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Rating: 4.7/5 (228 votes)
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JayRGB graphic adventureRGB is another great-looking room escape game by Japanese developer neutral, author of the previously reviewed Sphere. Not only is this game great looking, it plays exceptionally well with several puzzles that will perplex and confound you, though that won't take you long to solve.

Use logic to solve the mysteries that await you in this room of RGB that includes a standard point-and-click interface with inventory, as well as two different ways to escape. Like its predecessor, the graphics really pull you into the game and give special meaning to "graphic adventure," a classic description for games of this type.

Unfortunately, as the name implies, color perception is required for a couple of puzzles in this game, so you may experience difficulty getting out of the room if you experience colorblindness. An integrated save feature allows you to pick up the game later if you cannot finish in one sittting, and there are both English and Japanese versions available to play.

Play RGB

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

I managed to complete the game on my own, and though the author requested that no walkthroughs be published until August, I wrote up a walkthrough anyway. If the moderators want, of course they can hide this message until then. All the information to complete the game appears to occur in these comments already, so I figured that it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I put a good deal of effort into making it nice and nesting the spoilers so that not too much gets revealed all at once, so I hope you enjoy it. The structure reveals the way that I thought about things as I went through the game (tidied up a bit, of course), though in hindsight, there are other ways to think about parts of it.

The numbering scheme reflects the hierarchical nature of the thought process, but the spoiler tags are more deeply nested in places to allow for some things to be revealed sequentially.

Part I: Escape

1. Open the box on the couch and take its contents.

1.1. Look at the box on the couch. Notice the colours and shapes of the buttons on it.
1.2. Find equations around the room relating the coloured letters of words to buttons on the box.

1.2.1. Click the small orange flowers, and write down the equation you see.
1.2.2. Click to the right of the couch to zoom in and get a second equation.
1.2.3. Click on the pot of the large green plant to get a third equation.
1.2.4. Click on the tissue box (the box itself, not the paper) to get a fourth. Notice that the letters are yellow.

1.3. Find the target word for opening the box.

1.3.1. Remove the middle painting from the wall. Burn the pattern into your mind, and then click it a few times to take it down.

1.3.2. Press the lightswitch to turn off the lights, and look in the place where you took down the picture. Make sure to notice both the word and the colours of letters used. Turn the lights back on.

1.4. Use your equations to work out the buttons to press to open the box.

1.4.1. If you have any trouble with this, make sure that you've found all the equations, and that you've paid attention to the colours of the letters involved. Blue square, yellow triangle, green circle.

1.5. Get the bottle opener and diagram.

2. Use the machine on the wall.

2.1. Collect four coins from around the room.

2.1.1. A copper coin labelled with V is sitting on top of the painting on the easel.
2.1.2. Look closely at the clock to find a gold coin labelled VII. Nine o'clock.

2.1.3. A silver coin labelled with II is hiding in the couch. Click underneath the right hand part of the couch and look closely at the fabric to notice the faint outline of a coin. Zoom back out and examine the right hand painting closely to determine the location of a secret. It is a diagram of the room. Relate each of the shapes in it with some feature of the room. In particular, notice the black triangle in the corner. Click to the right of the couch, and click the corner of the carpet to lift it up and reveal a knife. Use the knife to cut the coin out of the couch and take it.

2.1.4. A red coin is hiding in the box of tissues. You can pull tissues out of the box by clicking on them. Pull out 5 tissues. The coin has fallen on the floor behind the shelf, zoom out and click on the shelf to find it.

2.2. Find the screwdriver.

2.2.1. The plant on the left hand side of the couch is looking droopy.

2.2.2. We should water it.

2.2.3. Open the left hand side of the cabinet to reveal a bottle of water.

2.2.4. Open the bottle with the bottle opener.

2.2.5. Pour it on the plant, step back and then click to the left of the couch again to reveal that the plant has stood up.

2.2.6. What's that in with the plant? It's a screwdriver, take it.

2.3. The screwdriver isn't used for screws.

2.3.1. Look closely at your diagram and at the machine on the wall. What's missing from the machine on the wall?

2.3.2. That's right, its handle is broken.

2.3.3. Attach the screwdriver to the machine for use as a handle.

2.4. Put the coins into the machine and pull the handle.

2.4.1. Notice the order of the coins on the diagram.

2.4.2. Don't read them left to right -- the diagram is sideways, so that means you'd be reading them bottom to top. Read them right to left.

2.4.3. Copper (V), gold (VII), silver (II), red (III).

2.5. The left painting is gone!

2.5.1. It has fallen down, take a look to the left of the couch.

2.5.2. Pick up the small key.

2.5.3. The key opens the right side of the cabinet.

3. Remove the right painting from the wall and examine it carefully.

3.1. It looks like it's held on by small wires.

3.2. So we need something to cut them.

3.3. There is a pair of wire snips in the right portion of the cabinet. If you can't open that yet, see section 2.

3.4. Cut the painting down using the wire snips on each corner.

3.5. Look at the back of the painting to find a key.

3.6. The key goes into the device on the right hand door and turns it on.

4. Open the right hand door.

4.1. Assuming that you've already turned on the device on the door, you see a row of green dots on it. (If you haven't turned it on yet, you need a key from section 3.)

4.1.1. Notice that one of them is shaped like a heart.
4.1.2. Click on them and notice that they change colours: green, blue, red, yellow, purple.

4.2. If you've been following along, we've now taken down all the paintings on the wall. The first one revealed a password to us...

4.3. Turn the lights off to see that we've revealed a declaration of love!

4.4. Note that the letters are coloured, and the v is heart shaped.

4.4.1. This is the code to the locking device on the right hand door. Copy the sequence of colours into the device. P BBBP RRY GGGYGG.

4.5. Open the door to reveal a bewildering array of tissue boxes.

5. Find three statues and use them to get a key.

5.1. One with blue eyes is on the shelf, you probably found it already.
5.2. One with green eyes is in the cabinet. You also probably found it already.
5.3. The tissue boxes in the closet have a secret.

5.3.1. Notice the overall shape of the boxes. Have you seen this shape before?

5.3.2. The middle painting.

5.3.3. Note that the middle painting has a golden box in it, second column from the left, third row from the bottom.

5.3.4. Look at the corresponding box of tissues. Click the top of the box to pull up a sheet. Remove seven tissues. Click the top again to reveal a statue with red eyes.

5.4. Look closely at the statues, and at the box with indentations on top of the cabinet.

5.4.1. Different feet for different places.

5.4.2. Set the statues in the box.

5.4.3. Press the button to get a key.

5.4.4. The key opens the left hand door! You can escape, but if you want to do that, save the game first.

Part II: Escape Again

1. The eyes have it.

1.1. Play with the box with the three statues.

1.2. With the three statues still in the box, press the button a few times to see that the eyes light up and turn off.

1.3. What might they illuminate?

1.3.1. Turn the lights off. The message on the wall now has red, green and blue dots in its background, corresponding to the blue, green and red eyes of the statues.
1.3.2. Notice that the message is written in colours that contrast the lights.
1.3.3. It would be nice to swap the lights around to see how much we can obscure. The left part of the message is written with mostly blues, the middle with mostly reds, and the right with mostly greens. The lights on the wall should shine blue, red, green. To get that, the statues' eyes will have to be green, red, and blue from left to right.

1.4. Swap the statues around to reveal a new message.

1.4.1. What's that, you can't put them in other places, because the feet are the wrong shape? Maybe the heads will have to come off.

1.4.2. Perhaps we've ignored that painting sitting on the easel for too long. Have a look at it. Two joined circles at the top, then a sequence of triangles, then two detached circles at the bottom. Perhaps the triangles are arrows? They're directions for removing the heads of the statues. Left and right pointing triangles mean to turn the head one step in that direction. The downward triangle, well, what's on the bottom of each statue? It means to push the button.

1.4.3. Detach all the heads, and put them back on the right bodies. Remember that the eyes go green, red, blue. That is, the green eyes on the frog head go with the webbed feet, the red eyes on the cat head with the paws, and the blue eyes on the monkey head with the with the monkey feet.

1.4.4. Put the statues back, make sure the eyes are lit up, and turn the lights off.

2. Supposing that went well, you should have six digits.

2.1. What could they mean? Well, the 3, 7, 5, and 2 should be familiar.

2.2. Those are the numbers that were on the four coins in Roman numerals.

3. Find another coin.

3.1. Hmm, what's the only place that you couldn't have looked so far?

3.2. Well, you opened the door, but it just exits the game... or does it?

3.3. Step into the doorway, but don't go all the way in. Click the arrow at the bottom of the screen to turn around and see back into the room.

3.4. Close the door.

3.5. That's not a peephole, it's a new coin, labelled with an X.

4. Use the coin to find the hidden exit.

4.1. Put the new coin into the machine and pull the lever. All the coins will pop out.

4.2. X is the Roman numeral for ten.

4.3. Put the coins into the machine in the sequence given by the obscured message.

4.3.1. 10, 3, 7, 5, 2

4.3.2. X, III, VII, V, II

4.3.3. Blue, red, gold, copper, silver.

4.4. Pull the lever to reveal the true exit! Nothing hidden in the door frame this time.


No walkthroughts until August? They mean business!


You won't be needing a walkthrough for this, it's rather short with very logical solutions.

...But that doesn't mean it's easy. ;)


I think I'm on the right track, but

I can't find the gray coin. It looks like it is inside the couch cushion, but I can't figure out how to get it out.


Darn... I had most of the puzzle except the yellow/orange coin and my browser crashed!


jwm0429 - You'll need a tool for that.


Examine the pictures on the wall, for they offer clues to hidden items.

jwm0429 June 20, 2007 1:00 PM

Thanks Jay, I finally got it!


Help! I got the bottle and the red coin, as well as five hidden messages and now I'm stuck again.


TheCapn' - it's time to decode those hidden messages. ;)


I tried the colours, letters and shapes and I still couldn't open the box!


Evil! I got the box open because I clicked on the wrong colour the first million times

jwm0429 June 20, 2007 1:07 PM

The Capn'

perhaps it's too bright for you to see things



Take a look at the color and letters in Box, and then compare that to the colors and letters around the room...


I saw the thing but I couldn't read my handwriting so I did the wrong colour...

octochan June 20, 2007 1:09 PM

ok, I've solved the puzzle without any help so far, but now I'm stuck on the extra credit part. I have a 6-digit code that I don't have any idea what to do with. Any hints?


What's with the leftmost painting?


All of my coins are gone and I have nothing to show for it?


i cant get that dang box open


Yay! This is the first one I have passed on my own, if only because it said there were no comments posted!


I only got out one way, and can't seem find the other one! Oh well...

Love your site!



I love box


Don Law,

Look around the room...


Don Law - do not despair. There are no dead ends in this game that I can tell. Hint:

You need something to act as a coin release lever.

Opening the box hint:

As noted above, you will need 5 messages to decode the combo for the box.

Note the colors in the word "BOX" and compare those to the symbols for the other 4 words you have.

You know the COLOR of the letters in BOX but you need to figure out the symbols from the other words.

Cheers, Emma! ^_^


It took me 20 minutes until I realized that the little doohiky was a bottle opener.


Sweet... out the door...

Only found one exit myself.
This is the first one I have ever completed without a spoiler... hahaha

I am going to guess that

the other exit has something to do with the heads of the dolls and what key it might give you


Usually I'm pretty good at these, but this one is evil! I can't find any objects. The two leftmost pictures make little to no sense to me!!! ARGHH!



Apperantly I have decapitated a cute little man...


i have all the colors and words and shapes but i still cant box open


This is dumb. I love these kinds of games, but this is impossible for anybody with Red/Green color blindness.


Where is the red coin??


i'm still stuck on the second exit! help?


Hmmm, I'm still stuck on getting the gray coin.

I figure it has something to do with the left picture and the middle one.

Any hints?

DingDingDao June 20, 2007 1:49 PM

I solved the second exit problem. There are a few key things that you need to do in order to access it.

There is a fifth coin somewhere.

Additionally, octochan mentioned a six digit code he discovered:

The six digits are related in some way to the coins.

Hope this helps. Sorry if I spelled it out too much for you guys.


where is the 5th message and what do i do with the bottle of water


The 5th message? Hmm, that assumes I know which one you're missing, I do not.

What to do with the bottle of water? Open it of course. :p

Grey coin:

It's 'near' the couch.


rats, I knew the numbers on the coins were important somehow
now I'll have to start over since I've already fed them into the slot machine

DingDingDao June 20, 2007 1:58 PM

Octochan, you don't have to start over.

When you insert the fifth coin and pull the lever all five coins will come out the coin return.


i cant get the bottle to open and i have fax fox bee and dog


i have 4 coins, opened the bottle, put the coins into the slot, where the heck is the lever thing??


I don't know how you guys find this stuff, I have no idea how to open the box.

I have the little robot guy who's head turns and has a little button on the bottom that does nothing, and a copper, red, and yellow coin. I have found the word Box and noted it's colors. I have found fax, dog, and bee and noted their shapes and colors, but have no idea what to do with any of this.


By all evidences (above), I should be able to open that box, but something about the mechanics is tripping me up I guess.

I know the "Box" colors and I know the "Box" shapes.

I've been trying to enter "Box" on the box. Is that right? Or should I think outside the "Box"?

duncan80 June 20, 2007 2:06 PM

Okay I can "see" the gray coin (I think) but I can't get to it... any hints?


I'm having trouble finding that 5th coin. can I get a hint? thx

hectichector June 20, 2007 2:12 PM

how do i get to the grey coin?

it seems that the screwdriver doensn't help


i cant get the bottle to open....whats the big secret...i have a good idea what to do with it

DingDingDao June 20, 2007 2:16 PM

I'm not sure how to give you a hint without just completely giving it away, but here goes anyways:

The fifth coin is located in the last place you'd think to look.

A more concrete hint:

It's located somewhere that you can't get to until nearly the end of the game.

As clear as I can be without actually telling you where it is:

Take the first exit out, but DON'T take the first exit out.

Man, I suck at writing hints. :P


How do you open the bottle?


to find the coin in sofa:

first you need a cutter

look at the picture on the right, it's a hint

cutter under the carpet in the corner

use cutter to get coin on sofa

how to use water:

there's a plant in need of water, but you need to open the bottle first.

Anonymous June 20, 2007 2:27 PM

how do you get the box open, how do you get the water bottle open


Wow. It took me about 20 minutes to get that grey coin.


Look at the right picture for hints to the hidden areas/objects

And help?

I have two wooden animals and pliers... what now? I'm guessing there's a third animal I have to find...


I can see the I love box message, but now I'm completely lost in what to do. Can any one help?

icvotria June 20, 2007 2:31 PM

i can't open the stupid box...

i've seen fax, bee and dog and the box with the light off but i still can't get it : (


ah, thanks. that was awfully clever of them.


To get the bottle open:

you need the bottle opener. It's in the box!

Anonymous June 20, 2007 2:34 PM

how do you open the box....i have tried everything

rick james June 20, 2007 2:38 PM

where is the word BOX at

Anonymous June 20, 2007 2:39 PM

where is the 5th word....i have box fax fox bee and dog


To get the code for the box:

Write down the letters of each word like this...
And note the color of the letters.
Then write the symbols you found for each beneath each letter.
Then write the color of the symbol beneath that.
Now you have the formula by which you can derive the combination of the BOX.


wow nvm i feel stupid now lol


I suck at these games. I actually got the box open all by myself - yay! - but now I am stuck.

I have the bottle open and I imagine I should pour the water onto one of the plants, but I click and I click with the bottle on all the plants and nothing happens.
I have the little robot guy standing in the tray with the foot-shaped cutouts but I don't know what else to do.
I have three coins already in the slot - can't remember which ones they are. One came from the cushion cut open with the utility blade; one came from the kleenex box, the third came from somehwere else, I already can't remember.

Stuck, stuck, stuck. I'm terrible at these games.

icvotria June 20, 2007 2:44 PM

uuuumm... fox? think i need to look round a little more!


for the i love box tissue hint

notice the color of each letter. use a key on the right door so you can change color of circles

how to get the third doll

open right door, see a bunch of tissue boxes, step back and face the boxes, does this picture look familiar?

check with the middle picture that fell down behind the sofa


What do I use to get the grey coin? I have tried to stab it with the screwdriver, the doll, and even pour water on it...
What do I need to do?

Anonymous June 20, 2007 2:46 PM

ok this box has me stumped.....i have all the colors and shapes and still cant get the stupid thing to open


Oh, I figured out

which plant to water.

Sorry for the premature complaining. I'll keep at it.

hectichector June 20, 2007 2:49 PM

got it!

nice game, although i always find it a bit frustrating that when you click places, you miss the item by a hair, i often got stuck because i couldn't find what i needed

like the cutter, i already checked there, i missed it by a millimeter...

rick james June 20, 2007 2:50 PM

where is the word BEE at ???

Nottie. June 20, 2007 2:53 PM

I cannot, for the life of me, get the flippin' box open. I found all five of the words, wrote them out, figured out (what I thought was) the code, and pushed the button on the box. Nothing!

Is the code straight across, symbol matching with the "BOX" colors? Or is there a special way to decode it? (Maybe that wasn't so much a spoiler...)


hahahhahah i found the last coin~ so evil! thanks to the hint from dingdingdao :D

but then what else...i got 5 coins back...let me think...

Anonymous June 20, 2007 2:56 PM

all this info about the box and i am STILL not able to get it open


I cannot find the bottle opener and it is making me crazy!!!!!


Hmm. I can't seem to get the second exit. I have

the 5th coin and I can see the different color lights from the animals, but I can't seem to put them together.



Okay, I think I've got everything I need for the second exit, but can't figure out

where the six digit code comes into play. Does it have something to do with the windows?

Brandon June 20, 2007 3:01 PM

Any one have any hints for popping the heads off the dolls, I got two of them off but can't get the last one...got the other two by pure luck.


let me try to explain how to open the box without telling you straight out which buttons to push:

notice the color of the letters for BOX
notice the color of the letters for DOG,FAX,BEE,FOX
you only need to press 3 buttons to open the box, so obviously the 3 buttons corresponds to BOX


you need to get a red B, a red O, and a yellow X

rick james:

i think BEE is right by the flowering plant


I'm stuck with the wooden doll...

I can't figure out how to get its head off! I figure it has something to do with the arrows on the easel, but I tried turning the head left and right according to the arrows and still no go. any hints?


Second ending hint -

It doesn't always have to be RGB.

rick james June 20, 2007 3:09 PM

how do u open the dang box???
what is the code???

rick james June 20, 2007 3:13 PM

thanks for the help peggy


oh thanks to the hint above i twisted their heads off

Soupstar June 20, 2007 3:14 PM

Got the second exit...

...the dolls come apart for a reason

...their eyes light up too

...which way do the lights point?

GreenPeace June 20, 2007 3:15 PM

about decapitating the heads of the little animals...

have you looked at the picture...

try moving the animals head according to the arrows and then click on the little button below.

how about mixing the heads?

I still haven't figured out what you do with that though...


annepin, you are doing the right thing

remember that the last arrow is down - what's on the bottom of the doll?

Trouble for me is, I don't know what to do with the resulting parts.

Ghyarlae June 20, 2007 3:18 PM


first you need to switch heads until their eyes light up

the code is the order of the coins

Anonymous June 20, 2007 3:19 PM

not seeing how to get into the box.....cant get on with the game until i can make that happen


Here's another hint for the second exit:

The six-digits number you found is not a six digits number

It's more than one number!

Take a look at the coins...

BuenoCabra June 20, 2007 3:27 PM

Concerning the dolls, (TheCapn', you seem to have done this)

how do you remove the heads? I can make them face either direction, but that's it. The button on the bottom clicks but doesn't seem to do anything. I don't have any tools left.
I'm pretty sure I know what to do after I get the heads off, I just don't know how to do that.

I think I have the way out, but I want to figure this out first, since everyone is talking about a second exit.

Anonymous June 20, 2007 3:27 PM

whats the box code....nothing here helping so far....have all the info and still not seeing this "magic" code

BuenoCabra June 20, 2007 3:29 PM

Nevermind, others have posted since I started typing, heh.

icvotria June 20, 2007 3:31 PM


i can't get the heads off! is it my right or they're right? i'm sure i've tried everything, i must be missing something really dumb and obvious.

Anonymous June 20, 2007 3:32 PM

to remove the heads you have to follow the directions on the painting on the easel. the last arrow is where you click on the bottom and press the button and the head pops off

songwind June 20, 2007 3:36 PM

I can't seem to find the second doll. I have

four coins, screwdriver, "instructions" for the coins

but I can't find anything else to interact with, and I only have one doll.


I have the

words "dog," "fax" "fox" and "bee" so I know the shapes associated with "B" "O" and "X" and I also have seen the word "BOX" in the dark so I know that I need to input "red" "red" yellow"

So why can't I open the box with this knowledge? I must be missing something totally obvious.


steve - you also need to note the color of the words to correctly decode the box combination.

icvotria June 20, 2007 3:39 PM

ok, this is what i'm doing... turning their heads r,l,l,r,l,r then i'm clicking on the buttons but no head popping!! why isn't it working?! it's making my head feel like it's going to pop off. i've tried doing it from their perspective too, like l,r,r etc and i've done it a MILLION times but still no head popping : (


yay i found the second exit~

ProfessorZ89 June 20, 2007 3:40 PM

Where is the word FOX?



a left arrow means your left. a left arrow doesn't mean the head has to turn left, it merely means that you have to click left once. hope it helps


I've done everything for one exit

the one that you have to look in the tissue boxes for

but I want to do the other exit too, but I'm having trouble.

I can't find the last coin. I followed DingDingDao's clues but I'm still lost.

Can anyone give me a hint?



under tissue box

icvotria June 20, 2007 3:50 PM

oooooooh... that does really help, thanks very much!



go inside the left door, don't worry you won't be exiting yet, you'll be standing in the corridor. look around inside. that's what dingdingdao means by exit but not exiting haha

NoOdLeS June 21, 2007 5:11 PM

I love how there's more than one exit. Nice.


Hint for the numbers on the coins:

Switch the doll heads so that most of "I LoVe Box Tissue" is invisible, read the numbers that appear,and put the coins in the machine based on the order of the numbers.
(Note: the first two numbers count as one number)


10 (X), 3 (III), 7 (VII), 5 (V), 2 (II).


Full walkthrough:

Two endings:

Short way:

- Open the box on the couch:

Click on the corner at the big plant near the low cupboard and write down the code.
Click on the box of tissues to lift it up and write down the code.
Click on the corner at the small plant near the easel and write down the code.
Click on the right side of the couch and write down the code.
Go to the paintings and click on the middle painting until it falls down.
Switch off the light and look at the wall with the paintings.
With the codes from the words 'Fax, Fox, Dog and Bee' you can make the word 'Box' on the wall.

Blue square, yellow triangle, green circle.

Click on the symbols on the box and then on the open button (left.)
Get the bottle opener and the sheet of paper.

- Get the coins:
Yellow coin:

At the clock.

Red coin:

Box of tissues: pull out tissues till the red coin falls out. Take it from the ground.

Brown coin:

Above the painting on the easel.

Grey coin

Look at the right painting. It is a map from the room. A corner is marked in black (right side from the couch.)
Click on the corner (carpet) at the right side from the couch. Get the cutter.
Click underneath the couch, at the right side. Cut out the coin in the right cushion.

- The coin machine:
Insert the coins in the right order

View the paper in detail (it's on it's side.)

Brown, yellow, grey, red.

Get a lever for the coin machine

Open the left door of the low cupboard, get the bottle of water.
Open the bottle of water: get it in detail, then click with the bottle-opener on it's head.
Clic on the left side of the couch.
Water the plant with the opened bottle. Leave the plant and go back to it. Get the screwdriver.
Put it in the coin machine and pull the lever.
A painting has fallen down.

- Collect the puppets / big cupboard.

Get the key from the painting which has fallen down (click on the left corner near the couch.)
Open the low cupboard. Get the wire cutters and the puppet.
Get the other puppet under the box of tissues.
Go to the third painting, cut the wires in it's corners.
Take the painting. Get it in detail. Click on it to get the key at the back.
Put the key in the code thing at the big cupboard. Switch it on.
The code:

Switch off the light.
Look at the wall.

Purple, blue, blue, blue, purple, red, red, yellow, green, green, green, yellow, green, green.

Open the cupboard. You'll see many tissue boxes.
Pull out the tissues from the correct box until you have the third puppet:

The solution is marked on the middle painting

- Put the puppets on their stand
- Push the button and get the key to open the left door from the big cupboard. Walk to ending number one.
Long way:
- Follow the instructions above but don't walk to the end. Instead: get the blue coin:

When you're in the closet, turn around, close the door and get the blue coin.

- Put the blue coin in the coin machine and get all coins back.
- Get the heads off the puppets and recombine correctly.

Look at the painting on the easel. Write down the triangles.
Take the puppets back from their stand.
Get them in detail and turn their heads, following the triangles at the painting. Then, push the button at their feet to ge their heads off.

Right, left, left, right, left, right, body.

Get the heads as apart items in the index: get the puppets in detail and click on the heads.
Recombine the heads correctly (match feet and heads) and put them on the stand.

Frog, cat, human.

- Get the new code for the coins.

When you placed the puppets correctly:
Push the button to let their lights blink.
Switch off the light. Look at the wall.

Parts of the words have disappeared. You see the message '1 0 3 7 5 2'
Get the coins in detail to get the correct order:

10 = X = blue
3 = III = red
7 = VII = yellow
5 = V = brown
2 = II = grey

- Pull the lever. Secret door number two will open


i wonder what happens when u go into

the first light


I opened the bottle but I can't water the plant! Why?


finishes the game!
I only got through one ending.


colored coins:

1) red - tissue box - pull tissue paper out several times, get it after it drops on the floor.
2) orange - clock - number 9 (9am/9pm)
3) brown - on top of the small white board
4) grey - sofa - go get the cutter first, cut part of the sofa on the right side (shaped like a green circle inside the sofa cushion)


click on right side of sofa, click on corner of red map, get the cutter.

words and symbols:

1) dog - right side of sofa
2) fox - lift the tissue box up by clicking on it
3) fax - big flower pot, left side of small cupboard
4) bee - small flower pot, behind the white board


1) click middle picture 3 times..oopss.. it drops down.
switch off the light, saw BOX. (continue..)
BOX - red red yellow - from the words and symbols - shows that the symbols are square (blue), triangle (yellow), circle (green)
switch on the light, click on the green box on sofa.
choose symbols of 'BOX'. you got a bottle opener and a paper.


in the small cupboard. use the bottle opener to open the cap.


click on left side of sofa, pour the liquid of the bottle onto the small pot of plant. go away from secene and then click back the same place again. you get a screwdriver!

paper from box on sofa:

slot in the coins, brown-orange-grey-red, use screwdriver as the handle, pull down - notice that one of the pictures (left) drops down.
click on the right side of sofa again - get the key.
use key to open the small cupboard. get a plier and a toy (frog).

wooden toys:

1) frog - in the small cupboard (locked side).
2) monkey - on the shelf with tissue box.
3) third one in the big cupboard (locked). might b a kitten..forget, sorry..

pictures (continue..):

2) use plier to snip the wires (four corners of right picture). get the picture. click on it and you will find a key.
switch off the light. view the wordings - I LOVE BOX TISSUE - jot down the colors - switch on the light.
click on the big cupboard, stuck in the key and turn key once, click on the correct sequence of colors indicated by the wordings on the wall just now.
pink blue-blue-blue-pink red-red-yellow green-green-green-yellow-green-green
open the big cupboard. click on the tissue box - depends on your luck. try till you reach to a tissue box with the third wooden toy.

last step to escape:

insert all the wooden toys on the holder for those toys.
click on the button. get a key from the slot on left side.
go back to the big cupboard. use the key to open it and escape!


ooppss..typo error for

paper from box on sofa:

click on the left side of sofa again - get the key.


How can you pour the water onto the plant? I clicked like a dozen times and it doesn't work

swarm420 June 23, 2007 4:46 PM

Sorry to say this but, this game stinks! there is no way, at least for me, to go back from a picture or close up thing! I hate it!! :*(



To water the plant:

You have to take off the cap on the bottle first,

click the open bottle on the plant,

then leave the plant view and come back. When you come back the plant is now "up" and you can find the next item.


for the "secret" 2nd door...
I swiched the heads and got the eyes to light up. what next?

someone June 24, 2007 7:04 PM

I'm just wondering, what happens if you go into the first light?


Going into the first light simply ends the game.

You receive a "Congratulations" message and a note that there is another 'secret' ending and gives you a link to restart the game to go back and try to find it.


the tissue boxes in the cupboard, do you have to click on them a number of times do get the toy out? i opened all the boxes and pulled 3 tissues out of each and still no prize :(


You need to pull some more out.

Noora 20 June 26, 2007 3:46 PM

please help me i found the three coin but the grey one i cant find it please tell me were can i have it

Noora 20 June 26, 2007 5:19 PM

dullpunk you are the one please tell me how to turn the puppets head in the correct directions i try in detail but when i push the button ooops!!
nothing happen please tell me how


specifically... i clicked on right side of sofa. got my code! i clicked on the right corner of map. no knife. what am i doing wrong??


referring to the rectangle thing, im color blind so my bad, but its obviously not black or white so you know which one i mean


i still cant get the code for the box... i have been trying to figure it out.. and i just cant.. lol...

ok i have been trying

Blue box-red triangle-and blue circle.

i am I close?


I am deeply sorry to the designer, I did not see that you should not post walkthroughs until August, I meant no disrespect, I usually don't read the opening intro to the game, because I don't want the story to give me tips on the game, well, to those I may have helped: your welcome, to those I may have offended, pissed off, or otherwise...my bad


I see that not many people have been talking about the second exit, so here are some hints to finding it if you haven't done so already. None of the hints give away the location of the door.

Have you noticed that you can remove the heads from the dolls?

Have you noticed that you can place the heads on different bodies?

Do the feet of the animal dolls match their heads?

The dolls' eyes are lights when they are placed on the base and the switch is pushed.

What happens when the light is turned off if you've got the doll-lamp turned on?

Inside the closet, have you noticed that there is an option to go back?(The down arrow on the screen)

Can you close the door from the inside of the closet?

The coins are numbered.

Mr. Shef Hairsticks July 23, 2007 9:50 PM

I did it with my fiance and we didn't even have to use any of the spoilers!!!!


cool game


What's an easel??

Wayne'sWorld July 30, 2007 5:51 PM

KImmy: An easel is a stand usually made of three sticks set on the floor like a triangle that holds a canvas or painting; in this game, it holds the "key" to separating the wooden doll's heads from their bodies.....


Hey that was pretty cool! Did anyone find

the true end?

I'm thinking there's a

third end

somewhere.. maybe messing with the

dolls heads


Anonymous August 9, 2007 12:26 PM

I cannot get the bottle opened. And I have the bottle opener!


x...|Complete RGB Walkthrough|...x

Are you sure you're ready?

I dont think you are

Try really hard to beat it first then click...

Next one i promise!! :P

Ok then. Here you go, from the start...

1- turn right

2-open left door
3-grab bottle
4-back up
5-click the cabinet to left
6-grab monkey
7-zoom on monkey
8-click on right, left, left, right, left, right, bottom 9-button (code on easel)
10-take head
11-go back, click tissue till coin comes
12-go back
13-grab coin on ground
14-go back, click on clock
15-grab coin (9'o'clock)
16-go back
17-go right twice
18-click middle painting threee times
19-notice color, letter, and shape at: behind flowering 20-plant, right side of couch, left side of big plant, and under tissue box
write them down
turn off light switch
turn left
notice box's colors and letters
figure code for box on couch accordingly
code for box on couch:
blue square, yellow triangle, green circle
grab bottle opener and instructions
use opener on bottle
pour water on plant to the left of couch
go back, that click the plant again
grab screwdriver on left of plant
click right side of couch
click top right of carpet
grab knife
go back, click ground under the right side of the couch
use knife on circle of cushion
go back, click on easel
grab coin
see instructions
enter coins accordingly (look counterclockwise as instructions are turned)
order of coins
use screwdriver on switch to right
click screwdriver
go right
click left of couch
grab key
turn right twice
use key on right door
grab frog and pliers
take off head in the same manner
put frog head on webbed feet body
turn right twice
use pliers on right picture's metal clips
grab picture
zoom on picture, click on it
grab key
go right
turn off light
turn left and write down color of each letter
turn light back on
enter key (and turn key) and each color on lock on right door
refer to the middle painting, now behind couch
note the location of the yellow rectangle
go back to right door and open
click tissue on tissue box according to location of yellow rectangle (from the middle painting on the wall)
grab fox
go back, remove head in same manor
put fox head on padded feet body
put monkey head on last body
put 3 statues on pedestal on desk according to body
click button and grab key
unlock left door
enter door

Bad exit

go into light

Good exit

turn around
grab coin
go through door NOT INTO THE LIGHT
go to coin slot
enter last coin, and kit screwdriver
grab coins
turn off lights
go to couch
note the 6 digit combo
enter coins into slot according to 6 digit code
order of coins:
hit screwdriver
go into the light

With love! :P


HEHE!! Don't you just love spoilers?? i love doing the links too!! hahaha!!!

thecolorgrape August 16, 2007 8:56 PM

Can someone explain...

what happens if you enter the first light?


The following may help for the code for the box

This spoiler assumes you have found the four code words plus the special coloured code for box

You have found the 4 code words
Fax (written in red) equates to green triangle, red square, blue circle
Fox (written in yellow) equates to blue triangle, red triangle, green circle
Dog (written in red) equates to red circle, yellow triangle, green square
Bee (written in red) equates to Blue square, yellow circle, yellow circle
From the writing on the wall you have been given Box written in red for B, red for o and yellow for x.
From the above codes you need to find a red B - that is from the word 'Bee' which is written in red. So a red b equals a blue square.
Next you need a red o. That is the o from Dog. The o from Fox doesn't work as the word fox was written in yellow. So a red o is yellow triangle.
Next you need a yellow x. That is x from Fox as the word was written in yellow and not x from Fax which was written in red. So a yellow x is green circle.


i love this one. it was GREAT!!!

Anonymous December 7, 2007 2:10 AM

for the last toy and tissue box, its not luck!! look at the first painting!!!!


Good exit

turn around grab coin

Then I found the following:

When you're in the closet, turn around, close the door and get the blue coin.

If you are having an illogical moment, then maybe the following can help. "Apply directly to the forehead" Just kidding. I feel bad that the first two hints went past me. I didn't follow the walk thru and did things out of order. And then I did the "bad" ending. So I had saved my game and loaded it to do the "good" ending so I wasn't where the first two hints said I should be.

At first it seems you can't get IN the closet. If you try to get IN the closet from the right door, where ever you click it just pulls out tissue boxes. You can get IN the closet from the left door but you can NOT turn around. There is NO navigation arrow that lets you turn left or right. The only arrow is a down arrow. Click on that. You will now be facing the room you just solved. Close the door. The blue coin is taped to the door. Get it.


Where are the 2nd and 3rd dolls?!?! It's driving me CRAZY!!!


This game is a little old now, but I can still post the

Miscellaneous Hints for RGB

Q: How do I unlock the box?
A: First you must find the code, then the key.
Q: What's this weird-looking key go to?
A: It's not a key. It's a bottle opener.
Q: Please tell me what to do with the doll.
A: Find the two other dolls first, then ask that question.
Q: What do I do with the bottle (once I've opened it)?
A: Find something that needs water and give it water.
Q: I don't have all the coins.
A: Find them. One particularily hard one requires you to carefully observe a painting and a couch.
Q: I put all the coins in the slot, and in the right order, but nothing happens.
A: You need a handle to pull.
Q: I pulled the handle, but I just got my coins back.
A: Then you didn't put them in in the right order - look again.
Q: I got all the paintings off the wall and now I'm stuck.
A: Flip around the painting in your inventory.
Q: I'm not going to go through all these tissue boxes to find which one is special!
A: Find the special one another way - as with a lot of things, this has some very simple instructions.
Q: How do I get the second ending?
A: First, make sure the dolls are correctly assembled and arranged. Then take another look at the wall that used to have the paintings on it. Finally, find the fifth coin. I'll let you figure out the rest for yourself.


How do take the heads off the dolls??


Hey all if you REALLY want a walkthrough it's here...

Go to comments on June 20, by Jay, at 6:21, he's posted it for you there

thesilentforce December 18, 2008 2:17 AM

Loved it. Another one of neutral's lovely games. I would never have gotten the

true end

without the hints, though.


Refer to the painting sitting on the easel.


Woo! I just found a short cut to the word box!

1:go to the side with the box
2:zoom in to the picture
3:click on it until it falls
4:turn off the lights
5:look back


This is a lovely game with a cute graphics.


so i pushed the right buttons on the box,theyre the right buttons, doesnt sound convincing but i kno they are, but i cant get it open. if i press the left button it pops them all up. ive clicked everywhere. help.


What knife!?!?



See the picture on the far right?

It's a map of the room from overhead. Click on the black triangle.

Under the carpet.

Rebecca June 9, 2011 5:11 PM

How Do i get into the closet to get the 5th coin?


I don't understand the colors in the code for the box. I understand the shapes, but not the colors. Why those colors in that order?



Remove the middle painting first and turn off the lights.
The first two colored shapes are written on the clues around the room. But the last one is a different color from the clue. The color has to shift over to match. Or, that's how I remember it.


Thank you for that game, I almost did it without any clues. I just needed to realise what the 31/2" floppy disk was for in the picture!


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