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Submachine 8: The Plan

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GrinnypSubmachine 8: The PlanLiz: You can create dimensional portals while being inside of such portals?
Murtaugh: Yes, I can.
Liz: And when you do, what happens then?
Murtaugh: ...you change direction.
Liz: Direction of what?
Murtaugh: Of everything.

If that opening snippet of dialogue caused shivers to run up and down your spine then congratulations, you are at least somewhat familiar with Best of Casual Gameplay 2012one of the most well-known and revered, episodic, point-and-click adventures of all time, the Submachine series. You are also one lucky camper because after a delay of almost 2 years Mateusz Skutnik is back with his latest installment, Submachine 8: The Plan, jam packed with more mysteries while advancing (somewhat) the story of ...well, whatever the heck is going on in the Submachine universe.

Yes, as advertised in the opening dialogue, Murtaugh is back and has created portals within portals, opening up a world of multi-layered madness. Navigation through each layer (using the customary changing cursor) depends upon your ability to visualize and move between levels to jump blind alleys and other obstacles. The changing cursor also indicates items that can be taken and used elsewhere which is pretty much the entire game dynamic.

Submachine 8: The PlanAnalysis: What's to criticize? It's a new Submachine! Seriously, though, Submachine 8: The Plan is a fantastic addition to the series with its multi-dimensional layout and continuation of the whole mythos. Each new dimension you jump to has its own beautiful graphic style, accompanied by the haunting music and incidental sounds that create such a chilling atmosphere.

The game comes in two "flavors", a regular free flash game playable in your browser, and a special downloadable and gorgeous HD full-screen version that can be purchased from Pastel Games for $2. The only downside is that the free browser version will not save your progress, meaning a ragequit will cause you to have to start over from the beginning. A bonus for buying the HD version includes the soundtrack for the game consisting of 9 mp3 files for your listening enjoyment.

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Creating more questions than answers, it is still fantastic to see this continuation of such a beloved series. Let's just hope we don't have to wait 2 more years for the next installment. Portals within portals? This changes everything.

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Play Submachine 8: The Plan

We've been here covering the entire Submachine series since the very beginning with reviews and walkthroughs for all of them...

Outside the main storyline, and yet still another great Submachine, is a game created for the band Future Loop Foundation:

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Submachine 8: The Plan Walkthrough

General Information

  • Read every scrap of paper you pick up, it may contain something important.

  • Hovering your mouse over an inventory item will give you its name, this can be very helpful.

  • Click on the number 8 which appears on your screen to begin the game.

  • Names of places in the game are my own and are arbitrary based upon descriptions.

  • Watch for the changing cursor which can indicate both clickable areas and navigation.

  • Each level has the same number of scenes, in the exact same order. However, not all of them connect in the same way in each level.

  • If you are at a dead end, use the device to travel to a different level, move in the direction you want to go, then go back to the original level. This will get you around obstacles.

  • Good luck!

Level I (The Catwalk)

  • You begin on top of a wooden catwalk, with lots of odd machinery around.

  • There is a red button which you can push, which partially moves part of the catwalk. It is blocked by the long metal rod in front of it. Note that the rod is locked into place with a padlock.

  • Go right.

  • This is the right end of the catwalk. Note the satellite dish beaming some sort of green energy to the right.

  • Below the catwalk are some metal bars. Hover your cursor and find the clickable area, then click to take the piece of metal.

  • There is a vertical brass pole sitting here with a handle near the top. Click on the handle to move the pole to the left.

  • Go left, then left again.

  • You should now be on the left edge of the catwalk. Here's another satellite dish, and a key hanging below.

  • Use the broken beam (piece of metal) from your inventory on the key to bring it up to the catwalk.

  • Take the key then go right.

  • You should now be back to where you began, the middle of the catwalk.

  • Use the key on the padlock hanging from the metal bar.

  • Once the bar is unlocked, click on the far right end of the bar to move it to the right.

  • Now you can push the red button and part of the catwalk will drop down. You can now move down.

  • Go down once. Here you will see a piece of paper impaled on the ladder, take it.

  • There is also a red stone hanging from the brass pole, take it as well.

  • Go down.

  • You've landed on a round area. There is a rod to the left that you can move down and up, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

  • There is a lever to the right, don't touch it yet.

  • Go right.

  • You are now further along the spherical thing. Note the ship tethered to the right.

  • Hanging from the rope that tethers the ship is some sort of device, take it.

  • The device is called OIIIIIII. Click on it once it is in your inventory.

  • It'll say you need to put electrodes on your head, do so.

  • Note the device has one lit button. Clicking on it will just bring you back to the scene.

  • Go left.

  • You are now back to where you came off of the ladder. Click on the lever to the right and it will activate another beam of light.

  • Pull up the weird device from your inventory and note that it now has two active lights, the upper left and the upper right.

  • Click on the upper right button.

  • Congratulations, you've now found level II.

Level II (The Palace)

  • You are now in what looks like an Islamic type palace. There is a staircase in front of you and an odd looking machine to the left of the staircase.

  • Clicking on the machine makes the handle go up and down, but not much more.

  • Click on the staircase to go up.

  • You are now at the top of the stairs, in a dome-shaped room. There is what looks like an altar here with a compass rose.

  • Click on the stairs to go back down.

  • Go right.

  • You are now facing a large cabinet with multiple doors. Note that one of the doors is missing a knob.

  • Click on each door to open it. Inside you will eventually find another piece of paper and a small chest opener that looks like a lever. Take both items.

  • Go right.

  • There is an odd circular thing on a pole here. You can turn it by clicking on it. Note the triangular shaped item on the circle.

  • Go right.

  • You are in front of another set of stairs. To the right of the stairs is a screen, click on it.

  • This screen has seven buttons, two of which are red. If you click a red button, it turns green and shows a drawing of a room.

  • The left button shows a room we haven't seen. The next button shows a drawing of the room we are in.

  • Back up out of the screen.

  • Click on the stairs to go up.

  • Here's another dome room with another altar. This one has the letter N on it, and two dials.

  • There is a piece of paper on the floor, pick it up.

  • This is a drawing. If you examine the drawing in your inventory you will see two circular shapes, one with a stripe, one that looks like a donut. Note the Roman numerals III and IV besides the shapes.

  • Close down the paper and click on the stairs to go down.

  • Go left three times to where you entered the palace, the other stairs with the strange machine.

  • Pull up the device from your inventory. Note that here it is called the IOIIIIII.

  • Click the upper left button and you will be back to Level I where you got off of the ladder.

Navigating Levels I and II

  • Note that when you use the device, it brings you to an area that is equivalent to one you are already in.

  • For instance, from where you are (base of the ladder), you end up at the base of the left staircase.

  • If you go right to where the ship is tethered and use the device, you will end up in the room to the right of the left staircase, the one with the cabinet.

  • This also works in reverse, since you can't enter the spaceship from Level I.

  • Go to level II the palace.

  • Go right until you are at the circular thing on a pole.

  • Pull up the device and push the upper left button.

  • You are now inside the spaceship you saw tethered in level I.

  • Hover your cursor, there is a drawing on the wall, take it when you find the clickable area. This is a picture of two circles, one with a dot, one with a plus sign.

  • Note in the middle of the scene is a small tool-box looking thing. The lock on the front looks triangular, just like the small chest opener tool you picked up earlier.

  • Use the tool on the chest to open it.

  • Inside you will find a cog, take it.

  • Go right.

  • You are now in the right side of the spaceship. Note that it looks like the drawing on the screen we saw in the palace.

  • On top of a console below what looks like a porthole is some sort of tube or transistor (energy coil), take it.

  • Click on the top of the ladder to go up.

  • Okay, is that rust or blood? At any rate, on top of the spaceship you should see a red stone, this one with a plus sign on it. Take the stone.

  • Pull up the odd device and push the upper right button. this will take you to level II, the upper right room.

  • Click on the stairs to go down, then go left three times to the left staircase.

  • Click on the staircase to go up to the dome room.

  • Pull up the odd device and push the upper left button. This should take you back to level 1 somewhere midway up the ladder to the catwalk.

  • Now you can see how the levels correspond. On level 1 on the bottom you have the bottom of the ladder, the place where the ship is tethered, and the two scenes inside the ship.

  • These correspond to the left staircase, the cabinet, the round thing, and the base of the right staircase in the palace.

  • That also means that the upper left button takes you to level I, and the upper right button takes you to level II.

  • However, we haven't seen the level II equivalents for the catwalk yet.

  • Go up to the catwalk.

  • You should now be on the catwalk where you began.

  • Pull up the device and click on the upper right button.

  • You are now on level II and facing the top of a dome. On top of the dome is a red stone, take it.

  • Go left.

  • There is some sort of device here, with wires running to it on either side.

  • Put the white bulb/transistor on top of the device. Notice the light below it turns green.

  • Go right twice.

  • Here the wires terminate in a lever and another device. Click on the lever to flip it, and you will create another green beam of light.

  • Look at the device in your inventory, you have now opened level III, and a button on the left is now lit.

  • Time to visit Level III.

Level III (The Forest)

  • You should still be standing at the beam of green light in level II.

  • Pull up the device from your inventory and click on the second button down on the left.

  • You are now on level III. You see an odd device with a cog in front of you, and a tree trunk to the right.

  • Go left.

  • There is a smaller tree trunk here, with footholds, it is obviously a ladder down.

  • Go left.

  • This is the end of the walk on this side. Note the two ropes and two pulleys to the left. To the right is a semi-circular control. If you click on it you will see that one of the cogs moves and one doesn't.

  • Go right.

  • You should now be at the ladder. Go down.

  • You are now at the middle of the ladder. Note that in one of the branches is a semi-circular beam, take it.

  • Go down.

  • You are at the base of the ladder, which is built into a tree. There is a piece of paper to the left of the tree, take it.

  • Go right.

  • You are at the base of a tree. Notice in the tree is another one of those levers that you can push in.

  • Go right.

  • Here's an odd circular thing on a pole, similar to the one in level II, but with something inside. Note the notch in the inside circle.

  • Go right.

  • You are at the base of a pillar. There are four holes on the right, and on the left is a button and what looks like rods.

  • Click on the button at the left base of the pillar and the rods will shoot out. You can now climb. Go up.

  • There is an odd device on top of the pillar. There is also an empty square on the left above the rods.

  • Go down and go left 3 times.

  • Go up the ladder twice and go left.

  • Take the cog from your inventory, then place it between the two cogs on the left.

  • Once the cog is in place click on the semi-circular lever to activate the cogs.

  • Go right twice to the pulley thing and you will find that it has been raised, revealing a red brick.

  • Take the brick.

  • Go left to the ladder, then down twice.

  • Go right twice to the circular thing.

  • This thing looks an awful lot like the one in level II.

  • Pull up the device from your inventory, then click on the upper right button to go to level II.

  • Click on the circular device until the triangle shape is between the 4:00 and 5:00 position, the same position it would need to be to cover the notch in the thing in level III.

  • Now pull up the device and click the button, second down on the left to go back to level III.

  • Note that the position of the triangular thing on the outer circle has moved to cover the notch. You can now see a red stone in the middle of the circle, take it.

  • Go right.

  • You should now be at the base of the square pillar. Note that it is red, and that there are four circular holes on the right side.

  • You also should by now have four red stones that would probably fit into those circles.

  • The order they should go in, from top to bottom, is determined by the pictures you picked up.

  • From top to bottom it should be: the one with the dot, the one with the plus, the one with the stripe, and the one with the large circle.

  • Now go up the rods.

  • Note the square hole above the rods. Place the red brick in the hole and click to depress.

  • The device at the top of the pillar should activate, you have now opened level IV.

Level IV (The Pipes)

  • Pull up the device from your inventory. Note the second from the top right button has now activated. Push it to go to level IV.

  • You are now inside a tunnel with a ladder going down. There is some sort of circular device in front of you, and a lever in the upper left that doesn't appear to do anything.

  • Go down.

  • You are now at the base of the stairs. Note there is another of those pump-like things like we saw in level II.

  • To the left is a small pipe, click on it.

  • You are now in another tunnel, but there is no ladder going up. There are pipes to the left and right, and a skinny pipe going up from the floor.

  • There is an object to the left of the skinny pipe, take it (drawer handle).

  • Click on the left pipe to go left.

  • You are now in another pipe, this one filled with dirty water. There is a ladder, but it only goes down to the water.

  • Pull up the device and go to level II by pushing the upper right button.

  • You should now be at the cabinet on level II. Use the drawer handle to open the one door you couldn't open the first time.

  • Inside is a small mirror, take it.

  • Go right twice.

  • Click on the screen for a close up.

  • Note that the first four buttons are now all active. If you click each one, it shows the scene for this particular room on each level, level I the spaceship interior, level II the right stairs, level III the pillar, and level IV the pipe with the ladder and the pump.

  • Back up.

  • Go left three times to the left stairs.

  • Once there, use the device to go to level IV.

  • You are now in a pipe with a ladder going upwards. There is also a strange handle on the right, click on it.

  • Did you hear the water draining?

  • Go up the ladder.

  • You are now mid-way up the ladder. There is a piece of paper on the wall, take it.

  • The paper is another drawing, this one of arrows and an S.

  • Go up.

  • You are now at the top of the ladder, with pipes going to the left and the right.

  • Go left.

  • There is a piece of paper on the left wall, take it.

  • There is another one of those mysterious levers that can be pushed in.

  • Go right twice.

  • There is an electrical cord draped here, take it.

  • Go left once to the top of the ladder, then go down twice.

  • Use the device to go back to level II.

  • Once on level II go right once to the cabinet.

  • Use the device to go back to level IV.

  • Note that the water is gone, so you can go down the ladder. Go down.

  • Use the device to go to level I.

  • This is a new area, beneath where the ship is tethered. There is an odd button, and a frayed wire. You can also take the bottom ladder rung and a fuse.

  • Go to level II.

  • This appears to be a basement in level II. There is another of those push-in levers, and a stone pyramid on the floor. Take the pyramid.

  • Go to level III.

  • This appears to be beneath the roots of a tree. There is an odd dome-shaped device that looks like a trash can.

  • Go to level I.

  • Go up. Notice that there are holes for a ladder rung at the bottom of the scene.

  • Use the ladder rung in those holes, you have now created an alternate way to get to the secret area in level I.

  • Go down to the secret area.

  • Use the device to go to level IV.

  • Use the fuse on the button looking thing on the left wall. The light will turn green.

  • Go up, then go right twice.

  • Go up.

  • Click on the lever on the upper left part of the wall.

  • Congratulations, you have opened level V.

Level V (Rooftop)

  • Use the device to go to level V. That is the button on the left, third from the top.

  • You should be at a statue. Notice another of those mysterious push levers above the statue.

  • Go down.

  • You are now at the base of the statue. To the right and slightly behind the base is an item, take it (beamer arm).

  • Go left.

  • You are on the top of a roof. Note the cat statue and the chimney.

  • Go left.

  • You are now at an arch. Most of the arch is lit up with blue, but some is not. There are stairs leading down from here.

  • Go down.

  • The stairs end at a pool of purple water. There is a note on the stairs, take it.

  • Go up, then left.

  • You are now at the edge of a wall. Go up.

  • There is a note here, take it. Also note the rope extending upwards.

  • Go up.

  • You are now at the top of the wall. Go left.

  • Here is another stone pyramid, but you can't take it.

  • Use the device to go to another level like level I.

  • On level I go right twice.

  • Go back to level V.

  • Here's another stone pyramid, and a base for another.

  • Place the stone pyramid from your inventory on the base.

  • There is a small arm extending from the right pyramid with a small round base. Place the mirror on this base.

  • The left pyramid (which you just placed) is clickable, click on it to rotate.

  • Congratulations, you've opened level VI.

Level VI (Underground Bunker)

  • Pull up the device and click on the third from the top right button to go to level VI.

  • You are inside a curved room. There is another one of those pump devices here that doesn't do anything along with some artillery shells.

  • Go left.

  • There is a hatch here that goes down. Just above the hatch is a gold colored pedestal. Here you can place the two beamer arms and the red wire. Looks like we need another beamer arm, though.

  • Go left.

  • And here's a rather frightening looking piece of artillery, pointing out of a window to the left. Note the incomplete red wire on the ground.

  • Go right then go down.

  • You are on a ladder with two pipes on either side of it. Behind the left pipe is a piece of paper, take it.

  • Go down.

  • On the left is another wheel mounted gun of some sort. On the gun is a piece of paper, take it (picture).

  • Go right.

  • There is a switch on the wall here, when pulled it causes a wall to appear on the right.

  • Pull the switch. Now use the device to go to level 2. While in level 2 go right.

  • Once you've gone right, use the device to go back to level 6. You are now on the other side of the wall you just made appear.

  • Notice the paper on the wall, take it.

  • The paper is another picture, showing dots on a grid.

  • In front of you is a blue barrel, with the numbers VI, IV, and II on it, each with a red light.

  • The handle to the right causes a metal belt to rise. It can turn one light green at a time.

  • Go right.

  • You are facing a doorway with a ladder going up. Above the door is a wheel button, take it.

  • Click on the ladder to go up.

  • You are on another ladder, with a pipe on either side. Stuck in the right pipe is a beamer arm, take it.

  • Go to level IV.

  • Go down, left, left, and down.

  • Use the device to go to level VI.

  • Here you will find another of those push levers.

  • Go to level IV.

  • Go up, then go back to level VI.

  • Pull the lever to make the wall go away, then go left.

  • Click on the ladder to go up (twice).

  • Add the beamer arm to the device. Now we just need power...

  • Go down twice then go right twice to face the barrel.

  • Click on the handle until it is on the II.

  • Use the device to go to level II.

  • Go left until you hit the stairs. Notice the pump thing? The light is green! Click on the handle to raise it.

  • Go back to level VI.

  • Go right twice to the barrel.

  • Click on the handle to lift the bar to IV. Notice the light for II stays green.

  • Use the device to go to level IV. Go right and lift the handle on that pump.

  • Use the device to go back to level VI. Go left to the barrel.

  • Click on the handle to raise the bar to VI. Then go left twice, up twice, and then right to the pump.

  • Click on the handle to lift it.

  • Go left, then down twice, then right twice to the barrel.

  • Notice the barrel has opened. Click on the bottom of the barrel to take the item revealed (storage cell).

  • Go left twice, up twice, then left to the artillery gun.

  • Attach the storage cell to the red wire.

  • Go right, then pull the lever.

  • Congratulations, you've opened level VII.

Level VII (Bamboo)

  • Use the device to go to level VII (bottom left button).

  • You appear to be on a catwalk made of bamboo. There is a large brown bundle tied beneath the catwalk.

  • Go right.

  • There appears to be some sort of wooden device here with three connectors, which lead to a large stone thing.

  • Go left twice.

  • This is what looks like the top of a mountain. On the left is a green slab with a paper on it, take the paper.

  • Go right.

  • Go down. There is a rope ladder that ends here, so you can't go down further.

  • Use the device to go to level I. Once at level I go down.

  • Use the device to go back to level VII.

  • There is a pole here with ropes going up. Go right.

  • This is a ridge above a cave. Go down to the cave.

  • Here's another of those push levers. Go back up.

  • Go right.

  • There is a mound here that looks like an anthill. Go right.

  • There is a wooden ladder here. At the base of the ladder is a valve made of wood, take it.

  • Go up.

  • You should be on a bamboo platform. Laying on the platform is a stone button, take it.

  • Also on the platform is another device that once again connects to stone.

  • Go down.

  • Go left 3 times to the pole.

  • Attach the valve to the pole.

  • Click on the valve to turn it.

  • Use the device to go to level I. Once at level I go up twice, then go back to level VII.

  • Go right.

  • The wooden device should now be open, revealing a hammer. Take the hammer.

  • Go left to the ladder.

  • Go to level I, then go down twice.

  • Go to level II.

  • Go right three times to the staircase.

  • Click on the screen for a close up.

  • Click on all of the buttons on the screen to turn them on (green).

  • When all of the buttons are on you will see the text "the plan_sector 9".

  • Back up, then go up the stairs.

  • Add the wheel button to the middle of the altar. The altar should now have three buttons.

  • The clue for the direction of the buttons is on the third picture you picked up. However, the picture shows the orientation of the buttons from the South side.

  • Flip the picture 180 degrees to see the correct orientation as you are seeing the altar on the north side.

  • Once you set the buttons correctly, go down the stairs, left three times, then up the other stairs.

  • The other altar will now be open. Click on it to get a catalyst stone.

  • Go to level I.

  • Go down.

  • Use the device to go to level VII.

  • Go right twice to the mound.

  • Add the catalyst stone to the mound.

  • And we have another beam of green light.

  • But the device only has seven buttons!

  • Use the device to go to level V.

  • You should be at the cat statue.

  • Place the stone button in the chimney to the right of the cat, then push it.

  • Go left to the arch.

  • Notice that it is completely lit up, and now has a gate made of light.

  • Click on the gate.

  • We're knocking, but nobody's home.

  • Now what?

End Game

  • Look at the last drawing you picked up, the one with dots on a grid.

  • There are seven dots on that grid, each in one of three positions.

  • The task is to go back to each level and find those push levers.

  • Go to level I.

  • Go left and you will find the first lever. Make sure it is pushed all the way down.

  • Now go right, then down to the "secret" area.

  • Go to level II.

  • The level II lever should be pushed all the way down.

  • Go back to level I, then go up and left.

  • Go to level III and go right.

  • The lever is right there in the tree, push it in once so it is halfway down.

  • Go left, then go to level IV.

  • Go up twice and to the left.

  • The level VI lever should not be pushed in at all.

  • Go to level V.

  • Go right, down twice, right three times, then up once.

  • The lever on level V should be pushed all the way in.

  • Go to level VI.

  • Go down and to the left 3 times.

  • Go to level I.

  • Go right then down to the "secret" area.

  • Go back to level VI. The lever should be all the way out.

  • Go to level VII.

  • The lever should be halfway down.

  • Now go back to level V.

  • Go left, then up twice, then left.

  • The single pyramid should have risen up, revealing a blue glowing ball (energy trail). Take the item.

  • Go right, down, down, and right.

  • Place the ball in the gate.

  • Knock again.

  • Click on the open gate. Reality will fry out for a moment.

  • Now the gate is a real one, not energy.

  • Click on the open gate again.

  • Whoa!

Submachine 8: The Plan Secrets

General Information

  • The surprises are listed in an arbitrary order, basically the order I found them.

  • There are 5 surprises hidden in the game.

  • Gathering all of the surprises makes a new line appear on the title page after the game finishes called secrets hub.

  • This walkthrough will list both location and how to access the surprises.

  • Have fun!

Surprise 1

  • This surprise is found on level III.

  • In order to find the surprise, though, you need to complete an action in level I.

  • Specifically, remember the long brass pole you moved so that you could get a red stone when you went down the ladder?

  • Move that pole back to its original position to the right on the catwalk before you go to level III.

  • When you go to level III and go to the left of the treetops (where you place the cog), the arm will be hanging there with a secret item.

Surprise 2

  • This secret is also found in level III.

  • Remember the hammer you find in level VII?

  • Go to the "secret" room beneath the tree using either level IV or level I.

  • There's that weird red dome thing which you couldn't do anything with.

  • Smash the dome with the hammer and take the secret.

Surprise 3

  • Once again found in level III.

  • At the weird circular thing that mimics the one in level II, hover your cursor around the bricks in the walkway.

  • Eventually you will get the changing cursor to the left of the post. Click to raise the brick.

  • Take the surprise.

Surprise 4

  • This one is on level V.

  • Once you get the glowing blue orb, but before you put it in the gate, use it on the stone chimney in the scene with the cat statue.

  • The orb will make the lettering on the chimney glow blue.

  • Now smash the cat with the hammer (this is fun!).

  • Place the stone button in the chimney and push it.

  • The rubble will rise up and reveal the secret.

Surprise 5

  • This one is found in level VI.

  • Go to level VI, then go to the right past the blue barrel until you reach the right side ladder.

  • Note the pipes on the right, they have little circular portholes.

  • Hit the one that is farther up (the one on the left) several times with a hammer until it breaks.

  • Once it breaks you will see the secret.


Heh - what a coincidence! CGDC#10 has just ended, and the very next day.....

carolyn0328 September 28, 2012 9:10 AM

Is anyone else having a problem with the game link? I get a screen with a loading icon that seems to load over and over but never resolves.


I'm getting the same thing as Carolyn


That happened to me at first. Try reloading the page. Empty your browser cache if it continues and try again. If you still can't get it to load, you can play the game right here at JIG in our Free Online Games section.


Using IE9


Man, yet another great addition to the series - I particularly love the

dimension-hopping mechanic,

it blew my freaking mind. And I'm proud to say that, for the first time ever, I've not had to resort to a walkthrough! I got one secret, could someone tell me what I do with it (and don't forget those spoiler tags)


Oh right- by the way, the game does NOT work in IE. Use chrome or firefox (Taken from his facebook feed for your benefit... mind updating the description or something, Jay? Thanks.)


Updated. Thanks. :)


Ohoho, yesterday I checked the development website after 1-2 months of forgetting about this, and was pleasantly surprised to find it at 99% and was releasing the next day.

Well, gonna get started...

andersolsen21 September 28, 2012 10:39 AM

If the walkthrough ends just like that, then what about the hammer I obtained? and maybe the last button on the device?? i need answers!�



I used the hammer in the level 3 "hidden" room to get a secret item, and to break the cat on level 5, which didn't get me a secret item so much as an immense sense of satisfaction since I don't care for cats.

Haven't found another use for it yet, though.

Patreon Crew AlternativeDave September 28, 2012 10:54 AM

Anders, i got the hammer, i used it to

smash the Cat statue in stage/level 5 but it didn't achieve anything


Awesome! A clever mechanic that almost never actually became confusing, and I only needed to check the walkththrough a couple of times (both for pixelhunts).

I found two secrets:

One hanging from a pole as you climb down the tree in Level III (you need to put the moving pole with the stone from Level I back where you found it; they're connected somehow) and one if you smash the dome under Level III with the hammer (you can also smash the cat statue with the hammer, but this doesn't do anything).

There didn't seem to be any "bonus screen" accessed by the secrets, or even the usual "You found 2/x secrets" message, so I don't know if there's more.


Stuck - I have

Attached the red wire and the power cell to the artillery gun. Pulled the lever and nothing happens.



You need to complete the beam device as well. You should have something in your inventory with a name that suggests it's what you need.


Well, that was mind-boggling, I had to look at the walkthrough for some sections, so I'm guilty in that regard...

Nonetheless, I must say that the portal-device was one amazing mechanic. I was at first getting all confused thinking that the wheel-triangle thingy or the arrows in Level-II affected where I went, then I experimented more and found out how it worked.

Unfortunately, I accidentally pressed the "skip" button at the ending thinking it would quicken it... Guess I have to play it again.


Best of 2012.

Only complaint is the ending - would have liked at least a LITTLE something as a reward.


After you finish the game...

The secrets that you found can be seen by clicking the link for "secrets hub" on the start page. Looks like there should be 5 altogether.

I must really be missing something about...

the dots on a grid note.

I really don't quite get how the dots relate to the specific levers and what position they should be in.

Would anyone care to help remove my blinders? :)


Here's a guide to the secrets:

1. Level 3, secret lower room.

Use the hammer.

2. Level 3, circular device that held a stone.

Look at the ground.

3. Level 3, far left with the cog device.

Make sure that in level 1, you return the rod that held the stone to its original position.

4. Level 6, far right, in the zone corresponding to the map in level 2.

Use the hammer.

5. Level 5, the cat.

put the button in the pillar, use the blue orb on the pillar, break the cat, push the button.


Bug. Picked up the curved pipe in the third world, went to another location. Selected it, and then was stuck... couldn't put it away, couldn't select anything else.

Using Chrome.


Never mind. I had the wrong note.



I literally gasped when I saw this. Can't wait to play.


Woke up, saw this, and immediately thought "Well, there goes MY morning."

Finished it after about 3 hours...will have to go back later for the secrets, but for now, I -really- need some breakfast.


link does not work and i used Firefox and Google. what's up with this?


Sorry, Paul. Reload the page and try it again. I just updated the review and the links broke when I did that. They should be fixed now.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkth2wnPoS3tPKgsPJtVMDUmBGdjBkXPbM September 28, 2012 3:10 PM

What about the shut door/hole above the stairs to the far left in VI? We never got in there and I'm convinced it was some type of secret room :(

alwaysthere39 September 28, 2012 3:10 PM


especially the

notes in the secrets hub. could be better though...

played 3 hours straight from Midnight, so awake right now.


I found the same bug as kdausman. Shame - I don't want to start over.


Ahhhh...afternoon blissfully wasted!


I was beyond excited yesterday when I heard this would be coming out so soon, and the game did not disappoint! Submachine keeps getting better and better.


need help on Level 6.

towards the end it says to add the storage cell on to the red wire. i did thatm then it says go right and flip the switch. when i did that nothing happened but it claims level 7 activates. was there an instruction missing? or did i overlook something?

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkth2wnPoS3tPKgsPJtVMDUmBGdjBkXPbM September 28, 2012 5:10 PM

@Paul: did the beam shoot out? make sure you have all the parts for the machine (3 parts)


yeah i have them. i put them all in that stick so that it made a complete circle. not sure what that was about. :(


New bug to note (using Firefox). I'm in the 1st world, after receiving the 4th button - this is the area with the frayed wire. Picked up the extension cord but have no way of putting it back. Sadly, I've spent too much time playing to entertain the idea of restarting. Hrmph.

mahall.saunders September 28, 2012 7:26 PM

I'm as confused as Itt - I have:

a picture that has 8 dots and several interconnected lines. It also has the words: "When I asked for an explanation, he drew me this:"

Is that the grid picture you mean?


That's not the one you're looking for.

The real grid paper has a proper grid on it, right angles and everything. I believe you find it in level 6.


Really nice. (However I did experience that bug where you can't put an item back in the inventory.)


Does the picture with the 8 circles and many lines mean anything?

Seven lines on each side, like the doors on the cabinet. Hmm.


i'm guessing either the walkthrough overlooked a step, or i overlooked obe. after that part i mentiooned i should have gone to level 7 :(


I, too, experienced the "can't put item back in inventory" bug. For me, it was the valve, and I forget what room or level I was in - it might've been the base of the statue in the stone level (5, I think?).

But even with having to restart, I love love love this game. :)

infanttyrone September 29, 2012 5:01 AM

And this is why I check JIG every single day.


Woot! Submachine rocks as always. This parallel dimension stuff has been done a lot of times, but it doesn't get old when it is done with great art and music.

This could perhaps be considered a 6th secret, dunno if someone mentioned it yet:

In level II, at the bottom far right there is a screen that let's you overlay an outline of that room at the different levels as they are activated. Make sure to see all 8 levels activated at the same time.


ugh help

I didn't get a sphere in level 2????



Level 6? (the one with the cannon & artillery shells). You climb down a ladder and walk to your right once or twice till you see a wall switch. If you click on it, a divider wall appears keeping you from advancing further to your right.
I assume you know the trick of jumping to another level (like level 2), moving to the right once, then switching back to level 6. Look at the wall you moved that's now on your left side. That's where you'll find the note about the 3-position switches throughout the game.


Excellent game! Okay, where's the next Eyezmaze game at?


Finally! I have been waiting on a new Submachine.


I did everything the walkthrough said twice now and still can't get Level 7 to open. what am i doing wrong?


sorry. i misread that i needed to add something as well.


I remember in Submachine 5 that there was an area with 9 rooms, 8 encircling a central room. That was a milestone in 2D gaming as it really tapped into the potential for 2D environments. One could even say that that area was a 3D environment successfully integrated into a 2D game. But there's a problem: That area didn't incorporate vertical elements the way the rest of the game did. 2.5-D would be a more appropriate term.

This game certainly came a lot closer to 3D with its clever use of


Your position in any layer will be relative to the position you occupied in the previous layer. The best way to understand this is to solve the ring puzzle in layers 2 and 3.

You could also try viewing it as a stack of cards with a bunch of squares on each of them. If you occupy a specific square on one card, you will occupy the same square in any other card you travel to.

I would love for a future Submachine game to incorporate both these elements and the elements of the 9 rooms loop in Submachine 5, but all at the same time. Forward and backward, up and down, left and right...

and multiple layers. That truly would be a 3D environment in a 2D game. Maybe even 4D.


I love these games... I only wish I could make it without cheating... I used to get soooo much further without having to peak.

Either I'm getting dumber (entirely possible) or the games are getting soooooo much harder (also possible) or both.

Best wasted afternoon in a long time


One thing that _REALLY_ helps when playing this game is to:

make a map.

ALL seven dimensions use the exact same layout roomwise.

Once you work out the layout (you should be able to have it sketched or figured out by the time you open up the third level), it is a simple matter to navigate across all the dimensions.


New version uploaded: Fixes the "can't put down" inventory bug.


omg submachine is back! I can't wait to play now.

Cyberjar88 October 2, 2012 6:21 PM

When this came out, I was supposed to be doing yard work. That idea got shot down pretty fast!

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmUgUvl8q4O-tmQ1ZXaCS8tMiAssrN3vCo October 2, 2012 10:20 PM

I've unlocked all 7 dimensions. How do I complete the altar in dimension II? (The one missing the center button)


oh wow. this game is mindblowing. really engaging.

I think a map with overlapping locations would help a lot. after the fifth location was revealed i got really confused.


Awesome! Except I found another bug which made me restart.

not grabbing the catalyst and proceeding to solve all the puzzles causes the altar in II to close again and I can't access the crucial item

samofdreams October 4, 2012 2:54 PM

Having a problem on level VI.

I have two beamer arms in my inventory, and the wire and the battery already on the device. It won't let me add the beamer arms.

samofdreams October 4, 2012 3:06 PM

Nevermind, solved it.

I missed the beamer arm from III

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkHFp736sH6X2c6hEFr2_ZzOo0loEXJ85o October 4, 2012 3:20 PM

Where do you get the wheel button


So I was procrastinating doing my homework last night and I checked the JIG home page and I saw this, and I immediately knew it would be a long night. I love this series so much!

This part raises many more questions than it answers. For some reason the

door at the end of the game reminded me of the Winter Palace in Submachine 7.

My one complaint is the

secrets. I thought they could have answered a few questions instead of raising more.


Hmmm....secrets....I was so intent on finishing the game, I forgot that there are always secrets. Must I play again? I think the answer may be yes...


really enjoyable. finished in a couple of hours with no help. fun to be able to do that with a skutnik game. am i getting used to his thinking or is this one more straightforward than some of the other submachines?


Whoops ignore my previous comment. That wasn't a bug, I just did things in the wrong order. Misunderstanding


Kind of disappointing story wise. Basically no new details or plot advancement. Game play wise it was awesome though. The dimension shifting was a great idea.

knight27243 October 11, 2012 6:16 PM

I am having issues with the compass rose pillar as well. i have the stone button but it wont let me install it. is there something i am missing?

knight27243 October 11, 2012 6:21 PM

apparently i missed another button somewhere in the game

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawl3pOYL432CaTxFtUpAYNH7N-4qzddeOrA October 19, 2012 11:43 AM

Holy crap my day was made as soon as I saw this. Played it straight through only using spoilers for the secrets. I absolutely love this series and anything Skutnik does. I have been following it since 2005 and it was basically what introduced me to games. I love it :)


I bought the $2.00 version. I don't know how to save the game. Does any one know?


I am so embarrassed. It was "load game". I only found two secrets.


No problems at all playing it on IE 8. Great game!


I have a question about one of the pictures.

What is the point of the picture with the title "When I asked for explanation he drew me this"?

I understand that it is NOT used for the sticks in each level that can be placed in three positions. But what is the point of the picture? I've solved every puzzle and got every secret but I still haven't used it. I imagine it has something to do with the grid at the right of area 2 that has a picture of each area.


I have some more information about the question I just asked:

Since there are seven lines, I thought it might have something to do with the message you get and the end about how there are seven answers. I thought the picture might be a clue about alternate endings. I went to the machine at the right of area 2 and used the lines as a guide. Since line four intersects lines three and five, I activated three, four, and five on the machine. However, when I finished the game I got the same ending. I also looked around the map and it didn't seem to do anything.

My only other idea was that the picture might be a guide to the secrets but I haven't been able to figure out a correlation. BTW I did have to look up some of the secrets ;)


I love the Submachine series and this game, so far, is fantastic. Thank you Mr. Skutnik for keeping this addict well-supplied!

However, I've now encountered the supposedly fixed bug in which I cannot return an item to the inventory or do anything. I am rather far along.

The item is the energy ball type thing you can get once you have all the rods pushed/pulled correctly; I picked it up on the planetary underside of World I and can't do a thing

Will I restart? Yea, probably, but... it's a stupid blemish on a great game.


While the central concept is incredibly impressive, this seems like an omake, attenuated to somewhere between 32 chambers and the Subnet ... a Sub3 meant to fit inside Sub6. This is a rather discordant marriage between narrative and gameplay. Given the dramatic run-up of storytelling from the last few games, it's a grave disappointment. (Especially since 8 is infinity on its head.) Now if this had come after the Lighthouse, it would be hailed as one of the greatest games ever, but in our universe the march of narrative still flows in one direction. The puzzles are original and amazing; they just feel like they've been thrown together from the bottom of the greatest puzzle hoarder's desk drawer. It was a scrapbook.

Let me put it this way: even the rooms don't tell a story. They're gorgeous � they're achingly gorgeous � but there was far more thought put into the stale, unclickable bread in Sub5's opening scene than the whole of this. Including the shells. I got little of the abandoned-world tableau even in the places presumably inhabited by humans. If that was part of the point, there wasn't much mystery to replace it. Finally, the typos add to the flat-soda taste. Still sweet, mind you. Just really 2D in a 4D package.

Honestly, I would rather they use an extra year than conclude the series in this manner. If there's pressure from the sponsors, throw them to the cat. Please don't follow the M. Night trajectory ... that would be a tragic twist for this landmark work.


Something about the drawings

I think the "When I asked for an explanation, he drew me this" drawing actually relates to the one with the grid that defines how you must pull the poles, if you rotate that image it matches up quite well with the grid. Makes me wonder what that eighth circle is for though.

Also, did anyone figure out

what the ladder step was used for. You can pull it off the side of the sub but I never used it for anything.


Spoiler'd for TL;DR.

I know this game's been out forever, but I just finally got around to playing it. I decided to play through the entire series first, to better grasp what the author is going for.

First, the gameplay is really good. I've enjoyed most of his puzzles and gameplay style from all the games, but this one was probably the best. The music is a very nice touch, and the artwork seems to get better and more refined every time.

To be honest (and this is where I'm probably separated from most), the story is lacking to me. It seems like it started off with a relatively simple idea and is now becoming very complex and convoluted. According to the author, there's only 1 more to go, and it sure seems he's leaving an awful lot of things up in the air. Remember when there were only like 3 episodes left of Lost, and you suddenly realized, "there's no way they're going to be able to answer all the questions from the past 6 years in 4 hours... This is gonna suck, isn't it?" Yeah, same thing. Now, maybe he'll explain everything, and I'll be happily mistaken. But it seems pretty doubtful. And man, nothing leaves a bad taste in the mouths of your fans when it suddenly becomes obvious: you didn't have much of a plan in the first place.

Now, I'm saying all this because I really enjoy this series, and I really hope the author takes my critique, along with Shudog's, to heart. A couple of suggestions to you, author:

1. Get an editor/translator. When I'm feeling immersed in a game, nothing pulls me right out like a bad spelling or grammar error. It may be nitpicking, but it really bothers me to see how much time and effort you clearly put into this game, and something small and easily fixable makes it seem amateurish. Get someone to proofread every piece of writing you put into your games. It makes a huge difference.

2. Write out the entire story of your games, and have people read it. Lots of people. Preferably, people who know about writing. Go find old teacher and professors, and pick their brain about it. I think it'll help you fine tune the last (?) episode of this series to really tie things up. Don't take offense, but we can't be great at everything, and while it's clear that you are awesome at art, design, and puzzle making, you need some help in the storytelling department. I understand that you are trying to come off as vague and mysterious sometimes. But it's usually too vague, and ends up sounding a little dumb. For example, the intro to this game, the thing about changing direction... you clearly impressed Grinnyp, but after playing through, what the hell did that have to do with the game I just played? If there's a connection, I missed it. Nearly all of the Submachine games have little pieces of text that are so vague and unclear, they end up making no sense. Now, it may be a language barrier issue, but I think it's more than that. Get people to look at your whole story, and then give you feedback on where the holes are, what needs to be adjusted to make sense, and what needs to be rewritten. Don't be afraid to go back and rewrite. I guarantee you, most of us will go back and play them all again.

Look at Hollywood. Someone may come up with a fantastic premise for a movie, and they may direct and/or produce it themselves, but they usually find someone to write a script. Why? Scriptwriting is hard. Translating a good idea in your head to a whole story is hard. Leave it to people who excel at it. At the very least, have someone help you.

Honestly, I feel your games have great promise. Who knows, when you're all done, you may be able to turn it into a commercial game. But in order to do that, they need to be refined. Really think about how you want to conclude your story. The last chapter could break the whole thing, but it could also give a fantastic ending to a really interesting premise. Here's hoping it's the latter.

neil.rashbrook February 22, 2013 4:39 PM

I hit the same bug as NohWoman did; I don't know whether it's relevant but I was using IE8. Later on I happened to be using a different browser and I was able to complete the game.


I completed the game with all the secrets & hit "Skip" on the ending dialog. Rather than take me back to the menu, however, I am now stuck in World 1 without any inventory & with no items around that I can pick up. I think I've encountered a bug.



PLEASE Write your text on Skutnik's facebook page or something like that PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE


When do we see the mobile version in the app store?

sunshinebunnygirl August 2, 2013 10:57 PM

I loved this game! I have been waiting forever for submachine 9, does anyone have any idea on when its coming out??


sunshinebunnygirl -
Unfortunately, it's probably not going to be for awhile. If you check out Mateusz Skutnik's blog (pastelportal DOT com), he's currently working on Daymare Town 4.


Not sure what's going on, but the huge HD ad packages with this game are taking way longer than 30 seconds to load, and are crashing it out before the game does. Tried other JiG hosted games and they're loading at normal speed.

I did update Flash this weekend.

the Jack March 2, 2014 11:51 PM

@ Shudog:

Have you tried playing it at Skutnik's site ( http://www.mateuszskutnik.com/submachine/index.php?id=submachine_8 ) instead of the copy hosted here?

Or if you can spare USD$2 -- yes, just two bucks -- you can download the ad-free, HD version of the game at http://submachineworld.com/sub_8.php

I bought the downloadable version myself shortly after it came out and still consider it to have been an excellent investment. Given how actively I've seen you commenting on reviews of Skutnik games here at JiG, I suspect you'd find it worthwhile, too... though I certainly understand that paying even that much for a game isn't an option for everyone.


Was playing it yesterday and made it to level six when my computer started getting really slow. After looking at processes running in the back ground, I saw that windows was in update mode. I knew that I was about to lose my progress and closed the window. This morning my computer finished its update thing and I decided that saving my progress is worth $2 so I just bought #8 and it just finished downloading.

Happy now. :-D

The Phenomenon April 6, 2021 7:09 AM

A spoiler picture right in the review body! Come on!


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