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K's Villa Room Escape

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Rating: 4.3/5 (57 votes)
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K's Villa Room EscapeYay! We got a present, new game by Tesshi-e is here!

Sit down comfortably, make a cup of tea or coffee (lucky escapers into a cup from Pesimari shop) and enjoy 117th game from Tesshi-e!
One of his friends with good taste and passion for interior design invited our favourite developer into remodelled country house. Mr. K did a good job, his house is a pleasant and cosy place, and familiar too - Mr. Birdie and Mr. Hipo are not missing and the wiggling picture (The Bell Inn by George Morland - Tesshi-e's thoroughness is really admirable) neither. Wooden interior is atmospheric, green meadows outside peaceful, music relaxing and puzzles smart - all any escaper can wish for!

Thank you very much, Tesshi-e!

The game manages autosave and has two endings - with or without a Happy Coin.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

P.S. The last time we met Mr. K was in February 2015 in Escape from the Knight Room and in January 2014, in Escape from Mr. K's Room 4. Recommended!

Google PlayK's Villa Room Escape (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreK's Villa Room Escape (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Play K's Villa Room Escape


The game page seems to suggest that there's no flash version, only Unity.

K's Villa Room Escape

Mr. K has done some renovation, and that means a whole new escape! The game's interface is arranged differently from usual, but not to worry, the game will autosave your progress without locking you out of either ending.


Despite the calm decor of the room, the game immediately places you facing the locked exit door, with a stopped clock next to it reminding you that teatime is limited. Open the clock window to take the rectangular metal piece with two dots in front of the clock face, and notice the small hole for a winding key. On the left, an open window showers light onto a plant pot which you can lift up to find a star-shaped plate with a grid of green and gray dots. That plate, of course, sits on a table with a drawer that contains… you'll have to fix the drawer handle to find out, because it just came off. On the right side of the door is a similar setup, but the drawer is working and empty. There's also a plant pot hanging from the ceiling way out of reach.

Turn right to find four open windows. Closing each one, you find that the left one has ♥=4th painted on its doors, and the right one has an alkaline battery between its door slats. Below the windows, a trumpet rests on a stand with a golden mark, which sits on a cupboard with two double doors, the left locked by a glossy white directional pad and the right locked with a three-digit code.

Turn right, where a bed takes up half of the wall space, and all you can do with it is lift the pillows to find a screwdriver handle. The dull wooden finish of the screwed-down wall cupboard and the locked long compartment is countered by the bright yellow frame of a tilty corner painting simply captioned "Bell Inn".

Turn right to find another four windows (nothing special here) over a table that runs the entire wall that has a Mr. Birdy box missing a battery, a Mr. Hippo figure holding a ball tightly in its jaws, and a cute cat photo with a screwed-down frame. Below the table, there's a nice collection of books, the most prominent one teaching you to mix superglue quickly, and there's a Mild Escape shopping bag which hides a triangular, no, pentagonal metal piece with two holes. There's also two chairs to the left, one of which you can momentarily lift up.

Wait, why're you touching that chair again? Do you seriously expect that the chair would hide something like a silver coin? Because that's exactly what falls out the third time you lift and drop it.


Use the coin that fell out of the chair to unscrew the cat picture and find a metallic key and a clue with five letters on a grid.


Use the letter clue to unlock the painting.

The letters in Bell Inn appear on the UL LL UR UR LR UR UR corners of the clue.

So click those ⌜⌞⌝⌝⌟⌝⌝ corners of the frame, and it slides upwards to reveal a Mild Escape bottle containing a key, a box with a familiar hexagonal marking and a clue with circles (and a heart) connected by lines.


Insert the battery in the birdy box, and it does a few head shakes and nods, and then a smartphone pops out of the box on a drawer.

So use that clue to unlock the left cupboard doors.

The bird points its head towards the (from our view) UDLRDL directions.

So tilt the pad in those directions to open the doors. Behind, there's a bottle of Liquid A and a safe requiring a key.


So use your key to unlock that safe and find a corkscrew.


Use the corkscrew to remove the cork of the Mild Escape bottle and retrieve the key inside.

Unlock 2

Use this new key to unlock the long compartment beside the bed and find a stick inside.


Look more closely at the label of the empty bottle. Each of the six-line patterns across the middle of the label has a ray colored orange.

So use that clue to unlock the right cupboard doors.

The colored rays are in the 3 o'clock, 2 o'clock and 8 o'clock positions.

So enter 328 in the safe and open it to find… what? The only thing behind these doors is a screwdriver head.


Assemble the screwdriver, and then use it to unscrew the bar on the wall cupboard (next to the painting).

Inside, you find a four-digit safe and another pentagonal metal piece with two dots.


Use all three metal pieces on the hexagonal plate behind the painting, and it rises up so you can take a bottle of Liquid B from behind.

Then use the clue from the hexagonal plate to play the trumpet.

The dots on the plate are, from top to bottom, on the CLCRRL pieces.

So press those buttons (valves) on the trumpet, and the stand opens up so you can take a hook with a screw thread.


Attach the hook to the end of the stick, and use the resulting hooked pole to bring the hanging plant pot down.

Pick up the marble ball from its leaves.


Use both liquid bottles on the empty bottle to form superglue.

Then apply the glue to the drawer handle (no visual change, but you can tell by the description) and attach it to the drawer.

Pull the drawer out to find another ball.


Use the clues on the first screen to unlock the four-digit safe.

The darkened cross on the door is actually a plus sign, and it tells you to combine the green grid patterns beneath the plant pots.

Those patterns combine to give the digits 6893, so enter that in the safe to open it and get another ball.


Examine the phone and click it to bring up the lock screen.

Then use the clue behind the painting to unlock it.

The clue from the left window says that the heart mark is the 4th item in the code, so you need to start from the top-right corner:

Click the buttons in that order, and the screen changes to a Mr. Birdy wallpaper with a Mr. Hippo app.

So click the screen twice to start the app and open Mr. Hippo's mouth.

That allows you to go back to the real Mr. Hippo and pick up a fourth ball.


You now have four balls, so place them in the flowers on Mr. Birdy's box.

The balls light up and a heart key pops out on another drawer.

Normal End

Use the key to unlock the front door and leave through it.

You get a short chat with Mr. K and a wooden Mr. Birdy in a Mild Escape bag!

(And if you wait long enough, the screen fades to Mr. Birdy drinking tea and telling you to seek out a Happy Coin.)

Happy Coin End

Restart and make sure you click on Load Game.

Of all the puzzles in the room, there's only one you can revisit.

It's the four-digit safe. So look at the clues for the safe again, and you find that the right plate now has a different pattern where the gray squares read 5437.

That's exactly what the green squares on the other plate read, so the patterns combine to give the code 8888.

Enter 8888 in the safe to get a small bent piece of metal. It's a winding key.

Use it in the clock, and now you can pick up the Happy Coin from the pendulum.

Leave the room with the Happy Coin in your inventory. You get a delicious dinner, a great evening with Mr. K, and of course, a Happy Coin that will bring happiness to you.

(The end screen eventually fades away to a familiar image of Mr. Birdy in a bath.)


Thanks again for the walkthrough KK.


Woo-hoo! Beat it without any hints or walkthrough!

Huh, the happy coin ending seems worse than the normal ending.

I would much rather have a carved wooden Mr. Birdy than a happy coin!


It's a shame that so many games are going to something called Unity. I don't know what that is and therefore cannot play these games.


4red3s, have you tried playing these? Unity works in most modern browsers without having to install anything special. If it looks like nothing is happening it may just be loading, so give it some time.

houseworkisevil January 13, 2018 10:47 AM

I am sure that hot pink stuff in hippo-sized Mr. Hippo is Pepto-Bismol, meant to be taken in by osmosis. ;)

houseworkisevil January 13, 2018 10:50 AM replied to houseworkisevil

Managed to put that comment above on the wrong game -- oops!


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