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ElleMemento XIIWhat triggers memory? For 12 years, a shabby cell is the only home an old man knows, but a special Memento fills it with vestiges of his former life. Finding that magical souvenir becomes complicated for someone who's so forgetful, though. Play this point-and-click adventure game by utilizing an assortment of functions to explore his limited environment and answer the questions: Why am I here? What have I forgotten?

Creating Memento XII in just 48 hours, game designer Sébastien Bénard made full use of Ludum Dare 23's theme, Tiny World, in both the miniature scale of the game field and in the small confines of the protagonist's room. It could take a moment to get accustomed to the controls—alternately experimenting with "remember," "pick up," and the list of other options to puzzle your way to the end—yet this feature adds extra dimensions to the game and gives it heart. Reduced size doesn't equal less impact, either; graphics, story, and gameplay are full of minute details to make the experience richer, more thoughtful and, honestly, memorable. Memento XII helps you appreciate the memories you can cherish as well as your ability to remember how you got here... by clicking the JIG man on your favorites bar, of course!

Play Memento XII

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Moving Through Memento 12

NOTE: This is not a full walkthrough, just a bit of help in case you get stuck. You'll get more from the game by exploring all the items using the multiple functions. Enjoy!

Scene 1 - Photograph Pieces

  1. Click the screen to progress through the dialogue.

  2. When the old man hops off his bed, select "Pick Up" and click behind the pillow to get:


  3. Go over to the dresser; use "Pick Up" to get another...


  4. Now, select "Use" and click on the calender next to the dresser.

  5. Choose "Look At" again to reach into the hole and find:


  6. Now all three fragments will combine into one OLD PHOTOGRAPH.

    • Select "Use" and click on the EMPTY FRAME.

    • You'll put the photograph back into its frame.

Moving on to Scene 2

  1. First reassemble the old photograph and return it to its frame (see Scene 1 - Photograph Pieces).

  2. Now use "Remember" to click on A VERY OLD PHOTOGRAPH.

  3. Click through the dialogue boxes a couple more times and you'll be transported to a Scene 2.

Scene 2 - Getting Items in "the Kitchen"

  1. On the corner of the table is a BLUNT KNIFE...use "Pick Up" to get it.

  2. "Pick Up" the TABLECLOTH and you'll find something underneath it:

    • A SMALL COPPER KEY...use "Pick Up" to get the key.

  3. "Open" the SIDEBOARD RIGHT DOOR and then "Look At" it.

    • A STEEL CHEST will pop out of the sideboard right door.

    • Click on the steel chest with "Open" (if you have the small copper key in your inventory).

    • Then use "Look At" on the open steel chest to get a:


Getting the Cupboard Open

  1. Before you go back to Scene 1, make sure you've found the BLUNT KNIFE (see Scene 2's spoiler above).

    • To return to Scene 1, use "Remember" on the bed.

  2. Now, back in the original cell, and a knife (from the kitchen table) in your inventory, click "Use" on the sink:

    • This will dislodge a LARGE IRON KEY.

  3. Return to Scene 2 by using "Remember" on the photograph.

  4. In Scene 2, now select "Open" (a large iron key should be in your inventory), on the CUPBOARD.

  5. "Look at" the cupboard to get:

    • A BROOM.

  6. Before you go back to Scene 1, make sure you have the WEDDING RING (see Scene 2 - Getting Items in the Kitchen's spoiler above).

  7. Select "Remember" and click on the bed again to go back to Scene 1.

Moving to the Last Scene

  1. You should have a wedding ring (from the chest in Scene 2) in your inventory now....

  2. So, select "Use" on the SMALL WOODEN CASE next to the bed.

    • The ring will go back into the box.

  3. Next, use "Remember" on the SMALL WOODEN CASE (with RING inside).

    • This will transport you to Arthur Park.

In the Park to the End

  1. Here in Arthur Park, you see something blue up in the tree.

  2. With the BROOM (from the cupboard) in your inventory, select "Use" and click on the BLUE OBJECT in the tree to make the object fall down...

    • it's a CELL PHONE.

  3. Select "Use" and click on the CELL PHONE.

    • Click through and read the dialogue until the scene turns reddish.

    • Click anywhere again and the scene will return to normal.

  4. Now there's A LETTER..."Pick up" the letter and read it.

The End :(


Patreon Crew SonicLover May 5, 2012 12:20 PM

"Day 4380. 12 years today."

4380 / 12 = 365 exactly.

Evidently this man's society doesn't believe in leap years.

togden May 5, 2012 1:23 PM

I enjoyed the game very much. The graphical style was excellent, and the story was quite good, if a little short.

I would love to see a longer version in the future where they go into more depth about the man's life.

Shudog May 5, 2012 4:08 PM

Hmm, I've got the


and I'm shaking the

tree trunk

but no matter how many times I 'use', he insists the tree won't move. Could someone be more specific, or figure what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

The transition animation goes on a little too long / laggy, but otherwise it's a poignant tale. I like it.

Shudog May 5, 2012 4:11 PM

Oh, ok, POP. Sorry about that last comment. The walkthrough's not 100% clear --

you have to click on the object to 'use', not the tree itself. Which is probably clear to most people, I just got myself turned around.


Except for a couple spelling and grammar errors (all relatively minor), this was an excellent piece of work, especially for something thrown together in 48 hours.

I think the transitions between memories would've been better if they'd kept the character in the same place each time. Nonetheless, I'd like to see this concept extended into something bigger. Maybe a full retrospective adventure in ScummVM?


I'm disappointed that it was never explained why

he's in jail/what crimes he did if at all

bandsix May 6, 2012 2:04 AM

Ooo, the title of the game only registered after I played it. Was the movie Memento a possible inspiration?

Enjoyed the game all the same.

yaddab May 6, 2012 3:41 AM



the prison is a mental prison caused by grief over the death of his wife Lydia

tigrita May 6, 2012 10:21 AM

I would also love to see this game expanded once the competition is over. Maybe I've seen the movie Memento too many times, but I saw a lot of potential for where this game could go.

Like 4tran, I was also disappointed we never found out why our character is imprisoned, or even if it is a true prison, like yaddab suggested. I was waiting for a twist while playing through (again, possibly from watching Memento and Shutter Island too much), and it never came. The letter at the end just confirmed what I thought was obvious from the beginning. I figured it was the game mechanic, not a mystery we were solving

Having said all that, I think this is a great game, and I realize that going into all that detail would've taken too long, given the time constraints of the competition.


Love it. Great idea, great execution.

Don't really understand the reasoning behind why the objects you pick up are not selectable in any way, though. Trying to put the photo in the frame cause me some frustration. Other than that.. well, I want more. :)

Lemon Sparkles August 8, 2014 1:00 AM

So depressing!

I really want to know what he did to get put in jail. Murder? Arson? Who knows, but it got him quite the sentence.


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