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Room 29: Room with a Canary - Hotel Alivio

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Room with a Canary - Hotel AlivioIchima Coffeedo is back with an awesome holiday game!

This time the devlopers cleverly combined two of their older games, Room 8 and Room16: Alivio, and the result is perfect escape game which is a joy to play. Real treat! Good looking graphics, relaxing tune (in the second part) and intuitive and well ballanced puzzles.

At the beginning, you find yourself locked in a hotel room with a balcony, one strange device, small doors in rather unusual places and an imprisoned canary. How long does it wait for liberation in unknown but seems fine and not starved, and definitely capable of quick flying away.
The only exit is a lift, and to operate it, you need to find a key card - and at this moment starts the second part of the game. The lift takes you to tastefully designed hotel lobby with more strange devices and more quality puzzles. It's one of those places where would many players willingly stay...alas, your destiny is to leave...

The game has autosave and one ending.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Play Room with a Canary - Hotel Alivio

Google PlayRoom with a Canary - Hotel Alivio (Android, Android Tablet)


• What a flashback! I love Ichima games and got through this pretty quickly, very familiar! Only one bit of quasi-pixel-hunt:

placing the suction cup

There are 2 floors so this is really 2 escape games in one!
• The original chagasi site and the swf files are no longer active (some are remade with unity on Ichima's new site).


room29 Room with a Canary - Hotel Alivio

Alivio was my third walkthrough here! So much has changed since 2016. The game now has hints, and my walkthroughs now have actual Exploration spoilers.

Exploration: Canary Room

The distinctive feature of this room is the pink surfboard with colored buttons wired up to two pineapples.

The table beside has a drawer with four buttons, and a pink box with an interesting design and five round holes inside. The grate above that has a canary that immediately escapes, and a marble (red).

There's also a round table on the left, which has a wooden grid with a small seashell in it.

Turn right to face a painting that slides a bit horizontally, and an elevator. Don't forget the light fixture, which has a marble (blue) in it.

Push the elevator button, then enter it. There's just one button labeled Entrance under a green glass panel with an unusual symbol. The right wall of the elevator has a white panel with a keyhole.

Step out of the lift and turn left to face a colorful bed. The blue button on the wall is covered by transparent glass fastened with screws. The green cushion hides a wooden three-digit box with seashell patterns on its buttons. You can look in the plant pot to find a marble (sky blue). (And there's a wall grate at the top left, way out of reach.)

Turn right to face the wide doorway to the balcony. Click it to step out and enjoy the sounds of the sea.

Turn left to face a table with a shallow glass bowl that rings like a bell when you play with it. There's a metal structure holding a green canopy nearby, and you can see a mounting port on the end of the horizontal bar.

Turn right twice to find a white deckchair with a book on it that tells you to go surfin. You can drink a bit of the drink on the table to reveal a marble (yellow).


(I'll write down the in-game hints that you should read.)
Hint: Surfboard 3 buttons

Use the clue from the

book on the balcony

to unlock the pineapples:

The arrows beside the word point up and down.

So enter the sequence of colors from top down and bottom up:
(which is TMTMBB)
(which is BBMTMT)

Inside, you find a marble (green) and a biscuit mix for canary.

(The bag has an instruction/slogan that the game translates for you.)

Marbles / Unfurl

Hint: marbles

You should now have all 5 marbles. Open the box on the table and place them inside in the correct order:

The outside of the box tells you which color is (directly) left of which. If you look closely, it also indicates that the sequence starts with Y and ends with R.

The sequence of colors is

(S for Sky Blue also works in Japanese.)

Take a key, and use it to unlock

the white panel in the elevator

which contains an awning handle, then use that to

open up the canopy on the balcony.


Hint: Palm tree picture frame

Use the clue from

the canopy you just opened

to unlock the picture frame:

The palms face

Take a bottle of water, and examine the sailboat to find a sucker (suction cup) behind it.

Sail / Shell

Hint: Yacht toys

Use the clue from

the yacht behind the picture

to do something with the yacht near the potted plant:

Since the sail of the clue yacht has three left arrows, count three tiles left of the yacht on the floor, and place the sucker on the middle of that tile.

Take a jar of seashells.

Hint: Box on the sofa

Empty out the seashell jar onto the round table. This gives you a clue for the three-digit box on the couch:

The red shells form the shape of the digit 1, the yellow 4, and the blue 2.

Enter 142.

Take the screwdriver, and use it to unscrew the glass panel nearby. Push the button to make stairs appear on the wall!

Like a bird

Click the narrow stairs to climb up, and open the grate at the top to find a machine that needs two of your items.

Place the biscuit mix and water in the machine where the arrow is, which dispenses some biscuits that you can take.

Hint: Console 4 button

Place the biscuit in the glass bowl, then leave it alone. Specifically, go back into the room and look at the elevator, and you'll hear the bowl ring.

The canary has landed back on the balcony railing! And it has left a clue for the table drawer:

The arrows point to the:
Upper-left, Lower-left, Upper-left,
Upper-right, Lower-right, Upper-right,
Lower-right, Upper-left

Inside, you find a key card.

(The canary is nowhere to be found, but you may notice that it left a flower in the bowl.)

In the elevator, tap the key card on the sensor above the Entrance button. Then push the button.

Relaxing music plays as you step out of the elevator. Welcome to the second half of the game!

Exploration: Hotel Alivio

Let's start with the table with a globe. The globe spins when touched, and the lights under it change along with the symbol shown. On the left, a wooden partition has an arrow running across the top under some ovals with arcs.

Backing out, you can also zoom in on the glass door. The letter keypad is missing one button.

Turn right. The area near the big windows ends in a locked wooden case.

Next to a painting with some unusual red letters, there's a mirror above a three-button lock.

Turn right to face the reception area, which has some interesting landscape photos on the board behind the counter. The counter itself has a basket with three large square slots, and a leather mat with the hotel name on it.

To the right of the counter, there's a small table and the box on it has two round buttons with circular arcs.

Two codes

Hints: Box of two round buttons, 3-digit pass for the mirror

You'll need the clues

from the wooden partition and the mirror.

For the round button box,

In the direction of the arrow the arcs appear on the DUUDUUUD parts of the circles, so push the
LRRLRRRL buttons.

Take a round label with red letters on it. Examining it more closely, you find that it's a pin!

For the panel under the mirror:

The board of photos is clearly visible in the mirror, and you find that the uncovered space in it forms the code

Take a key.

Using items

Hint: key card

Let's use these items!

At the counter, place the key card on the mat. It vanishes and you get a square part of the device.

Place the round label/pin in the blank spot on the picture (actually, into the small hole there) to get another part of the device.

Use the key in the locked wooden case to get yet another part of the device.


Hint: align the marks

Place all three parts into the basket on the counter. Now you have a puzzle requiring three symbols over some small lamps.

Use the clue from the globe to unlock the device:

For the first symbol, you'll find that the first and last lamps on the globe are lit when it is turned to the cross symbol.

The entire code is:
✠ 💧 ✦
(3 1 6 clicks)

Take the t button that appears on the globe.


Hint: Entrance

Place the button in the empty spot on the glass door keypad. You've already seen the code

where you took the button:

(If you mess up, the OK button will also reset the puzzle for you.)

Open the door and escape!

paulmashtv August 22, 2020 7:42 PM

Thanks KK. that was awesome.

Graceland9 July 13, 2021 9:39 AM

Coming to this escape late, and this walkthrough really helped. Thank you so much!


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