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Amberial: Nebulosa Realms

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Amberial 2 banner

PatrickAmberial: Nebulosa Realms is the latest from OddGoo and sequel to the first Amberial game released last June. The mechanics of the original are put to an olympic workout; rolling a ball around has never felt so fresh. From the terrestrial furnace to the skyways, to outer space and distant nebulae, this game explores both increasingly exotic settings and increasingly clever level design.

AmberialThe [left] and [right] arrow keys move your ball. Since you lack the ability to jump you must bend the bouncing physics to your will in order to get around. There is an orange swirl somewhere in each level—similar to the one carved on ball that you navigate—and you must get there while avoiding hazards and the ever present bottom-of-the-screen. Each level throws new variations and gadgets at you, demanding adaptation, while several play with gravity, throwing you up and down in rythmic alternations.

Getting to the end of each level within the time limit gets you a bonus medal, and there is also a special exit (marked with a big "A") that represents an achievement as well. Completing all levels with all possible accolades unlocks secret content, available in the uppermost menu tab, including the Tower Of Glory.

Analysis: Amberial is to platformers as Sonny is to RPGs: the zenith of the genre implemented in Flash. There is only a small flaw to mention before I gush on the greatness: I wish the camera would scroll down a bit more so I can see where I am liable to fall and move accordingly. Otherwise, this is purity; the game takes an absolute minimal approach to mechanics. From the basic theme of a ball bouncing, with a glassy audio effect you come to love, a multifaceted gameplay is worked out in 22 finely crafted levels. One level introduces speed boosting and unfolds around that; another is based upon bounce-pads, launching you from asteroid-to-asteroid, then tops it all off with some bumper-based wall-jumping. A few more levels takes the classic maze or obstacle-course approach, but fits them within an interesting combination of impediments. You never feel like things are becoming repetitive. There's even a boss fight at the end of the "official" levels. Once you've completed all the levels you can go back and try to attain mastery of them in an attempt to finally reach the top of the Tower of Glory, which appropriately tops out your mental calibration to the dynamic and consummates it with a happy smile of accomplishment.

Dig into one of the best platform games ever to appear in a browser.

Play Amberial: Nebulosa Realms


Audio off: Main Menu > Settings > Music


The stages are colossal compared to the first game. I can't even figure out where to go sometimes. I guess I'll have to explore a bit, eh?


Wow, the levels are HUGE! (especially 11) A "free-scrolling" mode would help a lot, although it would take the fun out of finding the Aces... And what's that

JustMadeSoYouDontFeelThereIsNothingMore Mode???Curiosity is killing me! Perhaps it's a level builder?


finally someone mentioned turning off music because you are listening to itunes. I podcast whilst i casually game play.


The game is fun, and I like the method of exploration, but the only problem is that it doesn't hold my interest; after I die for the third time on a stage that tends to involve waiting for updrafts to blow the ball in the right direction, I tend to want to play something else. Aside from my relatively short attention span, the game plays smoothly and responds the way I want it to.


That JustMadeSoYouDontFeelThereIsNothingMore Mode is unlockable. More specifically:

Completely clear the game (including the Tower of Glory ace and time trial) to get it. Toggle it on to make the ball invisible.


Wow--cool. Normally I can't stand platformers but this one is amazing. Too time consuming for me to stick with it, but worth a return visit!


Thank you guys for featuring my game!

You make game development a very rewarding experience =)


If a game keeps me up unreasonably late, it's good.

But this game was just finally enough to force me out of silence...


My plea to game developers:
Please make the interface match the game!
keyboard game = keyboard menus
mouse game = mouse menus

OddGoo, your game is wonderful, just let us press enter to retry a level! (or arrow over to level select)


Sonny is the zenith of Flash Role-Playing Games (RPGs)? Is that a joke?!

I just finished Sonny the other day and, while it's a good casual RPG, it's definitely not the zenith of Flash-implemented RPGs in general. There's no way to argue Sonny even begins to compare to Dofus, for instance. Maybe it's time JIG updates its review of Dofus.
(Warning: Before you go researching, make sure you have a few years of free-time: Dofus is highly addictive.)

macaaroni: In case you missed it, you can press [left] + [right] to retry a level.


line 2 coloumn two.

Introduction of the gravity reversers.

where's the A?


tdogg: That doesn't seem to work. I can't find any in-game instructions explaining it either. + doesn't do anything for me.


@ Ashiel:

At the top-left corner. When you reverse gravity, go left.


YAY! A perfect clear! Now I'm going to replay the game with the JustMadeSoYouDontFeelThereIsNothingMore Mode turned on. And the Ball Tray activated (otherwise it would be imopssible!).

It feels like you're controlling a tiny ball! It gives a very nice effect.


Epic week for flash games


macaaroni: No, no, no. :)
Just press the left arrow and the right arrow at the same time (only works after you die).

You're right about it not being in any "in-game" instructions, but if you read below the .swf of the game, further down the page, it says so under "Game Instructions" - here's a direct link.


you know...

We need a walkthrough, or pictures, of where all the A's are. And row 2, number 3... i've found the A, but can't get it.



Does anyone know where the final Ace is in the Tower of Glory II? I can trigger the switch but, for the life of me, can't seem to uncover the elusive letter.


GAH. 2...4. I can't get the A. Its right under the lift... and i can't get it. Any tips?


Please help I have no idea how to do level 12. I have been stuck on it for 2 days and I still can't figure it out.


Thank you tdogg!


Nevermind, found it.

For the curious:

The final A is atop the perch on the left side that has the four spiked balls weaving back and forth


A tip for those annoyed by the boss:

Try to fall into the far left or right sides of the boss, and you might score multiple hits.

Some of the trickier Ace locations that haven't been mentioned yet:
7. Highway

Hit the switch. The A appears above the first updraft--use the second updraft a screen away to gain enough height to bounce over to it.

8. Colony

Jump from the updraft to hit the spring platform.

9. Asteroid Hop

Launch yourself leftward from the powerful yellow spring.

11. There was a ship

Near the bottom left corner of the stage. An unstable platform is a screen above it and conveniently lined up with the A.

12. Suspended

Move right to the first spring, then bounce your way back to the starting position. Bounce yourself upward along the edge of the level. At the top, bounce between the platform and small ceiling to slow your vertical movement until you can move right to get the A.

13. alternative pink

Hit the switch and look at the platform above it. There's a small gap between the spring and the two spikes--when you get to that point, bounce off that bare patch to reach the A.

16. The Duel

Way off to the far right, past the arena. Bounce carefully.

Ex1. Past Masters

Hit the switch and return to the starting position.

Ex4. Kongregating

Below Oddgoo's achievements. Move quickly, or else you won't be able to bounce high enough.

AllBadger April 1, 2008 9:37 PM

Anyone have any tips on getting the speed bolt for Level 13 Alternative Pink - that's all I need and my fingers are going numb trying to get it.

bobdavis April 2, 2008 3:38 PM


that was my last one too. it's a b#%&!. i think the time to beat is around :30. no shortcuts that i know of... just run through the level as you would normally, skipping the button to show the Ace.

Anonymous April 2, 2008 5:49 PM

How does the Black and White level work? I can't figure it out.


The special platforms in Black and White serve the same function as they did in level 6: gravity switching.

bacon warrior April 3, 2008 4:56 PM

You should be able to know your record time for a level. Also, medal times for the Aces.

On another note, any tips on how to do the very first jump on the Tower of Glory? I can get up the Column of Death, but I can't make it to that next teleporter.


bacon warrior,

You have to get really close to those spikes before you try to jump over, touching just the tip of the one pointing down. Sometimes you get too close and blow up.

Now, where is that ace? anyone?

RedTomato April 4, 2008 11:01 AM

I dont usually like these games but this was lovely. I've completed all of it except Tower of Gory.

I still don't fully understand the black and white level :) The floating level was lovely, reminded me of electrostatic repulsion back in my college physics class.

Hardest normal level to get a speed run on was Pink Alternative. Oddly, there's no alternative course through it.

The secret was to realise you only need to clear one part of the first barrier (the three vertical plates) i.e. fall down from the start, hit the top plate, hit the bouncer, then go through the gap revealed.
That should let you catch the first lifter, rather than wait for the second lifter. The rest is easy after that. I got a 27 second time with a bit of luck and aiming for the gaps in the top of the middle part of the stage.

Anyone fancy helping create a walkthrough for the Tower of Glory? It's HARD.
1. To go up and up.

Several routes through here are possible. Mine is: from the start, bounce once, then straight up the left side of the teleporter. You may need to go to the right side of the topmost spiked ball.

2. First jump

Jump off just under the spikes, grazing the right spike a little, pause a bit in middair, then hit right again just before landing on the right side of the small platform to get speed up for the second jump to the teleporter platform

3. Jumping the beams I

As you rise up the small teleporter, jump left just as you pass the small platform for the second teleporter. Hold down left to get all the way to the third small teleporter.

4. Going up and up again.

I'm not very good at this, and I dont think I have the timing point right. From the top of the small teleporter, wait for the bottom spiked ball to just leave the right side of the teleporter, then jump, and DODGE!

5. Easier bit:

Jump over to the main teleporter, go up it, pop in and out till the two right rods are about to go down, then jump right over them and into the rightmost telporter, up, and back into the main teleporter.
Pop in and out till you;re going up just below the spiked ball. You go up a little bit faster than it but not much. Try to work out a way of remember how far down it it comes - about a diameter below the little platform. Follow it up, and out onto the platform. Phew!

6. Jumping the beams II

Over and up to the long thin left hand teleporter. Up to the series of small teleporters with spikes at both ends. On the long thin beam, practice popping in and out and staying within the vertical dimensions of the small beams. This is as far as I've come, as I die every time on these small beams.

7. ??


I'm still completely stuck on the speedbolts for 13 and Ex3. Someone said there's no trick to 13, but I can't break 30 seconds running it normally. Also, is there a shortcut or trick to Ex3, because I feel I'm running it perfectly and I still don't get the speedbolt.


RedTomato's guide to "Pink Alternative" is impossible for me. I hit the topmost transparent block on the first bounce and then move back over to the purple bouncer. But the ball doesn't get boosted by the bouncer. It just bounces as if there was no bouncing pad there at all. If I wait for another bounce it works, but by then I've lost valuable time.

Can someone give a complete step-by-step guide for beating Level 13 in under 30 seconds?


Can anyone tell me how to get the ace in Suspended? I've tried everything I can think of.

Charles April 9, 2008 7:32 PM


Here's what worked for me:

you have to bounce off of the platform that the orange swirl is on, without hitting the swirl, and bounce back and forth between it and the topmost platform until practically all of your momentum is spent.
Then, you can move left towards the "A". It may take a couple of tries to get it right, but you'll get there . . . promise.

Charles April 9, 2008 7:45 PM


when I hit the topmost transparent block, I hold there and keep bouncing against it, rather than trekking all the way across to the purple bouncer.
If you hold there hard enough, you can get over the "pillar" there, and back into the center of the course. And you should have saved enough time that you're in play for a speedbolt.

Charles April 9, 2008 7:57 PM


On Ex3 (We Need Green), you have to get there in under 27 seconds. There's no shortcut that I can see,

but the main place you lose time is in the home stretch, after you're "lifted up" by the gate. If you think about it, everybody's running the same time up to that point, as long as they're playing smart, so it's what happens from here on out that seizes the day.
I just ran it again, and I could only get the speedbolt score about 1 out of 12 tries. I was getting 27.09 seconds, and similar scores, one after the other.
anyway, down the home stretch, the key seems to be getting from the far left lowermost green circle across to the smaller circle in the middle in just one jump. That is, the first time you touch the lowermost circle, you have to gun it all the way over and get to that small circle right away. if you catch your breath, and then go, it's too late.
Then, the agonizing part is when the ball slowly floats up from there towards the orange swirl . . . and you have to wait for it to come down on the larger circle. At this point, the only variable left for you is to get the ball as directly as possible to the orange swirl.
Oddly enough, that's the hardest part for me; I tend to over-control . . . when you just have to guide it carefully.
Hope this helps.


On Ex3, it actually is possible to catch the bouncing platform off the double green jump, shaving a lot off your time. It's tricky to stop yourself from flying off of it, and I don't know if it's any harder than just improving your time other ways.

I don't find speed at the start to be crucial in Lvl 13 (alternative pink). I take about 5 seconds to get over the bottom spikes. Then make sure to keep going; you'll bounce just barely over the two orange balls and shoot past them to catch the wire.
It is vital to catch the first rising platform; just shoot for it even if you don't expect to make it (though I once got 32 sec. even after missing it.)
Once you ride the platform up, the most important part is to bounce up quickly and head over the top disappearing block. This should be one bounce up, then two bounces on the highest pad on the left side (one to clear the block, one to head over to the upper bounce pad with the wire just above it). Once you're there, it's a pretty straight shot to the top; just make sure to release properly from the wire so that you fall to the bottom bounce pad.

I can't get a speed run on Gravity -1. Is there any good technique for it (and does anyone know the time needed)?


Charles - thanks for the tips but I'm still completely stuck on PinkAlternative. I've been working at this for a few days and it's really frustrating. Could someone just give a literal step-by-step walkthrough for beating that level in under 30 seconds? Like exactly which bumpers and tiles did you hit at the two key areas: 1) The first shaft with the three transparent tile wall and one bumper, and 2) the second shaft with the one bumper at the bottom and the two tranparant tiles in the left wall.



Any help for Black & White? I can't get past the radiating thing after the second set of fade away yellow things.



On Gravity -1, I just ran it again, and got a speedbolt with a time of 27.06. I can't remember what my original speedbolt score was.

As to techniques:

There are a couple of bottlenecks where you can really lose time. The first is getting into the elvator on the right side of the structure that takes you past the swirl. If you rattle around in there, and don't make it directly into the elevator on the first try, you'll never make up the time.
Same thing on the other side of the structure once you've reversed gravity; if you don't get straight into that elevator, any rattling-around time will kill you.
In between, you simply have to get across the middle of the structure (when gravity is "up") with no more than 1-2 touches on the bounce pads.

Not sure what else to tell you . . . I hope this little bit helps somehow, and I wish you luck.


Thanks, Charles. Actually I figured it out. I hadn't realized there was the down elevator on the other side and had tried to finish by squeezing through the hole before the right side comes up. It works if you get lucky and probably would beat the time if you make it within the first few shots.

I finished all the levels now. Although I had a lot of help with the Tower - some Flash bug is making it run ten times slower than normal.

RedTomato, for the last beam part :

Head into the beams from the bottom about when the lower spinner has passed the main beam moving left. At some point you'll have to fall a bit so you can continue; I think coming off the main beam is probably where you have to do it.

For the section after that:

There isn't one, really. At least nothing tough. Just beams to pass through but there's no spikes above so you can float to the top of each one if you like.

To get the 'A'

The button is visible off to the right side when you jump the popup 'matchsticks'. I suppose it's possible to catch the beam just under it but it's easier to fall down around the edge to the right and back to the lower set of beams. This also lets you see where the 'A' appears - atop the stops for the beam that has four spinners in it, on the left side. It's the place that has three small blocks stacked up.


I'm with Rein. I can't get past that thing that's before the unlocking thing on Black and White. Can anyone help me?


Free Speedbolt on Any Level.

I spend a week trying to get the Level 13 speedbolt with no luck. I finally resorted to trying to hack a solution.

The game has a minor bug which allows your ball to be destroyed even after you've finished a level. Your ball can be re-destroyed by a moving enemy like the orange balls on Pink Alternative even after completeing the level. This results in two message boxes on the screen - the normal completed level message, and a second level failed message in the upper left corner. Combine this with the fact that dying stops the clock and you have your hack.

Complete Level 13 in any time. Wait for an orange enemy to smash into you. Then click the "Reply" button on the completed level dialouge box. Time freezes at .01 seconds.

I assume this works for any level with moving enemies.



Regarding Black & White . . . I swore never to play that level again once I completed it, but from what I can remember:

to simply complete the level, don't worry about tripping the "A" switch at all. Simply bounce along the top of the horizontal bar that brackets the "A" switch and those irritating-as-hell force radiators (whatever you call them).
I think you'll find that to be a LOT easier than trying to survive that A-switch gauntlet.
NOW . . . to actually go in there and get the A-switch, the only thing that worked for me was to bump against those pulse-waves until I had enough momentum to start bouncing UP rather than down, and then used that momentum to burst out of there.
And remember, you can go backwards here as easily as you can go forward . . . then you just head back to the top of the horizontal bar, and proceed as before.

I hope that makes sense, and I hope it helps.


Does anyone else think the spiral on the ball bears a striking resemblance to the JIGmans's head in the JIG logo.

Is that how JIGman entertains himself in his spare time?

Anonymous April 21, 2008 3:23 AM

how do you get regular win, meaning "no ace" on 16 the duel


Has anyone come across a list of thunder completion times? It's getting annoying trying to complete levels and not knowing if I'm even close.


1: 00:05
2: 00:05
3: 00:06
4: 00:23
5: 00:13
6: 00:34
7: 00:14
8: 00:30
9: 00:22
10: 00:30
11: 00:14
12: 00:12
13: 00:30
14: 00:20
15: 00:21
16: 00:50


How do I beat level 10: Nebulosi nidus?! I can't get past the third wave gauntlet! Also, how many hits does it take to kill the boss in level 16?


for those of you who need help on the speed bolt of alternate pink. if you time it right, you know where the bouncer is for where it is one bouncer one glass thing, like vertically up. well if you time it right and go side to side on the bouncers and hit the last one on the right and hold the left button, you should make it to the very top instead of having to go through a certain last part of the level, reducing ur time by a lot.


How to get to the extra game mode:

To use the "JustMadeSoYouDontFeelThereIsNothingMore Mode," go to the main menu and click settings, then toggle the mode to "Yes." This makes the ball invisible during game play. When you toggle the mode on, the "ball tray" setting auto turns off, which is the yellow spots that follow the ball. So if being completely invisible is too tough, toggle both options on.

djpokeboy April 13, 2010 3:01 PM

wow... this is the best game i have ever played it's addicting and awesome the original was one of the first games i ever played and this is even more awesome!


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