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Onslaught 2

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Rating: 4.8/5 (406 votes)
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JayOnslaught 2Many people have written in to ask why we haven't featured Gaby Vanhegan's entry into the recent onslaught of tower defense games. The fact of the matter is we had heard that development of the game was continuing and that a new version was soon to come. And since there has been no dearth of games in this genre of late, we decided to wait patiently and feature the new version when it was released.

That day has come. Onslaught 2 is now here.

Okay, so you're thinking "Oh no, not another tower defense game. What makes this one any different from the rest?" One word: Combos.

As with other tower defense games, you earn cash by obliterating the attackers that creep their way around any one of several maps available to play. With the cash you can purchase additional turrets or upgrade existing ones. But it is the Combos that add a level of depth to this tower defense game not present in other games like it. The combinations are many, and the resulting strategy becomes deep.

Some have said this is the best tower defense game of all those to come before. What do you think? Sound off about the game or about your strategy for success with it in the comments.

Play Onslaught 2

Cheers to John, Alek, Capuchin, Timothy, Ch00k, Cameron, Brent, Mike, Malcolm, Chipicha, and Max for suggesting the game, and to Gutspiller for word about the latest release. =)


a bit easy... the only challenge i got from this is sending 10 waves at once.


Tis a good game


seem's cool but i havent figured out the combo yet but i know how too.

level 1 really is easy


Good game, but incredibly easy.


58848365 was my first try 107 waves. I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong, because I didn't get any combos

nocombos June 19, 2007 4:34 PM

Glad it's not just me then - I cannot trigger the 'combo map' with C, nor can I cause any combos.


To all who had no combos, Towers must be very close to each other for combos to work, look for a yellow ring around the tower to show it's comboed.

Combo list

Brandon June 19, 2007 4:56 PM

What is up with all these TD games? Are they all coming out at the same time? Or is Jayisgames just reviewing them all at the same time?

Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm so bad at them. :P


I made it to wave 140. My favorite strategy is putting all 4 turrets all adjacent to each other. (Constant combos XD)


I just got up to wave 124 on the "puzzle" map with a score of 89,130,480. Easy, but fun.


Huh. Animation seems less fluid than the last version, and my beloved nuke flowers no longer work. Does this mean I'll have to think about strategy again? ;)


Brandon - hopefully this is the last tower defense game for a long while. Have we saved the best for last? Many people have told me this is their favorite.

Escapee June 19, 2007 5:24 PM

I need sounds!

But other than that nice little game - I like all of the options and the combos - gd idea.


I like Tower Defense games. To be honest, it's not the Tower Defense games that invoke a reaction in me such as "Oh no, not another"; it's usually ones that say "point-and-click" or "escape the room". So far, I've never had too many Tower Defense games to play. Thanks, Jay!


Where is the updated combo list for version 2, one that includes the new weapon: tazer?


Funny, I was one of the people the recommended this game, but now that I look at the intro screen and think about arranging all the combos, upgrading, selling, remembering which exchanger to use when... somehow it feels more like work than actually working.

I guess my boss will be happy about that.

Combo conundrum June 19, 2007 5:41 PM

Squarely: 103,191,000, wave 131.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to work the more complicated combos. Laser rockets and land mines are simple enough, but I'm not quite sure how to link 3 or more different turrets so that I can get the other combos. I'm pretty sure order matters somehow since there are 3 different combos that use 1 of each turret, but I think this part needs to be explained a little more.


One tazer, I think I've discovered is enough. They don't don't damage the enemies, just slow them down.


Wow, the difficulty ramps very fast. Is there something I'm missing? Between about five towers and six fully upgraded towers the stuff starts taking so long to kill that only combos do anything to affect them, and there aren't enough. I go from not letting anything getting past the halfway point to an entire wave getting through in two waves.

I love tower defense, defend the xx, and so on games. I like the accumulation of experience or money and upgrading my character/base/whatever a lot more than escape the room or simple PnC adventure games.


For the people who say this is easy, are you playing only the first 100 levels?

After that, the difficulty ramps up, and you will not survive unless you make some combo's.


I had been wondering why Onslaught had not made an appearance, I didn't know there would be a new version. This is exciting! And a new weapon! Fantastic! Onslaught is definately my favorite tower defense game, mostly because the enemies make me happy.

temkucihma June 19, 2007 8:21 PM

i had all 4 towers next to each other with everything fully upgraded and only got one combo, im not sure how to get any other ones, the one i have is a big rainbow ball that shoots lazers as it moves. also in the menu, under combos there is a fourth option thats different for each turret, what's that?


Wow, that got hard. My first try with Classic I got 99,325,720 and died on wave 129. The waves start coming fast and furiously leaving little time to upgrade so you have to plan well. I like the lazer-rocket combo and I got a neat floating-rainbow, lazer-shooting...thing...
what is neat is you can get different combos from a cluster according to what is in range first, so one way you may get a nuke and then you might get a cluster-rocket.
Neat game but I don't like the absence of sound, although it was pleasant playing with some reggae in the background ;)

tenkuchima June 19, 2007 8:53 PM

if a combo uses more than 2 towers, do all towers need to be in range of all other towers

dannthemann June 19, 2007 9:28 PM

I dont know if anyone has noticed, but if you minimize the menu, you can still click and do things as if it were big.
Well I went to maxamize it and reset my whole game.


It's pretty good. I got 98,037,720 (w129) on my second try with two cannons, two rockets, a laser, and a tazer, all fully powered. I got the tazer only a few waves before I died, but when I powered up the damage all the way it slowed the enemies down to almost a stopping point. I should have gotten it earlier.

ComboInformer June 19, 2007 10:14 PM

Some notes on the combos:
On the page listing the different combos, the first one listed is the one that has to do the combo- this means that it has to be the first to detect an enemy (before any other in that cluster, to keep it from doing an unwanted combo). That is the only difference between the combos that use the same towers.
And another thing- only the tower that is first in the listing for that combo has to have every tower from the combo within combo-range.

My favorite part so far: Linking the lasers together into super-long chains!


Wow, this is a lot of fun. A word of advice, though: Be careful not to inadvertently lean on the space bar, especially after reaching wave 100 or so. Not that I did anything like that, of course...



Pretty cool, but it hardly feels like an improvement over the last version. It's almost the same game.


Oh that is fun - I just wish enemy Hp was displayed and perhaps a graphics overhaul, just to make the whole thing a little more engaging - a load of fun though. A bit easy... but I can't stop playing! Great game, I say (in a British accent)!


I would LOVE to see a high score list for this game. Just got 111,251,610 (w135) on Squarely. I tried setting up a Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine combo, but one of the red towers was out of range and could only do Big Laser Cluster Bombs (the red rockets that shoot lasers while circling).


Sigh, this is a great idea of a game but way too easy... got 31 million points at the end of wave 91.


I got to level 140 and 124,903,270 points by starting with big laser cluster bomb landmine and then making a Rocket BFG (I think that's the rainbow thing). At 140, they started rolling through my landmines like they weren't there. Those are some tough printers.

I like this game. The first 100 or so levels are kind of dull. The baddies are more of a nuisance while you try and build your combos. After that it gets fun though.


Incoming : W143 : 130mil.
Wow those waves get hard fast. It's like 100 levels of WalkInThePark followed by 43 levels of TheBattleOfNormandy.


Scratch that. Just played and got to make two Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine tower groups. They're the mines that explode into red missiles that start circling and shoot lasers. It takes about 77 waves to set up the first combo (this includes upgrading all 5 towers to max damage AND increasing the range of the central blue tower so that the wide-ranged red towers don't sense the enemies first).

I will now refrain from posting :)

Bugtracker June 20, 2007 4:27 AM

There is a little bug in the resetting mechanism.
If i played and unlocked a few weapons and lose, the unlocked weapons stay but i unlock them again so unlocked weapons appeared twice and more :/

Berimon June 20, 2007 6:33 AM

With the addition of the "Black Hole" combo (not listed in the page linked to), it is possible to go infinite.

There is even a walkthrough in the forums that shows a detailed writeup of how to do it.

And it's not even that complicated. Just three Black Holes spread out, and with range restrictions to keep them triggering where you want. Once you have them set up, you can send 15 or 20 waves at a time with no life loss.

Your score is limited only by long you choose to let the game run.


I don't get how people are saying it's hard. I'm at level 120 or so and I'm still rapidly clicking the "next wave" button to make it even mildly interesting. I only have 4 towers built.

goeatweeds June 20, 2007 10:48 AM

The difficulty in this game comes after around level 120ish. The hp of the creatures starts multiplying and sooner or later they have over a billion hp a piece.

By the way, you need to get the nukes to really stand any chance. They do 1billion splash if I remember correctly.


Score: 106,119,585
Level: 132
Kills: 1287
Shots: 5528
Spend: 82,455

This was my 3rd try. The first two times I didn't use any combo's, and only got to level 113. This 3rd time I setup 2 Rocket BFG combo's.

I'd like to know what's better. A lot of smaller combo setup's, such as "laser rockets" "land mines" or "cluster bombs", or a small amount of big combo setup's, such as "rocket BFG's" or "Big laser cluster bomb landmines"?


4th try.

Score: 141,297,540
Wave: 149
4 Tazers
3 Rockets
3 Cannons
1 Laser
1 Big Damage+

goeatweeds June 20, 2007 12:44 PM

The most efficient combo is the nuke, which is easily done, particularly on the "ekg blip" level. place a rocket(red) so the range just reaches the paths on one side of the blip, towards upper left. Keep upgrading it and money should roll in. Place two blues directly behind it (there range should NOT ever reach the path) and fully damage upgrade. Then you should be shooting a nuke every couple seconds. Send large groups for best effectiveness.

Fernando June 20, 2007 3:06 PM

level 151
139872000 pts

A nuke combo, with a big group of tazer ahead that clustered everything in a easy to destroy group. Around level 140 one nuke wasnt enough to kill them, and around 145 they started to overpass the tazers.


This is a consistent feature of imbalanced games, especially ones with an infinite duration. In this case it is the nuke/black hole that is necessary to succeed, and any other combo is simply a waste.

Vector TD has a slightly better setup in that while the red rocket is the final goal you still need to advance through a number of different towers. Of course, since you always start with the same progression on every map (red1, green1, green1, etc) it ends up being a wash.

Onslaught has the appearance of a large variety of different towers and combo types to use, and many of them are very fun, but in the end only one tactic gets past the barrier and so to advance far enough you're stuck without nukes.

Different solutions to the problem would be a scenario based game with limited building/combo options, a finite number of waves in a given game, slower ramping health in the end with steeper increases earlier on, and a general restructuring of all the combo towers to make everything viable.

Like many survival-type games in order to progress past a certain point you're required to find the infinite loop (or something like it), something that can suck the fun out of all the carefully designed variety that was put there in the first place.


combos do not work on my game :( is anyone else having tis problem?


Oh yeah.. new high score.
5th Try

Score: 165,619,080
Wave: 160


There seem to be another difficulty ramp after the 150th level.
I placed 2 nuke combos with two rows of 3 tazers (max damage + max rate). In spite of this and the constant pressure of nukes falling down every 3 seconds or so, they managed to break through. ;(
There is a combo with tazers that produces a huge lightning which seems to totally paralize the enemy (but I cannot reproduce it, though)...

BTW: lvl154 / 166.884.554 !!!


New high : 3 nuke combos, 2 rows of 5 tazers (max rate, intermediate damage).

On the "line" map, I reached lvl 158 for a score of 180.746.250...


I can't seem to get past wave 160. Like Darsh said, there's a huge jump in enemy hitpoints once you hit level 150. I had 3 nuke combo's and some tazers to slow them all down, but once you hit that 150 wave, it takes at least 3 nukes to kill them. And as you get closer to 160, it takes like 4 and 5 nukes. That's just ridiculous. In my opinion, I don't think enemy hitpoints should ramp that high, that quickly.

Also when it starts taking 4 and 5 nukes to kill them, it takes ane extremely long time to start making any kind of money. So basically if you haven't got all your combos that you need, set up by the time wave 150 rolls around, then you're out of luck. No more upgrading for you.


Wow really fun game my score was 100,803,780 on wave 131. Really good combo is one laser with two rockets on each side max out everything on the rockets and damage and rate on the laser. works really well until about level 130. =)


Wave 161, score 175,944,575

I kind of figured out that the trick is to keep your none primary turret in the combo cluster OUT OF RANGE as much as possible, otherwise it will screw up your combo at one point.
I got this far by building 3 nuke combo groups, and a bunch of tazers at the front to keep enemy slow and clustered. One of the combo group got this one blue gun cut the path a little bit, and that screwed up the whole thing, because once a few creep into its range, my 3 effective nuke is down to 2, and immediately I am overwelmed.

I also kind of concluded that a good combo is something with a long range weapon as primary and low range as secondary, like Nuke (rocket + blue + blue). If the situation is reversed, for example, one of your combo's required secondary turret is a rocket, then your effective combo coverage is fairly low...


Also try the tasty "Black Hole" by

building and maxing out three tazers and one laser tower (in other words, 3x yellow, 1x green) with one of the tazers firing. It looks like the black hole will appear in the spot on the path nearest to the firing tazer tower.


im interested in the black hole combo some said...


Wave 152, 155,421,180. Built one nuke combo and one land mine combo plus two maxed-out tazers. It was all fine until around wave 148, they started going through my landmines like a knife through butter...


Score: 194,568,350
Wave: 163


Wow, this one's awesome. The combo feature really sets it ahead of all the others.

I do wish it had interest, though. That's one of the most important strategic elements of some of the other TD games, because it encourages you to save your money rather than just blowing it all on the most expensive hardware you can afford at the moment, in the interest (NPI) of having more money later.


I wonder what are the other upgrades that you can obtain...
Getting past the 150th level has not uncovered another item after 'bigupdamage'...

To Labyrinth: What about you with your final score?


I don't get it. I'm on wave 34 right now, and all I get is creeps with just 100hp, although I keep getting more money for killing them wave after wave. Obviously I keep killing them all with just one tower.

Am I missing something here?


WAVE 159 on the LOOPS map

Nukes are the answer - rocket, then two cannons behind

The most important thing is keeping the cannons out of range, only allowing the rocket to launch nukes.

I set up 3 nuke combos and plenty of tasers to slow them up so the nukes can do maximum damage.

The problem starts when one wave gets through the tazers and get into range of your cannons, then the nukes stop firing and you are in a heap of trouble.

A nice feature would be to buy more lives, because as soon as one wave makes it through, all your defences become confused, split up, and they stop working as a team = no more combos = game over.

I see someone got to wave 160, but i cant imagine that anyone will get much further unless some changes are made to the game.

I dislike the fact that the difficulty suddenly increases at wave 120ish and then the game is more or less all over. Perhaps the introduction of different types of wave would be better ( eg - flying waves which require other sorts of weapons, or burrowing baddies that resurface, instead of simply very hard to kill meanies! ).

A very good game that could be a lot better with a few tweaks ( it is in BETA stage , right? )


RiNSpy, I think the "100" displayed above the attackers is actually their percentage of remaining HP, rather than the actual amount of HP they have. No matter how far you get, the number above their heads always starts at 100, even as it takes more and more hits to kill them. Hope this helps!


I got up to wave 189, but only scored 145,219,120 points, as I set up a nuke combo and a black hole (which apparently also sucks up your points). I would have probably scored higher if I had gotten the last laser upgrade for the black hole at some later point. As it was, the hole was simply sucking up my nukes. The black hole only becomes useful at the point when nukes become useless (at wave 189, they were only doing something like 1% damage at a time), and only if you're aiming for a high wave number.


Map: Incoming
Wave: 124
Score: 86174536
Kills: 1198
Combos: Landmine,Laser Link,Laser Rockets

Drizzt Do'Urden June 22, 2007 8:37 PM

I just played Onslaught 2 for the first tiome.
I used combos, and got a score of 114275937.
Is that good? I think I did well...


black hole sounds cool....im gunna try that next.....anyway i got to only 128 on loops with a few tazers, two nukes, one laser rocket combo, and a chain of 16 lasers...yeah thats right, i said a chain of 16 lasers. the main laser was maxed out with everything and the second one had maxed damage and the 14 other ones had about 4 upgrades on damage each. i managed to hit about 46000 damage per shot. ;) oh yeah....


I got to wave 43 while using just tazers!!!!! lol


Darsh: The last upgrade I got was the BigDamage+/- Which is really helpful if you plan to use laser chains. It only costs $3500 and you get +100% damage -30%range -30%rate.

Black Holes work well, but you don't get any points for the enemies it sucks up. Therefore getting to a really high wave of enemies doesn't help you if you use black holes to do it. You're score will be very low.



im interested on how many levels there are in this game.... im at the puzzle map with 3 black hole combos set up and im at wave 190 and im sending 3 or 4 waves at a time and its weird seeing how easy it is.....around wave 180 i still had 2 nuke combos up and as both nukes hit i notices that it didnt do any damage!!! so of course i sold em and got more black holes..... NOTE: anyone thats gonna make a bunch of black hole like i did, know that the black holes do not add to your score, when they suck up enemies it does not count for a kill, and know that you do not get any money from killing enemies with the black hole.


labyrinth: the black hole do not drain your score, it simply doesnt add to your score when you kill an enemy.
Read my comment below (waiting for jay to approve it..)


I've figured out how to place the black holes so that you could go infinite. But has anyone figured out a way to get well beyond wave 150 and still make money?


jin: judging from other peoples comments i think its impossible to get past wave 170 without using black holes. This is what happened to me...at around level 150 or 160 i hit one enemy with 2 nuke combos and it only took 1% of its life away. so unless you use some crazy combo and manage to have 5 or 6 of them at around wave 170 you dont have a chance of surviving past that. so anyways the highest wave i got to was 218 and that of course was with (3) black holes. i could have gone forever but stupid me desided to send 10 waves at once and i couldnt create enough black holes to contain the creeps. so if you do find something that seems to work on enemies at wave 150 and up please post it.


Todd: Check out the crazy laser daisy chains in this thread. That guy got up to wave 350 in this way. I tried building a laser daisy chain myself, but my computer doesn't seem to be up to the task :( It got soo slow when I had half of that map filled with lasers. This strategy seems to be quite cost-efficient, though, since building new laser towers is much cheaper than upgrading old ones.


Wave 168
Score: 206,826,210


I've been doing some reading and testing and 1 method of getting past level 150 seems to be a nuke flower. I got up to 150 without using any black holes although I used a 5 row of tazers to clump the enemies together for my nukes. Basically you have 1 red tower in the center surrounded by blue towers. Then around those you build a heck of a lot of damage ups. The damage modifiers apparently do modify the nuke combos. At level 150 it was taking me about 2 hits with nukes to kill the enemies and because of the flower configuration I could usually keep them at bay while the assist towers recouped... (cause there are 6 blue towers around the red.) Rate does not affect the combo time. One thing to keep in mind which I did not, was to make sure you build this flower in a way that the blue towers do not have a chance to get enemy in range and only the red tower does.

My game ended cause a couple of enemy snuck by just enough to send the blue towers doing silly mine combos instead of the nukes I planned. Will try again, I want to get to 170.


Black Hole work better than nukes for killing enemies, however, black holes do not add to your many, therefore making it difficult to upgrade.


Well see, black holes are not the best option for fighting off enemies because kill enemies with them does not add to your score, when you suck an enemy with it it doesnt count as a kill, and you do not get money from the "kill". So when it comes down to it, all you can trust is a 5 mile long laser chain to get the job done...


ALSO has anyone tried the...Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine...on wave 160+ ?

CHECK IT OUT - there are 2 new combos and they are..."the Sparky Landmine" and the Sparky Cluster Bomb.

Im gonna give those a try and see how they hold up.....


well well well, the awsomely cool and powerful *sounding* Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine is not really that awsomely cool or powerful. its more like the wait 5 minutes until it can shoot out one landmine that explodes into a few pathetic little lasers rockets that die out in 3 seconds Cannon. im giving it that new name. im stickin with nukes and rocket BFGs. Dont try the Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine its a waste of time.


bj8rn: wow wave 310 he was on when he took the screenshot. i just couldnt imagine how much damage that had to have done to make it to wave 300+

Glad that guy got a pic of that!


Got to wave 158 and 171,482,185 points on Sine with a six-cannon nukeflower and three maxed-out tazers plus a few damage-ups and so on. The nukeflower really is a wonderful thing as it keeps shooting nukes even if a few cannons have already started firing at the monsters. This setup is still far from being the best, though.


I thought they said nuke flowers were disabled? I can't seem to get one to work with constant nukes. The cannons end up sending out mines a lot of the time instead of comboing with the rocket launcher.

And how do you do a black hole combo?

Berimon June 25, 2007 4:07 AM

Ok, to clarify, by using three Black Hole combos spread out far enough, you can literally walk away from your computer without any chance of failure.

I succesfully made it to wave 700 (and deliberately quit there) by using this tactic.

Scoring: Number of Kills X Money Spent = Final Score. So, although your money total does not increase from Black Hole kills, your kill count does. Thus your score continues to increase, if less quickly. Still, infinite score at a slower pace is still a higher score than a faster, finite score.


Ha ha! Berimon, you are right! You can "beat" the game that way. Kudos. I feel vindicated.

The only thing I didn't do is save enough money so I could continue actually killing them, so money would continue coming in and I could build more. They are virtually unbeatable after level 170.

none for now June 26, 2007 5:22 AM

Everytime I get to a place where it gets interesting - my computer the frames start jumping so madly that I can't make a choice.

powerbook 867 - it make me sad to think maybe my laptop is finally getting TOO old.

Nice game tho!

DaemonLord June 26, 2007 1:36 PM

I found it really easy i got to wave 200 first go, my method is to position 1 missile turret quite near to the beginning but not very!
i just keep on upgrading it to the max and using my combos.
i got to wave 100 with just 1 missile turret, then you build a few more!
always go for rate first as it allows you to kill them faster.


I reached wave 1032, I forget the score. I just set up two black holes in strategic places and walked away from the computer for a while. Black holes don't make you money or list as actual kills....which sucks.


please, return the pac-man attack


Great game, got to level 180! only got my black hole at 150...2 nukes 2 shock rockets 1 black hole and 4 tazers ! easy but it really sucks that the game gets imposseble at level 150 (without black holes) there should be something diffrent....


208540390, wave 165

end configuration was 3 nukes, each under the influence of 1 big damage +/-, 2 big damage+, and 2 little damages (did those last, needed a power boost and couldn't wait the extra 2 waves to buy the big damage, but I should have been able to afford another big damage 'cause I moved some towers around to make room for the boosters).

I did the "ekg blip" map, and messed with ranges so that all three nukes triggered right where the right hand side of the first "dip" in the path was back even with the incoming road.

With tazers (eventually 4, maxed out in rate and damage upgraded to the purple bolts) on the downslope of the first hill, the nukes would splash a maximum area, sometimes 2 or 3 entire waves at once. But once I started getting enemies that could live through 2 amped-up nukes...

And I think the black holes are useless, enemies that fly into them don't count as kills, so they don't help your score.

jason johnston June 27, 2007 1:20 PM

The infinite loop is possible. I hit wave 1000 and was able to send in 60 waves at a time with enough black holes to stop them. So the game can be beaten. I saved the screen shot.


Two black holes and one or two Tazer BFG:s keeps the aliens away and money is still coming :)

Direct hit from Tazer BFG kill the enemie even after wave 250.


This IS a very great game, however the increase in power for the enemy is logarithmic but your money is linear. So about round 130 it becomes so impossible. I'd like to see it modified where one strategy gets you significantly farther than another. Without "chain laser" you really can't go beyond 150-160, yet easily get to at least 120.


Well, the other problem is that your attack power has a cap. At one point the nukes left 6 energy (maybe around Level 140), then 12, 18, etc., until they were powerless. I couldn't build more nuke stations because I had no cash!

Level 158


Jason, your layout has two problems:
1) Don't let the road get into the cannon's range. You don't want them actually shooting at anything, and

2) You can add damage exponentially to a point. Three nukes covered by a big damage equal 6 nukes, covered by two big damage equal 9 nukes, etc. You can even use one big damage +/-, because rate doesn't effect combos.

Save money for the damage multis by building fewer tazers supported by a rate + or two.

But even that runs out around 170. The big problem is that hit points increase exponentially but money increases linearly. Unless you do the laser chain, you just can't get enough damage/$ past a certain point.

But my biggest complaint about the game is that I'd like it to assume that my single un-upgraded tower can kill the first 10 levels by itself and start me on level 11 with the equivalent cash. It's just too slow to start with.


100581400 points, Wave 129



I agree 100% with your post. Just after that game I found out you can multiply damage with bonus turrets, so I clustered my nuke factories. I made it to, yes, 170. Nukes do 60 million damage, and nothing else holds a candle to that, not even laser rockets attached to a laser chain. At 140 they start withstanding nukes with something like 4 energy left. Next wave was 8, then 12, etc. They just ramped up to invulnerable too fast.

The perfect fix would take away the 12% increase in enemy Hit Points and make it linear. Ideally, the game should only end when you fill the field with maxed out turrets, or at some distant level, rewarding you with points for unspent cash. That way you could explore several strategies for victory. A single "boss" enemy every 25 levels or something would be really cool, that way you'd have to prepare for two kinds of situations, not just a line of 8 enemies. It looks like they spent a great deal of time on development, so I don't understand why this fundamental flaw holds it back!


Got to level 503, but that was by cheating, and TBH the games offers nothing more rewarding after level 150.

A very good game, but its appeal wears off too quickly.


YO! I forget my score and kill but i got to lv. 227 then died. I didnt get ANY hits on my base till lv. 210! HA


122812655 points wave 138


do the modifier turrets modify combo projectiles? like would a nuke do twice as much damage if the 2 red and 1 blue turrets were in the radius of a damage amplifier?

Casual Gamer March 6, 2008 1:21 AM

Technically made it to wave 502.
I'd post a screen, but have no idea how it's done.

Points - 4,024,624,450
Kills - 4270


Clarenz & Jayjay March 13, 2008 4:49 AM

1xCannon not Upgraded
h e h e h e h e this is my real weapons

4xDark Holes
2xRail Gun
1xTazer B F G
1xNapalam Rockets
1xBigLandmine Laser Cluster Rockets
50xBig Damage+


I got to 2456 kills, $295085 spent (Forgot wave, I think it was around 200/300-something.

How do you get a combonly?

I managed to get the sniper, fusion and railgun, but not the last two. The last one, I can understand that it's not in the game right now, but the combonly everyone's been talking about is eluding me.

I could have gone on forever with the system I had, but I died because I got curious and pushed the Next Wave button twenty times...>.


Can anybody explain to me what does a Fusion does?
Thank You very much!


Are there any combos with the special guns (sniper, fusion, etc)?


To Cheese:

A fusion needs a tazer to work. Place a fusion within combo range of one and the tazer will start powering the fusion. It's basically a slower but much more powerful version, and it can store up energy in between waves. This also guarantees that each tazer freakout is used to its max.

The bad side is that the tazer used will no longer be able to target enemies until the fusion is moved or sold. And I haven't tried it yet, but I think the fusion can take multiple tazers.


to unlock sandbox mode in onslaught 2.1 get 4000 kills in medium mode on the classic map

Anonymous March 30, 2008 6:20 PM

awww its so cute!

little laser rockets totally pwning all of the widdle baddies!



scratch that all you have to do is get to wave 400 in normal mode to unlock sandbox. REMEMBER IT IS ONLY ON ONSLAUGHT 2.1! you can find it here...



how exactly do you get the udercannon? plus any tips on how to get further that lvl 600?

Anonymous April 4, 2008 2:55 PM

how to get sandbox mode and what is it

simon corner April 5, 2008 12:04 PM

3x cluster bomb
1x tazer rocket
1x bfg
25x big dmg
1x sniper
1x railgun

lvl 314
kills 3108

second last weapon is cambonly-dont know what it does atm only 5000gold so easy to get


I dunno what it is, but i unlocked a weapon after the Big Damage Exchange unit,

called the Targeter, and it tlooks like a satellite dish and costs 1400 gold. I got it the 4th time i played it on easy.

. Just wondering if anyone else has found it.


level 476, not sure of other info but i didnt get one leak, my dad closed window when i was eatin ramen, nooo!

i had mass railgns an d3 combos, no black holes :)

Joey Moozer April 20, 2008 9:56 PM

This is only the second time i have played this and this is how it ended.

Kills- 3816
Shots- 120,735
Spent- 643,876
Score-2,456,386, 940(seemed low to me)
Wave- 475 ( i pressed space bar a lot at the end to end it faster)
Cash at End- $89,620


lol i just read like the first 20 and i am still going on



rail gun=16
range up=6
damage up=19
combonly(last weapon)=1
rate up=8

im going good but i dont have enough room for any more damages so im just waiting my loss.


Can anyone actually do Hard Mode? No matter what units I start out with I can't get past wave 25ish. I have done just 1 missle turret and can't even max it out. I have done 2-3 turrets (tried using a mix) and every time their hit points scale up way to fast.


here's mine

6 railgun
1 big landmine
3 nukes
1 laser rocket
2 fully upgraded rockets
7 range ups
6 rate ups
3 big damage ups
1 fusion
2 tasers
1 fully upgraded laser
3858 kills
wave 389
score of 2632579602

jaybag May 9, 2008 9:22 AM

wave 5448 so far. i left it overnight with the star map and two black hole combos. its running very slow but its running. feel free to ask questions.

alexander May 9, 2008 1:34 PM

ok, got to 4185 kills, after that my dmg isn't high enough to kill anything, before black holes eat them up.

so it's a stale mate no matter what combos you do, or how many weapons you add.
The HP of enemy scales up, and my dmg doesn't scale as fast or none at all after a while.
I'm correct in this thinking or anyone figured away to scale dmg as fast as enemy hp?

not too bad May 17, 2008 4:09 AM

kills 4039
shots 44762
spend 749103
score 3025629017

starting with 2 rockets i updated them fully throughout
once fully updated i gradually put 3 big damage and 3 big rate tower for them
that lasted until i got railgun
i built about 15 of these fully upgraded

ps i never got the combonly to work...


i guess ive played it for a while now but here are the things listed below
KILLS- 4,005
SHOTS- 82,142
SPEND- 799,810
SCORE- 3,199,234,050

yeah thats right but how do you get the black holes or whatever or do you have to be on a certain difficulty level??

Anonymous June 1, 2008 9:21 PM

Beat this hahaha:

Waves :460
Shots :227832
Spend :978916
Score :4365965360

Acouple of blackholes


all I have to say is

488 GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kills: 4818
Wave: 498
Score: 5516571456

setth 4 20 June 15, 2008 9:20 AM

wave 1182
score 231,468,7485
with one black hole and 7 railguns

KnownDeviant June 18, 2008 9:54 AM

Classic Map
(Ongoing map, paused and took a break real quick!)

so far i am:
Wave 511
Kills 4974
15 Rail Guns
3 Black Holes at the end of the map, for the stragglers!
About 12 tazers in the beginning to slow them down
and lots of modifier turrets.

I will let you know what my score is, btw, this is a great video on how to get a really high score.

KnownDeviant June 18, 2008 10:23 AM

ok final tally
Classic Map
Wave 578
Kills 4988
Shots 212781
Spend 1,229,735
Score 6,133,918,180

After 4988 Kills, i couldn't kill anymore :(, not enough fire power, more rail guns next time, less range more damage!


KnownDeviant June 18, 2008 10:26 AM

Son of a GUN!!! I didn't submit my score!!!! :((((~~~~~ I am going at it again . . . .

-OnTheRoadAgain- June 19, 2008 4:18 AM

Hard Mode is impossible. It's much, much, much harder than Extreme Mode... Has someone manage to get past the early levels ??? As someone said earlier, its even impossible to max out a single turret.


they just added a targeter, which takes the weapon total up to 16. it does zero damage, yet has the highest rate in the game. WTF?

Abagraba July 12, 2008 1:53 PM

Lol... got to level 356.. and 2.6 billion points

pawnage with laser missiles, railguns, and fusions...

I dont know many combos tho XD

How do you make big laser cluster bomb landmines?

All the best last upgrades

Sniper-Massive damage(around 55 million when fully maxed)low fire rate

Railgun-lower damage(around 35 million when fully maxed)3 dmg upgrades (5000, 7500, 10000)hoits ALL enemies in its line of Fire... good if placed at end of LOOOONG path!(and sending 10 waves at once!)

Fusion- nothing.. Has to be charges by the shockers or lasers(yellow and green) shockers are the most effective...
Charged at ALL times! fires every 6 seconds but does massive damage with stored power and Poisons enemies... does around 4 damage per second at level 300

hotsauceeater August 6, 2008 3:28 PM

FINISHED! :-) Of coarse I only did easy. :-(


You need to have your turrets maxed out for a combo


for all who want to get past wave 200 here is my strategy. use lyne map. first build rocket right at the top of the path and then a blue cannon about 3/4 of the way along the path.wait until you have about 4000-$8000 and upgrade rocket to max damage. then build a green laser RIGHT behind the red rocket so they are almost touching, fully upgrade the laser damage and you should be makin secial rockets at about every 8 seconds, these are laser rockets. add more lasers to make a chain, but you dont need loads like people tell you, i used 4 (make sure you fully upgrade damage on them). then when you unlock the 'super weapons' get a railgun and place it halfway down the track. finally when you get the combonly put it next to the laser rockets and then sit back and watch.


lol my high score: 884,604,760 i did lyne on easy in the end i had 10 railguns 5 fuzions 2 snipers and combonly laser rocket. i was on wave 319 with 2834 kills i would have got further but i had to end it by sending 99 waves (LOL) i would have been on wave 400+


Combonly: The ultimate turret

In onslaught 2.1 there is a combonly that u can put near combos, and with the right timing and color, you can pick the combo turret that you want. "why do this?" you may ask: It allows that new turret to fire combos at a much faster speed and saves space for when you have 10 or more that you want in one area. It is also a cheap turret at 5000. That may seem big, but is easily achievable with the combo containing a red and yellow (rockets and thunder) that produces rockets that easily destroy weak enemies before you see them.

To make it all easier:

Put down a combonly in an unoccupied area and then use the shortcut key 'm' to move around the turrets used in a specific combo to surroun the combonly. It is very important to keep these turrets close enough that the combo is still in effect. Combos using three turrets should be placed to make a square with the combonly in one corner. Combos with four should make a plus with the combonly in the center. A combo with five should make a str or sheild pattern with the combonly in the middle or behind (it is possible). A combo with two is not worth the money (5000+), but if you are obsessed enough, make a triangle.

Quick production:

regardless of what you might think, you only need maximum damage on the contained turrets in a combo to make succesful combo attacks. this way, you use less money and time in the process of making a combonly take form. There are pages that you can find that have lists of combos. Hold one of the in a second tab for quick reference. when a combonly is near a combo, it may flash more than one color. This is where the list comes in handy: Most lists have sections with labels like 'red turret' or 'cannon', if you are experienced enough to know what combo you want, just look at what section it is under and when you see the combonly turn that color, click it. If you did not get the turret that you wanted, but what you did get is in the same section, do not sell it. It is going to be stronger than what you were orriginaly aiming for.

Combonly combo recomendation:

An easy one to start off with is the neuclear combo (red-blue-blue) because of its damage and low degree of difficulty to make. The red-yellow combo mentioned previously can come in handy here. for your first combonly you can save and then sell the yellow turret for money to upgrade the blue turrets. you can also make the blue turrets right after the red and yellow are at maximum in all three stats to save time. After some practice, the next in line is the black hole turret (yellow-yellow-yellow-green). this is to be placed near area 51 as a last resort. It sucks up all enemies that come near when it is activated. You do not gain kill points or money from the enemies that are killed with these turrets. It also sucks up any mines that are near it. After your first neuclear turret, aim for napalm rocket turrets (blue-blue-red-red-green). These do more damage.


one guy...


Up to wave 450.

The combonly works fine . I got a combo of 3 (y,r,b) and put the combonly right next to it.
The 3 guns combine in to 1 (save the space) and you get another special effect weapon.

Gr from holland.


Wow, not much of a TD gamer, but took your advice and gave it a shot. 200 waves and 1900 kills later, i realize how addictive this game can be. By far the best TD game I have played. Thanks Jay.

Random guy October 8, 2008 8:30 PM

for anyone who finds this game easy... it is very easy on EASY but try playing on hard, it proves to be one of the hardest TD's ever when u play it on hard


Lol, don't be so nabby, tis not an easy game! It's boring till about 150 when at that point, unless you have combos, you're screwed. I found that from about 350 up, the waves are near invincible and that only a Black Hole can take them out.
Note: I advise beginning with a Rocket Launcher + 2 Cannons so you can get a Nuke. Nuke is very useful till about 250 when they do like 1% damage. It's quite funny how fast the wave health rises after about 250.
So for all you who say this game is easy... get to 250 upwards... 300 is legend.
By the way, if you have loads of money, what I love to do is get a Fusion and ring it with eight Tasers on Max Damage Far away so the Fusion is the only thing that can hit. It's so funny. 500,000 damage in it's first shot = 1 shot pwned

Anonymous November 3, 2008 8:48 PM

epic win...
about 50 nuke combonlys and the rest other random combos.
4.5 trillion points (4.500.000.000) wave 502
I had to spam fifty waves to lose.


Score: 1197127230
Wave: 294
Combos: 5 BFG's, and tazer combos as well


I have made it to around 600, the key is combonlys. You have to use them. they pop in around 150 for me, and they make using combos easier. You have to press C so that the yellow outline appears, then you have to save enough money to make a 3-5 combo, make them in an arc so that it can fit in the middle and light up all the rings. Wait 'til it is the color of the combo you want, then left click it. (For a list of combos go to onslaught.playr.co.uk/about.combos.html


Why is hard level more difficult than extreme level?


Wave 494
Score, hah.. over 4 billion :\


mad easy game!!!!!First Try.
then i got really bored
Just combo like crazy then you are good for 200 more waves


On Hard Mode, Classic Map, I've sometimes gotten to wave 37 or 38 and I can't even Max out one Rocket turret. Is there a solution?


Level 398
kills 3980
Score 874653726647

basically spam nukes! i had like 20 combos of em!


I got To level 410 with a score of 2,937,959,100. i only died cause i sent about 20 waves at my defences because i was bored.

After you get the Rail Gun, put about 10 of them around them map. Then invest in tazers (buy 1 or 2 at a time then Max out them. repeat as many times as you want before buying more Rail Guns), they slow the enemy and the railguns can destroy them easier (beam travel)


I made it to wave 350, what wave does this game end on?


im in wave 448 with 5 black hole combos, when does this game end? Oh and that's tyte you can put the combos into 1 turret with the combonly >D


Wave 622, no Black Holes, no Super Weapons

The game ends when you die.


2,152,315,614 score


I got to wave 500+ multiple times.

1. Make Nuke Combos
2. Create 3-6 Tazers in the Hotspot of fire
3. Use A lot of RATE+/BIG DAMAGE
4. Railguns.

Around wave 500 you should have anywhere from 10-20 Fully Upgraded(Damage/Rate) Railguns.
These will destroy.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


It is possible to get over 4000 kills on the Hard difficulty level.
I got to wave 526.

I used one massive laser chain.

How to Beat Hard (Major Spoiler)


I love rocket towers. Upgrade them all the way and get some floating around ready to hit who ever comes in first. That, with a tazer, is great.


2981461228 that was my score
wave 450 4009 kills 42 railguns


Played on Easy. Star Level. Had 5 Combonly Black Holes and 1 traditional Black Hole (Ran out of money). Once I got to Wave 600. I spammed 200 waves and didn't even scratch me, haha. I'm pretty sure it'll take a very long time for me to die.


Lol... ive gotten to wave 160 so far with just a max laser rocket combo....

enemies cant even get on screen... I have a black hole and other combos set up but they haven been used once yet... Im just wondering how people find it impossible at 150....


My first combo started dieing at wave 275...

my 2 railguns took out the next waves until wave 350 =P


They havent even hit my black holes yet....


I love this game. I was on the pentagram and i got 2 wave 482 and i had 3,958,312,356 points....it was pretty beast!!!!

damien hughes March 30, 2009 1:34 PM

Playing this right now on wave 400 and I'm still going. WISH ME LUCK!! =-)


Umm I am playing right now. On wave 220 without much worry of them getting through... as of now. I will post after I die with a screen shot or something.

I am a big tower defense guy but I havent played this game much that is why I am posting because everything things 160ish is high and I am well beyond that.


When this game will end?
On what wave number / level?

Is this an infinite game? A game that does not end?


So nobody has finished this game yet?


well i got to wave 350 wit a 2.1 Bil and i don't know what a black hole is at all. Maybe it was pure luck but i'd like to see these black holes you speak of.

billy joe June 5, 2009 9:38 PM

i got to lvl 675 5000 kills 5,678,900,675=score the map was the 4 squares and the base in the middle

The_Negotiator July 6, 2009 11:05 AM

i got to lvl 675 5000 kills 5,678,900,675=score the map was the 4 squares and the base in the middle

there are ten enemies per round, so if you made it to lvl 675, you would have somewhere around 6,750 kills.

good try though, i bet you couldnt get past level 100

Anonymous July 10, 2009 5:21 PM

I've got to 4613 kills, wave 1070 or so, I've sold all my turrets leaving only 5x combonly Blackholes and a mass of tazers and lazers on the home straight. Any Idea of what the 'final' level is? I can permanently send waves now, and I'm bored. Is there any point continuing?


got to wave 305 and got bored. fun game though.


To easily beat the game go to classic put a laser in the point on the rite 2 rockets diagnel rite, above and bellow and a cannon in the middle of the rockets and max them out.Trust me its sick what they do. a garuntede win-the-game

Anonymous July 29, 2009 4:31 AM

i am currently doing a run. i could come back in a year, and i will still be winning. below combo is the key:

have 3 tazers pasted down, and have a lazer down. Have two tazers and the lazer in range of the third tazer. The resultant Black Hole Generator is god.


So far at wave 463, my 3rd try and the games still going as im typing (0 black holes as apparently their cheating)
Started with 2 rockets, maxed them out, turned them into a lazer rocket and a tazer rocket, then built a tazer maxed out right at the start to slow them all down followed by a nuke...
this gets you up really really high, then I started building random mine and bfg and loads of random combos (including 2 more nukes) and its just keeping them all at bay, im still making money, have over 4000 kills and theres like a hundred mines on the path incase they start to get passed

Hope this helps

BuddyLee Lonetree, Colorado August 10, 2009 5:05 PM

easy? yeah..up to lvl 300 or so....i've been to Lvl 481, 4,639 killz...4,832,631,860 pointz.


Medium Mode- Squarely Map

Waves: 518
kills: 4649
shots: 212,682
spent: 1,078,079
score: 5,011,989,271

the weapons:

green lasers [fully upgraded]- 7
blue turrets [fully upgraded]- 4
rocket launcher [fully upgraded]- 6
tazers [fully upgraded]- 10

The add-ons:

rate+ - 12
big damage+ - 27
combo only- 1
<3 Railgun <3 [fully upgraded]- 15

And the combos:

Rocket BFG- 2
Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine - 1

Not much to put up, but it lasted me pretty damn long :)


Ok well before I knew about combos I was excited about getting to wave 107. Then I just read about combos, I got to level 200 and then went to watch ufc. Got back to realize it was game over on level 358 hahaha. First time ever with combos - wow.


Got to wave 440
3rd try on this game(one LONG try)
Score seems noob compared to others'.
Still dont have too much of an idea how this game and its functions and/or combos work
But way too bored to try again
Killed myself due to boredom and I have exams next day

Things I used for those who need tips
Several of the 4 kinds of standard towers
0xmodifier towers due to lack of any idea how they work
1xMozilla Firefox
1xLaggy Computer

Good luck to all Onslaughterers
Also I'd like to advise everyone against becoming one
Life is short. This game is long. You get the drift.


anarkie01 November 1, 2009 1:34 AM

Wow... just spent a load of time playing this. Awesome game!
Wave: 442
Score: 2689454782
Difficulty: Medium
With the screen shot to prove it.


I got to wave 217 before the game froze.

Demon_Rage November 30, 2009 4:19 AM

Lol Just use blackhole, 3 tazer, one for fighting and two for not, then throw in a laser. black hole = instant kill but no cash, ever/always wave 458 and still going strong

Josh Leighton November 30, 2009 6:05 PM

Hey guys, on wave 807 right now with 9426 kills (: lots of combos 'n' its sooo easy, the only way to make it hard is to call in 20 waves at once. (: lol well, acctually more like 50 at once. dont try it its hard


i was on wawe 512

austin rose April 3, 2010 6:14 PM

wave 520 and still going strong
i used the black hole around wave 450 and then decided it was a cheap way to advance

total of 21 combos in action

jew fro April 6, 2010 6:56 AM

i don't know if anyone else knows but if your all complaining about firing combos try using the 'combonly' turret, the last weapon you unlock. Build your combo within range of it then it begins glowing either blue red yellow or green depending on the turrets around it, if the combo you want work with the red turret firing first, click on the 'combonly' when it glows red then watch the magic, ps. i got to 4005 kills but wave 1373+ because i filled my map with black hole combos once my nukes and tazers weren't working... xD

Anonymous May 14, 2010 4:53 PM

4.2 bill, wave 550, 5253 kills. Got bored and sent 50 or so waves at a time. £567,000 oh so pointless cash left, and i had 4 nukes, 4 sparky mines, 1 shockwave and 1 taser turret. no black holes or anything, and i still found it easy :P


wave 288 still going

felix 123123 December 14, 2010 2:01 PM

i got a black hole lol. if U can't get combos go to:


Combolnys are AWESOME!

Lol you can make towers that fire combo! I made nuke tower and owned. One time I made a Big landmine and it was decent. But the Nuke Combolny is THE BEST!!!!!

I liked the game but it was too easy.

Laser Chains own


hi i swear that currnetly im on wave 475 and still going!! buy rockets and place the 'rate' turrets around them, its so much easier,
6 tazers
4 lasers
7 rockets
4 machine guns
2 snipers
5 rail guns
10 rate things
3 damage things
and LOADS more!

btw no hacks i guarnatee, this is my 5th try...

imtenggok March 4, 2011 12:57 AM

i got to level 2200+ using black holes don't care about the money or the score, i just wanna know the limit or end of this game. after wave 2200+ i quit already bec i got bored, left my laptop running overnight for this. is there anybody who's ever finished this game?


I NEVER use black holes its just not how i want to play the game it takes the fun out of it.i just extreme stockpile various mines while nuking, laser combo-ing, laser missiling, giant cluster bombing, using about 15 modifers, and 1 rail gun.by the way does any one know how many kills it takes to say you completed it. i completed medium for sandbox mode but i want to know the exact or more exact right number.

timet0die May 28, 2011 5:45 PM

score: 3.488.140.400
kills: 4127
shots: 32.592
spend: 845.200
wave: 416
towers: 2x combo: 2 red and 2 blue. fully upgraded
18 railguns: 12 fully upgraded


I don't get why a lot of people think this game is easy; it can be very hard! The farthest wave I have made it to is wave 1187, but that was on easy mode. On normal mode, I just made it to wave 950. If you think it is too easy, raise the difficulties! If you are crazy at this game and somehow think HARD is too easy, you can probably unlock 200 waves in normal mode, right? This will unlock extreme mode. I have NO idea how you guys think this game is too easy unless you are only playing on easy mode, because I agree with that difficulty; but it is called EASY mode! What would you expect? :)
On easy mode, I got that far ALL because of the black hole, but that doesn't even add to kills or score at all. I added it in around wave 600, and it sucks in enemies and kills them INSTANTLY, but it was just for making it farther. It's not worth getting no score for anything, because I guarentee you, you probably won't get a single more kill after you place down that black hole.
There is a combo list that you can use

MAKE LOTS OF NUKES! (where the red tower speaks first) and use lots of big damage+ and rate+. It may seem expensive, but around wave 250, you will start having tens of thousands of money to spare.

NEVER USE ANY UPGRADE TOWERS THAT + BUT ALSO -! Always use the best stuff. As I said before, by around wave 250 you should have tens of thousands to spare. You will be getting money faster than you can spend it!

(these are just the ones I know that are commonly used)
S- sell tower
M- move tower

Sorry for the long review!

Valentin Rosenwood December 1, 2011 7:06 PM

So I made it Wave 409 (Kept spamming the spacebar for funsies.) on the map Puzzle I think. (Upside down house.) I only had three nuke combos goin. Two rows of fully maxed tazers (five on each row at the very start.) with a final kill score of 4001 (I laughed too.) and a Score score of 3,039,039,570. Had about ten Railguns, a lazer bfg, a cluster rocket bomb thing with a combonly, for some random reason a targetter, a few modifiers (Range increase, decrease, dmg, etc.) to make certain towers stay in front with the farther range to hit first and one napalm rocket. Overall, addicting game. However, it's pie up until 250 or so. (Unless you screw around like me and spam the spacebar with impatience XD). I admit it could use a few tweaks the game is fun, can't deny that. Most other TD's bore me pretty quick, but I can't stop this one just yet.


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