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Super Stacker 2

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PsychotronicSuper Stacker 2As any girl with a bottle of super glue and her ex-boyfriend's CD collection can tell you, it's fun to stack things on top of each other. From the wacky antics of Tower Bloxx to the precise moodiness of last week's Perfect Balance, to the original Super Stacker, thumbing your nose at gravity is the best thing ever. Just ask this guy.

So here's the deal: Super Stacker 2 offers 40 levels of shape stacking, ranging from pathetically easy to hand-crampingly difficult. Every ten levels, you unlock a speed run, which lets you compete with your friends for shape-stacking fame and glory. If that's not enough, I have three very special words for you: Level. Editor. Booya. That's right—Super Stacker 2 has a fully-functional level editor, and the world will never be the same, no matter how much you want to go back to your comfortable existence before there was a level editor in Super Stacker. Pandora's Box is open now, yeah buddy.

NOW ME EXPLAIN YOU GAME. Each level offers you a number of pre-placed shapes, and a list of upcoming blocks across the top of the screen. Your goal is to balance all those shapes one at a time, so that they don't fall into the pit below. And I'm warning those of you with sensitive dispositions, these shapes look terrified of falling into that pit. It's probably filled with leopards. So, just click on the screen where you want to place each new shape, and if you do a good balancing job, they'll all make their happy face, and you'll get to go to the next level.

Analysis: This is about as casual as a stacking game can get. You don't have to worry about rotating pieces or which block to place next. Just click where you want 'em, one right after the other. Not that you won't have to engage your noggin—some of the harder puzzles will have you staring cock-eyed at them like maybe your head was stacked improperly on your neck—but the simplicity makes Super Stacker 2 extremely fast-paced and satisfying.

The only major problem comes on the later levels, when you have long, long, long strings of shapes to position near-perfectly, and one slip-up will send you back to the beginning of the construction job. Add to that the fact that you can't skip levels, and it's possible to get quite a little rage going.

To help calm your blood pressure, in case you're into user interfaces, Super Stacker 2 has the most thoughtful options menu ever. You access it by clicking the right mouse button. Imagine that! Accessible sound controls without plastering a big icon on the screen at all times! Whatever shall they think of next? It's just a shame that the sound effects are begging to be turned off in this game. Seriously, if I never again hear another shape shout "HUUHH" as it pops into being, I will die a happy man. Not to mention the hyper-irritating phone that rings whenever you let a shape fall into the pit. BRIIIINNNNNG. "Hello? Who is it?" "It's Failure. Thank you for feeding the leopards."

All things considered, Super Stacker 2 deserves to be considered one of the best stacking games on the web. I'm not a fan of the bouncy physics, and I can't quite identify what these moody bricks are supposed to be made out of, but it's at least internally consistent. Many of the level designs are really clever, and they're presented with so much humor, you can't help but smile sometimes. The audio rewards at the end of each group of levels are hilarious, and they just keep getting better as you go. You'll see what I mean.

Super Stacker 2: stack it on top… of the stack… of… games you're going to play… or something. Enjoy.

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Their faces are adorable!


Love that music!


Firstly, this is a pretty fun game, but it's been done before and a bit better I think. It needs a bit more bendy/wind factor involved to make it a bit harder, but maybe it's because I haven't finished the game yet.

Anonymous February 3, 2009 1:13 PM

Stuck on Medium 19 =/

Paronomasiac February 3, 2009 1:19 PM

After playing Perfect Balance, this game comes off as far too forgiving. Since you only have to keep all shapes on the screen for the duration of the timer, things like this tend to happen far too frequently.


Medium 19

It's pretty straightforward. Just remember to stack the blocks at the edge of the beams so you can fit both heads in each.


help on 25 tricky please!


Managed to get to Tricky 26 before I can't do anything else. Ho hum. Guess I'll wait for someone with l33t skillz to show up and tell me the answer. :P


I'm stuck on tricky 27, it's tough!


Sorry for double post, but here is how I did tricky 26:

Two circles on the left side next to each other, stack all but one of the block slightly off the edge on the right side flat on the base block. Finally, put the left over block on the two circles on the left. It requires a bit of careful placement to make them all stay on, but it works well.

Anonymous February 3, 2009 4:31 PM

How I did 26 (I think it's a bit easier than gmpilot's):

Just leave the two circles at the side, balancing one on the other, then put one block on the base, a block halfway on top of that one (so that it's stick off the block almost half but not so much that it falls.) Then, place another block on top near the center of the tower, then lodge the last block in so that it's like
.|2|4| . 0
.. |1| .. 0
.'s for proper spacing...

And stuck on....34?


Can someone help with Tricky 21? I thought I was creative, but sheesh...


I'm stuck on 39...


Stuck on 39 here too... I have a feeling that it's something really obvious.


21 is driving me insane! Please help!

Sesquiped February 3, 2009 5:15 PM

My solution for 26:

I dropped the two circles from the top and quickly placed two boxes under them side by side on the base. Then, after the circles landed on the boxes, I placed the last two boxes on top.

Stuck on 32 now. I posted that just so I could solve it one second later.

ThemePark February 3, 2009 5:18 PM

Not a comment on the game itself, but I just wanted to say how I love these humorous reviews of yours, Psychotronic. You had me at the first paragraph. xD



Stack up all the squares quickly.

Put the tall block on the leftmost circle so that it falls to the right.

Quickly place the long block on the rightmost circle and the starting square so that it catches all the falling blocks.

Place the triangle on the right end of the horizontal block to prevent overflow.

Now I'm stuck on 40...



Build the supports on each side, then put the squares on the horizontal piece, with the circle in the middle, and finally triangle on top. Then, put the little tray on the bottom blue squares, and throw the diagonals in the hole inside (they'll fit), then fit all the little circles in carefully.


This is all about trial and error and balance. I had to do it over and over until it finally worked. Just put 5 blocks on each side, then the "tray" and after that, it's trying to balance the tray. I think it was falling over when it worked for me.


Ugh, this one's hard. I made it by making a "cup" with the first two blocks on the center blue block, then putting the little blocks on the sides as support. To do that, make the blocks fall the way you want. Then fill the cup with circles. Keep trying, it's tricky.


This one is evil. The trick here is speed. Stack up the little blue blocks, till they're gone. Then take the big one and put it so that it falls to the right on the left circle. Then take the long flat block and put it on top of the first blue block and the circle on the right. Put the triangle way on the right, and watch it catch your tower. You gotta be fast.

fuzzyface February 3, 2009 5:33 PM

I did 39 without speed....

I stacked 6 or so blocks on every ball, the big one on the square box, the line below the big one pressed inbetween and the triangle on the top... goes well slowly.


For 40 I think you

have to balance the rectangles on the two bottom mini circles and then balance the 3 circles on one another on top of each of the rectagles and the last three circles balance on the last mini circle.

but that is so impossibly hard i have given up :D



The first thing that I needed to know about this one was that you can make the first block fall to the left by placing it on the upper right circle. Then, it'll land on the two circles below. After that, it was just regular stacking. I put the big block on the left. Then, when stacking the circles, they'll start rolling after six, so put the triangle on the right to catch them before they fall off.

Billy_Kane February 3, 2009 5:41 PM

31 is making me frustrated!


A key on 21 and other levels is that you can insert blocks below other blocks that have been set already - as long as you see a gap between so for 21...

each block getting placed:

top right
top left
top middle
very top
fill the gap at the bottom
insert between triangle and sq-cir-sq level
insert between triangle and sq-cir-sq level
insert between triangle and sq-cir-sq level
fill the middle with the circles


Okay, this was seriously the most entertaining review I've read here in a long time.

sheepgomeep February 3, 2009 7:31 PM

different solution for 26:

put the two balls on one side, and one square on the other side. then quickly stack the next two squares side by side on top of the first square, and quickly put the last square on top of those before they fall

Anonymous February 3, 2009 8:04 PM

Help on 28 please?


Now I'm having trouble on 35 >_< Gah! This game is so hard!

[Edit: Fixed your angle bracket smiley. Please use &lt; and &gt; instead of typing just the angle brackets, because in HTML they have special meaning and can mess up the page. Please use Preview to be sure your comment appears as you expect. Thank you! :) -Jay]

The Wolf's Shadow February 3, 2009 8:50 PM

What's the music called? It's so fun!


Level 35? No se. Help please?

Anonymous February 3, 2009 9:10 PM

32 spoiler

put the first triangle on the left square leaving a little of the straight edge hanging off. do the same on the right. then drop one ball on the right and then quickly one ball on the left creating a type of basket to balance the rest of the balls

SkfyS Day February 3, 2009 9:16 PM

More challenging than the original game.

But the reward for beating the game,

the random order

, makes the game easier.


REALLLY stuck on level 30...It seems its a matter of balance but there has to be another way.


What am I missing for level 36? I could barely get the first one like this.

brandon_ha February 3, 2009 10:01 PM

I can't get to the game. All I get is the leader boards.


I cannot get the long block to balance on the triangle in level 35. Help?


Level 36:

You don't have to place the blocks in the order that they appear.

Drop the triangle from high up, and while it's falling, 'quick'ly move down and place the bar underneath it.


For 35

Drop the triangle from on high, and while the triangle is falling quickly place the long bar on top of the squares. Took me a while to figure that one out


Level 36, Really Slipping Away, is killing me. Little help?


Level 36:

Only use one of the ramps. Stack both squares on the end, then pile up the circles behind them.


39 was the hardest for me, and I only won it when I realized

You can stack squares on circles and keep perfect balance.

..which is kinda unintuitive. 40 is rather easy after that one.

All in all the game is great. I'm even inclined to try to beat it on "bonus" mode, although I'm not being a big fan of randomness.


For level 36:

it's a no-brainer, really. Just put squares at the END on each ramp (it must still fully lay on the ramp) and stack circles equally on each side. Just be careful not to place the circles, not "drop" them.



That'll learn ME to pay attention to block sizes. I'm amazed that it accepted this.


SkfyS Day: you really think so? It makes things ten times harder for me on some levels...


Randomness CAN make some levels easier (especially the "hardest" ones), but some levels which almost completely depend on the block ordering are frustrating, if completely unsolvable.


Whoa mama. This is much better than the original, although i dont think it should make you select a level after completion.


This game is even better than the first one! I'm currently stuck on Hard 39, and really laughed at the

Angry Cat Sounds and the Requests Regarding Your Mole Face!

One more thing: Psychotronic, I congratulate you for writing the best review since Zxo's Evito Ball! Great job!


I managed to beat all levels on Bonus mode (random order of blocks). For some levels it's a colossal waste of time. I suggest you

don't bother with level 34 (21 balls 1 cup) and level 21 (the framework). There's no reward to beating all the levels in Bonus mode.

If you do want to complete the two extremely difficult levels in bonus mode here's how I did them:

Level 21 - The Framework

You need a nonrandom starting order. The 270x30 block and one 30x300 vertical block must be available pretty quickly; the green triangle must not be available until you've placed a 30x300 block; there must be a blue block soon after you place the 270x30 block and a couple of small circles. Reset if these rules don't apply. Then you need to do the following: place the long 270x30 horizontal block to form a base for the solution; place a long vertical 30x300 block to form one "wall", e.g. by placing it on the right side support. The solution is something like a giant bookcase. The large green triangle goes on top of the vertical block so that the vertical block resists force from the circles which will be added to the middle of the bookcase. On the left, use the blue blocks and remaining vertical block to form the left wall of the bookcase. (Be careful not to tip the base of the bookcase!) Stack the circles in the middle; try to use the thin grey blocks as shelves, making sure that the weight of the circles is transferred downwards onto the base and not sideways into the walls (so place them to divide the circles into neat horizontal rows).

Level 34 - 21 balls 1 cup

You need to be able to place the two 30x300 blocks very early - you cannot "store" more than two circles until these blocks are in place. If you have to you can place one circle each on the outside edge of the bottom left and bottom right blue squares. Now that you have the "cup" in place, you can store about 8 more circles inside the cup, but you will need the two smaller grey supports fairly soon. Place these carefully as per the normal mode solution and they should fall into place. Stack the remaining circles as normal. When stacking the circles, place each one with the greatest care - you want to minimise the amount that they fall or move when you place them.


I feel kind of dumb for asking this now, but...any tips on how to do 10? Balancing isn't working out so well for me.


stuck on 18 help !!


"sounds of an angry cat" lol!


stuck on 40/40 :S anyone?

RedRevolver February 4, 2009 1:11 PM

18 help:

Stack all the blues on top of each other, and make sure each of the silver sticks are placed directly above the eyes of the smiley faces. So each corner of the sticks are vertically aligned with the eyes of the smiley face, or (basically) as near to centre as possible.

Now, can anyone give any tips for 20? My balls keep rollin', rollin'...etc.


cant get past 36!?!?!? I need Help!!!!!!1


Love it.
Loved the first one, and this one has improved greatly.
Me and my friend have spent the last hour taking turns trying to do each level.
So much better than #1.
Thank you psychotronic, and TGH too.
Also love the way its got 40 levels now. much more variety.
Shall recommend to friends.


level 34 21 balls 1 cup
make the first stick fall over the middle block,, then place the next one on top of it in the middle, and the two smaller ones at each end. the rest is as easy as hitting your thumb with a hammer.


Stuck on level 17/40 doomed if i dont know!


38 on hard is killing me :(argh

Anonymous February 4, 2009 3:19 PM

TRICKY 25 anyone???


I second the call for help on 28! There was another level like this one, maybe in the first game, but solving it the old way only ends up in an unsuccessful level here.


Oops.. post and solved, got it..

For anyone else having problems on 28

There's no trick to keeping the balls on the screen, you just have to go for speed with the goal being to lay down the final triangle with enough time before the balls reach the bottom to run the clock out.

There are two problems that get in your way. The first is that the top triangle is so high up that you can't just sit there and drop balls from one point. the second is that by the time the first balls you drop get to the second triangle, they have so much momentum that they just keep going in the same direction and launch off the back end of the second triangle.

So here's what you do. Start at the very top of the top triangle and start laying down balls moving towards the right. This will not only let you drop balls quicker than if you stayed in the same place, but also lets you slow down the earlier balls you dropped. You should be able to get rid of six or seven this way.

Once any of the first wave of balls gets ready to drop down to the second triangle, immediately drop a ball near the top of the second triangle. This will prevent any balls from flying off the back end. From here, you have plenty of room, and should be ditching balls as fast as you can over the second triangle.

The VERY MOMENT the last triangle pops up, drop it on the two circles at the bottom and cross your fingers. If you delay at all, you'll waste valuable seconds that could be counted towards your balance time.

Anonymous February 4, 2009 5:49 PM


place the two balls with a space in between
then the flat stick on top,
after you do that all the way up for all the balls
place the purple squares in between each ball on the levels starting with the bottom


Hi this is my first post on here this is for level 39 without any risks and no need to rush:

Hope it helps.


Here's a little tip for level 40. This screenshot shows final view of this level. Have fun!

Coolhead101 February 4, 2009 9:15 PM

I thought this game was pretty addictive. I, however, was severely disappointed that the last level was very easy. My stacking methods are unorthodox and are easily not aesthetic in my or anybody's views, but the last level only took me two tries. Disappointing indeed. The rest of the levels were pretty good though. I nearly quit on one of them(took me ten to thirteen tries) and go back to it after my daily game sulk (right after the game worship ceremony =D). The bonus you get after beating the level wasn't a very good incentive. It was a pretty good puzzle game that took me under 30 min. to beat. Fairly entertaining.

Graphics: Simple but sufficient- 8/10

Creativity: Never seen a puzzle game like this before (Unless you count its prequel)- 9/10

Sound: Brilliant if I say so myself: 10/10 (After reading what people thought about the sounds and my own evaluation)

Replay Value: Er..I might be going a bit overboard using this to evaluate a flash game..but oh well...- 8.5/10

Difficulty: Not very difficult but can be challenging at times- 8.5/10

Time it took to beat: 35 min. 47 seconds

Overall a very fun game.. recommend spending an hour or two tops to play this game..


A harder way of tackling 40:

Set the first bar on the right-hand bottom circle so it begins falling to the left. When it's at about 45°, place the second bar above its right end (the pivot). As the second bar is falling to the right, place the circle between its moving end and the upper fixed circle, so the larger circle is trapped between them. You then have a nice big basket for the rest of the shapes.


Sounds impossible, but it does work!


I have a feeling im missing some thing quite obvious but how do you do level 24 "Am I missing something"
I have a feeling the answer is obvious but i dont see it


Level 24:

Keep looking! And trying! Perhaps something is hiding?


Click on the word "I".
There's something to catch your fall underneath the horizon.

Anonymous February 5, 2009 3:34 AM

I'm definitely stuck on level 36 (Really slipping away) I've tried to stack the 2 blocks on top of eachother, and that seems to do the trick. But on the last couple of balls it starts sliding. Please help me out here... Thanx


Please help with leval 25! It is Killing me


Can anyone help me with level 16? The teeter-totter type thing. My brain won't work.


Got 16. Now on to 36. Here is the REAL secret:

You must stack the balls so they support their own weight, not so they are sliding against the ball. In other words, stack them like you are building a brick house, not like you are lining them up, one directly on top of the other. If you line them up directly, each block can only support about four of five balls. But if you alternate your stacking, you can fit all the balls. I tried this first with two blocks on one side, but found it easier when using both ramps.

Anonymous February 5, 2009 4:05 PM

Hey guys, anybody knows a solution for trciky 25? The balls are rolling out whatever I do.


27 is impossible!
i really have to

balance the blocks on the tips of the triangles??

craziness. and i'm sad because i'd like to keep playing but i don't think i can do it.


For 27:

No, you don't have to balance the blocks on the triangles. Build your stacks of blocks as far up as you can go from the starting two blocks on the bottom. Then place your bars between those towers and the triangles, sort of wedging them in place. You want to leave a bit of room on the outside - enough for a stack of blocks, and you want enough room for two stacks of blocks on the inside of each bar. In the end, it will look like two waiters carrying tons of stuff on their arms.



Stack the small blocks on the two side circles (7 left, 8 right worked). Put the tall rectangle on the square that was originally there, then the wide rectangle on top. If it's all centered you can put the triangle right on top.


Does everyone think level 31 is easy or something? Is there a secret society I need to join for hints on 31? I have done the others by myself and consider 31 impossible so far,.. what gives?

Anonymous February 5, 2009 7:34 PM

help on 34,, am really stuck on this one


Easy way for 40

http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/886/blahtw8.png Drop first rectangle on the little circle towards the top right so that it falls and lands across the top of the two bottom circles. Drop the 2nd rectangle on the top right corner of the first rectangle so that it leans against the circle above it to the right. Start stacking the circles on top of each other along the vertical rectangle, then to the left of those circles. Drop one triangle on the top right and one on the far left. :)


Anybody solve 38? I can't figure it out.



This is like the crazy insane super steroid pumped version of "A Girls Best Friend" level. You got nothing but squares on their corner but there's an awful lot of them. So here's the trick.

You almost get a tendancy to want to pack the diamonds on the bottom as close as possible, but DON'T in fact, putting big gaps between them is what you want. The reason why is because as you build, this will cause the diamonds below to lean inward from the weight, thus, when you start to build your pyramid, you will see lips start to form on the outer edges. You can use these lips to place the surplus blocks! It may still take you a few tries, but you should get there eventually!

Anonymous February 6, 2009 2:41 PM

not too hard. put the triangle on the box over to the right a little. balance the next triangle on the tip of the first so that it slides down the side of the first triangle and gets stuck on a little piece of the box. fit 3rd triangle into the space between the first 2 and continue. good luck.




Stuck on 10 easy

Gravemynd February 7, 2009 9:27 AM

I'm seriously stuck on Really Slipping Away (36) I've tried out all the ways people have said on here, and as far as useing both ramps I always run into the same problem: Whenever it gets to four on the bottom row, and two on the top (balls) it always slides off. It's happened about 10 times. I tried to use two blocks on one side, but I can't get all of them on.


now im seriously stuck on 38 arrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhh...

FallonGalbraith February 7, 2009 10:36 PM

So I've noticed that no one else is stuck on 23. Does that make me dumb? I can't figure it out! I've tried it bunches of times now... any tips? Please?


I am really stuck on 20 aka the framework :\

coconut macaroonz..x:)o~o February 8, 2009 10:09 AM

can anyone help me with tricky 25. i've been trying all morning nd i just can't do it. spoilers would be great or a screenshot would be even better!!!
coconut macaroonz..x:)o~o
p.s. great music xxx


Great review, it's an awesome game, but the point is, I'm stuck on level 30. There must be some secret that I missed.


The REAL way to do 40:

-put the first upright on the top right circle so it falls to the left
-put the 2nd on the right side of the now horizontal piece
-put a ball at the right corner so it leans to the side giving you a bit of an angle and keep adding balls balancing it out until you get a triangle
-put the triangle on the left
-put the next triangle above it
-keep filling in until done!

Gravemynd February 8, 2009 7:49 PM

If anybody could give me a Screenshot of level 36 beaten, that would help me a lot.


36 help? I did it all the ways that you guys suggested but it seriously isn't working for me. The blocks aren't heavy enough.

soraxheart92 February 9, 2009 1:36 AM

This is how you do it in 30, the easy way :D

So, when I did it, I didn't really need to balance it. I put 3 cubes under the first (highest) circle to make it squish. Then under the 2nd highest.

After that, put 3 cubes on the 2nd highest (on top of it). It should fall rightward, land on the highest O and on the boxes and stay. Then I balanced one on a circle to make it stay.

So, there you have it. It took me awhile, so yeah.


These other "helpful" level guides for 36 didn't help me at all, so, after lots of tries, this is the way I did it.

Writing it doesn't make sense, so here is an example with order an everything. (H's are blocks, o's are circles)


Sorry for repost, but you move the 6 over a bit, my error.

Enchanted Kiss January 4, 2013 11:33 PM

some levels r undefeatable and its just too stressful!~!


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