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ClickPLAY Time 3

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ClickPLAY Time 3

elleIt's the middle of the (pick one): morning/afternoon/night. You're a little bit: bored/hyper/indecisive. You've been biting your: fingernails/pencil/tongue. And you might twerk/eat bubblegum/write fanmail to Doge if you don't get your hands on a something quirky/thinky/clicky? Not to worry because Ninjadoodle has you covered! With ClickPLAY Time 3, all your point-and-click puzzle cravings will be duly (albeit temporarily) subsided with this oddly silly collection of minigames, trivia and other assorted activities all centered on doing one thing: finding and clicking PLAY!

ClickPLAY Time 3Ostensibly the goal is to complete all 20 levels in the least amount of time; doing so earns you bragging rights and the sweet glow of success. Yet, outside of the possible loss of shuriken pride at the end, there's no penalty for taking your time, so work at any pace you choose. As Miss Wormwood says, you only get out of it what you put into it. Perhaps the easiest, this third installment of the clickplay series' Time franchise is rewarding in unquantifiable ways. Very very clicky, and very quickly solved: although you have many options for how to spend your day, ClickPLAY Time 3 the quickest clickiest of them all.

Play ClickPLAY Time 3

Walkthrough Guide

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ClickPlayTime 3: the Walkthrough

  1. Tight Squeeze

    • Click the bowtie until the play button appears.

  2. Famous Cigars

    • Re-arrange the letters to spell CUBA.

  3. Perfect Balance

    • Balance the iceflow by moving two tiny, one tallest, and two second tallest penguins to the right side.

    Screenshot: Level 3 Solution

  4. White Space

    • Look at the shapes formed in between the grey blocks; they look like numbers. Input those numbers in the boxes below:

    • 1 2 7 1

  5. Traffic Jam

    • Move all the cars off the screen...

      • For the bottom row, click from left to right starting with the bit of yellow car on the left and ending with the front of a green car on the right.

      • For the top row, click from right to left starting with the sliver of red car bumper on the right edge of the screen and ending with the bit of blue car headlights on the left edge.

    • The play button will appear inside the last car's window.

  6. What a Bullfight

    • Move the letters around to spell SPAIN.

  7. A Little Odd

    • Spot and click on the monster who is unlike the other four...

    • Numbering them 1-5 from left to right, the monster to click on in each round is...

      • The 4th monster (has no hat)

      • The 1st (has no bowtie)

      • The 3rd (has no monocle chain)

      • The 2nd (is missing freckles on his left cheek)

      • The 5th (is frowning)

  8. Floor Space

    • The hint tells you that one square segment of that size equals 1.

    • So how many of those squares fit on each of the four segments shown?

    • 6789

  9. Laser Pipes

    • You have two tasks to perform: arrange all the pipes so they're correctly lined up, then set each button to the proper color as given by their battery connector...

    Screenshot: Level 9 Solution

  10. Gobble Gobble

    • Re-arrange the letters to spell TURKEY

  11. Missing Bubbles

    • This level is a series of cartoon panels that are missing their speech bubbles...

    • Click repeatedly on the first picture to see all the possible captions, then choose the one that best fits the depicted scenario.

    • Once you've decided on the best narrative to fit a scene, click on the arrows on the edge (right to go to the next panel, left to go to the previous panel).

    • Continue this way until every scene in the cartoon has the most appropriate speech bubble. Each sentence or phrase can only be used once.


      • "I think it might be time to freshen up my style" (standing outside the HATS shop).

      • "Hmm...Let's start with this cap" (wearing a grey fedora and holding a blue cap in his hand)

      • "Little too blue" (now wearing the blue cap, both hands on hips)

      • "Too warm!" (wearing a green beanie and sweating)

      • "Too wide?" (wearing a black bolero)

      • "HEY, what about this one!" (still wearing the bolero but reaching for a grey fedora)

      • "Perfect!" (wearing the fedora, a pile of discarded hats behind him).

      • "Do you like my new hat? It only cost me $50!" (Later...asking a square blue person).

    • When every panel is correct, the play button will show up on the last panel you set right.

  12. Hidden Clues

    • Four ninjas are hiding in this scene; they will provide you with much needed clues...

    • Using the hidden ninja clues, deciper the 4-digit code:

    • Screenshot: Level 12 Solution

  13. Let Your Hair Down

    • Ring each of the three bells in the proper order; the clues are in the scene:

    • flower design, x design, open circle, x design

    • Then pull the end of the yellow braid.

  14. Tropical Paradise

    • Re-arrange the letters to spell BAHAMAS

  15. Colour Mixer

    • In each of five rounds, you need to select the two colored critters who, together, will make up the color being asked for in the equation.


      • blue+yellow=green

      • red+blue=purple

      • red+yellow=orange

      • red+white=pink

      • black+white=grey

  16. Stanley Kubrick

    • In the clue, ???? SPACE ODDYSEY, what 4-digit number does the ???? represent?

    • 2001
      from the Stanley Kubrick classic film, 2001 Space Oddysey.

  17. Date Night

    • From each of the four rows, pick the hat, glasses, top and bottoms that will light all bars on the "Girlfriend Happiness Meter".


      • Grey hat

      • Flat-top oval sunglasses

      • Bare chest

      • Grey shorts

  18. Little Bit of Africa

    • Re-arrange the letters to spell BOTSWANA.

  19. Mismatched

  20. Spelling by Colour

    • Figure out each of the numbers in this 4-digit code.

      • Red represents the first digit, so connect the information in the chart on the left to that in the chart on the right to spell a number...

      • Do the same for the other numbers/colours.


      With the clues, you can spell out three, five, seven, nine...


I don�t get level 8 at all o.O


Sorry, last comment should say: I don't get level 8 at all o.O



Just count how often a white block could fit in the white shapes.

It's 6789


Really stuck on 16 - Stanley Kubrick. I think it's something to do with

Oddysey being spelled wrong, and odd numbers

but I'm just not seeing it.


Oh dur. I got it.

It was more obvious than I thought.

jerry.dathe December 6, 2013 11:29 AM

But obviously not obvious enough for me. Jen, care to share?

jerry.dathe December 6, 2013 11:31 AM

Nevermind. Power of posting. Dur is right.


Not sure what level 11 is all about. Hint please?


can't wait for the walkthrough. also I know this is off topic but could someone write a walkthrough to the detarou game they just published on here a couple of weeks back? thanks.


Help~~ need help with Level 9!!



nevermind figured it out, now I need serious help with level 11


For Level 11 - Note that there is an arrow on the right hand side of the screen...


Thank you Kevin Hudson, yes I am aware of the arrows, still can't figure it out :(



For Level 11:

You need to set the speech bubble correctly for each frame


Level 11 - Specific answer

Click on the screen to change the speech bubble to the appropriate choice, then click the arrow to move to the next frame.

First Screen: I think it might be time to freshen up my style.
Second Screen: Hmm ... lets start with this cap.
Third Screen: Little too blue.
Fourth Screen: Too warm!
Fifth Screen: Too wide?
sixth Screen: HEY, what about this one!
Seventh Screen: Perfect!
Eighth Screen: Do you like my new hat? it only cost me $50!


Thank you Kevin Hudson!


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