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Weekday Escape N°133

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Weekday EscapeHi! It´s time for a break, three escape games are coming on Weekday Escape! You can escape from reality to a virtual world for a while! And then find your way out from three places and come back relaxed, and hopefuly happier a bit.

Amajeto is a classical room escape game with clean graphic and logical puzzles..
In surreal Sarameya´s game, you have to escape a forest and also make a magic potion!
And atmospheric Esklavos´ escape is a start of a long journey in post- apocalyptic world

Have a good time and enjoy!

Breakfast Jigsaw EscapeBreakfast Jigsaw Escape To escape from Amajeto´s light and clean room (and a balcony) you have to find some items, use them at right places and solve some puzzles. You have to break a number code, a letter code, a color code, a fruit code too, solve a jigsaw puzzle....there are simply all puzzles essential for a classical escape in this game. The clues are clear and logical, no need of guessing.

Mushroom in the Forrest EscapeMushroom in the Forrest Escape So, in this game you are a girl, who decides to make a magic potion. Somehow you pop up in a forest, a magic forest of course, and you have to collect the ingredients. Mostly mushrooms and pieces of wood. You´ll meet some characters, I´m not sure who or what they are.....well, you´ll see. But don´t worry, they are helpful, if you ask them nicely, and after some effort you get your potion.

Outbrake Escape 3Outbrake Escape 3 Something big had happened, some kind of apocalypse maybe, the world have changed, undeads are outside the house and you must leave right now. Luckily you have a car, so you need to find some food and weapons only, and solve some puzzles to get them. The cursor is changing, side bars for navigation, no save button, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Breakfast Jigsaw: That wasn't too hard, but the controls are still as annoying as in Amajeto's previous games.

Mushroom in the Forest: After trying everything for an hour, I'm still stuck. I've tried everything on everything else repeatedly, and it certainly looks like I already collected everything I should get without

climbing up, which I don't know how to do.

(And that's the third time I got stuck. The changing cursor doesn't help nearly enough in pointing out what to do.)

Outbrake Escape 3: Link seems to be down on their end, so I guess I'll have to wait to try it out. It's been quite a while since Esklavos last made it onto Weekday Escape, so I'm still looking forward to that.

sunnyatemycooki February 8, 2017 4:36 PM

@kktkkr: For Mushroom in the Forest

to climb up you have to build a ladder by using things from your inventory

combine 2 long thick branches with 5 branches and 10 ivies (aka ropes)


A hint for Breakfast Jigsaw

The numbers from the TV clue and the jars on the shelves are used twice.

The bottom puzzle next to the TV:

Just match the numbers with the colours.

The letter puzzle on the fridge:

Take the nth letter from each word.

4th letter from PEPPER etc.


Thanks, sunnyatemycooki. I was actually stuck on something else:

not realizing that I could unlock the option to ask for a knife

and so despite seeing all those other items I had no way of reaching them. But that's done now!

So, moving on to Outbreak Escape 3 ("Outbrake" is a typo): that took way longer than it was supposed to, all because I'm horrible at pixel-hunting. I nearly overlooked the

stick in the corner of the screen, because

  • it was so close to the car that the cursor didn't change when hovering over it,

  • it didn't have its own text when clicked (which eventually clued me in that it was a separate item), and

  • it didn't react when clicked.

As usual, one item made all the difference.


can't wait fot the walkthroughs :)




for the mushroom escape, as far as i've gotten is:

collected everything on the ground

attached the longest branch to the knife using rope (you unlock the option to ask for the knife from the chef guy who's on the furthest left screen while examining one section of the mushrooms -- i don't remember which at this point)

used knife-branch to get one of the slimy gooey mushrooms from the tops of the trees

used knife-branch WITH gooey mushroom still on it to retrieve the thin purple spotted mushroom from the tops of the trees

used ladder (2 long branches + medium branches + rope) to get the purple shell shaped mushrooms from above

there's also a green box you're holding -- at first i didn't think to click on it. you can solve the combination using the mushrooms in the middle of the far right screen

also, just a word of advice: everything has to do with the mushrooms. you'll find mushrooms holding water and a mushroom that glows and allows you to see dark places

so far i've found two locked boxes and solved them

all i have to do now is get the blue mushroom from the seated monster. in exchange i believe he wants the mushrooms on the right section of the floaty monster's screen, but i can't figure out how to detach them.

i've used every item i have on them (red mush, orange mush, white hairy mush, all three branch sizes, the rope, the matches, knife, sticky mush, and glowy mush), but nothing has worked so far.

perhaps i need to combine something or use them in a different order

after i get the blue mushroom i believe the chef will give me his pot and i can complete the game

Patreon Contributor kktkkr February 10, 2017 1:45 AM replied to Krizpy

@Krizpy I assume you're referring to

the triangular top mushroom that you ask him for, and for which his reply is the red/pink/white/yellow mushrooms? (Because it doesn't look very blue to me.)

Click the reply while it's up. He doesn't want the other four mushrooms, he wants you to answer a question about the other four mushrooms.

Same goes for the chef, you have to click his reply.

Patreon Donator Krizpy February 10, 2017 1:57 AM replied to barbara

what do you mean by

'match the colors'? i tried plugging in the amount of letters and the order forwards and backwards already, so i don't see any other numbers associated with the jars...

Patreon Donator Krizpy February 10, 2017 1:59 AM replied to kktkkr

oh thank you!

Patreon Donator Krizpy February 10, 2017 2:01 AM replied to Krizpy

whoops, power of posting


no hurry but when you get some walkthroughs, please post :)


Outbreak Escape 3: Hint for clock and safe.

The crossbow has a telescopic sight on it. Use it at the window to see two signs outside with hints.


Time to get a walkthrough done.

Breakfast Jigsaw Escape

It actually makes more sense to start on the right, so turn right from the starting screen.

Surprisingly, there's nothing useful on or under the sofa, but there's puzzles all around it.

Left of sofa: Fruit code
Top of sofa: Picture code
(It's randomized per playthrough; solve it to get a jigsaw piece (#1).)

Right of sofa: Grid code
(Clicking on the buttons turns them orange.)

Turn right.

The top and bottom cupboards don't do anything, so that leaves the drawers awkwardly mounted to the wall. (They're not really drawers since their doors open upward, but I'm going to call them that.)

Left drawer (with two "balls"): Jigsaw safe
Television (requires remote)
Under the television, there's a jigsaw piece (#2). On the right, the other three drawers are locked.

Top drawer: Binary code
Middle drawer: Direction code
Bottom drawer: 4-digit code
(The numbers are colored pink, white, black and brown.)

Turn right.

On the shelf, there's a rack with four jars on it, clearly labeled and color-coded: black pepper, brown coffee, white salt, pink sugar.
Also on the same wall, there's a stove with four oddly familiar knobs and a jigsaw piece (#3) on it.

Fridge: 4-letter code
Breakfast picture (right): corner code

Finally, look at the table. The sides of the tablecloth seem odd, and there's a jigsaw piece (#4) next to the coffee cup.

Turn right to return to the starting screen, and note the locked door.

Time to put in the codes!

Direction safe

Follow the knobs on the stove to unlock the middle drawer.


Take the jigsaw piece (#5).

Binary safe

Note the blue squares on the tablecloth, and use that pattern to open the top drawer.


Take the jigsaw piece (#6) and TV remote.

Watching TV

Thankfully, this remote already has batteries. Use it on the TV to get an image of four numbered jars: 4, 5, 2, 1.

Use it again to get an image of five dots: Yellow, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue.

Four Jars

From the TV, we know that each jar has a number:
pepper (black) = 4
coffee (brown) = 5
salt (white) = 2
sugar (pink) = 1

This unlocks the 4-digit safe (bottom drawer):

Pink White Black Brown = 1 2 4 5

Take the jigsaw piece (#7).

The numbers also help unlock the fridge:

4th letter of pepPer: P
5th letter of coffEe: E
2nd letter of sAlt: A
1st letter of Sugar: S

Lousy fridge organization

Take the jigsaw piece (#8) on the bottom shelf above the lemon.

Oddly, this fridge has four items per shelf... it's a grid!

Unlock the safe to the right of the sofa (grid code), using the location of the oranges:


Take the jigsaw piece (#9).

Also note that the bottom shelf only has fruits. Unlock the safe to the left of the sofa with the fruit code:

Banana Orange Lemon Grape

Take the jigsaw piece (#10) and key.


There are four differently colored teacups, with a jigsaw piece (#11) in the top-left one:
Yellow Blue
Green Red

Use this to open up the right breakfast picture.

The sequence of colors from the TV is Y G R Y B.
So click the ⌜⌞⌟ ⌜⌝ corners of the picture.

Take the last jigsaw piece (#12).

Use your jigsaw pieces on the drawer to the left of the TV. Solve the jigsaw to open the drawer and get the door key.

Use the key on the door, and you're out. Congratulations!


Outbrake Escape, to get the stick in the corner by the car

you need to use

the hammer


Mushroom in the Forest Escape

In case you missed the intro
You've discovered a magic plant growth formula that lets you grow taller! Now all you have to do is gather the four rare mushrooms in a pot and boil them to a pulp.


There are four main screens and you start off on the right-most one, so I'll number screens from right to left.
Each screen has five foreground trees, but only the middle three are interactable, and their trunks and roots are separate hotspots.

I'll label the hotspots as follows:
A: Left roots
B: Middle roots
C: Right roots
D: Left trunk
E: Middle trunk
F: Right trunk

Also, I will cover the entire ground level (roots) before moving up to trunks.

Apologies in advance if my mushroom descriptions aren't helpful.

(Collectible locations)

In case you're missing any:

Long Branches: S3, NPC2
Branches: S1, 1C, S2, S3, S4
Twigs: S1(x3), 1C, S2(x4), S3(x3), 3B, S4(x2), 4A
Ivy: S1, 1E, 1F, 2E, 3A(x2), 3D, 3F, S4, 4A


As mentioned, this section only covers items on the ground level.

The changing cursor doesn't update when an item is taken, so you should collect items systematically.

Screen 1:

For some reason there's branches all over the floor. Time to start collecting!

Branches and Ivy:

Main screen: Ivy x1, Twig x2, Forked branch (= Branch x1, Twig x1)
1C: Forked branch (= Branch x1, Twig x1)

Total count on ground (this screen): Branch x2, Twig x4, Ivy x1

1A: Pick up a cup-shaped mushroom with water (top left corner, bottom mushroom).

Check the box in your hands. It has four patterns and a code with four mushroom silhouettes.

(Go left.)

Screen 2:

Branches and Ivy:

Main screen: Twig x4, Branch x1

2A: The blue and white mushrooms can be clicked to get a closer look.
2B: The red and purple mushrooms can be clicked to get a closer look.
2C: Each of the four types of mushrooms on this screen can be clicked, but also has a length in its description.

NPC: A guy seated on a tree stump with walking cane in hand.

Ask about white triangular shroom: he replies with four mushrooms (red, pink, white, yellow).
Ask about long branch: he replies with a purple umbrella mushroom with dotted lines along its length.

(Go left.)

Screen 3:

Branches and Ivy:

Main screen: Twig x3, Long forked branch (= Long Branch x1, Branch x1)
3A: Ivy x2
3B: Twig x1 (upper left corner)

Total on ground for this screen: Long Branch x1, Branch x1, Twig x4, Ivy x2

3C: The four-colored mushrooms on the left can be clicked to get a closer look. (There's no description, though.)
3C: There's a clickable area on the right half of the screen. (It does nothing until you perform some other required action.)

NPC: A floaty one-eyed guy. No, he's not stuck in the tree trunk.

Ask about red umbrella mushroom: he replies with an acorn.
Ask about orange umbrella mushroom: he replies with a purple flat/seashell-shaped mushroom.
Ask about white hairy mushroom: he replies with a diagram of trees and an arrow labeled "here". (Pointing to 3C.)

(Go left.)

Screen 4:

Branches and Ivy:

Main screen: Twig x2, Branch x1, Ivy x1
4A: Twig x1, Ivy x1

Total on ground for this screen: Branch x1, Twig x3, Ivy x2

4B: Pick up a glowing green mushroom (right-most one on screen).
4C: Pick up a fuzzy white mushroom (left-most white one).

NPC: A chef.

Ask him about pot: he replies with four mushrooms. (With dotted stems.)
Ask him about fire: he replies with "Water." (He can talk! ...and it's a bit weird to trade water for fire.)

Time to solve some codes!

Let's start with that box you're holding...

The patterns on the box correspond to the mushrooms at 1B.

Wide cap, cactus-shaped, long and thick, cup-shaped.
(Which is 2,3,1,0 clicks.)
Take an acorn from the box.

Wise Guy (Screen 2) had something to ask...

Ask him about the triangle-capped mushroom. Click his reply when it appears. How many lines are on the red/pink/white/orange mushrooms?

Check the mushrooms at 3C.

They have 8/6/4/7 lines. (Click them 7/5/3/6 times.)

You get the triangle-capped mushroom.

Chef Guy (Screen 4) also had something to ask...

Ask him about the pot, and click his reply. How long are the pink/yellow/blue/beige mushrooms?

Check the mushrooms at 2C.

Little bit long / long / little bit short / short
(Which is also 2,3,1,0 clicks.)

You get the pot.

Chef Guy and Eye Guy had something to trade. (You need to have completed the relevant dialogue at least once.)

Give Chef Guy the cap with water. He gives you a matchbox.

Give Eye Guy the acorn. He gives you the red umbrella mushroom.

Eye Guy also mentioned a particular spot.

Click on the right side of 3C, revealing a hole that's too dark.
Use your glowing mushroom (from 4E) to light it up, revealing a box labeled "DO NOT TOUCH!"
Touch it anyway. What colors are those four mushrooms?

They're located at 2A and 2B.

They're white/purple/red/blue.
(Which is 0/6/1/5 clicks.)

There's a bunch of stuff in here, but you just need the white hairy mushroom. Reach in and grab it.

Getting some up-grades!

You can get hanging ivy with the long branch you got on Screen 3.
Hanging ivy locations:

1E, 1F, 2E, 3D, 3F.

For the remaining mushrooms, you will need a more specialized tool.

Go to 1A and poke the mushrooms with the long branch. The text says "It doesn't poke. I want a knife."

Ask Chef Guy for a knife. He wants the white fuzzy mushroom in return.
Give it to him, and take the knife.

Examine the long branch, and use the knife and ivy on it. (You only need 1x ivy.)
This gives you a branch with knife, which is basically a spear.

With your improved technology, you can get that mushroom down.

Poke the mushroom at 1D. It sticks to your spear!

That helps us to reach another mushroom.

Use the sticky spear to get the purple mushroom at 3E.

Which we needed to complete a trade.

Give the purple mushroom to Wise Guy, who gives you a long branch.

But that last mushroom just "doesn't poke"!

Examine your spear. Remove the mushroom from the tip and disassemble it.
Now examine the long branches. Use the short branches and ivy on it. (This time, you need all the branches and ivy.)
Now you have a ladder!
Use the ladder on 4D, and now you can just pull the flat purple mushroom off by hand.
Give it to Eye Guy, who gives you the orange umbrella mushroom.

Now that you have everything necessary, the game should warp you to the ending with only the items you need.


Use your twigs, matchbox, pot, and four mushrooms anywhere on the screen.
Bubble, bubble, bubble... Gulp!

You grow taller. And then you grow much taller. And that's why you don't try to make potions from magic shrooms.

But real friends are those who would drink your perilously potent potion just to be on eye level with you. The end.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr February 11, 2017 11:04 AM replied to kktkkr

(And as usual, I spot a typo in my own walkthrough 2 minutes after posting. It's like the negative version of POP.)


walkthrough is hard to follow on Breakfast Jigsaw. It just imply tells me to solve puzzles but not a hint/solution to make it easier. very confusing.


Outbreak Escape 3

For this walkthrough I'll do things in a different order than usual by not exploring every room first and by leaving some obvious items for later. For ease of navigation, I'll indicate which edges of the screen to click to get to each location (left/right/bottom/center). As usual, items to get are in bold.

Getting a weapon


Take the knife from the table.

[CB] Stairs:

Take the hammer from the base of the clock.
Use the knife on the right-side banister to get the fishhook.

[RRR] Garage:

Use the hammer on the lower-right corner to get the stick.
Use the stick with the fishhook to get a fishing rod.
Use the fishing rod to get the crossbow in the distance.
Check the wooden signpost, which displays a pattern of circles:


Clue hunting

[L] Kitchen:

Use the crossbow on the smashed kitchen window. Move the crosshair around the screen to find clues:
In the lower-right corner, a sign reading "Difged".
In the lower-left corner, a sign reading "6:3:8".
Click the red X on the lower-right to leave the view.

[C] Entrance:

Click the picture over the sofa and use the clue from the signpost. A round key falls out.

[BC] Bedroom:

Click the box on the dresser (left side) and use the round key to unlock it. Take a can of food from it.
Click the rectangular patch next to it to uncover a safe. Unlock the safe with "Difged", getting another can of food.
Take the black key from the left bedside table.
Take the arrow from the right side of the headboard.
Take the gloves from the right bedside table.

[BRRB] Bathroom:

Take the screwdriver next to the sink.
Open the left cupboard with the black key and take a sombrero from it.
Take the broom.
Read the clue on the shelf next to it:

5:eye 7:moon 2:wave 6:cup
4:tree 1:sun 3:fish 8:snow

Use the gloves to drain the bathtub and take the arrow.

Tidying up

[B] Kitchen:

Use the screwdriver on the panel to the left of the table, getting a scarf.

[C] Entrance:

Click the alien figure and give him the sombrero and scarf. He drops a key.
Click the panels on the door that display an eye:

hand hand eye
hand eye hand
hand hand eye
eye hand hand

(Clicking a hand panel resets the puzzle. You have to click all four eye panels consecutively.) An arrow falls from the door.

[B] Stairs:

Click on the clock face, and rotate each gear on the front until their corresponding hands are in the 6, 3, and 8 o'clock positions. Hit the white button and take the can of food from the panel that opens up.
Click the paper on the table, and place the draggable circles according to the code from the bathroom:

1:sun 2: wave 3:fish 4:tree 5:eye 6:cup 7:moon 8:snow


A can of food drops out.

[RRR] Garage:

Use the broom on the pile of leaves (on the left side) to get an arrow.
Use the broom under the car to get another arrow.
Use the key to unlock the box on the floor, and take a can of food from it.
You now have enough supplies. Click the car to escape!

Patreon Donator Nessi February 17, 2017 9:20 AM replied to kktkkr

Oh, thanks for all the hints and the walkthrough on "Mushroom in the Forest".
It took me a while to realise, you're supposed to

click the dialogue bubbles in order to solve two puzzles before I just clicked them by accident XD

and I had to use the walkthrough because the only thing I was still missing was the


and I simply

didn't notice I was holding a box all along... :D

Also, thanks to all of you who are eagerly posting and reviewing new games. I have to admit, I didn't really check on Jayisgames since around Christmas due to a rather busy semester, but I'm really happy to see this much activity going on here again! \(^_^)/

andr01d April 7, 2017 5:15 AM

Enjoyed Mushroom in the Forest. I like the artwork and the seemingly-sparse field with lots of hidden goodies. Nice attention to detail on the mushrooms, the only bits of color in the game. The navigation was a little clunky and I found the back-and-forth a bit tedious, since the fourth screen doesn't "wrap around" to the first (like in a room escape with four walls.) Still the puzzles were logical and I love the atmosphere.


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