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Beetle Wars

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Rating: 4.6/5 (21 votes)
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KeroBeetle WarsBeetle Wars is a great looking shooter disguised as a war between super powered insects. You are but one little super powered beetle and have the potential to possess an assortment of miraculous talents, available via purchasable upgrades. Select the ones you like with the hard-earned cash you earn by defeating your foes.

Your goal is simple: Kill all the other beetles and insects around you without dying; how you achieve that goal is not so simple. With 18 levels to complete and 19 different skills to choose this game gives you a lot of choice as to how you want to define your winning strategy. It has a good mix of passive, offensive, and defensive abilities to suit almost any strategy you can come up with. Although you have 19 different skills you can choose from, you will first need to save up the gold to pay for them and even then you can only take 6 with you into each battle. You start out with a simple ranged attack but it isn't too long before you are able to afford some of the better skills

You may need to play some levels a few times in order to save up for some of the skills you need to beat the later levels, but with a variety of different level types, this shouldn't really be too much of a problem. Although I did find the difficulty curve to be quite steep, and the gameplay a bit slow to get rolling, this game is definitely worth the trouble.

The game does save your progress so it's perfect if you just want to play a level or two on your coffee break, or sit at home and plow through the whole game. And even after you're done you can play through again trying a completely different set of skills.

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I am really disapointed in this game... Its very slow going and not much fun.

I found some really annoying bugs... when I bought a skill/weapon and then tried to return it, it deleted the weapon but I lost the money...

I cant imagine slogging through this entire game.. 19 levels of this?

HARDHEAD11 November 27, 2007 5:13 PM

I'm stuck on the first boss.


There's no way to restart, that's ridiculously dumb.


-- Skills can be swapped in and out from the armory menu. Once you own it, you just do.

-- Restarting would kind of defeat the point, since the game gives you a (nominal) fine for each lost level.

-- The bosses are the hard part. I beat the first boss by

using the backwards missile called 'stinger'

but I can't beat the second one and I'm getting hungry (and ok, a little bored. It's not much to look at/listen to).


It's not bad; a bit slow-paced as some have said, but kinda fun nonetheless.

Carl - when you buy a skill it's yours permanently. If you drag it off your skill bar it'll disappear, but if you notice it should still be highlighted in the armory, which means you can put it back in your active skill slots without paying again. I'm not aware of any way to un-purchase a skill, so you've just got to be careful what you buy.

I'm up to "healer beetles" so far with no problems, the only skill I've bought is regeneration. I'm saving up so that I can decide what to buy next only after losing a level...


I like this game.

Here's a good way to beat the second boss, Black Bully.

Get the upgrade shot that freezes your target, and get the upgrade that covers the target with acid. The boss is the only creature that can hurt you on that level, so freeze him and hold down the trigger on the acid. The acid droplets will eventually overwhelm the healer bug's ability to heal him. You will have to refreeze him every time he thaws, so be sure to save your energy a little. I had the +5 energy upgrade active when I did this.


This game is slower than teaching calculus to a kid with ADHD.

Healers make it even worse.


A good way of killing both bosses is to use the

Ground Mines

Also, there appears to be a glitch (read: cheat) in the game:

It appears that any timer on any weapon "freezes" when a level ends, and won't finish until you start the next level with it.

This also applies to the 5 second timer for your speed boost. If you complete a level while the speed boost is active, you can remove the speed boost from your skill list and it will always be on!

Makes the game non-tedious.


Just beat the game. The trick to the last fight:

You should equip at the minimum acid, freeze, and ward. I also equipped the +5 energy upgrade, auto-healing and the skill that allows you to view mines. The trick is to use ward while the Red Spinner is near the edge of the screen to shoot it off-screen so that the dizzying rays don't hit you. Next, use the trick Patrick suggested to defeat Black Bully. When Black Bully is disposed of, usually rather quickly, use the same tactic on Red Spinner. To end the level, you must kill all the waves of healer beetles (and there are quite a few) and miner beetles. You should have plenty of time left (~5 minutes to spare) when you defeat them both.

General tips:

My favorite combination for the earlier stages was the Auto-healing, Black Armor, Stinger, and Needles. Takes out all enemies in at most 2 Needles and/or Stingers. In the later levels I found myself running around shooting Stingers rather than camping in the middle, so I dropped the Black Armor in favor of the Speed Boost, InvisiGoggles to avoid the mines, and Ward to bring myself out of a tight spot.



Is it just me or does the energy upgrade (the beetle energy pod) not work? I bought it and equipped it, and I still only have 12 energy. Is there a prerequisite for it or some way to activate it?


Suho1004, you may have to unequip the energy pod and then re-equip it before you get your energy up to 18.

Superslash November 28, 2007 2:25 AM

The timer method works for the speed upgrade but not the health regeneration one. Shame, that would've made the game a lot less tedious.


Sethum: Yep, that worked. Thanks.


It would seem sonic vision is cheatable to!
The speed cheat is almost justified though, the game is much more enjoyable with it.

ANDY the gamemaster November 28, 2007 3:56 PM

i have a few complaints about this game.
1there is no health meter for enimies.
2 the healer bugs are overpowered, they can fully heal from chomp, with 2 heals!
3 for some reason, i can't shake off the leech bugs, and this makes the game super-difficult
4 the chomp takes 2 hits to kill healers, and combust takes one, this is bad because it says chomp is stronger

jessthemullet November 28, 2007 7:57 PM

I found a bit of a fun little bug (no pun intended). I used the black armor skill, but it drained the last of my life and I died. I took the skill out of the ones you take into battle, and when I went back in, the armor and bonuses were still there. It didn't drain my life or anything. I haven't put the skill back into my inventory just yet, so I don't know if it'll fix it when I go back into the fight.


The game starts out fun, but when the difficulty starts to rise it becomes quite irritating. Your bug moves like a quadriplegic turtle in mollases and the game soon becomes an exercise in metagaming - what skills can I use to most efficiently overcome the fact that my bug's manoeuvering capability is crap?

But ok, the game is playable right until the last level which is ridicilous - instead of a fun, "new" boss fight you get to

Fight BOTH of the bosses, plus miner beetles who vomit mines all over the place, PLUS healer beetles that constantly heal everyone.

I like my games tough, but this is utterly sadistic - even "I wanna be the guy" was more fair then this.

andy the gamemaster November 29, 2007 5:16 PM

more complaints
4 there is no pause!!!!!!!!! i lost once because i had to pee!
5 in the speed match level, the clock starts at 1:03 but
it still cuts into your time limit!
6 bad math. the energy pod thing says it increases by 5 but actually increases by 6. it goes from 12 to 18.
7 when the timer hits 1:00, 2:00, etc, it goes to :60, adding another second per minute!


Ugh, this is the most disgusting game I've played in a long time. You're in the middle of a heated battle with 4 pincher beetles following you, 2 flyers buzzing around, and a bomber beetle about to blow up next to you, and your out of energy and can't shoot crap, and there isn't a little blue ball in sight(and they don't even appear enough to be useful, anyhow). Even if you had full energy, your weapons suck enough that you couldn't kill anything anyhow. And that cutesy little message about "go play our kiddie games instead" just made me want to pop.



Easy way to kill bosses:

Red Spinner

Just freeze and spam acid, remember to re-freeze, fast and easy.

Black Bully

This is just too easy! First, get BLACK ARMOR, then spam NEEDLES (best weapon in game), boss should be dead in seconds! Don't mind moving and dodging, just send it to oblivion in front of its face. Healers can't do anything.


Simple, just combine both of previous tactics. First freeze Red Spinner and go to kill Black Bully with black armor and needles, it goes so fast that Red Spinner is still frozen after done! Then just freeze and acid spam Red Spinner and you are done with the bosses. If you have problems with the heal of healers, give each of them one acid blob and they are busy healing each others. Kill incoming healer waves afterwards.


I started playing and whenever I open the Armory, a tip appears and won't go away. What do I do?

unonomus July 29, 2008 9:59 PM

here are the attacks that can be glitched

black armor, beetle regeneration, sonic vision, speed boost.

unonomus July 29, 2008 10:02 PM

And Andy, "P" pauses smart one.


Discovery! Black armor throughout the whole game without even using it. Just before you die arm yourself with Black armor. For the rest of the game you can have black armor throughout the whole game.


couldn't get through SURVIVAL II

not very good March 19, 2009 3:39 AM

Gauntlet (2nd last level) is so ridiculously hard, not even fair... kill one hundred enemies??

Man, it's just a shame cheat engine can't help me. I struggled enough through survival 2, survival 3, and speed 3.... It's pretty lame how cheat engine can only increase your money and not your health.

The game really disappointed me because it was way too hard.


I've fought with the leachers and they bit me and changed the control system. I don't know how to change it back. PLEASE HElp ME !!!


You can kill the Black Bully using the Crush joined with Freeze and Regenaration.



to gamemaster,
first, if you really actually get into the game, witch obviously you did so you could find the mistakes, you should be able to figure out how many shots of what will kill different bugs, it took me about 10 seconds for each bug. Second, about the healers, some attacks aren'nt as good with some bugs, so try stop using chomp on healers, its not the most confusing thing in the world. Third, sometimes it is just hard to shake off leachers, they weren't meant to be easy. Fourth, why does it matter if chomp takes two and combust takes one? Just use combust. EXTRA complaint about your complaints, you used 4 twice when you were listing your complaints. Fourth AGAIN, P is pause, if your are really ANDY thegamemaster you should understand that P is the first letter of PAUSE so flash games use P as pause usually. Fifth, if you are really skilled then it won't matter if you lose a few seconds, I beat it first try. No problem. Sixth, why are you complaining that you get an extra energy????? It's not like it ruins the game, it's a positive mistake on one ability. Seventh, in the end does it really matter? It's just on second, so what. And on Speed matches, where it actually matters, in the end time money-bonus, it subtracts one second from the time display, so it all evens out.

So I think you are just being annoying and whinny. And for everyone else who is saying this game is too difficult, I zipped through all of the levels EASY. I died twice on Red Spinner, and twice on Black Bully. I died once on Survival II, and once on Swarm. I'm still working on the last level. But I'm not complaining, they wouldn't make it impossible.

Here are some tips. Get Needler right away, it's a great spammer attack, good for any enemy. Use it for your basic attack, on Q. Next necessary attack is TriZap, it may take a while to master but it is VERY useful, and not very costly. I consider it to be more advanced and harder to use. It's also great with swarms. Next, you should get Driller, a nice way to instantly kill a line of weak bugs, or half the healthier ones. Ward is necessary for Survivals. Further in the game, if you are having trouble with dying, you should get Regeneration. For Red Spinner get Stinger and TriZap. Obviously, get Sonic Vision for Miners. Further in the game, Beetle Energy Pod is necessary. Here are some combos. Regeneration, Black Armor, and Catabolic Feast. Use them all at the same time and you will get more energy, life and damage bonus to ranged attacks. Win win win. Ground Mine, TriZap, and Needle. Great for multi-tasking. Lay a mine, stay close by to it, but not to close. That'll bring enemies to it. Then you can get the other enemies with TriZap and Needler just in case of trouble, use it with rapid tap. That is great for swarm. Regeneration with Speed Boost or Ward is good because regeneration slows you down. I have a lot of favorite combos. but they just fit my fighting style, you have to come up with some of your own. :) have fun.


You're right , nothing is hard ... everything is possible , well as for me , for Red Spinner i just use Teleport , Needle that's ALL :P , actually Teleport Ground Mines Ward Beetle Regeneration and energy pod are very necessary for any level as a plus you could use combustion and its win win , well that how i rule but maybe you have different styles


I finished all levels it's easy , actually its Gountlet the hardest part , and to beat Red Spinner and Black Bully , just use Nitro Liquid Spit on the Red Spinner then use Black Armor and use Needle on Black Bully and he is dead even before Red Spinner comes back then freeze Red Spinner and Acid Spit him if healers come use Acid Spit on them they will be busy healing themselves and of course don't forget Beetle Energy Pod , Beetle Regeneration and Ward .

PS:-When you Acid Spit the Red Spinner always stay behing him so he isn't able to hit you when he is back and of course re-freeze him.
-To have Black Armor permanently and without taking HP from you , use it in the first level then drop it while playing when your done go back to the bosses fight , you can do that for every level.



I like this game, its fun and not boring at all :) plus its really hard to do some levels, the challenge is huge :P

my tip:

for swarms and leeches use speed boost + combustion/ground mine. clears the area of as much as 20 enemies at once :)
Also, with cheatable black armor needles take down leeches, miners and bombers in one shot

i have a serious trouble on the last match, cant survive even for 30 secs...


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