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Rating: 4.2/5 (90 votes)
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TrickyAmeaI think that we've all experienced the terror of waking up from a strange dream, not being quite certain for a moment where we are. Fortunately, we usually find ourselves in our own bed, rather than a mysterious town that seems a cross between Hyrule and Silent Hill. For Amea, titular protagonist of Godlimations' new action fantasy-horror RPG, sadly this is the case. Like so many other protagonists, she has amnesia... and if a look outside is any indication, there may be a few things she'd be happy not remembering.

Amea is controlled with the [arrow] keys to explore the dark world she finds herself in. Since this dark world is filled with enemies, she soon must find a way to defend herself. Using the [spacebar] to open the inventory screen, she can assign various weapons, shields, and spells to the [A], [S], and [D] keys, to various effects, as well as check out her equipment, world maps, and other information. A truly exhaustive list of combos can be found in the game documentation: for example, holding down your weapon key engages you in a flurried combination attack, tapping the weapon key while crouching activates a leg sweep, hitting down and attack before crouching activates a stab attack and so on. The [I] key brings up the quest log, along with a somewhat confusingly-oriented area map. Finally, the [Q] key changes the quality level. I mention this since you'll probably have to use it: all the spooky effects come at a CPU price.

Amea, like many of Godlimation's releases, is a game that reaches spectacular heights while shooting itself in the foot quite a bit: There is a serious demonstration of gamecraft in the formulation of Amea's world, filled as it is with effectively designed shadowy horrors, pitched battles, twisty turns of plot, and a pervading sense of menace that few games have managed to achieve. However, the very shadows of the world make it difficult to navigate, the pitched battles are unbalanced (having the right shield counts for far more than it should), the plot is undercut by the mediocre voice-acting, and, while atmospheric, an audience can only take so much of a dark, bloody and dreary world before they need some respite.

I like Amea, I really do. It has a lot going for it, even if it will not be for everyone. However, those who don't mind a little glitchiness in pursuance of effective horror shouldn't wait to check it out.

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Ugh, the game keeps freezing on me when I'm in the menu.


The premise of the game seems exciting, but the interaction is so lacking. I can't use a mouse to move about the menu system meaning lots of left, left left, left, left, right. I also got 5 level up points and one spell, but zero way to use the points. The attacks are awkward as the characters making motions end up past each other and then jump back because they collided. I also don't understand the quest map, it didn't really help me figure out where I had been or was going.

After I 'died' once, I just didn't have any real desire to continue. If more time had been spent on interaction and clean battling, jumping, etc., instead of 19 different attack moves, I might have continued.

BuenoCabra February 23, 2011 5:05 PM

Is anyone else expecting Garrick to say, "You are tearing me apart, Amea!"


Not a bad start. I look forward to when they finish the plot, get the real actors together (so they no longer have to cover up the worst ones with voice filters that make them all sound like clogged toilets), put an ending in, rebalance the combat, and finish the interface so they no longer have to lift elements from old Legend of Zelda games that weren't built for the PC platform.

Wait, what did you say?


(Also, this game might hold the winner of

"Derp-iest looking final boss ever".



Full points for art and atmosphere. Sounds and music thoroughly contribute to this as well. Really love the battle music.

Gameplay can be quite challenging at first go but quickly drops off, to an extent that I became slightly disappointed by the end of my run. The horror of the mid-game battles helped to get the power of the story across and this is unfortunately lost a bit as you go on.

My biggest issue, however, was with the written dialogue. It walks the rather precarious line of corn and occasionally falls into the pit of cheese on the other side. Really detracts from the visceral power of the world that's been created here to be smashed over the head with a single Aesop hammer a good twenty or thirty times through the course of play.


The controls could use little tweaking but I generally had no problems handling it. I found fireball far too overpowered, 10 or so points in that and a rapid shooting speed I was practically unstoppable.

However I discovered a significant glitch. Fighting the boss in the dungeon:

the fish guy - we both died at the same time, the game began playing a cut scene but then faded to the game over screen and then pulled back to a house with zombie iglor. The cult had apparently gone from being my ally to my enemy and I apparenty missed out on quite a bit of story/exposition. I know the story isn't 5 star material bit it is a little frustrating playing that far then missing the main plot event.

If any one can fill me in would appreciate it. Don't really want to start the game over again.


This was weird.
The battle style was kinda annoying. It is very agravating to be fighting and get all smashed up in your enemys face. It lead to me getting stuck a few times and losing a chunk of health. Visualy and music wise there was nothing to complain about. However story wise it was a little lacking. The plot is easy enough to follow but was left was with a ton more 'wait, what?'s then 'oh's in the end.It also annoyed me that you could only level to 60 which left you one skill point short of maxing everything out(I guess it was figured 6 skills equals 60 points to max, but you start at level 1 soooo...). For who ever was stuck with skills you just had to hit shift, or any key I think, when you were on them in the menu.

Other annoying things

I couldn't find the last shild and the last two armors(and I'm assuming they existed as I had empty slots). This would have been fine if I was able to retrace my steps and get them but you find your self traped on that island. You are unable to go any place but the town and the snow place(minus the caves). Agravating, because if I didn't have the below cheat they would have been very helpful.

cheats I guess

when in battles you can hit menu and if you have two or more cloaks you can just switch to a previous one and then back to one you are using, then exit menu. Presto instant full heal!
Also for the final battle against the master all you have to do is spam the lightening spell(mine was at level 10 if that matters). As long as you have the final gloves you wont take any damage and the boss will be unable to attack you. Easiest boss battle of the entire game.

Overall the game was entertaining but I'm shocked I bothered to play it to the level of completion that I did.


This was a pretty good game, as far as a free casual pseudo-RPG can go. It's not very challenging; I have to agree that the fireball spell is way over powered and it is a bit odd to cast your spells for free. The map is clunky and rudimentary, but it does show you where the chests are relative to your position.

I too had an initial problem applying my level points to the spells but other than that, the interface was uncomplicated and easy to use. It was an entertaining way to kill an hour while the kids were napping, and they certainly get an "A" for effort. As cheesy as the dialog was, it is obvious that careful thought was put into the story itself, even if it too was nothing surprising.

If you don't take it to seriously, this is worth the try!

sunnylauren February 24, 2011 9:49 PM

I played this for about 15 minutes, and I was very disappointed, though I don't know if it's really with the game or just with my own lack of skills.
Rant alert:

The forest seemed like a ridiculous maze. I don't know if I'm just directionally challenged or what, but I could not manage to get out. That Venus-flytrap-type-thing that blocked the way...was there even a way to pass it? And the only key I found didn't open the only locked door I found! Grrrrrrrr.....

On a less rant-ish note,

I was highly intimidated by all the controls available. I give Godlimations points for trying to give users a more unique/personalized experience with the action, if that's what they were doing, but I knew I couldn't possibly learn all those controls.

I really liked Monster Basement a lot, so I was hoping since it was the same people I'd like this as much. Oh well. Maybe this'll turn out to be someone else's favorite. It just wasn't for me. I'm more into the involved-story, point-and-click type games. What was I thinking playing action? :)


Poor decision, it seemed, when

You must kill Valde BEFORE the Master. Wish there was a way to just dodge Valde's attacks while taking down the eyesore.

Also, after the the credits, there's a humorous

Trapped series reference.


The game is beautiful and the plot quite good but it's toooooo long !
There are not much action, or puzzles and the dialogue moments are so boring !

lostinthewoods February 26, 2011 7:21 PM

can someone help me? im totally lost, and have no idea what to do next. i have the

cape, the big sword, gloves, boots, fire and regen spells, and the buckler

can anyone tell me where to go next? im just running in circles through the forest.

zbeeblebrox February 27, 2011 12:07 AM

I can forgive most of the bad storytelling and go along with it, since it's a Flash-based action RPG and that's interesting enough. But there was one part in particular that really grated on me: right after the long, rambling argument Amea has with the Whiny Kid - Vash the Stampede or whatever - that ends in (PERSONAL GROWTH THROUGH SACRIFICE METHOD #407), the game skips to a cutscene where you're talking to the first boss like you're all buddy-buddy and knew him for ages, with no explanation whatsover.

Okay, I get it, you have (PLOTPOINT) back, so you recognize him now or something..but there's no backstory for this given to the player! We weren't even told anything about the guy back when we fought him, and he acted like he never met me. It was the rare combination of waaaay too much exposition, and not enough exposition, all at the same time.

It's really frustrating when I see a game with so much great atmosphere and a fairly poingnant story concept drown itself in the procedural narrative details.

Also, the funny thing about the many controls complaints: fighting is actually extremely simple, but ironically, one single mechanic: the ability to remap controls in near-realtime, makes everything appear way more complicated than it actually is. If A was always "attack", S was always "defend", and D was always "Magic" (and maybe W for health? or just make it a menu-based action like it should be), most control complaints would be solved. Also, leveling up spells should be more obvious. As it is, the feature is practically hidden within the menu layout.

Was fun to play in spite of all that.

Rexiaxiv March 4, 2011 1:12 AM

I'm stuck in the forest. I've been stuck for 15 minutes. I've scoured every place possible. I got the statue's sword, cape, fire spell, regen spell, shield and boots.

There's ONE chest that I can't get though. It's blocked by one of the giant, venusfly trap mouth. I'm thinking it's a glitch because I've

•Tried to look for another way
•Tried to burn it
•Tried to stab it
•Tried to roll under it
•Tried to jump over it
•Tried to walk past it
•Tried to go to the upper level and go through it

Nothing worked. I'm guessing that chest holds the key to the gate. Too bad I can't bloody get it.

Is that one of the glitches? Too bad. I was getting interested in this game. The sudden flashes of horror with creepy music was pretty interesting. Fighting seemed a bit easy, but at least there are spells, level ups and different equipment for some variety.

Graphics are not bad; I like it. The narration was kinda cheesy, but I've heard worse. Much worse. *shudders* Ever play 'Neverending Light'? One of the worst voices I've heard in an online game.

But I'm interested in this game, so I'll try give it another go and see if the glitch will go away.

Rexiaxiv March 4, 2011 1:27 AM


I found out how to get to the chest that seems to be blocked by the floor mouth. It's not a glitch.

Check the map. The very top row, the last door to the right. That'll get you to that chest.

But it's just gloves (helps w/ spells)

And I found out that I completely missed another way to the sea.

Grah, I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe I completely overlooked those things.


This game mildly reminded me of Ge.Ne.Sis, so I liked it! I just wish I could have found all the shields and armor. I also somehow failed to find the lightening spell...? Oh well, fun game!


It loads really slow when it gets up to 45% but its on right now :P tell me if its scary!


It's not one of those scary games is it lol? Man I feel stupid oh well,
What are they? Fairies or something? This is kinda getting weird!


OMGGGGGG it just got creepy!!! Help!!! This is getting creepy I thought it would be nice and sweet but ohhh I was wrong! I don't even wanna play this anymore but fine... Please help anyone?

Anonymous May 1, 2011 4:41 AM

Amea: "How do I see?"
Inglor: "You have to gouge out your eyes. Here, I'll do it for you. I'll rip it off the sockets so fast you won't feel a thing."



I cant get past the part in the snow cave place because I cant get to the treasure chest because I cant jump high enough even though I have the steel boot things.

Icalasari July 7, 2011 5:49 AM

Interesting game, but needs a lot of work. The story was predictable, but that isn't the main issue. The main issue is the combat

You can just hold block and attack at the same time and destroy everything without getting touched once. And the final boss is really vulnerable to Nova

Maybe make the final boss have a recovery time if hit by magic (being only immune to more magic during this time) to prevent from just holding down the button? And maybe make you vulnerable during the poke attack?

...Like the developer would actually read this comment >.>

DarthMeow504 January 13, 2012 5:38 AM

I had to quit because the elevator in the ice cave was glitched, I'd get stuck after hitting the switch and be forced to restart. I would love to finish it if I could get it to work, but that glitch stopped the game in it's tracks for me.


i am stuck in infested dungeon and i cant get to the boss


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