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The Happy Escape - Bed Room

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The Happy Escape - Bed RoomTesshi-e is back with a new game in record time!

Apparently you got inside The Escape Hotel (two weeks ago) and after relaxing bath in hot spring is the long day over and it's evening already. You are here to recover from fatigue at work, so your nightlife means cup of hot milk and bed after sunset. Okay, time to go to bed...wait, they didn't bring you your hot milk...and there is some memo on the bed. "Welcome to our Hotel" it reads - well it wasn't easy to overcome the obstacles and get in, but thank you anyway - "a cup of hot cocoa...please make some hot cocoa by yourself" it reads further - oh, so much for hot milk, you won't get it for sure - "we hid ten happy coins in your room" - yay, the game starts, sleep is postponed! And finally, "we hope you have a wonderful time in Escape Hotel". Yes, you will!

The game has autosave and one ending (with Happy Coin - you get it without any effort).

Have a good time with another great escape game!

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Google PlayThe Happy Escape - Bed Room (Android, Android Tablet)


Totally random question, but I've been playing these kinds of Escape room games FOREVER. Tesshi-e, Detarou, Robomimi, neutral, Kotorinosu etc. I'm going to Japan for the first time in a few months...does anyone know if any of the big flash game creators have make any live games? I would LOVE to play a Tesshi-e game in person.

From the reviews I've seen online, it seems like most of the Escape Room games in Japan are kind of run-of-the-mill escape room games. Nothing seems to be at the level of the games I've played online in the past.

houseworkisevil January 29, 2018 4:05 PM

This has a browser tag but no browser link?

Vinca January 29, 2018 6:08 PM replied to deadman

Thank you, deadman!



You'll want to seek out this company:

I've played 3 of their games in San Francisco and they are amazing. They have recreated many of the puzzles found in escape games.


Here's a walkthrough.

The Happy Escape - Bed Room

You know from your last time in this Unity-based Escape Hotel that it has great hot springs to cure your fatigue. But just when you're about to take a rest after the bath, you find a memo from the hotel staff (that you can read if you don't skip the intro) telling you to make your own cocoa with the complimentary ingredients, and gather and deposit 10 coins to get the room key. That's a lot of effort for a good night's sleep!


You start off facing the locked exit door, with a small glowing hole at the bottom of the wall next to it. There's a round glass table on which a single device requires cocoa. Above that, there's a small enclave in the wall with three metal chalices. The middle one holds some sugar and the right one holds a Happy Coin, and there's another glowing hole in the wall between those two.

Turn right to a long wall. On the left side, a fridge is locked with a six-button lock and the table next to it has an empty kettle next to an induction stove. The left drawer of the table is locked, and the right one is screwed shut. Further along, there's a small cupboard with potted plants on differently-shaped ceramic plates. The second one hides a Happy Coin on its octagonal plate. The cupboard itself has two locked compartments and one unlocked one that holds an unusual device which takes two three-digit codes. The overhang above has two wall cupboards, the left one with handles tied together. Open the right one to find a device with a tiny violin, a counter and a slot for 10 Happy Coins.

Click to the left of the fridge to find a Happy Coin hidden there.

Turn right to the screen with the bed. The two pillows on the bed hide a round Pesimari coin with a square hole. On the left, a Mr. Birdy picture with tilty corners hangs on the wall, and the side table below hides a Happy Coin near the back of its shelf. On the right, a fascinating painting slides upwards to reveal a grid of four digits, and the side table below contains a recipe for cocoa.

Turn right to find a very large display shelf with several items. There's a chest of drawers which has a four-digit locked drawer with unusual shapes above the digits, an unlocked drawer with an unusual device that has two round holes and pegs in their middles, and a locked drawer that has four letter Cs, but the third one faces left. There's a small standing lantern, but the candle inside is unlit. There's a green safe which isn't active until you insert something. There's a clock with some zodiac signs mounted to an acrylic panel with a cute cat photo, and a tablet next to that which asks for a PASS. There's a Mr. Hippo (back to miniature size) box with three buttons that flash white when clicked.

An easy pass

The digits behind the painting are
7 6
3 1

so click the green digits on the tablet to set the correct code.

The tablet unlocks and gives you options for "Photos" (a massive gallery of Mr. Birdy poses against different backgrounds) and "Remote control" (a daunting list of codes with four Cs facing left and right).


Use the remote control function to unlock the bottom drawer.

Click the green right arrow twice until the C pattern matches that on the drawer.

Now you can open the drawer to find a Happy Coin and a pair of tweezers.


Use the clue from Mr. Birdy's photos to unlock the tilty corner picture beside the bed.

The pose on the tilty picture (both wings up, both eyes open) appears on each page of the Photos app, in the UL LR LL LR LL UR positions.

So click the ⌜⌟ ⌞⌟ ⌞⌝ corners of the Mr. Birdy picture, which slides up to reveal a clue with hippos on a grid covered by a Happy Coin and a hexagonal knob with a screw thread.


Use the clue behind Mr. Birdy's picture to unlock the Mr. Hippo box.

Mr. Hippo appears on the CLRCCL boxes of each row of the clue.

So click his buttons in that order, and he opens his mouth up to let you take a matchbox.

Opening the matchbox, you find a Happy Coin.


Use the matchbox to light up the lantern's candle, revealing some zodiac symbols on the back.


Use the clue from the zodiac symbols to unlock the fridge.

The clock tells you to find the zodiac symbols in the order Cancer♋, Leo♌, Virgo♍, Libra♎, Scorpio♏, Sagittarius♐.

Those symbols are on the

grid squares of the lantern, so click the corresponding buttons on the fridge to open it.

Inside, there's a 800ml tumbler of milk.

Opening the black freezer compartment, you find a large ice cube with a key frozen inside.


Place the ice cube in the kettle and leave it to melt.

And by "leave", I mean turn right and then left.

You'll find that the ice cube has not only melted, the water inside is now steamy hot!

Pick up the club key using your tweezers.

Unlock 1

Use the club key to unlock the drawer beneath the kettle to find a box of cocoa "sticks".

Opening the box, you find several packets of cocoa, so you take one cocoa packet.

But you also spotted something else in the box! Open it again and take the hexagon key hiding among the packets.

Unlock 2

Use the hexagon key to unlock the drawer beneath the potted plants. Inside, there's a whisk and a light switch that doesn't seem to turn off any lights.

Instead, it switches the lighting above the potted plants to blue light. Now you can lift each of the potted plants again to find a clue beneath.


Use the clues under the potted plants to unlock the four-digit drawer.

The shapes on the drawer tell you which half of each symbol to take:

Left of Triangle = 7
Right of Octagon = 2
Left of Star = 6
Right of Cross = 3

Enter 7263 in the drawer to open it and get an empty mug.


Place the hexagonal knob under the white button on the green safe, and click it to turn it.

The screwdriver on the safe is assembled in front of your eyes, but you need to enter a four-digit code to free it.

So use a clue to figure out the correct code.

The screwdriver rotates to point to the left, which is a clue that you should tilt your head to the left.

If you do so, you'll find that the shapes on the safe can combine to form the digits 8329.

So enter that in the safe to free the screwdriver.


Unscrew the drawer beneath the induction heater. Inside, there's a Happy Coin and an ice mould containing a small cinnamon powder bottle.


Fill the emptyice mould by using it on the kettle, then place it in the freezer compartment.

The water doesn't freeze so easily, so we'll check back on it later.


You can't use any more items now, and there's no more clues for puzzles.

So what can you solve without further clues?

Playing with the buttons on the three-digit safe, you find that the top row of buttons all get stuck at different digits.

So copy those digits (537) to the bottom row, and the safe dispenses a Happy Coin and a measuring spoon for sugar.


Turn left and then right once more to finish the freezing process.

Now you can remove the ice mould from the freezer, and then the ice ball from it.

One cool trick

Use the ice ball on the upper hole beside the sugar cup, then look at the lower hole beside the door, where a plastic capsule containing a square key has rolled out.

Unlock 3

Use the square key to unlock the left cupboard door beneath the potted plants, and take the saucepan from it.


You're almost out of leads again, but then you notice that something changed.

The candle has gone out, so pick up the Pesimari coin with a round hole from where it was.


Place both Pesimari coins in the box in the middle drawer to open it. Take the cutter knife.

Then use the knife to cut free the left wall cupboard and open it.

Inside, there's a 500ml tumbler and a 300ml tumbler!


Use the measuring spoon on the cup of sugar to get 80g of sugar.

That's the easy part. Next up…

As the recipe says, you need 400ml of milk, but you don't have a 400ml container.

Perhaps you can make do with the two empty tumblers you have?

(You can check the contents of the tumblers at any time by examining them.)

Since you're not in a hurry, it's not hard to find a solution:

Fill the 500ml tumbler with milk by using the 800ml tumbler on it.
Fill the 300ml tumbler from the 500ml tumbler.
Pour the milk back into the 800ml tumbler from the 300ml one.
Pour the milk into the 300ml tumbler from the 500ml one.
Fill the 500ml tumbler with milk using the 800ml tumbler again.
Fill the 300ml tumbler with milk from the 500ml tumbler.

Now you have 400ml of milk in the 500ml tumbler.

(The game will also accept the 800ml tumbler if you use it to hold the other 400ml of milk.)


Place the saucepan on the stove, and pour your milk in.

Add your cocoa packet, and then the sugar, and then the cinnamon powder.

Use the whisk to stir the mixture, and then collect the hot cocoa in your mug.

Place the cocoa mug on the device on the table next to the door, which dispenses the last Happy Coin.


You now have all 10 coins you need:

  • In right chalice

  • On octagonal plate beneath plant pot

  • To left of fridge

  • In side table left of bed

  • In bottom drawer of the chest of drawers

  • Behind Mr. Birdy picture

  • In matchbox

  • In screwed drawer

  • In three-digit safe

  • From cocoa device

So use them in the violin device, which dispenses a newer-looking Happy Coin and a heart key.

So use the heart key to unlock the main door and escape.

You enjoy your cocoa together with a cheesecake from the hotel staff, and of course, you got a happy coin which will bring happiness to you.


problem with

the milk measuring thing. I got it to 400 or whatever ot is but then I puit the pan on the stove and I try pouring the milk in and all it says is "400 ML" but never does anything more. when I try to do the next step again "400 ml" I don't knowe if I screwed something up or what?


For the measuring step

Your solution pours the 500 into the 300. It can also be done in reverse from the 300 to the 500 (takes 8 steps instead of 6).
Pour the 800 into the 300
Pour the 300 into the 500
Pour the 800 into the 300
Pour the 300 into the 500, leaving 100 in the 300.
Pour the 500 back into the 800
Pour the 300 (100) into the 500.
Pour the 800 into the 300.
Pour the 300 into the 500, making 400.

Brf January 30, 2018 11:06 AM replied to Paul


You will have three different containers that might be holding milk. When you have the proper container selected, and click on it, it will tell you how much milk is in it. Make sure you have the proper container selected when you try to pour it in the pan.



actually I did do that but everytime I clicked on the one with the appropriate measurement, it just kept saying 400 ml but it wouldnm;t pour it in. I think it finally did when I put the sugar in first but I forget. but anyway I got it fixed.


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