scientists at least haven't been experimenting on aliens. Instead they've been experimenting on... but that would be telling. As in Episode 1, you are trying to determine an exit strategy, while along the way discovering exactly what type of "research" has been conducted in this hellish place. By the way, where have all the researchers gone?

Where Episode 1 was an exercise in quiet paranoia, Being One: Episode 2 is a jittery, nerve-ridden roller coaster ride. What's that noise? Is there... something in the vents? Eschewing the almost soothing (yet creepy) green tones of the first episode, you will find yourself bathed in red: red lights, red decor, and a lot of some mysterious wet, sticky substance all over the walls, floors, ceilings — you get the picture. Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

The Being One games are an eclectic mix of point-and-click adventure, hidden object, room escape, and a little shoot'em'up thrown in for good measure. The puzzles themselves are not terribly difficult. The emphasis is on the spooky atmosphere and continually unfolding story of this strange facility. As in a basic point-and-click, you use your mouse to pick up and manipulate items. Bright yellow directional arrows make for very smooth navigation within the facility. The music and sound effects are suitably creepy and heighten your experience. And enjoy the animations — when you're not leaping out of your chair in terror.

Deeper, darker, and lots more bloodridden (thus living up to its title?), with Episode 2 the plot sickens. Once again, though, the experience is entirely too short. Will all the episodes eventually be strung together to make a cohesive narrative? Will the next episode be longer and more involved? Will you ever get out of this creepy lab? Only Psionic knows and he's not telling...

Play Being One: Episode 2 - Bloodbath

Thanks for sending this one in, Luke! Cheers!

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Being One: Episode 2 - Bloodbath

General Info

  • Your little computer companion is still with you from the previous game.

  • You will acquire at least two items without ever having to pick them up. Just roll with it.

  • Use the UV light everywhere, you get bonus points for each message found (I found 8).

  • Check out each datapad you find. Again, bonus points for each one you read (I found 16). More importantly they give clues on what has been going on and how to get out.


  • Go forward. You will mysteriously acquire a multi-tool.

  • Click on the control panel on your left.

  • Despite what the panel says use your multi-tool to remove the screws.

  • Remove the panel and use the multi-tool to cut both wires.

  • Now click the multi-tool on either of the exposed wires on the right. It will knit them together and the door will open.

  • Back up and go forward twice to the exit doors. You will mysteriously acquire a UV lamp.

  • Use the UV lamp above the exit sign (There is no escape).

  • Turn right.

  • Use the UV lamp along the white area above the research door (you are not like us).

  • Turn right.

  • Use the UV lamp along the area above the open doorway (otherworld creatures).

  • Click on the datapad sitting on top of the machinery to the left of the doorway.

  • Turn right.

  • Enter habitation deck. Go through scan.

Habitation Deck

  • Take the blood sample in the hallway. screenshot.

  • Read the datapad sitting in front of the lounge door.

  • Use the UV light down at the bottom of the scene (watch your back).

  • Pay no attention to the creature that leaps down from storage.

  • Climb up the ladder to the storage room.

  • Read the datapad sitting on the barrel. screenshot.

  • Take the blood sample sitting on the barrel.

  • Use the UV light on the walls (I want to taste you).

  • Pick up the blueprint from the floor. Note that 2 = 2236.

  • Head back down.

  • Enter the sleeping quarters (door on the left).

  • At this point your little computer companion mentions the loose vent at the end of the room. Ignore it.

  • I'm serious, don't click on the vent, don't even look at it.

  • Use the UV light on the floor (Need more blood).

  • Pick up the blood sample (far right bottom corner of the screen). screenshot.

  • Pick up and read the three datapads on the beds.

  • You clicked on the vent, didn't you? Now you're stuck in a close-up of the vent.

  • If you clicked on the vent and are stuck in the close-up, there is only one thing to do. Use the multi-tool on the screws, remove the vent, and wait for the inevitable.

  • Leave the sleeping quarters.

  • Now enter the lounge (door on the right).

  • Pick up the 2 blood samples in the room. screenshot.

  • Pick up the locker key from the smear on the floor.

  • Pick up and read the 3 datapads.

  • Use the UV light on the ceiling (you are special).

  • Click on the lockers at the back of the room for a close-up.

  • Use the key to open all of the lockers.

  • There will be a blueprint in one of the lockers (the location is random). Read the blueprint. Note that 3 = 7249.

  • Back up out of the lounge, then back up further to get back to the exit door. Note: you should have 5 blood vials by the time you leave.


  • Turn right twice until you are facing the research door. Go in.

  • Pick up the blood sample in the lower right corner. screenshot.

  • Pick up and read the datapad.

  • Go through the left door (exam room 1).

  • Ew!

  • Pick up the blood sample from the nearest table (right next to the dead body). screenshot.

  • Pick up and read the 2 datapads.

  • Pick up the blueprints. Note that 1 = 8654.

  • Click on the keypad on the far wall.

  • Type in 8654 and hit ok. Text will come up saying "code entered correctly". Click on the text.

  • Go back to research main hall.

  • Now go through the door on the right (exam room 2).

  • Pick up the blood sample in the lower left corner of the scene. screenshot.

  • Pick up and read the 2 datapads.

  • Run the UV light over the right wall (I can smell your blood).

  • Click on the keypad on the left wall.

  • Enter 2236 and click ok.

  • Don't forget to click on the "code entered correctly" text.

  • Back out to main research hall.

  • Now click on the keypad for the restricted area.

  • Enter 7249 and click ok.

  • Don't forget to click on the "code entered correctly" text.

  • Enter the restricted area.


  • Pick up and read the two datapads. screenshot.

  • Click on the pedestal to the right for a close-up.

  • Piece together the ancient scroll and read.

  • Click on the UV light to get the code 6983.

  • Back up.

  • At this point you need to have collected all 8 blood vials.

  • Click on access panel one (the top one) for a close-up.

  • Remove the panel with the multi-tool.

  • When the panel is removed red pieces of a circle pattern will appear to the left. Place them within the circle to make a pattern. When the pattern is complete energy will flow through.

  • Back up.

  • Repeat the same process with access panel 2 (middle) and access panel 3 (bottom).

  • Click on the numeric keypad on the coffin.

  • Enter the code 6983 and click ok.

  • Don't forget to click on the "code entered correctly" text.

  • The coffin will open. Take the gun hanging from the guy's neck.

  • Brace yourself.

  • Back out.

  • Grab the gun from your inventory immediately and start shooting.

  • Once all the "vampires" are dead and you are fighting the mecha, aim for the head.

  • Back up to the hub. The exit door is now open.

  • Head through the exit.

  • To be continued?


How do you back up?

wlangford August 10, 2009 6:52 PM

That was fun. Scared the mess out of me. Even AFTER I knew things would... ... Yeah, I know, lame. Anyways, enjoyable, atmosphere was great. Must have more...


Has the same cheesy enthusiasm of a Bruce Campbell movie. I'm really starting to like this series quite a bit.

Great review!


You know, the problem with this research facility is there's too many darn vampires...


Being One Walkthrough

  1. Click forward

  2. examine button.

  3. Maybe you should use the new tool you found?

  4. Use tool to remove screws and cut the wires.

  5. Reconnect wires into a short circuit.

  6. Continue up the stairs.

  7. Rotate around the room.

  8. Use UV lamp on walls to read cheerful, encouraging messages.

  9. Click on data pad.

  10. Enter Habitation Deck. Click on data pad. Take blood sample.

  11. There is another cheerful message if you use the UV lamp.

  12. Click ladder to climb to storage. Click on data pad.

  13. Click to take blood sample.

  14. Click on blueprint to examine. Note code. (there is another cheerful message if you use the UV lamp).

  15. Return downstairs.

  16. Enter sleeping quarters. Click data pads.

  17. Collect blood sample. (there is another cheerful message if you use the UV lamp).

  18. Remove vent using multi tool.

  19. Eeek! Did you jump?

  20. Return to Habitation Deck. Enter Lounge.

  21. Click on data pads, collect blood samples. (there is another cheerful message if you use the UV lamp). What's that amongst the blood?

  22. Collect locker key. Use key on lockers. Look at blueprint. Note code.

  23. Return to hub.

  24. Enter Research Labs. Click on data pads, collect blood samples.

  25. Enter examination room. Click on data pads. Collect blood sample. Look at blueprint. Note code.

  26. Use Blueprint code you have just found on keypad

  27. Return to entrance.

  • Enter examination room

  • Click on data pads, collect blood sample. (there is another cheerful message if you use the UV lamp).

  • Use Blueprint code 2 on keypad

  • Return to entrance. Use Blueprint code 3 on keypad

  • Enter restricted area. Click on data pads.

  • Click on ancient scroll pieces. Solve the puzzle. Now what?

  • Use the UV lamp to obtain a code.

  • Look at Access panel

  • Use multi tool to remove cover. Move the pieces on the left to complete the circle.

  • Use multi tool on access panel 2 to remove cover. Move the pieces on the left to complete the circle.

  • Use multi tool on access panel 3 to remove cover. Move the pieces on the left to complete the circle.

  • You will only be able to enter the keycode if you have all 8 blood samples.

  • Use keycode found on ancient scroll.

  • Collect sanguine chalice.

  • Use sanguine chalice on aliens.

  • Return to main hub.

  • You can now leave this god-forsaken place!

  • Reply

    Given my final score tally I think maybe you don't have to follow step 18.


    Bruce Campbell indeed! Fun--can't wait for the next one. This is the first game I've played since Gemcraft 0 came out!


    I am missing 2 blood samples. Can anyone list their locations? I am sooooo close to finishing.

    wildflower12 August 10, 2009 11:13 PM

    Super easy but fun. I really like the graphics.


    got it, thank you!!! this game is turning into one of my faves.


    OK, This is well done in a lot of ways but it always drives me nuts when they put hardly any effort into spell-checking and grammar-checking the text. I've seen it several times and it makes it harder for me to take these seriously (especially when they are definitely intended to be like this one). I wonder if there's a way to contact him and try to fix it up a bit on my own...


    Like the previous game, this is one is nice. But it has absolutely no improvements on the first one's flaws. So I'm not even gonna repeat the same critique :P

    By the way, question:

    what is the purpose of that little puzzle above the coffin? I have finished the game twice; solving it and not solving it... no difference at all!


    I wonder if that's a Questionable Content reference on that one datapad in the Lounge, or just me reading too much QC lately (I just finished re-reading all of the strips to date). The Faye datapad in the same room doesn't use the same last name, so maybe the latter. :-)


    It screams that the designers were still pretty much concerned about easy playability and easy progress. I like gameplay very much, the notion of "user friendliness" is just embodied here.

    Progress is extremely easy, though i stil have to find 2 blood samples which makes the end of the game a bit of pixel huntung eyperience - wander through the screens and looking for the tiny image of the blood sample.

    My only complaint about this game is that it's really a lot of reading dotted with some gameplay.

    Overall, i still like this one a lot.



    Update: Oh, man... I found one of the two missing blood samples, and there was absolutely no visual sign of it.

    it was in the right hand side Examination room, just right of the nearest corpse's head.

    I only knew it was there because the cursor said so... Great, now i can go back to square one and start browsing through all the screens including places that show no signs of a blood sample at all... Not totally happy about it :(



    Why do secret research facilities always have such an extensive ventilation system?

    And Coldfrog, I agree that those run on sentences on the datapads can really get to be a drag, especially since there are so many of them and all you want to do is get on with the darn game already so you can

    shoot some bloodthirsty robotic vampires

    thank you very much! :) Still, at least they tried to make all the datapad entries unique, as if real people had typed them in. I especially liked Kara's.


    Well, that was certainly a lot of fun. The movie analogy is perfect. So what if it isn't substantial or hard? It's a good time!

    Since a lower score is better:

    forget the datapads since they don't provide any help than you can't easily figure out yourself, and the UV light except with the scroll.

    Cheers. Here's to the next installment!


    Aaaaaaa, I love it--five stars!! :D Definitely the best in a while. Really, really easy, but I couldn't care less, hah. (The only time I stalled at all was when trying to find the last blood sample.)

    Thing was hidden beside the corpse! >:(

    Still, a lot of fun, even though there weren't any real puzzles. Looking forward to another installment! :)

    [Edit: spoilers fixed. :) -Jay]

    Anonymous August 11, 2009 2:23 PM

    I've found all the samples and entered all the codes but everytime I click on the restricted area door it still takes me to the key pad. I can't figure out how to get through.



    thx, but the game was so unbelievably easy and user-friendly (see the parchment-assembly "puzzle", for example :D) that it would have been too humiliating to resort to any kind of help :)

    I found the last vial soon, it was well visible, so it was my bad i hadn't found that one earlier.


    Anonymous August 12, 2009 6:27 AM

    I thought this was terrible. The graphics is nice, but that's about it; not nearly enough to make this worthwhile playing. Like puzzles? Look elsewhere. There's not a single puzzle to figure out in this game (possibly except for the parchment and power puzzles, which are trivial), as it spoonfeeds what you have to do before you have any chance to look around yourself every time there's something new to do. The "atmosphere" is all cheap shockers that get old really fast, and a huge amount of text journals you have to wade through if you want to know the story, that all read like they've been written by children. What little is left of the atmosphere is destroyed by the fourth wall breaking cellphone messages. What's left is just collecting blood and finding the codes, which isn't exactly engaging even if you like hidden object games. You're explicitly told where the codes will be and what they're for, and the blood vials aren't particularly hard to find.

    I wanted to give this a second chance after the first game, but I'll pass on this series in the future.


    I cannot find the 8th blood sample!!! Please kindly enlighten me...?

    jamiec24925 August 13, 2009 9:50 PM

    this game scared the freak outta me when

    the vampire kept jumping down from places and when it jumped outof the vent-_-;

    but great gamexD

    Anonymous August 14, 2009 3:50 AM

    I can't find the last blood sample. Can someone help me? I have 7 but I need 8.


    I loved this game!! It was like a horror movie which was awesome :)) I just think the creators should have warned people in a description beforehand about

    The scariness of that thing jumping down from the storage room, into the storage room, and out of the air vent when it attacked!!


    Get to the first panel with the "Do not remove" sign and the green switch and can't back up nor move away from the screen


    TJ, same. I went on a clicking spree all over the screen, nothing. Reloaded the game, same thing. Fail fail fail.

    Anonymous August 26, 2009 6:40 PM

    Tj & karo ~

    Did you not get the urge to do what you're not supposed to?

    The "Do Not Remove" sign?

    Do you have something to remove it with?

    Patreon VIP Chiktionary August 29, 2009 7:51 AM

    Not the best game. Repeated attempts at scaring become tiresome and very little intuitive play. Found myself fumbling around for keypad two and even went to the walkthrough and no joy.
    There is certainly potential but not a lot that keep the interest going.


    Hey, anyone else know "Being One 3: Dark Matter" is out?


    anyone found the last blood sample?

    the game also scared my pants off!!


    did anyone know there's being one 4:moonrise is out?

    i tried the game and it was kind of fun


    I really enjoy jayisgames but have never posted before. I was having trouble backing up in the scene with the plate/wire assembly. All you have to do is connect the wires and you can back up. I noticed the posts on here about backing up because I was searching for a hint about it myself.

    Thanks to whoever does all the work on this site. It is really top-notch.

    Anonymous April 4, 2010 10:53 PM

    omg i havent waaaa
    i keep gettin scared by the same guy and i cant get through the restricted door
    dam this game is rad


    wew.. lmfao this game kinda made me jump out of my seat.. the alien thingy shocked me.. esp on the vent.. lol XDD

    Anonymous April 21, 2010 9:41 AM

    where are the 8 samples i just cant seem to find my last one


    Lol I haven't ever played anything from this series and I'm a little creeped to play this? Is it good and scary or just scary and good. Which of the one is it the most?


    I'm such a chicken. I've played the first one quite a few times but from what I heard about the

    Robot vampires

    this games sounds way outside my comfort zone. I want to play it so bad! The onlyy 'scary' movie ive ever seen was cowboys and aliens, Would you reccomend this game for someone like me?


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