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Adventures of Alex

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Rating: 3.7/5 (48 votes)
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AdamBAdventures of AlexI've said it before and I'll say it again: if there is a law that forbids it, there should be a game that promotes it. Take, for example, using love-heart power to fly into the sky and urinate on goal posts. I love doing that, and thanks to the Adventures of Alex, from the presumably like-minded developers at Hangame, I can now enjoy this activity without all the lawsuits, and so can you! What an age we live in.

No, seriously, that's what this game is about. Actually, Alex has to go to the cheese shop to buy some cheese for his mother. What a nice boy. But the cheese shop is high in the sky and is being defended by flying chickens and people with magnetic headphones. You must navigate past clouds and various enemies, while collecting coins and heart energy, on your way to the holy cheese place ...and back.

Adventures of AlexThe controls are simple enough: [up], [left] and [right] arrows are the only keys you'll need, coupled with a whole heap of stamina. You see, Alex's adventure is not an easy one. If he runs out of heart energy before reaching the top—or on his way back down—he (you) will have to start again. As in, from the very start of the game at the very first level. Did I mention the cheese costs thousands of dollars? So be sure to collect all of the coins that you can on the way up, or you won't be allowed in the shop. There are fifteen levels in all, and each one presents an incredible challenge.

Analysis: Take note, the game is cute as a button, but is severe in difficulty. Your heart reserves enable you to float for about thirty seconds and there are plenty of pick-ups to be had, so that's not the problem; however, the clouds that you must navigate around are nasty. They suck energy fast and if you happen to get stuck inside one, you're pretty much dead, especially on the way down. The enemies are all individually annoying, but can be carefully maneuvered around with practice.

The thing is, as punishingly difficult as it is, there is something oddly compelling about the game that makes you want to keep on playing. It may be the "I'm sure I've heard it before" music or the delightfully fluffy graphics, but there is something—probably the urinating on the goal posts at the end of every level—that keeps the desire to play quite high.

If you're up for a bit of laughably fun, adorable arcade-style cuteness, all with a bunch of peeing on goal posts, urine for a treat. I think you'll be hooked, too.

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It's fun, but starting at the VERY beginning after a little mistake is devastatingly frustrating. Also, peeing on the goal posts after every level doesn't appeal to me.


for some reason i can't move... at all
:( really sad


Heh, I suppose it's "casual" in that it's Flash, the characters and art are cute, and the gameplay is simple, but the quick deaths and forced restart from the beginning are just absolutely brutal in like a 1980's computer game kind of way. :)


Wasn't this game reviewed already?

I have an odd feeling of deja vu...


Also, Alex definitely needs a prostate exam. He's urinating waay too frequently.


I can't move Alex either, not one of the keys on my keyboard is responding in the game. I'm using Firefox by the way. Testing it now on Internet Explorer 7... And it is working in IE... weird...

I too know this game already, or maybe a similar game. Can't remember for sure it was reviewed here though.


baba4713 - I was feeling the same thing, so I searched the site and found that it was mentioned in a Link Dump Friday:



Yeah, I don't see what is compelling about urine. Seems sort of gross and unnecessary. That keeps me from playing. Thanks for the warning!

obtusegoose April 24, 2008 11:14 AM

Peeing on the goal posts is very bizarre and out of place. The game also needs some 'check points' so you don't have to start over at the bottom of the screen. It's too annoying to keeping starting the level again and again.

ScarletPoppy April 24, 2008 12:00 PM

For some reason I cant move either. I pressed every key on my keyboard and it just failed to respond.

Shame, I really wanted to play with urine :(


Actually, I like the fact you have to start over again. I like games you cannot brute-force through.

I mean, seriously, every level by itself is a cakewalk. If the game didn't restart, it would be zero-challenge. Also, it's quite short - just keep going up (down), remember that ONLY clouds kill you and don't collect hearts if not necessary!

Things to ponder:
1) Why is the cheese-lady laughing after giving you the cheese? Is it because she basically ripped you off?

2)Why do you have to collect coins AFTER you bought the cheese? Mom wants a refund?

3)Fluffy clouds kill you but getting hit by lightning only lightly discomforts you?


I'm also quite stupified by the uncanny telepathic powers of the cheese-lady. God forbid you try to pass a coin without picking it up, she's already screaming "Not enough money!" Hell, woman, settle down a bit!

I think she works with the clouds, and the cheese-getting is all a big ploy to kill Alex because everyone's sick of him constantly urinating everywhere. And she's laughing because she heard those magic pink clouds have been deployed and Alex is about to bite the dust.


okidoke all i have to say is he has to take a wiz kiz from all the obstacles


I've said it before, and it's worth saying again. This game puts the "cute" in "electrocute"!


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