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MDenAh, the rural life. Nothing but vast expanses of farmland, the occasional sounds of the barnyard animals, and life-shortening, back-breaking manual labor. But Funny Farm, by Igor Naverniouk, is distinctly different than the farmer lifestyle. This word association game starts on the farm, but quickly branches out into greener pastures. What at first looks to be no more than a simple inventory of a cultivator's possessions quickly expands far beyond Green Acres—unlike this review, which has remained firmly planted in farming gags. (I'll stop now.)

The concept of using words to find more words in a chain is hardly original, but the implementation is what makes this game so incredibly addicting. The spider web-style of displaying words gives a flowing sort of feeling as you progress through the chains. As you extend outwards, new sections of the map are opened, giving a definite sign of progress.

The most useful feature, however, is the merging system. In order to encourage cooperation between players, you can merge another player's correct answers into your own puzzle by copying their game URL. If you can get a group of people all working on the puzzle together, hints, answers, and URLs will be flying around faster than one can follow.

Ultimately, the game is won by solving the meta-puzzle, which has clues in the four corners of the map, but you won't consider the game truly won until you've hunted down every last word. If you can do that, then you certainly should be put out to stud.

Play Funny Farm


ohhhhhhhh this game is hard

i dont get it?


In the upper right corner there is a link to "hints" which really give guidelines on how the whole thing works :D


It's "simple" - in the box labelled "Your guess", enter a word that is related to farming. Also, the game will accept your answer if it is a little bit wrong or a reasonable alternative. For instance, I entered


and the game put it in the box as



I was raised on a vegetable farm so this is perhaps a bit easier for me than for you city slickers. Have fun!


I was also delighted to find that upon correctly entering the word


and subsequently entering

the word that usually follows "bull"... you know...

the game entered it as


and revealed the next section of the map. Clicking on this section because I'd run out of farming words, I found that the theme was


and that

"BS" links directly to "Penn & Teller".

Well, I thought it was fun.


Once you finally start working your way into other cells, though, things really do seem to get interesting. This is a pretty fun, frustrating game here. Don't you just hate those types of riddles or puzzles where, once you know the answer, you feel stupid for not thinking of it sooner? I'm stuck on one of the leadoffs from 'chicken' and I can't wait to figure it out (though I know it won't lead anywhere)


and 5 hours later I go to bed.


Im stuck on the poker stars one. Ive only got one on it which i cant guess. The dots are ..... ........ Can anyone think of a poker star that fits those dots???


Quick hint about this

The dots in each box represent the length of the word(s). For instance, "chicken" is represented by .......


Trying googling poker stars with the previous 5 letter link which (presumably) got you there


I'm stuck on the 2 letter word connected to "bull" and "on the farm". When i find it i'm going to hit myself on the head for being so stupid.


Thanks Teejay, Im trying to unlock all the maps first so now im trying to get to the one below the farm one. Its six letters and its below farmer.


Thanks Teejay, Im trying to unlock all the maps first so now im trying to get to the one below the farm one. Its six letters and its below farmer.


Make sure you triple click on the URLs posted here to copy all of the text, including the part of the line that does not display.

The URLs are very long.

To work on this puzzle with others in real time, use the IRC chat and /join #funnyfarm


*Hits self on head*

Thanks Ms .45

sarah_briarmoss September 24, 2006 6:05 AM

Cheating attempt logged.
There is no need to read the HTML source code in this puzzle. It can be solved by looking at the screen and typing into the text box.
If you think you got this page by mistake, press the 'Back' button in your browser and try entering your guess again.



Jeez that was annoying, pointless and impossible all combined.


Cool game.

Here's where I'm at still at the starting point though...



I can actually link two things together that weren't in this game. There is a link between . . .

coldplay and keane. The lead singer in keane was asked to join coldplay at one point but declined because he was already in keane.

Wonder if I should contact the game author?


I'm not sure if it's worth it, BT14, it's not that well known a connection. And to most people their brand of white-dudes-with-guitars-staring-wistfully-into-space music is wholly indistuingishable anyway.


Looks to me like we succeeded in breaking another website. YAY!


Nevermind about that last comment, I think it just freaks out periodically.


It's still working Bob. You may need to delete the cookie and start again, as I think one of the links above induces the "cheater" alert.


Darn, it was going slow... then...

"This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota

Please contact this site's webmaster."

Hopefully he can afford some good hosting, because I'll bet the collaboration aspect is gonna make this game get popular.


There was a link between "Judaism" and "Pig." That's a bit offensive...


is there someone that isn't completely done that wants to help me... i don't want the answers.....


is there someone that isn't completely done that wants to help me... i don't want the answers..... just help


hmm i cant seem to find any links to the word


its probably something really easy but nothing i try works...


Uhhh, evilwumpus, the Judaism thing has to do with kosher.


The link between Judaism and pig was not ment to be an insult. I believe it has to do with Kosher. Pig is also linked to Islam because pork is a forbidden meat in that religion


@ Olliec4 - Cow: think of other words that can be attached to this word...


I love/hate this game.

LongStrider September 24, 2006 7:03 PM

The account is now suspended "This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota" *sigh*

redwingwest September 24, 2006 7:52 PM

Love this game...drives me crazy at times...but enjoying the challenge. What frustrates me is the two "error" messages I keep getting...The account is now suspended "This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota"..getting that on every third or fourth guess...and the cheating attempt logged...keep getting this one when I attempt a guess...not even trying to look at the code


I love the game, but hate the error messages. Every three or four attempts I get the suspended page and have to wait until it's back to normal, and then it suspends again. It's very frustrating


yeah the error messages are FAR too frustrating. thanks JAY for reviewing this game, causing 1000's of people to go view the (very awesome) game and then overloading the site's server! :-p


what the heck is an 11 letter word that goes with dragons? or a 4 letter word that goes with windows?


i cant think of cow words except:

mad cow


mel im not at dragons yet but perhaps you could try



you can link Tom Cruise to Scientology!! ha ha


allie, you were right on the money, thank you.


a 4-letter word that relates to windows:


what else?


did anyone got any luck with the meta-puzzle?
the last hint says:

To solve the meta-puzzle, put the two left ones together and get something red. Add the top-right and get into the right state. Then add the last clue and you will win.

I'm not sure what any of this means, except that the state associated with that 70's show is most likely wisconsin?


I can't play this game at all. Whenever I try to type in something and press enter, or click on Save Game or hints, it just says Cheating Attempt Logged, etc etc.


well, i have two words left...

a 7 letter word connected to viagra
and an 8-5 phrase between murder and alternitive


Ruka, I have one of those two words:

Think of something that rhymes with Viagra. Big waterfall.

The other one, though, is the only one I have left unsolved, so can't help you there. :(
Thoughts on the meta-puzzle (also still unsolved for me):

There are lots of XF episodes about religious cults, but one of them is called "Red Museum," so I was thinking that was probably the one being referred to. Especially since it takes place in Wisconsin. Can't figure out how to tie that to the last clue, though.


thanks! hmmm...

this about the red museum
"In a remote Wisconsin town, a vegetarian religious group who call themselves the Church of the Red Museum are making pets out of cows."
so the red museum and that 70's show both releat to wisconsin... so how does that relate to a hospital?


this game is really *really* addictive-- my roommate and i spent multiple hours and stayed up till the wee hours of the night yesterday working on this and hardly got anywhere, but that makes it that much more satisfying when you find an answer.

my only issue is that this guy SERIOUSLY needs to find a new server because every other entry exceeds the bandwidth or whatever of the site. and it's REALLY annoying, especially just when you think you've foudn the correct anser.


Agreed, Allegra. A bunch of us were all glued to it for hours the other night in the chat room, it is a great puzzle game (though the meta puzzle still remains unsolved.)

I'd also add that besides a new server, I'd like to see a different technology used for the game as well, since waiting for the browser to refresh only to find out a word was wrong was terribly frustrating.

But I'm guessing the design of the game and the technology used for it was purposeful for the ad revenue, but that still leaves little excuse for the "CPU" overages other than maybe he didn't expect the game would become so popular.


lol. i wanted to play this game but it seems like it has been shashdotted but this isnt slashdot so then it has been jiged :D


what is the link between


cause after that i finish it puzzle.


(still rambling about the metapuzzle)

hmm, I also thought of that Red Museum episode. Not that I know much about x-files, but what else do you get when you google for x-files religious cult red :) ? So I was looking for a museum in Wisconsin related to hospitals. Hmm. Considering that I know even less about wisconsin that about x-files ...


The last remaining missing word that several of us were missing:

Between murder and alternative is Counting Crows. (As in a murder of crows, presumably. Shouldn't there have maybe been an extra link in between "murder" and "CC" with just "crows"? Seems like a larger leap than most of the associations.)

Also, somebody on another board has solved the meta puzzle. We were on the right track! We just didn't take one extra clue into account:

The name of the puzzle! The answer is the name of a psychiatric hospital in Wisconsin.


urg... what's the word between people and purple again? my browser decided to lose the last few words i've entered


found it!

soylent green

and i've finished the meta puzzle too!

only if you want the answer to the meta puzzle!



can you tell me another site to find these kind of games? i'm frustrated with the lack of CPU usage this one has, and i think this game is so awesome.
thanks! :)


what is connected to

karma other than buddhism and hinduism???


The bandwith and it booting me off due to the site not having adequate CPU space or whatever is very frustrating.................


Good game... Really hard though, some of them anyway

I still can't find the difference between

murder & alternative

And... I have no idea what relates

people farmer AND cowboy

any help would be appreciated thanks!


anyone know if they fixed the issue with the server yet? I usually can enter one or two words before I get a message that the page is exceeding its traffic for the day.


I hate this game. I can't stop playing. I'm also stubborn as a mule and hate getting help on things like this.

Ouch... Jay slashdotted the game! Actually, that's a good thing. I have a job after all, though my boss wouldn't know it.


This account has been suspended?


popper - the site has been very popular since the game first went up, so I am sure the author of the game has been fighting hosting issues constantly.

My guess is the domain is probably being moved to a more reliable host with a more generous (and likely more expensive) plan.

Check back in a while.


Hmmmm. I clicked out of the game without saving it {I wasn't very far} and now when I try to go back it thinks I'm cheating... and there is nothing on my back button to go to! Is there a way to reset the game?


Monica - delete your cookie for shygypsy.com. That happened to me once and I had to delete the cookie to play again.


Oh darn... it worked for a few days and now, when I click on the link to continue the game, it tells me not to cheat. So much for that. *sigh*


Oh well... I just clicked on the main link from here to get to the game and start again, but I get the same message: Cheating attempt logged.

As much as I like the game, there are still an awful lot of bugs that need taken out before the game is really playable. *sigh*


Right now Im studying about islam ect. and if your wondering what the temple is called its a



Im sorry that is the holy book



I am having trouble connecting:

Harry S. Truman, Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, and Pink Panther

Can someone give me a hint...I don't want the answer...


You know...I really love this game...it is driving me insane...like a gigantic puzzle...

But as I keep playing...more and more ideas on how he could expand this come to mind...

How many more connections, main themes, and such could be created...how massive this could become if one was so inclined.

I feel as though he should do it...if he feels up to the challenge, push the envelope and along with fixing the four or five errors that keep popping up all over the game, he could make a funny farm ver 2.0


Please help. I am trying to find the two letter words in this game... At first I tried thinking,when that didn't work, I guessed a lot of 2 letter words. I am sure that I will hit my head whn I eventually find it, but HELP!!


ive finished all of the brown squares, but i have no clue what the answer to the meta-puxxle is....


I've been playing Funny Farm non-stop for several days (thanks, cousin Lucy, aka "the pusher," for getting me well and truly addicted!). I've gotten into all but three of the boxes and have two of the yellow entries, but I've got a long way to go yet. I have a computer program, TEA, that helps -- it's an electronic alveary that searches for words and word combinations by letter structure, so some of the longer entries in the puzzle are easier to search for. I own the program (it's used by crossword puzzle freaks), but there are free downloads around. www.bryson.ltd.uk

baba44713 October 9, 2006 8:53 AM

Well I quite liked this game, even though I am not a native speaker, until I hit the "Poker Stars" window.

I mean, come on. American Poker Stars? How in the hell should I know who those guys are and worse yet, what are they related too?? Magicians were hard enough, but this? Cooled me right off the game...


i can't find anything for "cow"


I would really love to play this game...but it seems that I can't...when I click the link, all I get is this message, "Cheating attempt logged.
There is no need to read the HTML source code in this puzzle. It can be solved by looking at the screen and typing into the text box.
If you think you got this page by mistake, press the 'Back' button in your browser and try entering your guess again. "

...? this is when I click directly on the link...does anyone else have this problem?

tankgirl23 November 6, 2006 12:58 AM


"------ ---" between "Penn and Teller" and "Las Vegas"

"--- ------ ----" connected to "drugs" and "zombie dust"

"---- --- ----" connected to "bomb" and the above missing link

Can anyone help?


on 'religions' page, what is connected to pig? if you dont give me the answer could you please give me a hint! thanking you muchly! (:


As to religion - think about religions that might deal with pigs, have rules about pigs, etc.


i am stuck on the farm (among other parts) the one from chicken 3 letters also the very botom one fran farmer its also joined to cowboy
thx for the help


As to the complaint about Texas hold'em poker stars, I felt the same way, but to be fair to the puzzle writer, I found I could answer the entire box with about thirty minutes of research on "poker stars" on the internet. It was in fact one of the quickest boxes for me to solve, because I could look up almost all of the answers.


pooks123... the three letter off of Chicken is KFC. My husband was sitting there eating it while I was playing and I tried it. Imagine my surprise when it worked.

funny farm master November 17, 2006 6:59 PM

guys uh if u need help with the cows think of mad, cash, and holy, and for the 2 letter word think of a cussword relating to a bull :p i finished this puzzle


The connection between murder and alternative has to do with what alternative meanings there is for the word murder. The alternative meaning is also a movie title.


what is between horse and cow?
Please help... thanks!


Hint for the relation between horse and cow:

rides horses and herds cows

I wrote to the author, basically asking for the source code of the game.

He wrote:

I haven't posted the source code because I'm working on an online
editor, where anyone would be able to make a puzzle like mine and have
it run on my website. Stay tuned...

I wonder what the server (over)load will be like then??


What is after


in the




There's a Danish work of poetry by the author Dan Turèll called

Karma Cowboy

and my awareness of this fact is either really distracting me from making the correct connections or Dan Turèll saw the same complex connection between the two as the game creator. Man, I gotta go to bed. Really liked the Penn & Teller-connection. What's the relation between







Barney and Dino are both fictional dinosaurs, purple even.


Thanks. Gotta get this out of the way so I can get some work done.

You probably all cheated one way or another by now (I did for a bit), but there were still blanks to fill.

For those who just hate loose ends, the five-letter fictional dinosaur going to the right is Yoshi from the




I did like this a lot, but I have to say I found a lot of the connections to be either A) rather abstract or B) EXTREMELY specific.
It was enjoyable but I wound up cheating a lot to get it done.

Does anyone know what the rules, or point, to his other word game "From A to craZy" are? You get there, there's an empty box to type in, and the letter A. No instructions or anything. I find myself at a bit of a loss. Must be why it's called from a to crazy...


Here is the completed puzzle.


I remember doing this the first time and not wanting to a) get too much help and b) think too hard. Which meant I never finished it. I'm back on it now that Riddle 100 is done. I have to say, my main dislike is not being able to "guess" when given a square's topic unless you have a direct link. (ie magazines)

Unless my guesses have been severely wrong.


mads, you say that

the fictional dinosaur to the right of "Yoshi" is "Mario". This is the correct word, but Mario is not a dinosaur. Mario refers to the Nintendo character, and Yoshi is a dinosaur in one of the Mario games.


hmm, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know of any other games like this one? We played this back when it was first posted and had a blast, but haven't found anything quite like it since.


what is a 2 letter word for bull and please tell me.


I can't figure out for the life of me what the other two letter word (Not


! That one was easy...) on the farm puzzle is. Can someone send me a hint? I've tried plugging all kinds of letter combinations in and have had fruitless results...
Please give me a clue!



Here are some hints! (Hopefully you're talking about the word I think you are) :x

It's an abbreviation (ie. SOF = shoes on fire)

It's not too kind

It can be used as an exclamation, XX!

The full words are: xxxx xxxx

I'd tell you the answer full out but then this comment would get auto deleted

John Pittman March 30, 2007 9:51 AM

Need hints on Magazine page
between Forest and Magazines
between Money and Mad
between Time and Mad hatter


I only just found this game i am sooo addicted. And may i add LMAO at KFC!!


how do you answer the Meta-Puzzle/


I am forced to say LOL at the religion section.

Sceintology and Holy Cow in particular. It's usually called sacred cow though I thought


Truly addictive, been playing it for a good while now... Alone, which makes it a bit... harder :)
OK, I'm lying, im not doing it alone, Mr. Google and Mr. Wiki help me out sometimes :)

I'm not American (the guy who made this game certainly is), so some of the connections between things might not be clear to me - could anyone tell me, for example why the words

"New York" and "minute"

are connected? I don't seem to know any special relation... While, to make it worse, the phrases

"Diamonds are forever" and "Neil Diamond"

are not connected no matter how evident the connection is...

Also, the number of the letters of each word/phrase could be written there - having to count those atom-sized (and spaced) dots is waaaaaay toooo annnooooooying!!!

All in all, I love it, although I'm more than sure that the fact that I'm not American and am not THAT familiar with American culture makes it impossible for me - but, hey, that's a way of lerning things, right? :) I already learned more about baseball (still a distant provincial game from our European point of view :))) than I knew before - not to mention poker stars :D


In a New York minute refers to a very short period of time. =)

Perhaps because everything moves so fast there?

It's a common saying here (in the US), but I can understand how confusing it must be if you're unfamiliar with that.


Aha! Thx, Jay, I've learnt something today :)


I am really stuck for the word between forest and magazine!



Oh, snap, I don't know any poker stars! I don't even know how to PLAY poker! WIKI TIME!!!


Hint: TIME

who had the watch in Wonderland

Mad Hatter


I forgot about this one for quite some time. Came back to it a few days ago and made huge progress.

Anyone else still playing? Or that enjoyed it enough that after finishing it last year have tried it a second time?


I need help after rodeo clowns on the magicians page. can someone give me a hint?


Why isn't Hinduism connected to cow?


I'm still playing!

After Rodeo Clown,

you're looking for one of those 2 words, either rodeo or clown, depending which way you're going!


Spending time on this game is like playing charades in a chatroom with a shrooming newscaster. It would be a whole lot better if the connections were more logically related, instead of veering off on ridiculously meaningless, soon to be outdated current event-type tangents. I fail to see what is so interesting or rewarding about finding out where one individual's brainstorming session is going to lead. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. This sure didn't float mine.


Every time I try and click on a different section it tells me that there's an error. It's starting to piss me off because i am pretty much done with the farm section.


What connects to the right of barn?


to the right of barn is



I just found this game, so I am just a newbie! I`m trying to stay away from temptation and not look at all the spoilers! :P



SO addictive. Thanks for some of the hints. I'm about 1/2 way done and loving it!


These are all of the words I could find that relate to "On the Farm";

Cow, sheep, chicken, rooster, bull, horse, pig, goat, and ofcourse...farmer.

If you have any questions, let me know.


this is fascinating and very frustrating.

Please, what are you supposed to do on the page that comes to the left of RELIGIONS. I have "book"... and then some empty boxes. ?????????????????? I've tried everything and nothing. Not even the theme of the page.

Anonymous March 18, 2008 5:04 PM



Here is where I am at. Hope it help some of you!

Funny Farm


this game is SO cool. it shows how stupid i am.


my only issue is a lot of the answers are very American, rather than global / universal...simple things like

cowboys, baseball

, the spelling of


and the poker stars thing...

apart from that. this is awesome, dificult, and addictive



Actually the

white rabbit

had the watch in Wonderland

NadTheBat August 15, 2008 2:21 AM

kevin i tried pasting your completed game to my game and now i cant play it at all because there are no ways to delete cookies on my comp. thanks for ruining my only free time!


Post a walkthrough.
Please no htmls. It's too confusing.


What is the correlation between

counting crows and murder?!?!

The only thing I can think of is the Incubus album. I'm just lost. I found both of them through separate branches, but seriously. I want to know that one.


I am so lost what is the correlation between

Counting Crows and Murder?!?!

The only thing that comes to mind is the Incubus album. I am confused.

Anonymous December 1, 2008 7:02 PM

A "murder" is a group of crows.

Anonymous December 3, 2008 1:27 AM

*A Murder of One* was a song on the Counting Crows album "August and Everything After."

Also, the Murder of Crows is a group of crows. Like a gaggle of geese.


when i entered this...

learn connecting to texbook

it automatically changed it to this...


little bit weird :/


Hey in the


theme page there is also


anonymous April 20, 2009 2:58 PM

i accidentally won, and i want to start over. does anyone have a URL for that?


Just have a look in the review on top of the comments ;)
Greetings, Kayleigh


In the finished puzzle, you are missing the link to "Viagra" on the "drugs" section. The answer is Niagara. Figured that one out on my own :P

p. wappner May 12, 2009 1:54 PM

removing the shygypsy cookie from your browser will zero out your game and allow you to start over from scratch.


but what is this about a meta puzzle at the end?? i have no idea what that means, i filled everything in but nothings happening. is that just the end that you fill in all of the boxes and it's over??


Totally stumped on the three letter word between

rooster chicken and egg


Anonymous October 12, 2009 6:10 PM

becky: to produce an egg you need rooster and a ___.


Does anyone know of any more games like this one?? I'm nearly finished and its VERY addictive!

[Edit: The good news is the author of Funny Farm has been working on a 'level editor' of sorts to create fresh new games just like this with. The bad news is that he's been working on it for years. Hopefully he'll finish some day. I'd like to play a new one, too! :) -Jay]


After playing for one hour, I was stuck and trying to find help here. And some of the words cooled me off of otherwise addictive concept.. Come on, 'KFC' connected to 'chicken'?! Well there ARE some things other than North America. in the world.. What would mean to YOU, if I say he should have put Gavrilović salama in there... (:-))
Anyhoo, very interesting concept and I hope the author will manage to make his plan to put an editor in there...


The whole poker stars thing was really lame.

sunderlad August 11, 2010 7:38 AM

I'll post the starting core:

We start, given "On the farm" in (3,3):
: : : Ox, Bull, Cow,
: : : Chicken, Hen, Rooster, Egg
: : : Barn, Silo
: : : Sheep, Goat, Milk
: : : Pig

"Pig" opens up (3,2):
: : : Judaism, (religions), Christianity, Islam,
: : : Buddhism, Hinduism, karma
: : : Torah, Qur'an, Bible, book, Jesus
: : : Scientology, Tom Cruise

"Tom Cruise" and "book" both open up (3,1):
: : : book club, Oprah Winfrey

"Jesus" (from (3,2)) opened up (4,2):
: : : Chris Ferguson, poker stars,
: : : Greg Raymer, Fossilman
: : : Chris Moneymaker, money

"money" opened up (4,3):
: : : time, magazines, mad
: : : People, Fortune, Forbes
: : : Playboy, Cosmopolitan, sex, prostitution


Is there a way to restart the game?


If someone makes more puzzles like this, i want to somehow see a list of words already tried...


I came back to the game this morning, I've been playing on and off for several days, and some of my answers are gone and ones I hadn't figured out are there! Its like I have someone else's game! I've tried logging off and back on with no luck! Any ideas on how to get my game back?thanks so much.

22staryds October 12, 2014 4:44 PM replied to blah23

if you really want to know what the two letter word is its :

bull shit

22staryds October 12, 2014 5:10 PM replied to Anonymous

and if you stuck on the one letter words by


think about this:

The worst and the best number and letter grades


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