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Rating: 4.3/5 (44 votes)
Comments (74) | Views (15,494)

The fantasy and horror fiction works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft are often cited as being of great importance and influence to writers and fans of the horror fiction genre. Evidence of his influence can be seen in the works of Clive Barker, H. R. Giger, Stephen King, and even within a Flash game created by Bum Lee, a talented young animator attending Carnegie Mellon University.

Deanimator was inspired by one of Lovecraft's short stories, Herbert West: Reanimator, first published in Home Brew in 1922. It is the gruesome tale of an eccentric young doctor with a penchant for experiments that involve reanimating the dead. The horror comes knocking at the back door in part III: Six Shots by Moonlight after having been retired a failed experiment in the potter's field beneath soil, vines and leaves:

"It is uncommon to fire all six shots of a revolver with great suddenness when one would probably be sufficient..."

And with that begins an elegantly simple, gorgeous and gruesome shooter in which you play the very same Herbert West with but a single revolver to start, and just six chambers for bullets. Use the mouse for aiming, click on a zombie to shoot at it. Aim for the vulnerable spots to use your munitions most effectively, though some zombies will require more than one shot to retire. If you shoot a zombie as it is rising from the ground, only one shot is needed to take it down.

Reloading your weapon takes time, so plan your reloads carefully! If you have just one bullet left and there is no immediate danger, fire that bullet and reload before a new wave of zombies appear.

Soon after the first or second level, you will begin to pick up shot gun shells and a shot gun. Switch between weapons with the [shift] key. The shot gun will take down any zombie with just one shot, but beware of a longer reload!

Born in Seoul, Korea, and now pursuing a bachelor of fine arts at CMU, Bum Lee has created an excellent Flash shooter that stands tall above others of its kind. A game that combines haunting animations with exceptional gameplay to reel the player into the world of H.P. Lovecraft. Experience the horror that awaits you.

Play Deanimator

With a nod to all those who had suggested this game over the last several months: Jonathan, Peter, Seb, Rob, Chris, ...


Stage 8 seems to be as far as I can get, with 75 being my best score.

I discovered an exploit when reloading: you can get an extra shot if you time a shot just right before reloading is complete.


stage 11, 113 zombies killed. great game, lots of fun.


I got to lvl 15 with 195 and never got to use my shotgun cause I didn't pull it out in time lol


level 16 with 207 and I did use the shotgun but...i don't think it's worth it at later levels...hmm...

Daddaluma October 30, 2005 7:52 AM

I managed a 118 and died due to stupidity.

In case you didn't realize, you can fire all 4 shots from the shot gun and immediately switch to the revolver for 6 more shots. When you get a spare moment switch back to the shotgun and reload.

Just make sure you're aware of how many shots you have left with the shotgun so you don't accidentally start the painfully long reloading process when you don't mean to.


I found that they all went down with one shot if you hit them in the head while they are coming up out of the ground. It makes the bigger ones much easier.


Hey everyone! Well I played this game religiously for several months before it came on the sight, I managed to rack up to stage eleven before I gave up. Thanks for the aknowledgement Jay :)


Ive been playing this game for a long time now, and i honestly can say that it never gets old.

Its the simplest flash game around, yet its so thrilling and enjoyable to play. The graphics are smooth, sound effects suitable, and everything else is just perfect!

When you know that youre gonna die, it gets your addrenaline pumping so fast, and then you hear that fatal scream and its over... but you can always replay! =D


Well, this is possibly the most racist game I have ever seen. Doesn't anyone have any respect for the undead? We are just like the rest of you, except we are dead. That is no reason to make games about shooting us.

What if I designed a game on my new (when I was alive) TRS-80 which shot people with glasses or perhaps people with tattoos?

Tolerance, people!!


so, this is are really enjoyable game. People always think that guns are invincible and all powerful, but this game sheds light on how vulnerable one is, even when armed with a gun.


LOL @ GG =)

Managed to one-up my score: level 11, 119 undead now dead again. I might have done better if I didn't stop to take a screenshot. heh.

And did anyone else make the connection between the big burly zombie with the long arms, and the fight victim in Six Shots by Moonlight? It must be the same one. If he catches you, he rips off your arm and takes it with him. Yummy. ;)


haha the first time, I got my head and spine ripped out and taken along with the undead.
Nice one.
Although... it's quite annoying how there's a zombie RIGHT THERE and you're like, taking your time loading your gun. haha. Now if that were for real life...


Well I managed only one better than Nick I got 209 :O. I decided to play once more to see if I was any better than last time. It turns out I was, take a time out and try again and I'll bet that anyone will be better than the first time.


Tab. Space. Repeat.

Unfortunately, there's the cheap method.


Boooo! ...and I don't mean that in a Halloween way.

Why even bother playing if someone must resort to using that exploit. At least the one I mentioned only gives one extra shot. Tab-Space takes all of the fun right out of the game.



Level: 21
Kills: 315

No cheating

LongTimeVisitor October 31, 2005 5:26 AM

lvl 21, 321 kills :-)
No cheating, and only used the shotgun rarely. (I only fire it 4 times at most a round, so I can reload once the round is cleared)


Woo, first try Stage 12, 124 killed.
I accidently reloaded at the wrong time >.<

Daniel Bayley November 1, 2005 6:05 PM

i got to 401 and i cant get past that.


First Post here, though the site is part of the daily work avoidance ritual. Thanks Jay. As for my comment on the game? Vicious circle! Create zombies, kill zombies until they tear you apart (repeat). It's the basic circle of life. *ponder* When will people learn? Great game! Arghh! Reload! Reload!

Not really a spoiler, more an observation.

I find the slower the computer, the slower zombies, the higher the score.


Yes! level 21- 325, no cheats. Almost had time to reload shotgun. How many levels are there?

bluzfiddler November 6, 2005 3:01 PM

Level 19
Kills 279


I just got to Stage 16 (zombies: 213) on a brand-new (fast) machine.

Here are some things that might be useful to others, if they haven't already figured them out for themselves:

Zombies die after only one shot whenever they are on the ground, not merely when they are rising from the grave.

You can blow the legs out from under a standing lesser zombie and kill him in two shots, no matter what stage you are on.

You can safely reload the shotgun at the end of each level: As soon as you kill the last zombie, switch as fast as you can to the shotgun and shoot your last shot. If you're fast, you will reload your shotgun in complete safety, under the "Click here to continue" words. Wait until your shotgun has completely loaded, then continue with your fresh shotgun.

It may sound obvious, but if you minimize the number of shots you take to kill a zombie, you will inflict more deaths with the same number of bullets, and you will reload less often.

So one strategy on the highest levels is to use the pistol on rising zombies (one bullet) and whenever possible to trip and kill lesser zombies (two bullets).

In the rare event that you're facing a solid horde of big zombies that take four or more shots each, and you absolutely cannot kill them all in time with the pistol, then switch to the shotgun! If any new zombies arise while you are using the shotgun, switch to the pistol to take them out, then switch back to the shotgun. Save the skinny ones for your pistol. When the shotgun is out, you may or may not have time to reload it.

Keep looking for the rare opportunity to reload. When you get a moment to reload the shotgun, that probably means a wave of zombies is just off screen, so you'll be glad you did.

The shotgun is a weapon of last resort, so don't use it injudiciously, or you might find it empty you really need it. But don't ignore it either: it can save your life about once per level.


stage 19
killed 282


level 29 574 killed but the 28th is impossible


Stage 11 was as high as I got with a score of 113


If you shoot the skinny zombies in the feet, they fall, and another shot finishes them off. I've gotten to stage 29 many times, but then it's Custer's Last Stand, and dozens of the buggers come all at once.


I think shooting them in the foot really helps.... highest score yet and can get passed level 11 is

Lvl-11 Kills-115


New highscore
Lvl-13 Kills-144

YAY!!! :)


New Highscore

Lvl-16 Kills-210

Im in a ~*( ZONE )*~


stage 27, 514 kills

Not much I can add to the tips except this:

Don't freak out when a couple big zombies are closing in on you. Focus. Take out the rising zombies behind them with the revolver. Then blast the big guys with the shotgun.


Stage 16, 212kills.

I've been practicing. I plan to use this game as a representative example of the valid use of violence in videogames since every start offers an opportunity to read Lovecrafts original short story.

Thanks for the link Jay.


I got 530 (level 28). Here are general rules to follow:

1) ALWAYS shoot the zombies that are coming out of the ground, no matter how many are walking around. Once they stand up they take multiple bullets to kill but when they're rising it only takes one. The only time you shouldn't do this is if you're seriously about to die.

2) Only use the shotgun if you're about to die. The reoad time is way too slow to make it effective, until the big ones start taking 6 or 7 shots to kill.

3) The smaller zombies only take 2 shots. For the tall skinny ones, shoot the head off then once more; for the short fast ones shoot the shoulder to sever the arm, then once more. This is faster than shooting them in the foot.



I got to level 13 with a pistol, and then died.


lvl. 13 no shotgun

lvl. 11 no shotgun


I was at lvl 8 when I accidentally pressed the banner up the top :(

Fun game anyway, though it goes a bit slow on this computer.

Sargjaeger August 16, 2006 12:15 PM

level 18
Kills 253
shotgun: no

Sargjaeger August 16, 2006 2:49 PM

level 20 this time :)

my personal hints for this game:

- obviously: always prioritize the rising zombies
- grinning skeleton: can always be killed with to shots, one shot in the low legs, and then one while rising
- other thin zombie: 1 shot the head goes, nother shot in the chest ( or even legs I think ) and its dead
- the munster-man: is there a quicker way to kill him? couldnt find a weak spot with him, I simply speed click all bullets in the head.
- stop the grinning skeleton early, while it lays on the floor shoot all but one bullet in the munster-man and kill the grinning skeleton while its rising. You can also unload the gun, it shoud reload quick enough to kill the skeleton.

Sargjaeger August 19, 2006 6:01 PM

Is there an end to the game? Haven't gotten any further than level 25.
And yes, the shotgun is really helpfull as sometimes a lot of the zombies spawn outside the screen and take the max amount of bullets

Update on the grinning skeleton: it can also be killed with to shots if you aim at the chest...still I prefer to slow it down and kill the big guys meanwhile


More zombie games. Like "all hallow's eve". It's slow but it has a nice feel to it.


fun i say

i got like 972 zombies killed


1026 :)


Level 22 is about my highest. (I don't know how many I've killed.) But I'm patient.

Find a site that does full screen. Play easier levels on small window so it plays more quickly. Then on harder levels switch to full screen. The full screen slows the zombies (and slows everything). I suppose you could run something in the background if your computer is still fast. Mine is just right as is.

Is it just me or does everyone get only three good shots out of the shotgun? The fourth shot ALWAYS misses no matter what. Very irritating.


Level 25, and this time I took note of 437 Zs.


303 kills at level 20


this game is weird, almost scary. The sillhoette (have i spelt that right?!) zombies remind me of the ghosty things on the second level of Somnium Orbis (fantastic game even if only does last thorty seconds!).


i don't know how you guys are doing it, i can't get past level one lol...

BonnieDog November 1, 2006 4:09 PM

I don't like playing it with my speakers on. That music is disturbing. Which one rips your skull and spine out? I only ever get my arm ripped off, cos I always get caught by the big one. I can kill the rest, but he normally gets me on about level 8, while I'm reloading my gun which takes a painfully long time, made worse by my painfully slow laptop that keeps asking me if want to install stuff, which makes me want to inflict a painnfully slow death on my painfully slow laptop. This is practically the only game I can play, thanks to my painfully strict parental controls.

Amandaty April 22, 2007 2:19 AM

We made it level sixteen with 197 zombies shot dead! Well, then again, we're working as a team...but had we gotten that dang slow shotgun out a moment sooner, we wouldve been onto level 16 :(


first time got to level 10 and a 100kills

Ben Chirlin July 1, 2007 12:59 AM

It seems that more often than not my bullets simply go through the zombies. I waste four shots on one zombie and they just go through him whether i shoot him in the head or chest. Even if its not his weak-point, it should at least slow him down.

Kristie July 17, 2007 8:26 PM

first time...
stage 12
135 kills

emiliano July 30, 2007 1:59 PM

WOW first try and i got 120.234.456.789.890.903.340 killed!

Joke (oh really? ha ha!) i got just to the 15 stage with 131 or something...I hate this zombie!!!


hey All check youtube deanimator
i show there my record
level 30
607 killed
the post about 972 zombie need to show the proof


I played this game a couple years ago. It was fun. However, I played today and the game is complete and utter crap. Most of your shots w/ the gun and/or shotgun go THROUGH the undead without scathing them in the least.

To the author: Please fix this. It's very annoying.


The reason you think many of your shots are going through the zombies is because you aren't clicking on the zombies directly. I thought, like you, that i should be able to aim in front of myself and click like crazy, but you actually have to click on the zombie you want to shoot. Hope that helps.


132, Level 10. Dang big ones...


I got to level 40 with 1000 kills and 420 shotgun shells. You bet I cheated!!


Just for the hell of it:

I noticed another way to cheat in this game that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere. If you right click on the screen and un-check Play, no more zombies will come out of the ground until you check Play again.

You could go on forever this way... I stopped at 1140 (haven't tried the tab-space cheat, maybe it is possible to go on forever that way too?)

Ruins the fun, of course.


Wow Got Up To Level 18 Best In My School Lol

Well Year

Great Game!


How do I pull out the shotgun...I'm just getting started :-)

anonymous February 2, 2008 4:25 PM

Level 19.

Heres a great trick for everyone,

Use the shotgun when theres a group of monsters, with the big ones in them. Shoot the big ones, and switch to the revolver for the rest of the level. if you have one monster left moving toward you, and no others seem to be coming, shoot it with the revolver then switch to the shotgun, and reload it when it says click to continue.
Important: Switch fast and click fast, or it will take the command as go to next level.

Erick Tran July 18, 2008 5:19 AM

Level 26, Kills: 469, impressive i know :)

de-animator September 4, 2008 11:27 PM

level 28
no cheating
level 28 is so damn hard!


Not sure what happend, but the deanimator seams to be gone. Its a 404 File not found page!
Not Found
The requested URL /~lee/deanimator.html was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered ...etc Whether that is temporarely or permanent remains to be seen.

Conor123 June 12, 2009 2:34 PM

Going to see what stage i can get up to

Conor123 June 12, 2009 2:37 PM

Grrr 4th shot of shot gun always misses why??

Conor123 June 12, 2009 2:47 PM

Level 10 with 97 kills not tht bad xD

Anonymous August 19, 2009 1:11 PM

I got to stage 10, and killed 102 zombies before I died stupidly.


i have gotten to stage 9 on this game. i love this game. at school i got every one into it. we play in the morning and try not to get caught by teachers.

Zombie Massacre November 28, 2009 4:44 AM

My best is Stage 12, 136 kills. Great game, but not much point later

Anonymous January 21, 2010 2:39 PM

Stage 23, 376 zombies killed


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