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Rating: 4/5 (25 votes)
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KimberlyHave you ever played Tetris and thought to yourself, "I could be a wizard at this if only I had time to think!" In Planaris, a free puzzle game for your browser or Android device by Bryce Summer, you can do just that. The goal is survival and high score. Click to place a piece on the playing field, and push [X] to rotate it. When you make a complete line, horizontally or vertically, it will disappear, leaving you more space to refill. Unlike Tetris, the pieces are static, and won't fall to the bottom of the board. Push the [space bar] to put a piece in your pocket to save it for later, and hit it again to swap it out for use. No matter how good you are, at some point you have to decide when and where to put an ill fitting piece. The game is over when you can no longer place a piece on the board.

PlanarisMaybe, however, you are one who enjoys a faster paced game. For you, multiplier and survival modes are unlocked after getting a high enough score on normal mode. In multiplier mode you get more points the faster you place your block. In survival mode, if you wait too long to place the piece, your game ends. Eventually locks will start to appear on the grid. These dastardly things serve to block you from completing lines, and can thwart your best laid plans. You can remove locks from the board by finishing a line next to them. The colors on the polished looking board constantly fade in to one another, giving a nice ambiance, which you can turn off if you prefer. There's also nice relaxing music to help you get in the zone, though it can start to get repetitive after a long game. It's immensely satisfying to go from near death to suddenly clearing out a large chunk of the board in a few moves. Simple and elegant, Planaris is a great little puzzle game when you need a time-out during your day.

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Great, except that the programmer forgot to code the right-click to NOT open the options menu. Every time I rotate a piece, I get the Unity Player options (Fullscreen, About, Setup) which caused me to misplace a couple of tiles and to jump to the "About Unity" page, eliminating all of my progress.


I could not get this to work on unity, which is fine. I like to have my games separate since my screen is so small on my computer. Also it makes that right click thing not a problem.


Unity 5.0 only cam out in March, any idea the minimum needed for this game?

I had no problem playing
Dungeon Warfare, Ascend and Home Improvisation


Just shows up as a blank box for me. This same thing happens with many, but not all, Unity games. Not sure what to do.


I have hopefully resolved the right-click problem. You may need to refresh the game page or clear your cache to view the change. :)

oreilley May 28, 2015 1:40 PM

I kept receiving a "plug-in not supported" message, I have unity installed but I saw Kimberly said Chome no longer supports Unity (?!) sure enough it played fine on Mozilla, thank you Kimberly. A very laid back Tetris-y game...

Bryce Summer May 28, 2015 3:29 PM replied to ChairmanMUHC

Hey, developer here, when a Unity game gets hosted it's up to the site hosting it to specify if the context menu is enabled. This is why I also included the option to use the X key to rotate. Just wanted to clear that up, thanks & I hope you enjoy the game! :)


I am guessing I don't have a high enough version to play this game. 5.0 is not supported on my system so if that is the case I will have to play only the app version. When I open the game it freezes the browser and then a few minutes later Unity crashes.

Does it need Unity 5.0 or higher?

Bryce Summer May 28, 2015 9:06 PM replied to SHA

Yes, the game requires the latest version of Unity Web Player, it was authored in Unity 5.0.2 -- sorry!

SHA May 30, 2015 4:38 AM replied to Bryce Summer

Thank you for replying and letting us know.


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