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Mr. Robot

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Mr. Robot

Ms.45The downloadable (Windows) Mr. Robot offers a little something for everyone, with an incredible mix of visual elements, storyline, RPG, action adventure puzzles, and battles.

mrrobot.jpgYou play Asimov, a "lowly service mechanoid" at the mercy of the increasingly flaky computer brain of the good ship Eidolon. The game takes places in an isometric point of view where you move Asimov through the ship to solve puzzles. Initially, you are given fairly simple missions—move a few boxes, collect a few bundles of energy, and get slapped around by bigger robots. As the story progresses it becomes clear that all is not well on the Eidolon. A human member of the crew is dead and strange things are happening to the ship's records...

Analysis: The mixed gameplay of Mr. Robot is both a strength and a weakness. On the one hand, there is a variety of things to do—equip your team with shields, weapons and so on, fight battles, push boxes around, get through mazes without getting killed, and so forth. On the other hand, I really like RPGs and really don't like Sokoban, and in order to successfully get through the game you need to be willing to take on both the RPG and puzzle elements. You'll enjoy this game a lot if you like both. (I'm currently stuck on a quite early level where I have to get through a room full of hostile droids with no obvious path to the door. Grrrr.)

On the very big plus side, the game is beautifully illustrated with a dry sense of humour. Cheer on poor Asimov as he endures the taunts of Samson and the "I-think-of-you-as-a-brother" attitude of Zelda, and struggles to rise above his programmed station in life. And if you work out how to get through that maze, please please please leave a spoiler in the comments!

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The demo was fun, but a little too short. I might get the full game, if my parents let me.


Domo arigato!

Excellent game.


I object that it's too entertaining, but costs too much cash for me to spare. Pity.

Luckdragon March 19, 2007 1:18 PM

I'm stuck at this horrible puzzle where I have to keep raising the solvent level and move and jump on floating blocks.

Evilwumpus March 19, 2007 2:42 PM

I got an error when I tried to launch the game, and it crashed! Can anyone explain what this is?

Failed to select technique zero from shader - data/gui/font.shader

Assert failed!

Expression: 0

File: .\Source\DX9Renderer_SceneGraph.cpp

Line: 891

Function: CDX9Renderer::LoadShaderFromPath

Call Stack:

004EB7F9 0012FA64 0001:000EA7F9 C:\Program Files\MrRobot\MrRobot.exe


Evil, I'm afraid you have the exact same problem I have: Our video cards are not 1337 enough to play this game.

;_; I hate the constant need to upgrade for next-gen PC games. Damn you game makers, damn you video card makers, and damn you progress!


The 'failed to select technique zero' error is caused (usually) by lack of vertex shader support. Usually GeForce4MX's.

Apologies - we should put better error messages in for that.

We actually gave out about ten free graphics cards to the first people who reported this problem - you can buy a graphics card for $15 that will play Mr. Robot, it doesn't require you to spend millions on a water cooled quad-core machine! :)



I don't know if it was because I submitted it or it was just stumbled upon but I'm glad this game got reviewed. The Moonpod guys do some great work. I liked this game a lot. Played it for 2 straight days until I beat it. Then played it again to try and find all the ghosts.


Great game! The first time I tried to play it I kept getting the "assert Failed" error. Finally it started working. I got through a couple levels and loved it. Tried to play the next day and got the "assert failed" error again. This time no luck in getting it to work. My hardware is fairly new and I cannot afford to upgrade anything because I'm disabled and can't work. Nice waste of the money. It was a gift from a friend so he is out of it. I have read that there are alot of folks with this error. Isn't there a fix or a patch that can be done for this? Thanks anyway.

robothack January 17, 2008 6:12 PM

ive played mr robot for a loooooooooooooooooong time and im still stuck on the same bit no matter how many times i delete a file anmd make a new one... its the bit where you need to get the nanobite robot thingies-(the small things in recharge) i cant get them into the other hole on the second last door!

any tips?


You can play MrRobot for free on game tap. I love this game. moonpod also offers starscape If Mr. R. is not your thing. space age shootem up very in depth.


How do you get past the levels with the

tiny robots?

Only for people with atleast 75%


in where it shows the awards it has one for completing a user adventure. I've finished the game on both normal and hard and still don't see an option for playing any sort of user adventure. anyone have any idea whats up?

and mitch the level you are having trouble with:

you need to create a path that will lead them into the portal on the opposite side. the first one is easy, just move the block into the water directly in front of where they come out (looks like a small hole with yellow). second and third are in the same portion (that hallway has a secret room btw). it would take too much to fully explain each one but you can just do a search on yahoo or google for mr robot walkthrough and find one that explains it all


robothack which do you consider the second last door? the one with the pipes in it or the one with the halfblocks?

for the one with the pipes:

move the half block to where it will force them under the bridge. once you are over on the other side (the bots will go over the button to put up something for you to jump across the water) get the half block almost next to the lockers. it will be as far back as you can push it next to the water. then just get the other one out of the way.

for the one with just half blocks:

use 2 half blocks to create a bridge directly across from the portal they will come out of. get the half block that is on the other side next to the water and against the back wall and then push the remaining half block across the bridge and next to the exit portal in the center (meaning center of the floor and where the bots will hit it and turn to go into the portal)

for the final one since I know its tricky:

move the half block to directly across from the portal they will come out of and push the button to release them then let them loop to hit the button that will raise up what you need to get to the other side (do NOT touch the full block on that side yet!). jump over and make a bridge of all 3 full blocks across from the exit portal. walk over and just push the half block against the side wall. the push the half block to the corner then onto the floor to form part of a bridge back to the other side. once all that is done go put the final full block in place to complete the bridge then get over to the button so you can push it when the time is right


i keep crashing after finishing the battle to get the key from the captain sigh...


Can anybody tell me why I get this error?
Offset: 00132a56


I get the same error, not sure what causes it but its during random hacks. usually I go back in and everything is fine. if it keeps happening email support


Considering I recently paid 20 bucks for this game, I'm very crestfallen of all its bugs, crashed 2 times in the row at the HEL battle. also crashed various times while in the game.

If I pay 20 for a medium sized game, I demand bugfreeness! Maybe I wouldn't even mention it when it was free, but for a wanna be commercial, I feel betrayed :-(


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