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Tatami Room Escape

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Rating: 4.1/5 (44 votes)
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Tatami Room EscapeWe've got a new game by Tesshi-e, huzzah!

You find yourself in traditional Japanese restaurant which offers extra service - while you wait for your food, you may try to escape the room with the hearth. They lock you inside, turn on soothing music and leave you on your own.

Birdy - check, Mr. Hippo - check, wobbling picture - check, puzzles and codes - of course. Everything is obviously managed by professionals - from carefully chosen music which adds to calm atmosphere through well ballanced puzzles to perfectly kept garden (yes you can visit the garden too - if you find the key, naturally), and the food which you get at the end seems really yummy. However, depends on your skills whether you get it. Playing is comfortable, the game has autosave option, and two endings (with or without Happy Coin).

P.S. Tesshi-e has created several escape games from tatami rooms which, sadly, aren't available (but Tatami by Detarou is!) so this one is only one of the kind from them at the moment.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

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Bliznik May 29, 2019 9:31 PM

So good! Love Tesshi-e games.

I only got stuck on one part.

When you need to decode the 3-number code for the bird

The hint is behind the painting

Each of the puzzles represents a different number

Then I was able to figure it out.

Billy-o May 30, 2019 4:49 AM

Was there a Happy Coin in this one? If so, I didn't find it.

SonicMiddleAge May 30, 2019 7:07 AM replied to Billy-o

There is a happy coin found in the usual way. Open the final door but don't leave - enter an unused clue somewhere you've seen before...

Bliznik May 30, 2019 8:38 AM

Billy-o, there is a happy coin for any of the Tesshi-e games that say that there are 2 endings.

To find the happy coin:

look at the keychain


Tatami Room Escape

Reminder: you can enable the hint system in the menu, which helps to match up some clues with their puzzles.


As the Japanese title suggests, the real feature of this room is the hearth in the middle that you can view from any angle, which has a wooden fish hanging beside a hook. While the game tells you to set "chopsticks" in the pit, what it actually needs is chopped firewood.

In the background, there's a wooden door you can't open, and a landscape painting that tilts when you click its corners, with an unusual caption that includes arrow marks.

Turn left. In a traditional Japanese room fashion, this wall is portioned into a section with a hanging calligraphic scroll and a section with display shelves. The hanging scroll is on the left side, and covers a clue with three grids. Under it, there's a small box with two drawers, the top one having three triangular digit buttons and the bottom one having a keyhole. There's also a wooden shelf/frame with a black box topped with a wooden Mr. Birdy, where each of the six buttons in the grid lights up when pressed.

Looking at the shelves, you find that they hold a Mr. Hippo box with three letter buttons, a Mr. Birdy box with three digit buttons, and an elegant bonsai tree hiding a yellow bottle of woodworking bond (glue). You'll also notice that all four corners of the shelf area have circular markings on them. There are two compartments underneath, but one is missing a handle and the other has its handles tied together with wire.

(Back out and) turn left. A closet on the left has blue-green doors you can't open. Checking the cupboard doors above, you find that the left side has a key you can't reach, while you can't see anything on the right side from here.

Turn left again to find a pair of shoji sliding doors that have a small keyhole.


Let's start by considering three clues in gold: the clue under the tilty painting, the circles on the fish and the matching circles near the shelves.

Since the Fish arrows point to the right, left, right, you should look at the fish while it's facing those directions.

More precisely, the right arrow represents the symbols on the fish when you're looking towards the painting, and the left arrow represents the symbols on the fish when you're looking towards the closet.

If we call those four symbols Full, Half, One, Two, then replacing the arrows from the fish clue with the pairs of symbols gives the code FH12FH, which appears on the UR LR UL LL UR LR corners near the shelves.

Click the ⌝⌟ ⌜⌞⌝⌟ corners of the painting, which slides up to reveal a backscratcher.

Reach / Unlock (small) / Snip

Use the backscratcher to retrieve the small key from the top of the closet.

Use the small key to unlock the bottom drawer of the wooden box beneath the scroll, then take the pliers from inside.

Use the pliers to cut the wire off the right compartment beneath the shelves. Inside, you find a hearth pot and a small ace key.


Use the clue behind the scroll to unlock the Mr. Birdy box on the shelves beside.

Only certain squares in each grid satisfy the conditions laid out by the clues beneath them. Here are some hints:

Left grid: Since it works on zodiac signs and pictograms, it's not about English at all!
Middle grid: There are a lot of digits here. Which digits should you look at?
Right grid: Notice how everything's made out of straight lines?

For the left grid, you need to find the letters with a vertical axis of symmetry (i.e. left-right mirror symmetry). All the letters except F, K, S, N have that.

For the middle grid, you need to find the numbers whose middle digit is 3. All the numbers except 651, 170, 245 qualify.

For the right grid, you need to find the images which are formed with four straight line segments (for this to make sense, segments can't coincide or extend each other). The bottom two images in the first column and the bottom four in the second all fail.

Looking at which squares satisfy the conditions, you find that they spell out the code 267, so enter that in the box to make it dispense a hexagonal key.

Unlock (hexagon) / Exploration 2

Use this key to unlock the shoji doors… oh no, it got stuck and the handle broke off!

Use the pliers to remove the rest of the key, and you hear the door unlock.

Sliding it aside, you make your way to a small corridor looking out onto a garden. It has a large dark green safe on a small table with a wooden board, and looking closer at the safe reveals that you need a card key to open it.

Open the sliding door out to the garden. Unfortunately, you can't walk around barefoot on the grass.

But you can still click the wooden Mr. Birdy display in the garden to view it from afar.


Use the clue from the wooden Mr. Birdy display in the garden to unlock the Mr. Birdy black box beneath the scroll.

The figures in the garden are on the left and right spots on the top row, and the left spot in the bottom row.

So click those three buttons, and the Mr. Birdy pops upward from the box to reveal a shiny drawer knob.

Attach that knob to the left compartment under the display shelves, which opens up to reveal some wooden sticks already cut and ready to be assembled. Well, you'll need to add glue too.


Add the glue to the sticks, then click them to assemble a frame with some glue left over at the top.

So place the wooden board on top of that frame to form a small table!

(The Japanese description helpfully tells you that this table is a stepping stool.)

Place it on the floor in front of the greenish closet, which allows you to climb up. The left side contains something you can't reach, while the right side is really empty except for a screw securing the door below.

Reach 2

Finally, you can use the backscratcher to reach the item at the back of the top of the closet: a pair of sandals.

Exploration 3

Walk to the garden, place the sandals on the grass, and click them to put them on.

You see a water pond on the left side missing a tap. To the right of the Mr. Birdy display from before, you see a stone lantern with instructions to change the view at the upper right. That gets you a view of a locked compartment, and from the original view you see that the base of the lantern has a compartment with a star-shaped hole next to a carving of a triangle and a number.

Keep turning right until you face the wall of the building. On the left, you see a grid of light and dark squares, three of them marked with words.


Use a clue from the garden to unlock the top drawer of the left box beneath the scroll.

Beside the triangle on the stone lantern, the digits read 716.

Enter that in the drawer to open it and find a matchbox.


Use the clue from the outer wall to unlock the Mr. Hippo box.

The size of the grid suggests that it matches one of the grid clues under the scroll, and the pattern of shaded squares tells you which one.

Remember that the left grid clue gave the digit 2, so you should look there. The squares marked Left, Center, Right on that clue contain letters that spell out FUN.

Enter that in the box, and Mr. Hippo dispenses a star-shaped piece.


Place that star piece in the bottom of the lantern, and open it to find a screwdriver.

Unlock (ace) / Light

While you're out here, use the ace key to unlock the top compartment of the lantern, which contains a bottle of liquid ignition agent and an unlit candle.

Use the matchbox to light that candle.

As you back out you notice a clue lit up on the front of the lantern.


Back inside the room, place the table to reach the top of the closet again, and use the screwdriver to remove the screw on the right side.

This gets you access to another greenish safe with six hexagonal buttons, as well as a pile of cushions with a metal rod hidden inside.


Use the new clue from the stone lantern to unlock the six-button safe you just found.

The corners of the hexagon on the lantern are marked with one to six dots.

Following the same order, click the top-left, bottom-right, top-right, bottom-left, left, right buttons on the safe, which swings open to reveal a small water service handle.

It seems that the left side of the closet is now open, so look inside to find a small saw and more cushions.


Return to the garden once more, and place the tap handle on the pillar next to the pond. Water flows, and something falls out into the pond!

You don't want to get wet so you can't reach it by hand or with a backscratcher, but the metal rod works just fine to retrieve the capsule with card key inside.

Use the card key on the green safe in the corridor. You hear it unlock, so you open it up and…

As you might have guessed, it's a minifridge that's completely empty except for an ice cube in the freezer compartment. The ice has been sitting for so long you can't even cut through it to get to the key.


You're done with all the puzzles, so it's time to use the saw to dismantle the small table/stool back into wooden sticks.

Place them in the hearth.

Now the game tells you to add an ignition agent, so pour the Firelighters bottle over the wood.

Next up, you need to set the pot, but also you need to fill the pot before you can put it on.

So place the ice block into the pot and then the pot on the hook.

Let's ignite! Use the matches to start the fire.

The ice melts and boils, but the key is now too hot to touch.

This time, the metal rod is too long but the backscratcher is just right to pick up the door key.

Normal End

The exit door is on the starting view (to the left of the painting), so use the door key to unlock it and escape.

This means that your meal is ready, and you get to enjoy a big feast in front of the hearth.

Happy Coin End

Restart the game from the end screen, and make sure you click Load Game.

There's one more thing you can do in this room: a puzzle you can solve again, and the hint system will helpfully point it out when you see it.

The Mr. Hippo box is still accessible (as is the Mr. Birdy box, but that seems to be a red herring), so you need to look for more letters.

The door key that you're still holding has several of those letters, but three of them are extra large and they spell MDE, so enter that in the box to make it dispense a Happy Coin.

(As usual, the game autosaves when you pick up the coin, locking you out of the normal ending.)

Unlock and leave through the door with the Happy Coin.

This time, you enjoy a tasty barbecue in the garden, and a happy coin will bring happiness to you.


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