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ContourPatrickContour is a clever re-imagining of Marble Madness by Sean Hawkes, creator of several games entered into previous Casual Gameplay competitions such as Orbit and Clack. An isometric grid is placed over the playing field that holds a ball and a white exit square. Click on individual tiles to raise the ground from that point, causing the marble to roll downhill. The goal is to move the marble to the exit tile by raising and lowering the floor, a feat that requires both intelligent planning and fast clicking.

Contour is made even more interesting with varied level design, and integrated level editor, and a number of unique tiles that spice up the gameplay. Competition Best Use of Theme Award winnerGreen squares will accelerate the marble, while red tiles slow you down. Purple tiles teleport you from one area to another, and brown blocks act as walls to keep the marble from rolling off the field. The only way to lose is to get thrown out of bounds, fall off the grid, or get stuck in an infinite loop (something of an achievement in itself), in which case you can simply use the reset option to clear the map. Defeat is always a temporary set-back and, in this case, is usually kind of fun.

Analysis: It's become a pattern for me to close reviews by eviscerating the hopes and dreams of the game developer by point out a crippling interface, mechanical or balancing issue. In Contour's case, I've got nothing. This game does precisely what you'd expect it to do, and it does it well. Whenever you fail you feel like the failure was your own and take some pleasure in that ownership. When you succeed, your agile tact and geometric cleverness ring like choir bells. Sean Hawkes should keep making games, he's quite good at it.

So good, in fact, that the judging panel for our 4th Casual Gameplay Design Competition gave Contour the nod for the best use of the "ball physics" theme.

JohnBWell-made from tip to stern, Contour oozes polish and creativity just as thickly as Sean's other games. As Patrick said, this game does exactly what it set out to do, and it does it extremely well. My favorite part is turning order into chaos to complete each level. Raising the grid distorts an otherwise perfect pattern, and by the time I've worked the marble to the goal, so many squares have been raised and lowered the resulting scene is a bit of a mess. A functional mess. A mess I made.

Also, don't forget Contour has an integrated level editor thus extending its replay value considerably. A wide variety of levels, including an 18 hole golf course(!), are available in the comments. Just copy and paste into the game to play them.

Play Contour


Amazing Game.

Got to level 8 before I had to do something else. Great use of ball physics, great look, just nice all around game.



I really liked this one. Although the basic concept has been done a lot, the way you curved the floor to move the ball was very unique and it worked well. The graphics were nice and simple, and polished looking.

Overall, no real complaints. A very well made and polished game. Good job!



very cool. simple and elegant. it might not be the most original implementation of the ball physics theme but so far it is, to me, the most enjoyable to play.

and i like the quirks that have been coming up here and there. on level 10, for instance,

it was kind of fun to just let the ball go and let it bounce around. i went and got a drink from the kitchen, and when i arrived back, the ball had found the goal all by itself.

awesome game.


Yay, beat all 15 (14?) levels! Fun game, some of the levels were pretty tough. And the inclusion of a level editor is just icing on the cake.. :D

I'm hoping our enterprising readership will come up with some good levels, there's a lot of potential here.

obtusegoose October 7, 2007 4:43 PM

Beautiful game. The graphics (and editor) are stunning. I was expecting it to be more challenging. Maybe by limiting the number of raised surfaces you can create per level, or by activating your "raised surface choices" all at once by clicking an "Activate" button. Having unlimited access to every blue square makes it a bit too easy. Still a 9 out of 10. Great job!


Got to level 8 before being really challenged. I suppose the earlier levels were to introduce the concepts and different ways the tiles interact. Great job, love it!


Here are some bonus levels that weren't made in time for the game's release.... They are relatively challenging... PLEASE post more custom levels... I can't wait to try them!!!!!!

To load them, select the editor, then select "custom."

Here goes:

Keep It Going: (hardish)

hmm,1-18,2-2,1-6,2-2,1-8,2-1,8-1,2-1,1-4,2-1,4-2,2-1,1-8,2-3,1-2,2-1,4-1,5-2,4-1,2-1,1-8,2-3,1-1,4-1,5-1,2-2,5-1,4-1,2-1,1-8,2-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,2-4,5-1,4-1,2-1,1-8,4-1,5-1,2-6,5-1,4-1,2-1,1-5,2-1,4-1,5-10,4-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,4-14,2-1,1 -1,2-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,4-14,2-1,1-3,2-1,4-1,5-10,4-1,2-1,1-5,2-1,4-1,5-1,2-6,5-1,4-1,2-1,1-7,2-1,4-1,5-1,2-4,5-1,4-1,2-1,1-9,2-1,4-1,5-1,2-2,5-1,4-1,2-3,1-9,2-1,4-1,5-2,4-1,2-1,1-1,2-3,1-9,2-1,4-2,2-1,1-3,2-1,7-1,2-1,1-9,2-2,1-5,2-2,1-1

Lava Island: (easyish)


Bounce It Around: (easyish)


4 Hills (insanely hard i think)




Logical - Trick to it....



A fantastic reversal of those Marble Madness/Monkey Ball-type games; instead of controlling the ball, you control the floor. Sean's interface and implementation are fantastic, and the level design is inspired. (The Plinko and labyrinth-based ones made me chuckle.)

Anonymous October 7, 2007 5:36 PM

slight glitch on level 14... I went right through the wall


Maybe I'm dense, but how do I make a teleport in the editor? It just skips from red (slow) to yellow (start).


Only a few levels in, and already I love it. I can't wait to see if anybody finds something to nitpick to death (like with Angular Momentum).


By the way, Jay, your link to Clack in the summary actually links to Orbit. :-D


Larry T:

To make a teleport, just make 2 purple tiles, then click on one and drag it to the other. This will make the one you dragged teleport the ball to the other tile. You can do the same in reverse, if you like, for a two-way teleport.


Oh I didn't read your comment completely, Larry T.

There is a limit to how many purple squares you can have at a time (10). So if there are 10 on the board, it will skip from red to you like described.

However, I did encounter a few bugs that didn't let you have teleport squares even if you didn't already have 10. Let me know if this is the case.


Thanks, Chris. Fixed.


this is my favorite entry so far. it really makes ball physics the central mechanic of the game, and understanding how to manipulate the ball is essential for completing the game successfully.


I haven't comment on the competition until now, because I wanted to take the time to check out all entries one by one and give my feedback, but I can't resist to reply right away on this one.

Sean is definetely on my list of most creative gamedesigners around and in my opinion this one is amazingly original again. Ofcourse both mechanisms (the iso-ball gameplay + the elevating/pulling a grid) have been done a thousands times, but nobody combined them as far sa I know.

Leveldesign builds up perfectly with a 'can't lose level one' and then introducing the gameplay-elements one by one in the level there after.

I have the idea time wasn't really on Sean side though, there maybe should have been more original levels, an autosave-feature, and allthough I pledge for simplicity in games, a scoresystem like in (real) golf would have been a nice addition for replayability.

One glitch I found: when I tried to save the ball from going off the edge just too late, the tile I pressed too late started elevating right after the level restarted.

But I happily see through those cons, congrats and thanks for creating :)


thanks wouter, i wonder though, does level 11 seem at all familiar to you?


Haha :)! well I'd had to play over to see it!
Ain't it great when we make heroes of eachother?

Dan Black October 7, 2007 7:16 PM

I have to say, technically, this game is great. The isometric view with the warping of the tiles and elevation causing movement in certain directions is really something to marvel over.

However, the game itself just didn't do it for me. The play didn't vary much. The only real implement of interest, I felt, was the teleportation squares. Other than that, speeding or slowing the ball, whether by raising terrain or guiding it onto the squares really wasn't all that... (the word I'm looking for should be more sophisticated than this)... fun.

I understand that it needed to be pretty simplistic (that's not to say the engine driving it isn't still quite sophistiacted) in order to accomodate a level-edit/design feature... but it comes at real expense to the gameplay in my opinion.

A great entry nonetheless, that showcases some real design talent.


Yea the levels are pretty easy. I would suggest playing the levels Brian made (that he posted in an above comment). They're nice and challenging.


Soooooooo..... The labyrinth (classic wooden / marble game) and Plinko (a feature on the TV show "The Price is Right) themed levels have been identified.... can anyone recognize the inspiration for about 5 or 6 of the other included levels? :) I suppose level 11 was also identified heheh... but no clues for those who haven't figured that one out....

What I'd love to see is a few other themed levels... I thought it may be possible to make a great Pac-Man themed one, but couldn't pull it off.... I created an 8-bit mario full pixeled level too, but since he had green skin, it didn't quite work so well... Let's see some level designers show me how it's done!!!!

Background: I'm just a friend of Sean who threw out several of the levels that made the final cut... Sean has done ALL the rough work on this fantastic game! Jay, you can remove my name from the front page... i really don't deserve the mention!!!!


Despite the few bugs I've encountered so far, this is one of the most polished games I've played in this comp so far. It's pleasing to the eye, well-designed, and has a good level of challenge (at least for a slightly rubbish casual gamer like me...). The ball physics are obvious and well-implemented; generally, the ball does what you'd expect it to. A nice little game.


Wow. Despite the high volume of games, this is only the second time that a game has made me really sit up and take notice (the first was Osmosis). I've only played a few levels so far, but this is fantastic! The low difficulty of the levels doesn't bother me (haven't tried Brian's yet) because that level editor is waiting for me when I'm finished.

What can I say? Very smooth and polished, clever gameplay mechanism... it's just fun. And I like fun. I don't have any criticisms yet. Let me play through and see what happens.


original AND fun, great game, very well done.


OK, having now tried each of the custom levels Brian made, here are some follow-up comments...

I finally have a criticism, and it has to do with the physics of the game. If you have the ball going in a straight line and "trap" it between two peaks, one in front and in behind, the ball never stops moving. That is, it wobbles back and forth between the two peaks without ever coming to rest. This goes against all the laws of physics (or at least the ones that apply here), because friction and gravity (which are obviously at play in the game) would eventually slow the ball down to a stop.

For the purposes of gameplay, this means that you cannot use two peaks to stop a ball at a certain point. I don't think it's a serious flaw, because you can still use a single peak to counteract the ball's momentum, it's just a little bit trickier to get a ball to stop exactly where you want it to. It's possible that this was even done intentionally. But in a game revolving around ball physics, this seems like an important issue.

This is the only criticism I can come up with so far, though, and in the greater scheme of things it is a very minor one. After seeing what can be done with the level editor, Contours has become my new favorite to win in this competition.

Specific comments on Brian's custom levels:

Keep It Going: (hardish)

Actually, I found this quite easy. It was apparent from the start what I needed to do, and I was able to reach the goal on my second try.

Lava Island: (easyish)

I agree with Brian's assessment. I reached the goal on my first try.

Bounce It Around: (easyish)

I found this one harder than both of the previous ones, mainly because it took me a while to get the angle. It wasn't difficult, though, it just took me a few tries.

4 Hills (insanely hard i think)

The most brilliant level of all (including the in-game levels), in my opinion. I don't know if I would say it was insanely hard, but it definitely was a challenge. What I loved about this level was that it was apparent from the start what needed to be done, but actually doing it required a lot of precision and fine tuning. I don't know how many tries it took me (a lot), but it always kept me coming back to tweak my setup and timing just a bit until I got it right. That, to me, is the mark of a well-designed level. It would have made an excellent final level to the game. Kudos.


I had to give up on this one. Although I don't believe it is as impossible as I first thought, I just couldn't figure out how to slow the ball down enough after the second strip of speed tiles. I tried redirecting it into the two slow tiles, but that didn't work either. I think it's doable, but my clicking finger is tired and it's not readily apparent what I need to do, so I'm going to have to come back to it when both my finger and brain have had time to recover.

Logical - Trick to it....

I deemed this one impossible the first time I tried it, but then I went back to it after playing all of the other custom levels and immediately saw what needed to be done. As Brian says, there is a trick to it, and it's actually a fairly easy trick--the kind that makes you feel silly for not thinking of it the first time around.

I think the game is complete in and of itself, but I had a couple of ideas while I was playing. These are just ideas that I'm throwing out there:

  • Jump tiles: these tiles would launch the ball into the air a short distance when you rolled over them.

  • Multiple balls: some levels could have multiple balls that have to go in different goals (or the same goal).

I'm not saying these ideas are necessarily any good (multiple balls seems a bit dodgy, to be honest), I just thought I'd share. Now I'm off to make my own level. :)


Wow nice review of the extra levels.

I agree on the 4 hills level, its great. It is actually an example of how I planned the game in the first place, where you set the hills down before you start the ball rolling.


Suho 2004: Thanks for the excellent feedback on the extra levels!

I went ahead and posted a semi-solution spoiler photo...


Brian: Ah, that is a bit simpler than the setup I was trying. I'll have to give it a shot later. Right now, alas, I'm having a bit too much fun with the level editor.

When I get the chance, I'd like to create eight more holes and get a front nine going. I don't know why, but when I pulled up the editor I was suddenly inspired to go golfing. :)

(Note to Jay: In my Firefox (FF 2.0, Win XP), most of Brian's customs levels above (and my own level here, at least in preview) were truncated. It seems to just run to the end of the line and then stop. I had to open up the thread in IE to see the full code. What could be causing that?)

(Note to Brian: It's Suho1004, by the way. Suho2004 is the next generation model, with more useful features and less pointless babbling. ;))


Suho1004: you should be able to select the entire non-truncated line in any browser by clicking in the left margin and drag DOWN.

I just re-tested this in Firefox (Mac and Windows).

Even though the level text appears to be truncated it really is all there.


Another great game - simple graphics that allow you to focus on the original gameplay and strategies. Thank you!


@Suho1004 :

The code Brian pasted into his comment was from an older build. You'll notice on your level code theres a '#' sign on the second line. This is there so it's easier to select the entire chunk of code.

Jay has his comments to not word wrap for this reason exactly, it reduces spam. So for Brian's levels, all you need to do is select the line and drag down one line, this will make sure it selects the whole thing.


Jay and breach: Ah, thanks. Why didn't I think of that? Works like a charm now.

Also, Jay: I hate to ask you this (and I apologize for cluttering up the comments like this), but I noticed a flaw in the level I posted in my last post. Could you delete the code for me? I'll repost that level (and my other levels) all at once when I'm finished designing and testing them to avoid comment clutter.

Again, sorry. :(


No worries, we try to accommodate editing as best we can if you leave a note like that, at least until we can implement a feature by which you may edit your own comments. :)


Jay: much obliged. I look forward to the edit function. :)

And now, for those still reading the comments, I present holes 1-3 of the Contours Country Club (I know I said I'd post them all at once, but I need to get some actual work done today, and this has taken longer than expected...).

  • Hole #1
    We start with what would normally be a straightforward first hole: an iron shot over a short fairway, between two bunkers, and onto a small green. Unfortunately, the grounds crew has planted a tree right on front of the tee. Those responsible for the incident have been sacked--but you still have to deal with the tree.

    Hole 1,2-14,1-1,3-2,1-1,2-14,1-2,3-1,1-1,2-14,1-2,3-1,1-1,2-3,7-1,2-10,1-2,3-1,1-1,2-14,1-2,3-1,1-1,2-5,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-6,1-4,2-6,4-3,2-5,1-4,2-5,4-5,2-2,5-2,1-4,2-6,4-5,5-3,1-4,2-7,4-4,5-3,1-4,2-8,4-3,5-3,1-4,2-8,5-3,2-3,1-4,2-7,5-4,2-1,4-3,1-3,2-7,5-4,2-1,4-1,8-1,4-1,1-15,4-3,1-57, #

  • Hole #2
    CCC quickly ramps up the difficulty on the second hole with an island green. A short approach shot is followed by a precision wedge or short iron shot over the water. Wayward shots will find the deep, inescapable bunkers, while anything not dead on target will roll off the sloping green and into the drink.

    Hole 2,1-3,5-2,4-4,5-2,1-4,3-3,1-2,5-2,4-2,8-1,4-3,5-2,1-5,3-1,1-3,5-1,4-6,5-2,1-3,3-3,1-5,4-1,6-1,4-2,5-2,1-4,3-1,1-17,3-3,2-1,1-17,2-1,1-17,2-2,1-15,2-4,1-13,2-6,1-10,2-9,4-3,2-14,4-2,6-1,4-2,2-14,4-7,2-12,4-7,7-1,2-9,3-1,4-6,2-11,3-2,2-47,t205:61, #

  • Hole #3
    The third hole looks intimidating to the newcomer, with two massive bunkers flanking the fairway, but a skillful tee shot will make it past the hazards and find its way to the green. A pond flanks the green on the left side but doesn't come into play; more important is the row of pines on the right.

    Hole 3,1-4,2-10,1-1,3-3,1-3,2-2,4-1,7-1,4-1,2-6,1-3,3-1,1-3,2-2,4-3,2-6,1-2,3-2,1-2,2-3,4-3,2-6,1-3,3-1,1-2,2-3,4-3,2-3,3-2,2-1,1-1,3-3,1-1,5-2,2-2,4-3,2-3,3-2,2-1,1-5,5-3,2-1,4-3,2-11,5-4,4-2,5-1,2-12,5-3,4-1,5-3,2-12,5-2,4-1,5-3,2-5,3-2,2-5,3-1,4-2,5-3,2-5,3-2,2-6,4-2,5-3,2-12,3-1,4-1,5-3,1-3,2-11,4-1,5-2,1-5,2-9,3-1,4-3,1-5,2-10,4-1,8-1,4-1,1-5,2-3,3-2,2-4,3-1,4-3,1-5,2-3,3-2,2-9,1-3,2-7, #

All holes have been tested and found playable. :)


Came up with another challenge level...

As far as I know, there is only one path, and it may not be very obvious...

OnePath,1-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,2-7,1-1,2-1,3-1,1-4,2-1,5-1,2-7,3-1,2-2,5-1,2-3,8-1,1-2,2-1,1-1,4-1,1-7,2-1,1-4,2-1,1-2,2-1,1-1,4-1,1-1,2-2,1-3,2-1,1-2,2-2,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-1,1-1,4-1,1-1,2-2,1-2,5-1,2-2,1-1,2-2,1-1,2-1,3-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,1-4,2-4,1-4,5-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,1-1,4-1,1-4,2-1,1-2,2-3,1-1,2-2,1-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,4-3,5-2,2-1,5-1,1-2,2-2,5-1,1-1,2-2,1-1,5-1,1-1,4-1,1-2,2-3,1-1,5-1,1-1,2-1,5-1,1-2,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,2-9,1-3,2-2,1-1,2-1,1-1,5-1,2-2,1-1,2-3,5-1,1-5,2-2,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-2,1-3,2-1,1-1,5-1,1-2,2-2,1-1,2-2,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,1-2,2-2,1-1,4-1,1-2,2-2,1-1,2-2,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-2,3-1,2-3,1-1,4-1,1-5,2-3,4-1,2-1,7-1,2-3,5-1,4-9,3-1,2-4,1-6,2-1,1-5,2-1,1-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,4-1,2-5,5-2,4-1,2-4,5-1,2-1,1-1,2-3,1-6,2-1,1-5,2-1,1-1, #

Best of luck :) (dumped the code from the latest build this time... sorry about that other post!!!!) :)


the first thing i thought when i played this game was "wow, polished". i got to level 6 then decided i had to post, it just couldn't wait any more. this is a great game that is relaxing with just the right amount of mild and occassional frustration. i love it, in other words. :)


Brian: great new level! I finished it, but I'm wondering if I got the one path you had intended. I can see another possible path, although I haven't tried it.

(This is my solution to the level, so anyone who wants to solve it on their own should avoid clicking)

(This is obviously not the exact path of the ball, but just the general path I followed.)


wow. i like this game. i have a good feeling we'll all be sharing line rider style. bragging rights to whoever can make the most possible impossible level.

Interloper October 8, 2007 2:06 AM

One of the best games posted for the competition yet: not a whole lot of 'fun', but that's just my opinion! Very well done!


Suho 1004: LOVING your golf levels and looking forward to more! The original golf level you made was fantastic...

...though I had to resort to cheating, I think, avoiding the green and moving across the top!)

Hole #1 (Commentary)

was quite difficult compared to any levels that shipped with Contour... and VERY well done...

Hole #2 (Commentary)

was VERY hard, and took me many many tries... also very well done!

Hole #3 (Commentary)

was very playable, and refreshingly easy compared to the first two challenges...

By the way, the commentary you provided on Hole #1 was absolutely hilarious, and I'm still chuckling thinking about it!

It is sooooo nice to see other levels after staring at the ones Sean and I created for so long! Thanks again, and looking forward to the 2004 model :P



About the original hole...

The gap across the top was the flaw I mentioned above, and why I asked Jay to delete it (which he did--thanks again, Jay!). It is winnable across the bottom, but requires impeccable setup, timing, and precision in execution. I'm somewhat of a masochist, so I didn't want people to be able to sneak across the top.

I have since fixed it, but I'm saving it for the final hole. I'll probably work on more holes later tonight.
Glad you enjoyed them, and thanks for the comments.

I'm glad you appreciated the downgraded difficult in Hole #3. To be honest, after creating the first two killer holes, I needed a break myself! :D I also wanted it to resemble a real golf course, where the difficulty usually varies.

I'm just psyched to have such an awesome toy to play with. :)

Of course, you guys completely destroyed my productivity for the day. :p

Anonymous October 8, 2007 3:32 AM

one of the best ones so far. although it slowed down a bit on the bigger maps..


Great game. Enjoyed playing it - and have had a go at the extra levels. I love games with level editors and once this competition's over, I'll come back to this and play with the editor - of the game that is ;)


OK, last post for me today: the next three holes at Contours Country Club.

  • Hole #4 - After the relatively easy third hole, the course architects at CCC decided to mix things up a bit. This hole has two separate fairways arranged almost parallel to each other, allowing the player to take the longer, safer(?) way around or risk an iron shot over the water. The green is a large and tempting target, but it is ringed by willows at the water's edge.

    Hole 4,2-14,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-3,5-3,2-8,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-2,5-5,2-7,1-1,3-3,2-2,5-1,4-3,5-1,2-2,4-2,1-6,3-1,5-3,4-3,5-2,4-4,1-5,3-1,5-3,4-3,1-2,4-5,1-5,5-2,4-3,2-1,1-3,4-5,1-4,2-1,5-1,4-3,2-1,1-4,4-5,1-3,2-2,4-3,2-2,1-4,4-5,2-5,4-3,2-1,1-5,4-6,2-3,4-3,2-1,1-5,2-1,4-5,2-3,4-3,2-1,1-5,3-1,4-3,8-1,4-1,2-4,4-3,1-5,2-1,4-5,2-4,4-3,1-5,3-1,4-5,2-4,4-3,1-6,2-1,6-1,4-2,3-1,2-5,7-1,6-1,1-6,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-9,1-10,2-9,1-9,t277:267, #

  • Hole #5 - The fifth hole, with its alternating bunkers biting into the otherwise straight fairway, is reminiscent of the third, but the small tee makes it a more demanding hole. The picturesque fifth is known for its banks of red and violet tulips, which golfers admire as they hack away at balls buried in the bunkers.

    Hole 5,3-1,2-12,3-1,1-1,3-3,2-2,3-10,2-2,1-1,3-1,1-2,2-1,3-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,3-3,2-1,3-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,6-1,3-1,2-1,1-3,3-1,2-2,3-10,2-2,1-1,3-4,2-12,3-1,1-22,2-23,5-3,2-10,4-5,5-3,4-16,5-2,4-11,8-1,4-8,5-2,4-4,7-1,2-1,4-10,5-3,4-8,2-7,5-3,2-1,4-4,2-18,1-18,3-19,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,5-1, #

  • Hole #6 - The sixth makes excellent use of the natural water features on the course (CCC, like Venice, is built on a lagoon--the countless golf balls that find their way into the water hazards keep it afloat). A short fairway juts into a meandering bend in a river, providing the player with little room to maneuver before chipping across to the green on the other side. Peonies on the far bank spell out the club's initials.

    Hole 6,4-13,2-1,1-1,3-3,4-2,5-2,4-2,5-2,4-2,5-2,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,1-2,4-1,5-1,4-3,5-1,4-3,5-1,4-3,2-1,1-1,3-3,4-1,5-1,4-3,5-1,4-3,5-1,4-3,2-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-2,5-2,4-2,5-2,4-2,5-2,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-3,4-13,2-1,1-15,2-7,1-14,2-8,1-1,2-4,1-8,2-5,1-1,6-1,4-2,2-4,1-5,2-2,7-1,2-1,6-1,1-1,4-6,2-4,1-2,2-5,1-1,4-9,2-1,1-2,2-5,1-1,2-3,4-6,2-1,1-2,2-1,1-7,2-4,4-2,6-1,1-3,2-1,1-10,2-3,1-3,2-7,1-10,6-1,4-2,2-8,1-6,2-1,4-3,2-15,4-2,8-1,t184:168,t248:286, #

  • Once again, all holes have been through strict quality assurance testing. :)


Nice courses Suho, love the descriptions and they're well made, I had no idea our golf level would be the most inspiring.

Hole 2 made me glad I made the goal as sensitive as it is.

Hole 6 made me wish I made it more sensitive.

Oh and Peonies cracked me up. Very imaginative.


three things this game really needs:

1) a "jump to level" option
2) a "save progress" option
3) a "reset" in the editor


....one more thing...

why does it save my progress in the level editor but not the game?!?!?!


It does save your progress. It won't jump you to the level automatically though. Just press 'next' in the lower left hand corner to browse through levels you've done already.


This game is spot on. Couldn't make a negative remark even if i wanted to.



OK, one small remark... I dunno how many levels there are to beat.

But other than that...


Do i understand that

the final (#15) level has no goal tile?



Yea, no goal on that level.


Biolarzen: now that you've completed those, please make some levels!!! And be sure to try out the excellent golf levels above too... great inspiration from Suho 1004!


One level for today.... This one is kind of random and set in a checkerboard... enjoy!

Anxiously waiting the next 3 holes of golf !!!

The last 3 were fantastic... 5 was a relief :)

checkers,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,8-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,5-1,3-1,2-2,5-1,3-1,2-2,5-1,3-1,2-2,5-1,3-1,2-4,5-2,2-2,5-2,2-2,5-2,2-2,5-2,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,5-2,2-2,5-1,6-1,2-2,5-2,2-2,5-1,6-1,2-4,6-1,5-1,2-2,5-2,2-2,6-1,5-1,2-2,5-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-4,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,5-2,2-2,5-2,2-2,5-2,2-2,5-1,6-1,2-4,5-1,6-1,2-2,5-1,6-1,2-2,5-1,6-1,2-2,5-2,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,5-1,3-1,2-2,5-1,3-1,2-2,5-1,3-1,2-2,5-1,3-1,2-4,5-2,7-1,2-1,5-2,2-2,5-2,2-2,5-2,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,4-2,t116:129,t124:210,t129:206,t137:196,t202:116,t206:210,t210:116, #


Definitely the best game so far, and simple enough that my eldest (6 years old) has been able to enjoy it too. I'm not that fond of ball physics games in general and so have not enjoyed this competition as much as the previous ones, but this entry and Bart Bonte's have been great.


breach: I'm glad you're enjoying the levels. Of course, they wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the fantastic game (and level editor)!

Brian: nice checkerboard level! Funny thing is that just last night I was trying to think outside the box, so to speak, and I thought, "Hmm... how about a checkerboard level?"

As for hole #5, that one was originally a lot harder. But I was getting tired, and I didn't want to have too many hard holes, so I had the grounds crew reshape the bunkers. If you want to try the original hole, here it is. It is still winnable, of course, and not as hard as some of the other holes, but it is much harder than the current version.

Hole 5o,3-1,2-12,3-1,1-1,3-3,2-2,3-10,2-2,1-1,3-1,1-2,2-1,3-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,3-3,2-1,3-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,6-1,3-1,2-1,1-3,3-1,2-2,3-10,2-2,1-1,3-4,2-12,3-1,1-22,2-23,5-3,2-10,4-5,5-3,4-16,5-2,4-11,8-1,4-8,5-3,4-3,7-1,2-1,4-10,5-3,4-8,2-7,5-3,2-1,4-4,2-18,1-18,3-19,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,5-1, #

I guess when the final three holes come out we'll have a better frame of reference for determining which version fits in better overall. Being the sadist that I am, I tend to go for the harder versions, but it's nice to give the player an easy hole every now and then. ;)


Suho: Thanks for the harder level 5... will try it very soon! :)

As far as those "final" 3 holes, i can't wait for the other 9 before them :) This *is* an 18 hole course, right!!??!?!


And the moment you've all(?) been waiting for: the final three holes of Contours Country Club! Let's get down to business.

  • Hole #7 - After the waterlogged first six holes, CCC leaves the lagoon behind for drier terrain. The broad fairway on the seventh is welcoming, but unwary players looking for a straight shot to the pin may find themselves trapped in Death Valley, the huge bunker that guards the left side of the green. Rows of aspens flank the fairway on the right, bursting into brilliant gold in autumn but keeping players on their toes year round.

    Hole 7,2-6,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,1-1,3-3,2-2,4-3,2-2,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-2,3-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-1,4-3,2-2,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-2,1-3,3-1,4-4,2-1,4-3,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,1-3,3-1,4-2,8-1,4-1,2-1,4-4,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,1-3,3-1,4-4,2-1,4-5,2-1,3-1,2-2,1-4,2-1,4-2,5-3,4-5,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,5-5,4-5,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-3,5-5,4-6,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-2,5-5,4-7,2-1,3-1,2-5,5-3,4-9,2-1,3-1,2-6,4-11,2-1,3-5,2-2,4-11,2-1,3-1,6-1,5-1,3-2,2-2,4-9,2-2,3-1,5-1,6-1,5-1,3-2,2-2,4-7,2-3,3-1,6-1,5-1,6-1,5-1,3-1,2-3,4-5,2-4,3-1,5-1,6-1,5-1,6-1,3-1,2-4,4-3,2-3,7-1,2-1,3-6,2-5,4-1,2-6, #

  • Hole #8 - The eighth is something of a novelty, with no green, a pin almost right next to the tee, and a figure-eight fairway. Clusters of Japanese maples fill the "holes" of the eight and a long bunker wraps around the far end, but what makes this hole really challenging is the natural pine forest that surrounds it. A pine needle-strewn forest floor substitutes for a grass rough, and the fragrance of the trees calms the nerves--which is fortunate, since players spend a lot of time here chasing ricocheted balls.

    Hole 8,5-1,6-1,3-1,2-7,3-1,2-3,1-1,3-3,6-1,5-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-6,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-4,2-1,8-1,2-4,3-1,2-3,3-1,1-1,3-3,2-3,3-1,2-10,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-2,7-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,4-3,2-2,3-1,2-2,1-1,3-3,2-5,3-1,4-4,2-4,1-4,2-4,4-3,3-1,4-3,2-3,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-2,4-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,4-2,5-2,2-3,3-1,2-5,4-3,3-1,4-3,5-4,2-5,3-1,2-2,4-9,5-2,2-8,4-9,5-2,2-1,3-1,2-6,5-2,4-3,3-1,4-3,5-1,2-5,3-1,2-2,5-2,4-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,4-2,5-1,2-2,3-1,2-6,5-1,4-3,3-1,4-3,5-1,2-7,3-1,2-1,5-2,4-5,5-2,2-4,3-1,2-5,5-2,4-3,5-2,2-3,3-1,2-5,3-1,2-2,5-5,2-8,3-1,2-10,3-1,2-1, #

  • Hole #9 - Perhaps the hardest hole on the course, the signature ninth is a dogleg left that wraps around a small pond. On the inside of the bend is a small bunker, while the outside is guarded by a stream and a bank of flowers. Two lone poplars stand behind the green to snag too-long approach shots, but a lucky bounce can put a wayward ball back on course.

    Hole 9,2-6,1-1,2-7,1-1,3-3,2-6,1-1,2-7,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-4,7-1,2-1,1-2,2-6,1-1,3-3,2-3,4-3,1-3,2-5,1-3,3-1,2-2,4-4,1-4,2-4,1-3,3-1,1-1,4-5,1-5,2-3,1-5,4-5,1-6,2-6,1-1,4-5,1-3,3-2,1-2,2-5,1-1,2-1,4-4,1-3,3-2,1-3,2-4,1-1,2-2,4-3,5-1,1-8,2-3,1-2,2-1,4-3,5-2,1-6,2-4,1-2,2-1,4-4,5-2,1-4,2-5,1-2,2-2,4-8,2-1,4-3,2-2,3-3,2-2,4-12,3-2,5-1,3-2,2-2,4-8,8-1,4-2,2-1,3-1,4-1,5-1,3-2,2-4,4-8,3-2,6-1,4-1,5-1,3-1,2-8,4-3,2-2,3-5,2-13, #

And that wraps up this nine-hole course. Thanks for playing, and see you back at the clubhouse. :)


Brian: It did cross my mind at one point to do an 18-hole course, but I think I'm going to stop at a half-course here. Even with only nine holes there has been some repetition of ideas, and I just don't know if I could keep it fresh for another nine. Perhaps in the future, but I'm thinking probably not. Sorry to disappoint. :(

(Although I do have an idea for one more "hole," a bonus, so to speak. I'll post that when it's done to round off this short course.)

I should note that I have no intention of putting down the editor for good (although I may take a bit of a break). I'm just moving away from the golf theme, that's all. :)


Inspired by Suho 1004, I have decided to create a mini-golf course...

Welcome to Magic Mountain Mini-Golf, where mountains appear out of nowhere, like MAGIC to guide you on your way....

The rules: This is pretty much traditional miniature golf... A hole in one can be accomplished by directing the ball to the hole in as few shots as possible, creating as many magic mountains as necessary! The only catch is that mountains must be created before OR after each shot...

Hole 1: Par 3

Magic 01,4-1,3-7,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-7,4-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-2,5-1,4-2,3-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,4-2,8-1,4-2,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,5-2,4-2,3-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-2,5-1,4-2,3-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-2,5-1,4-2,3-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,5-3,4-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,2-1,4-3,2-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,2-5,3-1,4-1,3-7,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,2-5,3-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,2-5,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,2-5,3-13,2-5,3-2,2-15,5-1,3-2,2-1,4-2,2-11,5-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,7-1,4-1,2-10,5-1,2-1,5-1,3-2,2-1,4-2,2-9,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,3-2,2-11,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,3-19, #

Hole 2: Par 2

Magic 02,3-7,4-11,3-1,5-3,4-1,5-1,3-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,5-1,4-1,5-3,3-1,1-1,2-1,4-9,3-6,1-1,2-1,1-1,4-9,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-4,4-5,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,2-3,3-2,4-4,2-1,1-1,4-2,3-4,2-5,3-2,4-3,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-2,6-1,2-8,3-2,4-2,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,2-11,3-2,4-1,1-1,2-1,3-2,2-3,3-4,2-5,3-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-3,3-1,2-3,4-1,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-2,4-3,3-1,2-2,4-2,3-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,4-4,3-1,2-1,4-3,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-4,3-1,4-4,3-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,4-1,7-1,4-1,3-1,4-4,3-1,6-1,4-1,8-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,4-4,3-1,4-4,3-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-5,4-4,3-6,4-1,t283:150, #

Hole 3: Par 3
Hole in one confirmed possible!

Magic 03,3-10,4-3,3-6,4-4,3-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,3-1,4-3,3-1,5-3,3-2,4-2,6-1,4-1,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-2,5-1,3-2,4-4,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-3,3-1,5-3,3-2,2-4,3-1,2-3,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-2,5-1,3-2,2-4,3-1,2-3,3-2,4-2,3-1,5-3,3-2,2-4,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-2,3-6,2-3,5-1,3-1,2-4,3-2,4-3,2-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,5-1,3-1,2-5,3-4,1-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,2-3,5-1,3-1,5-1,2-7,3-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-1,5-1,2-6,3-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,5-1,2-3,3-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-3,8-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,5-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-4,3-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,5-1,2-3,3-10,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,4-3,2-1,3-1,4-9,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,7-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,3-6,4-1,2-1,1-1,4-9,t40:26, #

Enjoy, and feel free to record and post your scores! Again, in the tradition of Suho, holes will be posted here in groups of three, which is coincidentially exactly how many I had time to create before getting in trouble with my wife for getting to bed too late!


Wow, this is a great game! Nice and simple design, great graphics... it reminds me of a more complicated minigolf game.


Third post in a row. Sorry for the clutter, but that promised "bonus hole" is here.

The Putting Green - After finishing the nine regular holes, a lot of golfers stop by the putting green to work on their short stick before heading back to the clubhouse. Only one hole is open at the moment; the rest are filled with wooden posts to present an extra challenge. Oh, and watch out for the gophers off the green--if they get hold of your ball it's unlikely you'll ever get it back.

Putter,2-1,6-1,2-14,6-1,2-1,6-1,2-5,4-6,2-5,6-1,2-4,4-4,3-1,4-5,2-1,7-1,2-5,4-12,2-5,4-3,3-1,4-10,2-4,4-10,3-1,4-3,2-3,4-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,4-8,2-2,4-14,3-1,4-1,2-2,4-16,2-2,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-2,3-1,4-6,3-1,4-1,2-2,4-10,3-1,4-5,2-2,4-16,2-3,4-3,8-1,4-10,2-4,4-12,3-1,4-1,2-5,4-4,3-1,4-2,3-1,4-4,2-7,4-10,2-4,6-1,2-5,4-6,2-5,6-1,2-1,6-1,2-14,6-1,2-1,t2:289,t17:2,t19:17,t36:306,t289:323,t306:308,t308:19,t323:36, #

Now I think it's definitely time for me to head back to the clubhouse, kick up my feet, and have a beer. :)


Nice job Suho, still can't beat 9, but I will persevere. I like the putting one too, I got a nice lucky bounce around in there and nailed it.

Bob Montgomery October 9, 2007 3:23 PM

Love the game. Simple, deep, looks great, requires strategy, planning, and quick reflexes.

Here's a 5-hole putt-putt course, not too tough:

MiniP1,3-19,2-9,3-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,3-1,6-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,7-1,2-7,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-5,5-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-8,5-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-2,3-2,4-1,6-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,3-1,1-2,2-2,3-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,1-2,2-2,3-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-5,2-6,3-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-4,3-1,2-6,3-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-2,6-1,2-1,3-9,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-4,3-1,6-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-12,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,6-1,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-1,5-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,6-1,3-1,2-2,3-3,2-1,3-3,2-3,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-3,5-1,2-2,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-5,3-19, #

And a bunch of goofy themed ones:

Breakout,3-18,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-9,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,8-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-9,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,7-1,2-8,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-19, #

Space Invaders:

SI,2-14,6-1,2-16,6-3,2-16,6-1,2-24,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,8-1,2-27,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-27,6-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,6-1,2-31,1-1,2-35,1-1,2-13,3-1,2-5,3-1,2-5,3-1,2-4,3-3,2-3,3-3,2-3,3-3,2-25,7-1,2-29,t15:154,t32:156,t33:152,t34:148,t148:51,t150:51,t152:51,t154:51,t156:51, #

Pac-Man #1:

Pac Man,3-19,2-7,3-2,2-7,3-2,4-1,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-2,8-1,3-2,2-16,3-2,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-6,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-2,2-3,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-3,3-1,2-3,3-4,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-6,5-1,3-1,2-8,3-1,2-1,3-3,6-1,2-5,3-1,2-2,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-5,6-1,3-3,2-1,3-3,5-1,2-3,3-3,2-1,3-4,2-4,3-8,2-4,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-4,7-1,2-3,5-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-2,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,4-1,3-3,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-4,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-2,2-1,3-5,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-5,2-1,3-2,2-16,3-19,t145:162,t162:145, #

Pac-Man #2:

Pac Man,1-42,4-5,1-11,4-9,1-8,4-11,1-6,4-13,1-5,4-13,1-4,4-12,1-6,4-9,1-9,4-5,1-2,2-1,7-1,6-1,1-5,6-1,8-1,1-1,4-9,1-9,4-12,1-7,4-13,1-5,4-13,1-6,4-11,1-8,4-9,1-11,4-5,1-25,t173:179, #


Cool levels, Bob. The teleports on your minigolf level dont seem to work though. They may have got lost in the copy paste somewhere. Great idea though to make teleports the holes.

Bob Montgomery October 9, 2007 4:16 PM

Let's try the minigolf again with working teleports:

MiniP1,3-19,2-9,3-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,3-1,6-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,7-1,2-7,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-5,5-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-8,5-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-2,3-2,4-1,6-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,3-1,1-2,2-2,3-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,1-2,2-2,3-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-5,2-6,3-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-4,3-1,2-6,3-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-2,6-1,2-1,3-9,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-4,3-1,6-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-12,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,6-1,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-1,5-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,6-1,3-1,2-2,3-3,2-1,3-3,2-3,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-3,5-1,2-2,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-5,3-19,t34:171,t93:237,t117:31,t262:192, #

And here's a few more random ones...

Crosses,2-19,5-16,2-2,5-1,7-1,2-5,4-2,2-6,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-4,4-2,2-4,3-1,2-1,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-2,3-1,2-3,4-2,2-3,3-1,2-2,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,4-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-4,3-1,2-1,4-2,2-1,3-1,2-4,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-5,3-1,4-2,3-1,2-5,5-1,2-2,5-1,4-14,5-1,2-2,5-1,4-14,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-5,3-1,4-2,3-1,2-5,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-4,3-1,2-1,4-2,2-1,3-1,2-4,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,4-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-2,3-1,2-3,4-2,2-3,3-1,2-2,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-4,4-2,2-4,3-1,2-1,5-1,2-2,5-1,2-6,4-2,2-5,8-1,5-1,2-2,5-16,2-19, #


Bounce,2-5,3-13,2-5,4-9,1-3,3-1,2-2,7-1,2-2,4-11,1-1,3-1,2-5,4-11,1-1,3-10,4-8,3-2,1-3,4-13,3-2,1-1,4-15,3-2,1-1,4-3,2-1,4-11,3-2,4-2,2-1,4-3,2-1,4-9,3-2,4-4,8-1,4-11,3-2,4-2,2-1,4-3,2-1,4-9,3-2,4-4,2-1,4-11,3-2,4-16,3-2,4-16,3-2,1-1,4-14,1-1,3-2,1-1,4-14,1-1,3-2,1-3,4-10,1-3,3-19, #

Choose a path:

Choose1,3-19,2-3,4-1,2-12,3-2,2-3,4-1,2-12,3-3,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-3,4-1,2-1,3-1,6-1,4-1,6-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,6-1,2-2,3-6,5-1,3-2,6-1,2-1,6-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-7,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,4-1,2-1,3-2,4-1,2-3,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-8,3-6,2-3,3-5,2-4,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-1,7-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-4,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-3,3-1,2-1,8-1,2-1,3-1,2-2,6-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-3,3-1,2-3,3-8,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-2,1-4,3-2,2-2,3-2,6-1,2-1,6-1,3-2,2-11,3-3,2-1,3-3,4-1,3-8,2-2,3-2,2-4,3-3,2-5,3-3,2-1,3-2,2-17,3-3,2-3,1-5,2-7,t67:92,t69:238,t80:94,t192:236, #

And it looks like if you Load a level it doesn't load the teleport information.


breach: In my opinion, #9 is the hardest of all the holes. I don't even want to think about how many tries it took me to get it just to prove that it was winnable. I must have tweaked that thing a hundred times to make sure it was both winnable and challenging.

Bob: Great levels! It's nice to see someone else playing around with the editor. I liked the first Pac Man level, and the Mini Golf level was pretty cool, too. My favorite would probably be "Choose a path."

And it looks like you're right about teleport info not being loaded. I was wondering why it sometimes seemed that the teleport info was being wiped out.

Another thing I noticed while playing your levels: in areas where there are a lot of walls close together, the ball sometimes goes right through the walls. On the first hole in the mini golf level, I actually went through a wall to get to the next hole (not on purpose, of course). It doesn't happen with a straight on hit, but if you move parallel to a wall you can move through another perpendicular wall at the corner.

(Have you tried my golf levels, by the way? You might have to dig through the comments to find all of them.)


Suho: excellent final 3 levels... took me forever to beat #9... lucky bounce indeed!

Bob: thanks for the levels! Loved PacMan.... i have a prototype pacman level that had wider pathways, but was not much to look at due to the blown out scale... this was fantastic... a bit difficult to navigate, but was able to pull it off in not toooo much time :) Excellent!

Also loved the mini-golf concepts and the level itself! Great stuff!

Oh, and that zoomed in pac-man was nifty :) (pac 2)


Brian: Glad you enjoyed the last three holes, and I'm glad to hear that #9 was as fiendishly difficult as I had hoped. :)

And because I can't seem to pull myself away from the editor... I give you Pinball.

Pinball,5-3,3-11,5-5,4-1,3-2,2-3,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,3-2,4-2,5-2,3-2,4-2,2-1,3-1,2-7,3-2,4-1,5-1,3-2,4-3,3-1,4-4,3-1,4-2,2-2,3-2,5-1,3-1,2-1,4-2,3-1,4-2,3-1,4-2,2-1,4-3,2-2,3-3,2-2,3-1,4-3,2-1,4-2,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-2,2-2,3-2,2-1,3-1,4-4,2-1,4-2,2-1,4-4,2-2,3-2,2-2,4-3,2-2,4-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-2,4-1,2-1,3-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-3,4-5,2-2,3-2,4-1,2-1,3-1,4-1,2-1,4-2,8-1,3-1,4-5,2-1,4-1,3-2,4-1,2-1,3-1,4-1,2-1,4-3,3-1,2-3,3-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-2,2-2,4-3,3-1,4-3,2-1,4-4,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-1,4-4,2-3,4-4,3-1,5-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-3,4-8,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-3,4-2,3-3,4-2,3-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,3-2,4-1,2-1,5-1,2-8,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,3-2,5-1,4-2,2-1,3-3,2-1,4-3,3-1,5-1,7-1,5-1,3-2,4-1,5-1,4-6,3-5,2-1,3-3,5-3, #

This one is hard to actually lose, but it might take a while to win. :D

Note to self: Stop coming up with ideas. Thank you.


Great game! Thanks for sending me the link Brian. I already started designing too(great option). Great for a lunch break activity. These aren't very pretty and don't have themes but I'll work on that.
Great gameplay and design!
Lets see if I can post these right.

TWIRLER,1-5,2-2,1-15,2-14,1-1,2-4,1-11,2-2,1-1,2-1,1-4,3-1,5-1,2-6,5-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,7-1,1-2,5-1,2-2,1-6,5-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-2,1-3,2-1,5-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-2,1-1,2-5,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-1,1-2,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,8-1,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-4,2-2,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-1,5-1,2-5,5-1,1-1,4-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-2,2-1,5-1,2-1,1-3,5-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-3,1-10,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-2,5-1,2-2,4-1,2-7,5-2,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-2,3-1,2-2,5-1,1-9,2-2,1-1,2-3,1-2,2-1,1-3,2-8,1-36, #


Had a little fun tonight....

First of all, great pinball level! :)

Here is a Christmas themed "level" :)

ShinyStr,1-16,4-1,8-1,1-14,4-2,6-1,4-1,1-12,4-2,5-1,4-2,1-11,4-7,1-9,4-8,1-8,4-4,8-1,4-3,5-1,4-1,1-6,4-3,5-1,4-7,1-6,4-1,6-1,4-10,1-3,5-1,1-3,5-1,4-6,5-1,4-2,1-4,3-2,1-2,4-3,8-1,4-6,1-4,3-2,5-1,1-2,6-1,4-7,1-5,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,1-1,3-1,4-7,1-5,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,6-1,4-1,5-1,4-2,1-6,3-2,2-1,3-3,1-2,4-2,6-1,8-1,1-6,3-2,5-1,6-1,3-1,2-1,5-1,1-3,4-1,1-7,2-1,5-1,7-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,3-2,1-9,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,1-9,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,1-8,t131:35,t186:35,t224:35,t245:35,t256:35, #

Here is an old pinball level I had originally designed for the release build, but threw it out, not really happy with it...

pinball,2-1,3-18,2-15,3-3,2-15,8-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,4-1,3-8,2-5,3-1,2-3,4-1,3-1,4-1,5-1,2-3,4-1,5-1,3-6,2-1,5-1,2-2,3-1,5-1,4-1,2-3,5-1,4-1,2-5,3-1,5-1,4-1,2-15,3-1,5-1,4-1,2-5,5-1,4-1,2-5,5-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-5,4-1,5-1,2-5,4-1,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-10,2-3,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,5-1,4-1,2-10,3-1,5-1,4-1,2-3,4-1,5-1,2-5,5-1,4-1,2-3,3-1,5-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,2-2,5-1,2-4,4-1,5-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,3-4,2-8,3-1,2-17,3-14,2-4,3-2,2-1,7-1,4-2,5-1,4-2,5-1,4-2,5-1,4-2,2-3,3-16,2-1,3-2, #

Suho: Noooooooooo keep the ideas and levels flowing... really enjoying them!!!!!


Well I only got one posted. I lost my second one. So here is another just for fun, theme you can guess and easy to pass

Untitled,2-25,3-4,2-11,3-4,2-1,7-1,3-2,2-9,3-2,2-6,3-1,2-1,4-3,2-4,3-2,2-7,3-1,4-3,2-5,3-1,2-3,3-3,2-2,3-2,4-1,2-6,3-1,2-3,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-3,3-4,2-4,3-1,2-4,3-2,2-6,3-2,2-2,3-2,2-13,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-1,3-3,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-2,1-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,8-1,2-4,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-8,3-1,2-4,3-2,2-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-6,3-2,2-5,3-2,2-1,3-3,2-4,3-2,2-7,3-2,2-3,3-5,2-9,3-5,2-26, #


Ben: I really liked Twirler. Who needs a theme when you have a challenging little maze to get through? Great job on that one!

Brian: I mulled over my pinball level for a while before putting it together. I wanted to capture the feel of an actual pinball game, which meant lots of bouncing around and pretty much non-stop action. Thus the orientation (all the blocks being diagonal ensures interesting bounces) and predominance of speed tiles. I thought about putting in some teleports to represent ball catches and the like, but I didn't want to make it too complicated.

I did play through your pinball level, which I found required more finesse and patience than mine (which is pretty much an exercise in watching the ball bounce around :)).

And while I've got you on the line, did you give the harder version of hole #5 a try? In terms of its place in the nine-hole course, what do you think? Like I said before, I usually go for the harder version, but you never know...


Ben: Loved twirler! Could only make it to near the end.... thought of trying to make a similar level, but to no avail...

Suho: Your pinball game definitely captures the feel of pinball, and despite what you said, I *did* manage to lose on my first try :) This was quite similar to my real life pinball experiences... though i must say I did survive a bit longer than normal hehe...

As for the harder level 5, I unfortunately tried it in an older build of Contour, so the level was actually physically impossible... When I get to take a break later I'll load it up in the actual jayisgames interface and give it a go... One way or another it is definitely harder than the first though!

Bonus level that I designed last night:
Theme: Some Russian game....

1989,1-16,5-1,1-16,5-3,1-18,3-19,5-1,1-4,2-1,5-2,1-3,5-1,2-5,3-1,5-3,6-1,4-2,5-2,1-1,4-1,5-3,2-4,3-1,4-2,6-2,4-2,2-3,4-3,2-5,3-1,4-2,6-1,5-3,2-1,7-1,2-9,3-1,1-4,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-10,3-1,4-1,5-3,4-2,5-2,1-2,2-7,3-1,4-2,5-1,4-2,2-1,5-1,1-2,4-3,2-5,3-1,5-1,4-1,2-4,4-2,5-2,1-1,4-1,2-5,3-1,5-2,1-2,5-1,4-2,2-1,5-2,1-3,2-4,3-1,5-1,1-2,5-3,2-11,8-1,2-7,4-4,2-6,3-18,1-36, #

Bob Montgomery October 10, 2007 12:05 PM

I did try your golf ones, they were very nice.

And the Pinball (suho's) was genius, loved that one.

Here's a few more...

LA to NY

LA to NY,1-6,2-2,5-2,3-3,5-5,1-5,2-4,3-3,5-6,1-4,2-4,3-3,5-7,1-4,2-3,3-3,5-8,1-2,2-4,3-3,2-2,5-7,1-1,2-1,7-1,2-2,3-3,2-4,5-1,1-1,5-4,1-1,2-4,3-2,2-5,1-2,5-5,2-3,3-3,2-6,1-2,5-4,2-3,3-2,2-7,1-1,2-2,5-1,1-1,5-1,2-2,3-3,2-12,5-2,2-2,3-1,2-13,5-2,2-12,8-1,1-3,5-2,2-12,1-4,5-3,2-10,1-5,5-3,2-9,1-6,5-3,2-3,1-3,2-2,1-7,5-3,2-1,1-5,2-1,1-8,5-3,1-6,2-1,1-8, #

Donkey Kong

DK,4-1,2-1,4-2,2-1,4-1,2-12,4-6,2-2,8-1,2-11,4-2,2-3,3-4,2-8,4-4,2-14,4-1,2-2,4-1,2-8,4-2,2-3,3-8,2-5,4-2,2-11,3-7,2-24,4-2,2-16,4-2,2-4,3-9,2-3,3-6,2-42,4-2,2-1,3-10,2-5,4-2,2-11,3-6,2-3,3-2,2-1,7-1,2-14,3-2,2-15,3-18, #


Monopoly,2-3,4-3,2-3,5-3,2-7,6-1,7-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,6-1,2-7,4-3,2-3,5-3,2-6,3-15,2-4,8-1,2-1,3-1,1-10,3-1,2-1,6-1,2-4,3-1,1-10,3-1,2-3,4-3,3-1,1-10,3-1,5-3,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,1-10,3-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,4-3,3-1,1-10,3-1,5-3,2-3,3-1,1-10,3-1,4-3,2-1,6-1,2-1,3-1,1-10,3-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-3,3-1,1-10,3-1,4-6,3-1,1-10,3-1,2-3,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,1-10,3-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,4-3,3-12,2-6,5-3,2-15,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,6-1,2-2,6-1,2-10,5-3,2-12,t26:20,t32:296,t89:251,t182:89,t251:299,t296:26,t299:32, #


Great levels, Bob.. had me and Brian racing to the finish on the monopoly one, very hard, but it took skill to pull off (or in Brian's case it must have all just been luck) so it was very satisfying.


This one's just for fun, no skill involved really.

Neyland,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-6,3-2,2-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-3,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-2,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,4-4,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,4-3,3-3,4-4,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,4-4,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-1,3-2,1-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-2,3-3,2-1,3-1,4-10,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-1,3-2,1-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,7-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-6, #


WOW... Bob... that monopoly level is fantastic! Such a challenge... well themed and solid gameplay... Whatever Breach said about luck, i assure you, it was all skill in solving it... or something like that...

Ben! Go Vols! (as long as they aren't playing against...

GeauxLSU,1-1,8-1,1-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,8-1,4-1,5-1,1-1,2-1,1-4,8-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,8-1,5-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,5-1,4-10,5-1,2-1,1-4,8-1,5-1,4-1,1-8,4-1,5-1,2-2,1-4,5-1,4-1,1-1,4-8,5-1,1-1,2-2,1-2,8-1,5-1,4-1,1-1,4-8,5-1,2-2,1-4,5-1,4-10,5-1,2-2,1-4,5-1,4-1,1-1,4-2,1-5,4-1,5-1,2-3,1-3,5-1,4-1,1-1,4-2,1-1,4-3,1-1,4-1,5-1,2-3,8-1,1-2,5-1,4-1,1-4,4-3,1-1,4-1,5-1,1-1,2-1,1-4,5-1,4-10,5-1,1-1,2-2,8-1,1-2,5-1,4-2,1-7,4-1,5-1,2-3,1-1,8-1,1-1,5-1,4-1,1-1,4-8,5-1,2-1,1-2,8-1,1-2,5-1,4-1,1-1,4-8,5-1,2-3,1-3,5-1,4-2,1-7,4-1,5-1,1-1,2-2,1-2,8-1,5-1,4-10,5-1,2-3,1-2,8-1,5-1,6-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,6-1,7-1,5-1,1-1,2-1,1-4,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,2-1,5-1,1-1,2-2, #


"Theme: some Russian game..."

Heh. That had me laughing aloud when I loaded up the board. Nice design, and more difficult than it might at first appear.

Bob: I agree with Sean and Brian about the monopoly board. Excellent stuff! It required a bit of thinking and planning, and then just going for it and hoping you've got everything lined up. My kind of level.

Ben: What does the "Neyland" level reference? I'm sure it has some meaning...

Here is a level I thought up last night after watching highlights from my favorite team:

Futbol,4-1,3-2,4-2,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-2,3-1,4-3,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-3,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-3,4-1,3-1,4-4,1-1,4-1,3-2,4-2,3-1,4-2,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-3,4-1,3-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,3-17,1-1,3-1,4-7,2-1,4-7,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-3,2-1,4-3,3-1,4-3,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-2,4-4,2-3,4-4,2-2,3-1,1-1,8-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,4-2,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-2,3-1,2-1,4-1,5-1,1-1,8-1,4-1,3-1,4-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,7-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,4-2,3-1,4-1,5-1,1-1,8-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,4-2,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-2,3-1,2-1,4-1,5-1,1-1,3-1,2-2,4-4,2-3,4-4,2-2,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,4-5,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-3,2-1,4-3,3-1,4-3,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-7,2-1,4-7,3-1,1-1,3-17,1-1, #

In essence, this is a riff on the pinball idea (i.e., controlling the path of the ball between bounces but having no control over the speed once the ball is in motion). The first version of the level had full sides, but it was too crowded, so I scaled down to five-a-side and then worked my way up until I felt I had the right balance. Nine-a-side seems to work, even if it is an awkward number.

And bonus points go to whoever can guess my favorite team (there's a clue or two in the level) ;).


Next in the series of old games...

hop2it,1-2,2-3,1-4,2-3,1-1,4-1,1-1,3-3,4-1,1-1,2-3,1-4,2-3,1-1,4-1,1-3,3-1,1-2,2-3,1-2,4-1,1-1,2-3,1-1,4-1,1-1,4-1,1-1,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-3,1-2,4-1,1-1,2-3,1-1,4-1,1-3,3-1,1-2,2-3,5-1,1-3,2-3,1-3,3-3,4-1,1-1,2-3,5-1,1-3,2-3,1-1,5-1,1-3,3-1,1-2,2-3,1-3,2-4,1-1,5-1,1-1,4-1,1-1,3-1,1-2,2-3,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-4,1-1,5-1,1-3,3-1,1-2,2-3,1-1,2-1,5-1,2-5,5-1,1-1,3-3,1-2,2-3,5-1,2-1,5-1,1-1,2-4,5-1,2-1,1-2,3-1,1-2,2-1,7-1,2-1,5-1,1-1,5-1,1-1,2-4,1-1,2-1,8-1,1-1,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-3,5-1,1-3,2-4,1-1,2-1,1-2,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-3,1-1,4-1,1-2,2-4,1-1,2-1,3-3,4-1,1-1,2-3,1-1,4-1,1-2,2-4,1-1,2-1,1-2,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-3,1-1,4-1,1-2,2-3,1-3,4-1,1-1,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-3,1-4,2-3,5-1,1-4,3-1,4-1,1-1,2-3,1-4,2-3,5-1,1-2,3-3,1-18, #

This was designed in a build that only allowed 2 teleports per level, and did not center the ball on the red blocks.. I haven't looked at it to see if it could be improved in any way, but I would love to see someone (Bob? you did such a great job on Pacman and Donkey Kong!) redo it better!
Suho: hehe... I like your "futbol" level, but you seem to have misspelled "soccer" :)
I have no clue about your favorite team :)
My original PacMan level that seriously didn't make the cut for the release of Contour:

PacAttak,3-9,6-2,3-8,2-15,8-1,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-2,4-1,2-7,4-1,2-2,3-2,2-2,3-2,2-3,3-4,2-5,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-6,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-13,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-5,3-1,2-2,3-3,2-3,5-1,2-1,3-2,2-5,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-2,2-3,3-3,2-2,3-1,5-1,2-3,3-5,2-1,7-1,2-1,3-3,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-5,2-5,3-1,2-2,3-3,2-5,3-2,2-5,3-1,5-1,2-9,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-10,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-2,3-2,2-5,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-4,2-5,3-2,2-5,4-1,2-7,4-1,2-2,3-2,2-9,5-1,2-6,3-10,6-2,3-7,t10:316,t11:317,t316:10,t317:11, #

and similarly, my failed concept level based on donkey kong:

Kong1981,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-8,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,3-2,5-1,2-2,3-1,2-7,3-1,2-1,5-2,2-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-7,3-1,5-2,4-2,3-1,5-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,5-1,2-3,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-2,3-1,5-1,2-3,3-1,4-4,3-1,2-1,7-1,2-2,3-1,2-2,3-1,4-1,2-2,4-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-1,3-1,8-1,2-2,3-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-3,3-1,4-3,3-1,2-2,3-1,4-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,5-1,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-6,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-6,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-6,3-1,2-2,3-1,5-1,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-6,3-1,4-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-2,3-1,2-6,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-6,3-1,2-7,3-1,2-17,3-1,2-17,3-1,1-8, #

My failed concept level that was based on DiggDug (but Sean/Breach converted into a useable non-themed level for the release with teleports etc:

digdug,3-16,2-2,3-16,2-2,3-8,2-6,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-4,8-1,3-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,3-2,2-2,3-1,2-5,3-2,2-6,3-2,2-2,3-1,4-1,2-1,3-5,2-2,3-6,2-2,3-1,4-1,2-1,3-5,2-2,3-6,7-1,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-5,2-2,3-6,2-2,3-1,2-7,4-2,2-8,3-1,2-17,3-1,2-2,3-4,2-2,3-7,2-2,3-1,5-2,2-2,3-2,2-2,5-2,3-5,2-2,3-1,5-2,2-2,3-2,4-1,2-1,5-2,3-5,2-2,3-1,2-2,3-4,4-1,2-1,3-7,2-2,3-1,2-2,3-4,2-2,3-7,2-2,3-7,2-2,3-7,2-2,3-16,2-2,3-16,2-2, #

And finally, the miserable "easter egg" level...

EastrEgg,2-3,1-15,2-4,1-7,3-4,1-3,2-2,7-1,2-2,1-4,3-2,8-4,3-1,1-2,2-2,4-1,2-3,1-2,3-1,4-1,8-6,3-1,1-1,2-6,3-2,4-2,8-6,3-1,1-1,2-5,3-1,5-1,4-3,8-6,3-1,1-1,2-4,3-1,4-1,5-2,4-3,8-5,3-1,1-1,2-3,3-1,4-3,5-1,4-4,8-3,3-1,1-2,2-3,3-1,4-3,5-2,4-6,3-1,1-2,2-3,3-1,8-1,4-3,5-2,4-4,3-1,1-3,2-2,6-1,8-2,4-4,5-3,4-1,3-1,1-4,2-2,3-1,8-3,4-5,5-2,3-1,1-4,3-3,8-4,4-5,3-1,2-2,1-3,2-2,6-1,8-6,4-2,3-1,2-4,1-2,2-3,3-1,8-4,3-3,2-3,6-1,2-2,1-1,2-4,3-4,2-6,8-1,2-8,3-1,2-14,6-1,2-2,3-1,2-12,t183:237,t309:267, #



"...but you seem to have misspelled "soccer" :)"


Actually, the "misspelling" is one of the two clues. ;)

I tried out each of your levels. I thought the Frogger one was actually pretty good--but if someone were to give that theme another try, I agree that Bob would probably be the man for the job. He's got a way with those arcade game levels.

Donkey Kong was harder than I thought it would be, but I managed to finish it. And what was so miserable about the easter egg level? It is, after all, an easter egg. :)

Here's my version of the popular "maze" level. I don't think it's as good as some of the others I've seen. I also had a lot of problems while testing, mainly with balls going through walls. It seems that balls can sometimes slip between the seams in walls (I think I mentioned this above). It must be a pain to get the collision detection just right, but it would be nice to get that problem nailed down. I have a feeling that Contours wasn't originally designed with this sort of level in mind.


twisty,3-19,2-3,3-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,3-1,6-1,2-1,4-1,2-2,1-1,3-1,8-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,6-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-5,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-4,4-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-6,4-1,2-1,3-8,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-6,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-2,4-1,3-4,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-6,3-1,4-1,3-5,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-4,1-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-4,6-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,5-1,3-6,7-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-4,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-5,2-1,3-2,6-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-7,3-19,t28:290,t58:233,t87:94, #


Sooooo.... here's a challenge... SkeeBall level! I tried, but it didn't work out so well...

Here's a themed level to guess...

Qaid,1-26,3-7,1-24,6-1,2-2,4-1,2-3,5-1,2-3,4-1,2-2,6-1,1-3,2-1,5-1,2-8,3-5,1-3,2-2,5-1,2-3,4-1,2-1,4-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,5-1,2-2,1-3,4-1,2-2,5-1,2-3,4-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-2,4-1,1-3,2-4,5-1,2-4,3-1,5-1,3-1,2-3,1-1,3-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,2-3,5-1,3-6,2-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,2-2,4-1,2-3,3-2,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-2,1-1,3-1,1-1,6-1,2-2,4-1,2-2,8-1,3-1,2-3,4-1,2-2,6-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,2-2,4-1,2-2,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,2-3,4-1,2-2,1-1,3-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,5-1,2-3,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-3,2-1,5-1,3-6,2-4,1-1,3-1,1-1,4-1,3-5,2-1,3-1,2-3,5-1,2-2,4-1,1-3,2-2,5-1,2-2,3-1,4-1,7-1,4-1,2-3,5-1,2-2,1-3,2-1,5-1,2-3,3-1,2-7,5-1,2-1,1-3,6-1,2-2,4-1,3-6,2-1,4-1,2-2,6-1,t198:58, #

Sohu: I did enjoy the maze level! I didn't quite finish it, but made it past the last rough turn, only to bounce back and twist into a hole.... I consider that close enough hehe...

By the way, I did try your retooled level 5, and WOW was it hard! After *much* trying, I solved it, then talked to Sean/Breach about how he had solved it, and it turned out that there are actually 2 (and i SERIOUSLY doubt more) ways to finish it...

VERY rough though! hehe

Great level!


Bored tonight... few more :)

LNK2PAST,4-9,3-1,4-17,3-2,4-7,2-1,4-8,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-7,7-1,4-7,3-1,6-1,4-1,3-1,4-14,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-4,1-2,4-4,1-3,3-1,4-2,3-3,4-3,1-3,4-4,1-2,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-2,1-1,4-1,1-2,4-4,1-1,3-2,6-1,4-1,3-1,8-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,1-1,6-1,4-1,1-2,4-1,6-1,4-1,1-1,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-1,6-1,4-1,3-1,1-1,4-3,1-2,4-2,1-1,3-2,4-2,3-1,4-2,3-1,4-1,1-1,4-4,1-2,4-1,1-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-2,1-2,4-4,1-3,3-1,6-1,4-1,3-3,4-3,1-3,4-4,1-2,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-13,3-1,4-2,3-1,4-12,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-15,3-2,4-16,3-1,4-26,t65:209,t138:160,t146:65,t151:146,t209:138, #


Nifty,1-29,2-1,1-6,3-11,1-1,7-1,1-5,3-1,8-1,1-2,4-2,1-2,4-2,1-3,4-1,1-4,3-1,1-1,4-3,1-1,4-3,1-1,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-3,3-1,1-1,4-2,1-2,4-2,1-3,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-1,3-2,4-2,1-1,4-3,1-1,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-3,4-1,3-2,4-1,1-2,4-2,1-3,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-1,4-2,3-2,1-1,4-5,1-3,4-1,1-3,4-2,1-1,3-2,1-1,4-2,1-3,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-1,4-3,1-1,3-2,4-2,1-1,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-3,4-2,1-2,4-1,3-2,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-1,4-3,1-1,4-2,3-1,1-2,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-3,4-2,1-2,4-2,1-1,3-1,1-3,4-1,1-3,4-1,1-1,4-3,1-1,4-3,1-1,3-1,1-4,4-1,1-3,4-2,1-2,4-2,1-2,4-1,3-1,1-5,4-1,1-1,4-3,1-1,4-3,1-1,4-2,3-1,1-6,4-2,1-2,4-2,1-2,4-2,1-1,3-1,1-5,3-13, #

Note: neither of these are of any challenge... moreso "art" than game... The first is themed... the second is just art...


All the entries are in and tested - right now i feel this one is the winner for me.


Suho's golf-levels must be great. If only i could beat even hole#1... :(


Brian: Glad you finally got to try the original 5th hole. It's amazing what a difference a single tile can make, isn't it? I think I definitely like the harder version, and if I put together an official list that's the one I'm going to use. Just because I'm a sadist. :)

And I'd be interested in hearing how you and Sean finished the hole. I know how I solved it, but I only came up with one solution. I'd love to hear what the other one is (you can use the spoiler tag if you don't want to spoil it for everyone else--although knowing what to do on this hole and actually doing it are two entirely different things!).

I don't have time to check out your levels right now (bed beckons), but I'll look at them tomorrow.

bioLarzen: Yeah, I think I might have gone a little crazy on some of the holes. If you want a hint for the first hole specifically...

The easiest way to win the first hole is to approach the wall piece from either the top or the bottom (i.e., perpendicular to the line between the start and the goal) and bounce the ball off the wall so it heads toward the hole (goal). If your aim is a little off you can use the blue "apron" squares in front of the green to put the ball back on course.

In general, though...

...most of the holes require three things: careful setup, careful aim, and careful power. In other words, you're going to have to create your contours before you launch the ball, you're going to have to make sure the ball sets off on a very specific trajectory, and you're also going to have to make sure that the ball is going at the right speed. Just because it's all green squares doesn't mean the ball accelerates at the same speed. A ball that is "tapped" onto a green square will accelerate much more slowly (and thus hold a line better) than a ball that hits a green square at full speed. A number of the holes require quick taps to nudge a ball very slowly into the green squares.

Hope that helps! I didn't want the golf levels to be so hard as to discourage people, but I did want them to be a challenge. :)


My Hole 5 solution:

My setup was raising the one square that slightly cuts into the green before the first sand trap. Also I raised most hills on the other side next to the second sand trap.
Then I just raised the hill behind the ball for a split second, starting it off as slowly as possible into the green. This allowed the ball to be 'affected' by the nearby hill enough to just barely escape the first sand trap while still maintaining a forward trajectory.


For the more difficult hole 5, my strategy was less efficient than Sean's. My strategy was:

raise up all the squares on the right side of th screen until one past the red zone on the right to ensure that the ball sways to the left as much as possible, then launch the ball at maximum force (starting from the start block raised up, as well as the block behind it) then pumping the starting block up and down to launch it. When the ball goes through the red zone ahead, if the launch was perfect, then it will squeak past it into the green, and a single well placed hill will guide it to the second red zone where the level can be fairly easily finished...

Sean's MUCH more efficient strategy was to:

slowly release the ball so that it doesn't get stuck in the red, and is more affected by the first obvious hill on the right side of the screen... from there it is pretty easy! :)

clear as mud? :)
remake of a game nearly as old as Pong...

2600,1-18,3-19,2-16,3-2,2-4,3-3,2-2,3-3,2-4,3-2,2-16,3-2,2-2,3-4,2-4,3-4,2-2,3-2,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-2,2-1,5-3,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-2,2-2,5-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-3,4-2,3-2,2-5,3-1,2-4,3-1,8-1,2-1,4-2,2-1,3-2,2-2,7-1,2-2,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-3,4-2,3-2,2-5,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-2,2-5,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-2,2-2,3-4,2-4,3-4,2-2,3-2,2-16,3-2,2-4,3-3,2-2,3-3,2-4,3-2,2-16,3-19, #


Brian: Loved "Nifty"

Here is some lunch break fun. This may have been done already and I just missed it.

TETRIS,2-19,3-4,2-2,1-2,2-1,4-2,2-1,5-3,2-8,1-2,2-2,4-2,2-2,5-1,2-21,3-18,1-1,2-3,4-4,2-8,7-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,5-1,4-4,2-3,3-3,2-3,3-2,4-2,5-2,2-1,3-1,1-2,2-3,3-1,2-4,3-2,4-2,5-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,1-2,2-7,3-2,8-1,3-5,2-10,3-1,6-1,4-2,2-1,5-1,2-1,3-1,2-11,6-1,4-2,5-3,2-2,1-1,2-8,6-2,2-7,1-2,2-8,6-1,2-8,1-1,2-8,3-18,2-54,t181:216,t199:216,t217:216,t235:216, #


It has been done, by Brian, but you did it differently, and it was fun. Cool level.



wow.... great level design, ben.... MUCH better than mine actually.... took a few tries... very solid level... congrats :)

Here's a concept level I came up with tonight... Definitely has potential to have multiple "starting locations" for a level...

concept,1-79,8-1,1-12,6-1,2-4,6-1,2-4,6-1,1-7,2-1,5-4,2-1,5-4,2-1,1-7,2-1,5-4,1-1,5-4,2-1,1-7,2-1,5-4,1-1,5-4,2-1,1-7,2-1,5-4,1-1,5-4,2-1,1-6,8-1,6-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-3,2-1,6-1,8-1,1-6,2-1,5-3,7-1,1-1,5-4,2-1,1-7,2-1,5-2,2-1,5-1,1-1,5-4,2-1,1-7,2-1,5-1,6-1,5-2,1-1,5-4,2-1,1-7,2-1,5-4,2-1,5-4,2-1,1-7,6-1,2-4,6-1,2-4,6-1,1-12,8-1,1-28,t93:183,t98:93,t103:98,t183:273,t193:103,t239:273,t273:278,t278:283,t283:193, #


The solution I used for Hole #5 during testing was the same as Sean's. It's interesting to hear that a more brute force approach is possible as well.

Brian, I tried your new levels. I got a chuckle out of 2006, and enjoyed the art levels as well (it's fun to just watch stuff bounce around).

BEN's tetris level was pretty cool. Quite a nice little challenge.

I was thinking... it would probably be nice to have a list of all of the custom levels created so far. That way people wouldn't have to scroll through all the comments to find them. Maybe we could put it at the top of the comment thread, where the walkthroughs usually go. Of course, it would need to be updated, so perhaps linking to an external list would be better. That way we could keep it updated without having to constantly edit the comment.

So what do you guys think? Jay, does that sound like something that would be doable? I'd be willing to whip up a list and put it up on my server for the duration of the contest. Or not, if this doesn't sound like a good idea.


Don't worry Suho, I'll be putting all the levels from this thread into the next release, selectable from a menu.

And it will be good.

By the way, do you check the comments for your blog? I tried to contact you through there, hoping you'll email me.



Sean: Ah, great to hear that the new levels will be included in the next release. If you don't mind, I'd prefer to have the harder version of Hole #5, rather than the much easier one.

Sorry about not replying to the website comment. I handle my site email through Gmail, and for some reason it throws every comment from someone not on my contact list into the spam folder. Sometimes I forget to check that. Again, sorry. I'm on the ball now.

NotSoWize October 15, 2007 2:52 PM

Hmm . . . I don't know whether I'm being especially dense or if something is just not working properly. In any case I cannot access any of the custom levels that folks have posted here. I click on "edit", then "custom", then enter the name listed here (i.e. "Lava Island," "Hole #1" etc.), then click "load" and am returned to the editing interface.

I need more levels! ;-)

Please help me out.

NotSoWize October 15, 2007 3:17 PM

Oops, looks like I needed to check the "spoilers". I made my first test level to see what would happen, and if it appears here as a spoiler, then I will know what's what.

First Go,1-57,3-1,2-4,3-2,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-5,3-1,2-1,5-3,2-2,3-2,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,1-2,3-1,2-5,5-2,2-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-2,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-5,5-6,2-2,1-1,3-1,2-4,5-2,2-5,1-1,2-2,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,2-4,5-2,2-8,8-1,1-2,3-1,2-4,5-2,2-2,1-1,2-5,4-1,2-1,1-1,3-1,2-3,5-1,2-2,5-8,2-2,3-1,2-4,5-1,2-1,1-1,2-2,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,2-4,5-1,2-1,3-3,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-2,2-4,5-1,2-1,3-1,1-3,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-2,3-1,2-3,5-1,2-1,3-1,1-11,3-1,2-1,7-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,3-1,1-11,3-1,2-3,3-1,1-14,3-3,1-14, #


Finally got to go through and try most of the levels. Great stuff. Need to do it on a faster computer though. The delayed response makes for even more of a challenge. Brian: Neat concept level.
Suho: Great golf levels still trying to finish some, 9 and 5. And "Neyland" for those who don't know is the home of the Tennessee Volunteers (Neyland stadium) who haven't lost to Kentucky in 22 some odd years(and hopefully at least 20 more!!) Not to poke at the Tigers, they are my #2 team. What a year in college football.

I think I'll jump on the pinball bandwagon, just fun to watch it bounce around.

pinball4,2-3,3-11,2-7,3-2,2-1,4-1,6-1,3-1,4-2,3-1,6-1,3-4,2-4,3-1,4-11,6-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-12,3-1,2-4,3-2,2-9,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-4,3-3,4-7,3-2,6-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,5-1,4-2,3-4,4-2,5-1,2-1,3-2,2-4,3-1,5-1,4-2,3-1,8-2,3-1,4-2,5-1,3-1,6-1,3-1,2-4,3-3,4-6,3-3,4-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-6,3-1,1-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-4,3-2,2-4,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-4,3-3,4-6,3-3,4-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-1,6-1,3-1,4-4,3-1,6-1,4-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-2,2-1,4-4,2-1,4-2,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-10,3-1,7-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,4-1,6-1,5-2,3-2,5-2,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-4,3-1,2-1,4-2,2-4,4-3,3-1,6-1,3-1,2-4,3-8,6-1,3-5,2-1,t52:276,t142:106,t222:31,t229:26,t318:304, #

Harder to design a good pinball than I thought. Some slanted wall pieces wood be a nice addition for future version.

This is great fun. Thanks for the great game again!!!


Here is one I wanted to call "patience", but I'll save the for one that Really needs it.

whichway,2-1,3-1,2-4,4-1,2-1,1-2,2-6,1-2,3-1,2-5,4-2,5-1,4-4,5-2,2-1,1-2,3-1,2-5,4-1,2-1,1-2,2-6,1-2,2-2,5-1,2-2,1-9,2-2,1-2,3-1,2-4,1-1,2-1,1-4,3-1,1-2,2-2,6-1,8-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-2,1-2,2-1,1-1,5-1,2-4,1-1,2-4,3-1,2-1,1-4,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-4,3-1,2-2,5-1,2-3,4-1,2-1,5-1,3-1,2-1,1-2,2-2,1-2,3-1,2-4,1-3,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,3-1,2-3,1-1,2-5,1-2,2-1,1-2,3-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-2,3-1,2-3,1-10,2-3,1-1,3-1,2-1,5-1,2-3,5-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,5-1,2-1,1-2,3-1,2-3,1-4,2-1,1-4,2-3,1-1,2-6,1-2,2-2,1-5,2-1,1-1,2-2,3-1,2-3,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-4,2-3,7-1,2-3,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-7,3-1,2-5,1-1,2-5,6-1,1-3,2-3,3-2,2-4,1-1,2-5,1-1,2-4,t89:301,t301:89, #


Wow ben that pinball level is probably the best pinball game so far. Fun and challenging and it feels like you're playing pinball.


NotSoWize: excellent "first go". At first it looked easy, but those green squares by the finish were infuriating! great level! Took me 6 tries....

Ben: FANTASTIC pinball level... let's see... fell off once, got stuck once, reset once, and finally made it.... definitely the best pinball yet!


I'm still have a few things I would like to tweak about pinball, I ran out of teleport options. But it was start.
This is apparently my new lunch break hobby.
Here is one that looks simple enough.

Almost,2-7,5-1,6-1,5-1,2-15,5-3,2-29,4-12,2-6,4-12,2-6,4-2,3-1,4-6,3-1,4-2,2-6,4-5,1-2,4-5,2-6,4-12,2-6,4-2,1-1,4-2,6-1,8-1,4-2,1-1,4-2,2-6,4-2,1-1,4-2,8-1,6-1,4-2,1-1,4-2,2-6,4-12,2-6,4-5,1-2,4-5,2-6,4-2,3-1,4-6,3-1,4-2,2-1,5-2,2-3,4-12,2-1,5-1,6-1,2-3,4-12,2-1,5-2,2-19,7-1,2-34,t153:9,t172:252, #


One more from lunch. Getting closer to "Patience".

Rewarded,1-2,6-1,1-16,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-10,2-2,1-3,7-1,2-2,5-1,2-7,4-1,2-1,5-1,2-2,1-2,2-1,1-1,5-1,2-1,1-9,2-1,5-1,2-1,1-2,4-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-9,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-1,4-1,1-1,2-1,3-7,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,3-5,2-1,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-1,5-1,2-8,3-1,2-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-1,1-1,2-1,6-1,3-8,2-1,1-1,4-1,1-3,2-1,1-3,2-9,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-1,5-1,2-1,1-11,2-1,5-1,2-1,1-1,2-2,5-1,2-1,4-1,2-9,5-1,2-2,1-1,2-3,1-11,2-2,1-2,NaN-18,t221:3, #


I've made a level that may look harder or easier than it actually is.

isithard,3-1,5-1,2-16,3-1,5-1,2-16,3-1,4-1,2-16,3-1,5-1,2-2,1-1,2-13,3-1,4-1,3-1,2-15,3-1,5-1,3-1,2-15,3-1,7-1,3-1,2-4,4-5,2-5,1-1,3-1,5-1,3-1,2-4,4-5,2-5,1-1,3-1,4-1,3-1,4-6,8-1,4-2,2-5,1-1,3-1,5-1,2-5,4-5,2-5,1-1,3-1,4-1,2-5,4-5,2-5,1-1,3-1,5-1,2-16,3-1,4-1,2-16,3-1,5-1,2-1,1-1,2-14,3-1,4-1,2-16,3-1,5-1,2-12,1-2,2-2,3-1,4-1,2-13,1-1,2-2,3-18, #


Can someone please set my mind free and enlighten me to the solution for logical - I am all out of logic today....



line the ball up with the right turn by slowly approaching it.
You can do this by clicking a hill then quickly clicking it off, this will just 'nudge' the ball there.
Then once youre lined up, make a hill up and to the right, this will make the ball hit the wall to the left. Then click the hill off to let the ball go down the hallway.


good game and lol at last level


I think it's a little challenging, but it depends upon how good you are with mid-play warping. I can't wait to try out some of others' custom levels!

Chaos,1-14,2-4,1-1,8-1,4-1,1-2,2-2,1-6,3-1,4-3,2-1,1-1,4-4,1-1,2-1,3-2,1-3,3-1,2-2,7-1,4-1,2-1,1-2,4-1,2-5,3-1,1-2,3-1,2-4,4-1,2-1,1-2,4-1,2-7,1-1,2-1,4-1,2-3,3-1,1-2,2-1,1-1,2-2,6-1,2-2,1-1,2-2,4-3,2-1,3-1,1-3,2-8,4-1,1-1,6-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,1-5,3-1,2-6,4-2,1-9,3-2,2-1,1-1,2-2,1-1,4-2,1-11,2-2,4-3,6-1,4-1,1-1,2-4,1-1,3-1,1-5,2-1,1-1,4-3,2-7,3-1,1-3,3-1,2-1,4-1,6-1,1-3,2-7,3-1,1-2,3-1,2-1,4-3,1-2,2-7,6-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,2-3,4-1,2-1,1-2,2-8,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-4,3-1,1-2,2-8,3-1,2-1,4-1,6-1,2-2,3-1,1-3,2-8,3-1,2-1,4-3,3-1,1-5,2-2,1-1,2-3,1-1,3-1,2-4,1-5,3-8,1-1,t120:205,t172:96,t273:233, #



To clear the editing map, click "custom" and enter: 0 into the text box.


Fortress,4-1,2-3,1-3,2-3,1-3,2-3,4-1,1-1,4-1,6-1,3-1,2-3,1-1,2-1,6-1,2-1,1-1,2-3,3-1,6-1,4-1,1-1,4-1,2-3,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-3,1-1,2-1,1-1,2-3,4-1,1-6,2-7,1-3,2-1,1-2,3-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-2,1-5,3-3,1-1,2-1,1-2,2-1,5-1,2-1,5-1,3-1,2-1,4-2,2-1,4-2,2-1,3-1,5-1,2-1,4-2,1-1,4-3,5-2,2-1,4-2,2-1,4-2,2-1,5-2,3-1,4-2,2-1,3-1,6-1,3-2,1-1,2-1,3-2,7-1,3-2,2-1,1-1,3-1,8-1,6-1,5-1,3-2,6-1,3-2,1-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-1,1-1,3-1,8-1,6-1,5-1,3-1,4-3,5-2,2-1,4-2,2-1,4-2,2-1,5-2,3-1,4-2,2-2,5-1,2-1,5-1,3-1,2-1,4-2,2-1,4-2,2-1,3-1,5-1,2-1,4-2,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-1,1-1,3-2,1-2,2-1,1-2,3-3,1-1,2-1,1-6,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,1-2,2-1,1-2,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,4-1,5-4,3-1,2-2,6-1,2-2,3-1,5-4,4-1,1-1,2-2,6-1,2-2,4-1,5-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,5-1,4-1,2-2,6-1,2-2,1-1,4-1,5-4,3-1,2-1,5-3,2-1,3-1,5-4,4-1,1-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,4-1,2-1,1-1,t20:128,t27:34,t34:20,t142:34,t146:273,t261:27,t285:160, #


As i mentioned back then, this was my personal winner of the competition. I like everything about it.


I wish it had a feature to save your level. I got up to Level 12 but couldn't spend indefinite time trying to complete it! Please, game developers -- put in a save feature.

Sean Hawkes February 15, 2008 11:25 PM


It does save your progress. If you have beat a level before, just press next in the lower corner and you will go to the next one.


easy not!!:

easy not,1-32,2-2,8-1,1-15,2-2,4-1,1-15,2-2,4-1,1-15,2-2,4-1,1-15,2-2,4-1,1-15,2-2,4-1,1-15,2-2,4-1,1-4,2-11,3-3,1-4,2-1,7-1,2-11,20-1,1-4,2-13,4-1,1-17,11-1,1-109, #

by me

insanity April 2, 2008 8:31 AM

Big jump!

big jump,2-1,1-18,7-1,1-18,4-1,1-18,4-1,1-18,20-1,1-113,4-1,1-18,20-1,1-113,8-1, #

insanity April 2, 2008 8:33 AM

a correction about big jump
click to get the newest big jump!

big jump,9-1,1-18,7-1,1-18,4-1,1-18,4-1,1-18,20-1,1-113,4-1,1-18,20-1,1-113,8-1, #


thet flu,3-12,2-1,3-6,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,7-1,2-6,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-4,2-1,3-6,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-6,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-2,2-7,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-2,2-8,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-5,2-2,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-6,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-6,2-2,3-2,2-1,3-4,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-1,3-4,2-8,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-3,3-9,2-1,3-1,2-2,3-4,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-5,3-1,2-1,3-2,2-1,3-2,8-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-3,3-1,2-2,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-5,2-2,3-2,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,2-1,3-1,2-1,3-3,2-3,3-1,2-5,3-1,2-6,3-19, #


Here's a level:

Boing,1-63,2-3,1-15,2-1,7-1,2-1,1-15,2-3,1-16,2-1,1-17,2-1,1-17,20-1,1-7,3-18,1-10,2-1,1-17,2-1,1-17,2-1,1-17,2-1,1-17,2-1,1-17,2-1,1-17,2-1,1-17,8-1,1-7, #

Benjamin Green April 23, 2009 2:20 PM

This is an awesome game! Check out this level I made:

Jump,3-19,19-1,4-1,2-1,18-1,2-3,8-1,2-4,18-1,2-1,4-1,19-1,3-2,2-5,5-5,2-6,3-2,2-7,5-1,2-8,3-2,2-7,4-1,2-8,3-2,2-1,4-14,2-1,3-2,2-16,3-2,2-16,3-2,6-1,19-1,2-1,19-1,2-1,19-1,2-1,18-1,2-1,19-1,2-1,19-1,2-1,19-1,2-1,6-1,3-20,6-1,2-6,20-1,2-7,6-1,3-2,2-7,5-1,2-8,3-2,2-7,4-1,2-8,3-2,2-16,3-2,2-16,3-2,2-7,7-1,2-8,3-2,2-7,9-1,2-8,3-19,t146:197,t161:182,t182:146,t197:161, #


X,1-17,8-1,1-16,2-1,1-16,2-1,1-16,2-1,1-16,6-1,1-16,2-1,1-30,2-1,1-1,2-2,1-13,2-2,1-1,6-1,2-1,1-15,7-1,1-15,2-2,1-1,2-2,1-13,2-2,1-1,2-1,1-13,6-1,1-16,6-1,1-85,t154:222,t239:86, #


Precise,4-6,3-4,2-3,1-4,8-1,6-1,4-5,3-1,4-3,2-2,1-4,5-1,1-1,2-1,5-2,4-7,2-1,5-1,1-3,5-1,1-2,2-1,5-3,4-2,3-1,4-3,1-2,5-1,1-1,2-1,1-3,2-2,5-1,8-1,5-1,4-1,3-3,1-4,6-1,1-4,2-3,5-3,4-2,1-4,2-1,1-5,3-1,2-3,5-3,1-4,2-1,1-6,2-3,5-1,6-1,5-1,2-2,1-1,2-1,4-1,1-7,2-5,1-1,2-2,1-1,2-2,1-5,3-2,2-4,1-4,7-1,1-3,4-1,3-1,4-3,3-1,4-3,1-3,2-2,1-1,2-2,6-1,4-5,1-1,4-1,8-1,1-4,6-1,2-1,1-1,2-2,4-3,3-1,4-2,8-1,4-1,1-4,4-1,1-4,4-2,3-1,4-4,3-1,1-4,4-1,1-5,3-1,4-6,1-4,6-1,1-7,4-1,3-1,4-2,3-2,1-3,4-1,1-11,2-1,1-4,2-1,1-18,8-1,1-15,t19:131,t192:86,t205:256, #

mr sir man July 23, 2010 11:53 AM

Untitled,3-19,19-16,3-2,19-4,12-4,13-1,12-3,19-4,3-2,19-3,18-1,2-4,13-1,2-4,19-3,3-2,19-2,2-2,18-1,2-3,13-1,2-3,7-1,2-1,19-2,3-2,19-1,11-1,2-3,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-2,13-1,19-1,3-2,19-1,11-1,2-3,5-1,4-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,4-1,5-1,2-2,13-1,19-1,3-2,19-1,11-1,2-3,4-1,3-1,8-1,9-1,8-1,3-1,4-1,2-2,13-1,19-1,3-2,19-1,18-4,5-1,8-1,9-1,8-1,9-1,8-1,5-1,18-3,19-1,3-2,19-1,11-1,2-3,4-1,3-1,8-1,9-1,8-1,3-1,4-1,2-2,13-1,19-1,3-2,19-1,11-1,2-3,5-1,4-1,3-1,8-1,3-1,4-1,5-1,2-2,13-1,19-1,3-2,19-1,11-1,2-3,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,5-1,4-1,2-2,13-1,19-1,3-2,19-1,11-1,2-2,18-1,2-3,11-1,2-3,18-1,2-1,13-1,19-1,3-2,19-2,2-1,18-1,2-4,11-1,2-4,18-1,19-2,3-2,19-3,2-5,11-1,2-4,19-3,3-2,19-4,10-4,11-1,10-3,19-4,3-2,19-16,3-19, #

its a level


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