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Jelly Blocks

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Rating: 4.6/5 (114 votes)
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zxoJelly BlocksSometimes you run across a new game that feels exactly like a classic—like it's been around for years. The mechanism behind Michael Le's Jelly Blocks is so simple, so intuitive, and yet so versatile that it makes you wonder if anybody had come up with anything like it before. In short, it bears all of the hallmarks of a great classic puzzler. [Update: Actually, this is a clone of the game, Denki Blocks, no wonder it had classic written all over it(!) Thanks, JIG community for setting the record straight.]

The goal of each level is to maneuver blocks of the same color so that they touch. Use the arrow keys to move the entire set of blocks around the screen. Immovable black squares can be used to prevent certain blocks from moving, allowing you to separate adjacent blocks from each other. The twist here is that when blocks of the same color meet, they fuse into a single block. Although this is the ultimate goal of the game, you'll have to be careful, as you can easily render a level unsolvable through premature fusions.

There are 100 available levels to play, but they are generally pretty short—once you figure out the solution. They gradually increase in difficulty, and there are surprisingly few which resemble each other. The first fifteen or so are pretty easy, and are designed to give you a flavor of the types of tricks you'll have to pull later on. Some of these can be solved by a number of different strategies, including random key-mashing (OK, maybe not solved but it'll get you a good start.) Soon though, you'll have to plan your moves carefully, and you'll find the undo and restart buttons come in very handy.

The only thing missing from Jelly Blocks is a move counter—this simple device would add so much: more strategy from figuring out the optimal solution, replay value from trying to beat your previous score, and it would allow for the ever-popular high score table.

But fear not, Jelly Blocks contains more than enough puzzler goodness to satisfy the hunger of anyone. So get your jam on and play Jelly Blocks!

Play Jelly Blocks

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Jelly Blocks Walkthrough

L = [left] arrow key
R = [right] arrow key
U = [up] arrow key
D = [down] arrow key

Levels 1...10

  • Level 1

    L8, U3.

  • Level 2

    R5, U1.

  • Level 3

    D1, L1, U2, R1, D1.

  • Level 4

    U2, L1, D8, L5, U11, L5, R1, D13, L3.

  • Level 5

    D5, L6, U7, L2, D1.

  • Level 6

    L5, U5, D3, R1, U6, D2, R11, D12, L12.

  • Level 7

    L4, U8, L2, U8.

  • Level 8

    U4, L2, R2, D4, L1, D3.

  • Level 9

    U2, R1.

  • Level 10

    R2, L2, U3, D3, U2, L3, U3, L2, R5, D2.

Levels 11...20

  • Level 11

    L4, D1, R12, U11, D3, R1, U1.

  • Level 12

    D1, R8, U4, L4, U2.

  • Level 13

    U4, D5.

  • Level 14

    R2, D1, R2, U3.

  • Level 15

    D5, R13, U4, L3, D6, R12, U6, L3, D8, R12, U9, L3.

  • Level 16

    U2, R3, D4, L5, U6, R4.

  • Level 17

    U4, R9, U6, L2, D2, R1, D13, R11, U1, L3, D2, R3, D1, L3, D1, R3, D1, L2, D8, R9, U2, R1.

  • Level 18

    R5, U11, D7, L14, U7, R7, U6, L4.

  • Level 19

    U3, L7, R5, D10, R3, D4, R5, L6, U5, L7.

  • Level 20

    R2, D2, L6, U4, L2, R3, D10, R7, U7, L2.

Levels 21...30

  • Level 21

    U1, R4, D3, R1, D4, L1, D3, L1, D7, R7, U1, R2, D2, R2.

  • Level 22

    R7, U14, L7, D4, L4, U5.

  • Level 23

    D5, R5, D6, L1.

  • Level 24

    D7, R8, D2, L11, U9, R5, D4, L2, U1, R3, D2, L6, D3, R1, U2, L1, U1, R3, U2, L2, U6, R3, U2, L1, D4, R1, D1, L3, D3, R1, U4, L6, D1, R3, U7.

  • Level 25

    R5, D1, L3, U6, D6, L9, U1, R8, U9, D6, R1, U1, L7.

  • Level 26

    U4, L1, U1, L2, U4, L2.

  • Level 27

    R1, D2, R1, D1, R6, L1, D2, R4, D3.

  • Level 28

    U6, R5, D8, L1, U8, R1, U1, L9, D8, R2, U8, L2, U1, R7, L4, D11.

  • Level 29

    U1, L3, D3, U1, R4, D1, R1, D5, L1, U5, L3, U7, R3, L3, D2, L2, D3, L1, R3, U2, L2, D1, L4, U5.

  • Level 30

    R1, U5, L4, R4, D6, R1, D3, L4, U1, R4, U10, D3, R1, D4, L4, U1, R9, U6, D3, L4, U4, L1, U1, R2, U5.

Levels 31...40

  • Level 31

    U6, R5, U1, R2, D1, R5, L4, D6, R4, D4, L3, D1, U1, L2, U5, R6, D4, R7, D4, U1, R1, U6.

  • Level 32

    U2, L2, U8, L2, D2, L2, D5, L3, U7, R1, U5, D2, L4, D7, R3, U9, R3, U3, R2, D4, R1, D7, R3, U4, L3, U7.

  • Level 33

    U8, L15, U1, L2, D13, R5, U9, L10, D15, R10, L8, U4, L2, D3, L1, U6, R1, D11, R1, U4, L1, D4, L11.

  • Level 34

    D7, L2, D3, R10, L2, U1, L3, U11, L1.

  • U2,

  • Level 35

    R4, D1, U3, R3, U3, D1, L7, D4, L2, D1, U10, R5.

  • Level 36

    D1, R1, U3, R4, U3, L1, D1, L2, U1, L1, U1, L1, R4, U1, R1, U1, L1, U1, L1, U3, R1, U1, D14, U3, L5.

  • Level 37

    U1, R9, D1, R11, D1, R11, U2, R1, D2, R9, U3, R1, D2, R9, D1, R1, U2, R9, D3, R1, U2, R8, U2, R1, D1, R8, D4, R1, U2, R8, U3, R1, D3, R7, U4, R1, D3, R7, U4, R1, D3, R7, D3, R1, U3, R6, D4, R1, U3, R6, D4, R1, U3, R6.

  • Level 38

    L1, D3, L3, U9, R6, U9, D2, R4, L1, U1, R2, U12, D5, U5, L1, U1, R2.

  • Level 39

    L3, D6, R1, U2, R1, D2, R10, L4, U6, R1, D2, R1, U2, R10.

  • Level 40

    U5, L5, R4, L3, D4, R3, U13, L5, D2, U2, L1, U8, R4, D2, L3, U12, R5, D2.

Levels 41...50

  • Level 41

    U10, L3, U2, R2, U12, R1, L1, U2, L2, U2, L2, D2, R2.

  • Level 42

    D1, R2, U4, D6, L9, R4, U6, D1, L10, D3, U1, L1, U1, D1, R6, U8, D1, L8, D2, R1, U7, L4, D1.

  • Level 43

    D6, R3, U3, L4, D2, R6, U6, L6, D1, L1, R4, D6, L6, U11, R11, U1, L3, D14, R6.

  • Level 44

    D3, L7, U2, L4, R3, D7, L9, U4, D3, L8, U2, D5, L4, U1, R2, D2, R2, D3, L4, D3, L2.

  • Level 45

    L2, U3, L4, U2, L3, U1, R4, U1, R1, U2, L4, D4, L1, U4, L3, R1, D2.

  • Level 46

    L9, D4, R5, D8, R1, U1, L2, U7, L6, D1, L1, U2, R1, D2, R6, D6, L3, U3, L1, D1, L7, U4, L7, R5, D10, R2.

  • Level 47

    U2, R3, U2, D2, R2, U2, R2, L4, D3, R3, U1, R4, L1, U1, R1, U4.

  • Level 48

    D1, L1, U1, L1, D4, R4, D2, R6, U8, L5, U2, L6.

  • Level 49

    L10, U5, D5, L3, U2, L2.

  • Level 50

    R2, U3, L11, D6, R2, D8, R2, U3, L11, R6, D10, R5, L1, D8, U4, R8, U4, R8, D8, L3, U6, R9, L5, U6, R6, D4, R1.

Levels 51...60

  • Level 51

    D9, L1, U3, L5, D3, L1, U1, L1, U2, L2, D3, L1, U1, L1, R3, L2, D1, R1, D4, U3, L4.

  • Level 52

    R1, U3, L8, U5, R1, U5, R6, L1, U2, L3, R2, U4, D5, L5, U1, L1, U1, L3, U1, D1, R1, D1, R3, U1, R1, U1, R1, U2, L2, U1, L1, U1, L1, U2, R2, D5, L4, U1, L1, U1, L1.

  • Level 53

    L1, U6, R3, D6, L4, R7, U1, R4, L5, D2, R7, U2, L2, D4, U2, L2, D2, L1, D2, R1, D7.

  • Level 54

    L1, U3, R4, D1, R2, U1, L5, D2, L2, D2, L1, U3, L2, D3, U2, R5, D2, R1, U2, R2, D2.

  • Level 55

    U5, L3, U3, R2, U2, L2.

  • Level 56

    U2, R3, D6, L12, U6, D2, L4, D6, R11, U6, L4, R1, D3, L10, U9, D3, R3, U2, D5, L1, D1.

  • Level 57

    U4, R9, U1, L2, U5, D3, L3, U3.

  • Level 58

    L4, U7, D5, R2, D4, R6, D1, R1, L1, U13, R1, U6, L8, D13, U3, L6, D6, R1, D1, R5, U1, L2, U10, R9, L8, D1, L1, D1, R5, U1, R1, D7, L11, U2.

  • Level 59

    R4, D8, L7, U3, R1, U3, L1, U7, D1, R1, D5, L4, U3, R2, D5.

  • Level 60

    R1, U4, R6, L1, D3, R1, D5, L4, U3, L4, D3, R1, U7, L2, D6, L3, D5.

Levels 61...70

  • Level 61

    L4, D1, L3, U1, L1, D1, R5, U1, R1, U3, D1, L2, U1.

  • Level 62

    R4, D3, U7, R3, D4, U4, R1, D4, R5, U4, R2, D1.

  • Level 63

    L3, U2, L1, D4, R11, L1, U2, L6, R2, D4, L6, U11, D2, R4, U1, L3, U6.

  • Level 64

    D4, L1, D3, L2, R3, U3, R6, L6, U1, R5, D9, U7, R1.

  • Level 65

    D8, L1, U13, R7, D11, L2, U10, R1, U2, R7, D10, L4, U13, R7, D10, L5, U12, R7, D10, L6, U13, R6, D10, L7, D1, U10, R3, U3, R5, D10, L8, U11, R4, U2, R4, D10, L9, D1, U10, R2, U3, D10, L3, U11, R2, U2, D10, L3, D1, U10, R2, U3, D10, L3, U11, R2, U2, D10, L3, D1, U10, R2, U3, D10, L3, U11, R2, U2.

  • Level 66

    R6, D3, L3, U6, L3, R2, D1, R2, D6, R5.

  • Level 67

    U1, R3, D3, L5, D1, L1, R1, U7, L4, R1, D3, U10, L6, D3, U1, R13, D5, R1.

  • Level 68

    D2, R1, D1, R3, D5, R1, U6, D1, R4, U5, R1, D3, R3, D8, U5, R5, D3, L4, U5, L5, D8, L1, U3, R4, U8, L7, D5, L4, R6, U8, L7, D5, L3, U3, R7, D7, L6, R4, U1, R1, D3, L6.

  • Level 69

    D2, L10, D4, U1, R1, U1, R2, U2, L1, D3, R1, D2, R4, U2, D1, R3, D1, L5, R5, D1, L5, R2, U6, R5, D3, R1, U1, R1, D1, L4, U4, L5, R3, D1, R2, D2, R3.

  • Level 70

    D5, L4, R1, D5, R4, D5, L3, D4, R5, U6, R1, U5, D3, L4, R4, L3, U1, R3, U1, L1, U1, L1, R3, U6, D1, L7, D5, U2, R3, D1, R6, D2.

Levels 71...80

  • Level 71

    R8, D7, L5, D7, L1, U8, R1, U12, L4, U4, R1, D5, R1, D1, R10, L1, D11, R9.

  • Level 72

    R10, U1, R1, U4, L7, D8, R1, U5, L2, D4, R1, U1, R9, L10, U7, R6, L9, U2, R3, U6, R6, L2, D11, L9, U9, R7.

  • Level 73

    D4, R5, D5, U2, R4, D4, R9, L2, U4, R5, D3, R2, D6.

  • Level 74

    L2, U5, L7, U2, R11, D14.

  • Level 75

    U2, R1, U2, R1, U3, L1, D1, R5, U1, R1, D2, R2, U1, R4, L1, U3, L1, U1, R2, D2, R4, D3, R1, L1, U4, R1, D4, R1, D3, R3, L4, U2, L1, U3, R1, D3, R1, D2, R1, U3, R1, U3, L6, D5, L1, U3, R1, U3, L2, U4, R1, D5, R1, D3, R1, U4, R4, D4, R1, D2, U5.

  • Level 76

    L14, U13, D1, R13, D6, L13, U1, R1, D2, R1, D3, L4, D1, U4, L1, D1, R1, D4, L1, U4, R1, U1, R6, D6, U4, L1, D1, L13, U11, L12.

  • Level 77

    L1, U9, L2, U1, R3, L1, D8, R9, D3, L9, U4, R2, U2, L4, U1, R4, D4, R6, L1, U8, D5, R1, D2, L3, D5, R1, U4, R3.

  • Level 78

    D5, R8, U1, L5, U2, L1, U2, D1, L5, R1, U1, R3, D4, R6, L1, U8, L6, D10, R10, U5.

  • Level 79

    D6, R7, U11, L2, D3, L3, U5, D4, R3, D1, R1, D7, R1, U3, L11, D1, R8, U5, L1, D7, R7, D1.

  • Level 80

    U14, L13, R2, D11, L3, D1, U1, R3, U1, R1, U1, R1, U1, R1, U6, L11, D6, U2, R11, D7, L2.

Levels 81...90

  • Level 81

    R2, U3, L2, D3, R6, D2.

  • Level 82

    U1, L1, D6, L3, R4, D3.

  • Level 83

    U9, L6, R10, L3, D3, R9, U6.

  • Level 84

    D5, R4, U10, R2, L6, R1, U1, R6, U6, R2, U6, D2, R2, U1, R1, D7, R7, L8, U1, R2, U8, R2, D6, R2, D1, L4, U3, D2, R1, U3, L7, D7, R5, U5, L2, U2, R5, D6.

  • Level 85

    U4, L6, U2, L2, D3, L5, U1, R2, U1, R6, D1, R5, D3, L5, D5, R2, U3, R1, D2, R3, L3, U5, L2, U3, R5, U4, R3, D2, L2, D6, L2, U5, R5, D2, R2, L7, D5, L1, R7, D3, U6, R1, U3, L8, U2.

  • Level 86

    U1, D4, R4, D2, R3, U1, L5, U6, R4, L9, D1, L1, U7, R5, U1, R2, D1, R3, D3, L5, D6, R2.

  • Level 87

    D2, R2, D3, L4, D1, L3, U5, D1, R2, U1, R3, D3, R2, D2, R4, D3, U1, L1, D1, L2, D1, L2, D6, R1, U1, R2, D3, L12, U4, R3, U2, R3, U1, R6, D1, R4, U3, L2, U2, L2.

  • Level 88

    U3, L5, R12, D9, R6, U1, L2, U3, L12, R6, U4, R5, U1, L3, R1, D4, L1, D1, L4, U6, R5, D5, R5, U1, L1, U5, L1, D5, U5, R8, U3.

  • Level 89

    D4, L8, U10, R7, D6, L5, D4, R2, U15, R2, D11, R2, U5, L3, D5, R4, U8, L11, U1.

  • Level 90

    U1, R1, U2, R6, D9, R1, D4, R8, U4, D10, L1.

Levels 91...100

  • Level 91

    D1, L2, R5, D8, R1, U7, R2, U1, R1, L4, U4, D5, R12, U1, L5, U3, R1, U1, L1, D2, R4, D1, U1, R6.

  • Level 92

    U6, R10, L1, D7, R1, L7, U3, R8, D6, R3, D11, L4, R3, U7, R9, U8, R1, L3, U6, L4, U4, R10, U4, L6, U4, R10, D3, U3, L6, U4, R9, U4.

  • Level 93

    U1, L1, D1, R3, U6, L4, D8, R4, D6, U2, R4, L1, U4, R3, U3, D7.

  • Level 94

    D7, R8, U6, L2, U6, R4, L9, D2, L3, U4, R6, D10, R4, D8, U5, L1, D6, L6, D1.

  • Level 95

    R8, U2, L2, U6, D5, L7, D4, L5, R1, U4, R13, L1, D1, L5, U2, L5, U5, L2, D7, L3, U11, R11, D14, L1, U3, L5, D7, L5, U3, R1, U2, L1, U4, R9, U1, R1, D14, L4, U1, L1, D2, L6, U3, R1, U2, L1, U4, L1, U1, R15, D14, U1, L5, D2, L6, U9, R7, U2, D7, L7, D8, U1, L1, D1, R11, U9.

  • Level 96

    U1, R1, D2, R6, U4, L1, D1, L1, U1, L6, D1, R2, D3, R7, D4, L9, U3.

  • Level 97

    R4, U4, L6, D13, R5, D5, U8, D1, L2, U6, R11, D11, L2, U8, L6, U2, L2, D12, L6.

  • Level 98

    D3, L4, U2, L5, D1, L2, U1, D6, U3, R10, D1, L1, D1, R2, U9, L6, U1, D2, R4, D4, L6, U4.

  • Level 99

    U2, L4, U1, R3, U2, L2, D4, L2, D7, U3, L4, D6, R12, U8, D1, L9, D3, R11, L9, U12, R4, D6, R3, U3, L3, U5, R1, D3, R2, D5, R3, U1, L3, U7, R1, D8, L9, U12, R4, D7, R3, U1, L3, U5, L6, U10, R4, D9, R3, U2, L3, U3, D3, R2, D8, L12, R1, U3, R2, U1, L1, U2, R2, U2, R1, D2, R2, L1, U4, L1, R1, D1, R1, U1, R2, D8, R3, U2, L3, U4.

  • Level 100

    R3, D5, L12, U1, L1, U1, R1, U5, R11, D7, R2, D5, L1, U2, L6, U2, R5, D4, L6, U2, L7, U1, R7, U1, L6, U1, R7, U5, L12, D1, L1, D6, R14, U5, L7, R7, D4, R1, U7, L4, U2, L7, U1, R7, U1, L6, U1, R7, D5, L12, R9, D5, L10.


Heh i love this game. I was wondering when one of you's would get around to posting it.


We seem to be a little short-staffed during these summer months.

That being said, we always have room on the review staff for more qualified writers. If anyone would like to join our team, please inquire within.


>Jelly Blocks is so simple, so intuitive, and yet so versatile that it's a wonder that nobody has come up with anything quite like it before.

Well, Andrea Gilbert's magnetic block puzzles are pretty similar, albeit with a different movement mechanic and with far fewer levels: http://www.clickmazes.com/magb/ixmagb.htm

This is a nice implementation, though. Neat stuff.


It reminds me "Chocolate Castle" by Lexaloffle Games:
I was secretly hoping to see review of "Chocolate Castle" here. I know its download only, but still good game.

gigglenoise July 24, 2007 3:26 PM

Any hints for ?*$& level 36? I know the green blocks have to be in a line to hold the blue against the center black wall, but HOW??


Um, on level 4, I can connect the pink and blue blocks together, but it doesn't register as having won the level...the black blocks don't move, so is there a glitch?


This looks a lot like Denki Blocks, which used to eat hours of my time.


Gah! Any help for 25?

Steerpike July 24, 2007 4:35 PM

This is identical to that great GBA game Denki Blocks... no bad thing, but not original ;)

mojofltr July 24, 2007 5:12 PM

Ah... Jelly Blocks is one of those games that are great for helping you unwind after a hard day at the salt mines! I have my media player blasted, my IRC box open, and Jelly Blocks keeping me entertained in my web browser - Ahhhh! :)

Most of these puzzles will have multiple solutions, so if I were to suggest any one thing, it would have been a point system based on the amount of moves made per level and an online scoreboard for each level; This may or may not have added a competitive angle to the game.


Brooke, don't forget that all the pink blocks have to be in one interconnected chunk as do the blue.

The easiest way to pass level 4 is to lodge the small pink chunk between the two black blocks up top. This will allow you to move the small blue chunk freely through the pink maze and adjoin it with the larger blue chunk at the left. Then, remove the small pink chunk from its place and connect the two larger pink chunks.

If that doesn't make sense, I've uploaded a screenshot to clarify: Level 04


First push down till the green chunks have connected into two larger green chunks. Then connect your two long pink pieces in the top left corner. Then you are going to need to get creative with the black stationary chunk in the middle; Use it to block the green pieces while you connect the blue pieces. When the blue pieces are connected, use the black chunk to block the blue pieces while you connect the green.

I've uploaded a screenshot to show about where the pieces will be located if you use this solution:
Level 25


Level 36. Line up your green blocks in an L shape so that you can use it to block the leftmost blue line and then be able to connect it through the hole to the opposite blue line with the stray blue block. If that doesn't make sense, I've uploaded a screenshot that may be of more help: Level 36


There are times, many times when I wish I just didn't look at this site ;)

It's 1am and I'm on level 51 and should have gone to bed two hours ago!

Good game, good game!


I need help with 19. Will someone please help me?


For help on level 19,Sara:

Attatch the pink block from the 3rd or 4th from the top so it acts as a stopper for the giant pink block, and you should figure it out from there.

manidir July 24, 2007 8:43 PM

Wow... rushed through till level fifty-something... Nice one.


Only took a couple of hours but beat all 100 level!!!


What a wonderful game. The best part is that it really doesn't get repetitive, as many games of this type do. The only downside is that when I sat down for dinner after playing 30 levels or so, I moved my plate and expected everything else on the table to move with it. :]

And by the way, I was reading some comments the other day and I saw a long comment by me (Jonah), but then I realized I didn't write the comment. I thought I had been hacked or something. Luckily I came to my senses. So, I guess there's another Jonah out there who also has a TypeKey identity thingy who goes to JIG. Other Jonah, if you are reading this you are probably thinking the same thing that I was. In any case, nice to meet you other Jonah. It's not everyday you meet somebody with our name. What an amazing coincidence!


Erm. I'm stuck on 35, but this is a fun game. If only I wasn't so stuck.


Any help for 43?


I'm stuck at 89.

I like that there is not a move counter, it makes it more relaxed for me.


Hi, original Jonah. Yeah, I noticed other comments I don't remember making in one of the other threads recently. I just signed up last week, so I guess you're probably the first of us. I should probably change my tag, once I figure out how.


Unfortunately, TypeKey is a pretty barebones authentication service and does not allow changing your tag once created. You would have to create a new one. =/


I have no problem with two Jonah's. I kinda like it...


86!!! Stuck. Need help.


Got 86, but cannot get 100.


Level 87. Great game. But this is totally just a clone of Denki Blocks (from what, 2001?), and I've played other clones of it since. If a game "feels like it's been around for years", then it probably has, and you shouldn't embarrass yourself by going on about how much of a wonder it is that nobody's come up with it before...

Fizzy50 July 25, 2007 8:46 AM

It's not even close to being original to be honest, its a tried and tested formula that DENKI BLOCKS did so well it almost won a games BAFTA for its mechanic.. i should know ;) it's nice to see people recycling games but they should always credit the original as this is WAY TOO THE SAME to be coincidence and us games designers are always the forgotten heroes.. FIZZY


Thanks for setting the record straight, Fizzy. I appreciate your method of delivery much more than Morgan's.

It's difficult to know the roots and design origin of every new game that comes along, but we do the best we can.

That being said, we know we can always count on someone in the community to point it out if we miss it or get it wrong. =)


Sam (Level 89)

hint: use the long blue piece as a wedge to pry the green and pink blocks apart and retreive the lil blue piece.
Not enough?

use the lil pink piece on the left end of the pink block to extend the reach of the pink block. Now maneuver the pink and long-blue sections until the extension you've made is sitting atop the highest point of the long blue piece. Put the low end of the blue piece against the black dot. Press down and voila!

Moo (Level 100)

hint: you have to move a green block into the left end area in order to retrieve the pink and blue blocks.
'nother hint: it takes three blocks to get a green square from behind the long pink and blue pieces.

when you have the pink and blue square free from the left side, you'll need both of them, plus the green square that's not trapped in order to free one of the trapped green squares. Use two of the pieces side-by-side in the entrance to the black box, with the third piece just inside the black box and wedged under the square that you've positioned in the entrance. Using this wedge, you can move the long piece on top of the square you've wedged in and then free the trapped square. Repeat in the other box.


I am totally stuck on lvl 53!!! Need lots of help!!! Please!!!


I need help with level 11!! Please help me!

Birdieball July 25, 2007 7:08 PM

Nice game. I am having a lot of fun with it. at the moment I am stuck on level 65 but I will get it sooner or later.

Level 53:

get the three little blue blocks out, one at a time. attach the first two to the blue square to make it a rectangle, and then attach the last little blue block to the upper one (so it will fit into that little indentation).
now, fit the new blue shape into the indentation. from there, go right, right, up, up, left, left, left, down, right, down, down, down, left, left, up.

Level 11:

tap down until you cant go down anymore.
tap left until you cant go left anymore.
hit up three times
hit right 5 times
then go down, left, up, left, and then down down

marisa lucier July 25, 2007 11:00 PM

can someone help me on level 35?


Help with level 35 pleeze.


Hey, anyone up to level 115? :P
I believe it's impossible!


help with lvl 42 please


nevermind 42, I need help with 46!

Sticking on 35 July 26, 2007 12:47 PM

how do you get past 35? i cant figure out how to connect all the blues w/o then always sticking whenever i move one


i need help with 74.

miranda July 26, 2007 2:23 PM

hey this is dumb i dont no how to do lvl 4.. ahha *blushes*


can someone please help me with 35 ? (yn) :)


i just got to lv. 35!


man, it's HARD!


this is hard!!
im stuck!


Help on lvl 91?


i need help on level 35
any suggestions?


level 74 -

move the highest blue bar once to the right and stick the single blue square on the end of it so that it's locked in place (right 1, up 4, right 4 and up 4). Now move once left and the rest is easy.

I need help with 86!


ahh i need help for level 35..it's making me go crazyyy


Level 86

The key is that one of the two long pink blocks will attach outside of the configuration of trapped blocks. Use one long pink block horizontally directly in the opening to the trapped block. The two little pink blocks will attach vertically, to each other and to the block placed in the opening, between the black boxes holding the pink and green blocks, then the second long pink block will attach to those little pink blocks.
The green blocks build around the first pink block (the one that fit directly into the opening), to attach the trapped green blocks to each other. Hmmm, I hope that makes sense.


Help with 69 please!

Anonymous July 27, 2007 12:47 AM

How do you beat 45?!

Escapee July 27, 2007 6:37 AM

For everyone stuck

I love this game - though I don't love how much time it eats up :)


how about levels higher then 100 because i got there


Get to level 115 by the spoiler at the end of the game, click right where the "next level" sign is and you will restart at level 1 posted as level 101 but you can only do it till level 15 because the 3-way bricks get cut off and if you take the bricks and make them go through the left side of the game board. Have fun till level 115, Thank you and good bye!

porsche July 27, 2007 7:26 PM

HELP!!! level 50

turtle guy July 27, 2007 11:36 PM

How do you beat 36?


Help on level 46! I've tried a million times I can't do it someone please help.

Birdseed July 28, 2007 1:51 AM

Level 35:

The key is in getting all the green things to one side first. from the top or bottom, "attach" the blue cup which is facing the opposite of your chosen direction, then do the same with the up and down cups, making sure that the green square always escapes towards the direction of the final cup and that the final cup will attach straight and in the middle. It took me ages of trial and error and copious use of the undo button.

Level 36:

This is my favourite level! It took ages though. You have to construct a prop out of the green squares with a notch on the third square, and make sure that when you do this the blue rectangle is below you. then go up, come down behind the blue rectangle, and prop it up towards the oncoming opposing piece.

Level 45:

I don't see the problem. Start by moving everything as far to the right, then up as possible, then move everything far left, "rescue" the last square, move it right to join the others, join up the green pieces, add the last square if you haven't already, done.

Level 50:

Eh, it's a spiral. Keep em spiraling out and around (even the outside) and it should be no problem.

Birdseed July 28, 2007 2:03 AM

Level 46:

The key is to not join up the three blue blocks vertically but horizontally, although I seem to remember solving it anyway last time. Oh well. Press left a lot until the middle block frees itself, press down once, then right and all of the blue blocks are now in different columns. Get the red/green blocks away get all the blue blocks near the bottom, press together and you've got a very useful 4x3 block you can do what you like with.


Level 60? Please help!

Whatzittooya? July 29, 2007 12:43 AM

Oh dear lord... this game is addicting. Anyways I need help with sixty one *61* anyone interested?


how do you do level 67? it's so hard

I need help July 29, 2007 4:13 PM

I need help with 63!


Please, can you tell me how do you do level 67?? help me please!!! Thanks!!


I feel so silly, but on level 4 the pink blocks fit in but i don't know where to put the blue blocks.. they aren't clicking in anywhere for me!


i'm stuck on 68... I don't see how it's physically possible to get the blue ones together when they don't fit through the maze.......

this is an excellent game btw! soooo addicting, and normally i have a very low level of concentration available for these types of games.


I'm stuck on 93 help me.


Did anyone get 91?

allison July 30, 2007 5:39 PM

i've gotten it before, but now i'm on a different computer and am stuck on 42.


Help on 63.

needhelp July 30, 2007 7:27 PM

Level 5!!! Please help.


Did anyone get 91?


Ummm... am I just like an idiot or something because i seem to be the only person asking for help on level 32. Is there something I'm missing?


How do you do level 51?

need help on 51 August 1, 2007 3:16 AM

need help on 51


91 is a sucker. help ?

Logicianigma August 2, 2007 1:58 PM

I just finished level 100.  The game as a whole was great fun and challenging too.  Without taking anything away from the game, I must say that technically the levels weren't progressively harder.  I expected the levels to get harder and harder.

Don't get me wrong, the higher levels are harder than the earlier levels.   I'm just saying that the higher levels don't get progressively harder within themselves.  Level 100 was far easier, as compared to some earlier higher levels.

I hope there's a sequel.


GRRRR 100 is killing me and that spoiler made it worse.




help with 60?!?!?! please and fast !!


how do you do level 15?? PLEASE HELP ME!!


hey can someone help me? all of my laptop windows vistas have thsi problem but not my desktop comps.
whenever you press the keys normally they stick and keep going untill i click out of the game and back in... really annoying. Also level 89 on desktop. ( not stuck or anything)


I'm also stuck on 91 Help!!


hey can anyone help me with 53 ? please?


yeeeeah i just beat level 100. that was fun, only took me 3 days lol.

Anonymous August 4, 2007 7:59 AM

plz help on 31?


anybody know how to do level 42?


Never mind finally work it out

Angelais August 4, 2007 7:41 PM

I need help on level 72


can someone please help me on level 94. i can not seem get it for whatever i do.


nvm, but no one helps on this website and it gets really annoying, so will someone please help me on level 99 bc i have been stuck on it for a long time and i can't get it.

[Edit: Plenty of people help on this website, but this game, for some reason, there seems to be a lot more people asking for help than those providing it. -Jay]


then can someone please help me. i have been sitting here the whole morning stuck on this one level. if anyone needs help with a level i can help them.


I'll send a JIG t-shirt to anyone who can come up with a decent walkthrough for this game. Something must be done about the lack of help being provided for this game(!)


badly need help on level 60


uggh i cant get past level 42
could someone tell me how??

michael le August 5, 2007 11:26 PM

hi this is the creator of the game

all I want to say is ... hahaha suckers! no I'm just kidding I'm happy people are enjoying this game.


anyone got a spoiler for level 55?


i need help on 69 pls anyone help

Anonymous August 8, 2007 12:38 PM

i need help with level 25 please show me

Rachie Rach August 8, 2007 1:37 PM

Been playing this on and off for about 4 days now, great game but stuck on level 95 please help!!!!!


Hiya kay
It still works for me. What does your final screen look like?


This game is intriguingly simple and dangerously addictive. Several of the puzzles were almost inconceivably challenging, so challenging it's hard to believe they could make a puzzle with such simple mechanics that challenging, and believe me when I say, that's just the way I like 'em!

One thing I noticed, though, is that the levels aren't really arranged in increasing difficulty, at least not from my level. There were a couple levels in the forties and fifties that took me nearly two hours to solve, and I was expecting a long and brain-stretching haul through the rest of it after that, but once I was through with those, I breezed through the rest of the game without encountering any major problems until the mid-eighties. After that, suddenly it jumped from easy to hair-tearing-out frustrating, but then after 91 it got easy again for several more levels. Level 98 was frustrating but level 99 was simple.




help with level 11

Suds_McDuff December 18, 2007 2:24 PM

115 help please? Does reversing the glitch actually work?? It's not working for me yet...


what is the glitch? someone plz tell me!


I need help with 25 ;(


just finished the game today...took me 3 or 4 days but i really enjoyed the game! :)

cheekymonkey20 February 21, 2008 11:39 AM

I need help on level 51. I can't seem to get all of the green's together. The spoilers at the top of the page don't work. Can someone give me the proper answers please!?! I am so stuck!!

cheekymonkey20 February 22, 2008 1:02 PM

spoiler L3, U2, L1, D4, R11, L1, U2, L6, R2, D4, L6, U11, D2, R4, U1, L3, U6 doesn't work for level 63. I've tried it so mant times! Can some1 help plz?! ;D


i need help with level 40! please i tried everything i can think of! can anyone give me a walkthrough???


someone help me with 36!!


i need help on lvl 36 i've tried the spolier but it doesn't work help me some1 plz!!!!


Hiya Jordan and Jade and anyone else that appears to be having a problem with the walkthrough for 36. i have just tried it again myself and it worked fine for me. You just have to take it slowly so that nothing gets left out :D

Anonymous April 1, 2008 5:19 PM

Easier way to do 53
R4 D9 L9 R4 U2

shrimp3246 April 1, 2008 6:35 PM

all the spoilers work, but if they are not working for you try using the fake keyboard. because i was doing the same thing, it wasnt working for me because my keyboard moved the blocks more than i pressed the keys. so yeah just try using the fake keyboard.

Rachael April 4, 2008 9:07 PM

I have tried and tried even with the walk through I can't seem to get 61!! Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong!!!

This is the one that I am using and I can't seem to get it to work!!!

L4, D1, L3, U1, L1, D1, R5, U1, R1, U3, D1, L2, U1.

carolyn April 5, 2008 8:09 PM

i need help with levl 84 asap

savannahskyee April 5, 2008 9:55 PM

fifteen? i know i sound pathetic, but come on. what is it?! i've gotten them all together, and it just ... doesn't continue.

Kailynn April 6, 2008 2:33 AM

I need help with level 35 please!!

Anonymous April 6, 2008 8:21 PM

99 on the walk through is wrong:S ive tried it about 5 times, im pretty sure i coppied it right. HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?!?!


I am stuck on level 35!!!!!!!!

Please help me!!!!


what does L3 U4 D5 etc mean? what do the numbers mean?

[Edit: L = left, U = up, D = down, R = right. The numbers indicated how many times to press that key. -Jay]

Anonymous May 20, 2008 7:46 PM

level 36!

R7 U1 R2 D1 R2 L3 D7 U8 R3 L3 D8 R3 D1 R1 U14 D4 L5

Thumper'sMommy May 21, 2008 11:09 AM

I am stuck on level 186. anyone got a hint or 2?


i just cant figur out lvl 35 HELP!!!!!!!


im stuck on level 54

Anonymous July 5, 2008 7:28 PM

I am up to level 42-Can't do it!


I need help on level 95! The walkthrough doesn't work.

Anonymous July 30, 2008 11:02 AM

Any help for level 51??


much needed help with level 67 plz!

qwertyuiop October 7, 2008 6:34 PM

How do you do #11?

cyberjar88 November 8, 2008 4:09 PM

Level 99 in the walkthrough does not work. Would somebody please give the correct key sequence? Thank you.


The walkthrough for 99 still works for me. You might like to have a look at a comment posted on 01 April by shrimp about walkthroughs not working.


I need help with leve 37 :\

Anonymous November 9, 2008 1:35 PM

Level 42


None Of the walkthrough for level 53 are working :[



The walkthrough just above the comments still works for me.


1. the post that had a walkthrough for each level on it is WRONG! i tried it on most of the levels i've beaten, and it was useless.

also, i need help with #61???


Need help with level 56! Any tips?


Does the spoiler for 75 work?


67? It doesn't work


The walkthroughs at the top do still work - you just have to take your time. You might also like to take a peek at a comment made by shrimp on April 1 2008.


how to beat level 31


on jelly blocks i am only at level 46

Kimberly July 24, 2009 6:43 PM

67 walkthrough doesn't help

anonymous August 4, 2009 4:57 AM

Where are the walkthroughs that everybody is talking about i just cant find them on here!!??

[Edit: Please have a look at the top of the comments on this page - you will see a blue square, at the top the words: Walkthrough Guide.
Click the grey bar underneath which says: Show Spoiler - doing so, the walkthrough will open. You will have to click again a grey spoiler bar for the level, you need help with ~ Kayleigh]


Here's a screenshot of where to find the walkthroughs on this site:


Click on "Show Spoiler" to reveal it.


I need help with number 53 the walkthrough won't work.


Help with level 69 please!


anyone...level 20....?????////?????/////


help w/ level 46


This is sad. I only needed the walkthrough on 97, but again with the keyboard problem, I ended up solving it without the walkthrough :P, but seriously, all of the rest are 5 minutes TOPS. I'm on 115 though, and I can't do it, so any help? o.o

Anonymous July 9, 2010 1:34 PM

i need help for lvl 50 the things they show dont work...

Anonymous August 9, 2010 7:29 PM

I found level 115, but I'm pretty sure it's unsolveable. Anyone else able to solve it? Sure wish there were more levels.....

Cassandra January 26, 2012 3:03 PM

I need help with level 70. Can anyone help me??


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