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Multiplayer Asteroids

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Multiplayer AsteroidsChris Benjaminsen of Cosgames has come up with a simple and yet intensely effective multiplayer version of the classic arcade game, Asteroids, playable in any browser with the Flash plug-in.

The name, Multiplayer Asteroids (or is it Asteroids Multiplayer?) is a bit of a misnomer since the asteroids did not actually make it into this version of the game. Instead, each player (up to 16 in a room) pilots a ship in an all-out deathmatch, melee style, with the objective being to rack up more kills than deaths.

Use the arrow keys to control your ship, press [space] to fire. It's just that simple. When you die, press [ctrl] or just click to respawn.

"The movement in this game is good, hard to master, but, if done right, is like ballet. On steroids. With guns." -Oak (Greyoak)

There are three different power-ups that I saw: a red cross to replenish health, a white circle for a temporary shield, and a green box to upgrade your weapon, though if you die your weapon reverts back to its lowest power. Some power-ups require pressing [ctrl] to activate.

Mad multiplayer mayhem, classic arcade style. Just what I needed on a Friday afternoon. Click.

Warning: Since players may enter any name to be represented by in-game, there may be some that choose inappropriate names for themselves. Consider yourself forewarned. Cheers to Larkin and Puckvirus for suggesting the game. =)


Hassle Free July 14, 2006 3:22 PM

It looks like it would be great, but right now there isn't anybody playing.

Hassle Free July 14, 2006 3:27 PM

nvm I must have been on a different server

Fishybobbins July 14, 2006 3:28 PM

Seems to me like the white circle to warp to a different spot, actually re a temporary shield. If you can't see anyone playing, close the window and try again.

Insipid Idol July 14, 2006 3:34 PM

Rather good way to kill five minutes. I found using the corners while keeping your fire towards the middle worked best, but i'm sure individual results may vary based on opponents' strategies. Also English, fishybobbins, English. I retract the statement if it's not your first language though.


Thanks, Fishybobbins. I've updated the entry with the correct info. Must have been lag I saw when someone grabbed one of those. I was never able to get procure one for myself. =p

Hassle Free July 14, 2006 3:44 PM

what I saw, when you get the white circle, if you press ctrl you get a shield around you for a little while, and when you get the plus, if you press ctrl you get this electric field around you for a few seconds, anybody you touch will immediately die when shocked. Really fun though, I stayed on top for most of the time and maxed out at 51 points before I quit.


The "noone playing" thing is during the time the game is trying to connect to the server, I believe. If you wait, it'll either connect you, or tell you the server is too busy(which is what happens to me--haven't been able to play yet).


nice multiplayer action. The lag sometimes drives me crazy. I can't possibly dodge a million bullets all at once without any warning.


well, I suppose if this where like golf and negative scores where good, I'd like this game a lot better :p


Hey i noticed ships with different colors how do i change the color


Even though I got a couple of details about the game wrong in my review, I'll go out on a limb here and say that you cannot change color, for you always play as white; however, you do appear as a different color to others (since they, too, appear as white to themselves).


hmmm thx JAY


I was pretty happy to play as white, myself.

I got kinda bored after racking up 70-something points just now, over 140 kills, etc. etc.

When I started there was someone with a short name, like "MCB" or something, I know I've got it wrong, in the lead with about 13 or something kills. I was very much amused with trying to pass him up.

I don't think people realize how to use powerups that don't raise your weapon. Hitting control after picking up a health sign or a circle can, respectively, reset your measly health back to the already measly amount you start out with, and encapsule your ship in a sheild for a few seconds.

The game moves VERY fast. It's easy to die, but equally easy to kill. The trick is to grab as many powerups as you can so long as it doesn't interfere with killing, and attempt to kill as many people as you can before you die, which WILL happen.

As opposed to normal asteroids, it is NOT smart to stand still.

At the risk of educating opponents, my tip is to always shoot, always. And know how to move. If you pass a powerup, keep shooting, don't get distracted, let go of the forward button, and hit the back button, hit it when you move backwards, turn around, go forwards, etc.

The movement in this game is good, hard to master, but, if done right, is like ballet. On steroids. With guns.


I should probably say what my name is in the game. Forgot that part. XD

Greyoak. If you see me around, be sure to fire a few shots.


Hahaha! Loved your rundown of the game, Oak. Much better than my own. Anytime you want to contribute a review for the site, just say the word. =D


I'm in no condition to replace reviews, though. If I ever come across a good game that isn't here, though, I'll try to share.

I do find good games, of course, I'm just in the habit of playing it and not, you know. Spreading the word.

At any rate, I came across something odd.

Another player was black. I couldn't see him at all. His shots, I assume, were black too. HOWEVER, his name was in white, so I knew he was there.

My guess is, he couldn't see me, as I couldn't see him. There appears to be a bug in which there are two players set to be white on each others screens, but for some reason the graphics on the actual ship cause the opposite player to turn black instead of white.


tinesthai July 14, 2006 6:30 PM

that was fun? it was a room full of people all spinning and around shooting. there were too many people to have any tactics...

The leading player at the time had 154 kills and 111 deaths....basically whoever stays on the longest...


I want to play this but i seem to be having some problems. In firefox, it just stays at the "loading" screen. And in ie, right after I enter my name it says the server is full. That message seems to come up a little too fast, like right when i click ok. I've been trying to get in a few times but it keeps saying the server is full.


I do think this game causes the Cosgames server to crash from time to time, because while I was writing the review late last night the server went down and didn't come back up until later today.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if the servers were just a little busy after posting the game here on JIG. =)


In firefox, I get the loading screen forever. in IE, I always get the server full screen. When i click the click here, eather nothing happens, or I get a page cannot be displayed message.


Same here. Sounds like the server is down again. Meh.

Well, if you're here and looking for something new to play and cannot play Multiplayer Asteroids, you can play Super Serif Bros. for which I am presently working on a review, but not ready to post it yet. It's excellent. =)

But please don't comment on SSB here. Please wait until I post the review. Thanks!


:( I didn't get to play, Hope It's up again soon.

Can't wait for SSB review


I finaly got it to work, but in a game, sometimes i die, and then it counts it as 2 deaths >_>


By the way, the server is back up for anyone that missed it yesterday. ;)


Yay, i can play now :)


You can upgrade your gun twice with the green powerup. So your attacks will look like
1st level -
2nd level =
3rd level >


hemorroids... not fun to play with
asteroids... lots of fun to play with


John Eagle July 20, 2006 2:53 PM

Tried to play game over the past few days. Keep saying server is busy, but if you go to forum, only one person is on. I think it's broken.


I'm getting server full too... shame... they should create more than one maybe? I dont know how these things work though....


I am enligtened now...
they have got multiple rooms, assigned randomly...
but they're having server trouble :(
ah well... hopefully It'll be back up and running soon...


i can't even play this game... it always says "ups server is busy"... and i tried it at like 4 im the morning and still its busy.. (4 arizona time, 3 california, 6 in the east.)


It wont even load for me.......


They've been working on the servers; Check the boards and you'll see


i cant get on severs always full:(


I have a problem.....

The server is always full......


Hmmm... I've tried going on this many a time but the server has never had a single opening for me... Also, why is it rated pg13- just for the name option? Thirdly, does this guy have a website, 'cause I'd like to tell him to make more servers or something, 'cause this is ridiculous! Wiffleball! -MANAX


well for the people who may return back to this game.

there is a new system that allows the creation of games, so, in effect, there is now more than one game.

there are also achievements >.


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