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Mirror Image

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Rating: 4/5 (111 votes)
Comments (58) | Views (5,074)

SonicLoverMirror ImageGood evening, students. Are you enjoying your classes at Nitrome's University of Archery, Mountain-Climbing, Home-Building, Ice Chiseling, Ninjutsu, Cable Car Engineering, Underwater Exploration, Etc., Etc.? Today we add a new title to that prestigious list of things we teach: witchcraft. Welcome to our new program, Mirror Image 101.

My assistant is passing out the scepters right now. Please try to ignore the fact that the scepters all look exactly like mouse cursors; I don't argue with what the higher-ups decide. We're going to start with the most basic of teleportation spells, the Mirror Jump. Everyone spread out, please. It's a very simple spell to use. Just stand up and use your scepter to draw a straight line perpendicular to your line of vision in the direction you want to warp, and at half the distance. Poof! You'll warp to the other side of that line!

Just be careful with this maneuver. You can't warp through solid objects, so it's not all-inclusive. Later in this course we'll learn about using mirrors and magic teleporters to get to other places with your Mirror Jump, as well as using the Magic Mirror pick-up to leave duplicates of yourself behind when you warp.

...Josephine, Carl, what happened to the two of you? Maybe it wasn't a good idea for everyone to try that at once.

Anyways, now for a little historical background. This spell was pioneered by a warlock who used it to save a ruined village that had been overrun by demons. Because he was physically handicapped and could not move his legs, this was the only way he could get from place to place through the village's 36 levels. Not that moving by foot would have helped much because the magic of the demonic vortex had created giant gaps in the streets that the warlock had to Mirror-Jump over.

To make things more complicated, the warlock had to find keys to unlock various gates that the villagers had locked, as well as step on pressure pads to make spikes retract. Not only that, but he had to contend with moving platforms and various demons that barred his path and behaved in various ways. Fortunately he could take his time, as his magic always made time stand still except when he warped.

Analysis: I think Nitrome could have thought of a better name for this game than Mirror Image, but names don't mean everything. No matter what you call it, it's a very addictive game; I had a hard time pulling myself away from it so I could write this review!

Mirror Image has all the qualities of a good Nitrome game: a fully exploited gimmick, stunning pixel graphics, and an enjoyable music track, all sewn together into a very playable package.

Unfortunately the accessibility is a bit weak. It may be difficult for anyone who doesn't have at least a basic knowledge of geometry to get very far in this game. I not very good at visualizing angles easily, so I spent a lot of time checking my jumps with a straight-edge, and later with a ruler. It helped a lot, trust me.

The control system has its flaws, too. I found it a bit frustrating not having any easy way to "cancel" a line and redraw it from another point when my measurements proved to be a bit off, and that can often be the difference between life and death. I've lost more than one game to accidentally warping the warlock to his doom with a bad cancel. Also, for some reason I felt it a bit unintuitive that his jumps were measured from the bottom-middle of his sprite, and I would have liked to "skip" turns on occasion.

So why did I keep playing? Because it's Nitrome, of course. Nitrome always adds just the right amount of charm to their games to make them enjoyable. The demons look so evil, and yet so cute. The warlock lets out that delightful little cackle when he reaches the end of each stage. Those little details are always the redeemer of any Nitrome game.

Overall, Mirror Image is a very entertaining puzzler whose good points ultimately outweigh the bad.

Practice that Mirror Jump at home, everyone! But don't lose those scepters, they're school property and they weren't cheap! Class dismissed!

Play Mirror Image | egamI rorriM yalP

Thanks to everyone: Aethey, Achalei, Ivan, Tobie, Maqrkk, Ashish, Sam, and Curtis for sending this one in!


Great game.. already stuck on the spikes though.


'Because he was physically handicapped and could not move his legs' :P lol. Great review soniclover and great game nitrome :). On level 16 at the moment.


I noticed quite a few references to Numbskull in this game, which I liked.

This game came out quite soon after Twin Shot, which I liked.

The visuals and music were very appropriate.
Which I like.

The one criticism I do have is the slow pace of the game, and the accessibility issue SonicLover mentioned.


The laughter reminds of Dr. Chaos from South Park, somehow...


I'm am not seeing something because I passed geometry yet I can see no possible solutions to 9....unlesss it is possible to land on plamps


I don't see any problem with cancelling... just move the line so it's purple and release.


@ JIGuest: it's possible
@ Crab: you're totally right

level 24 is hard :S but great game and soundtrack.


For those who stucked at 9:

When you standing on the brown button, try to make a line from the left side of the upper lamp to right-down, there will be a possible angle.


I don't get it, mirror nice idea, but actually this is just a standard teleporter game, that tries to improve by making redicolous controls. and afaik this is the worst thing to do, trying to add difficulty by making the controls cumbersome.


I found the slow pace of the game to be too much of a turn-off to be very enjoyable.


Fun game, but I really wish I could take moves faster. I feel like I'm spending 3/4 of my time playing waiting for my character to perform a jump I've told him to take.


I'm totally stuck on level 14. Can't draw a line through the mist!!


Slow, limited view range, and lots of bugs?

Try harder, Nitrome :(


Stuck on level 14 (the one with the mist) Help please


Seriously, guys, it's not that bad of a game. Some of y'all are being kinda hard on it. True, at first I thought the jumping was a tad bit laggy, but then I refreshed the page and it was better. Strange, but it works, so some of you should try that if it's too slow.

fuzzyface: Are you kidding? The controls are just making a line with the mouse and using the arrow keys to scroll around. It's not that hard! Unless you were talking about the mechanic itself, which I can understand. I had trouble with it at first, too.

In my opinion, this is a pretty good Nitrome game. It's not their best, but it's definitely one of their most original ideas they've come up with lately. It sure is a toughy, though. Level 13 was driving me nuts for a while. I'm on Level 15 now.

BTW, this is my first post on JIG. It was a bit long, too XD.


I BEAT IT!!! Wow that was tough but fun. I'm glad nitrome came out with a more challenging game with a unique concept. Nitrome does it again!


Initially, I liked this game. A well-performed, original idea, that instantly had me hooked. That is, until Level 5, when the guiding line was removed. I've never been good at eye-measuring things, and when the game asked me to draw a perpendicular line at half the distance to the landing spot... let's say that didn't turn out well to the poor warlock.
I'm now on Level 10, and slowly teleporting my way forwards using a lot of trial-and-error. Ah, guide line, how I miss thee... Seriously, there should be an option to turn it on or off. Although I'm having fun (Nitrome games are always fun), Mirror Image would be a lot better if it let people choose whether to use the guide line or not, since not everyone can determine all that stuff so easily. I know I can't.

- Donut


Love the review Sonic. =)


Yeah, the review was pretty clever. All of SonicLover's reviews are awesome.


The problem with this game is that the slow gameplay makes it very tedious. I lost interest after the second level.


I am SO stuck on level 35... I read that someone beat it, so I know it's at least possible! ^^; Can anyone help me with that level, please..?


I'm mathematically-minded, so I found the game challenging at times but not frustrating. One tip for long jumps:

There is a grid in the construction that becomes apparent when you look at the platforms, barrels, etc. You can use this to eyeball distances. I jumped all the way across the "shrinking islands" level in one go by counting the distance.

And another for mirrors:

Because of how perpendicularity works, the line you draw points in the direction you'll reflect!


ok i no this sounds dumb but i cant do level 2 i mean its hard


Dr. Worm, not kidding, the game mechanic itself is just to make controls (do a jump) cumbersome.


Level 35:

What you must do is get the mirror and then get on to two platforms with spike buttons that are close together. Now for the tricky part, you must create a line that will make you and the other clone on a spike platform move to the two remaining platforms. Now jump to the finish.
P.S. Remember the platforms move and a ruler might be helpful


Level 14:

remember you can't die in the mist, you just can't draw a line in the mist. Just try and find a place where there is no wall of pots and lamps to go across and where there is some open space to draw a line, so your shaman can land in the mist.


I can't believe I beat 11 on my first try!



Level 2:

Really basic - just keep jumping along the path until you get to the end.


That was a funny review.

I'm not very good at the game though. XD


I can't get him to go more than 2 centimeters at a time! How do I get him to move far? (btw, I'm stuck on level 1!)


Gioku, I had trouble getting the warlock to move a lot too at the beginning (it took me twenty moves to do level 1). If you draw a line splitting the first star in half vertically, you will be transported to the second star. The white square will be helpful as a guide to where you will be, but you will not permanently have it.

James Everton February 14, 2009 9:37 PM


The perpendicularity with the mirrors only works if you're making an exact 45 degree angle with the mirror, but for those that didn't enjoy geometry in high school, I can see how that would help. :-)


The mirror problem can be fixed by taking a strait edge, as sonic said, and following the fading white line parralel with your ruler untill your ruler hits the mirror, then stare at that spot as you twist your ruler to match the angle of your line-to-be, no matter where that line is. Then just line up your ruler with the point.

Might be confusing, or helpful. Great game and review!

Tripudelops February 15, 2009 3:40 PM

I cant get past 32! It might be a bug. i go for the finish to the left, and i have the spikes down. when i jump, i land past them, but then the warlock dude just screams and dies.

and no, the dude in the middle CAN NOT see me. i do not have the iron spikes down yet, so he shouldnt be able to see me through them. (also, he doesn't scream when i die. Those eye guys scream if they kill you), SO WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME. I AM NOT SPIRALING DOWN. THE SKULL ON TOP FALS OFF AND I DISAPPEAR.



My wife just said,
"Oh, great! What are you doing with a ruler on the computer monitor for the past 30 minutes?" "Is that for work?"
Yes dear.


Tripudelops, for level 32: It's not a bug, your warlock is dying because...

one of your mirror images is being killed. they may just look like ghosts, but you will die just the same as them if they get killed. I had the same problem and noticed that my mirror image was dying on spikes that popped up when one of my other mirror images faded away.

Hope that helps!

sheepgomeep February 16, 2009 4:35 PM

finally got level 14, it confused me for a while too

you have to teleport into the mist on the bottom left corner, then from there into the mist on the bottom right


Such an interesting game. Very different than Nitrome's usual fare...which I also enjoy a lot!

I'm finding level-25 impossible though. How can you clone the warlock 3 times to cover all 4 platforms? Everytime I go for the 4th platform, one of the other ones disappear. I've tried using the main warlock and also one of his clones to make the 4th one, but nothing works. Please help!!!!!


Yes, please help at Level 25!!!!!
I've solved all other Levels without help, but now i have the same problem like brad.....

luckie starr February 17, 2009 10:37 AM

i usually like nitrome games but this one runs really slow on my comp and they could have made more effort on going from level to level - you know... the wierd spinning fade in affect makes it look like a bad slideshow and i hate that font theve got there-if its meant to look warlock-y use something more creative. its good but it could be improved. ALOT.


I cannot get my clones past the ghouls on 33. How do I keep them from trailing me so far?


I really, really need help with 32, it's making my brain ache! I know it's simple, but I'm just not getting it today...


I still can't get past level 25 - even when I try mirror jumping clones-- more help anyone?


I love the concept for this game, but I do wish there was some type of 3-strikes-your-out rule instead of having to restart an entire level if you make a mistake. I'm currently stuck on level 15. It's really difficult to tell where the platform is going to end up, which direction it's moving in and how far it will move. A couple of times I've gotten three keys just to miss the last jump. It's aggravating as hell.


Level 25

Get the cloning mirror, teleport to upper right corner, then to upper left corner. Now that you have the original in upper left and a clone in upper right, draw a long enough teleport line so that both original and the clone will teleport. Then you can teleport to finish.


And I think I finally got the 32, just having some trouble with aiming...


I love this game, as it combines my two favorite elements: Puzzle and skill.
I'm stuck on 36 though... any suggestions?

I love the music and the cute little scenes and monsters.

Sequel please! Nitrome is awesome!


I can't get past level 33. All these ghouls keep going after my clones and I never can get to the end! I know it's simple, but please help. I beg you. Thanks.


will someone please help me on level 12? i'm not quite sure how to use the mirrors at the end. there are three really long mirrors and i cant get past the to the finish platform.

magnira864 February 25, 2009 7:59 PM

Help on Level 33, please?

[Edit by Kayleigh]


Well, currently on level 33. Those clones are a curse on such a long level as they keep getting me killed. This game's alright, but it's not one of their best.


Wait: if he is disabled, how does he jump up and down after every level?

My theory is that he can walk, the floor is just enchanted.

Joe Gona March 16, 2009 8:43 PM

I finished it. But level 33 was seriously hard. If anyone wants to know whats at the end, read the spoiler.

You get to the village peak, all the monsters are sucked into the vortex(its revenge!) and you see space. The space will always be at the start screen to remind you!

Mianbego May 8, 2009 5:56 PM

How do you get the key that is near the monster in level 16, please help me


Yeah, how the heck do you get past the level with spikes? It seems impossible! Once you get to the bronze spike button, theres nothing you can do except go to the island with the sign on it. And then you get stuck.

-x- this game is frustrating.

Anonymous October 9, 2010 4:04 AM

I'm making a mirror image costume of the warlock for halloween! should be good!


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