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The Gold Factory

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Rating: 3.5/5 (92 votes)
Comments (56) | Views (46,719)

The Gold Factory

Doragamehelp16's The Gold Factory should look pretty familiar since it's yet another incremental idle game inspired by heavyweight Candy Box! (how often do you start your own genre in gaming?), but it's got its own share of surprises waiting for the patient. Able to run by itself in another window or tab, all The Gold Factory initially does is generate gold bars, but if you experiment by clicking on the little facilities on your screen, you'll soon find you have more options than you think.

The Gold Factory is surprisingly a bit more in depth than its sneakier brethren right up front. Buy a sword with sufficient gold bars and you can hack up rats for your boss, or test your brain by solving ciphers for him... either activity will make him happy, and happy means more gold for you, which you'll need in massive quantities to progress. The Gold Factory does, then, wind up being a lot more hands-on than other games of its type as well, so you'll need to pay more attention... as well as think a bit more if you want to solve those ciphers, most of which are based on specific methods you may need to look up to solve. The cipher concept is actually neat, though their answers are... odd... and you still might run across the occasional typo. It's quirky, goofy, and weird, all of which you should take as endorsements, and offers a charming take on a popular style of game with its own secrets, challenges, and... pizzas?

Play The Gold Factory


Okay, ciphers.

First one:

Master branch

A=1, B=2 etc.


There is a treasure hidden somewhere, it is located at a secret place in the Pacific Ocean

Caesar shift.

...and I can't get the third one.


the third is not that hard,

just use the letter to the left of the symbol on the keyboard, so if it says ; it's l, s-a d-s etc

but I'm completely stuck in the 4.
oh, and

don't buy the factory if you want to solve the ciphers


Not sure how spoilery this is but I'll wrap it in tags just in case

After you finish digging down, there's a place along the right wall you can click above the dojo. Still digging it at the moment.


Only 4 ciphers ?


Do the pizzas actually serve any purpose?

Yaddab - I only got four ciphers too


How does one save their progress?


POP - found SAVE bottom right.



Eating pizzas slowly increase your HP. I've eaten 500 right now, and my HP is 242.

jcfclark, save is in the lower right corner.

I've had this game running all morning, and I'm coming to the conclusion that it isn't quite as well done as its contemporaries. The digging rewards are cute but not that useful. The combat is very strongly gated, to the point where there's absolutely nothing to do for long periods of time. Finally,

There's something fishy about the pricing algorithm on the mining machines. I know it goes up as you purchase machines, but it looks like purchasing machines in bulk gives you far better rates. Specifically, you can either:

Buy 100 machines at price A, the new price changes to price A+100; or
Buy 1 machine at price A, the new price changes to price A+1.

This just seems sloppy to me.


Re the pricing - I noticed that too - I guess you get bulk pricing when you buy 100?

He did say it was Beta...so maybe he'll come out with an enhanced one soon. It's not BAD, just needs some balancing. (Especially of the combat and the income vs. cost.)


Thanks Mantus

It gets to be a real pain buying Iron Bars in increments of 10 when you need 20k plus of them


Does anyone know what the cookie potion does aside from giving a code?


Anyone knows how to use the nether stones?


Interesting game, but it could use some work.

For instance, you gain resources way too slowly and the price of items go up way to quickly. I've had it open for hours and haven't made much progress. And why do both gold and iron mining machines cost iron bars? Is there really anything else to do with iron bars, besides

buying the plane?


The order you do things at the beginning greatly affect how quickly you're able to level up/buy stuff...

also the buying things in bulk (100 at a time) is crucial.


Is there any point to

playing cookie clicker? I've dug out that ever-extending hole to the right of that first pit you dig and now there's a link to cookie clicker... just wondering if I actually gain anything in this game from playing that one?


Does anyone know

the password for the chest you get after talking to Someone?


Does anyone know how you get to talk to Someone?

There's sand and a another hole somewhere (from looking at source codes)...but I haven't found it.

I somehow picked up a key (from the fox?) - maybe the chest needs a key.

Also, I seem to need a disk for a computer...



I have so much to do today!


"Oh, btw he has a chest for you", clicking on open makes nothing happen.

There is a lot of bugs in his game, like the dev say himself.



go on the computer (you don't need a disk or anything, just click the power button) in the house next to the fox. There's a little clickable dot on the ground to the right of the factory

concretefish December 16, 2013 7:18 PM

This is kind of ridiculous.. super buggy game, terrible english, blatant ads for another unrelated game in it. Not worth anyone's time until it's at least a bit cleaned up.


Thanks for the comments
Most of you say that there are many bugs

Would you please tell me those bugs? If you don't say what bug it is, then how I can fix it?

Btw, you can check this game's subreddit here:


Because I have this game running in another tab, it would be great if there were an 'auto save' option.



What does the fox say?


I found the game was moving too slow for me so I started looking in the developer console, big spoilers ahead:

(Warning always save before messing with the console as its easy to mess up your game)

X Potion

Once you have access to the Laboratory you can make potions following the guide.
To make the X Potion put the following items into the mixer in this order:

1 empty potion(s)
1 poison potion(s)
1 confusion potion(s)
1 invisibility potion(s)
1 instant countdown potion(s)
1 suicide potion(s)
1 cookie potion(s)
100000 gold bar(s)
100000 iron bar(s)

I'm not sure what it actually does though, as far as I can tell it only changes the players name and tag line in that battle?


You can also make a Secret Potion based on "instructions" in the java script, to make it add the following items in this order:

1 gold bar(s)
1 iron bar(s)
1 health potion(s)

You can then give the secret potion to the man in the floating castle who will give you a CD in return. You can play the CD on the computer in the house by the fox (through the portal accessible after talking to the floating castle man).

Item Cheat

You can give yourself any item in the game by typing:

items["item number"].owned="number desired"

into the developers console and subbing out "item number" with the actual item number and "number desired" with the number you want in your inventory.
WARNING adding more then one of some items could break the game.

The item numbers are as follows:

Torch = 0
shovel = 1
wooden sword = 2
pizza = 3
stone sword = 4
iron sword = 5
diamond sword = 6
health potion = 7
ancient scroll = 8
nether stone = 9
lava bucket = 10
empty potion = 11
poison potion = 12
confusion potion = 13
invisibility potion = 14
instant countdown potion = 15
suicide potion = 16
cookie potion = 17
X potion = 18
cookie = 19
secret potion
key = 21
emerald sword = 22
music disc = 23
glasses = 24

Although Torch is listed as an item and can be added using this cheat, I have yet to find a use for it.

Emerald Sword

After talking to the man in the floating castle, you can choose the battle option. He will let you fight his invisible robot. To beat him you will need to use:

Invisibility potions to let you see invisible objects.

After defeating the robot the man will give you a emerald sword (most powerful in game.)

Note: Any enchantments on the diamond sword appear to carry over to the emerald sword at no additional cost.

Glasses and Bug Report

Once you have gone though the portal and gained access to the area with the fox, you can gain the glasses item by turning on the computer in the house and clicking a small dot on the screen (lower/mid right).

The glasses let you see sand in the area with the fox, click on the sand and choose the option to bury yourself, this will open up a new area with a man in it.

SAVE before you talk to him, a bug repeatedly ended my game here.

You can fight the man (final boss?) and if you win (well sorta win anyway) he will give you a chest, at this point my game repeatedly got stuck not allowing me to open that chest or leave the screen forcing me to reload from my last save. On my fourth or fifth attempt it worked fine so idk?

Final Chest

After defeating the guy under the sand he will give you a chest.

First the chest is locked and you need a key:

The key can be gained by killing the fox (I think that's when it appeared in my inventory at least, the is no message telling you when you pick it up, but it was definitely after interacting with the fox in some way.)

After that the chest asks for a password:

HINT: its fox related, see a theme.


vulpisfoxfire December 16, 2013 11:13 PM

That's weird...

It looks like the 'cookie potion' pulls up a cookie for Cookie Clicker.

vulpisfoxfire December 16, 2013 11:19 PM

*reads other comments*
So basically, this is a half-finished game that's mainly a knock-off and a reason for Cookie-Clicker, Minecraft, and pop culture jokes? Disappointing. :-/



Thank you - that's exactly what I needed.


I've opened the top as far as the:

9,000,000 Iron Bar Airplane

And the caves as far as the:

"Nothing more to dig" sign

I've killed everything that can be killed and have bought up all the armor. And I've been slowly buying up Enchants with my Gold.

Is my next major aim to buy the Airplane? I've been expanding my Iron Mines, but a bit of math still has it taking days rather than hours.

Have I missed something?


I think I found the end. Very disappointed if that was the end.

The final (?) Chest...

Rick-Rolled me!


I'd like someone here to tell what x potion does, as I won't play again since my game was stuck trying to open a chest and my previous save is far back.


Like Sumaleth, I've gone through the Nether Portal where there is an airplane which I can buy, but have not found anything else. Where is the fox area? Floating Castle? I'm obviously missing something but haven't a clue where to look.


It may be a bug because I

have defeated the Zombie King and received the Netherstones and have the scroll, but the Netherstones are not showing up in my inventory, thus the hill is not visible. Guess I'll have another go at the Zombie King.

Also, I was battling a Unicorn and the battle itself froze up (I wasn't moving) so I had to close the game.


@ Sumaleth & jcfclark

After you get the

nether stones a new area will open up to the right, with a microscope and a plane. Once you own the plane, you'll be able to reach new heights/areas.

I don't think you're bugged jcfclark, they don't show up in the inventory because they go straight on the 'map'.


Is there a way to restart the game over?


HI how do I get to the developers consule first in order to use cheats?


Hints for the ciphers:

Basic Letter Number Cipher


A ROT8 Cipher


Not a technical cipher, but shift character one 'key' to the left when looking at a QWERT keyboard


Base64 Cipher

Also, in the early stages of the game where the ghost is guarding a chest

if you keep clicking on the chest, there will eventually be 1000 more gold bars hiding in there.

winger.the.lizard December 17, 2013 8:37 PM

hey any one know how to open the developers counsel?


@ winger.the.lizard & Michael Generalao

The developers console is not part of the game, however most web browsers have one built in.

In Firefox:



Select: Firefox menu > Web Developer > Web Console

You can then type the commands/cheats into the box that opens at the bottom of the screen.

If you are interested in looking at the code, click on the Debugger tab and select the script (on the left side) that your interested in (in this case base.js)

In Chrome:



Select: View > Developer > JavaScript Console

You can then type the commands/cheats into the box that opens.

In Internet Explorer:

Press F12, then press Ctrl+2

You can then type the commands/cheats into the box that opens.


Help! I have the

nether stones

but no new area with

a microscope and a plane has opened up on the right of the screeen


Thanks goodkatz I'm also looking for a quick way to acquire more iron bars at the moment


How do I get the chest key? Thanks


Problems so far:

The given solution for the second cipher isn't working.

When I'm battling the rats, and I click "attack," nothing happens.


@Michael Generalao & anyone interested

I could have sworn someone already posted this but apparently not? You can set your gold and iron amounts by entering the following commands/cheats into the developers console.

Gold bar(s)



Into the developers console and replace "amount" with the number of Gold bars you want.

Iron bar(s)



Into the developers console and replace "amount" with the number of Iron bars you want.


Okay, both of my problems solved themselves. I'm not sure what changed re: the rats, but it turns out I was mistaken about what I was supposed to be entering.


Did anyone try either of the new skills in the cave? I'm scared to choose one or the other without knowing what they do since this is such a long game. :(


Thanks again goodkatz Ive been leaving this tab on screen for days hoping to come home to 9000000!


You need to put in more (flexible) options for gold/iron conversion. Rapidly jiggling my mouse key until I get hand cramps tends to put me off a game. :(


@Littleghost my plan is to make iron mining the primary source of iron bars


I often clicked in the wrong place and found myself in a battle that I did not want to fight (e.g., Castle of Zombies, Nether Portal). An option to be able to withdraw from the fight would be good because as it is now, there is no option to stop the fight other than stop fighting and just die.

jennykim610 December 25, 2013 2:40 AM

Click the aboveground chest a couple of times... You won't be disappointed! Really...


any clues for the 5th cipher? thanks


I'm not sure. Based on the progression of difficulty, a substitution cipher seems likely but the letter frequencies don't look right (they're very close to English, but the text doesn't 'sound' English at all). So I'm not sure there. I don't think it's a Vigenere cipher because the text is rather short...but I'll have to try a few guesses, like "gold", etc.

Another notable feature is the misplaced punctuation - "rir,oaoan". It could be a typo and there's supposed to be a space there, but maybe it's a permutation cipher. I don't know much about cracking those.


cipher answers:


master branch


There is a treasure hidden somewhere, it is located at a secret place in the Pacific Ocean


in a world full of blocks


The plant is famous because of the ability to cure some diseases


the gold factory was built long time ago, and it is the most famous gold factory in the world


I was fighting a and I clicked near the bottom of the window instead of on one of the actions and it pulled up a sort of overlay for the bottom and then it "went back to normal", moved on to the next enemy and I could no longer use the attack option.

This happened again the next time I went in the castle, but this time attack worked. The weird overlay came up as it changed enemies. Now that I have played a while this is clearly what the transition between baddies looks like, but the first time when it froze the attack button was not normal for the game.

I bought 11 mining machines in the iron mine, but they do nothing. why? It must take more before production happens?


I went to the floating castle and i talked to the man,i tried fighting him but he said im not ready. I also got the cd from him but the fox is nowhere to be seen. where is the fox. all i have is a nether portal, a microscope, a plane thats at the floating castle, and a dug up cave


WOW. I sat there and solved it the long way. The last word had various possibilities. I never would have thought of that shortcut...


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