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Corporation Inc.

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Rating: 4.5/5 (273 votes)
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JamesCorporation IncListen, running a corporation is hard. It's a non-stop task that gobbles up all your waking hours and forces you to hang around in the wee hours of the morning. It's balancing the see-saw of inter-office promotion politics on a tightrope walk of multilateral department coordination towards the achievement of the company mission statement and high dividend returns for the shareholders through the implementation of an effective management to grassroots strategy.

Or: I keep making sure everyone in a given office all have the same shirt colour. Get ready to rule the corporate world in the new simulation time management game Corporation Inc from Armor Games and jmtb02. If you can dig back far enough to the years when the 'Sim' series of games had nothing to do with person setting light to furniture and everything with cities, earthquakes, ants and earths. And Towers. Sim Tower challenged you to build a vertical empire, finding the perfect balance between offices, apartments, facilities and garbage disposal. Imperfect, yes... but fun.

Corporation Inc. revives the gameplay of that classic, but keeps the concept very lean: you only deal with an office environment, and you solely aim to build higher and make more money. You start by laying down an office can getting some workers. The purpose of your company is to push buttons, so every time a worker taps you get money. But the computers they tap on break, so you hire an I.T. guy, and when the end of the work day dawns, you employ a janitor to clean stuff up during the night. Happy workers are productive workers, so you start to employ H.R. staff to comfort them and Supervisors to encourage them with extreme prejudice and a stick. And let us not forget about the R&D department: research guys unlock all the upgrades in the game.

To house such an army, you construct the office building and assign seating. Though there is some movement horizontally, the design is clearly going to move up. Offices can be upgraded to serve specific departments and its performance, while elevators make sure people can actually get to their desks. They also might leave their desks, so investing in facilities like a gym, cafeteria and restrooms will encourage the button pushers to not stray too far. To keep them happy, throw in a couple of plants, perhaps a watercooler and, if they really (really) play nice, a vending machine. Do you know how many executive offices I could upgrade for the cost of one of those? On second thought, they will need to revolt before I spend THAT kind of dough. But before that happens you can hand out promotions.

Corporation IncAnalysis: To be fair, I am not entirely sure how you go about 'beating' Corporation Inc. The game has a build limit of 131 floors, but it will take you a while to get there. If the balance of your enterprise isn't right, such as perhaps not enough janitors to remove the trash or your workforce wastes a lot of time waiting for elevators, you make less money. Upgrades and promotions increase productivity and performance, so you make more money. Cats... you will collect a lot of cats. Everything is reflected in a daily budget sheet, basically a big number that tells you if you made more or less than the previous day. More is obviously good.

While there definitely is a point to Corporation Inc (as reflected by the high score leaderboard), it's not a game where you need to worry about a purpose, other than creating your own ivory tower with a legion of willing slaves pushing buttons for your bottom line. Simply playing Corporation Inc is fun and it saves your tower, so you can pick up and take off as you feel like it. There were a few bugs and annoyances in one of the early versions I played, but there is far more right than wrong going on here. A smart interface, intuitive graphics and intuitive gameplay form the perfect illusion that makes you feel productive. One concern I should highlight: the game slows down when the screen gets busy, so users of lower-end machines could find it cumbersome after a while. But overall Corporation Inc is worth checking out at least once. Capitalism demands it.

Play Corporation Inc.

Thanks to Repairmanman, Victor and Joey for sending this one in!


The game will work fine for a while, then I find myself unable to select any buttons, though I can still select people and things to upgrade.


I just came up to the same bug as Mystify. I have the hire worker menu open, but none of the workers are selectable, and it won't let me switch to other menus. I can go back to the main menu and continue, but that doesn't fix the problem.



How could I EVER forget the wonder that is Sim Tower, the gem of my childhood?! Thank you an infinity times, James Francis, for bringing this long lost gem back to my mind.


How do you get cats? I have only gotten one cat for some reason.


Seems like it will be fun, what I was able to do before it got glitchy ("tip" window would not close, trying to close it caused elevator info window to open and took ages for that one to close...).

Hopefully I will figure way around the glitches or they will be worked out... I'd like to play through the full game. ;-)


It doesn't take too long for the biggest problem to be spending money fast enough. Literally, I have way to much, and it lags so horribly it is painful to place and promote people, and I can afford hundreds... needs better mass-management system. The individual approach may work in the beginning, but beyond that it is problematic.


I love the blue cat. I'ts Sushi Cat! YAY!


How do the office upgrades work? Does the advanced accounting upgrade increase the profit of workers in that office, or do they have to be accountants in that office?


Wow, the ending is...

completely underwhelming.

LSN57: Only accountants in an accountant office will get the bonus. I think you can put other workers in them, but you can't promote them past a certain level.

Mystify: Agreed. Beat the game with $71 million, and I was making $1.8M/day. Even after I dropped a _ton_ of researchers in at the end and promoted them all, I was still only down less than $100K.


To clarify my comment above: HR and accountants are complex-wide, but they only get the room bonuses if they're actually assigned to a desk in that office. Make sense?


One more 1/6 of the regular "office" wide and it would be easy to play with in cheat mode with unlimited funds. It would mean that acrosseach floor could be 8 office blocks + 2 toilets OR 8 offices + 1 cafeteria/gym. Or 1/6 less would give 8 offices OR 7 offices + 1 toilet. 1/2 less would be exactly 7 offices + 1 toilet on each floor.


Yeah, really needs a mass management system. Also, some rebalancing, as you once you get some key promotions, you get WAY too much money to ever spend.

Good game nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

Also, another nitpick: for me, the balance at the end of the day seems off. It told me I was making 5 million a day, when I was in reality making around 30 million.


I play this game on a different site and really enjoyed it.

I got a odd (yet helpful) glitch with one of my worker, he seem to like to work overtime and click that button 24/7.

This is like Sim City in terms of how easy it is. You don't really need to have a money related goal. I think I will try a different research build with my jayisgame cookie. =3 For those who don't know what I am talking about, try clicking the research button.


Awww, it seem like that jayisgame cookie idea is gone. =/ armorgames is often my backup flash site when I am bored.

I was really hoping this site was hosting it. O well.

I gave the game 5/5 if anyone cares. It is simple and a good time waster.


wewt. Beat the game in 18 days.

fun game.


I researched the building limit till the max which is 120 not 131...

repairmanman November 19, 2010 6:58 AM

Yes! my point about sim tower was recognized!

also, does someone know what all the cat names are?



If you would like to find them, there are


cat names in total. Good luck. :)


Does anyone else have a problem with the elevator getting stuck? Some employee always gets stuck at the very top, and it seems the only way to fix it is to destroy the elevator and rebuild it again. Which is expensive!


i was following the goals, and built a pole when it told me too, cue most of my workers getting stuck where they were, and half my building became invisible, and the bonus award for building the pole just kept popping up

i was enjoying it til then :(


I must be missing something, but I can't figure out how to use all the office upgrades I've researched. When I click an office, I can upgrade to Deluxe Office, IT Office, or Janitorial Office... but I can't find the others like HR Office or Supervisor Office. :(


Ah, the power of posting! Looks like I have to upgrade to Deluxe Office first, then upgrade again to one of the others.


Wow, this is a great game, but it became unplayable around 220 employee.

Elevators stopped working, the passing of time became unpredictable, and all sorts of stuff starting vanishing from my screen unless I toggled Freeze Mode. I hope these bugs get worked out, because I really want to keep playing.


There is an upgrade called Tower Infrastructure, what does that upgrade do exactly?, It isn't an object and I don't think it's an upgrade to an office.

Person of Awesome November 19, 2010 4:12 PM

After building a 3rd floor, no employees on that floor are able to go down and leave the bulding, no matter what I use (elevator, lift tube, etc.). I have upgraded elevators all the way, and still it won't work. For some reason, employees on the first floor can ride the 2nd-3rd floor elevator, but the 3rd floor employees can't. Kind of a game-breaking bug, as I can't progress past a certain point.


does anyont know any cheats?


Yeah, I have the same problem as Person of Awesome. I'm wondering if I'm using the elevators wrong? My third-floor employees keep getting stuck and I don't really understand why they don't just use the elevator... Can someone explain this to me?


NM I worked it out. I don't need to be building new elevator shafts each floor, I just need to extend the existing one and it works fine.


I accidentally closed the game window, reloaded it, and lost a bunch of my research. But that could also possibly be due to my receiving of the elevator upgrades prior to actually finishing the research on them.


It only saves at the end of the day (when it pops up the balance sheet).

There are a couple of annoying interface mis-designs. I get particularly annoyed at the "goal achieved" bubbles hiding whatever status screen I was trying to look at. Or not trying to look at: sometimes when you try to click a button, instead it brings up the status screen of whatever was behind the button. It also sometimes just moves the viewport, with no rhyme or reason that I could detect. And it steals focus: I don't know how many cats I've placed in unintended locations, and how many balance sheets I've closed in annoyance. Other than that, it would be nice if I could check how many workers I have of a particular type, and if I could promote or move them without having to hit a moving target and/or wait for morning.

But hands-down, no question about it, the biggest problem by far is that there's no "zoom out" function.

Game mechanic wise, some of the goals are annoying about not detecting previous action. For example, do try not to add an additional elevator shaft before you get to that goal, because otherwise you'll need to spring for a third shaft before it'll give you the bonus. Also, I don't like how some of the goals are deliberately counterproductive. Would anyone ever install a firepole or skyhook if a goal didn't require it?

And then there's the bugginess and lagginess. I once got to a point where the up arrow didn't work. Left and right worked, but up didn't. (Don't know if down would've worked, I was at the bottom of the screen.) But I loved the doubled-up overdedicated workers clicking buttons 24/7. In the Cafeteria.


Unfortunately, this game has a lot of problems. I got to day 6 and was probably making over 1 million a day by that point, by using the Freeze button (on day 5 I'd made about $62,000, and about $30,000 on day 4) but I accidentally hit the back button around 4:15 and lost all that day's progress, since it took me back to midnight. Autosave at midnight is a terrible idea. I lost around ten floors of intense micromanagement because of it.

Needs a much better upgrade system. It should be like other games: select unit and press U or Space.

And finally, are accountants really intended to be so overpowered? I built about 10 offices worth of workers, and then probably 70 more of accountants, plus other various stuff. You'll need some researchers, janitors, techies, and supervisors, but for simple money making just get a few workers and then an army of accountants and you'll be rolling in the dough by day 6.

4/10 for cool idea but bad execution. The terrible save feature is the worst of it by far.


I've had the same troubles as Bogus, Keith, and others. It's really too bad because without all those glitches, this would be a great game. With the repeated glitches and design flaws (no way to close the "goal achieved" pop-up and no way to identify which employee belongs to which desk/office), it is far more frustrating than fun.

I hope to see a new version out with the glitches fixed. I would even be willing to buy a vamped-up, feature-filled version.


I do i put down janitor office and IT office and stuff like that?


Another bug to add to the list: switching someone's desk location when their current computer is broken results in the computer never getting fixed and any employee placed at the desk will sit and do nothing. The only fix is destroying the office (along with any upgrades you've put into it).


Very fun!!

ICXCIX: Try using a different browser to get different cookies.

I agree about the biggest setback being no zoom out, for sure. I had a blast though, and though the actual win screen wasn't that great, I do think it was satisfying; I thought it was hilarious when I discovered what needs to happen to win the game. It's also pretty satisfying to have a billion dollars and be throwing vending machines into every office. (I instituted a policy where people who complained about elevator noise immediately got an original artwork. I think it only made people complain more.)

Oddly, given how many people are encountering bugs, I never did. I did have it lagging, right at the very end, so that I was afraid to make any more employees. But not 'til the end, and nothing else untoward ever happened. (Firefox, Windows 7).

Suggestion: A harder mode where people with seniority lose happiness when you promote people with lower seniority over them).


There need to be some kind of setbacks, to make you lose money and respond. Right now, the only time I fired an employee was after all research was completed.
Although I do wish that I could make a multimillion dollar company in 70 days.


How do I place a janitor? It wont let me!


Has anyone found an office upgrade for researchers? I'm beginning to suspect that they were left out of the office perks. I've got advanced offices for everyone else, but have kept the researchers in deluxes, hoping I've yet to research their special space.


Posey, I was wondering the same thing, and I went through the whole game and didn't find anything. And since the last achievement involves

finishing all the research

I think we have to conclude that our poor researchers got left out of the office upgrades. You were nicer to yours than I was to mine, though. I just kept them in the basic offices the whole time.

I'm really hoping there will be an update to this game. Despite the glitches (had another one where any cat I put on the second floor somehow teleported into the leftmost office) and unpleasant save feature, it was really fun!

Not that anyone asked, but my two suggestions would be having the ability to move decor items and cats into other offices instead of permanently placing them somewhere, and to be able to select a worker and send them directly to a problem. It would've helped my eternally smoking computer problem that I mentioned earlier, and it would've helped on many occasions where I had janitors sitting and waiting at their desks for their shifts to end, but overflowing trash cans in other offices because the janitor who had been working on them earlier left.


Reminds me of simtower, I loved that game :)

I still haven't given this one a lot of tries, but it's fun.


still can't figure out how to get elevator to work for third floor

repairmanman November 21, 2010 4:40 PM

janitors need to be placed on computers, as they are also "workers"

as for the elevator, grab the arrow at the top of the elevator, and drag


Noone have any cheats yet? It even says in the update "More Cheats added". I havent found one..


Oh, found the answer for the question above: It's a tiny "looking for cheats"-click-field above where you write the cheats. They wern't crazy though :P

help please! November 22, 2010 1:42 AM

help me please! i am really stuck cause i dont know some of the thought bubbles above the employees heads. if someone can post a list that would be great.


@help please

There's a button for an emoticon reference sheet somewhere near the top right corner of your screen in the game. :)


What office do Researchers use? Because there isn't a specific researchers office?



You're right, there is no specific researcher's office. If you want to upgrade your researchers, you CANNOT upgrade the office that you've put your researchers in

I have to say I loved this game, but it was incredibly buggy and laggy. At the end of the game, I was forced to set the quality to low and remove all of the bubbles, and I also had to refresh the browser every once in a while when the game got "stuck," (i.e. a worker got trapped between floors or I couldn't activate any of the menu buttons). Notwithstanding the bugs though, great game and fun concept!


I have an issue where janitors keep on riding the elevator endlessly and not cleaning anything. Sometimes by making the elevator smaller they'll get off and do stuff, but by no means always.

Reelcheeper November 23, 2010 7:34 PM

So far my game has been working good with no glitches. However, the workers' trash cans get full after about 4 hours of working (I have them promoted to top level). Is there a way to upgrade the office to have bigger trash cans so the workers won't get unhappy?

vederblich November 24, 2010 9:32 AM

It's too bad that there are so many glitches, it gets really annoying after a while. I have trouble with janitors and IT techs not working even though there is work to be done, and the time control doesn't always seem to increase the people's speed. The researchers "discover" things they have already created, and concerning the "goals" part, the game refuses to accept that I have "5 IT techs or more" even though I have 8. I've even tried to fire them and then rehiring them, twice, without result. Etc etc...
PS Do you have to reach the goals in order to win the game?


I found out through some trial and error that researchers can be upgraded to researcher level 4 if you put them in the IT office. It's pretty annoying that there isn't anything like a research lab.


If you want to build 3rd floor and above, click the elevator arrow and drag it up/down.


I didn't come across any glitches…I think. There was this one time when a bunch of employees wouldn't leave even though it was like, 1am. Then I discovered that I had somehow put a bathroom on the roof and they…I dunno, needed to pee or something. I deleted it and they left. I also never seemed to be able to get past the Super Build achievement, even though I upgraded all my offices appropriately…
My "strategy"-

I know the intention of the game was to build up up up, but I only had about 16 offices for most of the game, put side by side so the building was only 8 floors high. I never found much of a use for the Building Height research, obviously. Building this way made it a LOT easier to see and manage what was going on. I had 8 janitors and 4 of every other specialized employee, along with, of course, a crapload of workers.

…Who would buy skyhooks or a fire pole without an achievement telling them to? Pshhh, I would! I put one on one side of the building and one on the other. I. Love. Them. They're really quick and there's no traffic issue at all, ergo no need for any freaking elevators, or poor employees complaining about noise.

Once I researched everything except WORLD DOMINATION, I built 10 extra offices (yesss), filled them with fully-promoted researchers, and unlocked it in about 3 days.

I know this probably isn't that low or anything, but I finished in about 30 days.


Can anyone answer Pikajens question ... what is "Tower Infrastructure"? Can't seem to upgrade anything or anyone to that?


I have a question regarding the 31st goal:

I already had all the research done before I got to it, and now it's not unlocking!

Does anyone know how to fix this?


I have a problem, the IT Workers won't fix my computers, even if have promoted them to the max and they are just 1 meter away from the broken stuff. If this keeps continuing then my office will be filled with broken down computers until to the point I go bankrupt and all the workers leave me.


Help please, my IT workers won't do anything.

Anonymous December 7, 2010 4:48 AM

i keep getting my workers stranded is it because i put them into the edges? Or is it just a bug even in the beginning


my workers just don't get happy even if i get a coffee machine in there

Deadlymoses December 20, 2010 11:36 AM

I keep getting this bug, when i build onto the 3rd floor then my workers cant go home or do anything. what do i do? i was happy when i saw this game, but because of this bug its not very fun. i agree, too buggy and glitchy


For some reason, I can't complete Objective 13 (Earn $2000+ a day), despite having repeatedly earned over $2000 (sometimes up to $8000). Is anyone else having this problem?


How do I finish Objective 27, "create a suction tube"? I don't see any option to build a suction tube...


I am on level 31 (of 32) and already have all my research completed. It will not clear the goal so that I can move on to 32.....HELP!!!


batsrcool: It wants $2k NET income, not $2k GROSS income - i.e., don't build anything for a day, and it ought to register.

JAne: Suction Tube means Lift Tube (the highest upgraded elevator, costs $50k...)

I agree the accountants are a little overpowered, as are the stacking office/worker upgrades - Four fully upgraded HR staff in a fully upgraded HR office kept my entire complex at 100% happy.

I'd also like to know what the Tower Infrastructure upgrade does - in fact, given how fast research went, I wanted a little page of upgrades, so I could see what was available. Also, some kind of readout on why a worker is unhappy would be awesome; a log of the unhappy bubbles would suffice.

Finally, I only managed to get up to 300 workers by turning quality all the way down, so I'm sad that there were another hundred levels left... Lots of fun, though.

Anonymous January 14, 2011 9:28 PM

Anyone in or above the 3rd floor on mine won't leave the building and complain that there is not enough elevators even though I'd station one section with 3 elevators. Not sure how to fix it, maybe I am playing an earlier version?


Honestly this game feels like it just isn't finished. As a beta it would be pretty good as a finished product though it leaves a lot to be desired. As I played once half of my building disappeared and I had to start over.

Asainpirate January 15, 2011 11:55 PM

I have a HUGE(!!!!!!) problem that I just can't figure out how to fix. I can't get anything and i mean anything (in including transportation)to the third floor. when I build an office on the third floor and connect an elevator to the 2nd and 3rd floors the elevator goes straight down to the 1st floor and only goes from 1st to 2nd floor without ever going back to the 3rd.Thus making me waist offices and workers which is starting to tick me off >;{

Please help me :'(


To everyone having trouble getting things to work on the third floor:

The elevator shafts can be extended. Use the little arrows at the top and bottom of the elevator and drag it up / down to the required floors. You can have a single elevator shaft going up 120 floors if you want.

In my experience if an employee on the 3rd floor or above finds an elevator that doesn't take them all the way to the floor they're after they'll ignore it (poor / broken route planning). For this reason I'd suggest having all your elevators go all the way from bottom to top.

Extra carriages in conjunction with the first one or two shaft upgrades are a cheap way to boost capacity until you need and can afford
the tubes.

Two or three shafts can service a full-width building 5 floors high, probably up to 10 or so with enough extra carriages.

Fun game. Buggy, but nothing that can't be dealt with by a reload after midnight.



Anyone know what Tower Infrastructure does yet? I have spent a lot of time trying to work it out and it doesn't seem to do anything.

aidyclarke January 17, 2011 3:01 AM

For Tower Infrastructure Perk

Tower infrastructure joins areas of ur tower together. try placing offices at opposite sides of the build area - they get joined by corridors so workers can move between them...

kaitou1412 January 17, 2011 4:50 AM

elevators and lift tube are for noob
sky hooks and fire pole is better,,
elevators are slow'and has people traffic while
lift tube is expensive 50,000 and you need two for up and down but sky hooks and fire pole
has no traffic , faster and cheaper^^


how do you beat objective 25 the bar has been full for days but I can't beat it. Please help me!


im stuck on objective 23 even though i have about 30 offices. help?


for some reason it won't let me build elevators up above two floors. I can put more than two buildings on top of each other but anyone who I put in those buildings thinks that they are stuck with no elevator to use.


Completed in 16 days, finished with about $1,063,000,000.00. how's that compared to you guys?


Well I encountered an annoying problem instead of cleaning my janitors would ride the suction tubes their whole shift. Anyone else get that?


I can't get the elevator to work on the third flooor! What do I do, I need space for more offices but I cannot get the people to leave, they just say wheres the elevator even when they are right next to it!!


PLEASE HELP :) We have one computer, two children who each want to play their own Corporation Inc. game. Is it possible?

One started to play it from another site - but since there is no log-in to play the game, every time they go to the game it is the one child's saved game. We cannot start a separate Corp Inc. game for the other child. (Sorry for my ignorance, folks! Learning here)

Thank you in advance!



I think the only way to solve your problem is to copy the savegame somewhere else and start a new game, once you want to play the previous savegame, you just have to copy that second savegame and paste back the first one.

Do it back and forth so that both your children can play their own game.

The savegame is in a hidden folder called "AppData"

Hoping I've been helpful


Here's a spreadsheet calculating the number of offices you can have per floor, depending on how many bathroom and gyms/cafes:

...............# bathrooms:
0.......9.07....8.4.... 7.73....7.07

Use the whole number only, of course.
The fractions show how much is wasted (e.g. 7.73 means 7 offices, and 73% of 15 units wasted).

This assumes the total width is 136 units; each office is 15 wide, bathroom 10 wide, gym/cafe 20 wide. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'll repost.
Seems to me, best is to have a floor of only 9 offices; or 8 Ofc and 1 bath; next 7 ofc, 1 bath, and 1 gym/cafe; and after that you're just getting 5 or less offices per floor so probably no point considering those combinations).

Also note how the wasted space (0.07, 0.40, or 0.73) moves along diagonals, in the table.


Great game, despite minor bugs!
From my initial observations:
I'm wondering if it'll be more efficient if the IT people (and the supervisors) can walk quickly to the workers. So I'd like to have those offices near the middle of a floor, so that they can quickly reach the other workers. Does anyone know if this helps? I would think about having something like this:


where [-Of] is a workers office, [-IT-] is IT office, [-Su-] supervisor/managers'.
With suitable elevators too of course, since the IT/supervisors need to manage the floors above/below them too.

Will that be more efficient, or do the IT staff and supervisors just randomly go all over the building anyway?
Also what about Janitors: my first impression is SEEMS they do NOT really visit their own offices before working? so their offices might as well be located out of the way, without interfering with the rest of the workers? (Except of course that IT staff might need to be close enough to fix the janitors' computer if thye break)


while scrolling with arrow keys, hold down SHIFT... this increases the scrolling speed.

Big item for the features wish-list; zoom in, zoom out function is really needed here.


To everyone having the "can't select stuff" problem: I was playing on Kongregate and I changed from the "Game" tab to the "Chat" tab, then everything worked fine! If there are similar functions on the website your games were hosted on, try clicking those. If not, try things like minimizing the page, opening new tabs, things like that.


In regards to upgraded offices, if for example I upgrade an office for IT's. will that only influence the IT's in that room?


To Steve's question:
As far as I can see, upgrading an office (e.g. upgrading it to an IT office/Lair) will affect ONLY the IT personal assigned to THAT office.

It might affect his functioning, and might also affect your ability to upgrade HIM. I.e., for some kinds of employees, e.g. supervisors, I see that the highest levels of upgrades can be done ONLY if they are in an office which has been upgraded to the highest level.

Apart from that, I read on some other comments, that an office which has been upgraded, is easier to clean, or gets dirty less easily.


Loved this little game! It reminded me of style of Theme Hospital. Does anyone else have any recommendations for similar games besides Sim Tower?


What happened to the game?! I just discovered it yesterday, and was up to nearly 300 employees and on my 25th floor or so when the game went black. Now Armor Games is displaying this message, "This Version is Currently Locked to Armor Games" is there somewhere else I can play??

[Try emptying your browser cache and reload the game. It's loading just fine for me right now from Armor Games. -Jay]

Kaitou Kid March 21, 2011 8:12 AM

What office is required to promote researchers? i tried everything and still no, do i have to play it on the main site or is there another thing i missed?

Increase Happiness! July 5, 2011 7:22 PM


Anonymous October 30, 2011 7:12 PM

how to quiet an elevator?


How can you make a researcher office


The researchers can be promoted to the top level in the most basic office...

Stealthy Watermelon November 22, 2014 2:51 PM replied to Person of Awesome

You drag the arrow on top of the transport :D I had the same question and I hope I helped you


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Dark Romance: Vampire Origins Collector's Edition

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