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Blast RPG

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Rating: 4.1/5 (113 votes)
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DanTheArcherBlast RPGFor one reason or another, there's been a whole lot of streamlining taking place in game design today. I hear that there are now RPGs being released without towns. Towns! What's next? Sports games without points? Shooters without invisible health bars? Action games without double jumps? As it turns out, our good friends at Nitrome are no designer-come-latelies, as they've decided to eschew just about everything in the RPG formula except pulse-pounding combat, our favorite weapons with elemental properties, and a single item shop. How's that for streamlining? Welcome to Blast RPG, Nitrome's latest fusion of action and role-playing excitement.

The steadfast knight in this game has decided that all that romping through dank dungeons and random-encounter-laden forests is overrated; instead, he launches himself out of a cannon through waves of enemies to see how far he can get. Certainly a creative, if not unorthodox solution. Click your mouse to fire the cannon at the get-go, accounting for angle and power, and then hold the left mouse button down in a direction to give the airborne knight a general idea of where he should aim for.

Levels are cleared by specific distance milestones that must be met, which is where all that combat comes into play. Trouncing enemies that your fighter meets on the fly will give him an extra boost into the air, but be warned: some foes are of distinct elemental persuasions. You can "equip" different weapons by clicking them on the bottom selector, so you can always be prepared. That space is also where you can activate a trove of items, ranging from mighty spells to temporary stat increases and other trinkets a warrior flying at 90 miles per hour might find useful.

The game's a fantastic distraction for a little while, not to mention a unique twist on the "launch" genre, but the action begins to diminish in longer sessions of play. Aside from new monsters and changing backgrounds, the gameplay doesn't evolve through the levels, and despite the knight's best efforts to rocket over all those random-encounter-infested areas, the fact still remains that the appearance of monsters on screen is fairly random, and can end a glorious run with a single dry stretch. Still, there's some old-fashioned RPG fun to be had in leveling up your gladiator, and seeing just how far you can get the little guy to go. If you enjoy the game's streamlined simplicity, you'll find this RPG to be a blast.

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N I T R O MEfan March 11, 2010 6:23 PM

Pretty hard game.


Looks decent, although it crashes the Flash plugin too often on Linux.

N I T R O MEfan March 11, 2010 6:39 PM

You have to click a lot when you're in the air. I'm on the 4th level.


dsl;fk;f;skf;lfks;flk OH MY GOD

Level four is killing me.. I got to 8800 meters one time around.. then I just got past 9000 meters, and got stuck in a bear trap >_<

Anonymous March 12, 2010 12:26 AM

Bear traps are very unfair. You may have used crucial items and made it even past the goal, but die or hit a bear trap and it doesn't matter: you're dead.

zbeeblebrox March 12, 2010 12:45 AM

It's funny, lot's of people at the place I work just got hooked on these kinds of games. Most of them are also fans of RPGs (all they're talking about right now is the recent Final Fantasy release. Oy) I should show them this tomorrow - it'll blow their minds. :D

I'm not clear on what the Weapon buffs apply to. The generic one I imagine is just an all around weapon increase, but is that the same for the plant, fire, etc buffs? Or do they only help you against specific enemies? I wish there was better explanation for that sort of thing. It's weird that equipable items and one-time-use items go to the same place.

zbeeblebrox March 12, 2010 1:39 AM

Also the bear traps are lame.
There's always something like that in every one of these games, and all of them are lame.

GameFreeakBrandon March 12, 2010 1:57 AM

its not that hard. i finished the game. i'd go with "grinding" and trying to get strong items. i've ended up with 15 dmg power equips in all elements. i suggest stats should be alotted in attack and strength. im lvl 9 now, and i just started lvling agility becuase i felt like i was ok with my stats at the moment. (30 attack 25 strength 15 agility) These should help u get at a good velocity to evade those nasty bear traps

@zbeeblebrox- i agree with you, sum items havta be experimented with :P the orb like items are like "weapons." the more dmg, the stronger the element, or just in general if you got the "basic weapon" one. everything else is temporary, dont get tricked for stat boosts, they only last only a couple of seconds, i'd say the charisma one is most useful for collecting money. and yes, there is an element factor in the game. if you've used an element weapon, you probably noticed the chart on the top right, showing a "rock-paper-scissors" diagram. it shows which elements "beats" (does more dmg) others. You can tell a monsters element by its color red-fire blue-water green-"plant" or whatever. if you dont see a color, they are neutral like the bats. the equips with the highest dmg would have the best effect on these. BTW, 15 is the highest dmg if you havent figured it out already. in my experience, there's a 1:7 ratio of those strong weapons showing in the shop. if you wanna be really cheap, patient, its actually probably stupid, but i've gotten 14 dmg equips from treasure chests before. also, there's only about 3/4 monsters that aren't 1hit KO even with their weakness. probably 2-5 hits is the hardest you'll see.

Thanks for listening! :]

zbeeblebrox March 12, 2010 3:29 AM

Oh wow, rock-paper-scissors. Now I get it. I was totally under the impression that you were supposed to match your magic to their color/element. Thanks, GFB, the game is suddenly so much easier now.

Rex Hondo March 12, 2010 3:46 AM

The bear traps are particularly cheap when paired with losing any money you made that round whenever you lose. It's a very frustrating, and I daresay poor, gameplay choice.

Rex Hondo March 12, 2010 3:49 AM

Sorry about the double-post, but some of the item descriptions could also be a little clearer. I found out the had way that the Flee Battle item only removes the monsters in line to fight you, unlike what the description says.


I was doing the same thing - matching the element to the monster. I stopped when I got to level 6 because I couldn't beat any of the monsters.

Let me try it the right way - WOW what a difference! That would have been helpful hours ago :P

I still can't beat a gorgon. Anyone know if they're elemental?


Doesn't matter, just found the ending. Cute :)


i hate instant death traps in toss games, after being caught in a trap within 1000M 5 times in a row, i finally get past it and almost doubled the distance when i got caught in a trap, and lost everything

GameFreeakBrandon March 12, 2010 2:07 PM

@sweaves- like i said in an earlier post, bear traps are only on the ground.(im pretty sure, correct me if im wrong) try grinding, getting equips, to kill more monsters, gaining more altitude to reach the goal. :]

N I T R O MEfan March 12, 2010 3:10 PM

I just noticed the bear traps today. I think they are fair, just not very pleasing.

N I T R O MEfan March 12, 2010 3:20 PM

Today, I got a lot of creatures chasing me. Anyways, here is Level 1.

Level 1

When you've encountered a monster, click a lot. Bats are easy, but slime is hard. Keep clicking to guide the knight. Stop clicking to bounce on the mushrooms and get the treasure chests.

waycooler March 12, 2010 4:13 PM

Hmmm... where have I heard that fanfare before...?

I smell a lawsuit with a certain RPG developer... Haha, just kidding.


ARG! It's really annoying how once you pause the game, the "Continue" button doesn't work.


Continue button doesnt work at pause menu? It did for me. I think is a interesting twist on RPGs.


Officially declared it epic the moment I heard the fanfare >:o



Gorgons are non-elemental very high level monsters that can petrify you infinite times (can miss, able to attack twice without retaliation if hit), and have high attack and defense stats. While I'm not saying that they can't be killed, it will take some major luck to kill one without one-use items. Even a +15 normal sword has a hard time killing this.

Strong suggestion would be to bring a Death spell or a Nuke spell along with you, and pray that you only get one gorgon on the way. Invincibility, Poison, Petrify, and Elemental Spells will have to make due if you can't get your hands on either one.

That said, do be smart about item usage. At times, it may be wiser to just try again instead of using the item then losing.

GameFreeakBrandon March 13, 2010 1:13 PM

@N I T R O MEfan- i think you've got it wrong. if you read the instructions, the mouse is to guide your flight direction, and you hold it down, not constant clicking. to slow down, you aim backwards or down. but i think mushroom hits are just luck thanks for listening :]


The Nitrome intro with the cannon shooting out the letters is arguably one of the best to date.

Just John March 14, 2010 7:51 PM

Finally beat it, hooray! While I admit to being frustrated a few times, it was the nostalgic frustration of playing an RPG and wandering into a high-level area and being forced to level grind a little to finally get through it.

I wonder what an end boss battle would be like in this sort of game? I could imagine having to, say, outrace a bad guy to some other goal. Or maybe have to achieve a certain altitude so you could hit him, or so you could dive-bomb him from above with enough force to break through his defenses. Or a rapid switching of elemental attacks.


I had so much trouble getting past the last level. It didn't seem to be all that hard, but for some reason it took me the same amount of time to finish as all the other levels combined.

Fun game otherwise :)


Does anyone know if iffrits, treants, and kappas are elementals?

rxhnd01 April 8, 2010 3:49 PM

iffrits, treants and kappas are fire, nature and water respectively.

I just ran into this game yesterday and noticed today that it's on JiG. Here's my spoiler / walkthrough..

I found the easiest way to complete the game was to play level one over and over.

Only level up you attack power until you get it up to 35 or so. You don't need to upgrade strength really. Just upgrade your weapons when you get a chance.

As soon as you get a reasonable attack level, you can wipe out any monster on lvl 1 with just one hit and for the most part can pretty much go on forever. The monsters get stronger and stronger as you go, and you collect a bunch of cash along the way as well as have a pretty good chance of picking up chests.

Always collect health when you can, and it's occasionally useful to have a boost with you.

Don't worry about clearing higher levels too soon, your item selection will change as you clear higher levels and makes it harder to get healing and boosts.

Once you hit level 5 or so it's not tough to advance to bigger levels. Just keep upgrading swords.

You can cheat if you want as well:

If you need health and none are in the store, just exit out to the select game screen and go back to your game and to the store, the stuff will be shuffled around.

N I T R O MEfan April 23, 2010 2:35 PM

Bear traps are insane! I got past level 4, hit a bear trap, and then it got me.


Finished the game. Thought it was relatively easy, though it took a while on level 5, I think?

I did have one question, however. Is Level 15 the highest level of weapon you can get? For instance, you can have the basic attack power up, the plant, fire and water power ups, but I'm not sure if 15 is the strongest they get. Is it?


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