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Angular Momentum

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Rating: 4.3/5 (104 votes)
Comments (104) | Views (4,797)

JessAngular MomentumIn Angular Momentum, Robert Berrier's and Roland Ariens' entry into our 4th CGDC, players are plunged into what seems to be the innards of some sort of machine (it looks a bit like a futuristic ant farm) and must guide the requisite ball through a series of chambers. The levels boast twisty, up and down landscapes worthy of Sonic the Hedgehog; tools such as speed boosts and jump platforms will help you reach the exits, but beware of the eeeevil orange panels that will send you back to the start.

Controls are simple to the max using the arrow keys: [right] moves the ball right, and [left] moves it left (except in some later levels, where [up] allows the ball to levitate). The game is divided into six sets of levels; the first five introduce new gameplay elements, along with plenty of instruction to ensure that the player never becomes confused, and the sixth is a set of "master levels" that combines all previous components into a more challenging experience.

Analysis: Momentum, not actual interactive gameplay, is the star of the show here. Often enough the player barely has to control the ball to reach the exit; in one early level I believe I used the arrow keys all of four times, with the various added elements (speed boosts, etc) in the level taking care of the rest. While sitting back and watching the ball fly through tunnels and soar over traps is kinda neat, I'm not sure it constitutes a truly immersive gameplay experience. Later, more complex levels somewhat ameliorate this flaw, but on the whole I found the game to be much too easy.

A lack of environmental variety was also an issue for me. Each level looks largely the same: gray tunnels and walls with bright blue, orange and purple accents to denote traps and tools. While I did like the sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic, some sort of diversity would have made each individual chamber (or set of levels) more memorable. The soundtrack, while appropriate to the feel of the game, is a single loop that ultimately became a bit annoying to me.

I've made a lot of criticisms here, but make no mistake: Angular Momentum has some really great elements going for it. I thought that the ball physics theme was present and modeled excellently, and I also really liked how the individual levels were entered and exited by tubes, creating the feel of a journey through a single structure. Maybe best of all, Robert and Roland have created a really fantastic level editor/builder, where players can design and play their own creations. I did notice, however, that this element is missing everywhere the game is hosted except for the CGDC4 server. This is really too bad, as without the level builder players will miss out on a great deal of the fun.

I'd advise Robert and Roland to create some more "master levels" and shorten the tutorials, as well as consider adding a bit of verve to the look of the game. You guys have great ideas and a promising start; with some more work and refinement Angular Momentum could be really excellent. And for goodness sakes, make sure that level builder is present anywhere the game can be found!

Flawed but fun, and certainly worth a few minutes of your time:

Play Angular Momentum

JayJay - I really wanted to love this entry since it looks like it has everything going for it: beautiful, photorealistic 3D pre-rendered graphics, excellent presentation, a groovy soundtrack, and enough levels to keep you busy for a while. Unfortunately, the level design is the weakest link here, leaving much to be desired. Perhaps that was because of the relatively short development period, as 2 months is not really a very long time to create such a polished competition entry as this endeavors to be. Still, it's a fun little game with tremendous potential. I would also like to encourage Robert and Roland to take development of the title further and give us the best set of master levels they can muster. Well done!


reminds me of ball revamped... i like it, especially the gravity pads


Hmmm . . . I have to say this game was a bit of a disappointment.
I was very excited at first because the graphics in the menu are GREAT! It looks extremely polished and professional.
But then I started playing the game . . .
Firstly, the motion of the ball is very choppy. It shakes and will often "jump" a few pixels in one direction or another, in the way that sprites often do when the designer hasn't implemented a good collision detection.
Also, the levels are too easy, and the introduction of new elements is too slow.
My overall opinion is that there is a REALLY good game here. But the designer should have spent more time refining the motion of the BALL (this is a ball physics themed competition afterall) and less time on the pretty (and it is very pretty) menu.
I hate saying nothing but mean things . . . it is pretty . . . please dont hate me!


Well, I will respectfully disagree with magic...I think that the physics seem pretty good, but I don't know much about this stuff.

I will agree that the levels are pretty straightforward. I haven't had a chance to go all the way through it though.

Very pretty! And it moves pretty quickly...Although I wish it moved just a bit faster...

littlebum2002 October 4, 2007 11:30 PM

Another winner! Nice difficulty curve, decent graphics, I like it!


I also found the physics a bit 'sticky'. I use this word, because I frequently found my ball, when graced with excessive momentum, would stick to the walls, ceilings, and just about anything else. Made for interesting play; but for a game with the word momentum in it's title, you'd assume that when you hit an immovable object, you either bounce or stop; not stick.

Despite that, I enjoyed it for about... ten levels. Then I got a bit bored of it; because neither the difficulty nor the new elements were increasing quite fast enough.

Also, two minor bugs:
-your clock sometimes gets a rounding error, and displays X:011 seconds.
-Your timer starts while popup text boxes are on the screen, and is a little annoying.


I LOVE this game. definitely my favourite of the competition so far. Although there is some choppyness now and again as magic said, (ex. one i was on a bouncy pad and randomly lost all my momentum), i think its very well done. One of the most visually pleasing and i adore the gameplay. The levels are devilishly difficult once you advance, and i think there is a great learning curve to get you ready for them. The level editor is just the icing on the cake. 6/5 :P

Angelique Jackson October 4, 2007 11:39 PM

I did not find any choppy graphics when I played so I can't complain about that. The physics were fine....although that is hard to say considering there is no such vehicle for movement (independent sideways movement with no force) on the planet that I know of. Overall though I enjoyed the game, it met all my requirements for a casual game: quick instructions, little or no story, and a fast fun play to keep me amused for a short period of time. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


Very nice, although I agree that the physics are off. In particular, the ball does not rest upon the moving platforms; they simply prevent the ball from falling. The difference is that when you rest on something, if it moves, you move with it (minus some inertia, of course); the ball in this game simply does not move at all until the platform is out from under it, unless you repeatly tap the left or right key to chase it.

The other physics bug is that when you're moving along the ceiling (e.g., in an anti-gravity zone), the direction of spin is not reversed. Right still rolls clockwise, and left still rolls counter-clockwise, yet you still move right and left respectively. The spins should be reversed, so that you roll counter-clockwise and clockwise respectively while on a ceiling. (New Rolling Omusubi got this right.)


Wow! I thought this game was slick and polished. Great job! The "expert" levels are nerve-rackingly sweet. I love platform games. So this is a nice mix of platforming and ball physics.

Minor quibble: I don't think the clock should be running while you're reading the help pages.


I didn't notice any choppiness. There was stickiness all over though, and that was kind of annoying.

Also, angular momentum doesn't really play that big a part in this game. I mean, you are spinning, but it's mostly linear momentum you care about.

Fun game, though.


Magic you're being WAAAAY too picky. The ball twitches a little when you're sitting still. So what?? The movement and physics of the game are just capital.

This game is EXCELLENT. Fantastic graphics with kind of a minimalist feel to them, no over-the-top soundtrack, good control, and I happen to LIKE the slow introduction of new game elements.

I really don't have time for this. I really need to get to bed.

OK, just one more level...


the expert levels are crazy :D

and fun

"Hmmm . . . I have to say this game was a bit of a disappointment."

I disagree
this game is great!


Wow...that anybody has more than one or two negative things to say about this game blows me away. I love it. It's great. I can't disagree about the stickiness (I think it was in level 2 or so where I really noticed it, because I was trying to roll off of a flat service and would just fall straight down instead of my momentum carrying me to the right or left). That's my only gripe, though. This is an extremely good game, and one of the most impressive entries thus far.


good game, along the lines of ball revamped series but there are some areas of improvement that have already been stated but I will reiterate.

1. the stickiness factor was very annoying, at one point (during the second or third expert level when you need to bounce on the moving bounce pads and then there's the gravity reversing stuff near the very end) I actually got stuck for a few seconds on the bottom of one of those moving platforms, which was very annoying and nearly made me go for the close button.

2. The little bit of choppiness that magic talked about affected me as well, and cause me to die (or "be reset") a couple times.

3. a little minor bug, in the level I talked about in point 1, when you get the jet pack power up and then are supposed to lose it for the bouncing bit, it is possible to not lose it (by pressing backwards and up) which makes the last bit laughably easy (I found this cause I got reset the first time through due to stickiness and I figured I'd see if I could do that)

All in all, good game but very frustrating and counter-intuitive at times.


I hate typos. I meant "flat surface."

And yeah, the expert level set is great. I can see why some might feel the game takes a little while to get going, but I really like the flow. Plus, can't you just skip ahead in level sets if you so choose?


I'm also going to chime in with problems of stickiness. There were multiple instances of being stuck to the ceiling even after I'd stopped moving. In addition, if I was the floating ball, any kind of rolling would cause the ball to stick to the floor, preventing any kind of moving takeoff.

I understand why the stickiness was put in. Rolling around curves at high speed like Sonic the Hedgehog is great fun, but unfortunately the stickiness didn't go away when it wasn't needed.


Oh, also: Is it supposed to just loop the last level over and over, or is that some kind of weird bug?


This is a pretty good game. Nice graphics, decent controls... overall pretty enjoyable.

- Like vinny mentioned, I once randomly lost momentum when bouncing on a purple moving platform.
- I didn't feel like I was in as much control as I should have been with the ball. It may be due to momentum, but I sometimes had to hold a direction down for a while to get the ball to move.
- There are some spelling/grammar mistakes. For example, the word "your" is used incorrectly (should have been "you're") and then is used correctly, all in the same sentence. It would seem to me like you'd see that one was correct and the other not.
- The difficulty curve is odd... The normal levels are all relatively easy and then the expert levels teach you what pain is (especially when you hit a reset marker seconds before you reach the exit of a long level >_>).

Other than that, I liked the game. :)


Certainly one of the most polished games so far. I enjoyed it greatly (completed all levels except 4:3 and 6:6)

As many have said, it is reminiscent of Ball Revamped. The controls do suffer a bit in comparison to Ball Revamped 5 (I haven't played the others), but that is an exceptionally high standard. By any more normal standard, the controls seem fairly good.

The difficulty could have ramped up more quickly, but I enjoyed the game with the levels as they are.

If the "stickness" of the platforms played some role in the game it might be ok, but as it does not it ends up being a bit annoying -- but this is a fairly minor caveat.

Great job!


Weird, I never experienced the choppiness nor the over-stickiness. Like Tonamel said, the whole point of the stickiness is to give it that Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay, going through upside-down loops and what not.

I really enjoyed the game! For me, the best entry so far! I have two gripes however: one, the learning curve didn't go up fast enough and two, it's over 2 megs right? Quite big for a casual game... maybe load levels when needed?

Congrats, Robert and Roland!


OMG Great game!!!!!!! WINNER so far

kellyhalia October 5, 2007 12:54 AM

plover: And here I am thinking "finally!! At last a game that I can play without dying right at the beginning!"



Count me with the people who were frustrated by sticky objects. Definitely one of the best games so far, though (along with The Tall Stump). I particularly enjoyed the killer levels at the end, even taking into account the 40 gazillion times I had to restart the last level.


Nice game.

Not to make fun, but I found all the parts where the ball turned orange to be really really easy. Why? Too much Ball Revamped!

armouredtrunks October 5, 2007 1:42 AM

Wow i love this game so much.. it's amazing that they made it in such a short time. By far this and The Tall Stump are my favorite 2. Good luck to all games in the competition.


Well. This is decent and has a pretty polished look to it, but the levels are strange and some of the physics are downright weird. For instance, did anyone notice how you would often get stuck on the ceiling? This happened to me a few times and was a minor annoyance, but was just strange. Also, it seems like you lose a lot of momentum when you levitate after moving rather quickly, though maybe that's just me. I think it's just if you're not holding the arrow key when you start doing it.

Anyway. It's OK, and the levels are fairly well designed, but it just doesn't do it for me. Also, that music loop got miiiighty tiresome after several minutes of it.


this is exactly what i call ball physiques this should win the comp


Agree with the majority here, this was absolutely stunning.


Ooh - stylish!

The sticking to the roof thing makes it feel a bit like Gumboy, which is a favourite of mine. Didn't bother me at all. More of a feature than a bug.

Very cool game. My only minor complaint would be the shallow difficulty curve. Even then, I suspect I'd be more tolerant if Jay wasn't giving us a new toy to play with every few hours (meaning I spend less time on each than I normally would).


aww yeah this is one of the best kinds of level editor if any of you have got some good lvls post the height and lenght with the level code


This is my favourite so far, irritating techno notwithstanding.


I actually thought this was a nice, gentle and satisying game very clean in design and I actually welcomed the 'slow' learning curve as the satisfaction comes from enjoying the movement.

I'm sure I was aware of the choppiness but it didn't stop me from liking this a lot


I really enjoyed the game, the difficulty curve was excellent, although there was a glitch at the end. When I completed it, it just restarted the level. Also, I went through the roof once when I was racing upwards to avoid being killed by the orbs.


Great game, I like the level editor.
In my view it's the best game so far.


OMG OMG this game is awsome i start playing it and couldnt stop! after crying when i finished the game i started playing with the editor. And i found out you can easly share your home made levels!!!
Tip: Read the Help they put in to the editor it realy halps alot!

So here it is my first level i like to share with you guys. Try it out and let me know that you think of it.

Level Height: 16
Level Lenght: 14

tripple clip on the code to select the full level-code(doesnt fit on screen hehe)
then copy the code and paste it in the custom game menu
enter the level height+lenght and have fun ;)

I hope more people will start posting there own levels online i would love to play them all :D

Anonymous October 5, 2007 5:34 AM

check my level people

levelheight/lenght = 26x8


post in your custom game menu!

If people like it i will make more



You guys did a great job! Good gameplay, slick graphics and nice levels.
I'm shure this game will win the competition!

Congrats Robert & Rolo ;)


I looooooved it! I didn't have any choppiness, and for a person with low skills like me the level progression was perfect; I actually was able to tackle the expert levels, once I finished all the learning levels. I think it's great that you should skip around the levels. That way you skilled people can jump to it, while I plod along. ^_^

About the music: you know how when you listen to electronic music, sometimes you hear "words" that aren't really intentionally there... or like, my mom's beat-up car had squeaky windshield wipers, and they always sounded like they were saying "Wash up, wash up." Well in this game's music it sounded to me like "我�...��...�,�...��...�走" ("Wo man man, man man zou") which in Chinese means literally "I slowly, slowly walk" but has a figurative meaning of "I take it easy". In Chinese when we have a guest leaving or a customer leaving a shop, the host/clerk will often say this phrase, it's very friendly and casual yet polite. The doubling of "man man" sounds like "I'm taking it REALLY easy", and I thought that was just perfect for this game, where patience pays off.

Oh hi, yeah I'm the girl who translated that Taiwanese game Choice a while back ^_^;;; I'm in an intensive Mandarin program right now so maybe I'm just seeing Chinese everywhere!


I like this game.
The graphics are cool and the gameplay is fun :)
The physics (especially the collision detection I think) certainly could be better, but they aren't so bad that they destroy the game.
Some suggestions: the timer shouldn't start running while the instructions are still displayed (though, the time measurement doesn't seem to have any use anyway) and the level should be COMPLETELY reset when I die.
I wish there'd be more speed levels, but that's personal taste :)


A wonderful game!
I loved the challenge, and the brilliant gameplay.
Well done!

@Jay: maybe you should advise visitors to use the RSS subscription, so they won't miss out on games from this great competition!


Very nice game - addicting - and excellent application of ball physics.

My only complaint is that now Robert and Roland owe me new arrow keys. I seemed to have cracked all of them with the amount of pressure I was exerting trying to control the ball!! :)


OMG.. Best game so far! These guys are surely in the top 3... That's for sure.. They blow away the other games at this point... Great JOB..



I'm going to stay on the fence here and say it had its good and bad points.

The graphics were slick and the polish was as good as its going to get, also although I agree with some that the physics were a little dodgy in places, to be honest this game goes much further than most in the physics department, and if the programmer made the engine from scratch then that's quite an accomplishment given the time limit.

What I didn't like about the game is that after about 10 levels I wasn't really getting anything out of playing it. The new features introduced were nice, but after a couple of levels with them they quickly lost their impact. Perhaps as other have suggested, the levels should have progressed a bit faster?

So in the art, polish and physics department, one of the best games so far.

In the fun and replay value department, well I don't feel any urge to go back to it any time soon.

Great game anyway guys, must have been a lot of work. Good job.



Kay, I've played it a lot of the way through. I was impressed with the suddenly ramped up difficulty in the later levels. The game seemed to kind of dump you into it--most of the time I don't like this sort of thing, but it was rather satisfying for this game.

I did notice the stickiness, in particular on the levels with bouncy moving platforms, I would often roll underneath the platform (SOMEHOW??) if I came close to the side. Also, the physics can hinder the game. On levels where you have to land on a moving platform offscreen (a good design), it took me many tries to land on the platform, but when I finally did, my ball essentially stopped dead on the platform. I think there was a dead spot on the platform somewhere.

Anyway, it was still a great game.


Great graphics, great concept, and a great game!


This game oddly reminds me of Motocross Maniacs for the gameboy, a little bit of Metroid too. Fantastic game.


Loved this game. Despite the few glitches.
I did not find the last levels all that hard.
Here is a hard one.
17 X 17


You have to time it from the very start.

would love to see a high score for times.
Also having to collect some stars along route would add more variety.
Could even add some puzzle elements... opening doors etc.
But very impressed for the time it was developed in.


hmmmm the code gets lost.

patch it into one line before posting into the game.


(jay - tips say I can use code tags, but they do nothing.)

Monkeynutz October 5, 2007 10:00 AM

Nice level you made there tough i'v got a tip for you when posting the next one

When posting a level code make sure nothing its attached to it. example

when you tripple click on this code it will take the level height/lenght with it


when you do it like this



you can select the full level code.

Dan Black October 5, 2007 10:02 AM

My guess is that the "jumpiness" that people experienced was a needed effect in order to get the ball to start bouncing on the floors and platforms that built up your jumping height by bouncing. It was probably a way to keep at least a tiny bit of bounce that could be built upon... rather than hitting those floors with ZERO bounce and not being able to utilize them.

It was a really polished game, but it was a bit easy. Granted, the expert levels were more difficult, but also introduce a level of frustration when, after getting through 3/4 of the difficult maneuvering and motions of the level, you'd hit something and have to start all the way back at the start.

As far as the physics of the game go, it was pretty darn forgiving, what with the sticking to walls, and loose gravitational pull. The anti-grav surfaces seemed particularly strange. Anti-gravity would imply that there was nothing to keep you pulled in one direction, but they always immediately pulled my ball up into the air, when, physically, it should have meant that I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere without some thrust off of a surface or by an external push of some sort. No gravity really means no standard form or direction of movement in any direction without pre-existing velocity or having help of some kind.

At any rate, an extremely solid game nonetheless. Great graphical style, and enough variety to have kept me hooked 'til close to the end.


This game looks amazing. Really great job. At first I thought: This game is too easy. Because I was going through the levels really quick. But then more was added and more and more and more and then all of a sudden it was hard to finish a level :) I want to finish all the games of the competition, but I'm not finished with this one yet. How many level are there anyway?

Good job.


Well, me, I'm a sucker for nice graphics. If it's pretty, I'll play it a lot longer than if it's shoddily drawn. So nice going, guys - you kept me hooked.


When you paste a level here, it doesn't word wrap, so all you gotta do is select the line and the line after it.

refer to the comments of this game to get a full explanation.


The lack of word wrap was done for sharing levels like this in fact.


I think this is the best one yet, i felt the NEED to continue playing that just hasn't been there with the other games thus far. I really liked the physics and found the varity of game devices very engaging.

I think it all boils down to how good this game looks, simple yet sophisticated.


NotSoWize October 5, 2007 11:05 AM

I am really enjoying this game, the most of any in the competition so far. Quibbles, the physics do not resemble the real world at all, and that seems like a major issue in a competition where ball physics is the theme, but as far as playability goes, they are just fine.

The learning curve is awfully shallow. As others have mentioned, it was too easy for too long before finally getting pretty darn difficult all at once.

Great game though!


I just wanted to chime in that this was my favorite game of the competition so far. Game physics are a delicate art between the "real" and the "fun" and for whatever inexplicable reason this game found the sweet spot for me.



Could maybe do with some sound effects apart from the reset noise when you hit a death pad. Also, moving round the bounce pads when I wanted to bounce off them was irritating.

Aside from those minor points, really fun.


I agree with most people here - with different parts of their remarks. First: the graphics and the menu are really a winner. No doubt. Second: the ball does behave in a strange way sometimes. Sticks to surfaces, or seems to be attracted by them sometimes, for example. Or, when the ball falls out of the entry tube and start moving it doesn't always go the same route even if I don't push a single button. Third: I think the difficulty level jump between the intro levels and the real levels is way too much. You can get thru the intro levels mostly almost without touching a key, but then, on the real levels...

This game is definitely a promising one and if the developers have more time to polish it it's gonna shine, I'm sure.


I've played about half of the games so far, and this is my fave right now. My biggest like is that there's no need to select the next level, and there's no "loading" screen between levels; it just seemlessly goes from one level to the next.

timer during help windows - though what is the timer for, exactly?
the music loop god old too fast - more music or changing music would be nice
the ball seems to sink into the jump pads before bouncing off them

Good job though, I'm enjoying this one :)

Monkeynutz October 5, 2007 1:05 PM

Comon people i wanna play more levels open the editor and post your levels!!!

another one of mine



tell me if you liked it

Steven Johnson October 5, 2007 1:06 PM

A fun game. I agree that the learning curve was a _bit_ slow, but not enough to take away from the enjoyment.
What I assume was the last level just looped for me (and I notice Tonamel) after I finished it. A bug? I'd like to have seen a "YOU FINISHED ALL LEVELS" sort of thing.


Some people have commented that the physics do not represent the real world... no not exactly, but they are inspired by it. I remember a really good comment by the creators of N (the ninja platform game.) They said that when they first made it they made the physics too realistic and it killed the game play, so they spiced it up a bit. I think that is a very a good point. I am not looking for a game that replicates real life, but one that takes the idea of ball physics and runs with it...

... besides, who says there is not a hamster inside that wheel.

(Thanks for tips about posting levels.)


Whow! great game!!! So some nice ones, but this one tops it all. Already hooked on it...


Great implementation and slick graphics; I liked the slight stickiness, though it did cause problems in some places - I was able to 'hang' on the ceiling indefinitely on some maps. The 'training' levels were decent; the expert levels were pretty devious - I would've liked to see some more.

Boston Gamer October 5, 2007 10:56 PM

And we have a new winner!

Although I agree with many of the criticisms that other people have made, I also found that I just couldn't stop playing until I had beaten every level. If that's not the mark of a successful game, I don't know what is.


Monkeynutz, I liked but it played very slow. I am finding that level designs over 20 X 20 are very slow to create and play... and my comp is pretty good.


Wow. The competition should start worrying now. This is a great game. I did notice the strange way it crosses moving platforms and the stickyness, wich gave much trouble in a certain expert level. But it didnt make it impossible. For the rest, a superb game, nice graphics, good music at least at the start. Great level design. The learning curve may be too low for some, but I found it just right, so I suppose that depends on personal taste.

This game is going to win something I think.

Win Schutten October 6, 2007 5:28 AM

While it may not stay interesting for as long as Super Monkey Ball, it definately has the same kind of charm, especially when the expert levels come available.

It might be a tadbit buggy with the stickyness, but it doesnt detract from the fun of the game.

It might take a bit long getting into swing, but a good game it is.


Great game!

Gave up with the bouncing platforms - only cos I can't spend all day playing!


I love his game! I like the way i was prepared for the expert levels. A lot of games get to hard to fast and then ill give up quickly. So for me it's perfect!


Awesome!!.. definitely a winner.


accessability not so hot, the loading time was quite a while as my connection isn't wonderful!

For casual game play this ticked the box but then again there was the option of it becoming slightly more intense through the custon game. points!

i like how the game is seemingly unique but as i progressed i thought it was much like others games. sonic, for example. one thing i didn't like was that not much control was really needed, i seemed to fly through the levels without much thought and i seemed to miss things that had obviously been created with the intention of being appreciated.

despite aforementioned points i think this is one of my favourite of the competition and has a great replay factor and a novel way of incorporating ball physics.


Is the last level the one with the long vertical tube that you have to fall through just right, then fly up just right? Because I got to the exit in that one, but it just sent me back to the beginning and I didn't want to go through it again.

Also while playing that level, I must have had a LOT of momentum when flying back up because I ended up in the dark gray area above the normal play area. The only way I got out was by going all the way back down (in the dark gray area to the right) and ramming back into the normal play area, but losing at the same time probably because I hit a reset pad.

Graphics are awesome. The sticky physics were kind of weird. I didn't see much use for the antigravity areas.


definitely the best game so far!

i liked the beginner levels because without it i wouldn't be prepared enough for the more difficult ones. i wouldnt have played it al the way through then.

looking forward for your next game!

now i'm going to make a level and post it here for you all to play

Agent D00nut October 6, 2007 8:47 PM

I was a bit disappointed with this game, I'm a huge fan of physics games and i felt like this one needs some polishing.

First off i feel like the ball is too "heavy" in the sense that getting the thing rolling takes too long, yet it also seems very light when it comes to collisions, mostly with the pads that make you bounce higher each time you hit them.

I didn't like how the platforms didn't reset if the level was reset, a lot of times after getting reset i had to wait around and then reset just at the right time so the platform wouldn't add 5 seconds to my time because it was on the other side of the gap instead of on my side like it was on the first level load.

The bouncing platforms don't behave like their color suggests, since they were purple i expected them to shoot me a designated height like the purple bounce pads but they acted like the blue ones that build your bounce up, i wasn't a big fan of that. Especially when the level had you jumping from platform to platform and you had to wait to build up your jump each time.

Theres a bug that if you manually reset a level when you have the levitating orb, on the restart you still have the levitation power which i don't think is right.

I would really appreciate a way to reset the level thats near the keys *like num 0 or something* call me lazy but having to go through the menu each time is a pain after the third or fourth time, especially when your dealing with that platform problem i mentioned earlier.

The game was a little too easy, the learning curve wasn't steep enough and levels were too simple, i didn't get too too far mostly from frustration from some of the other problems.

I think with a little polish and some more attention to details this game could be a real winner, it just needs some harder levels and a few tweaks here and there but other than that it's great.


In spite of slight physics errors, this is one of my favorites thus far.


cool! this game make's the other games...uh you know... less cool.


Love this game! From the professional appearance of the opening menu, to the ramped up challenge of the game play, it pulled me right in. Excellent style and performance. When I first started playing it yestereday, there weren't any loading issues, but I noticed today that there is a delay navigating the levels and the action is jumpy once a level finally loads. Hopefully those are problems you can resolve quickly so that people don't get a bad impression.

Monkeynutz - I loaded your custom 26x26 and didn't have any problems with speed. It worked fine. But it made me say a lot of bad words :-) I hate those reset spheres.

The ability to select any level should satisfy those who feel the beginning levels aren't tough enough. And I think the Editor is a major plus to keep one challenged.

Congratulations and best of luck to Robert Berrier and Roland Ariens for offering a great game that seems to fit the competition to a tee!


Great game guys! I also had some troubles with the (dunno if its in flash games but) FPS, it looked a bit laggy sometimes i played it on my home pc and it was all fine then i played it on my skool pc and it was a bit slomo-like... and those pc are way better then mine @home. Maybe it depends on what server you play the game.
"Please note: We are trying to balance the load for these games across 9 mirrored servers."
Anyway maybe Jay could give us a explanation about this. because when i look through the posts it looks like more people have trouble with this and blame it on the game..

Also i made a small level with a twist in the end, its a bit easyish tough.

levelheight/lenght 12x24


Roland and Robert /clap you guys did a great job in such a small time period. Bravo :D


I like it a lot! Reminds me of sonic the hedgehog. high speed rolling around is fun. and i liked how you fellas set the difficulty. at the current difficulty, it actually makes it fun to play, instead of some other games where it's maddeningly difficult to play


woooowww... i realy loved this game... This is a winner!!
the best game yet!!!

i am addicted to it!!


Great game. Or at least, a great game engine. Way too much time is spent in tutorial land. They first five sets of levels are all spent in training; I felt like the "real" levels didn't begin until the sixth set, but once I got there, I loved it!


This is one of my favourites in the competition so far. I found the physics and difficulty curve fine and the labyrinthic theme very enjoyable.

The only thing I found a bit dissapointing was that there were no sounds apart from the music, which I almost always turn off after a few loops in any game.


try this one



that tunnel above the starting tube? I wonder were that goes

get a yellow ball DO NOT go to the jump pad go up the starting tube once at the top fly to the right and down to the tunnle

note at the end be carefull on the right you will fall right through


Easily the best game of this contest, hands down. Super slick and professionally made, enough levels and powerups to keep things interesting, and super fun. Not the most original of ideas, but a good implementation. I may never finish it, but I had fun trying.


Nice custom levels everyone, I played all the ones posted so far. I quite liked Marks, but Monkeynutz, yours is insane, I'm going to go crazy trying to pass that one. :)

Monkeynutz October 10, 2007 4:56 AM

Hehe yeah its a hard one take use of the "checkpoints" to finish the level without stressing out. I made a few more check them out and tell me if you liked them.

6x30 easyish


26x8 hardish


30x6 easyish


Have fun and i hope people start posting more levels.. Please..


Ah! I love this game so much. My only problem is that I often forget exactly which level I was on when I try to replay it, and the thumbnails often aren't clear enough to jog my terrible memory.

If a save feature was added, this game would probably be one of my all-time favorites on Jayis.

Off this topic; I made a TypeKey account for this site, and yet, when I click "sign in" it apparently doesn't save my decision, since the "Name" field is still empty, etc. What's up?


To save your TypeKey info in a cookie so you don't have to sign in each time you comment, check the box: "Remember personal info" BEFORE clicking Post, and AFTER you have signed into TypeKey successfully.

night-claw October 20, 2007 9:57 PM

The perfect game for me, easy, simple and fun. A game you just keep playing and playing.


I loved this game & I thought it deserved a prize. I hope the authors will produce a bigger version with more levels.

invaderzimja January 20, 2008 8:46 AM

it wont load for me /;_;\

The competition games are loading just fine. If you're having trouble, try this link instead:


For me, I kind of felt as if the physics were weaker than the level design (which I enjoyed). The ball moves sluggishly sometimes, and on some of the bouncy pads, it often went through the floor and bounced back out. How odd.

Still, a great entry!


"as 2 months is not really a very long time to create such a polished competition entry" Sorry to bust your balls jay but this game was not made in just 2 months, this game has been out for a while and was just entered into your competion.

As proof I googled "Angular Momentum game" I chose the first link and saw that there was a ability to post comments then I clicked view oldest comments. The first comment on that game was posted 98 days ago.

If you dont want to google that then go here


"as 2 months is not really a very long time to create such a polished competition entry" Sorry to bust your balls jay but this game was not made in just 2 months, this game has been out for a while and was just entered into your competion.

As proof I googled "Angular Momentum game" I chose the first link and saw that there was a ability to post comments then I clicked view oldest comments. The first comment on that game was posted 98 days ago.

If you dont want to google that then go here


McNoob - The competition we're talking about here is our 4th, the deadline for which was October 1st (about 148 days ago).


And you didn't really have to go to Google to check the dates of the comments. Just browse to the first comment on this page. ;)

To save you a follow-up question, the reason that it's just being reviewed now is that we don't review the competition games during the competition, as that wouldn't be fair (even if we had the time to do all of them within the span of just a few days!).


On the last level (6:6), I gave up on trying to work my way slowly up through the Reset Spheres, so I blasted my way up at full speed on the left side. I ended up hitting one of the Reset Generators on the ceiling, but instead of reseting, I went through the ceiling. I was on the outside of the level, in the gray. I thought it was because of my very high velocity, and I was right. I managed to make it back into the level by going way way up and letting my ball fall back (at very high speeds) into the level, right near the exit. ;)


gd game! quite fun!


i find it was indeed quite "sticky" and a incredibly polished menu, but overall dissapointing

charybdiscylla April 15, 2008 4:42 PM

I created video walkthrough for this game
the link is below


Months later, I still don't understand how or why the reviewers and some commenters were so hard on this game. I thought it was really fun from beginning to end, and is certainly one of the most polished entries in the competition.


If you look @ all the sites this game is posted on. It got some great comments and a average vote score or 80-85% of people that liked it. Though the level editor is taken out, but the sticky problem seems fixed. For a game that is made within 2 months its defenitly a super awsome game!! Hope you guys make another game quick!!


I thought this was a very good game, but after a couple of minutes (read half-an-hour), the game began to lag very poorly - to the point where it offered to crash on me.

I agree with Jay, the editor is necessary for a complete experience, and yet is lacking in ease-of-use and style - the game keeps shifting my position when I place tiles.

Nonetheless, here is my level:

Height = 12
Width = 12

Have fun with it





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