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The Final Answer to Everything

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The Final Answer to EverythingThe Final Answer to Everything is the rather ominous and foreboding title to a mysterious game that popped up just a few days ago. Tag this one under "riddle" as it is an HTML-based puzzle game for which answers to on-screen riddles are entered as URLs into the address bar of your browser to advance.

But time is ticking. The game keeps track of your progress and allows "between responses, no more days than three." However, even though three days equals 72 hours, when guessing the answer to one riddle incorrectly I was informed that I had just a little over 33 hours to input a correct answer. I guess that means you shouldn't take anything at face value in this game.

So, put your collective heads together and crack this thing. Will we find that the final answer is really 42? Whatever it is, it's already been copyrighted: The final answer is ©1954-2006 Holders Of The True Answer. Click.

Cheers to Dude999 for the link to this one. =)


Pauline July 26, 2006 3:05 AM

i'm stuck on the very first level.

Jonathan Hartman July 26, 2006 3:28 AM

To the first puzzle...

the first 10 digits of pi

make sure that the 10th digit of your answer is not rounded


Eh, the problem with this game is it doesn't give us THE question. I mean, "what is 6*7" just doesn't quite cut it for me, at least. I want something a little more deep and philosophical. Perhaps the question is more along the line of how many dimension there are, divided by the number of days we have been on earth, multiplied by the total amount of energy in the universe, minus the number of fingers on god's (or the gods[or the atheist's) hand(s). But no Deep Thought will tell us this. Deep Research. I am building it now!!!! But I need your help.

Wire me one hundred-thousand Euros to by swiss bank account. If 42 people do this, I will have enough to complete Deep Research

Thank you. Golden monkey out.
In another, completely unrelated update, WoW (World of Warcraft) is coming tomorrow, so I may never see the light of day again. Or I may see it much more often. And it better be the Universal Binary version or there will be HELL to pay. But Newegg has not failed me yet, so I have faith. Well, in Newegg anyway.
Also, jay, if you actually read this far email? Did you get it? I think I need to give up on this...
Hmmm... what else to say.

π is big : 3.141592653589793238462

What is up with the new look of jayisgames? Is it just my friend and my computers? The green is not as nice as the purple. And I can't seem to change it back.

Sorry for whatever spelling errors there may be in this long and completely irrelevant post. And, while we are on apologies, sorry for this post!

Current song - Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz)


Erm.. the color themes are normally changed by clicking one of the 5 boxed "j"s on the left side of the website.

quiggers July 26, 2006 5:26 AM

I am stuck on the

have 5, take 2 question

answers I have tried are:

5, 7, 3, 76, 78, 74, -7, and 64

help would be greatly appreciated

Amor Lassie July 26, 2006 6:21 AM

You can allways cheat and start all over again. This comes handy for example after a break:

just clear the cookies for www.thefinalanswertoeverything.com



If anybody is majorly stuck, then there is a list of answers at http://seekingtheanswer.blogspot.com/, and a long discussion at http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread217854/pg1

The game appears to have stopped at level 31 due to not enough refering sites, but whether that's just a puzzle waiting to be cracked is anyones guess


Also you can ask the game questions using /q_[question].html for several prewritten responses. Try /q_who.html and /q_why.html for starters


Hey, Imok: On the left hand side bar, there should be a "stylesheet switcher". Click in the different "J"s, and switch styles!


It's gone past #31 now! O.o



If you take 2, how many do you have (in your hand)?



have 5 (another person)
take 2 (how many you took of those 5)
you have__ (how many you picked up from those 5
P.S. the answer is in the question


This link is broken, somehow:

______ is two-thirds of one-half of one fourth of 240 ?

Anyone else have that problem? It is the 5th or 6th one, and a showstopper for me...

skatche July 26, 2006 2:17 PM

Aargh! What is the answer to

the city question? I have no idea what city is depicted.

Please help!

skatche July 26, 2006 2:30 PM

Slippy, the answer to that one is


I don't know why - it should be



This is a rather moronic game -- while the number puzzles and word games and such are interesting, because they have the potential to be figured out by anyone, once the Timetravel_0 thing came along and I started reading up on the answer

titor, a reference to John Titor, a supposed time traveler who posted on an internet forum under that screenname in 2000 with claims that he was from the future,

I realized that the game is more about arcana and random trivia than any real sort of skill.


That's a shame to hear, for up to that point it was looking as if it was very nicely done. Maybe then it's not surprising I got stuck at the time travel riddle.

Maybe not for the casual gamer then, but I believe there will be many that will enjoy it just the same. =)

Drgamer July 26, 2006 3:23 PM

Found a clue list:

Current question is "To drink"


Thanks for putting this on your site, jay. For me, it's a very fascinating example what people can achieve if they collaborate (by using the information thousands of other people collected on millions of web sites) :)

It's interesting to have a look at the forum/blog sites theholythom posted.

And if you are stuck, try this one:



Thanks, I had tries those before, on dial up on an older compter and hey hadn't worked, and I hadn't thought to try them again. It worked! Good ol' purple is back and looks much nicer.


Now it says "Between responses, no more days than 1.4." Much more difficult.


Imok - my feelings are hurt. =(

bear_whisperer July 26, 2006 9:15 PM

I can't help but think the "prize" is going to turn out to be some kind of computer virus or sumthing.


it says "no more days than 1.4" on mine, between responses, or whatever.

they shortened it?



I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Me so sorry. How did I hurt them??

WoW came today! lvl 9 Rogue Assassin with 150 in First aid, 75 in enchanting and 50-something in tailoring. I'm on the server Ursin (PvP) and my name is Harkän if anyone cares :(.

zee ay-mock


It's a matter of taste Imok ;)
Jay, I like the new green skin.


After the first answer, which comments here confirm is

the first 10 digits of pi

I just get a blank grey box. Using Firefox, but see the same behaviour in explored and opera also. Is anyone else seeing this?

Dissapointing as the game looked weird interesting.


Game is over.
A winner has just been declared...
He has won the domain, so you might not be able to play the puzzle very long...
Anyway, it was fun, but terribly hard...


42 is the final and ultimate answer

If you want to know why, ask Douglas Adams
This will be both hard and fruitless, seeing as he is dead
But it really doesn't matter because he never actually thought of it
If this dissapoints you, you can think of the ultimate question as "how many roads must a man walk down?"
This, unfortunately, is only a shallow answer thought up by some mouse-poser from Magrathea
If you somehow go back in time and stop the vogons from destroying Z alpha earth, you will find out in a few moments if you find out where Fenchurch is calling, and answer the phone
What she has to tell you will make everything right and you will know the ultimate question
Knowing this will cause the universe to end, unless you're at Milliway's
Another, even stranger universe, will then begin
Some say this has allready happened
Thousands of people know exactly what I'm talking about, and milllions get the vague Idea.
I applaud you if you have both -MANAX

KoolKow July 27, 2006 3:38 PM

The final answer to everything (as given after answering the 40th question):

Listen to each other.
Understand each other.
Know the desires, hopes, needs, wants, and fears of each other.


I am one of the three owners of AboveTopSecret.com and I would like to thank you all for the link and the acknowledgment of our game on your awesome site. :)

We have another one coming up soon that will be even better. :D



Um...wow... I can't even figure out where to input the answer... XD


Yeah, what do you do at the end--it says take it to 1, but I don't get it...there's no help as to what that means...anyone?

XandraChick July 31, 2006 11:33 AM

i cant type in the answers! it wont let me. help please!


I finished it!

... but I cheated. :P


XandraChick [QUOTE:]

i cant type in the answers! it wont let me. help please!

tequito [QUOTE:]

Um...wow... I can't even figure out where to input the answer... XD

your answer:

you type, in the address bar, [your answer].html

example: if the answer was, say cheese, you would type in the address bar (after the domain name) cheese.html

and the whole address would say:


then for the next question, say, the answer is pie

the new address would say:


but you must delete the old answer.

and also,

if you were to try skipping a question, eg: you go to the website and type in pie before you type in cheese, you apparently must start again, BUT if you just click back in your browser, you can go to the previous question.


ps: the answers are not true, I just made them up as an example

hope that helps.

if it doesn't, it does explain clearly on the front page.



If anyone wants to know 32 digits of pi, here they are: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795


well the link goes to abovetopsecret.com. so i couldn't play the game.


Hrm. Link is dead.


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