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The Google Puzzle

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Rating: 3.9/5 (119 votes)
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TrickyThe Google PuzzleSo, there's this company named Google. You might have heard of them. One day this company has a meeting. The big boss guy stands up at the front and says: "People... we are obviously crushing the competition in the fields of searching, mailing, mapping, translating, and plussing. Now... we did drop the ball on "waving", but we all agreed never to speak of that again. What we really need now is an html5 puzzle game to highlight our achievements. Also, we need it to be completely friggin' insane. Because of that, we're outsourcing development to the Japanese puzzle-smiths at SCRAP." And so, from that simple brainstorming session came great things: The Google Puzzle... and it's ready to wreck a desktop near you.

The Google Puzzle has a simple plot: the Google logo has lost its "o", and, not wanting to spend the rest of its life as "Go gle" it needs your help to track it down. Doing so will require intelligence, intuition, and the convenient featuring of Google's most popular products. The game begins with five riddles to solve, each requiring a typed one word answer. These solutions are then combined in a final puzzle whose completion will reunite o and Go_gle and grant you the right to inscribe your name in the Google Hall of Fame.

Artistic, hyperactive, and more than a little draining on the CPU, The Google Puzzle leaves no programming trick untried and no brick in the fourth wall un-demolished. The solutions of The Google Puzzle are generally easy to determine, but require a certain brand of lateral thinking you will find either brilliant or annoying. This is a undoubtedly busy game with windows popping open and shut, animations dancing, music blaring, and scripts running. Eclectic is a good word for it, and, like many eclectic things, it's likely The Google Puzzle will divide opinion. That said, there are some really clever ideas at play, and it's always interesting to see how and when a developer is able to integrate non-gaming applications into the fun. Even if The Google Puzzle's flash outweighs its substance, it's does pretty well with both.
Note: The Google Puzzle has been developed and optimized for the Google Chrome browser. In practice, the game seems to be reasonably playable on other browsers, though the nature of the game may make for some apparently weird behavior.

Play The Google Puzzle

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

The Google Puzzle Walkthrough

Puzzle One

With six Google Map locations, you're looking for a six letter answer.

Try switching the view from "map" to "satellite".

The shapes of the buildings spell out the answer: GLOBAL

Puzzle Two

Start by translating each of the phrases into English.

In order, the languages used are: Slovak, Malay, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Korean and English... though you could just use the "Detect Language" feature :).

Now, look for the country at the start...

The first letter of each word spells out the answer: IRELAND

Puzzle Three

Like it says: Big -> Small

Click on the animals in order of biggest to smallest

Elephant, Horse, Pig, Dog, Duck.

Each animal links to a specific letter in the video. This spells the answer HEART.

Puzzle Four

Make things 5X5.

Reshape the window so that the letters appear in a 5X5 grid.

Read them out vertically.

"Who is man's best friend?"

The answer is, of course, DOG.

Puzzle Five

You have to determine who it is by the events on their calendar.

Note the date: January 1787

And the gmail address: [email protected]. Could those be initials?

His calendar has a lot of composing and performances of Figaro

The answer is MOZART.

Take me to the ticking.

Take the cursor to the ticking...

By dragging the blown-up picture of a mouse pointer over to the on-screen timer!

The Google Cube

Now's the time to recall that shape from the loading screen.

It's in the window marked "?".

Dragging the picture of the shape over the cube will make the hint explicit.

"Bridge the o and o."

You'll need to think outside the box for this one... and in the address bar.

Go from the page to www.thegobridgeoglepuzzle.com... and enjoy the ending!


The very last puzzle in this game is... a little unintuitive.


help with the 4th puzzle please?


Terrible. Google made me go back to god tower for a good in browser puzzle game.

It's just trying to sell html5 and their services. The puzzles are way too simple or unintuitive. Especially the last one. Bride the o and o indeed.


Somebody should probably spoiler FotoVerite's last sentence.

It does have the advantage of very good in-game hints, at least the ones I needed, which was only enough to get started by solving the 2nd puzzle. After that, I did it out of order but was able to get all the others of the six on my own.

I am currently stuck at the very end though...


The very last puzzle is super dumb. I gave up and looked it up, and thought the person must be joking because it's such a dumb solution.

It felt like when someone says "HAHA no I said how many letters in 'the alphabet'!"


So, I solved it, after being quite frustrated with the last puzzle, but I think I'm missing something.

Is the game just supposed to reset itself? I never got an ending, despite following the url. The tab heading changes momentarily to "ending", but then just reloads. Really a disappointment after all of that.


So what is the ending?


when reaching the end, where you get a loading screen and that about it you

delete the o at the and of the address in the address bar, cool ending awaits


It's a bit annoying that on Puzzle 5 they only accept


as the correct answer & not

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

. I mean, they're the same guy.


At first I was impressed with the multi-window trick, but then it went to "boring-company" made puzzles involving the features of Google Chrome.
The ending was impressively done with multi-window tricks, the reason why it takes long is it's has lot's of graphics and 3d.


Had some trouble with the ending as well (Chrome for Mac) - first, all the game windows closed after

dragging the window with the hidden shape onto the cube to reveal the hint.

I had to restart the game a couple of times to get the puzzle to progress (the correct screen appeared after I chose to continue the game in progress).

My initial guess at the game solution produced nothing (even though it was the correct answer), nor did a second attempt. I ended up closing the browser tab and trying to restart the game again. Only then did the end sequence come up.

You haven't seen the ending if you haven't rescued the 'O' yet.


Questions about the final puzzle:

Is the cube supposed to change when you drag the shape onto it? Because nothing happens when I do that.

Are you supposed to enter the answer in the answer textfield? Because when I do that, it just says Remember the important symbol, which I take to be the shape.


The sheer amount of creativity that went into the making of this game is extraordinary but something to expect when coming from Google... My only complaint is that I wish it was longer with puzzles that increased in difficulty. Still, not a bad "game" at all and I especially enjoyed the ending! It took a while to load, but was well worth it.


DeGnominator September 17, 2011 6:59 PM

This... is just a vehicle to push Chrome, no? This would almost be forgivable if the 'Enter anyway' option was actually clickable on my browser of choice (Opera), or if at the very least both that option and the chrome download didn't work - as it stands, I am basically required to download Chrome to get past the first page! This inconsistency makes me feel very exploited, and I don't think I'll be trying this one.

[Yeah, it doesn't appear to work in Opera. You can use Firefox to avoid the exploited feeling. -Jay]


This kind of game was something when netscape was around. It was annoying enough when OkGo released a video with this very same technique last month.
I don't see any game design advantage in using multiple windows: in fact it is an abomination for web etiquette. The game in itself is unimaginative at best. If the only thing it offers is fancy (but evil) web design, then something went wrong somewhere.

All in all 1/10: good attempt at trolling.


It's a pity, but as my magnification is set at 144% (I'm on Chrome) the game is unplayable. All the windows are too small.


Horrible, yet interesting. I mean, the way the popup windows interact and such is interesting, but it's a horribly annoying way to interact with a game and completely unnecessary EXCEPT to show off the way the popup windows can interact. And it seems like such behaviour could possibly be exploited to maliciously annoy people.


The game required me to install Chrome, the installer gave me an "Installer Error 3", then Chrome game up with default language settings of Japanese or Chinese...and I have no idea how to change them because I can't read anything!

So...sorry, Google, but no thanks. :-(

zbeeblebrox September 18, 2011 2:14 AM

So what's the solution for the last puzzle? Is it supposed to close out all the windows except the first one or not?

Right now it's just showing me a big screen with the outline of the square spelling out the hint I'd already figured out myself, along with the text "This is the final hint"

I can't find anything to interact with, and I'm not sure if that's a bug or I just haven't figured it out.

This is the Mac version of Chrome, by the way.


The problem with the last puzzle is that if you are a step ahead and already remembered

the important shape

there's no reason to assume you should

drag the shape onto the cube

so you can't move forward, even though you have the right answer.

That is if you are exasperated enough to actually try the execution of the final answer, which makes no sense, intuitively.

Still, the presentation of the puzzle is neat, and the puzzles before the last one were fun and a good display of HTML5 and a clever way to show Google's services.

But that last puzzle...geez, Google.


Okay well I thought it was creative, I loved the multiple windows and how they interacted. All of the puzzles were very easy, until you got to the last one... which was really dumb! I knew exactly what to do in terms of finding the instructions, but they themselves made no sense... I tried dragging things, clicking things, until I just gave up and looked it up here. REALLY unintuitive and a little too abstract I think. And then... nothing happened! I don't know if it's because I'm using Firefox and Google decided to punish me for that, but it literally just restarted itself, and I was left feeling like I'd done all that for nothing. So kinda fun and clever, but also really lame! I'll give it 3/5


However I tried, could not see the ending.
May have to do with firefox, but I refuse to download Chrome for a simple game.


I'm already using Chrome, and i can't see the ending. People here said to add "bridge" between the o's in the URL, but i just can't, Chrome make a sound and don't let me touch it.

The hell?

I tried another time, and the "automatic save" does NOTHING. Ahhh.

This game makes me angry :/


I really enjoyed this game! I thought it was fun and creative, and I enjoy chrome anyway so it works all the way around for me :)


Just got the ending ^^

Turns out you have to drag the window to the right position, and not just the picture...


Thank you, wuppie! XD


horribly frustrating. I'm at the 'final hint', but every time I do what I'm supposed to (according to Tricky's walkthrough and other comments) I get redirected back to the start page with the options to start over or continue my game in progress. I'm using Chrome for mac.
I guess that's why it's called an 'experiment'?
more details:

I change the url to http://www.thegobridgeoglepuzzle.com/, which briefly changes the window title to "puzzle ending" but then immediately takes me back to http://www.thegooglepuzzle.com/. I've tried closing windows and resuming the game, even tried restarting and running through the whole thing again, all with exact same results.



That was part fun and part horrible.

It reminded me why I am resisting moving over to Chrome from Firefox, even though I have a perfectly serviceable Chrome installation and even though there are some things - like this game, and also Google+ - which clearly work better in Chrome.

The difference is that what with one add-on and another I (at least feel like I ) have more control over Firefox; web browsing implies giving a lot of control over what software is running on your machine to third parties, and Firefox at least lets you keep a certain rein on that, or appear to.

Not so Chrome, so far as I can tell. This game just rubs the difference in your face, and not in a way that endears Chrome to me.


oh yay this is soo cool! I use chrome all the time 'cuz i love Google, so seeing an entire game for them is like <3.

I thought the puzzles would be super difficult but they really weren't, in fact the clues practically give it away, I only used three total and two on one level. And all the windows popping open and stuff is like magic to me. Very unique sort of experience 5/5.


Aww... the final puzzle was a total let-down. I was expecting something devious that made SENSE, like holding down O and 0, or making a new window and using it to connect stuff. The "right" solution just felt like a cop-out to me after coming up with a bunch of cooler ones that did nothing.


As a big fan of Google Chrome, I loved this. I hope there is more to come.


OK, chrome users love it, everyone else is frustrated (like me) and can't see the ending animation, so... WHAT DOES THE END ANIMATION DO?!? I can't see it 'cause I'm on firefox and, like others, I ain't installing new software for ONE lousy little 5-minute game.


Oh, and since it's the 19th: Shiver me timbers, the last puzzle o' this game be lame.


It's kinda interesting, what with the multi-windows interaction and all. I liked the first puzzle

for making use of Google Maps to get letters (not that i like Google Maps).

But I didn't really like the last puzzle.

I mean, yes, you're telling me to remember the symbol, but how would I know that you're actually telling me to drag the thing over the cube?! And what kind of answer is having to type "bridge" between the o and o in the url?!

Charlotte November 1, 2011 8:16 AM

Finally, HTML5 is being experimented with & being more widely used! Massive kudos to Google for making this cute, short, fun game with HTML5 :) So much better than using Flash!

Anonymous November 1, 2011 9:11 PM

i would like this game more if its in my language. i accidentally downloaded it in something like Chinese or something, and im no linguist. any help?

Anonymous November 2, 2011 5:39 PM

^^^by that i mean i downloaded Google chrome in another language T.T. im a idiot

Anonymous December 2, 2011 3:25 PM

jay, i have accidentally downloaded google chrome in Japanese,help? for some reason i cant use my other browser internet explorer. and i dont understand the Japanese language.

[Can you uninstall it? that's what I'd try to do after going to the Chrome website and downloading the English version (http://www.google.com/chrome).. Sorry you're having issues with it. :( -Jay]


This game is too underrated.


The implementation is very clever ... until the very end. Requiring me to revert to

GodTower-style mechanics

is profoundly anti-climactic.

I also agree with others who said that

"Remember this shape"

almost precludes thinking to

drag (and not even it but its window for crying out loud) the shape onto the cube.

There was much cleverness right up to the end, and then it fell down. And the winning animation: why does it have to be so processor-intensive? What should take a few seconds to load and run takes minutes of load, load, load and stop-start, stop-start, stop-start. My brain can piece the visuals together, but not so much the sound.

This puzzle was set up to win ... but in the end, it failed.

�Win does� wath October 14, 2013 3:26 PM

Too short ): (this game is awesome)


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