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Weekday Escape

GrinnypAh, working overtime! The best time to get things done and make a little extra cash. No co-workers, no distractions, no mysterious ghosts... well, perhaps a bit of the latter. Welcome to U-Sensor, the new game from HILG (G-Sensor). And welcome to the office building where people mysteriously die after 11 pm. It's only 10 pm, though, so no worries, right?

usensor_flower.jpgThe game begins with you, poor overworked office schlub that you are, heading home after a very long day. Unfortunately, something immediately goes wrong with the elevator and you are now trapped in a creepy, unoccupied office building. Still, it should be easy to find a way out, or so you'd think. Even though you can no longer use the elevator to reach the first floor, there must be some other way out, say an emergency fire exit. Hey! This building isn't up to code! No problemo, I'm sure there's another solution.

Actually, there are three ways out of the building, although one of them involves you being horizontal (and deceased). Travel between floors (at least, the ones you can get to) and try to figure out how to get home before the spouse gets really upset. Pick up items, solve puzzles, and I'm sure you'll be having a late dinner in no time at all.

Navigation through the scenes is easily accomplished by arrows that appear when you move your cursor to the edge of the screen, and if you know how to work an elevator. There are no cursor changes when you pass over objects, however, so there is a minor bit of pixel hunting involved.

The game is in Japanese, but there is a handy button that can change it to English. Just be sure to change that button to English before you start the game, or you might not catch some helpful information in the prologue. The translation itself is a little rocky, but understandable. There's also a Hint button (although not entirely helpful) and a Save button if you want to take a break. A mute button would have been a nice addition.

Analysis: The puzzles themselves are relatively simple, although they take some leaps of logic. The end solution, while culturally interesting, also takes a bit of trial-and-error to make work. Some sort of hint or guide for that final solution would have made this a better game. The graphics are pretty but sparse, but this is an office building after all. The inventory system is easy to use as well. Just setting the game in an empty office building after hours creates a suitably creepy atmosphere.

What prevents this from becoming a great game are the leaps required for some of the puzzle solutions. Although some of the puzzles are easy some might have you scratching your head and going "huh?" That aside, U-Sensor is still a fun, engaging escape game, short enough for casual gameplay yet complex enough (three different ways out) to have fun playing more than once. Escape the doldrums of office work by escaping the office!

Play U-Sensor

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

U-Sensor Walkthrough

General Information

  • Use arrow keys which appear at the sides, top, and bottom of screen to navigate.

  • To examine items in the inventory, click on the little "tabs" on the inventory box where the item resides.

  • There are 3 different endings, see if you can find them all.

  • The number 4 is a recurring theme in the game. And yes, it is important.

  • Whatever you do, DON'T go to the 4th floor.

  • There are buttons at the bottom of the screen, remember to push the one that says "Japanese" to change it to "English".

  • Using the hint button is your own decision.

Fifth Floor

  • Push the button for the 5th floor. Exit the elevator.

  • Click on the flower box on the right of the door for a close up.

  • Click on the flower on the far right of the box and get 4 leaves (leafs?).

  • Open the crate below the flower box and take the watering can.

  • Notice the color and order of the flowers.

  • Back up.

  • Click on the blue shelving thing to the left of the door (umbrella stand) for a close up.

  • Notice that the metal uprights extend above the blue shelf on the top. Click on any of the uprights and you will get 4 vases.

  • Back up and turn right.

  • Click on the little white wall cabinet for a close up.

  • Open the cabinet and get the gold key.

  • Now close the cabinet and lock it with the key.

  • Once the cabinet is locked click on the handle again to open it.

  • The door will slide away to expose a paper charm (green). Clever!

  • Back up.

  • Now click on the red cabinet on the floor for a close up.

  • Open the cabinet and take the note behind the fire extinguisher.

  • Click on the note to open it.

  • Remember the flowers?

  • You can unscramble the note using the order of the flower colors.

  • Hint: Start with the yellow "L".

  • The phrase is "look back four time".

  • Back up and turn right.

  • Click on the elevator arrow key for a close up, and then click the down arrow.

  • Get in the elevator and push 3.

Third Flour

  • Exit the elevator.

  • Click on the bottom of the magazine/flyer rack for a close up.

  • Take the four votive cups.

  • Back up and turn left.

  • Pick up the newspaper underneath the bench and read it. Forest Fire Water?

  • Click on the left edge of the newspaper to turn it over and read the back. Hmmm, a mysterious death on the 4th floor at 10:00 pm? Why, according to the prologue it's 10:00 pm now! Should I be worried? Good thing I can't get to the 4th floor.

  • Close the newspaper, back up, and turn right twice.

  • Open the red cabinet and take the matches and the paper fire charm.

  • Back up and turn right (now facing elevator).

  • Click on the umbrella stand for a close up and take the cane.

  • Summon the elevator and go to the 2nd floor.

Second Floor

  • Exit the elevator then click on the door window for a close up. Notice that you can click on the 4 for an even closer close up.

  • Back up and turn to the right.

  • Click on the picture on the wall. Yummy, sunny side up eggs!

  • Seriously, though, they are buttons and need to be pushed in a particular order to move the picture.

  • Remember the 4 from the door?

  • You will be pushing the buttons in a pattern to make the number 4.

  • Push the buttons in this order: bottom, top, left, right. Now, when I went to school (back in the dark ages when dinosaurs roamed the earth) that's not quite how I was taught to write the number 4, but there you are.

  • When the picture opens take the paper water charm.

  • Back up and turn right.

  • Click on the candle to the left of the elevator to take it.

  • Turn right.

  • Oh goody, an invisible force field.

  • Remember the newspaper?

  • You need to use the paper charms (all three) to vanquish the invisible force field.

  • Place the charms on the poster in this order: green (forest), fire, water.

  • Once the poster is gone click on the patch on the wall for a close up.

  • Use the cane to smash the concrete (2 clicks).

  • Click on the brown door to lower it.

  • Click on the little building (shrine) for a close up.

  • Click on the lower left of the building to look behind it. Oh look, a silver key!

  • Back up and click on the shrine doors.

  • Click on the scroll to take it, then click on the ring in the center to open it.

  • Goody, instructions.

  • Back up once until you can see the holes in the door/shelf.

  • Time to place some items!

  • Note: The paper charms hold the clue to the placement of the items in the shrine. The "green" charm has yellow markings on the corners, the water charm has markings on the sides, and the fire charm has a yellow marking in the middle.

  • Place the cups in a diamond pattern, top middle, right middle, bottom middle, and left middle.

  • Place the vases in the corner holes.

  • Place the candle in the center, this will lock everything into place.

  • You now have everything in place to escape!

End Game

  • Notice the scroll said that the shrine will weaken the ghost, not destroy it.

  • Remember, the ghost lives on the fourth floor.

  • If you don't want to die, you need to prevent the elevator from going to the fourth floor.

Bad Ending

  • Using the watering can, pour water in the front cup (all cups will automatically fill).

  • Put the leaves (leafs?) in the vases.

  • Light the candle with the matches.

  • Back up, turn left, and wait for the elevator.

  • Get on the elevator.

  • Wait to die. Note: this is where the phrase "look back four time" comes into play. Notice that you look into the mirror 4 times while the ghost is creeping up on you.

  • Fun thing: When the elevator first comes down and opens, don't get in it. The door will close and a shadowy figure will emerge and go to look at the shrine. When it does it gets a ???? look, then goes back to the elevator. The doors will open again and you can walk in to your death.

Roof Ending

  • As with the bad ending, fill the cups and put the leaves in the vases. Do NOT, under any circumstances, light the candle. Don't touch the candle. Don't even look at it.

  • Back up and turn right twice until you are facing the red cabinet.

  • Use the silver key to open the cabinet and get the crowbar.

  • Turn right and summon the elevator using the "up" arrow.

  • When the elevator arrives place the cane at the bottom right of the elevator to hold the door open (thus preventing the ghost from catching the elevator).

  • Now turn right, close up on the shrine, and light the candle.

  • Get in the elevator and push 5.

  • Once you arrive on the fifth floor exit the elevator and immediately turn around to face the elevator.

  • Pry the elevator doors open with the crowbar while the elevator is still going to pick up the ghost.

  • Wait for the elevator to come back up and stop at the 4th floor.

  • Click on the ladder in the elevator shaft, and climb.

  • Go through the trap door and you have made it to the roof!

  • You're out! Stranded on the roof, but out.

Alive End

  • Once again fill the cups and put the leaves in the vases. Do NOT, under any circumstances, light the candle.

  • Turn left and summon the elevator.

  • When the doors open place the cane to block them (again, preventing the ghost from catching the elevator)(Out of curiosity, why does the ghost need to use the elevator?).

  • Turn right, close up on the shrine, and light the candle.

  • Enter the elevator and press 1.

  • You're out! And alive! And not stranded!



...that is all.


Jess! Where'd you go? School & work have kept me busy but I am noticing that you're no longer doing weekday escape....whats up with that?

Billy Nitro September 2, 2009 1:17 AM

Weekday Escape Jess is best Jess, yes.


CAUTION: This game includes horror expression.



WOW but this one's proving tricky...I have to admit, the

memo's apparent reference to the

artificial flowers

has me thoroughly stumped. :[


@An Onyx Mouse

letters are in rows. Each row has 4 letters, one of each color. This decodes it to

Look Back Four Time

but I haven't figured out what that means yet


An Onyx Mouse:
Try using the

order of the flower colors to

determine the order of

the letters on each row!

I'm completely stumped though. I have some stuff, I think I know what the clue means, but I'm at a loss.


Yeah, I'd figured out

what the memo says


message "Look Back Four Time"

just doesn't make any sense.


Well, here's what I have:

Fire Charm
"Vase" (four of them, actually)
Watering Can
Leaves (possibly fake)
Matches (that won't light the candle)
A cane (that you can use to wedge the door on level 2)
The memo
A gold key (that doesn't unlock anything I've found)
A newspaper

I think the memo might refer to

The time in located in the article on the back of the newspaper:
Look [at] Back four [for] time.

It also might have to do with

looking back four times in the elevator, or looking back to get to level four. no luck on those fronts, either.



Try locking with the key. Also, there are four small cups at the magazine rack.

Other than that, I'm stuck.


The buttons on the picture beep when you press them. This is a possible code input spot. I have no idea what the code would be though.


Sweet! Cracked the code

Press the buttons in order to form the number 4. Start at the bottom.


I think I've figured out what to do. I just don't know how or where to do it.

The three charms seem to be instructions for a shrine. Four vases with leaves would go in the corners. Four cups of water would go on the sides. Lastly, the lit candle would go in the center. The only unused item in this scenario is the wood stick.

Random Person September 2, 2009 3:13 AM

There seems to be a good ending and a bad ending to this game.

I got the bad ending. Hahaha!


Ah. Thanks. I had to turn my sound back on to see that something was responding. Anyway, I've escaped.


Yaay, finished it!

*takes elevator to 4th floor*

...Wait a minute...



Random Person September 2, 2009 3:23 AM

Well, I got the bad one and a good one... I guess I'll just have to figure out the last one, then.


Okay, I should've known better...I never did find out

what to use the crowbar or the message from the memo

before I went and

got myself killed :[

and went ahead and tried to finish the game anyway.


I've managed to get the picture that was protected by a magical field by

clicking the charms in the order suggested in the newspaper (forest, fire, water)

But I can't seem to get the cement off the wall


Santaboy - In a case like this, I would take the advice of

Teddy Roosevelt. You know...

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Like that one in the umbrella stand on the 3rd floor.

(What, telling you which item to use on the cement wasn't blatant enough?)



Use the cane from the third floor umbrella stand to break away the cement.

Yeah... I don't really get it either.

Also, I have the

cups from the magazine rack

but I can't find any vases anywhere... Are those the vases? And if so, what do I use for the water cups?


GrinnyP - Not really. The

fact that a ghost was coming at me and killing me

had me a bit preoccupied...that, and I didn't know I could

turn around in the elevator manually...at least while it's stopped.

So...what, am I supposed to

turn around a few more times on my own? Or just not read the memo?

Still doesn't tell me what to do with the crowbar...


I've been trying to figure out the third ending. How do you unlock the extinguisher cabinet?


Ahhh, figured out the cement thing but I haven't got the 4 vases. Any help?


Ok, Grinny's advice helped me find the vase

Now for the shrine


Sigh, another disappointment...

I continue to wait for an Escape that looks like the bloody picture...



Bluemoose19 - Did you notice that

the mini-shrine

isn't exactly

flush against the wall?

Santaboy - One of the

umbrella racks

isn't quite as empty as it looks.

Total spoiler in 3



Top floor. Notice those things on the corners of the umbrella rack? Grab 'em.


GrinnyP - THANK YOU. I still can't figure out how to avoid a bad ending. Guess I'll just have to sleep on it and save this for the morning.

...Probably gonna have nightmares over this game, though. :[


How do I

"Pour a cup water"? I just pick it up whenever I try...

JetpackAwaaay September 2, 2009 5:47 AM

If you look at the top of the page of the game, it says "The human being is a reed to think about". How true that is.


For Bad End,

fire the candle then go to the lift.

For Alive End and Roof End,

block the lift door with a stick before firing the candle.

For Alive End,

go to 1st floor after firing the candle.

For Roof End,

go to 5th floor after firing the candle.

Empty lift will go down, and when it'll back to 4th,

open the door with crowbar.

Light and shadow September 2, 2009 6:56 AM

I've "died" two times actually....
And at the third time... I have accidentally found a way to avoid the bad end....
Hint: The elevator drag you to the forth floor... then stop it!
More hints:

There is an item in your itinerary can do the trick, and you also need it to reach the shrine.

Papachabre September 2, 2009 7:05 AM

About the ending...

Why is the 'stranded' ending harder to achieve than the 'alive' ending? And why can't I just break the mirror, thereby eliminating the chance of being strangled by cyclops-ghost-girl?

Gamemastertips September 2, 2009 7:32 AM

Okay...I stopped at the point where it said "You cannot approach it because of invisible force." WHAT?? This is the one reason I don't exactly find many good Japanese escape games...


Oh, I just entered grad school, so I'm taking an indefinite hiatus from reviewing while I figure out my new schedule and all that jazz. Grinnyp's doing such a great job, though, I can rest easy. :)


Interestingly, you can ignore the colours and misread the memo from left to right to spell out

'tour film cook bake'

.. which mean absolutely nothing.

Billy Nitro September 2, 2009 11:05 AM

Fun Fact: One of the readings for the kanji for four, 四, is 'shi', which is also the reading for 死, meaning death. I heard that most hospitals in Japan don't have a fourth floor because of this superstition.

Zorinix: I, too, look forward to that escape game. How the hell is he going to get out of there?

Jess: Higher Education Jess is better than Weekday Escape Jess, which is currently best. Good luck wi' dat!


Yes, that is true. In East Asia, the word for the number "4" in most cultures sounds very much like the word for "death", so they don't have a 4th floor in lots of buildings. (It is like in the US where many buildings don't have a 13th floor.) Lots of things won't be sold in packs of four for that very reason, the vendor will throw in an extra to make a set of five to ward off the bad luck. So the missing 4th floor is the scary floor of death!


Interesting tidbit: on the stranded ending when the credits are done, you can see the door from which you just came out. When you click it, the door opens a little and shuts again loudly a few times like you are trying to get back in (or something else is trying to get out).

Every fourth time you click it you get a really creepy ghostly rumbling. Guess that ghost really wants you! I'd sleep on the roof for the night and by daylight it'll be safe to go back inside!


I wonder if the "4" superstition is the reason the

procedure has no step 4. It goes from 3 to 5. Or is this a typo? Or something else?

The Logical Ghost September 2, 2009 2:47 PM


I get that you need to put the charms in the newspaper-determined order in order to break the invisible wall, but having trouble with where exactly to click. I can't "use" the charm on the poster, nor can I use them on each other, or on the newspaper. Help?

Oh, and, first comment ever. Been visiting this site almost every day for three or four years but I only registered about a week ago. So hi, wonderful JiG people!


Logical Ghost,

You should be able to click the first charm to highlight it. (Not the tab to view it, the charm itself.) Then click the poster. You should get audible feedback when you do this.

Then select the next one.

Make sure you are using the correct order.

Leaf, fire, water.


Uhmmm.... I got the "Alive" ending without using the crowbar... at least, I think it said "alive"--the word was hard to read.

Anyways, as in the bad ending, I did the shrine thing and went up to the fourth floor. As the ghost approached me, I started hitting the button for the 1st floor. After the third time turning around and then looking back at the elevator, the button worked.

Go figure /shrug

not telling September 2, 2009 6:04 PM

Wow. I was so disappointed by that ghost. I would have to say that one eyed feminine looking thing was the lamest ghost I have ever seen. The game was pretty good though.


Well, I wouldn't say I disliked it, but this is probably the least impressive escape game I've played in a long while. After first getting the bad ending, I found myself uninterested and going through the motions just to see the other two and get it over with.


If you wait long enough after

lighting the candle, the ghost leaves and goes back to the fourth floor on its own - it doesn't force you to follow it. Of course, then you're still stuck in the building with no way out...

nihongowasha September 3, 2009 3:51 PM

Anyone else unable to get the game to load? It says 「ファイル再�"�できませ�"。」 (Cannot reload file).


The game loads for me just fine (just checked).

alisonofagun September 4, 2009 3:45 PM

I noticed that you don't need to go through all the elaborate stuff with the


for the alive ending.

I did light the candle and got in the elevator which as you know then goes automatically to the 4th floor. When I saw the creepy ghost thing I got scared and stayed in the elevator! The doors closed and I was able to select the 1st floor and get the alive ending

. Maybe it is a glitch?


I'm having the same problem, nihongowasha. :-(


lol, if you light the candle and wait, the shadow figure will put it out and if you wait log enuff, then he just goes back, i bet if you could see him clearly enuff, he would flip you off as he goes back in.i know i would, if some punk is bugging me with an anoying candle.


That's the right way to write a number 4? gosh...i did a different way all the time..
With that kind of music and the disappearance of level 4, I knew there will be something creepy.


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