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Metalix RPG

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DoraPsychotronicMetalix RPG[Warning: Metalix RPG contains non-sexual nudity, and has a long initial load time. The following review was co-written by Dora and Psychotronic.]

Deep story? Pffft. Strong characters? Who needs 'em! We are the few, the proud, the roguelike fans. All we need is the promise of randomly generated enemies, loot, and dungeon layouts to draw us e'er onward with a song in our hearts! And thanks to Point Zero, (Metalix Tower Defense), we can once again delve into a world of unlimited replayability and merciless ambushes! Huzzah!

Metalix RPG replaces the swords and sorcery of the traditional roguelike with cybernetic alternatives. The setting: a high-tech maze full of METALIX, who are silvery robots of various shapes and sizes. You'll find walking eggs, killer penguins, marauding babies, vicious sea anemones, and treacherous squid just on the first 5 levels, and they all have a glowing evil red eye and a thirst for human blood. And, luckily for you, a tendency to leave a lot of really deadly treasure lying around.

Your job is to battle, avoid, and outwit the Metalix, steal their power source and anything else that isn't nailed down or on fire, and escape the labyrinth unkilled. Naturally, the best way to accomplish this is to descend into the depths completely unprepared, naked as the day you were born, and hope that the capricious Fates will randomly supply you with useful defenses.

At least, that's the plan the first time. One of your most important items is the "escaping device", a handy panic button for times when the squidbots overwhelm you and you don't want to lose your brand new laser sword. The escaping device teleports you back to the surface, ending the story for that particular character, but leaving their equipment intact. Choose the best bits (armor, bullets, and a hand weapon are good choices) for the next character to take into Killer Robot Sushi Central, and you might just have a better chance this time. Metalix RPG is less about developing a single character, and more about assembling a potent supply cabinet for a parade of sacrificial lambs.

Metalix RPGMetalix RPG can be played entirely with the mouse. Click on a space to move there, click on an enemy to attack it, walk onto an item to pick it up. Press [space] (or click the Gun button) to fire any bullets you have equipped in the direction you're facing. You start as a level 1 character on the first floor, and gain experience points by defeating enemies. Equip weapons, armor, and ammunition as you find them using the menu at the bottom of the screen. Your inventory space is limited, so you'll soon find your pockets bulging with an assortment of bewildering goodies, trying to decide which one to toss to make room for your brand new laser sword plus one. Or putrefied food, always a favourite.

Since nothing in the game moves until you do, you can take your time and plot out your movements. While some players may lament the lack of furious, pulse-pounding action, it won't take long for you to appreciate it. Swarms of enemies can descend without warning, and being able to stop, take a breath, and look for an escape route can keep a bad situation from turning worse. Even if you do end up dying, don't give up. You can set right out again with a new naked adventurer.

About that: the nakedness here is about as explicit as a Barbie Doll, whether you choose a male or female character, and miniscule to boot, but if it really bothers you, you'll be glad to know that as soon as you find some armor you'll be wearing a classy black vinyl catsuit, just like mother would have wanted.

Metalix RPG does not have auto-save. Choose "Suspend" from the system menu to save your game in progress.

Analysis: The idea behind making a roguelike RPG is to ensure that each dungeon crawl is unique and interesting, not because of tight design or a thrilling story, but because the individual pieces of the world interact with each other creatively. Diablo is a popular modern action roguelike, and the classic (other than Rogue itself), complete with graphics made entirely from keyboard characters, is Nethack. Your first encounter with a good roguelike tends to stick with you, whether it be Azure Dreams or ADOM. It seems like an entirely new concept, and you can spend hours combing dungeon floors with the promise of potential new items just around the corner every time.

Metalix RPGMetalix RPG has a bevy of such items to discover, ranging from lights you can fire magic-wand-style at enemies, to EMP devices that shut down all the conveniently electronic enemies in the room at once. Most items come with a helpful description, and the fairly common "identification device" can help you figure out the purpose of lights and the strength of new equipment, but the shortest road to discovery is to try things out on the nearest titanium daddy long-legs. Also important, but not as common, is the "sending device", which will zap one item of your choosing back to storage for the next character to claim.

Although Metalix RPG doesn't exactly feature a real story, you'll find yourself making up your own, like the time when the robo-mouse stole Psychotronic's catsuit and teleported away and he spent 20 minutes naked, hunting it down with a rocket launcher. Or the time when Dora zapped a sea-anemone-bot with an insanity ray, causing it to massacre its friends and level up into an acid-spitting nightmare horror. Good times. Good times.

Randomly generated loot can be both a good thing, and a very frustrating thing. During our early playtesting of Metalix RPG, Dora acquired roughly enough swords before the third floor to fashion a giant hedgehog suit, while Psychotronic hadn't seen a single one after several playthroughs. By contrast, as festooned with stabbing implements as Dora was, she was also sorely in need of food and healing potions, which cropped up roughly never in the first several games. It makes the experience challenging and different each time you play, but it isn't exactly what one might call "balanced".

Does Metalix RPG hold up in the long run? Well, yes and no. While hunting down bigger and better items will sustain you for a good long while à la hedgehog suit, eventually you're going to run out of things to do. There are four missions in the game, and they're all more or less identical except for length. The game is still in development, however, so in the future you can expect to see new updates to the content (bosses!) that will make your victories taste even sweeter. As it stands, Metalix RPG is still an addictive, fun dungeon romp that should satisfy the greed-fueled hack-and-slash enthusiast in you. Just don't get too cocky. The giant walking egg is always watching.

Play Metalix RPG

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

The following is a list of all the items, weapons, armor, and monsters I've come across in the game, as well as general tips and information for playing through the first mission. Please remember that as the game is randomized, each experience is different, and you may find that I am missing a particular item or even a monster when I haven't come across it yet. Feel free to submit any items or monsters you find not on this list. It will be updated periodically.

Mission One

The item you're after is a large red gem located somewhere on the 12th floor of the base, so you'll have to fight your way down to it. Once you pick it up, you'll then have to fight your way back up through all previous levels. Even if you have an Escape Device, you won't be able to use it once you pick up the gem. Return all the way back to the first level's ladder to win the mission and unlock the next.

Levels and You

While levelling up doesn't affect much more than your HP, gaining you a +4 for every level you gain, those extra HP can mean the difference between sweet, sweet victory and crushing defeat. In general, you always want to aim for a level equal to the floor you are about to head down to. Since enemies periodically respawn, you can spend time grinding if you have the patience for it to push yourself higher. This has the added benefit of giving you a nice buffer of extra levels if you're forced to retreat to the next level early.

You may be tempted to avoid combat. Don't. Running away from battles only means that when you ultimately wind up cornered or forced to fight, you're weaker and much worse off.


Death occurs, naturally, when your HP reach zero. You want to avoid this. Not only is it frustrating, it also loses all the items and gold you were carrying. When you return to the place you died with a new character, you can pick up a random item off your corpse. To minimize the chance of losing a really great item to death, try to keep a Sending Device on you for when things look grim. Even if you can't escape, you can use your last turn to send your weapon or armor back to storage for the next character to start out with.

Misc. Information

Enemy Floors

Randomly, the game will decide it doesn't like your face and spawn a level jam-packed with enemies. We're talking about two dozen, all of them awake, and headed for you. When this happens, if you don't think you can handle it, you can make a beeline for the exit. Or, hole up in a corridor and take them on one by one. (Just make sure nothing can come around to get you.) Even if they're relatively low level creatures, don't get cocky. A swarm of springs can overwhelm a high level adventurer in no time. Keep in mind that as with any other floor, more enemies will also be randomly spawning in.

Of course, if you have an Extermination Device, you can also rake in some easy EXP by activating it once a lot of enemies are in the room. Just be aware that it may not be enough to kill every type of enemy, and have an escape route planned.

Item Rooms

Like "Enemy Levels", this is completely random. You might find one every time you play, or never. They're small rooms that will be packed with a random number of items and money, and quite a bit at that. Of course, there's no guarantee that the items will be any better than what you already have, but there is almost always some food and potions to be had, so these places can be a blessing when you stumble across them.

Item Storage and Your Inventory

The amount of items that you can store whenever you return from a mission increases by one each time, and likewise the number of items your new character can take. I recommend always keeping a suit of armor and a potion in here, if you can. Weapons aren't nearly as important as being able to absorb damage and heal yourself early on if you run into trouble, since you can do a decent bit of damage with your fists.

Enemy Movement

If an enemy is awake, they will move towards you one space for every action you take. This includes using items, attacking, or moving. With the exception of one or two, most enemies cannot move and attack in the same round. You can lure an enemy in close to you to get in the first hit by tapping the [space] bar to attack without moving, even if there is nothing to attack. The enemy will move closer to you each time you do until it's within striking distance, in which case you'll be able to get a free hit in.

Enemies can also pick up items if they move over top of them. Once you kill them, they will drop whatever they had. Including whatever they may have stolen from you!


Notes: Some traps work more than once. Some traps don't work at all. It seems to be completely random, so even if you've already activated a trap, avoid stepping on it again. Traps are actually fairly infrequent, but when they do pop up, it's usually at the worst possible time. You can check for traps by "attacking" the square directly in front of you. If there is a trap, this will reveal it. (But not deactivate it.)

Damage Trap - Red circle. Deals random damage, anywhere from 4 - 15.

Zap Trap - White circle. Teleports you to a random location.

Slow Down Trap - Teal circle. Slows you down for a few rounds.

Paralyze Trap - Yellow circle. Paralyzes you for a few rounds.

Pit Trap - Black Circle. Drops you down to the next floor.


Notes: Lights are always unidentified when you find them and thus are dangerous until you know what they are. The name of an unidentified light is random, so don't assume that two unidentified lights with the same name will necessarily do the same thing. Since you don't know what a light does until you use or identify it, you can potentially make a bad situation worse by using them on an incoming enemy out of desperation, only to find out the effect is more or less useless. Try any unidentified lights out first on weak enemies if you can't identify them with a Device.

Slow Light - Slows down enemy movements

Mad Light - Confuses enemies.

Seal Light - Seals an enemy's special attack.


Delicious Food - Fully Restores Vitality

Unappetizing Food - Restores 50 Vitality

Putrefied Food - Restores 50 Vitality, but gives -1 to your power


Cure Drug - Restores 25 HP

Dextoxication Drug - Restores +1 to your power if it was reduced.

Strengthening Drug - Increases your max power by +1.


Notes: Unidentified armor will appear written in red, and equipping it will immediately identify it. Typically unidentified armor is armor that has some sort of bonus to it (+1 or higher) but occasionally will have no bonus at all. All of these can be increased beyond their base value by using an Armor Advancing Device. You can use multiple AADs to increase your armor far beyond its normal capabilities, but be careful. Some enemies have a chance to reduce your armor's effectiveness when they hit you.

Paper Suit - Armor 2

Cotton Suit - Armor 3

Polyester Suit - Armor 4

Leather Suit - Defends again Power Drain, Armor 5


Notes: As with unidentified armor, unidentified weapons appear written in red and can be identified with either an Identification Device or by simply equipping it. And, again, unidentified armor can have a bonus to its attack, or simply be unidentified for giggles. It can be increased by using a Weapon Advancing Device, and you can use several of these on your currently equipped weapon to drastically increase its power.

Glass Sword - Has a chance to shatter, Weapon 2

Plastic Sword - Weapon 2

Crystal Sword - Weapon 3

Iron Sword - Weapon 4


Notes: Along with your melee weapon, you can have one type of bullet equipped all the time, so don't forget to equip some even if you don't necessarily use them that often. Unlike other items, bullets stack in your inventory, so pick up any that you find. Bullets occasionally appear to "misfire", and will miss an enemy by falling short. If this happens, you can usually pick up the bullet afterwards so it isn't wasted.

Laser Bullets - 5-13 DAM, can travel through every enemy in a straight line. Fantastic for corridors.

Rocket Bullets - 10-13 DAM

Lead Bullets - Seem to misfire a lot. Are frequently dropped by anemones.


Notes: Unlike Lights, Devices are single-use items, and vanish once activated. They are arguably some of the most useful items in the game, and whenever you see one, you should investigate it to see if it's something you need. EMP Devices can make a bad situation manageable, while Enemy Sensors can help you avoid them altogether. The only downside is that even multiple Devices of the same type do not stack, so you can easily overcrowd your inventory with them.

Extermination Device - Does 10-13 DAM to every enemy in the room with you.

Sending Device - Transports one item back to storage for you to take with you next time.

Illumination Device - Reveals the entire map, so you can see items and enemies in adjacent areas, even those you haven't explored.

Armor Advancing Device - Gives +1 to your current equipped armor. Effect is stackable.

Weapon Advancing Device - Gives +1 to your current equipped weapon. Effect is stackable.

Acceleration Device - Increases your speed temporarily. (Gives you an extra attack or action.)

Identification Device - Reveals any special properties of an unidentified item. (Items written in red.)

Enemy Sensor - All enemies on the floor are revealed as red dots on the map.

Item Senor - All items on the floor are revealed as blue dots on the map.

EMP Device - Paralyses all enemies in the room with you.

Escaping Device - Aborts mission, teleports you out of dungeon.

Blasting Device - I have no freaking idea. Makes me waste a turn so the spider can pound on me some more?


Notes: The amount of Gold an enemy has is determined by what level they are. The base amount is 10, multiplied by their level, so a level 3 monster will have 30 gold, and so on. This means nearly EVERY beast that comes your way will have a mere 10 gold. It seems that some enemies, if they're trying to get to you and have another enemy blocking their path, such as in a corridor, will attack the creature in front of them. If they kill it, they gain EXP the same way you would, and can level up. While this can be a great way to thin the herd, I don't really recommend it, since they seem to get ridiculously stronger as they progress. I have survived slimes to be whacked by a level 3 anemone doing 16 damage a hit in sturdy armor. Not fun.

Sleeping Enemies: Occasionally, an enemy will spawn "asleep", or inactive, but will wake up if you get within a few squares of it, or once it's been hit. You can use this to avoid it, or to get in a cheap shot from a distance. If a sleeping enemy is blocking the path of an incoming alert one, the alert enemy will always attack the sleeping one.

Egg - Occasionally tries to run away from you. 2 EXP, 10 Gold. 1-3 DAM.

Spring - Occasionally gets an extra move/attack. 6 HP, 2 EXP, 10 Gold.

Penguin - Penguin-shaped enemy. 9 HP, 5 EXP, 10 Gold.

Larva - Enemy that resembles a bug larva. 6 HP, 1 EXP, 10 Gold.

Squid - Can paralyse you. 19 HP, 12 EXP, 10 Gold.

Baby - Crawling humanoid enemy. 3 EXP, 10 Gold. 1-3 DAM.

Snake - Can drain your power by -1. 6 EXP, 10 Gold.

Anemone - Has ranged attack. If it is sleeping, it will wake up as soon as you step in front of it, no matter how far away. Usually drops a few lead bullets on defeat. 5 EXP, 10 Gold. 4-6 DAM.

Cockroach - Can multiply itself occasionally when hit. 5 EXP, 10 Gold.

Butterfly - Can teleport you to random spots. 15 EXP, 10 Gold.

Tadpole - Can steal whatever gold you were carrying, then teleport away. Usually drops a large amount of gold on defeat even if it didn't steal yours. 10 EXP, 10 Gold.

Spider - 16 EXP, 10 Gold.

Slime - Can lower your armor's defense, 25 EXP, 10 Gold.

Egg (Massive) - Sometimes drops a random item on defeat. 25 EXP, 10 Gold.

Mouse - Can steal your items. Teleports to a random location when cornered. ??

Crab - ??


Geez, what is the filesize on this game? Or is it just incredibly slow loading? o-O


I have found that were not on the list:

Strong Cure Drug [though I didn't document the HP cured]

Damage Light [does exactly 20 damage to every enemy I have tested it on, very useful.]

Also, the Blasting Device can actually be useful. As far as I can tell, it knocks all surrounding enemies away in a straight line until they hit a wall, so if you use it in the right spot, it'll give you a turn to shoot, irradiate, whatever, without getting bitten.


This game is awesome, I love roguelikes.
Although, the combination of tight clothes and nudity does lead me to a certain conclusion...

For those of you that lose, just remember losing is fun!


other items:

Poison trap- lowers power by one, green circle
EMP light- same as device, but only who it's pointed at
zapping light and device- teleports you (device) or enemy it's pointed at (light) to a random spot on the floor. it might be called zapper, not quite sure. :P

Anonymous August 25, 2009 9:53 PM

More stats:

Putreid food also lowers hp by 5.

Detoxic potion restores ALL lost power (not just 1) and clears confusion. Power seems to influence the melee damage you do.

There's also a paralyzing light (didn't use ident. on it so not sure name). And all lights of one type will have the same name, though they might change between differnet missions.

Ammo seems to deal more damage as you go down/increase in lvl (as in early on lead only dealt 3-4, at ~15 it deals 7-9).

Tadpole and Mouse will try to evade you after they steal something and teleport. Note that they will move twice per action now. If you corner them entirely, they WILL fight back (and with double action and strong attack, it's better to just keep shooting them).
Ostrich enemies moves twice per action period, but has 4x weakness to melee. It also has 48+ life. Snake has 2x weakness to melee.

Note that using EMP/exterminate will alert all enemies to you if they weren't already.

Vitality trap- lowers vitality by 50.
Pit trap CAN make you miss your power source. It seems that if you do, you can go down endlessly, and can only return though the escape device.

One thing I don't like about it is how... slow it can be. I would like an option to remove the movement and fight animation.


Few more things...

vitality trap- blue.
stain trap-purple- makes armor -1
you definitely do more damage as you level, hp isnt the only thing that rises.


It's definitely interesting, but is it just me that wonders if it wouldn't be better with a traditional rogue-like text view?


Nice Azure Dreams reference there, I love that game :)

I just picked up a "power implant", with the description "While having equipped with this, power changes".

Using it increases my maximum and current power by 1.

Also, you forgot to include the ever-important SENSORS in your list. You know, item sensor, enemy sensor, trap sensor... that kind of thing. The ones that add more info to your map.


Sorry, I'd edit my previous post, but I don't think I can with TypeKey =P Maybe time to get a JiG only account?

Anyway, I just picked up another power implant in the same game, and used it. Both of them identify as power implant +1, but their effects don't stack. I'll know to send it home next time =) Just a heads up for the other players.


Sorry about TRIPLE posting, but more info on implants.

They're actually equipment, that's why they didn't stack.

I guess maybe "IMPLANTS" needs to be added to your list as well?

garcia1000 August 26, 2009 3:34 AM

Doing mission 2, I got a ceramic sword. It is Weapon 5 and has innate "Does extra damage to a particular enemy".

SteelPenguin August 26, 2009 6:39 AM

Anybody have the full control list (beyond mouse clicking, like is there a wait for X turns) my how to play page is always rendered in a different language. Great game, used to play nethack a lot have been looking for something with a gui (was using the nethack tile set) that is fun to play.

Anonymous August 26, 2009 8:07 AM

(Not sure if previous message was sent, if so replace with this one)

More stats (same guest as before)

That paralyzing light is the EMP light someone mentioned before.

When thrown, lights do the same effect as irradiated (so they have 1 more charge for use). Armor and devices do minimal damage, but weapons do as much as melee.

Cotton suit prevents paralysis. Plastic sword is only 1 power but often is at least +1.

Spring can move and attack though not double move/attack. Small Eggs tends to move randomly until they are next to you, in which they usually attack. They stop appearing after a while.

You only get 1 escape device per mission and you can't find them (as far as I know). You can however, send as many items to storage as you can rather than 1 with sending.
Zapping device randomly teleports you.

Use map to see what you've already seen (also in big rooms to see if there's anything) and hidden things if you used item/enemy sensor. Traps are only revealed if you can see the room. Illumination reveals the floor map and acts as if your in every room/corridor (and thus can see items/monsters) but does not reveal those on the map.

Rooms change tiles every 5 floors.
There's 2 types of special floors that I've seen:
1) Start in Large open room. Enemies flood in from sides all active. Sides contain long corridor rooms with many items. EMP/extermination devices very useful here
2) Start in 3x3 room with 4 long corridors. Each ends in a medium room filled with either: enemies (3 of them) or items (only 1). Be sure to get prepared before going into these rooms. Item/enemy sensor can be useful.


The Stain Trap resets, so if you step on it once, it won't deactivate.
I got my Polymer Suit down to -2 because of that.

It took me a while to realise that "Boot" meant "Use".


There's also another special floor of two medium connected rooms, with lots of items and a few monsters. That is a good room to find.

What is the purpose of gold?


And to think, the last thing I played that resembled this was Cyber Recession Warrior: Edgar.


I cannot quite seem to figure out whether or not the sensors last for more than one level. If they do it seems like they stop working as well.

It seems if a light doesn't already have a number the battery does die after a while.

Yes boot as in boot up like a PC

Maybe the gold has a purpose after you win a mission.

Minor flaws:
When I miss it says "it missed"
When it misses it says my characters name missed.

A larger area for actions would be nice, that is the part that tells you what happens. Sometimes I miss important things because it starts going by so fast when multiple things happen.

It would also be nice if they walk faster not just when they have a long distance to go, though part of that may be a slow computer. It would speed up the game a bit and make you want to play longer and have more time to play.


Here's my bit :


Damage Light: does 20 damage on any irradiated enemy, and that was when I was level 1; did another 20 on huge egg later.


Strong Cure Drug: unknown healing points yet, but must heal more than 25HP :P. Also heals power.


Here are the information I've collected about some enemies.

Most enemies detect you when you are 2 squares away from it (in other words, wakes up when you are within 2 squares of reaching it)

Larva has 5 HP, not 6. Detects character at 3 squares.

Mouse will teleport after stealing or cornered while holding an item, find a corner and move back and forth on 2 squares tiles. It is easiest to retrieve your item back by finding and shooting it from a distance, that way the mouse won't react to danger at all.

Huge eggs detect you when you are one square from it. About 20~25 damage. I found it easiest to use slow light on it, then step up to it when it moves, hit it, and back off in one straight line while repeating the "hit and run". Usually the egg will never get a chance to hit you.


Amazingly, throwing stuff towards enemies does cause effects on enemies.

Weapons cause the most damage (slightly less than wielding them), armor cause about 2, and food does 1.

Most interesting ones are devices. They cause whatever effect they would do on you. I've nearly killed myself by throwing an exterminator device, released 2 larvas to the outside world with escape and sending device (screen reads: "perhaps they're already causing panic in the outside world"), and even identified an egg ("Max HP: 5 Attack: 3 Defense: 1").

Drugs heal the enemies like they do to us.

Lights have the same effect as irradiating them, but still work without batteries.

Sadly the thrown items disappear if it hit an enemy.

Hope this helps!


cure drug:

gives you bonus HP if you take it when you do not need it. ie. your hp is full


cure drug: (edit)

When taken with full HP it Increases max HP by 2 and Vitality level by 5 if it is lower than say 95, not max amount. Needs to be tested to see if it increases max Vitality when vitality is full


Strong Cure drug:

When your HP is full ads 5 to max hp and 5 to Vitality, vitality cannot go above 100

No matter where you are sending your character you can stop them dead in their tracks by clicking; this helps when you see you are about to run into an enemy or want to get to a section fast, but not pass it.


Two cute little spoilers

throwing things is a good options, especially if you are in a corridor and there is only a straight line to throw things, I paralyzed big egg by throwing on him some paper suit :)

your health (HP) increases with turns passing, keep attack button (click on your character and keep button pressed, or keep space pressed), its shows turns in fast forward and you can recover HP against vitality. Problem is if some enemy/ies detect you in that time, they appear to come running at you at 4X speed :):)

Good luck

Anonymous August 27, 2009 4:14 PM

Has anyone figured out what the "fluoride processing device" does?


Very interesting and frighteningly addictive; is it just me, though, or does the game seem to slow down the longer it's played? I'm running it on a fairly newer laptop with the latest update to the browser... even so, I do find myself after yet another ended game closing out the window and loading it again to get it to run at its normal speed. Some kind of procedural overflow, maybe? (Of course, it IS a test release...)


It is so annoying when you die because you randomly discover no food.

Just died twice in a row because of that. Any ideas to avoid this?


I have noticed that is slows down after playing it for while. I have noticed this with other games. I am not sure why they do it. It has a save feature so every once in a while I save close and come back.

Pretty good for a test release.


A back button if you messed up before you start and maybe a confirm when you want to start in case you forgot some items.


The thing where it switched that I was missing and the machine was missing seems to be fixed.

Maybe it is luck but on the second mission I am not finding any of my dead selves. I swear that they were still showing up last night.


Generally, roguelike communities don't consider tactical and mechanics discussions spoilery, but out of respect for precedent and compact presentation of info, here's a tidbit (a looong tidbit):

While coming into a roomful of baddies (one of the aforementioned "3 monster, 1 loot" configurations), I found the situation clearly hopeless in the open, and, being without any zappers, quickly backpedaled down the long hallway. The two anemones, who just happened to be perfectly aligned with the entrance, started firing at me immediately, while the rest collapsed single-file into the hall after me. To top it off, a spring led the charge, harrying me down the corridor with his damned move/attack number. Things were not looking good. Then: I noticed the anemone bullets were no longer hitting me--they were hitting the creature in front of it. So: One by one, as I painfully advanced down the oh-so-long passage, the two tendrilly deadeyes picked off my enemies one by one, and then the rear one shot his brother in the back, until finally they knocked off the spring at my heels. The final anemone got in one good shot at me before I ducked around the corner and was safe.
Here's the interesting part: everytime they killed one of their compatriots, they gained a level! The last one was at Level 5 before he found himself the only bear in the bed. I didn't note if level increased damage dealt; I meant to do just that as I laid in wait for him to exit the hallway, but he shot me dead, diagonally across the corner before I even saw him, and as I only had 5 HP (his normal damage) I didn't even get to sacrifice poor Fyodor for the cause of knowledge.


Comment on spoiler by Maddy

about throwing things.
One exception: DON'T throw a blasting device when you're within range. Almost killed me : /



Mission two.

I was on the 18th floor and my character had just reached level 19 when I decided to take the plunge in an attempt to retrieve the device. Using a combo of lighting/enemy detect implants I beelined for the stairs on every floor.

Things were going swimingly until about level 22 when I hit THE SPHERE, a giant orb that rolled around trying to pulverize me in a single room without stairs. I eventually tore it apart after what seemed about twenty rocket blasts, severely depleting what had once seemed a healthy stockpile. Undaunted, and with no other choice at all, I went down the stairs that appeared when the massive thing blew up.

Dodging apes, earthworms, clams, snails, and other things I didn't ask the names of, I had just reached the final level when I found myself suddenly cornered by a hoard of unnameable beasties. As they closed in I prepared to face my certain death courageously, by stumbling backwards, when I was suddenly teleported across the level and directly to the device by a divinely placed zap trap! Thanking the seven gods of luck, I grabbed the device and hurried up the stairs.

Level 23, 22, 21, 20... I was almost back into territory that I could handle. Everything depleted except one well-used slow light and several quite delicious bento box lunches. For a hellish dungeon, the food is amazing.

Two monsters between me and the stairs. I play ring around the rosey with an ape, get past him and head for the stairs with him trailing six steps behind. Another ape waits in front of the stairs. No problem. My health is almost full for the first time in ages. I'll slow him and slip past, and get these delicious bentos... I mean this device, back to headquarters. Ha ha.

I slow him and make the dash. A few steps from the stairs, the ape pounds me one as expected, one more step and then... CLICK. Zap. Paralyzed.

The ape pounds me. His friend races up and joins the fun. A hundred fifty hitpoints fly out the window in a matter of seconds. Luckily, the paralysis wears off when I have just twelve left. One more hit is death. The stairs are two steps away. I have nowhere safe to move.

I just sit there looking at the stairs for the longest time.



Thanks arachne for the caveat


New items I found on Mission 2


scouting implant: shows all enemies on the map

search implant: shows all items on the map

avoiding trap implant: shows traps and disables them - very usefull

power implant: changes your power - can make it go up or down

hunger implant: didn't really test this, but as far as I can tell it causes your vitality to drop slower or faster


confusion device: confuses enemies, which means it makes them totally unpredictable - I used it once and I'm not going to try again...

repairing device: repairs "mulfunctioning" equipment, the malfunction being that you can't take it off any more

fluoride processing device: not very clear what this one does, but as for as I understand the info I guess it protects you against stain traps and the special attack of slimes

battery for light: recharges a light to a maximum of 5 hits

Did anyone finish Mission 2?
How did your thriller story end, barsin?


Has anyone tried throwing putrefied food at an enemy?
And speaking of food, barsin, what did those dungeon bento boxes look like, anyway? I bet they were full of egg :) (Loved the story, by the way...'courageously stumbling backwards in the face of certain death' made me choke on my health drink, a nice irony...)


throwing putrefied food only does ~2 damage. I was very disappointed.


This has to be one of the POOREST designed games I've ever played. Sure it seems like fun for a while until you discover the whole deck is stacked against you.

There is NO SAVE while you're playing so you can't just go back up a level when you die. You have to start all over again.

There never seems to be enough food around to keep from starving.

There's no way to run away from multiple enemies so you just get pounded to death. Then it's START OVER TIME.

If you ever use the escaping device it's lost and gone forever - unless you start in a new game slot.

There seems to be only one "sending device" per slot and it only works on one item so you can't stock up a supply in a game slot then start well armed.

Several of the other "devices" - the "enemy detection" comes to mind - don't work as advertised. Heck, I couldn't get 'em to do anything at all.

Dumb dumb DUMB game. This one needs a load of work to be playable. Playing for a half hour to an hour at a crack only to be met with one impossible scenario after another isn't my idea of a good time.

On a scale of one to ten I'd give this a negative three.


Arachne: I took one step and the gorillas smashed me right there at the end. I guess it hurt too much to type, but I'm feeling much better now really.

Mezzanote: The bentos are all shaped into naked people for some strange reason. Naked people surrounded by egg monsters.

Aaronzdad: Much of what you said (deck stacked against you, no save, always starving to death) is pretty much the definition of roguelike. Those aren't bugs man, they're features! Try Nethack or Adom for some serious masochism.

But I agree the mechanics are off. I never really noticed much benefit to upgrading weapons/armor or raising power level, and when I resume the game I'd lose my locate traps/lighting. I think this is just an open alpha (it says "Experimentally open to the public" at the bottom) so hopefully they'll keep working on it.


Of course right after that post I found three bodies, first had nothing, got pitted before I could look at the second and the third had an item on it.

I went back and redid mission one to get items for mission 2, hopefully it will help. It seemed hopeless starting from scratch. Got to 11/12 and died so why not just redo 1 and have items to help. I have a bunch of blasts, laser bullets and exterminators so it should help quite a bit. I am now on Mission 2 upgrading my components; I have done this about 3 times now. my plastic sword is at +6 both my suits are at +2 and both are rust proof. I have a cotton suit and a leather suit. This may be the time I finish this mission, not risking starting over again. Eh died, I quit.

Here are my efforts:

Anyone tried using the power source?

Will your power drop when eating putrefied food when wearing a leather suit?

I found an escaping device on level 2 of mission 2

This is a compilation of what I found and others have written.
For all extra descriptions see Dora's walkthrough and all other people's spoilers

Malfunction (at least I think it is): If you have an implant that does something and you have a device that does the same and you use the device and uninstall the implant then the devices effect is like you never used it. How did this happen? I had a different implant I wanted to use and booted the device and switched implants to only find the device's effect was gone.

You will not die if your vitality is at 0/100, but you cannot move, you can still use your items, eating food is best, I did not try out any others.

Amazingly, throwing stuff towards enemies does cause effects on enemies.

See Nickyh's bit for longer description.

you can have the map up while moving, this is nice if you have the enemy sensor implant, then you know who is after you and where.

I prefer to walk around in my leather suit so I don't lose power on poison traps.

Items must be in baggage to take with you. Items must be put in storage for next character to use. You can store more items as you lose more times.

your health (HP) increases with turns passing (per square moved or action, increase speed differs depending on your level)

keep attack button (click on your character and keep button pressed, or keep space pressed), its shows turns in fast forward and you can recover HP against vitality. (Also looks cool) Does not work during combat. Problem is if some enemies detect you in that time, they appear to come running at you at 4X speed :):)

No matter where you are sending your character you can stop them dead in their tracks by clicking; this helps when you see you are about to run into an enemy or want to get to a section fast, but not pass it. The spacebar also works.

On the second mission I found there to be these items:
A battery for light
Search implant
Fix for malfunctioning items
A malfunctioning suit cannot be taken off

~Decryptions:(random names of items)
It seems when the items are red the name varies per play. This shows a list of names you may see the description will likely not be the item you actually pick up. It is long so I spoilered it.

Lighting implant: shows entire map. You can see the enemies and items, but not using map. With this you can see the exit on the map, but not in the room until you enter it
Novel implant: shows all enemies
Lovely implant: shows all items; if you throw one at an enemy it tells you how much gold they have or an item
Queer implant: Power max +2
Bizarre implant: power implant
Antique implant:
Puzzled implant: Search implant - shows items on the map
Stinking implant: Power up 2 above max; shows the exit; avoiding trap implant, shows traps
Queer light: sealing light - stops their special attack
Shabby light: damage light/seal light two times that I got it
Cool light: EMP light
Clean light: Seal light
Stinking light: Paralyzing
Dirty light: Seal light. Seals/stops enemies special; slow light
Odd light: Mad light: confusion
Unpleasant light: damaging light
Lovely light: zapping light
Beautiful light: zapping light
Mysterious light:
Novel light: damage light
Heavy light: mad light
Peculiar light: EMP light
Special light: slow light
Antique light: EMP light
Stinking light: damage light
Recommended light: slow light
Desreputable light: mad light
Warm light: zapping light
Fragrant light: damage light
Special drug: detoxifying drug
Strange drug: detoxication drug
Mysterious drug: cure drug the two times I got it
Heavy drug: strong curing drug
Peculiar drug: cure drug
Aged drug: cure drug
Bizarre drug: strengthening, ads 1 to max power; strong cure drug
Weird drug: strong cure drug
Odd drug: cure drug
Queer drug: cure drug
Desreputable drug: strengthening drug
Lovely drug: detoxication drug

~Item descriptions:
Delicious Food: Fully Restores Vitality
Unappetizing Food: Restores 50 Vitality
Putrefied Food: Restores 50 Vitality, but gives -1 to your power and lowers HP by 5, best to throw unless you absolutely have to use it or have detoxifying drug

Cure drug:
When taken with full HP it Increases max HP by 2 and Vitality level by 5 if it is lower than say 95, not max amount.
Strong Cure drug:
When your HP is full ads 5 to max hp and 5 to Vitality, vitality cannot go above 100
Dextoxication Drug: Restores all of your power if it was reduced.
Strengthening Drug: Increases your max power by +1.

Enamel suit: Avoids confusion Armor 6
Cotton suit: avoids paralysis Armor 3
Paper suit: Reduction in vitality is suppressed Armor 2 (use if you need to walk around to gain HP)
Polyester Suit: Armor 4 Reduction in vitality is suppressed
Leather Suit: Defends again Power Drain, Armor 5; helps against egg attack
Polymer Suit:

~Implants:(only one can be installed one at a time
Power implant: Using it increases my maximum and current power by 1
Search implant: shows all items on the floor
Scouting implant: shows all enemies

~Swords:(likes to "misfire" when throwing)
Glass Sword: Has a chance to shatter, Weapon 2
Ceramic sword: Weapon 5 Does extra damage to a particular enemy (I did not get an identifier to identify it, it might not tell you)
Plastic sword: 1 weapon
Crystal sword: 3 weapon
Iron Sword: Weapon 4

~Shootable items:(damage depends on your level)
Laser bullet: great for enemies in a row, can travel through every enemy in a straight line. Fantastic for corridors
Lead bullet: Seem to misfire a lot. Are frequently dropped by anemones.
Rocket Bullets:

Have same effect when thrown even when the battery is is dead. There are batteries, but rare and possibly only starting at the second mission.
Slow Light: Slows down enemy movements
Mad Light: Confuses enemies
Seal Light: Seals/stops an enemy's special attack.
Zapping light: teleports enemy to random location
Damage Light: does 20 damage on any irradiated enemy
EMP light: paralyzes enemies

~Devices (single use):
Extermination device: Does 10-13 Damage to every enemy in the room with you. Alerts all other enemies where you are
Confusion device: confuses enemies, be ware!
Zapping device: zaps you out of the room
Armor Advancing Device: adds one to your armors defense
Weapon Advancing Device: adds one to your weapon
Sending Device: Transports one item back to storage for you to take with you next time.
Illumination Device: Reveals the entire map, so you can see items and enemies in adjacent areas, even those you haven't explored.
Acceleration Device: Increases your speed temporarily. (Gives you an extra attack or action.)
Identification Device: Reveals any special properties of an unidentified item. (Items written in red.)
EMP Device: Paralyzes all enemies in the room with you.
Escaping Device: Aborts mission, teleports you out of dungeon.
Blasting Device: Blasts all enemies back, works best in larger rooms "I have no freaking idea. Makes me waste a turn so the spider can pound on me some more?" :)
Escape device: Receive on mission 1
Repairing device: repairs malfunctioning items
Fluoride processing device: stops degradation of suit under equipment. My guess it stops slime from reducing your suits armor "It will not rust" how silly

~Sensors (works on the floor you are on):
Trap sensor
Enemy sensor
Item sensor

(Red) Damaging trap: -4-15 HP; 5 damage at level 2; 10 damage level 8; level7 floor 7 mission 2 20 Dmg; level four floor 4 mission 2 Dmg 8; level 1 floor 1 mission 2 1 Dmg
(Silver/white) Zap rap: zaps you to a random location
(Purple) Stain trap: reduces armor by 1
(Black) Pit trap: takes you to the next level
(Teal) Slow Down Trap: Slows you down for a few rounds.
(Yellow) Paralyze Trap: Paralyzes you for a few rounds
(Green) Poison trap: lowers power by one
(Blue) Vitality trap: lowers vitality by 50; 26 at level 2

Egg: HP: about 5 HP Exp: 2 Dmg: 1-3 HP Random movement. If it moves it will not attack that turn.
Larva: HP: 5 HP Exp: 1 Detects at: 3
Spring: HP: about 6 HP two moves Detects at: 3
Penguin: HP: 7 HP Dmg: 3 HP Detects at: 2
Baby: Crawling humanoid enemy HP: about 7 Exp: 3 Dmg: 1-3
Snake: HP: about 19 Exp: 6 Special: reduces armor by 1. 2x weakness to melee.
Squid: HP: 19 HP Exp::12 Special: Hypnotize/paralysis for 1-5 turns, sometimes it will do it twice in a row 10 Gold
Sea Anemone: Has ranged attack. HP: about 11 HP Exp: 5 Dmg: 4-6 Will shoot other enemies in the way and level up, that will also leave you 1 bullet to pick up Detects at: 6
Spider: HP: about 16 HP Exp: 16 Dmg: 10 HP
Cockroach: HP: about 11 HP Exp: 5 Special: Fissures, creates another of itself
Huge egg: HP: about 28 Dmg: 20-25 Exp: 21 Detect at: 1 Throw paper suit to stun. Sometimes drops a random item on defeat. I found it easiest to use slow light on it, then step up to it when it moves, hit it, and back off in one straight line while repeating the "hit and run". Usually the egg will never get a chance to hit you.
Batterfly: HP: around 28 Dmg: about 9 Exp: 15 Special: zaps you to a random location
Tadpole: Exp: 10 Dmg: 7-9 Special: Steals all gold then teleports
Slime: HP about 41 or less Can lower your armor's defense Exp: 25
Mouse: Can steal your items. Teleports to a random location when cornered. Mouse will teleport after stealing or cornered while holding an item, find a corner and move back and forth on 2 squares tiles. It is easiest to retrieve your item back by finding and shooting it from a distance, that way the mouse won't react to danger at all. I also seem to misfire a lot when shooting at it.
Clab: High armor Dmg: about 12-14
Bagworm: HP: around 60 The little guy on the loading page. Hard to tell where it is, look at the shadow, it is 1 above the shadow. Explodes on death, puts you down to 1HP, bad for multiple enemy encounters. Also high misfire rate, probably better to use lights.
Ostrich: moves twice per action period, but has 4x weakness to melee. It also has 48+ life

I saw some sort of multi-tentacled creature, not gonna get close enough to look at it.

Anonymous August 30, 2009 2:55 PM

Sometimes I like to be patient and get my character's level 1 ahead of the next floor she or he is about to enter. While doing this I've noticed the character tends to level up when it has these amounts of points:

Level 1: Start at.
Level 2: 10 pts.
Level 3: 30 pts.
Level 4: 60 pts
Level 5: 100 pts.
Level 6: 150 pts.
Level 7: 230 pts.
Level 8: 350 pts.
Level 9: 500 pts.
Level 10: 700 pts.
Level 11: 950 pts.
Level 12: unfortunately haven't got that far--stupid enemies >P

Hope that helps when trying to determine if you have enough vitality to wait around.


Mission 2 - warning

Be very carefull with identifying lights by using them. I got one that puts the enemy's HP down to 1, but yours also. Which means if you are only one square away from the enemy you're dead.

Happened to me at level 18... : (


Identification device:

Tells you the enemies attack and health


I like this. It's a bit hard to get into, it's all about item control. I started a new savegame once I figured that out and beat mission 1 in 4 runs.

About only getting 1 escaping device:

You actually get one each time you try mission one as well as some food, but only if you have enough space in your home inventory. This means that if you completely fill up your inventory the first time you escape, there will only be room for the food the next time you try the mission (you get one extra slot the next time you try). So instead, always keep 1 spot free when you escape.

With this in mind, I would prefer if the 'free mission items' were put directly into the active inventory

Lot of fun otherwise, the laser bullets are especially awesome when used at the right moment (gained two levels in a couple of shots once ^_^)


Floor 18 she started walking really slow, even after I reloaded the game. Still not even normal speen with the acceleration implant

Could not get past level 19 on mission 2 due to lack of food, bullets and HP, escaped alive for now.


Detoxication drug also gives you 5+ vitality

you can reveal traps by swinging at them

Hunger implant: The reduction pace of vitality becomes quick; seems to help, i

ahve nto come across much food

Putrified food still lowers power even when wearing leather suit

Damage trap: level 16, floor 15 49 damage

Batterfly: HP: around 26

Mouse: when cornered hits you twice and teleports if you do not kill it in one


Clab: about 36 HP

Slime: dmg about 8-11

Ostrich: about 8 damage and double hit; moves two spaces; detects at 2

spaces and hits you; I have been hitting it for about 57, but doesn't dies til the

second shot, died when I hit it for 60 on the first shot

bag worm: around 75 HP; so its special attack basically is whenever it dies

When you are right in front of it it flings you back as far as you can go; 30 xp;

blasting device up close kills bagworm

Flower "tentacle creature": HP about 51; about 14-16 damage You must be

right in front of it for it to notice you or shoot it

golden egg(?; was too busy wanting to shoot it and looking at the stats to look

at the name): HP 10; 500 xp, only hit for about two at level 14 and rocket shot,

had to hit about 4 times; left 1270 gold, second time dropped detox drug;

moves 3; Dmg: hits for about 17 3 times in a row and once you hit it it teleports

Earthworm: about 42 HP; Dmg 10; probably has a nasty special; 40 exp

Pig: Hp about 90; shoots at you, drops items. shoots rocket bullets

Gorilla: about 57 HP; dmg 25

Floor 16 has a grate like floor

level 12: I would guess 1250
level 13: about 1500
level14: about 1800
level 15: ? 2500?
level 16: about 3000
level 17: about 4000


you get escape devices in mission 2, they do not just hand it to you like on mission 1, though you may or may not find one.


Finally beat level 2

I'd always wear a paper/polyester suit unless facing a special monster. I'd camp on floors with lots of food until it was exhausted, usually only carrying 3 or 4 food with me to the next level. I tried to stay 2 levels or more above whatever floor I was on, so I would have a decent chance of beating any special floors I hit. Once my guy hit level 20 I dove down to get the thingamabob, which turned out to be on level 26. With a +5 ceramic sword and +3 polyester, and the help of many lights and copious ammo, I was able to take out everything that came my way. No running this time.
A couple tips: Make sure to bring enough food/ammo for the trip back; there will be NO items or item drops on any normal floors (but special floors will have items as normal.) Have a scouting implant and a lighting implant. This makes it a heck of alot easier to find the stairs and see what's coming at you and when.
Mice: if you kill them before they can steal from you they will always drop gold or an item. So camping levels with mice is nice.

New Critters:

(hps are estimates)
gorilla 180 xp 52hp
earthworm 40xp 40hp drains levels
snail 30xp 150 hp slowing attack
pig 40 xp 75 hp shoots
jellyfish 150 xp 70 hp invisible
jaguar 380 xp 50 hp ???
shell 90 hp vitality drain
man 150 xp 80 hp ???
fish 600 xp moves twice hits hard
batterfly2 250 xp confuses
level 21 sphere a ton of hitpoints

Levels xp

2 10
3 30
4 60
5 100
6 150
7 230
8 350
9 500
10 700
11 950
12 1200
13 1500
14 1800
15 2300
16 3000
17 4000
18 6000
19 9000
20 15000
21 23000


Use the damage light

on the golden egg. The golden egg has very high defense but low HP. Damage light will kill it in one shot for an easy 500 xp.

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


Putrefied food now seems to restore 100 vitality, a nice trade for loss of power. Still not sure what power is for.


Level 3 spoilers

Things start to get really hard now. No weapon or armor types are identified, and wearing or using them no longer identifies them. No devices or lights are identified, and there are new ones thrown in that can rapidly ruin your day.

Higher level monsters sometimes show up on the early levels. Once, I got smooshed by a giant egg on the first floor! A couple times on levels 3-5 an endless swarm of larvae would show up and wash over me. I killed thirty or more in a hallway once, and they still kept coming at me from both sides. Not sure if this is a special floor with items or what.

I did manage to get one character up to level 19 after about eight quick, early deaths, so it's not impossible, especially with all the dead bodies lying around to loot. So that's a plus. I think.

The power source is down on or around level 30, so good luck.

New Items so far:

reduction device -- slows user
toxic drug -- 24 damage
acceleration light -- speeds up monsters
love light -- gives half your hp to enemy
growing light -- raises level of enemy


Wow, I just hit a battle level where there were 14 sea anenomes coming at me all at once on floor 8 of mission 2.

More updates:

Sometimes it gives random item on mission 2 and unappetizing food. I have seen weapon advancing, battery, fluoride, armor advancing

Even the strengthening drug gives you 5 vitality

Snake: Hp no more than 18

Lighting implant lets you see the whole map, but may alert all enemies that are after you where you are, though they could have already have been after me

Tadpole: Special: If you have not money it will say "A tadpole Is watching the run of events"

A batterfly sent me into a room full of metalix on one of the battle levels and the only one that woke up was the one I was right next to

Sea anenome: HP more like 12-13

Eating food when at 100/max raises vitality 5 for unappetizing, 10 for delicious, putrefied does not raise vitality max. The amount of HP you get from food goes up as you have higher vitality

Your HP goes up by 1 by stepping on the ladder, it will not raise max HP

Slime: If it wasn't obvious, slime cannot stain you if you are naked. Detects at 2

When you run out of vitality it starts draining your HP. Even at 0 vitality and needing 125 for max vitality putrefied food filled it all.

Mouse: attack 12-14

Issue: if the enemy is blocking your view it is hard to find an accurate direction to move, specially difficult with large eggs.

It seems when they are not active the metalix cannot see you around the corner, the ones that are 2 space activated

When you "use" the power source it does not seem to do anything

when your power goes down you hit less hard

garcia1000 September 3, 2009 6:42 AM

This isn't a spoiler:

Gold is used to get you items. For example, at 50,000 gold, you will get a "flouride processing device".

So Gold is useful.

Also, never go into battle without an escaping device on you! Otherwise you'll be sad. You can get an escaping device by doing mission 1 and then dying immediately.

garcia1000 September 3, 2009 6:46 AM


A good way to kill tough monsters is

in a doorway. For example, earthworms are scary, but cockroach is not scary.


# wall
e earthworm
c cockroach
@ human
. empty space

When you stand like this, only the cockroach can hit you. But you can attack diagonally and hit the earthworms!

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


It seems to me that the paper/polyester suits do not reduce the vitality drain when taking turns, but it does prevent drain from traps. Can anyone confirm this? All of my characters have a problem finding food, but walking around with a paper suit doesn't seem to help much and I don't have the inventory space to have multiple armors.


Lt Drebin: That's true, it doesn't help with normal vitality loss, but I usually hit enough vitality traps and food is so scarce that I'm justified wearing it through the game. Being paralyzed only lasts a second and hitpoints regenerate but vitality loss is just gone. I've never once starved to death in this game yet so it seems to be working.

New special level stage 3:

Swarm stage.

About thirty monsters are spawned at either end of a series of five or so rooms connected by straight hallways. The player is spawned in one of the middle rooms. The stairs are in one of the other few rooms. Your job is to realize what level you are on and beat feet to the stairs, grab as many items as you can, and get the heck out of there.

I've beaten it twice. A confuse light comes in really handy here because it will stop an entire hoard in its tracks. One time I didn't have a chance to get to the stairs even if I had done everything perfectly -- the monsters were already there before me -- but a helpful batterfly helped me out. This would be a great level for a bunch of laser bullets.


Once your vitality is gone it starts draining your HP


my status: abort mission 3 on floor 26...

This is the most interesting rpg flash game I ever played, comparing with those only about graphic design or similar story. I am addicted with it, especially its random feature.

in mission 3 ->

The stone is around 30th floor. (still cant see it yet)

Only 5 items can be selected from storage. (Hard to choose, and I cant imagine the number in later mission)

So far, the monsters are same with mission 2 (but with large quantity). I was almost killed in floor 26 by laser monster (forget name because of its range attack and 5X damage), even I have seen it in mission 2 before.

General Tips and Mission 1

Get knowing the effect and combination usage of items, like, blasting device then extermination device. These skills are very necessary later on.

2 empty spaces in storage before mission is required for getting escape device.

Mission 1 is easy mission by now, comparing with mission 3.

Save bullets in early floors.

*Save Armor Advancing Device and Weapon Advancing Device for later weapon. (My choice are Polyster Suit and Ceramic sword, they are more than +15 now)

Feel free for retry, that also make storage space, you need 20 very soon.

Escape, dont take risk. You need your items for future.

Traps in the battle can really kill you. Dont walking around when fighting in open room (esp in later stages). Use ranged attack to attact enemies to the corridor, killing 1 by 1 and no traps.

Attack (space bar) to the hidden traps can show the traps.

Truning corner in the corridor give you 1 more time to attack before the enemy reach.

I like rush and rush a lot, but I still exp framing in special floors because I dont have to move too much, this saves food.

Hold space bar for fast forward, get your hp. Bewear of traps with low hp.

When you almost reach the target level floors, stay out of trouble (monsters with special ability).

However, after you reach the target level floors, kill all monsters chasing you, because they may pick the stone already.

No items in general floor when returning, except special floors.

Normally 2 drugs and 2 foods are enough for surviving in normal way. You need other different items in your pocket.

Use drug before last second.

Dont trust your last attack, it will MISS.

***Trouble with random items name?

If the identified item is in the storage, you dont have to identifed that again in the game. Trust me, this skill is a must in later missions.


Mission 2

Things going a bit hard now, a bit exp farming when got too much food.

The first and very important thing is escape device. ......... go back to mission 1 with 2 empty spaces, in storage selection screen (before mission start), press refresh in broswer (I really mean your IE or firfox), then start your new mission.

Use armor and weapon advancing device on your only armor and weapon.

Plenty of laser bullets is necessary on special floor.

Slow Light is your god light when against Any monsters. ( 1 hit, 1 step backwards, repeat)

Battery have the same effect with identify device on lights.

Ranged attack (bullets or lights) if you do not have protection of enemies special attack.

Most monsters speacial attacks can be sealed when they get mad (confused status).

Mouse is the most terrible enemy in most case, they have stolen my wepaon (which I was using), stone and ESCAPE DEVICE in later stages, dont let them get closed! (or just my bad luck??! imagine suddenly cant escape or fighting in bared hand)

Bagworm got good combos for exploding with other enemies or traps beside where you land. My way to deal with it now is 2 hits on it, slow or emp, step back, then last bullet. (if I dont have seal light)

Emp can last in a few turns only.

Snail is your exp if it is alone, go 1 hit and 1 step backwards.

you need 1hp light (forget the name) to deal with the Sphere, quick kill.

I got the stone on around 25th floor....,

and that was the first time I saw that crazy laser monster. Escape device is not working after picking up the stone. (Dont know if I drop the stone, any idea?) I zapped it then kept running ,luckily strong enough with my +10 weapon and armor and I was just level 20.

Turning back straght away with 2 delicious food and light implant or avoid trap implant are very enough.

I died several times during mission 2 because I like rush, so I lost a lot good items, or my weapon or armor should be +20 something.


I got flouride processing device when got enough gold during mission 2;

and a "new" light after getting lot of gold. It was running out of battery. After identifying it, it is called Death light which can killed enemy instanly!!!!!!!! (However, it is said "No effect" when I tried it on Sphere....) As I remember, I have picked a light with running out of battery before, may be that is also death light? I dont know because I just threw it away and said %@#$@$#.

Some items usage

Blasting device then Extermination device, kill all enemies around you. Good in some special floors.

1hp light then last bullet, kill any monster with high hp.

Confusion device make enemies attack beside. However, it is tough when deal with that level 1X monsters at last; so zap or 1hp them.

Acceleration Device + Slow Light = 4 times attack. Go 3 hits and 1 step backwards

Laser Shoot after blocking the ton of monsters in the straight corridor with slow, mad, emp or yourself.

Mission 3

Only 5 items can be selected from storage, my choice:

1. escape device (I dont want to lost my following items)

2. +1X weapon

3. +1X armor (that should be strong enough for serverl beginning floors, except the big eggs on 1st floor)

4. light implant/avoid trap implant (knowing the situation around would be very helpful)

5. Death light (couple shoots) /slow light (2X shoots)

I stay many identified items in storage, because I dont wanna make guessing for some important items, like seal light, cure drug.

Pick all items on floor when low level, dont use it yet.

After couple levels up with about 50hp, try knowing all items by using all them excepting equipment. You dont wanna taking risk after several floors.

Except toxic drug, most items are safe to try when you are alone.

Knowing the lights effects when beginning; such as acceleration light and growing light, rename them and drop those.

Acceleration Device is necessary for ton of monsters around.

Rather than plenty of durgs and foods in pocket, I would choice eating the rest for bonus hp and spaces for other items.

The Good news is no exp farming necessary anymore, I think. Clearing the tons of monsters is enough.


a sending device

makes a very nice weapon against high hp enemies : )
and it's less risky to use than the hp-reducing light

garcia1000 September 6, 2009 3:19 AM

The trick I posted about no longer works, they modified it so that your attack does nothing if you attack diagonally.

On the other hand, I am grinding mission 1 over and over now,

I can beat it every time starting with no items. Basically I'm doing this to powerup my armor and weapon, and incidentally getting lots of gold, too.
I've got a huge pile of identification devices. I will throw them at all the monsters I can see in the game and then post a list. There are three values: HP, attack, defense.

[Edit: spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]

garcia1000 September 6, 2009 7:15 AM

Okay here we are for the monster list! I threw loads of identification devices at guys!

I couldn't catch the Ostrich defense stats because his double attack scrolled the info away before I could read it. Also I forgot to note how much XP the clab gives.

Later I'll do a run on mission 1 deeper so I can ID more of the higher level monsters.

The monsters have the same stats every time, there's no randomness.

Hope this spoiler tag works so Kayleigh doesn't have to edit my posts all the time. Thanks Kayleigh!

Name Max HP Attack Defense XP Special
Larva 5 3 1 1 -
Egg 7 3 1 2 Random move
Spring 5 3 9 2 Move 1 / Attack 1
Baby 7 3 4 3 -
Penguin 8 4 9 5 -
Anemone 12 6 15 5 Ranged atack
Cockroach 10 4 15 5 Fissure on hit
Snake 17 6 8 6 Reduce power by 1
Tadpole 20 8 16 10 Steal gold
Ostrich 60 11 x 10 Attack 2
Squid 16 6 11 12 Paralyze
Batterfly 23 10 16 15 Zap
Spider 16 11 19 16 -
Mouse 40 13 15 20 Steal item
Giant egg 27 22 16 25 -
Slime 30 12 19 25 Stain attack
Crab 35 15 26 ? -


The "get an anemone to shoot your enemies" trick no longer works. With anemones like these, who needs friends?

Throwing a power source explodes and instant kills a monster. But then you have to go deeper to get another one... Useful to know for my suicide ID run though.[/spoiler]


garcia: your info is very helpful, thanks!

( However, your spoiler is not working...
use <>, not [ ] ) :)

and yes, both the tricks are not working now, the missions becomes much much more harder...

let's see if I can make some data of the enemies later on.



Name Max HP Attack Defense XP
Sphere 250 80 40 1000

Sending device - Nothing Happens
Death Light - No_Effect

garcia1000 September 7, 2009 4:19 AM

Throw putrefied food

I believe it reduces enemy HP by half of its current total, rounded up.


Just got killed on floor 29 mission 3 after getting...

... three special levels full of centipedes and dinosaurs in a row. Didn't escape either. Buh-bye +12 plastic sword, that just kept showing up like a bad habit.

Gathered some data on a few of the later creatures.

max hp - attack - defense - xp - specials

gorilla 52 32 27 180xp none
earthworm 36 13 23 40xp drains levels
snail 150 30 24 30xp slowing attack
pig 72 20 23 40xp shoots
jaguar 51 51 27 380xp none
shell 80 40 30 200xp vitality drain

I never got the chance to do any dinos or centipedes. Maybe next time.

Fast xp gain

Use a grow light many times on something with high xp and then finish it off with a decisive light. I got over three thousand xp off a jaguar this way.

Thanks for all the great tips guys.


I have combined the data of garcia1000, barsin and mine.

Egg``7`3`1`2`Random move
Spring``5`3`9`2`Move 1 / Attack 1
Anemone``12`6`15`5`Ranged attack (lead)
Cockroach`10`4`15`5`Fissure on hit
Snake``17`6`8`6`Reduce power by 1
Tadpole``20`8`16`10`Steal gold
Ostrich``60`11`3`10`x2 speed
Mouse``40`13`15`20`Steal item
Giant egg`27`22`16`25`-
Slime``30`12`19`25`Stain attack

Worm``36`13`23`40`level down
Pig``72`20`23`40`Ranged attack (rocket)
Jellyfish`60`17`30`150`Invisible, Random move
Sphere``250`80`40`1000`Some resistances

Earthworm`36`13`23`40`drains levels
Snail``150`30`24`30`x0.5 speed, slow attack
Shell``80`40`30`200`Vitality drain

Replace the [`] with [tab] in notepad or other document editor, and you got a very nice table of above data.

arachne: I get addicted of throwing sending devices now.

garcia1000: finally, putrefied food is worth to pick up :)

barsin: your fast xp gain idea is brilliant!! I will try that with my death light :>

garcia1000 September 8, 2009 2:55 AM

Thrown putrefied food doesn't wake up the monster, so it's useful against tough people!

I threw a few more ID lights, such as 'man' which has a nasty -max HP special, will post later.

Question: How much gold do I need to get death light? I have three batteries taking up space in inventory.

Does 'weapon advancing device' only drop in mission 2+? I have found 20 armor advancing in mission 1, but no weapon advancing.

The bagworm explodes when it is below some amount of HP (probably 10-15). So if you kill it with a big attack it won't explode.


Sorry, I've never even seen a death light.

Tips on special stage:

On the swarm stage which starts appearing in mission three, get in a the spot where you can shoot down both corridors. When a monster gets to the tunnel leading towards the room you're in, slow it so that all the other monsters bunch up behind. That way can get as many kills per laser bullet as possible.

If you have a mad light and a decisive light here is where it gets fun. Kill monsters until one of the highest xp monsters is in the lead. Confuse it and watch the carnage. It will always attack something next to it rather than move, so it's better to let the monsters bunch up first. You might have to emp it to keep it from coming towards you. Confuse and slow last about the same time so if you slow it it shouldn't come towards you, but you'll need some extra charges in your lights to keep it going.

You can of course do this in both tunnels at the same time.

Afterwards, swoop in with the decisive light and collect the huge xp bump. Also saves a ton on laser bullets.

I threw an empty mad light at an unslowed jaguar and it tore through about twenty monsters and was worth over 8000xp at the end. I think every monster it killed added the jaguar's original xp to the total, so every little worthless slime and batterfly in essence became another 380xp jaguar.

Now those higher levels don't seem so impossible.

This can also be done somewhat on the two room special level, if you have a bunch of food. Just wait until the other room fills up (creatures stop spawning after awhile but if you save, reload the page, then restart they'll spawn again -- I usually do this every hundred vitality.) Then sneak in and confuse one of the higher xp ones... It's not as pretty but it still gives nice little xp boost.

Hey, wait a minute, I just thought of a use for that acceleration light. High speed confused jaguar no no no that's just crazy. Muuuaahahahaha.


TATTOO: Awesome work on the table, it's already coming in handy. Got one more that's hard to get.

golden egg 10 22 49 500xp

Garcia: I thought it was something like that with the bagworm. Now we just need to get it down to a science so I can stop hating the little buggers so much.


I didnt noticed how much gold I have when the death light came to my storage as a bonus. And, I havent seen a second one also. Sorry!

My current gold amount is 1009820, so if that is not a random feature, that should be around 750,000. If someone gets that, I would like to know the exact amount, too. Just notice any new light which is out of battery.....

I think that is a updated version now, so we receive a escape device in any mission every time, isnt it?


Death Light

I got a death light at 500k gold!

Here are some updated monsters. TATTOO, worm and earthworm are the same thing in your list.

Man 70 17 24 150 -5 Max HP drain
Golden egg 10 22 49 500 Attack 3, avoid, teleport
Batterfly2 62 31 27 ? ?
Bagworm 70 12 23 30 Explodes when below xx HP (20?)


I just get a death light in Mission 3 Floor 3!!!

As I said before, the battery is dead when picking up!!!!!


garcia, thx for the gold amount and my mistake in table :)

Butterfly2 effect:


And I believe your bagworm explosion theory is right.
If that is true, Bagworm Explodes when hp is:

10 or below
but I am not sure it explodes or not when hp is exactly equal to 0

An interesting find out from throwing id
Level 10 Golden Egg:

Golden egg 55 94 139 5000xp



Just died on level 32. Food was scarce. I'm at 0 vitality. Ok I'll eat right after I finish killing this pesky sphere. It explodes, taking me to 1 hp. I immediately die from starvation. Facepalm. Really thought I was going the distance this time.

More on the sphere

Sphere attacked me with paralyze, reduction wave, and drained me a level, so forget going toe to toe with these. They start showing up as normal monsters at level 30.

More monster stats

fish 78 26 25 600xp 2x speed
centipede 75 51 29 750xp ???
dragon 100 68 30 1000xp laser breath

I let the centipede hit me several times and didn't get a special attack so dunno.

New Item

aluminum suit: reduces damages caused by fire.

This helped with dinosaurs, lowering their breath damage from 50+ down to 30+, even though the armor rating was much weaker than my other armor. I'm guessing it halves the damage. I believe the base armor rating was 7, but can't check now.

New levels/xp

23 45000
24 60000
25 80000


Oops above.

Dragon = Dinosaur


3 Dinosaur in a row is insane, they cleared dozen of other enemies on the path in 1 turn (... including me...)
Good bye my nice weapon, armor and lights... ~.~" we had a good time.

Bagworms died in peace, if

my attack on bagworm is around 30,
1 hit, 1 shoot, and last hit.


Well, I found the gamma stone of mission 3 in

30th floor, inside the sphere.

I didnt finish the mission...

The map after floor 25 were huge, food started running out; I planned to skip some areas and was happy the long training result.

Finally the first time stepped in 30th floor, I knew I should kill all monsters, but the shpere showed up its roundly face just after my couple of steps. I used seal light, acceleration device and slow light. My slightly attacks seemed working because of its mad and slow moving. I used death light on others who wanted to interrupt our dancing. It was a long fight and the shiny greeny treasure suddenly came up from those metal pieces. I could not wait to pick it up and back to home. Just a short distance from the elevator, trap, a pit trap... welcome to floor 31.

Well, at least I knew the way to go back and I should use the avoiding trap implent more often. Same monsters with other normal floors could not stop me, except a zap trap. A zap trap appeared just between the exit and me, the only path on the road I had to step.... That was the eighth times I travelled back to that room, and I was blaming who builded this narrow path and I dont have a jump button. Another step on the trap, nothing happened!! I ran and escape the hell of loop.

I was starving, I balanced of losing hp and my last bento. Then, I planned to eat any food even that was putrefied, but I could not get one. Dex drug for 5 vitality, "take it!".

Floor 25, YESSS! Specail floor, and food! I got back my energy and prepared to fight the parade of army. However, I felt the enemies were a bit harder to kill... According to their hp and exp I gained, I believe all of them were Lv 2!! Luckily a butterfly joined the party and, Zap! The exit was beside and another lucky escaped.

So many traps and some special floors... at floor 20, my sixth sense alerted me when I was fighting in a five rooms special floor. It seemed they were leveled up again, and I could not hold the force. Another lucky zap by a zapping device bought me to the exit again!

However, another group was waiting for me just right besided where I landed when I arrived next floor. Then I threw out the stone and escaped at last.

During the travel, I got some enemies data.

Bagworm(Lv2) 105 16 28 60 explode(?)
Jaguar(Lv2) 77 69 32 760
Shell(Lv2) 120 54 36 400
Bagworm(Lv3) 140(?) ? ? ? ?

and I believe all level 2 monsters data is:

Name Max-HP Attack Defense XP
Enemiey(Lv1) x y z w
Enemiey(Lv2) 1.5x 1.35y 1.2z 2w (rounded)
These are just guessing, not proof yet.

This game is insane.


Wow, nice information!

In mission 2, I threw blasting device at the sphere and it exploded. Since you need to kill the sphere in mission 3, do you know if you can seal it and then will it resist:

blasting device?
thrown putrefied food?
decisive light?



I dunno. I killed a few spheres on mission 3 and never saw the power source. I know that

when a bagworm explodes anything it is carrying is destroyed, is it the same with spheres? I wasn't able to kill one without it blowing up.

Something about monster levels:

I just had a golden egg up to around level thirty by using a mad light on the two room special stage. I decided to get it even higher since I had plenty of food I waited through about 200 vitality for more monsters to spawn. I reloaded the game once during this time. When I had enough I mad lighted it again and found it had been reverted to level 1! Gah! Talk about disappointing.

Anyway, I don't know if it loses levels over time or just after reloading the game. If the latter I'm wondering if this would knock the monsters to level 1 when coming back with the power source. I'll give it a try if I ever find the durned thing.

Btw I'm starting to think the two room stage is best for xp hoarding if you can wait long enough for the golden egg, or confuse/speed a jaguar or ape. The four room level works somewhat if you have a zap light to bounce it to other rooms. The swarm stage has always been iffy for me confusing monsters after that one perfect run.

Here's hoping one of us beats mission 3 this weekend.


in my case about the sphere

I used to seal the sphere before we get closed.
So I have never seen its special attacks and exploding on me.
(I wanna survive rather than knowing its true face.)

I got the power source from the first and ONLY sphere on floor 30.
(I havent seen a sphere in floor 31 also, that was after I got the power source.)
Seal, EMP, Slow, Decisive(1hp) lights are worked on sphere.
(btw, I have no idea when I used decisive light on it, it didnt explode; or my bad memory?? I had used seal light before??)
(Booting blasting device make all enemies around you to be 1hp (or may be a bit more than 1hp). Anything related...?)

and the monster levels from mad light trick

would be reset when reloading the game, as I had that experience before.

throwing putrefied food and toxic drug

damage half max-hp of enemy
(but didnt try on sphere yet)


You're right about the sphere

it does have the power source but you have to kill it without it blowing up. Since I currently have 0 seal lights (or slow, or death, haha) on floor 31 I hit it with a putrified, shot it down to 13 hitpoints, then threw an empty damage light at it. It didn't blow up and dropped the power source. So I think it's the same as bagworm.

Will probably have to escape this one.


AAAAaaahhhh YASD

I died on floor 16 mission 3 coming back with the power source, on a four room special level packed with level 3 monsters. Killed a crab followed by a gorilla, then got killed by a pig after an emp light and then an escape device bounced off his dumb dumb stupid head.

Yes, all animals became level 3 as I got further up. Snails with 300 hp are a huge pain -- got mobbed by four of them on one 4 room special stage and couldn't kill even one before they drove me back into the item room. Had to confuse them and dash for the exit.

Gorillas and Jaguars can once again kill you at level 3, even if you were going all karateka on the dinosaurs on floor 30. I was level 26 and these guys were knocking me down and making me use up my few remaining lights.

Obviously xp level 26 isn't high enough to be safe; I was barely making it out of many floors and that by dodging and being tricksy.

I never had a lighting implant. Ugh. Trap avoiding implant showed location of stairs, but that is a painful way to navigate.

Had aluminum and polyester armors. This let me take out shells head on without using any ammo, as they try vitality drain so often. I figure the batterfly2 has less hp/armor so it's a better trade off to shoot them. But I'm seriously thinking of bringing enamel too next time. Which is crazy.

Centipedes have no special. I took them all out head on.

I didn't have any lights/armor/weapons etc starting so you folks charging up your stuff might have a better chance. A few more death light charges would probably have got me through this one.

Ummm, level 26 comes at 100000xp. Reloading doesn't lower monster levels on the way back.

Lastly, this game is cruel. Waaaaaahhh. I'll probably get killed by a level 10 larvae next time.


I grinded my cotton suit up to insane levels, and I'm doing the same for enamel sword. Also my death light has massive amounts of charges.

I hope that the suit/weapon/light doesn't have any cap on how high it can go. That would suck if my death light exploded because it was overcharged!

I am planning on bringing these to mission 3:

Death light
Trap avoiding device
??? for fifth item


Look out, the game is crashing for me whenever I confuse something. All items and character lost so be careful. Must have broken it with an update.

This happen to anyone else?


Same for me. Best not to use confuse items until it's fixed.


Seems to be fixed now.


Looks like the slowdown has been taken care of, although I have lost two characters carrying my highest-level equipment to glitches, identifying them as "Missig (sic)". The first time, I accidentally clicked off the right side of the map to the square I wanted to go to, only to open the banner ad, which replaced my current window. Surprising, as I thought banner ads are generally supposed to open new windows. The second time, though, was a true glitch - after using the Blasting Device in a small room filled with enemies, the system apparently got confused as to where the enemies wound up, because I wound up walking INTO an anemone instead of attacking it, causing the game to freeze. Still, remaining entirely addicted to this one...


Finally beat stage 3:

Starting the mission I had nothing of significance other than a +15 ceramic sword. I wasn't really expecting to beat it, I was trying to find a death light to charge up and some aluminum armor. I found the aluminum and got it up to +2 during the game, but not a death light.

I found a bunch of batteries for lights on this game, about eight, so I approached the lower levels with a slow light at a little over 30 charges. By the end it had 3.

I used mad/accel/decisive lights several times, most notably on a four room special stage with a golden egg and zapping it around the rooms. Yes, I used accel, and yes, it almost killed me -- a crab spawned in the middle and the level 30 speed egg came shooting up the passage a moment later, stopping directly next to me. Whew. Zap.

Mad lights came in handy on a later swarm stage I could not have beaten otherwise. I mad lighted two clams just before the entrance to the tunnels leading to me -- this is the only spot to confuse them to keep them from moving towards you. When their rooms filled up I mad/acceled them and they took almost everything out. Shame they weren't centipedes.

I would have liked to spend more time on the lower floors getting xp before getting the stone but food, as usual, was a problem. I was level twenty six when I got it, and gained one more level on the way out.

I was really despairing around level 18. My slow light was down to ten charges, my seal light was gone, I had hardly any bullets left, and I'd found no food on the way back despite hitting several special levels (One two-room had a ton of food but also a ton of awake monsters, I barely made it out alive with no food.)

I was really ready to just quit.

But around level 15 a mouse dropped an unappetizing food, and once I got past the pig/gorilla stages the monsters were mostly doable again.

Around level 5 I was sure I was gonna make it. The monsters were all level five but easy and I had just enough food. The one time I didn't use my trap finder I immediately stepped on a vitality trap making things very tight again, but then a baby of all things dropped a putrefied food. Clear sailing. Or so I thought.

Level one turned out to be a huge room. Uh oh. What's that moving at double speed straight for me? A giant spinning cube?
I didn't play around. Slow, decisive, laser bullet goodbye. But two creatures had spawned in the short time it took me to do that. Two little cubes. This could be a very dangerous level. I beat feet for the exit and bid the place farewell.


Since someone had beaten mission 3, I dont keep the surprise anymore

mission 4 big spoiler:

you dont have to afraid about to lose good items anymore,

you cannot lose any items anymore,

you are not allowed to take any items into the mission 4.


Oops, that was me above that beat mission 3. Forgot to type my name.

I don't see how we're gonna beat mission 4.

The power source is on floor 50!
The monsters start at level 2! (so far)
You can't bring anything! (as TATTOO said)
Food isn't identified!!!!! I repeat! Foo... Alright, so that doesn't really matter much. Just makes it a little like school lunch.

The good news, well at least I think it's good news, is each floor has only one type of item. So one bullet or food floor will give you enough bullets or food for a good while, and the other floors you'll have a good chance of finding the armor/weapon/lights/implants you are looking for. So you should be fairly well outfitted by the time you hit floor 10, which I haven't yet.

It might be awhile before someone beats this one.


I have completely no idea how to beat mission 4 also.

Mission 4 is totally a different style, comparing with the missions before. I think mission 3 is just matter of time, even I beat that with lot of luck. (of course there are still some tricks)

What I can do now is just filling the storage with identified items to help a bit in game....


Cube(large) 300 80 40 1000 All-skills
Cube(small) 4 40 60 500 Fissure-in-battle


Long time no updates here;

Have anyone beaten the mission 4? or got closed to finish it?

The farthest way I can reach is just floor 8..., I start thinking the usage of dead bodies, but it seems not much helping.

Anyone got suggestion or new ideas???

garcia1000 October 1, 2009 3:05 AM

It seems too hard!! I hope the creator will adjust the difficulty of it


I got up to around floor 15, char level 22. It was still pretty darned dangerous especially with bagworms around. I had about eight delicious foods and 15 was a bullet floor so I was stocking up killing meeses. I missed three shots on a charging mouse, he stole all my lead bullets, then I stepped on a pit trap almost immediately. Got frustrated and haven't played since, about a week ago.
That was my plan though, get a huge stockpile of bullets from a mouse floor.


I am still checking back for updates. If the game improves on lagging in later levels I will play again.


It seems faster, either they updated it or it is just because I am playing it on a faster computer. Nearly passed level two and then while using the escape device a fish killed me. So after three days I cannot do that again, probably my last play.

If you are new to the game there is plenty of help in the reviews above.


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