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The Happy Escape - The Top Floor Room

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Rating: 4.2/5 (75 votes)
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The Happy Escape - The Top Floor RoomAnd one more Tesshi-e appeared! Enjoy!

From the lowest floor of Escape Hotel - well I'm not sure about it but hotel restaurants are usually downstairs - you got to the highest one, to a suite with fantastic view. Ten happy coins are hidden in the room, and you obtain the key only after you find them. The coins can be elswhere, you need to open all cabinets, drawers, cope with the wobbling picture, get the batteries for the TV controller and more.

While exploring the suite inch by inch you can make some tea for yourself! Getting out is the main goal of course, but the journey - the escaping process - is much fun too.
The game has autosave and one ending.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Play The Happy Escape - The Top Floor Room

Google PlayThe Happy Escape - The Top Floor Room (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreThe Happy Escape - The Top Floor Room(iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

P.S. Here are few Tesshi-e's room with great view, and I'm very, very sorry, available only until Sunday.

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The Happy Escape - The Top Floor Room

You've finally earned a stay in the highest floor of the hotel! Enjoy the view and of course, the escape.

This game introduces a new feature in the series: a hint system that you can activate in the options. The hint button tells you which clues to use for each puzzle (and vice versa) and which puzzles you don't have clues for, but it also shows up on screens with hidden objects that you need to find.


You start off facing an impressive spherical window. (How do they keep it clean?) There's a small table on the left with a teacup on it, and three Mr. Birdy figures on the counter behind. At the right edge of the window, there's a potted plant which hides a Happy Coin on a star-shaped tray.

Lift the tray to find another Happy Coin beneath.

Also lift the hat of the left Mr. Birdy to find a Happy Coin balanced on his head.

Turn right to face two beds. On the left, you see some light-and-dark wood patterns, and there are five compartments among them. The top-left, top-right and bottom-left compartments can be opened and hide a four-letter safe, a Happy Coin and a package tied with strings, while the center and bottom-right compartments seem to be locked. Searching the beds, you find a Happy Coin under the pillows on the left bed, and some symbols and a well-hidden panel on the table beside the right bed. That panel hides a set of five dials that can only be turned to three positions.

Click the bottom-right compartment a total of three times to open it. Inside, you find a tea maker with tea leaves inside, and a numeric clue on the back wall.

Turn right to face the locked room door. On the left, there's a locked cabinet with a keyhole, and two shelves in the wall. The top shelf has a violin box which takes 10 Happy Coins and an emerald box with three protruding caps that are red with black spots, while the bottom shelf has a Mr. Hippo box with a four-digit lock and a fancy reddish/gold box with a column of three buttons.

Turn right to find a painting which tilts when you click its corners, and a television flanked by two wooden birds on a console with three drawers. The left drawer is locked, the middle drawer is fastened with a screw, and the right drawer hides a book with some very large symbols printed across two pages. On the right, there's a green minifridge with a five-digit lock, and a small table with an empty teapot on top.


Use the number clue from the bottom-right compartment beside the bed to unlock the three-button box on the lower shelf.

The digits 1 to 6 appear on different rows, in the order
Bottom Top Middle Top Bottom Middle.

The box opens and you find two dry batteries.


Use a clue from the compartments to the left of the bed to unlock the dials to the right of the bed.

The five dials appear in the same arrangement as the five compartments, which differ in the placement of their door handles: the two doors in the right column have handles facing left, while the others have handles facing right.

So click the two buttons in the right column once each, and the other three buttons thrice each.

The middle dial now lights up in green.

Since that dial corresponds to the middle compartment which was locked before, it's a sign that you can now open it.

Inside, there's a Power Cord box with a small key in front of it. Following the instructions on the box, you push open the flap at the bottom to reveal a row of six green switches.


Use the clues from the Mr. Birdy window display to unlock the power cord box you just found.

Tracking the wings from left to right, you find that only the 2nd and 5th are lowered.

So flip the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th switches up.

Take the power cord from the box.


Use the small key to unlock the left drawer beneath the TV. (Hmm, isn't that keyhole a different shape?)

Inside, there's a television remote control without batteries.


Place the batteries you got earlier into the remote. How do you get it to work?

When you're looking at the television, the remote appears to its left. Click it to display the welcome screen, and you can now change the channel to any three-digit number. Other than the default channel (000) most of the channels don't seem to be airing anything.


Use the clues from the TV and book to unlock the painting.

The symbols on the book (from left to right) appear on the welcome screen of the TV in the
⌝⌟ ⌞⌞⌜⌟
corners, so click the corresponding corners of the painting.

The painting slides up so you can take the transparent sheet and Happy Coin from behind it.


Place the transparent sheet onto the table beside the right bed, and the markings combine to form a clue.


Use the word clue from the bedside table to tune the TV to the correct channel.


Some white-and-black shapes appear on screen!


The black areas on TV actually form three digits, but there's no other three-digit lock around…

But there are two more digits near the TV, which means you can unlock the five-digit lock on the fridge.

Including the digits painted on the wooden Birdys, the full code is 28725.

You find a bottle of water in the fridge, and you can open the top compartment to find a ladybug.


Following the instructions that appear when you click the teapot to fill it with water and attach the power cord to boil the water.

Then use the tea maker on the teapot to fill it with the hot water.

The tea is instantly done and you can pour it out into the teacup.

Check the empty bottle, and click it a few times to dislodge a Happy Coin from the bottom.


Use the clue from the tea maker to unlock the Mr. Hippo box.

Zoom in on the empty tea maker to see the code 9263.

Take the hexagonal key.

Unlock 2

Use the hexagonal key to unlock the cabinet to the left of the shelves.

You see a clue with circled numbers in rectangles, and the small display shelf beneath holds another ladybug.

After taking the bug, you can shift that display shelf to find a Happy Coin.


Use the numbered circle clue to unlock the box in the top-left compartment beside the bed.

Each numbered circle corresponds to a group of that many circles that appears on a panel near the compartments.

Mentally connecting the panels indicated by each column of numbers gives:

Take the screwdriver from the box.


Use the screwdriver to unscrew the middle drawer. It has another ladybug inside, as well as a Happy Coin.


Place all three ladybugs on the right box of the upper shelf. They open up and the box releases a cutter knife.


Use the knife to unwrap the package and find the last Happy Coin.


You now have all 10 Happy Coins:

  1. Under potted plant

  2. Under tray of potted plant

  3. On left Mr. Birdy

  4. In top-right compartment beside left bed

  5. On left bed

  6. Behind painting

  7. In bottle

  8. Under shelf in cabinet

  9. In middle drawer

  10. In package

So place them in the Happy Coin box, and a better Happy Coin drops out, along with the door key.

Use the key on the door to unlock it and leave!

Falcon Tuttle July 20, 2019 5:42 AM

Interesting stuff to read tellthebell. Keep it up.


Does anyone know how to access Tesshi-e games? He is one of my favorite escape game authors...

Looks like mildescape url is for sale...

Thank you!


Debby May 30, 2020 3:44 PM replied to chrpa

Thank you!


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