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ParkPark is another point-and-click experience from Patrick Smith of Vector Park, the very same that created the tranquilizing Levers game. This one is easy and a bit short, and yet it will certainly delight those who enjoy the thrill of discovery that this type of game offers.

Simply use the mouse to point, roll-over, and click on objects to activate the animations. The only object of the game is to see all there is to see. Somewhat like the game of life.

Play Park


You said it was easy, I don't even understand what to do (Other than point n click..lol)
I guess I'll get it in the end...
Hey guys (And gals) what's your favourite game that's been posted ?



nice games but what's the point of this one?


nvm I got it,The only object of the game is to see all there is to see. Somewhat like the game of life


"(...)and designing a multi-user point-and-click adventure game in Flash."
Whoa! I must say I would love to see this.

Jay, why you never post your own creations? I don't know about the other visitors, but I'm really curious to see what you have been up to in your RIT classes.



A multi-user point and click adventure??? That sounds incredible. The mind boggles. I can't wait to see it!


> Jay, why you never post your own creations?

Well, that's a worthy question, but if you dig around the archives you will find several games and multimedia applications that I have created, or have helped to create. Everything I've done here at RIT is available to check out, except for Orpheus' Revenge, the 2D side scroller my team built for Andy Phelps' 2D Games Programming class. That one is a game using the DirectX API, and it is too large to host on my RIT account.

I just received word last week that the project my team built for 3D Games Programming, BattleLaX—a game that also uses DirectX—is actually being published in a collection of games from independent developers.

As I mentioned in today's post, there just isn't enough time in a day to do everything I would like. While trying to finish up my masters degree so I can get a real job in the industry, it becomes very difficult to spend the kind of time a top notch game requires these days. That's why I have been focusing my efforts on Flash in hopes that I may be able to come up with something sooner.

My team for Web-Database Integration is currently working on a Flash adventure game as part of our course work. So, if time is kind to us, I should have something that I can post here when it's finished.

Thanks for your interest guys. =)


Jay, is Orpheus' Revenge hosted anywhere on the web?


Nice animation.

Would to be good to see this idea developed further!


I must be missing something ... it seems like I have in fact looked at everything there is to interact with, but it hasn't reached any sort of conclusion ... does it 'end'?

The apparent lack of 3-act story flow aside, it is really nicely done...


Brendan - no, Orpheus' Revenge is not available online. It is a made-for-Windows application using DirectX 9.0b. If you're really interested, I may be able to set you up with a download sometime when I have some free time.


This is seriously a nice bit of flashwork, and if you can't figure it out, you're missing out.
here's a riddle to help you along.

If those who are seen,
Away on a Hill,
Which swish, sway and careen
Now stand so tall and still
Are prodded in the right direction
Might reveal a hidden friend,
A masked doorway, or a lost reflection,
Thus bringing your dilema to an end.

Hint: The first screen isn't the only screen.


Hey, does anything happen after you click on the pinwheel in the second (or was it third...?) window...? Or does the game just abruptly end? I'm confoozed... Oh, Jay, as always, great games, dood. I'm glad to see you're so dedicated on finding the best, most fun, and strangest games for your site. As for my fave game...currently it's Nanaca Crash. XD


Loved it! Clicked around a bit and had oodles of fun with it. The little ghost thingies are so cute. I liked the ending - it sorta reflected the entire game. But I guess the word 'game' is a misnomer - it was more of a 'pass the time' thing.


I can't seem to go anywhere.
Would you give a little more hint, please?

mebbeilltellu October 26, 2006 10:47 AM

when you click on the trees on the hill- once you have the close up of them- try clicking on the individual trees to reveal something

tra la la la laaaaa (heheh) November 6, 2007 1:27 PM

the widgit in the pool where you go with the cable car is really cool. if you blow the tentecles up the reflection doesnt show but if you hover over the holes in the reflection the tentecles come up! pointless but fun!


When does this game "end"? I've found the second place but then what?


Nice game, I LIKE THE BUNNIES!!1!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a n00b.


I can get to

the area with the mountains, trees, bunnies ect.

but don't know what to do after that. I have

grown the tree already


Korikitsune0 June 28, 2009 12:58 PM

Wait, ok, I got to the point where the white shapes come out of the crazy building. Now what? >


I cant get the game done. :(


I've gotten to the

screen with the mountains and trees and bunnies and such, but I figure out what to do. I know that if you move the little carousel thingy around to all the points on the grid, everything pops up... I already made the giant bird behind the mountain pop up, but I'm not sure what to do now... :/

Fun so far tho...

person who was playing it at school July 23, 2010 3:38 PM

This game is soooooo annoying i will explain. we were in a lesson at school it was the final week so we could do whatever we wanted on the computer my friend found this game and i started playing as well. I got to the screen with all the bunnies and trees and i found another scarenn by the tree that keeps growing i dont know how i got there though that is why it is bugging me the lesson time was up and i didnt think and quit the window i thought it would be easy to get back but its not have a bit of sympathy for me please


quote:"when you click on the trees on the hill- once you have the close up of them- try clicking on the individual trees to reveal something" by mebbeilltellu. Yes, I know now what to do when I get to the screen at the trees, question is, how do I get to that screen?


I discovered something I discovered something I discovered something I discovered something!

At the first place, after the giant tree arrives, wait(Don't move to another maps) you can use the middle light and turn off thr lamp and wait. the tree will have things like a leg or a flag now.

I hoping it will help somehow!


So, has nobody figured out past the

second screen with the rabbits, trees, eyes in the hill etc

Or is there even anything after this? I've clicked all the trees and hovered over everywhere... thanks.


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