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Room 25: In a Room on a Rainy Day

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Rating: 4.6/5 (57 votes)
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Room 25 In a Room on a Rainy DayWe've got new game by Ichima Coffeedo, clever, very good looking and so pleasant!

Some players may experience déjà vu feeling and they are right. This game is a remake of two years old escape Room 15 In a White Room with small changes; and though the room is almost identical, some puzzles differ so both versions worth playing. Also, such a high quality game we don't get every day!

It's summer rainy day, you fall asleep for a while, and when you wake up from a strange dream, it continues. You are locked in a room and besides the key from entrance door you need an umbrella and a pair of rubber boots, as outside the rain is steady and you need to breathe a fresh air to wake up completely and clear your head. Will you escape?
The game has autosave and one ending.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Play Room 25 In a Room on a Rainy Day

Google PlayRoom 25 In a Room on a Rainy Day (Android, Android Tablet)

P.S. Here is one more Rain Escape by Twinkle.


Pulsaris July 22, 2019 12:31 AM

I guess kktkkr just overlooked this one.

Room 25 -- In a Room on a Rainy Day

Exploring the First Room

In front of you, there is a panel with two red lights on it. Pick up the chair under the panel.

Turn left and pick up the shelf in front of you.

Turn right. You should see two green lights on the panel now. Press the button on the panel to unlock it, and take the key inside.

Turn right and use the key on the door. Escape.

Exploring the Second Room

There is another panel in front of you. Now you should know how it works: the panel will unlock once you find the two items depicted on it. Under the panel, there is a chair, pinned to the floor by screws.

Turn left and inspect the two cups on the table. A spoon is laid next to the blue cup, but what is that thing next to the pink cup? Pick up the hex wrench. If you take a look at the miniature house on the table, you will find that it is exactly the room that you have just escaped from.

Now inspect the shelf with the sliding doors. You can't open the doors because something is missing. It seems that you need to insert something into a slot above the door lock, and the slot has four holes on it.


Use the hex wrench to free up the chair. Back up, and push the chair away from the corner. Now you can access the window.

You find four plastic bricks. The green one has three pins on it, the yellow one has four, the blue has two, and the red has six.

Sliding doors

Do you have something that can unlock the shelf, something that can fit into the slot with for holes?

Insert the four-legged drawer into the slot. Now the shelf is unlocked, and you can open the left compartment. Take the pot inside.

Now open the right compartment and there is a locked drawer inside. The colored buttons are unresponsive. There is a keyhole which requires a three-pronged "key". Do you have it?

Insert the chair into the keyhole. Now the button is responsive, but what is the code?

Use the clue you find on the window.

Red is 6, blue is 2, yellow is 4, and green is 3. So the code is 6243. After entering the code, press the purple "button" and the drawer will be unlocked. Pull it out a few times and you will get the drawer

The panel is now unlocked. Take the key and unlock the door next to the panel. Escape.

Exploring the Third Room

In front of you, there is a square, wooden stand with four pencils inside. There is a box with three egg-shaped slots. There are four lamps hanging above.

Turn right. There is a locked box on the left. On the high table, there is the miniature room from which you just escaped. A perfume bottle has six sticks of reed sticking out.

Turn right. There is a locked cabinet with four buttons. Another cabinet is also locked, with a purple slot on it.

Turn right. On the right, there is a table. On it, there is a box with flowery buttons. Lift up the left cushion to find a yellow box. A big picture with numbers "4 35" is hanging above the sofa. There is also a tower of bricks on the mat. Focus on it.

Cabinet with Four Buttons

Push on the tower a few times and the tower collapses. The triangular brick falls on a green square, the pentagonal brick on red, and the cylindrical brick on blue.

Use the clue on the cabinet with four buttons.

Triangle is green, pentagon is red, and circle is blue. Press OK to unlock. Take the glass teardrop on the flower. Notice that five sticks of Pocky is in the glass cup, and the cup itself has the text "x11" on it.

Yellow box

Now you have all the clues to unlock the yellow box under the cushion.

On the cushion, there is the word "sticks", and there are three containers sketched on it. The first container has four sticks of pencil in it. The second has five sticks (and remember "x11"). The third has six.

So the code is 4556. Unlock the box to take a blue key.


Use the blue key to unlock the locked box next to the white sliding doors. The box opens to reveal a slot. Insert the pot into the slot. The sliding doors open to reveal a cache.


Above the cabinet with the letter "o" in it, there is a drawer. Open the drawer to reveal a picture. The picture circles a corner of the room which is under the four lamps.

Notice the picture with red flowers on it. There are also numbers on it, which are "12" on top and "67" at the bottom. Now use the clue to unlock the box with flowery buttons.

The clues mean: Press the upper red button (upper right if you can't see the colors) twice ("12"), and then press the lower blue button (lower left button) once ("3"), and then press the upper blue button once ("4"), and then press the lower blue button once ("5"), and then press the lower red button twice ("67"). Press the big white button, and a drop of glass comes out.


Focus on the circled area on the picture. Hit the hidden button. Now the lamps have moved. Use the clue to unlock the cabinet beneath the letter "o".

The first slider should be the highest. The second slider should be one notch higher than the bottom. The third slider should stay on the bottom. The fourth slider should be one notch lower than the top. Unlock to obtain rain boots and purple plate.

Purple plate

Use the purple plate to unlock the cabinet with purple slot. The buttons are unresponsive, so you need to insert something into the slot.

Insert the drawer into the slot. Now use the clue shown in the cabinets with letters.

The answer is "tomorrow" (Today and tomorrow) and the buttons correspond to the cabinets with letters. (Notice the size and shape of the buttons.)

With the first button on the left as 1, the second as 2 and so on, enter "23431134". Take the final drop.


Use the three drops on the box with three egg-shaped slots. Take the yellow key.

Unlock the locked cabinet next to the panel. Take the umbrella inside. Now the panel is also unlocked, so take the ENTRANCE KEY inside. Use the key to unlock the main door.

Escape. (This time for real.)

Patreon Contributor kktkkr July 22, 2019 5:41 AM replied to Pulsaris

Actually, it's been a busy week and I'm still finishing up the Weekday Escape walkthroughs (they're all quite long), so thanks for the help!


Thanks KK for all the walkthroughs you do, and Pulsaris thanks for the walkthrough to this game. you ate always welcome to post some as well. Thanks again.


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