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Weekend Download

JohnBWhat do you get when you cross prehistoric man with a group of combative ants and drop them in a few procedurally generated (and possibly space-themed) areas? I have no clue, but this edition of Weekend Download will probably be the closest thing to an answer you'll ever find.

overgod.gifOvergod (Windows/Mac/Linux, ~1MB, free) - A smart little shooter where you control a ship armed with a tiny gun facing handfuls of big enemies. Think classic Asteroids, only now the chunks of rock fire back. Choose from a selection of spacecrafts, each with a different ability, then fly around shooting everything that moves. Nab power-ups to stay in the game, and play it defensive for a better chance at surviving. Simple, but satisfying!

ancientantsadventure.jpgAncient Ants Adventure (Windows, 14MB, free) - An isometric shooter with strategy/tactical elements and upgradeable weapons. You are the commander of battle ants on a quest to rescue soldiers. Battle bugs using a variety of weapons, gather gold to upgrade and unlock new tools to unleash havoc on the baddies. For the record, this game is far more fun than it should be allowed to be.

cavemancraig.jpgCaveman Craig (Windows, 7.5MB, free) - Lead your tribe of caveman as they survive the harsh prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs, dinosaurs, and more dinosaurs. Train cavemen as gatherers, hunters, and preparers, then teach them their skills to turn them loose for the good of the tribe. A great blend of action adventure gaming and a lite 2D simulation.

mujakwi.gifSpace Game: Mujakwi (Windows, <1MB, free) - Imagine if you crossed old-school Metroid with a procedurally-generated shooter. Next, download Mujakwi and stop imagining, because that's exactly what it is. Explore the surface of a randomly generated planet in search of loot while taking out enemies along the way. Part of the TIGSource Procedural Generation competition.

laserbunny.jpgLaser Bunny - Adventures in the Alien Death Mines! (Windows, 4MB, free) - Give a rabbit a laser and drop him in a series of randomly generated mazes and what will he do? Probably run around shooting alien-like creatures in a sort of Pac Man-type arcade shooter. Keep moving upwards to avoid the looming water, and grab power-ups to help you survive. Another entry in the TIGSource Procedural Generation competition.


pixinet June 14, 2008 4:09 PM

Hey, all those games are free !


Yeah.... that is probably a good thing..... unfortunately there is only one Mac Game!!!


caveman craig is pretty nifty, for awhile. once i had about 20 hunters, and 7 each gatherers and preparers, it got pretty boring. nothing was a threat to that many hunters, the preparers could take care of anything brought to them in short order, and the only worry about the gatherers was that for some reason they seemed to want to rush right into the jaws of death during a t-rex attack, so i'd have to retrain most of a new crew. still, it's worth playing for awhile, and a deeper sequel could be awesome.

omgitsgir June 15, 2008 1:14 AM

I downloaded Overgod thinking that it would be amazing. And it is, for the most part. The movement is great and well-tuned, and the powerup system is balanced, if not a bit abstract.

The only problem I have with it is the sheer difficulty. Either I really suck at this game, or it's way way way too hard. I've got a long history of tearing through shooters with little to no problem, yet I can't push my way past level 2 of this game. Most of the difficulty arises from the pathetic range of your weapon (and no way to increase it, for that matter), and the general overabundance of enemies right from the start, all of whom take a good deal of damage and aim directly at you.

Granted, you ARE cast into the role of a mere human trying to overthrow the gods themselves, but let's get real. There needs to be some sort of practice mode or something. I'm still trying to imagine how to tackle multiple enemies, let alone a single one with at least 3 times my own firing distance that fires straight at me, as well as in a few other directions.

Seriously, I really want to enjoy this game, but it's like trying to enjoy running into a brick wall repeatedly. Sure, it's possible, but it's going to take a lot of practice and a whole lot of painkillers.

And if anyone has any winning strategies, please share. I am hopelessly lost, and any guidance will be greatly appreciated. I'll even send you candy.

Anonymous June 15, 2008 1:16 AM

Ok, I could not get Caveman Craig to work despite everything. Some kind of kernel32 error. Emailed the creator about it and he told to reinstall Windows... uhuh. Well, since nothing else on my computer is actually malfunctioning, I don't think that's going to happen. If anyone else experiences this error could you please say something here. I can't be the only one.


I wish there was more variety. These are all the same kind of game!

And of course I could do with more Mac games, as well.



Quoted directly from the readme 'PAQ' is:
"Q: Is it actually possible to finish this game?
A: Yes, just very difficult. Keep on practising! Time Attack never ends, though."

This game is designed to be incredibly difficult. Thinkg Jumper Redux and IWTBTG. Your range is pathetic, though if you specialize with your secondary weapon (red symbols), with the odd yellow ones, you can get quite far.
My record so far is level 4.

omgitsgir June 15, 2008 3:30 PM


Thanks for the reassurance about the difficulty. I actually read the PAQ, but I made the mistake of assuming he meant the difficulty was at least reasonable >_>

Anyway, thanks for the tips as well. I guess I never really thought about specializing with the secondary weapons even though they all pretty much tear through the enemies if used properly. The reload time on most of them put me off at first, but now I realize you can improve that stat as well.

Good luck, fellow adventurer.


After several attempts that ended up with me being killed by first t-rex or rival gang, i managed to get like 10 hunters made, and from then on, the game became easy. About 10 hunters, 4-5 gatherers and preparers, and you can just sit back and watch your stone-age civilization grow. The most annoying thing after that point is your gatherers CONSTANTLY dieing...

Caveman Craig - Game Statistics
Total Time Elapsed: 01 : 37 : 50
Total Cavemen: 59
Total Hunters: 20
Total Gatherers: 30
Total Preparers: 9
Total Deaths: 69
Total Kills: 884


Why did your game finally end? Did you kill Craig on purpose?
And were all those gatherers actually trained and doing things? With about 20 hunters and just 7 or so gatherers, I started having trouble training more gatherers because the independent ones would do everything before I could teach the untrained ones anything. Plus I hardly ever had any bushes to harvest. I could usually get them trained on meat without too much trouble, but berries were nearly impossible.

fuzzyface June 18, 2008 7:14 AM

I also had the same experience to caveman craig, interesting start, than one or two challenges, then after 12 or so hunters very boring.

You can train a lot of gathers when well the current ones almost all diesd. Then click down 20 or 30 new ones, and train them all at once. Only 5 have to really work. But soon enough their numbers will start drop again...

Also can't resist to mention: Humans even "cave-mans" never met any dinosors, there are some million years in betweeen. So I'd appreciate it more if it would buffalos, "tooth-tigers" or so you'd fight. Secondly man never lived *in* caves, they only went there to make drawings and first people believed thus they lived there...


The easiest strategy to succeed in Caveman Craig:

Hunters are the most important people you can possibly have. Get as many hunters as possible, and you will succeed.

. I'd like to see more features in Caveman Craig, since it clearly has a lot of potential, and is an awesome game right now. Maybe new technology? Spears and stuff. I also want to let my tribe-mates teach new cavemen, saving me some time. Maybe custom AIs, like how to deal with different enemies. Example: "If rival tribe attacks, move to cave and attack from cave, until no rival is within range for 3 seconds". This is effective if you have a statue, since it stops enemy rocks from entering too, which is useful.


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