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Papa's Wingeria

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ChadPapa's WingeriaJust when you might have thought that everyone's favorite digital restaurant mogul was resting on his pixellated laurels, Flipline Studio's Papa has returned with the latest spicy addition to his culinary empire. Papa's Wingeria is hiring, and only your mastery of time management and a dexterous control of your mouse stand between you and stacks of buffalo wing-scented dollars.

Try your best to satisfy your customers as best you can, because customer satisfaction also equals customer loyalty; the more consistent you are with your food and efficiency directly influences their tipping habits. As you earn more money, you will be able to buy upgrades for your restaurant that will increase your efficiency, and therefore, fatten your wallet. Additionally, with each customer, you have the opportunity to earn golden tickets, which can be used to play mini-games that can earn you clothes for your worker, or posters for your restaurant's lobby, that not only decorate the environment, but can also have an effect on your customers, such as improving your waiting score.

Just like all of Papa's eateries, your mouse is the only control you will need to run this wing joint. The four stations that Papa has set up for you to manage this time are: the order station in the lobby, and the fry, sauce, and build stations in the kitchen. Your customers have discerning tastes when it comes to their wings. Your basic rule of thumb in the kitchen should be 'fry them, sauce them, toss them, and plate them'. If you have worked for Papa before, you will notice that changes have been made to the quality control in the kitchen. The fry station uses a click-and-drag method to determine how many items you drop in the fryer at one time, and you can monitor the doneness of your wings by a green bar on the left of each fry basket. In the sauce station, click and hold the left mouse button to make sure you add the correct amount of sauce to the equivalent amount of wings you need to prepare, and then you should attempt to click the mouse at the correct time during the mixing process, in order to ensure the best sauce coverage. Pay close attention to your presentation when you reach the build station, by separating each wing from another with vegetables, if your customer orders them, like carrots or celery.

Analysis: Other than the controls in the kitchen that we previously discussed, the only other change to this version of the game is the 'clothes' feature, which allows you to dress up your character as you like, take a virtual picture of your sharply-dressed avatar, and optionally save it.

The entire series of the Papa's games has proven that it has staying power as a gaming franchise, and because of that, the downside of this game is also an upside. Flipline Studios isn't reinventing the wheel when they put another one of these games out, but that's because they don't have to. They follow the simple rule in the old colloquialism, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And, for us fans of the series, that is a good thing.

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Papa's Wingeria Tips & Tricks

General Tips

  • There is NO PENALTY for discarding food (which isn't very realistic), so when you go to the fryer the first time, start as many baskets as you can with at least 8-10 items. When you get upgraded to other menu items like boneless wings, start four fryers with boneless wings, and four fryers with regular wings, until you get the feel of your customers trends. You can ALWAYS throw them out and start over if you have too many, or not enough of a certain menu item. The fryer doesn't cook terribly quickly, so you can multi-task and take other orders while they are frying.

  • When at the sauce station, even if an order calls for three wings, but you have eight in your bowl, use enough sauce for eight (even though you are only going to use three in the order) in order to make sure you have an adequate amount of sauce on each item. Also, you can use the other properly sauced and cooked wings in other orders, to save time and earn more points.

  • Some tickets will have a red "circle" on them, which means that all items should be evenly spaced around the plate. You may find it helpful to attempt to evenly space ALL your plates, that way you don't necessarily have to pay attention to the red circles, as it will become second nature. Later in the game, you will see a blue half circle on some tickets, which means that you should only place items on half of the plate, but still evenly. Dips should also be placed evenly; one dip goes in the center of the plate, two dips should be centered side-by-side, three dips should be placed in a triangle, etc.

  • Don't try to do an entire customer at once; that is, don't do everything for number one, then do everything for number two, etc. You need to work on several orders at once to be able to be efficient.

  • Organize your tickets when you are taking orders or presenting orders to customers, because you can't do anything else during that time. Organizing tickets at other times is a waste of time.

  • You don't actually have to have the order ticket up while you're making the order. If you know the order well-enough, you might find it faster to make it from memory and simply grab the ticket when you've got it finished.

  • "Closers" are the customers that come in your shop at the end of each day. They are pickier than other customers, so strive for highest quality when serving them. Once a week, your closer will be JoJo the Food Critic. He will order something different every time, but if you do well on his order, you can earn a blue ribbon, and having blue ribbons will make your other customers leave you larger tips.

  • The farther you progress in the game, the more customers you will have, and the quicker that they will enter your shop. Make sure to get decorations (either by winning them in the mini-games or buying them) to extend the time that they are willing to wait without jeopardizing your score.

Mini games:


It is just a basic game of minigolf. Aim and click.

Hallway Hunt:

Place your finger on the screen beneath the person's eyes and drag it as they move around to keep track of where they are.

Breakfast Blast:

This is like Duck Hunt. As you earn more prizes, the number of shots you have decreases and the number of breakfast items you have to shoot increases, but on a touchscreen this is pretty laughably easy regardless. If the breakfast items are overlapping, you can get two with one shot, although that doesn't give you any bonus.

Customer Cravings:

The hardest thing about this mini-game is that the order that customers have is based on what they will order the next day, so if you're about to unlock a new ingredient, what they order might be something you've never seen before. This means that until you've unlocked all ingredients, this can be a matter of luck. Just keep trying.

Pizza Pachinko:

This physics based game is so dependent on even small variations of where it hits the objects that it's mostly luck. I personally like to drop the ball atop one of the objects near the center, but essentially you just need to try again with this one.


Burger ingredients will fall from the sky, and you need to catch them on your bun in order to build a burger that is tall enough to eclipse the height of the dotted line. The speed of the ingredients falling will increase as you catch them, and even more if you miss them. If you miss more than three, the game is over. Try to make smooth motions with your mouse, and not extreme moves back and forth, and you will find it easier to complete your burger.

Hot Shot:

It is a shooting range game. Again, extreme moves with your mouse aren't recommended, as the "baddies" speed up as the mini-game progresses.


autumnnn27 June 13, 2012 10:42 PM

is anyone else having horrible luck with the saucing?? i release at the right number everytime but still get horrible judging!

ami.ama.l June 15, 2012 3:36 AM

I've had that problem too :) But I think I figured it out. After squeezing the sauce, you have to wait till the large arrows turn completely green until you click to mix the chicken. :)


I've found that every now and then there is a glitch of some sort in the game. I play a mini game then it says I won a poster and $99.00 (which is over top the I won a poster image). Then in the next round I can't see my cooked items in the sauce section and can add a sauce to an invisible bowl but now mix it.... So far the only way I can figure out how to fix the error is to completely exit Chrome and re-enter the game.

kevinlee91 June 25, 2012 9:43 AM

Freeze Putt has got to be the most frustrating minigame in existence.

OneBreath July 26, 2012 12:07 PM

This game should come with a warning: highly addictive! Definitely the best one in the series yet.


Pros: Addictive gameplay, fun minigames (except for maybe Freeze Putt), fast paced without being too frantic.

Cons: Ads in the middle, having to throw out the entire plate (wings and all) when I realize at the last minute that I forgot something in plating.


Okay, one more con: picky plating ratings. I try making everything beautifully symmetrical, but sometimes that just isn't enough, & I can't tell what I'm doing wrong.


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