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vision.jpgJohnBA brand new point-and-click room escape game, Vision, has just been released by Japanese developer neutral, creator of RGB and Sphere. For some unknown reason you're trapped in a room with no exit. Search the exquisitely rendered (and eerily silent) environment for anything that can help you escape!

Best of Casual Gameplay 2008Look for items in every corner of the room, making sure to push your nosy mouse cursor between objects and around every piece of furniture. You'll encounter several locked cabinets and drawers, both with keypad-like puzzle locks and traditional locks that look like they require a key. Each item you find can be examined using the magnifying glass icon located in the upper right corner of its inventory space. Use it often!

Like several games from the Gotmail team, Vision's environments are composed of 3D rendered objects polished to a bright shine. The lighting in this game is very soft, creating an evening candlelight dinner-type atmosphere. Vision doesn't try anything radically new with the room escape genre, instead walking the path of familiarity to deliver a puzzle experience we're all accustomed to. Not too challenging, not too easy, just another healthy installment of point-and-click puzzle solving for your casual gameplay enjoyment.

Play Vision

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Vision Walkthrough

  1. click on the wineglass twice to grab it then go back

  2. click on the left drawer twice and get the screwdriver handle then go back

  3. click the trashcan and make note of the circle number then go back

  4. click the blank area to the right on the desk near the floor and make note of the triangle number

  5. click the paper in the middle of the desk and make note of the compass rose then go back

  6. go one screen right and lift the left couch cushion to get the hand crank

  7. go one screen right and click the lower left area of the desk then between the desk and the wall to get a piece of paper then go back

  8. click the top left of the desk, then the top area of the shelves, get the metal handle, then go back

  9. click the stool and make note of the square number, then go back

  10. click the right area of the desk, then the bowl, then the top drawer to get the wooden man, then go back

  11. click the books, then the big red book on the end, then open it to get the corkscrew, then go back to the books

  12. click the book with the bookmark, open it, and add your piece of paper to it to see the full image

  13. examine your doll, then arrange it's limbs like in the image, once done click the head to get the drawer handle, then go back

  14. go left or right twice, click on the right drawer and put your handle in, then open it to get the seer box, then go back

  15. go one screen left, click the left end of the plant box, then the outline in the wall and hit the switch to turn off the lights, then go back

  16. click between the fifth and sixth plant, then grab the piece of paper, then go back

  17. go one screen left, then the right part of the desk, then the bottom drawer, and zoom in of the device, and notice how it looks like the compass rose

  18. look at the piece of paper, and notice the spelling, type this word into the compass device (up is n, right is e, down is s, left is w) and get the key then go back to where you are focused on the right part of the desk

  19. use the key on the cabinet, then open to get a bottle of wine then go back and click the lower left of the desk, then the gold combination area

  20. examine the cork screw and click the grey area, then the actual screw to open it fully, then examine the wine and use the corkscrew on it, then examine the wine glass and pour the wine into it, then click the green orb to get it

  21. examine the seer box, click just below the centre to open it up, then put the green orb into it, then close it and click the green part in the middle to look into it

  22. notice the formula on the bottom, and with a calculator multiply your circle number by your square number, then add your triangle, and put this number into the combolock

  23. zoom out so you are looking at the bottom left of the desk, and click the handles of the bottom cabinet to get metal part 1 and the fly trap then go back

  24. zoom in of the clock, then examine the bottom of the pot of the fly trap, this is the order in which you have to push the clock buttons (dark means pushes, white not), with the arrow representing the head of the screwdriver, so work your way around the clock pushing the buttons (ending up with 1, 4, 5, 7, and 10 pushed), then go back

  25. click the right of the desk the get the screwdriver top and combine the two to get a full screwdriver, then go back

  26. click the lower of the shelves on the left side, then the underside of the top right shelf, unscrew the screws, then get the frog on the top right shelf, then go back

  27. go left once, zoom in on the picture, then examine the frog and spin the top so he's looking at you, then click the blue eye to get the blue gem

  28. swap the blue gem for the green gem in the seer box and look into it, the arrows on the bottom are the sequence for the arrows on the picture

  29. hit the arrows in order on the picture (right,up,down,right,left) to get the picture, then put metal piece in the lock where the picture was, then go back

  30. go one screen back, then click twice on the box in the cabinet underneath the desk, then examine the picture, and look on the back of it for a key, take the key

  31. use the key on the box to get the gold gem, then unscrew the screw in the top of the box, close the box and get the green and gold crystal, then go back

  32. go left once the put the new gold gem in the seer box and look in. The image shows you where you need to put the frog in the plant box, and which way it faces. Before you put the frog there put the gold gem from the seer box into the frogs empty eye

  33. the frog then goes between the fourth and fifth plant, facing left, then zoom out and click the far left and the hidden panel to turn the lights back on, then zoom out

  34. Look at the beam coming from the frog and how it hits the clock. Go left and zoom in on the clock, and put the green and gold gem in the 5 o'clock spot where the frog light is shining, then go back and go right

  35. click the spot in the floor where the light is shining, then click the light spot. Then put the hand crank in the hole in the floor and click the top handle to crank it, then zoom out.

  36. click the new area in the wall to get metal piece 2, then click the bit that was holding the metal piece to move it, and notice the holes in the wall. Examine the metal handle and spin it to look at the other side, and click the second and third pegs in the row of five to recess them. Then use the handle on the holes in the wall, and grab the wrench, then zoom out

  37. go left of right twice then click on either end of the couch and take out the bolts with the wrench, then zoom out and click the couch to move it and grab the third metal piece

  38. zoom in on the metal lock and put pieces 2 and 3 in, and take the key, then zoom out

  39. go right once and click the bottom left, then use the key on the drawer, then look at the box in the drawer and take the yellow gem

  40. examine your picture and take note where the shells shown in the picture are in the 4x4 grid, then go back

  41. go left or right twice and click the grey box on the top shelf twice, then hit the buttons the represent where the shells were in the 4x4 grid (top line none, second line middle 2, third line button on the right, fourth second from the left, the click the fish button till the box opens, and take the book and the doll head, then zoom out

  42. go right once, the zoom in on the metal lock. Examine your doll and add the metal doll head. Then move the dolls limbs so it will fit in the open spot in the metal lock (arms in a diamond above his head and legs off to the side like it's jumping for joy) and put it into the metal lock, then go outside

  43. go left and get rusted gear = 1 (careful here, the code may be different each time), then go left again and click on the grey box twice and get the gold gear, then go back

  44. go left and notice how the semicircle of the lever = 4 (code may be different), then pull the lever and go left

  45. go forward and notice how windmill blades = 9 (code may be different), then go back and left twice then up the ladder and click on the second metal door

  46. examine the fly trap and take the dark blue gem, then examine the gold gear and flip it around to notice how gear = 1 (code may be different) then examine the third page of the sketchbook and notice how the 3x3 grid is numbered in a clockwise spiral

  47. put the dark blue gem in the seer box and look at the code, windmill, hexagon, gear, semi, windmill and hit those buttons on the second metal door (the hexagon = 6 because it has 6 sides so the code becomes 96149 -- yours might be different) and pull it open and take the key and put the gold gear in then go down and off the ladder and back inside

  48. once inside turn left and the right of the desk, then use the key on the drawer and get the other part of the rusted gear, then go back outside

  49. once outside go left and take out the gold gear, then zoom out and go up the ladder to the second metal door and open it. Then put the two rusted gear parts into the gear impression, then go back down and back inside

  50. now zoom in on the exposed gears in front of you, and put the gold gear in place, then back outside to throw the lever, then back in here to look at the gears again

  51. Now watch the right grey gears as it turns it will reveal a key, take it and then zoom out

  52. now go left/right twice and into the corridor between outside and in, look on the left to see a panel, click it then use the gear key, and open the panel and hit the button, and enjoy the ride

  53. turn around then approach the altar in the middle and click on it, then click the centre gem

  54. now look at the first page of the sketchbook, notice the seahorse design, then copy this design in the lower right side of the altar, then rotate the other pieces until you are able to make an image of a snail in the lower left, a person in the bottom centre, a bird in the top right and a snake along the left side

  55. now look at each of the crystals in the seer box and notice the background images, this images correspond to the habitat of the animal, dark blue is sky, gold is dessert, light blue underwater and green dewy plants, now put each of the gems into the correct animal(snake=gold, dark blue = bird, green = snail, and light blue = seahorse)

  56. now click the red human gem to get the human key and zoom out, then click the door and use the key to escape to your habitat.

The End

Hint-Through, Part 1: Getting Familiar With the Room

1. Desk wall (first view)

  • Explore every unlocked drawer, nook and cranny. Pick up whatever you can, then examine it. There are items here which you cannot take but you should examine for later use.

  • Did you pick up two items for your inventory? If not, keep looking.

  • You should have the wineglass from the shelf,

    and the screwdriver handle from the drawer.

  • Did you collect two pieces of data? If not, keep looking.

    There are two numerical clues here.

    They're not written in plain sight.

    One is written on the bottom of the trash can. Note the shape and number for later. These change in every game, btw.

    The other is not on the desk, but near it.

    It's on a wall in shadow.

    It's to the right of the desk, near the corner.

  • Did you note four items that you can't use yet? If not, keep looking.

  • On the shelf unit, there's a box with a green gem on top.

    On the top shelf, there's a box with a fish lock.

    On the desk, there's a map with a compass rose.

    And there's a locked drawer you can't open.

2. Couch wall (to the right)

  • Explore every unlocked drawer, nook and cranny. Pick up whatever you can, then examine it. There are items here which you cannot take but you should examine for later use.

  • Did you pick up one item for your inventory?

    Did you lift the couch cushions?

    You should have a hand crank with a square end, from under the left couch cushion.

  • Did you note two items that you can't affect yet? If not, keep looking.

    Did you look behind the couch?

    There's nothing to pick up, but those wall bolts are odd, aren't they? Why would the couch be bolted to the wall?

  • Did you examine the picture on the wall?

    Remember the interesting aspects of it for later. And wonder to yourself why it wiggles like that, but doesn't come off.

3. Clock wall (opposite the desk wall)

  • Lots to explore and gather here, in several different "views." Explore closely, hunt everywhere. You know the drill by now!

  • Check out the clock.

    The clock hand looks familiar.

    Like the end of a screwdriver.

    You need to do something to the clock to release the clock hand. But you don't have all the information yet, so be patient. Make sure you note anything unusual about the clock.

  • Under the clock: three drawers locked, one unlocked.

    What's in the unlocked drawer? A compass rose with buttons. Where have you seen a compass rose before?

    Did you lift the items on top of the cabinet?

    Weird how that fruit bowl seems to stick down into the cabinet.

    Wonder what happens if you open the top drawer with the fruit bowl lifted?

    Aha, the fruit bowl serves as a key. Take the wooden figure from the drawer.

    Did you examine the wooden figure?

    Seems bendy. Good to know for later.

  • The books: surely you examined those, right?

    There are two things to find.

    Did you pick up the maroon book on the far right?

    Get the tool from the book. Examine it.

    It's not a knife; it's a corkscrew.

    Did you pick up the green book with the paper marker?

    Too bad that page is ripped, huh? Wonder what the message reads.

  • Around the furniture

    Did you look all around?

    See anything behind the stool?

    Another one of those shape/number combos. Hmm. Jot it down.

  • The cabinet to the left: examine everything you can.

    All the decorative items seem to be permanent, don't they?

    One of them isn't. Look closely.

    Look at the shelf under the frog box. It's screwed down.

    You could probably take it when you get that screwdriver together.

  • A locked drawer and a locked cabinet. Sheesh.

    Examine the cabinet. It has a combination lock, not a key lock.

    Looks like you'll need a four-digit sequence to put in.

  • Did you add something to your inventory here?

    You should have added two things to inventory from this cabinet area.

    Look everywhere.

    Just because you can't take anything from inside the cabinet, doesn't mean you can't take things from near or on the cabinet.

    Like, behind the cabinet, or on top of the cabinet.

    To the left of the cabinet in the corner is a wad of paper. You should examine it.

    Looks like it was ripped from a book.

    On top of the cabinet is a strange tool. You should examine it.

    Looks like the pegs can be adjusted in different combinations, or reset.

4. Potted Plant Wall

  • Not as much to see here, but explore anyway.

    What's that panel on the wall?

    If you open it, you can turn the lights off and on.

    Wonder if that changes the view of things.

    Aha, a scrap of paper you couldn't see before.

    It reads "newsense"

    That's a made-up word. Probably a code, huh? Wonder where it could be used.

Hint-Through, Part 2: Start Solving Stuff

Compass Rose Puzzle

  • If you haven't found a map, a box with four buttons, and a scrap of paper with letters on it, you aren't ready to solve this. Check the room again. Examine your inventory.

  • So, you have a compass rose on the desk. And a compass rose with buttons on a box.

    How do you get that box open? Looks like you need to push those buttons in some order.

    What value might those buttons have?

  • The compass rose on the desk shows you.

  • But in what order do you push N, E, W, S?

  • You've seen those letters before.

  • On the scrap of paper from the plant shelf.

  • Enter the code N E W S E N S E into the compass rose box, which you found in the unlocked drawer under the clock.

  • The compass rose box produces a hexagonal key.

    Figure out what lock it opens.

  • It opens a door on the same piece of furniture.

  • There's a bottle inside. Take it.

    Examine it. Looks corked, huh?

Bottle Puzzle

  • If you haven't found three bottle-related items, you aren't ready to solve this. Check the room again. Examine your inventory.

  • You should have a wineglass, a corkscrew, and a bottle.

  • You know what to do.

  • Uncork the bottle, and pour it into the glass.

  • Voila! You've found a green marble.

Book Puzzle

  • If you haven't found a green book with a torn page, and a torn piece of paper, you aren't ready to solve this. Check the room again. Examine your inventory.

  • What happens when you repair the book?

  • That's a picture of a figure in a certain position.

  • Interesting. Is it a clue?

  • Yes. Duh. It's a clue on how to position the wooden figure you took from the drawer under the fruit bowl.

  • So you've put the wooden figure in position. Now what?

  • Is it a key? Is something unlocked? Turned on or off?

  • Examine the figure, without moving his limbs.

  • Click his head.

  • Now you've got a wooden-knob key, and a headless man. Wonder why the headless figure returned to your inventory. Guess you'll have to use it again at some point.

    Now go see what that key unlocks!

The Magnifier

  • Once you've unlocked the desk drawer with your knob key, you'll find a strange instrument. Examine it all over.

  • Hmm, that flap opens.

  • Look! An empty round hole. What could go in there?

  • It's a sort of marble-shaped hole.

  • Put the green marble in the hole.

  • Reexamine the magnifier, closely.

  • Lovely! Inside the green marble is a pretty flower picture. And a code.

  • "Key = Triangle + Square x Circle"

  • Looks like math. Where could the values come from?

  • You need a number represented by a triangle, square and a circle, obviously. Have you collected data like that? If not, go look around the room again.

  • So you've got the three numerals that correspond to the shapes. Do the math.

  • Did you get a four-digit answer? Wonder where you could use a four-digit number.

  • Did you try it on the cabinet with the combination lock?

  • You have to put in the combination, then back up and try the handle yourself - there is no obvious sign that you've unlocked it.

  • Did it work? No? Are you sure your math was right?

  • Did you check your order of operations?

  • Don't forget that you have to multiply before adding. So your math should have been (Triangle + (Square X Circle)). Don't worry; lots of us missed that one.

  • strong>Once you've opened the tall cabinet, you should collect two items.

  • One is a weirdly shaped piece of metal, the other is a weird plant. Examine both.

  • What did you learn from the plant? It's a Venus Flytrap, by the way.

  • Did you notice its leaves closed?

  • Did you notice anything on the pot itself?

  • Maybe underneath the pot?

  • That pattern is interesting. Do you notice that there are some darkened circles and some light ones? And a pointer? What does it remind you of?

  • Sort of looks like a clock. Wonder if it's a clue.

The Clock Puzzle

  • So you've got a clue that looks like it works on the clock. And you need that screwdriver, huh?

  • Find a way to apply the pattern from the Venus Flytrap to your clock.

  • By darkening and lightening the circles to match.

  • Start with the clue pointer and work your way around from the actual pointer, changing the hours to dark or light.

  • When you get it right, you'll know. Something will happen.

  • Get the screwdriver shaft from where it fell.

  • Make yourself a screwdriver!

  • It's trickier than you think. Turns out you have to apply the screwdriver shaft to the handle, not the other way around. Now, go unscrew something!

  • Don't you remember what was waiting to be unscrewed? Where did you see those screws before?

  • The frog box was screwed down to the shelf.

Froggy Eyes

  • Now you've unscrewed it. Examine it.

  • A weird eye symbol on the front; also the froggy seems to turn around.

  • Wow, those are weird eyes.

  • One comes loose, in fact.

  • Turns out it's an aqua-colored marble.

  • You know what to do with marbles, don't you?

  • Where did you use the marble before?

  • Put the aqua marble in your magnifier.

  • Lovely! Inside the aqua marble is a pretty underwater picture. And a code.

  • What could it mean? Have you seen directional triangles like that somewhere before?

  • They were on the gold-framed picture on the wall. The seashells picture.

  • Could you apply that code somehow?

Hint-Through, Part 3: STILL Solving Stuff

Seashell Picture Puzzle

  • If you click the triangles on the picture frame in the order they appear under the aqua marble, something will happen.

  • The picture frame will come off the wall. You should examine it.

  • It has a green key taped on the back of it.

  • And it left a big weird metal panel in the wall.

  • The panel seems to be awaiting a piece.

  • Maybe a matching weird roundish metal piece.

  • You have one of those.

    If you put it in the panel, it sticks. Guess it lives there. Looks like some other pieces might also belong there. Wonder if you'll find those?

  • That round hole on top is interesting. Wonder what goes in there?

  • It looks marble-sized.

  • Only, your green and aqua marbles won't fit in. Maybe you'll find another.

The Green Key

  • Now, where could that key go?

  • It's an interesting color, isn't it?

  • Where else have you seen that color?

  • Sort of looks like that green gem on the box under the desk.

    What do you know? It does indeed match that box.

  • Now you've got another marble. What else do you notice about the box?

  • Maybe on the lid?

  • Maybe under the lid?

  • Something screwed down? You can fix that.

  • Now you've got a green gem and a multi-colored marble. Pretty. Wonder what the gem does.

  • But you definitely know what do with the marble right? Back to the magnifier…

The Multi-colored Marble

  • Lovely! Inside the multi-colored marble is… a picture of the room. Specifically the clock. And a weird symbol.

  • Where did you see the symbol before? Surely there's a connection.

  • It was on a box.

  • It was on the frog box.

  • The marble was showing a particular viewpoint of the room.

  • From the plant shelf.

  • Of someone… or something... looking at the clock.

  • Maybe someone or something should look at the clock.

    From the same position as in the marble image.

  • Which had a red-topped plant nearby.

  • You can't get down at that angle.

  • What has eyes that could see that angle?

  • Put the frog box next to the red plant.

  • Is the frog facing the clock?

  • Guess you'll have to turn him so he's facing the clock.

  • Are you sure he can see properly?

  • With only one eye and all…

  • Can you give him two eyes?

  • Put the multi-colored marble in the frog's empty eye socket.

  • Still nothing? Are you sure you accurately recreated the scene from the magnifier?

  • Are the lights on?

  • Go back to the panel to the left of the plant shelf, and make sure the lights are on.

  • Your frog appears to be seeing something. Wonder what it is?

The Frog's Point of View

  • The frog seems to be illuminating something.

  • On the clock.

  • The 5:00 spot, specifically.

  • What could that light be indicating? What does 5:00 mean?

  • Nothing, actually. But there's something you need to do to 5:00.

  • Something to catch the light.

  • Do you have something small and round that would catch the light?

  • Like a marble?

  • Or a gem?

  • Put the green gem into the 5:00 hole.

  • Light appears to be coming from it. Wonder what that indicates.

  • Examine the room again.

The Green Light Special

  • The beam emanating from the green gem is shining onto… the floor! Why?

  • Click the spot. There's a removable panel there, hiding some sort of switch. Can you open it?

  • You'll need a tool.

  • A tool with a square end.

  • Like your hand crank.

  • Hmm, what happened? Take a look around.

Hidden Compartment

  • So your hand crank opened a panel on the wall. What's in it?

  • There's another weird metal piece. Remember where that goes?

  • So, you've added another weird metal piece to the weird metal hole on the wall. Doesn't look quite finished yet though.

  • Is that all there is in the hidden compartment?

  • What happens if you move the base for the metal piece?

  • Weird. Holes in the wall.

  • Wonder what goes in them. It's like a strange lock.

  • Which would need a strange key.

  • Do you have anything that could make a strange key? By filling holes?

  • You've got that weird peg tool.

  • Can you adjust it so it fits into the holes in the compartment?

  • Yes, yes you can. Give it a go. Or several.

  • When the peg tool unlocks those holes properly, a door can be clicked open.

Get In Gear

  • Behind the door opened by the peg key is a shaft holding a gear mechanism.

  • Which is holding a wrench.

    Where might you use a hexagonal wrench?

  • Maybe on some hexagonal bolts.

  • Like the ones holding the couch in place.

  • When you free up the couch, you can find things.

  • Like another weird metal piece. Good thing you know where that goes!

  • Finally: the circle is complete. And, moving!

  • And, offering up rewards.

  • Like that key that just popped out of the slot on top. Surely it fits something you haven't unlocked yet.

  • But, is the weird metal puzzle complete? Hard to tell. It's not filled, there's still an empty space.

  • The space looks like…. Something… you've seen before…

  • Something you've used.

  • Sort of looks like a dancing person, doesn't it?

  • Can you approximate the shape? Your wooden bendy figure might do.

  • Except for how he's headless, and the wall clearly requires a head. There's a hole for it and everything.

  • Where can you get a head? Keep an eye out.

She Sells Seashells

  • So, you've got a key. And another locked lock, somewhere. Match them up.

  • Finally into the last locked drawer on the tall cabinet, huh?

  • Okay, cool. A tray of exoskeletons. I mean -- seashells.

  • One thing certainly doesn't fit with the others.

  • Woohoo! Another marble! (The other stuff seems to be pretty firmly anchored down though)

  • So, you know what to do with the marble.

  • The magnifier shows… sand? And a fish?

  • Okay. Where have you seen the fish before?

  • It was on a box…

  • Yep, the fish box on the top shelf over the desk.

  • So now you have an idea of what can be done with the fish.

  • But that still doesn't open the box. Maybe those buttons on top need to be pressed in some way.

  • But they don't have any numbers or letters.

  • So something else must indicate how to push the buttons on the fish box.

  • Maybe the buttons have a pattern. Does the pattern look familiar?

  • Where else have you seen four rows and four columns?

  • Maybe somewhere else fishy.

  • Like the tray of shells in that drawer that held the yellow marble.

  • Is that tray a clue? Or does it hold a key?

  • Where have you seen seashells before?

  • Could the first place you saw seashells be a clue to the second place?

  • And could the first place you saw four rows and four columns be a clue to the second place?

  • Figure out which shells in the picture are represented in the tray.

  • Then figure out spaces holding the correct seashells correspond to the buttons on the fish box.

  • Don't forget the fish position!

  • It won't open automatically; you have to line everything up, then click it to see if it opens.

  • Cool! More stuff! Take the items inside, and examine them.

What Came From the Fish Box

  • A sketch book, with some unfamiliar stuff and some familiar stuff. Bet you'll need to come back to this.

  • And a key with a round handle.

  • Very round. Sort of like a knob.

  • Sort of like that drawer-knob key that came from the wooden figure.

  • Back when your wooden figure had a head.

  • You could replace that head, you know.

  • Now you have a complete figure.

  • Where does he go, again?

  • WHOA. (If you had the figure bent properly, with a head, and placed him properly, you should get a "whoa" event)

Hint-Through, Part 4: A Change of Scenery

Enjoying the Scenery

  • When you're out on the balcony, it's important to take your time and look at things very closely.

  • Like, right now - as a big blade swooshes past your face. What is that?

  • It's a windmill.

  • You can also look in many directions.

  • Take a look around. Find anything worth picking up? Or tinkering with?

  • At first look, there's something you can pick up

  • …a piece of a rusty gear

  • something you can open

  • …a metal door panel. Did you open it?

  • There's a gear inside. Looks shiny. Much nicer than that rusty bit.

  • Wait, you didn't take the gear, did you?

  • Uh-oh. Check the hallway to the interior room.

  • and something you can pull:

  • a lever in the ground.

  • What happens when you pull the lever? Did you try moving it back and forth to see what happens?

  • The windmill is controlled by the lever. Left is off, right is on.

  • Did you go in every direction you could?

  • Even up?

  • There's some stuff up there.

  • Including another door panel, with a combination keypad on the front.

  • You've seen that keypad before, haven't you?

  • And in fact, you've seen the windmill too?

  • Check the sketchbook again.

  • The third page is a clue to the nine-key puzzle.

The Nine-Key Puzzle

  • So clearly there's a code you punch in (this isn't your first point-and-click).

  • And it appears to use Roman numerals.

  • Fortunately you've seen some of those.

  • But how many? And what order? If only you had another of those helpful code-cracking marbles.

  • Actually, you do, and you just don't know it.

  • You've had it with you all along, Bastian.

  • You're carrying a clue to the marble's location, too.

  • The clue is in the sketchbook.

  • On the second page.

  • The sun makes the Venus Flytrap open. You're in the sun.

  • An open Venus Flytrap reveals what it holds inside.

  • Like, a marble.

  • You know what to do with it!

  • Lovely! The blue marble has a picture of birds. And a code.

  • The code indicates… something. You know you have to punch Roman numerals into the keypad. Could this be the order?

  • Do the symbols correspond to numbers somehow?

  • Check the sketchbook again. It holds clues that you might not see yet

  • Where have you seen Roman numerals thus far?

  • There was one on the lever.

  • What could that correspond to in the marble code?

  • Where on the lever was the numeral?

  • On the base, shaped like a half-circle?

  • There's a half-circle in the code too.

  • There's a Roman numeral on the half-circle base. Write it down. These change every game, btw.

  • Where else? You know from the code that there should be one on the windmill somewhere.

  • Where can you get a good look at the windmill?

  • It's hard if it's moving.

  • Make sure to turn it off. Then you examine a blade up close.

  • There's a number on the blade.

  • What about the gear? Did you examine it?

  • There's another Roman numeral on the back of the gear. Write it down.

  • What's left? A hexagon shape.

  • Where have you seen a hexagon? The bolts on the couch, but those are gone.

  • Where else? Somewhere on this balcony is a clue.

  • Maybe somewhere on your person.

  • Like in your inventory.

  • Like, in the sketch book.

  • Like, on the third page.

  • The axel of the windmill base is shown as a hexagon, isn't it?

  • Could there be a clue on the real windmill base?

  • Can you get up there to take a look?

  • Could it be on a side that you can't see?

  • How could you check out the other sides of the hexagonal base?

  • Maybe by rotating the windmill?

  • By turning it on?

  • With the lever?

  • Turn on the windmill, climb the ladder, and wait to see a clue.

  • There's another Roman numeral on the base of the windmill machinery. Write it down.

  • So now you've got numerals corresponding to the code from the marble. Time to punch them in.

  • But the keypad isn't like a telephone. It's in a funny order.

    Check the sketch book again.

  • Now, put your five numbers in, in the order from the marble code. If you did it correctly, the door will open when you click on it.

  • Not working? You noticed the windmill numeral was a duplicate, right?

  • Did you "unpush" it?

  • Excellent! You've just found

  • another key, and

  • the slot that held your shiny gear.

  • Maybe if you replace the shiny gear, the hallway gate will open again.

  • Better not take it out again, unless you want to get locked out here forever. The gate clearly requires a gear filling the slo

Get in Gear, Part 2

  • So you've got a new key. Could there possibly be a drawer or cabinet or box you've not unlocked? Yes, yes there is. Find it.

  • The middle drawer of the cabinet with the fruit bowl will now open for you.

  • What's inside? A rusty bit of gear.

  • Kind of like that other bit.

  • Looks like together, they make a whole gear.

  • Clearly you are supposed to use it somewhere. But where would it go?

  • Where have we seen gears before?

  • There's an empty axel in the hidden compartment under the plant shelf.

  • But it doesn't appear to be taking these rusty bits.

  • It needs a whole solid gear.

  • Where can you get one?

  • Can you replace the shiny gear outside in the door locking shaft, with the two rusty bits?

  • Open the door at the bottom of the ladder. Take out the new gear. The compartment will go up to the top. Climb the ladder. Open the door (don't worry, you don't have to unlock again). Place your rusty gears bits into the gear slot. The gate will open again. Now you've got a new gear, and an open gate.

  • Put the new gear in the open space in the hidden compartment.

  • Can't get it on?

  • Bet you could if you could get that axel to hold still…

  • What's making the axel turn?

  • Something spinning slowly.

  • Something you've already seen.

  • Go outside and turn off the windmill.

  • Now put the gear on.

  • Can't get it to spin?

  • What would make the axel turn?

  • Something spinning slowly.

  • Something you've already seen.

  • Go outside and turn on the windmill.

  • Examine the spinning gear.

  • Cool. Another key! What haven't you unlocked?

  • Look everywhere.

  • Even outside.

  • Or inside.

  • Or in between.

  • Hey, was this light on in the hallway before?

STOP RIGHT HERE! If you are suddenly in light where before there was dark, but you aren't inside or outside... you need to make absolutely sure you are fully equipped before you proceed,
as this is a point of no return.
Hit SAVE if you aren't sure.
You need to have in your inventory:

  • the magnifier

  • the sketch book

  • and four marbles.


Hint-Through: The Final Puzzle

  • Use the gear key on the panel in the hallway.

  • Open the door, and push the button. Enter the room of blue glass balls.

  • Cool! A puzzle. But the squares all seem blank.

  • until you touch it.

  • So, you need to make the puzzle show... something. But what?

  • Are there any clues you haven't used yet?

  • Maybe in your inventory?

  • Maybe in your sketch book?

  • The first page of the sketch book shows a symbol that should appear in this final puzzle.There's one good way to get started solving this:

  • Start with the known. There are two "knowns."

  • First, that the tile holding the marble in the center will not rotate, so clearly that one is properly oriented. You could start there.

  • Second, that if the seahorse is going to appear in the puzzle, there is only one way to properly align those tiles. You could start there.

  • From either of those starting points, make the lines match up.

  • When the tiles are correctly aligned, you will see

  • five figures (none of which are touching each other). They look like:

  • a snake,

  • a bird,

  • a snail,

  • a man,

  • and a seahorse.

  • To complete the puzzle, you have to give the figures

  • heads. What could you use to make the heads?

  • Yep, marbles.

  • But in what order?

  • You could experiment if you like. But you have the clues already with you.

  • Not in the sketchbook.

  • Do you remember those lovely photographs you saw earlier?

  • Inside the marbles?

  • They were clues to this final puzzle.

  • Match the animal to its likely habitat.

  • Which one would live underwater?

  • In the sand?

  • In the sky?

  • In the flowers?

  • When the puzzle is complete and correct, it will show you. If it doesn't, you need to correct either your tile placement or your marble placement.

And I think you can get it on your own from here!
Easter Egg for those who finish:

If you wait for the last scene after completion, you'll see a full view of the windmill. Click the three colored dots in the top right for a lovely surprise.



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The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 11:18 AM

I was so excited to see this game, but it was loading so slowly I closed it. Now I'm getting the "Service Temporarily Unavailable" message.


It seems that every time I see a game from GotMail, they have this same problem. Maybe wait a few days?


It's working now! Just keep pressing the reload button..

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 11:45 AM

Apparently I am just too simple minded. I have a several items, but none of it seems to do me any good. I put the wooden guy in the right position but I don't what to do with him now. Argh!


Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
Apache/1.3.39 Server at neutralx0.net Port 80

clandestino February 6, 2008 11:54 AM

hotpinparks try the head. I can't get the screwdriver from the clock and that picture on the wall is driving me crazy. It won't fall of. Help!


If you have him in the right position.

Try clicking around on him


Correction: Server down but the advice "just keep hitting the reload button" works eventually.

the F5 key on your keyboard



If you have him in the right position

Try clicking around on him


Argh! I'm kinda stuck.

So far I have:

the doll in the correct position, a green marble, a silver block with buttons, a grey thing, and some sort of handle thing.

Any suggestions?


Nevermind, thank you Escapee!


anyone knows how to get the screwdrive from the clock?!?!


where was the marble???


Maybe it's not a marble?

I put the champagne in the glass and I got a green marble


well i don't even have the champagne yet, where was that? Don't forget to use spoiler tags.

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 12:09 PM

Sweet! Thanks Escapee!


Need help:

I've placed the silver frog on the right spot next to the red plant but I don't know what to do next.


It's showing spoiler tags on my comments... hmm...

The champagne is in the cabinet under the game. You have to solve the puzzle in the bottom drawer in order to get the key.

Gotten any weird messages with misspellings?

N. E. W. S. E. N. S. E. just like the compass rose



To get the screwdriver from the clock:

You have to solve the pass code first to get into the closet


Perfect..thanks bluebird


Ah.. got it now.. solved the thing with

the silver frog


if anyone is outside yet and working on the puzzle with the

windmill and the box

, i could use some hints.

Simple Simon February 6, 2008 12:25 PM

Why not try and

put the green marble in the top of the brown box in in your inventory (flip up the lid)




do you mean the code with 4 digits? i have that solved.. got a metal and a plant..

now still don't know how to use them..


ok. need a hint again...

i've got:

screwdriver handle, axe blade lookin thing, manual wrench handle, silver grip with buttons, venus fly trap which i can get to close the other two "mouths", body of doll, box for lookin at marble, and green marble.



I got a key with a gear on the end but there seems to be nothing left to unlock. Anyone know where the lock to my key is?


What's the correct position for the wooden man, and how did you figure it out?


Hey the wind mill is tricky there are 4 numbers to find try your Flytrap for help


Here is what I have so far:

A screw driver handle

Some kind of oblong thing with rounded ends that has a peg on the right end and when you click it, it has 5 more pegs on the other side

A wine goblet used with the champagne bottle which was used with the cork screw to get the... green marble.

A thing with a square end and a handle that can be turned, like something a carpenter would use?

A little wooden doll whose arms and legs can be re-positioned

I see the clock on the wall and...

see the screwdriver metal part and see where you can mash the buttons but have no clue yet as to how to extract the screwdriver part.

Now I am just kind of wandering around a beautiful room. Which is kind of nice too.



the wooden man position

is found from some pieces of paper

one in the book on the desk

the other to the left of the book case on the floor


Okay, so I 've got my

4 digit code (5824= circle 64, triangle 45, square 46)

inputted in the only place that takes numbers in this game. What am I not doing?


yay i beat it. really good puzzles, im glad i finished without help.


I'm right where you are Escapee...

Does the painting on the wall do anything? I can get it to wiggle around when I click the sides, but otherwise nothing seems to happen.


congrats beetle!
mind giving a hint

Simple Simon -

check your math

MsImperfect February 6, 2008 12:44 PM

Ok...I dont know why I cant seem to find the wooden man...I have looked everywhere...I think *looking here and there*



i'm assuming there is a code somewhere we haven't found for the painting yet



I know mine had me multiply the square and the circle and then add the triangle. Maybe try 2989?


i really wanna know where do you find the triangle!!!!!!


Sure, I can give a hint. Everything is still fresh in my memory pretty much. Shoot.

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 12:46 PM

Simple Simon:

I think you just did your math wrong. If you have the same formula as I did then your # should be 2989


Excellent game, I just beat it!

The gear key goes on a panel on the wall (tricky to find that). Make sure you have the bird shape at the end in the correct position, it looks good in a couple of positions but only one is correct. Cheers

[Edit: spoiler tags added. Please use them next time. Thanks! -Jay]



Try examine the plant

especially the pot


anonymous, you make me sad. if you're gonna spoil the game, at least use spoiler tags :(


All I'm getting is a white screen. Can anyone help? I dont want to read through the posts because some knackersack or other always posts spoilers without tags.


Doesn't matter it's finally on after the millionth attempt (well feels like a million).


Sillybuttons, just keep refreshing. It took me about 5 or 6 times before it would actually load.


yay.. I'm out! :D

There are some nice renderings in the end if you press the little colored circles in the top right corner


Can anyone help me with the

frog? I have put him next to the plant and his eye shines but i cant find any new hotspot

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 1:05 PM

For the seemingly meaningless painting:

The blue marble tells you the way

tfrankfurter February 6, 2008 1:06 PM

i'm stuck on the

i've got it in the right spot and it's shining a light on the "clock" but i don't know what to do with that


hotpinkparks, yep, got that, thanks!

Any thoughts on what to do next?

I've got the screwdriver, the painting off the wall, a metal piece on the circle, and the frog set up and shining a light. I still haven't figured out what to do with the silver thing with the buttons or the drill handle.

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 1:13 PM


The painting is in your inventory now. Have you tried examining it? It will help you figure out the frog.

I have the frog in place but I'm lost as to its purpose



I have it set up and it's shining a light onto the clock, but I can't figure out what it means.

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 1:16 PM

Nevermind I figured out the frog

I didn't realize you needed to find a replacement eye first


Could some nice person tell me where

this wooden man

I must be blind but I can't find it.


Alrighty then, I have the

fish puzzle open, and the key with the round grey thing atop it from the wall puzzle behind the picture. But how oh how do I give my poor venus flytrap light? And what does that key open?



Check out the dark wooden desk and the bowl of rocks.

Lift up the bowl, then open the drawer directly under it.

JenTurner February 6, 2008 1:19 PM

I still don't get the frog.

It's shining a beam of light at the clock (5)

But I don't know what to do from there?!?!



So do you know what the light means?



the wooden man is in the top draw of the set beneath the fruit bowl and draughts/chequers board. Lift up the fruit bowl to disengage the locking mechanism and open the drawer.



Thank you very much!


Quick question - Can inventory objects be used together?


sillybuttons™ Yes.


Suggestions on the fish puzzle? I have the

marble with the desert

but am stumped after that.


Simple Simon

Which marble is that?

ThemePark February 6, 2008 1:35 PM

About the picture with the clams and starfish:

Is the way of getting it down (i.e. the order of the arrows to press) something you're told somehow in the game, or do you need to figure it out yourself, without any help?
If it's the latter, I'd like some assistance. If there's something in the game that tells you how to do it, nevermind my post.


Umm.. its the marble that I got from... oh, I remember the

drawer under where the frog used to be- you get the key from the metal plate puzzle


Xixen, I'm stuck at (nearly) the same place as you.

Does the grey key remind you of an earlier key?

It was brown and turned out to be a drawer handle...

Yep, put the key where the "head" of the doll should be.

But beyond that, I have no advice, can't figure out the next step...


ThemePark, you find it later in the game.

Simple Simon, I haven't figured that one out yet. Thanks though!


has it occured to you that if you reposition the doll he'd fit...

in the metal plate puzzle? I'm not sure that it'll work, cause I don't have a doll head yet, but it's a suggestion


Simple Simon:

the marble tells you how to position the fish. Look carefully where you found it. Does anything look familiar?

look for the sea shells that match those on the picture from the wall and note their positions in the shell box

on the fish box, press down the buttons that correspond to the positions of the starfish, snail shell, sponge, scallop and the marble you picked up, then position the fish how it's shown in the marble


Where can I get the triangle code, please?

Anonymous February 6, 2008 1:40 PM

Cannot find the stupid triangle number.



Yeah, I tried that, but I can't seem to get it quite right. Thanks though!


Triange code

comes from the blue marble in the frog's eyeball


Scratch my previous, yes, that works! Woo!


Can someone stop me if I'm going the wrong way about this but.....

is the bit of paper with newsense written on a clue for the starfish etc picture on the wall?


OK I am dense. How do I pick up the frog? He's just sitting on the shelf and no amount of clicking can get him into my inventory...



Cat and simple simon, thank you both so much. I was going mental in my own head there.

it's nice out here on the balcony


well, then I am not ready for the triangle code then, how do I get the screwdriver off the clock? Thnak you.


Hints on the fish puzzle, please?


Scratch my previous, yes, that works! Woo!


sillybuttons™ Nope.

Notice how it's misspelled?

It only uses 4 letters...

N. E. W. S. E. N. S. E. - try it on the puzzle in the bottom drawer, like a compass rose


Could I get some hints on the metal puzzle please? Thanks!


Never mind, I got it:

look at the picture from the wall, and then the contents of the drawer where the marble was. Does anything strike you as familiar?


Simple Simon: is the fish puzzle you're talking about the box with the grey buttons and the skeletal fish? cos I posted the solution to that just above :) If not, then much apologies for my presumption.

ThemePark February 6, 2008 1:51 PM

Thank you bluebird, that's exactly the kind of answer I wanted.

Now I'm trying to get through this game on my own as much as possible, so I can't really look at the spoilers here in fear of having too much spoiled. So I apologize if my question has already been answered.

But I'm thoroughly stuck. I have the screwdriver head, the box with the white marble (that you get from the drawer with the wood figure head key), a hand drill (it's in row 2, column 1), a metal stick that I figure must function as a key, once I figure out which cylinders to push in, the headless horseman...umm...wood figure, and a green marble.
All I would like is just a gentle nudge as to what my next step should be.


Oh wow. I feel like a total Noob.

I hadn't even opened the bottom drawer. I just didn't see it. I must have looked there 20 times too lol

Thanks Bluebird


So I figured out the frog...

then I turned the crank and got the...

metal piece to go into the area behind the picture frame. I moved the piece it was sitting on and see the three holes in the wall. My immediate thought was that this was the code to use on the metal thing in my inventory, but that doesn't seem to work. Any hints? Thanks!

Vision Quest February 6, 2008 1:54 PM

Great game!
I think the skill level was just perfect for myself, pretty hard but not ridiculously abstract. It just seemed to keep going too, which I loved. The only parts that I got stuck on was finding the triangle (stupid!) and the


code, which I should have gotten.

This may be the best room escape game that I've ever played


If you've already correctly placed the

frog, and it's lighting up the clock

and you're still stuck,

look for another place to use your screwdriver



Sorry, I was talking about the fish puzzle in my last post.
Bluebird, the gear puzzle?


Okay, I'm stuck. Here's what I've got.

Screwdriver base

Box with green marble

Venus fly trap


headless wooden man

part of a gear (I think)

some thing with five posts on one side, and one post that resets the other five when pressed

Thanks for the help, all.


Turias, try thinking about it in reverse-

the holes are not telling you where the pegs aren't stickiing out, if you get my meaning.



and now I'm stuck outside. Back to the hard slog


I think I'm really behind

I got the frog to shine a light, but I can't figure out what to do after that. Argh!



Simple Simon: That did it! Thanks.


How do you make the peg

key fit the lock in the secret compartment


Cool! I loved playing it! The ending scene was lovely too! Thanks for making it!


Thanks for the help.


Melak - your walkthrough is WONDERFUL! I would not have made it without your help.
A wonderful game - great pictures, logic, and as complicated as it should be (not impossible, but quite time-consuming...).


this is my absolute favorite! so many clever, amusing and beautiful aspects for this type of game. i loved every bit of it - even though it took 2 days for me to get out (maybe i didn't really want to leave??)thanks!

Anonymous January 6, 2009 3:28 PM

Aaahw, can someone please help me?
I'm on the balcony and i can't open the last roman-number-thing.. D:? I've got all the numbers though...


Hey, im stuck. LOL. I've done everything but i can't access the room in the hallway...please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Help!!! I cant get into the room in the hallway...its not even there. There is nothing in the hallway.

Anonymous January 17, 2009 4:03 AM

I just finished! What a great and l-o-n-g- game!

Because I done it almost by myself so I think I'm able to give hint to others for the first time.

Here is the hint about the balcony to JIGuest:

The sketch book only show that the number pad is arranged in a certain way. It is not the code. The correct code combination is found looking into the marble.

There should be totally 4 numbers on the balcony. And the code is composed of 5 digits.


hi for some reason i could not put the green marble in to the clock
please HELP

Anonymous January 27, 2009 9:36 PM

Stuck on this... can't find it.

spoiler no. 52:now go left/right twice and into the corridor between outside and in, look on the left to see a panel, click it then use the gear key, and open the panel and hit the button, and enjoy the ride---> im stuck on it completely.. can't find a panel on the wall. i keep turning around gg out to balcony or back into the room. clicked on the grey areas of the walls.. but no panel still. anyone?


Im stuck with

Use the gear key on the panel in the hallway. What gear key? what panel? what hallway? ive been outside and now im in again but.....


I think I may have an error.

I have the frog lighting up 5:00 on the clock, but when I try to put the green marble in, nothing happens.

I even tried saving the game, then reloading it, to see if that would fix it, but I still can't put it in, nothing happens. Is it broken?


Step 47 in the walkthrough is incorrect.

The number for the hexagon is revealed rotating on the windmill if you look up while on the top of the outside ladder...wait for it to rotate around.


This is a brilliant escape game :D
even when i couldn't find things, it was nice to just wander around the room.
and i love the hint-through, much better than a walk through.


Great game! Have really enjoyed it!

kyra2008 March 16, 2009 6:27 PM

Thank you for posting this game. It was a hair-pulling delight to work through! Couldn't have done it without Pineapple's walk-through...and Annon's comment about the bird's back and belly! Now I am going to go back and do the Sphere! I love the logic in this game!

Anonymous April 2, 2009 9:09 PM

I can't get the 2nd metal box to work. Please help. I've tried the code 900 times.


OMG so my code was 96149
and it wont let me open the
second door ?_?


I can't put the green gem on the 5 o'clock hole in the clock, what gives?

Someone posted this too, anyone have problems with that as well?



Is it possible you are trying to use a marble instead of a gem?


It's not the green gem you have to use in the clock. If you go to the box under the desk and unscrew the green and gold gem from the lid using the screwdriver, this is what you need to use.


Neato! Quite brain racking - but some comments on

Walkthrough item 47:

The part about the hexagon being 6 as it has 6 sides qualifies as a "bumm schteer". In its place, there ought to be a hint about the windmill hub and leave it at that.

blockhose June 8, 2009 2:16 PM

Either there's a glitch, or I'm missing something obvious. Help!

The grey box with the 4x4 button grid - I've found the shell matrix, and have consulted the walkthrough for opening the box - but the box still doesn't open. I've depressed the two middle buttons in the second row, the last button in the third row, and the second button on the bottom row, and have been clicking on the fish button, to no avail. Anyone?


when i'm out i cant get the code. On the windmill its 2 on the gear 9. i dont get it, please help me..??


grrr do you know how annoying this last bit im on the last bit please help

the ''human'' gem and nothing is happening what am i doigng wrong?
iv made the three animals and iv created the human and iv clicked the red gem about one hundred times and nothing is happening please


To get the correct code on the balcony use the number from one of the blades of the windmill (Stop each blade with lever and look over balcony) along with the number from the gear, the number on the lever and the number on the hexagon that holds the blades.


This is by far my favorite escape game. Not just because it's the first one I've completed without a walk through, but the visuals and puzzles were highly enjoyable. Normally I just cannot follow the logic of puzzles in other escape games, but I always tend to do much better with neutral's games.



I followed your walkthrough but I can't quite open the grey box with the fish bone button, kept clicking on it but it wouldn't move. Is there anything wrong with it?


Guys having trouble with the fish box.

Are you reading the walkthrough, or are you playing the game?

Have you looked at all the clues that lead to it?

Examine the marble that you got from the shell drawer FIRST.

In other words, neutral says more game, less walkthrough!


I am seriously stuck with the frog/clock part.

I have put the frog in the right place by the plants w/ both eyes. It's pointing right at 5:00, but when I go to put the green gem in the spot, I can't get it to go in! I've been clicking furiously on the spot. I cancelled out of my game just to try and do another one all over to see if it was a glitch, but it's happened both times.


Patreon VIP Chiktionary August 9, 2009 12:11 AM

Vision is definitely one of the nicest escape games I've played. Nice touches throughout the game, and the puzzles are reminiscent of Myst, which I love.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary August 9, 2009 12:12 AM

Melissa, are you using the correct gem?

the gold encased green one that you prised out of the box under the desk?

Patreon VIP Chiktionary August 9, 2009 12:15 AM

with the tile puzzle at the end you need to make sure

that all the tiles are correctly positioned, which may mean tweaking one here and there, and then the puzzle will glow and give you a key


That was absolutely gorgeous =D Not absurdly hard nor idiotically easy, and the visuals were amazing ^^ i absolutely loved it.


And he's OUT!

That was INSANE! Lasted ages and was great fun!
I thought the easter eggs were cool...

Another great success from Neutral.

-=- Urmurim


Help, I'm stuck!

I can't get the screwdriver to turn....if it's supposed to turn. I keep clicking it but nothing happens.


OK.. this is the best room escape game of all time. there is no way dwarf complete got higher ratings then this amazing piece of electronic entertainment. the puzzle are perfect, the view box gives amazing opportunity for neutrals successor, lights. although the game might not be recommended to newcomers to the room escape genera, this is although I am repeating my self, the best room escape game of all time. (did I mention that this is the best room escape game of all time?) in conclusion,this is the best room escape game of all time.


nadia, about the screwdriver:

First of all, you mean the screwdriver part on the clock, right? If so:

Have you opened the locked cabinet with the number code yet? If you have, then you should have gotten a venus flytrap. Inspect that closely.

Look on the bottom of the pot. There's a clue there on how to get the screwdriver part off the clock. Notice where the arrow points - that's where the screwdriver is pointing on the clock. All you have to do is push the buttons to make the clock match the pattern on the pot.

Hope that helped!


Definately the best escape game I've played so far and I've played a lot of them! Excellent workmanship and puzzle design.


This is the 2nd time I have played this and both times I am stuck on the sea shell part. It tells me which buttons to press to show where the shells are, but I click over 5 minutes on the fish button and it won't open. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

nerdypants October 30, 2009 5:06 AM


The fish button doesn't open the box, it just unlocks it. You have to have the correct squares pushed (where the shells were in the case) AND you have to have the fish button facing the right way. There's a hint to this in one of the marbles, but if you really want to know,

the fish button points up.

After you've got the buttons pushed right, you should be able to open the box by clicking the edge of the box.

jason litchfield November 28, 2009 3:01 PM

What a lovely game! Dug it! Thanks, Pineapple, for that 'hint-thru'...it was the most detailed and careful that I've yet encountered! Cheers!


i cant place the gold gear on it like it said

now zoom in on the exposed gears in front of you, and put the gold gear in place, then back outside to throw the lever, then back in here to look at the gears againnow zoom in on the exposed gears in front of you, and put the gold gear in place, then back outside to throw the lever, then back in here to look at the gears again

i cannot place the gold gear on that thing.... i don't know why....

erika Garcia February 23, 2010 1:10 PM

I can't find the key pad on the second door (balcony) I went up stairs I see the door, but not the key pad HELP HELP!!!!

Anonymous April 26, 2010 7:09 PM

can someone help me with the code for the box outside?

Anonymous May 1, 2010 12:14 PM

im stuck!!!

i pushed the buttons for the 4 shells and the marble down on the fish box correctly and postitioned the fish, but the box doesnt open!!! am i missing something???


I got all the way to the end, and when I click the human head, no key.

I've checked my marble placement and shape puzzle alignment like twenty times.

Epic fail.

Rest of the game was fun though.

nonbeing June 2, 2010 4:28 AM

The best escape game I've played till date - 5/5!


how do i use the 'peg' thing once i get into the secret compartment? i have no clue what to do (this is right after picking up the second metal piece.

Anonymous August 8, 2010 6:33 PM

I try to do (now zoom in on the exposed gears in front of you, and put the gold gear in place, then back outside to throw the lever, then back in here to look at the gears again), but I cant do it! It dont works!Why Happens with That?



I just tried it, and it works. Make sure the seahorse matches the sketchbook, no lines outside the border, and check the intersection between the man's hand and the snake, and the bird's body.


Do you have the piece from on top of the left bookcase? Click it to match the pegs.

@JIGuest et al about the shiny gear

You can't stick the gear in if the others are still moving.


This is the greatest room escape game I've ever played. The gameplay is the closest thing to perfect I've encountered in this genre, and the puzzles are intriguing and logical; never too easy or hard.

It has made me a Neutral fan. I am willing to spend hours upon hours on any game he decides to release.

Just mind-blowingly amazing.


Unless I've got it all wrong, I'm pretty sure Mya is a 'she'.


I kind of like these short adventure game. I can't spin the second metal piece around. I click it and click it and nothing happens.


Then the walkthrough mentions something about putting the pegs in the second and third hole of five I'm lost as to where these five hole on the wall are.



1. Pick up the item on top of the left bookcase.

2. When the plant wall has been activated, move the base of the metal sculpture out of the way. Voila, peg holes.

Don't forget to examine items.


hi... I need help with spoiler #47..
i got all the numbers right..me thinks but somehow not really working!!! grrrrr

i got the number on the windmill, on the semi thingy, the hexagon and the number on the golden gear..but when i put the code it does NOT work!! grrrrrr




Number #50: I can't put the golden gear on the panel of the room D:!!


hmm, i stuck with frog, i put it on plant, point to left, and some beam come out from eye, hiting the clock, there i stuck, i even use help to check what to do, its say gold and green gem, but hot to get it out from frog, since i can't turn or take frog back. :)) other 2 gems ain't working :)) help


now im stuck with hexagon too, cod ain't working for me, i got 26392 but not working :(


done :) very nice game, a bit harder the others i played! gj

withkillingeyes June 11, 2011 10:17 PM

I can't open the fish box.
I have the code to open it but, it won't open!.

Help :/

Anonymous June 12, 2011 5:42 PM

I think I'm stuck..

I have put the hand crank in the floor, but I can't seem to crank it.. I'm just clicking like mad everywhere. Do I have to do something specific to be able to crank it or what? D:

Sandra T. June 13, 2011 2:29 AM

I'm stuck at the part after I get the second metal puzzle piece thing, where do I metal handle described in step 36 of the walkthrough?

(In Inventory: venus fly trap, headless wooden doll, picture frame, green and blue marbles, and seer thing)


I'm stuck!

I've done everything that the hint-through said but I just can't open the metal thing. I already have my wooden figure in position and I did clicked around it and no WHOA happened to me. What am I doing wrong? I did everything!


Oh no, i just solved the wooden guy thing. Thanks anyways!


how do i put the wooden figure back to where he was?


summer questions

Stop the gears from turning first, then you can put the missing gear in.

Use the lever outside.


Wrong gem. Gold and green = it's surrounded by gold and is green. This is a tough one, as there's no indicator of size.

Check with the sketchbook and follow the arrows.


Match the fish, too.


You got me. It should be sticking out of the floor, then you click it, then the animation starts.


On top of the left-hand shelves, where you got the plant and frog.


Guessing you needed a head...

@yee ... I'm sorry, I don't understand this question.

Aghastly June 18, 2011 5:33 AM

Umm, I'm kinda stucked on the part wherein you have to put the green and gold gem on the clock. I can seem to put the green orb on the clock. ): Why is that so?


Please read above.


Aaah this is driving me crazy! I'm stuck at the second gear box outside. I have all the right numbers I've checked a billion times. My code should be 26392. And yes I looked at the sketchbook showing that the numbers go in that clockwise spiral, but when I enter the numbers it won't open. Is there like a specific way to open it because I have tried every way I can think of. Please help :/



Make sure it is 6(VI) not 7(VII). I'm not sure if it is different every time, but mine is 27392.

moomoomilk July 18, 2011 7:12 AM

um peoples, right now im kinda having trouble...

turning the crank after the light from the clock is shining on the floorboard. i tried clicking everything possible and went around the room to check but nothing changed :(

help please?


i need help getting the screw off the clock and i put in the code from the plant but its not working! PLEASE HELP!


Ok im at the bit where the frog is pointing at the clock and the light is on it but i cant put the marble there "/ any ideas why? please help!!


@moomoomilk A huge part of your room should open.
@bloogie Make sure you have the right ones depressed, and where it starts.
@Welshey Be sure you have the correct marble. It's not like the others.


for some reason, i can't put the gem into the 5 o'clock space! i don't know if it's just my computer or if i'm doing something wrong! someone help me?


I got stuck at the beam from frog. The beam point out the 5 o'clock and I have two marble green and blue. According to the walk through. put the green and gold gem in the 5 o'clock. But I can not. What am I going to do ?


That was pretty great.
I needed the hint through a few times, but I was able to figure out a lot of it myself (perhaps from experience with previous JIG-featured room escapes).
The main trouble I had, I think, was with finding the screws, and with getting the peg-device. Also, I think the necessity of using the yellow marble is a little bit annoying, as there are only four positions for that fish, but I can see why neutral made it that way.


I'm really behind I know lol.
So I just got the wine bottle and I have no idea how to open it??


i'm stuck

i have the frog shining the light on the clock and i have the green gem/marble, but when i click the 5:00 spot, my marble wont work.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary January 1, 2012 11:29 PM

I'm having the same difficulty as Abbie:

When the frog's eyes are shining on the 5:00 spot on the clock the green gem/marble is not placeable.

A possible game bug?
I've played this game a few times and not experienced this issue before.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary January 6, 2012 1:08 AM


The marble you need to use is actually the gold-rimmed one that is on the box that you open with the green key. When you open the box, look closely and you'll see a screw on the lid. Use the screwdriver on it, close the box and retrieve the gold-rimmed green gem. That's what you use on the clock.

Thanks for bringing it up Abbie! I love Neutral's games and I really enjoyed playing this one over :-)


I keep on clicking the fish skeleton button on the fish puzzle and nothing happens! It just turns around and around and it doesn't open the box!

I've already clicked on the right squares according to the 4x4 image, restarted the page and everything after saving!



Help! I have the hand crank and I put in the hole but it won't turn!


Have you checked out malek's walkthrough above? Point #35 mentions where and how to use the crank. Hope that helps!

elle March 30, 2012 12:00 AM replied to Vmill

Hi Vmill,

Once the hand crank is in the floor, while still focused in on it, you should be able to click it on the top part of the handle and it will turn on its own. (Make sure your game screen isn't cutting off the top part of the handle...you might have to adjust your browser to zoom out).

The turning of the crank is an animation, so make sure you have everything updated in your browser (Flash, etc) to let that happen. It's possible that using a different browser -- Chrome or Firefox -- could also solve the issue.

gabri3773 March 11, 2013 12:12 PM

Best one from Neutral yet!


It is require at least 2 people to play this game. Otherwise its gonna make your head blowww

dailytherapyshop May 29, 2015 5:19 AM

I realize this game is ages old now, but I just found and played it. Made it through with no help! A very happy day in my escape career!

Goudakitty November 6, 2015 5:59 PM

This is one of he first escape games I played. I just replayed it, and it remains one of my favorites.


There is a mistake in Walkthrough step 47.
The Hexagon is not 6.
In order to find it you need to check the base of the windmill. Put the windmill on. climb the ladder. look up to the base of the windmill until you see a number.
When I played the number that appeared was 5.


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