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Legends of Ooo

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Rating: 4.1/5 (179 votes)
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joyeLegends of OooAre you ready for a point-and-click adventure that's totally algebraic? If you're wondering what algebra has to do with anything, clearly you're unfamiliar with the hit Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. The show features plucky protagonists Jake (the dog) and Finn (the human), the surreal, magical, post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo in which they live, and (most importantly for this game) recurrent villain the Ice King. The Ice King kind of has an obsession with marrying a princess. Any princess. Any at all. So he freezes Hot Dog Princess, Slime Princess, and Princess Bubblegum, and it's up to Finn and Jake (and your cursor) to rescue them in Legends of Ooo. Mathematical!

Point around with your mouse. If you hover over something you can pick up, the cursor will become a hand. If it's something you can look at, your cursor will become a magnifying glass. If it's someone you can talk to, it'll be a speech bubble. And lastly, exits turn your cursor into a door. You have to actually drag items from your inventory where you want to use them, and there's no item combining. This is a pretty simple game aimed at children, so you have an in-game hint system and you can pick up more hints by getting snails. The in-game hints are implemented very well, actually: they start out subtle and then get more explicit, so if you just want a nudge, they're great for that.

While the game may be geared towards kids, it was adults who made the original short a viral hit and who drive much of the fanbase even now, and they won't be disappointed by this game, which features a lot of sly humor that will go over children's heads, without compromising the appropriateness level. It's surprisingly long, too, so when you consider that the episodes of the real show are only about eleven minutes, this is like a bonus episode. The game doesn't require any knowledge of the show to complete, since the character's dialogue provides all the clues. Adventure Time fans shouldn't miss this one, and non-fans might become fans by the end of it.

Play Legends of Ooo

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Legends of Ooo Walkthrough

The walkthrough will not mention snail locations as they are not necessary to complete the game. You can pick them up when you see them if you like.

  • Beginning

    1. Enter the castle and talk to the penguin.

    2. Exit and pick up the letters and hand them to the mail carrier.

  • Grassy Area

    1. Talk to the goose.

    2. Exit right and talk to the wolf.

    3. Give the wolf the mail carrier cap and get the wool.

    4. Exit right and talk to the elephant and give it the wool..

    5. Exit right and talk to the hot dogs and get the sticks.

    6. Exit left and give the elephant the sticks and get the scarf.

    7. Exit left and give the goose the scarf.

  • Treehouse Area

    1. Enter the house.

    2. If you are seeking the Cartoon Network badges, go upstairs and look through the telescope, then come back down.

    3. Exit right and pick up an air freshener.

    4. Exit right and pick up a crank.

    5. Go outside and use the crank on the well to get a bucket of water.

    6. Go inside and use the bucket on the dead plant to get an empty bucket which will automatically combine with the leaves and crown to make a head.

    7. Go right until you reach a kitchen area.

    8. Use the head on the ketchup and mustard.

    9. Use the air freshener on the trash can.

  • Marcelline's House

    1. Exit right and pick up the coat and the drop ball.

    2. Go back left and use the coat on the junk princess.

    3. Go outside and get the toilet brush.

    4. Go inside and give the toilet brush to Marcelline.

    5. Go outside and give the drop ball to the ghost.

    6. Pick up the bones, go inside, and give them to the skeleton to get curtains.

    7. Use the curtains on the junk princess.

  • Back to the Ice Castle

    1. Exit right and talk to the Ice King.

    2. Click on the door to escape. Exit left.

    3. Exit all the way left and then take the left hand door and get sheet music.

    4. Exit the door and exit right, and use the sheet music on the piano. Take the spell book.

    5. Exit left and take the right hand door. Give the spell book to the floating eye.

  • Rescue the Hot Dog Princess

    1. Go down and then exit left.

    2. Pick up the bucket and exit left.

    3. Talk to the goose and go back.

    4. Pick up a piece of trash and exit right.

    5. Pick up a second piece of trash and exit right.

    6. Pick up the third piece of trash and go back to the area with the Lumpy Space Princess (where the first piece of trash was).

    7. Give the Lumpy Space Princess all three pieces of trash.

    8. Exit left and give the message in a bottle to the goose.

    9. Use the bucket on Jake (the dog) to get hot dog water.

    10. Go back to the area with the frozen princess and use the bucket of hot dog water on the frozen princess.

  • Rescue the Slime Princess

    1. Use the ice cube tray on the cube of slime and pick up a rock, then exit right.

    2. Pick up a rock and exit right.

    3. Use the tray on the cube and exit right.

    4. Pick up a rock and use all three rocks on the pond, then use the tray on the cube in the pond.

    5. Use the full tray on the princess.

    6. Click the hint button to get a snail.

    7. Use the snail on the princess.

  • Rescuing Princess Bubblegum

    1. Exit right repeatedly until you come to a clearing with a piece of coal. Get the piece of coal.

    2. If you are seeking the mystery badge, attempt to give the coal to the bear in the second screen.

    3. Pick up a horn at the bear screen and exit right again.

    4. Pick up the bee hive and exit left.

    5. Give the bee hive to the bear.

    6. Click on the hollow log and then exit left after receiving the axe.

    7. Use the axe on the princess.

    8. Go right until you reach the fire sprite and give the coal to the fire sprite to get a flame ability.

    9. Go back to the princess and use the flame ability to melt her.


It loaded, but I'm not sure it's working. Nothing I click on is doing anything.


Nevermind, I closed it and reloaded ... now it's working.


Aaaaaaaaaaaadventure time!



i talked to the hot dogs but i didn't get the sticks.

Please help :(


YES! ADVENTURE TIME GAME! =D And what type of game is it?.. ADVENTURE TYPE!

Seriously, I love the cartoon. The game was too easy and short, though.


actually i figured it out joye. what you had in the walkthrough was

Exit right and talk to the elephant.

Exit right and talk to the hot dogs and get the sticks.

Exit left and give the elephant the sticks and the wool and get the scarf.

you didn't say give the wool to the elephant first. if you had given the wool to the elephant first,then if you talk to the hot dogs,it'll work. otherwise the conversation with the hot dogs will repeat.


With Jake the dog and Finn the human - the fun times never end...

Adventure TIME!!!!!! Shmowzow!!


I missing the Tummy Ache badge but beside that I completed the game.

Ton of references...But the review made it sound better then it really is. If you don't like simple flash games (like most of the stuff on Cartoon Network) then you will most likely live without playing this game.

It is worth noting that Cartoon Network games are never "official" in terms of the shows. So the layout of some places may not be true to the show. I recall an Ed, Edd and Eddy game showing that Edd only have 3 hairs. So don't use this game as a source if you doing some fan art.


The loading bar completes loading and just stays there. Closing and reloading gives the same result.

[I just tried in Firefox and Chrome (Mac OS) and the loading bar shows complete for a few seconds, then switches to the Cartoon Network logo before showing the game's main menu. Have you tried using a different browser? -Jay]


Having the same problem as Tim - loading bar displays as full and then stays there. Have tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome...nothing works


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