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Pursuit Across Europe (PACE)

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JayBMW Pace - Pursuit Across EuropeRecently, BMW launched a new advergame that has players racing its cars in a Pursuit Across Europe (PACE). In this gorgeously detailed Flash-based driving game, the developers combine highly stylized computer motion graphics and 3D cut scenes to create a unique experience you won't soon forget. Players travel to (and through) destinations such as Lisbon, Paris, Berlin and Prague, all the while competing to earn credits for upgrades and to purchase new vehicles.

Use the keyboard for control in this game. The [left] and [right] arrow cursor keys control steering, [up] for acceleration, and [down] for brake and reverse. Press [space] to engage the hand brake for a quicker stop. Use the [ctrl] key for a boost. Press [esc] to pause or restart a race.

The first stage of the mission-based game may be played immediately without registration. Just hop in and drive. A nicely polished voice-over narrates the scene and readies you for the imminent adventure ahead.

Finishing missions earns you credits that may be used to upgrade your vehicle or even to purchase a better model. Registration allows you to continue past the first stage and to save your progress in the game.

Analysis: BMW appears to have pulled all stops to unleash a captivating virtual driving experience for Web travelers around the world. Yes, it is all BMW branded, but what better way to get more people driving your cars than to create an experience that is accessible to a much greater audience. For the production, BMW enlisted the help of Interone Worldwide, the German agency responsible for the vision behind it, and Artificial Duck for the impressive Actionscripting of the game.

It is an enjoyable driving adventure game with enough features to keep the player coming back for more. The highly stylized graphics, pleasant soundtrack and voice-over narration serve to doll-up an already exceptional and smooth-running game engine that is revved and ready to take you for a ride.

It's an engaging piece of work that immerses the player from the start, but it doesn't attempt to take itself too seriously. At the beginning of the game the player is reminded that it is just a game after all, and that the capabilities of the cars in the game do not reflect reality. So please drive carefully.

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wow... this a visually stunning game... the controls feel a little awkward as far as stearing/cornering goes but it doesn't break the game as far as playability imo. love the style


Did you think I would steer you wrong? (ba-dum-pish!)


anyone else think that the narrator's voice sounds like John Krasinski (Jim) from the office?

He also does one of the new apple ads, so i think that he's out there as a voice actor.


good game...the controls just need a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it ur good to go.
P.S. The new layout is really interesting, pretty cool jay. It looks like someone drew it on a chalkboard :)


The watercolor graphics are beautiful. But I was so excited to get to Paris... and it says I have to "wait until April 2007" for the rest of the course!


darnit... steer steer steer steer...

another issue i keep finding is some sort of graphic lag.. which gives a little hitch in performance typically at the worst possible time (going around a corner at 240)... but even with my criminal spelling and minor gameplay issues.. i can't wait for the next leg of the journey


anyone else having trouble loading the game?
in Firefox, it loads teh intro stuff ok, but the actual game load partially loads and stops
in MSIE, the intro loads ok too but the game load doesnt seem to start at all


"...the capabilities of the cars in the game do not reflect reality."

You're kidding right? Just last week I had a head-on collision with a mustang at 160 kph and simply bounced away at 120 kph unphased.

On a more serious note, what do people think of the car options? I was disappointed that I could not upgrade the Coupé at all, but I actually was able to get better times using it than the 3rd car (which I can't remember the name of).

I didn't see any compelling reason to stick with the V1 because even fully upgraded I was able to do better with the Coupé.

The night vision upgrade is maybe a good reason to use the 3rd car on the last leg to Paris, but it doesn't seem to perform any better off-road than the others so once you know the track I'd still go with the Coupé for all the tracks so far.

I got up to 28th placed before I called it quits for now (I'm sure I'll be bumped down as more people compete though).

will7303 April 19, 2007 7:32 AM

the names of the cars are;
the hatch (1st car): 1 series
the coupe (middle car): Z4 m
the suv (right hand side car): X5


Nice, but where's my K 1200 S?

I could do with a way to skip the FMVs after the first time. And super-nice would be a rear view mirror. But it's still lots of fun!


I am excited to try this game but I am a bit wary to just give away my email address when they don't provide any clear link to their privacy policy. I don't mind BMW having my email address but I would rather not have them pimp it out to all of their 'business partners.' It would be nice to be able to see exactly what they are going to be doing with your information so that you can decide whether or not you need to set up a temporary email address to log on.


Vinnie - click "IMPRINT" in the lower right of the game window, and then click "DATA PROTECTION" for their privacy policy. There is also an email address available in the imprint area for further questions you may have.

Frankly, I don't understand the paranoia about giving out email addresses on the Web. Everyone should have a 'junk' email address already set up specifically for the purposes of registering on the various websites you visit. Get a GMail or Hotmail, or Yahoo mail account for this purpose, never give out any personally identifying information, and stop being paranoid.


hmmmm.... i guess the cutaway scenes are quite nice, but the game itself is very standard and even rather primitive.


The first race to lisbon won't load past 65.12% for me. :P
I am using the latest version of Firefox. Any suggestions?


Never mind. It finally started again. Whoops. Sorry.


While I'm at it, can we please have a manual transmission, oh BMW gods?


I like how the cutscenes look, the voiceover, that the car feels powerful and the drivers don't have godly driving skills, they get off the road as much as you do. The layout of the interface also shows the makers know what they do.

The watercolor graphics, though, don't look that good inside the game. Choppy road and cardboard funny trees? C'mon.

The controls for the car don't seem fluid enough, and the fact that the other drivers can outrun you on straight segments of the track is unfair.


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