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Johnny Why Are You Late?

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joyeJohnny Why Are You Late?Man, when I told my last boss that my late arrival was due to spider wrangling, improvised weaponry, and serious bathroom stench, I got fired. That's why I'm now pursuing a lucrative career as a Canadian housewife. (It's good work if you can get it.) But apparently the titular hero of keybol's Johnny Why Are You Late believes in total honesty with management. Of course, Johnny also seems to have a little bit of a weird memory. He needs you to point-and-click through his strangely puzzle-filled house to remember exactly why he was late to work.

In proud point-and-click tradition, you point your cursor at things and click on them. Simple, no? If it's an item you can pick up, it will stick to your cursor and you can try to use it elsewhere in the room. If you don't know where to use it right now, just put it into your inventory at the bottom of the screen. You can pick it up from there any time and use it. You can also sometimes use an item on another item in the inventory to combine them. In addition to using items to solve puzzles, you'll also need to deduce the combinations to a few safes by paying close attention to clues.

The sense of humor in Johnny Why Are You Late? is a bit sophomoric, and there's a little cartoonish violence, but it doesn't cross the line. It's definitely tamer than anything Zeebarf puts out, as a comparison. The art has a kind of blocky retro feel that reminds me of 1960s magazine cartoons, and to be frank the gender wars of the game are straight out of 1960s magazines as well. "My wife is a harpy and she makes my life a living hell! I'd like to chuck her out of the window! Ah, whimsy." His relationship with his son is even more twisted. It's all a bit Leave It To Bizarro-land Beaver, basically.

The game also features five secret achievements, usually for doing, or trying to do, something bad. The only thing you get for completing all the achievements is a feeling of satisfaction, but it can be a nice final puzzle for when you've completed all the others. Give it a play and see if you can figure out why Johnny was late... just make sure you aren't late yourself!

Play Johnny Why Are You Late?

Walkthrough Guide

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Johnny Why Are You Late Walkthrough


  1. Pick up the chair and place it on the rug.

  2. Take the crowbar from atop the air conditioner.

  3. Use the crowbar on the window.

  4. Pick up the alarm clock and use it on the window.

  5. Pick up the toothbrush on top of the bed.

  6. Pick up the key under the bed.

  7. Pick up the uniform.

  8. Exit the room.


  1. Take the air freshener next to the water cooler.

  2. Click the down arrow to go to the kitchen.


  1. Take the potato and glass from the table.

  2. Open the fridge and take the frozen toothpaste from the freezer.

  3. Go back to the hall.


  1. Use the glass on the water dispenser to get a glass of hot water.

  2. Use the hot water on the frozen toothpaste to defrost it.

  3. Use the toothpaste on the toothbrush.

  4. Click on the bathroom door and your wife will request toilet paper, so go upstairs.


  1. Take the toilet paper and return downstairs.


  1. Use the toilet paper on the bathroom door and she will give you a piece of paper with a code.

  2. Click on the code and turn your head to the left to read the numbers. It says 803. (You must look at the paper to be able to use the code.) Go upstairs.


  1. Use the code 803 on the safe.

  2. Take the soap and boxing gloves but DO NOT take the wallet. Taking the wallet will prevent you from getting an achievement. Go back downstairs and click on the bathroom door to enter it.


  1. Use the air freshener on the shower stall to clear the stench in the room.

  2. Take the plunger next to the toilet and the toilet paper roll on top of the toilet.

  3. Exit the bathroom and click the right arrow to go to the front hall.

Front Hall

  1. Use the boxing gloves on the kid.

  2. Take the box and use the small key on it to get the razor.

  3. Pick up the car keys on top of the lamp.

  4. Go to the kitchen.


  1. Use the plunger on the towel in the window to pick it up.

  2. Click on the tablecloth to view a clue regarding the number of moles on your wife's knee (this is important for an achievement later.)

  3. Go back to the bathroom.


  1. Use the toothpaste and toothbrush on the "t-swirly" slot.

  2. Use the uniform on the uniform slot.

  3. Use the towel on the towel slot.

  4. Use the razor on the razor slot

  5. Use the soap on the soap slot.

  6. Johnny will take a shower and get dressed when you have filled all the slots.

  7. Go to the front hall and click on the door on the right to go outside.

Car Area

  1. Pick up the saw handle under the car.

  2. Use the car keys on the trunk and take the Pyro action figure.

  3. Click on the left arrow to go to the trash area.

Trash Area

  1. Use the gloves on the trash can to open it.

  2. Take the Belial figure.

  3. Take the hot dog on a stick and use it on yourself to get a stick.

  4. Use the stick on the spider to get the spider.

  5. Go back to the front hall.

Front Hall

  1. Check out the moles on Annie's other knee.

  2. Use the spider on the cobweb in the corner, and pick up the tape.

  3. Enter Sam's room.

Sam's Room

  1. Get the ice pick and go back to the front hall.

Front Hall

  1. Use the ice pick on Annie to get the "evil thoughts" achievement.

  2. Go to the kitchen.


  1. Use the ice pick on the freezer and get the last figurine.

  2. Go back to Sam's room.

Sam's Room

  1. Use the action figures on their respective platforms.

  2. Sam wakes up and tells you about the code to his safe. The poster gives the clue, it's 666.

  3. Enter 666 in the safe and take the sawblade and lighter.

  4. Combine the sawblade and saw handle to get a saw.

  5. Go to the car area.

Car Area

  1. Use the saw on the pipe to get a pipe section.

  2. Combine the pipe with the air freshener.

  3. Combine what you get with the lighter.

  4. Combine that with the toilet paper tube (this gives the sniper achievement).

  5. Use the tape to hold it together.

  6. Load the gun with the potato.

  7. You can use the potato gun on the car now to beat the game, but there's one more achievement to get. Go back upstairs to the bedroom


  1. Enter the code 1421 into the safe (this is based on the moles on your wife's knees) and take the contents to get the achievement "dirty secret."

  2. Go back to the car area.

Car Area

  1. Use the potato gun on the car.

  2. Click as fast as you can to make the car go faster. If you get above 200km/hr, you get an achievement. If you didn't take the wallet, you get another achivement.

  3. The end!


  1. Not taking the wallet (driving without a license).

  2. Driving above 200km/hr.

  3. Using the ice pick on Annie.

  4. Opening Annie's safe in the bedroom (code 1421).

  5. Using the toilet paper tube to make a sight for the gun, like a sniper.


I've got some progress but can't solve the code puzzle for the cabinet in the first room. Anyone


Try looking at it from a different perspective.

Tilt your head so that the left side of the note is the top.

Look at the empty space inside the squares.


I can't figure out the numbers in the kid's room. Do I multiply, subtract, add, look upside down??


Nevermind... Once again, the power of posting. Some MIT or Berkley grad ought to do a study as to why posting seems to clear up things.


Thank you Avetre, and me, I know what you're talking about. Didn't help me today, though.


Never mind ... Once again, the power of posting. Some MIT or Berkley grad ought to do a study as to why posting seems to clear up things.


Does anyone know where to get a saw blade?


Can't get second cabinet combo.


So what do you need to do to get the tape?

It appears to be in the cobweb, but I can't get to it


here's my rough walkthrough:


in the bedroom, first stuff you'll get your hands on are:


alarm clock


tooth brush




small yellow key under the bed.


you won't be able to get out unless you shut up the alarm clock. to do this:


place chair under rug


get crowbar to open window.


throw alarm clock out.


now you'll be able to get downstairs. first things first, grab the can of spray (perfume?) beside the water dispenser.


if you talk to the wife, she'll tell you to collect your stuff first. these'll be the:






toothbrush with toothpaste swirl






head for the kitchen first. you'll find:


a glass with no water




an ice cold toothpaste inside the freezer.


get some hot water to thaw out the toothpaste.


knock on the bathroom door again. your wife will be yelling for tissue.


you'll find this in the bedroom. :)


give your wife some tissue and if you knock again on her door, she'll be giving you a code for the drawer in your bedroom.


if you tilt your head to the left, you'll be able to read the code.


it's 803.


items inside the drawer'll be: soap, boxing gloves and wallet.


at the living room, your son will be standing by the door asking for allowance.


by the way, grab the car keys on top of the lamp.


there's no money in your wallet. :P use the boxing gloves to knock him out.


he'll be dropping a box marked private.


use the yellow key to open this and get your razor.


the wife will be done with the bathroom, so you can come in. but use the perfume first to get rid of the stench.


in the bathroom, you'll be getting:


tissue roll






out to the kitchen (you'll find wifey here C:), use the plunger to get at the towel hanging out the window.


with all the stuff needed, you'll be watching yourself get ready for work.


you'll find your wife in the living room. and surprise, she's brought your son into his room all by herself! you'll also find you can't leave for work yet, because your car door's jammed. :P


inside your son's room, you'll be getting an ice pick. you'll also find three empty pedestals.


by the way, your son will help you get to work, so you'll need to wake him up. get the figures on their pedestals to wake him.


cresil would be in the freezer at the kitchen. use the ice pick.


belial would be in the recycle bin outside. use the gloves.


pyro would be in your car trunk. you've got the keys, right?


talk to your son (does clicking help?). he'll ask you to make a potato canon (that blueprint in his room) and you can use this to get to work.


he'll tell you how to read the code for his drawer.


if you ignore the primary colored numbers on his poster.


you'll get: 666.


inside the drawer are a saw blade and a lighter.


so, how to make that potato cannon? you'll need:


aerosol spray (that can of perfume or whatever)


piece of pipe


there's some pipes running outside the house.


there's also a saw handle under the car. :)






there's a hotdog on stick beside the recycle bin outside.


that's your breakfast. use the stick to get that critter off the wall.


there's a cobweb at the top right corner of the living room.


if you send the spider there, he'll drop that tape up there.




use the potato cannon to shoot the window of your car.


click as fast as you can! :)

still haven't figured out the whole thing, i've only managed to get to three achievements out of five.




add the tissue roll on your potato cannon.




dirty secrets


remember annie? your wifey. notice how she's got a lot of moles on her knee?


first instance would be in the kitchen.if you click on the table cloth, you'll see her knee.


second would be once you're all dressed up for work. she'll be sitting in the living room.


while you're making that potato cannon, annie would be back in the room sleeping. there'll also be a locked box on top of the drawer.


first two numbers would correspond to the number of moles on her knee the first time you see it. second set on the second instance.


speed devil
a. pretty self explanatory. :)


evil thoughts

that's about it for now. anyone else cracked the other stuff? hope this helps for now. :)

sunnylauren November 10, 2010 7:30 PM


To get the tape,

Go outside and to the left. There is a spider crawling on the wall. Eat the hot dog that's on the ground, then use the stick to pick up the spider. Carry the spider to the web and it will knock down the tape.


that little bastard of a kid! I WANNA GET HIM WITH A CROWBAR!!!

Acidifiers November 13, 2010 4:15 PM

I only punched the lampshade, scaring my fat child, causing him to faint, is all. We'll make it up when we head to the park tomorrow and play army with our new potato guns.


Short but fun, while it lasts.

@Acidifiers: Is that the other option besides punching him in the face?

beatricekiddo November 29, 2010 1:11 PM

Super fun! Love it... good clean graphics, quick and easy to get through

Muriki-Yuki March 12, 2011 5:33 PM

Heelpp!! What Combo is Annie's Draw??? xxx


Okay, a little confused about the dirty secret thing...is that his WIFE?
Because...that's gross.


The kid is the Devil or he worships Satan or a freak lock. (The code is 666)


the code for the drawer in your bedroom is 803


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