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Link Dump Friday №336

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Link Dump Fridays

DoraI said to myself, "Self, what would your ideal day be?" And obviously the answer was to fill the world with ponies, frolic with some frustrating fairies, get trapped in a cycle of suspiciously similar rooms, and then mow down the living dead with the tremendous power of my keyboard! And since this is my feature and nobody puts Dora in the corner, that's exactly what we're gonna do!

  • Pony Creator v3Pony Creator V3 - General Zoi has updated his My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic webtoy to version three, bringing with it the ability to turn your pony's head, poseable wings and tails, and other tweaks and additions... albeit at the cost of some of the content options from the original Pony Creator. Though it says it offers more "show accurate" poses, and it honestly does, some of those poses don't... uh... translate well, or as smoothly as you might hope, to a lot of pony physiques, leaving you with something akin to a bunch of sausages stuffed into a bumpy glove. But with a cleaner presentation and a helpful... help function, making your own pony is easier than before!... in the game, I mean. Don't actually try to make a real My Little Pony. That would get you a jacket that gives special hugs.
  • Escape from the Similar Rooms 5Escape from the Similar Rooms 5 -Hottategoya's simple little escape games tend to be a bit too short and simple at times, but then again, sometimes all you want is for someone to trap you somewhere just a little. This one features slightly more challenging puzzles than usual, as you go back and forth between a series of seemingly identical rooms trying to find clues to solve the puzzles that connect them. It probably won't hold you for long, but it's cleanly presented and a satisfying little diversion for you escape fanatics to start your day with.
  • Hoshi Saga 9Hoshi Saga 9 - A Hoshi Saga game in a Link Dump Friday? Say it ain't so! And yet this latest installment of the popular point-and-click puzzle game series, which is actually a collaboration between multiple different developers, just isn't quite as top notch as the others. In addition to lacking an English translation beyond the menu, meaning hints are unreadable for non-Japanese players, many of the puzzles are just too abstract and random, dependent on trial-and-error or brute force in a way that lacks the pleasing elegance and brilliant design of its predecessors. If you're up for a challenge and want to experience a creative collaboration, it's still worth checking out, however, and if it ever gets translated we may revisit it in the future.
  • Typocalypse 3DTypocalypse 3D - When the zombies invade, I hope you have a high WPM, or else a few good temps on your side. Andreas Grech serves up an undead apocalypse where all you need is a keyboard, typing the words above incoming zombies' heads as fast as possible to take them out. It's not really an original idea, nor is it 100% complete, but gosh is it fun for a simple addictive arcade typing game. This must be what our parents meant when they told us to use our words when we were little!


ChaoSpectre September 6, 2013 12:18 AM

So Hoshi 9 lacks a good deal of the polish and style of the prior entries in the series.

But there may be some real gems in here.

#6 is pretty neat, and I'm nowhere near done with it.

Of course, I understand a good deal of Japanese, so the topknot puzzle was simple.


Stuck on "Escape from the Similar Room" with Lock 2.
I think it is related to the red lines on the daisy photo, but cannot determine how that pattern ties in with this combination..


I looked up a walkthrough and was able to get out.

For those stuck with lock 2, I was on the right track.

Is there anything in the rooms that is not exactly the same?

Something closer to the floor or ceiling?

Look at the cabinets and count the cups.


I cannot get level 5 of Hoshi Saga 9 to work in Firefox. It works fine in Chrome, but I'm not sure if I want to replay all the levels I've already done to try to get a crack at the last level.


Escape from the Similar Rooms 5 is turning my head around and around.

I've noted the mugs on the shelves

as well as their height position

and the bars on the picture

but I'm still confused about lock 1.

I didn't think the shapes on the columns was that difficult, but if I solved lock 2, there's no indication.

I noted down the shapes on the bars

including where they begin and end, although I'm not sure which is which

and trying different ways has not yet succeeded in solving lock 3.



Also, I'm having trouble figuring out stage #4 in Hoshi Saga 9. I don't know Japanese, so the hint is useless to me.



You have to slice everyone's hair in a single strike


I'm going to need help on #s 14 and 25 in Hoshi Saga 9...


@Gabe Puratekuta

Some basic tips for level 14:

  • Holding the mouse button down shoots faster than rapidly clicking.

  • Every wave except the last one has an upgrade. You pretty much need all of them.

  • After you get the upgrade that improves your speed, moving back and forth seems to really help.

Here are the locations of the upgrades:

  • Wave 1:Destroy all of the 2nd column.

  • Wave 2:Destroy all of the 4th column.

  • Wave 3:Destroy all of the 2nd column.

  • Wave 4:Destroy all of the 5th column.

  • Wave 5:Destroy everything.

Here's a hint for level 25:

Double-clicking the white things gets rid of them.


Oh, too bad with the Hoshi Saga. I usually love these games, but shooting? Really? It's the quirky logic and imagination that should be the charm of these ones, not some annoying 'skillz'.


Turns out that a few other Flash game makers are in on Minna no Hoshi Saga (Hoshi Saga 9). In fact, in the end credits, the creator of Ginormo Sword (BARABARAGEO) is among many credited for this.

Maybe that's why the games and the quality of each of them are different.

I gave up on 3 stages, but I still made it to the end.

Stage 36, if you get it right, is bittersweet.


Minna no Hoshi Saga means "Everyone's Hoshi Saga", i.e. Hoshi Saga 9 = Hoshi Saga User Pack 1

sprkapple November 3, 2013 4:43 PM

As a big fan of the Hoshi Saga series, I actually thought that the games were fun. Of course, some were better than others. I enjoyed both of the visual novel type games a lot. I just wish that the pictures were a bit clearer. I do hope that maybe they'll come out with an English version soon!


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