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Haunt The House

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Rating: 4.7/5 (506 votes)
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ChiktionaryHauntTheHouseHallowe'en, that time of year when we can be categorized as one of three types of people; those who like to be scared, those who like to scare, and those who like a little bit of both. When it comes to online Flash games, we at JayIsGames revel in offering some Hallowe'en game fun and in Haunt The House, this is your chance to be the spook, and we don't mean the sort that stare at goats. This simply vibrant and unusual action puzzler by the Super Flash Bros puts you in the role of a ghost who seeks to haunt a house in peace and quiet, but your house has been overrun by a bunch of noisy party guests and it's up to you to scare the living daylights out of all thirty, yes thirty, of them.

Using the [arrow] keys to maneuver your ghost around the house and hover near furnishings. When an item glows hit your [spacebar] and your spirit will possess the object. Hitting your [arrow] keys during possession will cause a variety of actions, and the more you scare the party-goers, the higher your spooky atmosphere will climb meaning more powerful your hauntings will become. Of course, it's great fun to make a stuffed bear growl and claw at the air, but if no-one's around to see it you're only amusing yourself, so it's best to show off your spooky talents when there are people around to witness it, and scream their little cartoony hearts out. It's even better when you get them alone... mwahahaha!

But scare tactics don't affect party people equally. It seems the young and the young-at-heart are up for a good scare at Hallowe'en parties and are seemingly unaffected by your spooky behaviour, so it will take some effort on your part to get them out of your haunt, and that can be downright frustrating. If only ghosts had the power to possess doors and lock them once a room is free of the annoying living. You will be given a game plan of sorts upon starting the game; start at the top and work your way down. The top left of the screen indicates how many people are left in your house to scare, and you've got your spook-o-meter at the bottom of the screen indicating how much haunting power you have.

Haunt The House takes a wee while to warm up, and the fun only grows the more you scare the wits out of your unwanted house guests. And so it should be fun, because it's actually an exhausting and lonely job being a ghost. Whether you like to scare or be scared, you might just find yourself enjoying being the cause of trembling knees and hearty screaming this Hallowe'en by playing Haunt The House. Who knew being a ghost could be this much fun...

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Wow. I loved Detective Grimore (sp?) but I can't seem to make any progress on this. It seems to me like the objects aren't always placed where you'd like them to be, and so there's no real sense of intentioned directionality, which is too bad because otherwise it's very charming.


Be patient. Once you've raised the general terror to appropriate levels, you'll unlock new actions for each object: higher-level actions tend to be more effective at sending your unwanted guests packing.

A word of caution: as hinted at, it is possible to inadvertently kill the guests. Freak them out too much and too long, and they'll jump out the window. This is a Bad Thing as far as the game is concerned (a player who haunts with reckless abandon will find the house suddenly crowded in the, ahem, "postmortem"...), and your final ranking will be better if you exercise some restraint and scare them into leaving through the front door instead of...well, not at all. ^_^;


I started out liking this game, but my bar of terror is now completely full and there are these two people I can't get to leave the house (through the front door or otherwise).

Pretty much, I can either get them completely terrified and then they run around the same three rooms senselessly, or I can get them scared but not scared enough to walk down the stairs to the first floor.

Kind of frustrating.


Cute game, I like the variety of objects you can 'haunt'. A little frustrating, though, as I couldn't seem to scare the people in any certain direction. Maybe I overthought it as I finally decided to let my 5 year old son take over and, of course, he rid the house of everyone...a-hem, smart son or dumb mom?? Still a fun game, happy halloween!

fuzzyface October 29, 2010 1:31 PM

This is IMHO one game that would look cool on a cell phone with shaking, tilten etc. I managed neither to kill all guests or none. 1 death was my minimum, 10 maximum.


i love this game i managed to get both all dead and all alive if you get s rank then it says enter at your own risk b is unsafe and c is house for sale i never got d but f is crime scene no crossing


I found the chairs, table, and attic birdcage to be most effective. Never had much use for the bear...

OctopusBob October 29, 2010 5:27 PM

Please stop killing yourselves. I'm not that scary, am I? Right? RIGHT? :(


My favorite object: The kitchen plates hanging on the wall.

I got a B. This game is fun, but I hate how there was 2-3 people who decided to run around in the attic and 3rd floor, but kept being scared completely. If you want to run away from the house, you don't stay upstairs!


I like the music to this game, and the game itself. Great game for Halloween! Got an A my first time, but I'm having a lot of trouble repeating that (keep killing too many...).

fuzzyface October 29, 2010 9:31 PM

d is "welcome"

Acidifiers October 29, 2010 10:46 PM

I'm not sure what rhyme and reason governs the rules to who is scared of what, when where why and how. Does every action just increment a person's number for "need to run from floating shampoo bottle" equally, and it's all a matter for the player pick scares to maintain the number at a level below that which would cause them to jump out of windows? How many factors are there?

At one point, I could have sworn that the children were susceptible to visual scares, or to the toys, or to the monster-under-the-bed. Maybe, no, the proximity of the scare mattered as well. Maybe they need to be watching the item I've possessed for them to notice, unless there was a sound, such that of smashed dishes and thunder. I couldn't tell and couldn't plan accordingly.

Eventually the game simply seduced me with whimsical animations and screaming. Ish sho fun :3


Yeah, I dislike how some of them INSIST on staying up on the top two levels.


A - Keep out haunted B - Unsafe C - House for sale D - Welcome to live in this house at your risk E - Forget going into the house
F - Crime scene G - Ghastly murders H - MASS SUICIDE OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS BEWARE

Yes there is a g and h they are extremely hard to get if there are others I dont know. G kill all in less then 2 minutes and H kill all in less then 1 minute.

Smoothfonzo October 29, 2010 11:34 PM

Loved the game. This could easily be expanded into a full game with different houses and accomplishments.

Apartmento October 30, 2010 4:00 AM

I got 30/30 scared away, which gives you


I was careful to not scare people too much when there were on the upper levels but scared people as much as I could when they were on the ground floor or the basement. The bear and the bushes near the door were particularly useful. I found the plates useful as well.

fuzzyface October 30, 2010 6:04 AM

Arumlol, how do you kill all after all? And I cannot imagine how in 2 minutes?? There must be some secret I'm missing. Most kills I could get was 20 kills, and it took me 15 minutes or more.

Anonymous October 30, 2010 2:36 PM

nothing happens when I hit the spacebar am I doing it wrong I cant seem to possess any items

[What OS, browser and Flash Player versions are you using? -Jay]

Acidifiers October 30, 2010 3:09 PM

If you can round some guests into the first floor, spam lightning flashes in the living room (Up/Down when possessing the Mirror) and they'll all leave the house. Except in the rare case that someone decides to run up two flights of stairs in order to find a suitable window to jump out of, as long as you can get them into that room, you can get them all out without any deaths.

Has anyone else noticed that if you press Space while not over an object, you'll do a ghostly "Ooo-o-o-o-oh", and everyone in the room will stop to listen? If spam it by the front door while people are leaving, they'll just stand outside, running back and forth while screaming.


Sometimes they jump out of windows that aren't there.


I've noticed that they tend to take refuge in the attic, especially later in the game.

nerdypants October 30, 2010 6:51 PM

Aah, this game was so much fun! Though there was one kid who just did not want to leave the house. I chased him back and forth between the first two floors like five times before he finally left. It was like a horror movie where the heroine knows there's a monster in the house, but instead of leaving she hides in the attic.

bwahahahaha October 31, 2010 1:10 AM

What is the best way to scare the people so as many of them as possible kill themselves?
I got a 27/30 (an "A" grade) on my first try with 3 suicides, but I didn't see any of them, so I didn't even know they killed themselves until I saw the final score screen!

fuzzyface October 31, 2010 5:36 AM

Arumlol, ok, you are a liar, I looked at the flash images, there are only images for S, A, B, C and D. Be gone please.

fuzzyface October 31, 2010 6:19 AM

Beside complaining about trolls. This game is in my opinion one of the best casual games I've seen for a long time. A great original game idea (instead of n-th implementation of a standard game principle), and a great implementation and atmosphere. I'd only wish for a kill/scare ratio while playing and a reset button. If there were a haloween game competition, this would've been a clear winner.


I haven't tried this game yet, but I'm surprised everyone thinks the idea is new. Ghost Master (commercial game) was released in 2003 and the basic premise was the same. That doesn't mean this game isn't worth playing--it just isn't so original.

I might give this one a try later.

JetSetVegas October 31, 2010 5:04 PM

I believe "S", probably for Spooky, is the best rank because

You scared everyone out of the house(30 of 30 with no deaths)

and the sign at the end

Abandon all hope ye who enter here

says you are a ghost not to be messed with.

fuzzyface October 31, 2010 6:34 PM

Cherita, nothing is every truly original. Still its gaming concept takes a huge distance from the normal flash game. I appreciate if someone picks up the idea of years old PC games, and makes a casual online version of the basic concept.


nothing happen when i hit space button.
only me having this problem ?

[What are the OS, browser and Flash Player versions you are using? -Jay]


I had the space-bar not working thing happen to me, too. Check to see whether your computer is on mute. Plug in your speakers/headphones/whatevs and unmute everything and it should work.

Or, well--it worked for me.


@ fuzzyface: I might of had played a different version so idk.

Oh and to kill all in less then 2 or less minutes just spam hauntings as fast as you can.

Not sure about the different version i forgot what website it was on but there is an A B C D E F G H in mine no S. weird.

fuzzyface November 1, 2010 5:16 PM

Sorry, No you didnt. Just caught lying. Not funny.

brokenrecord November 1, 2010 9:17 PM

What a great game. I loved the attention to detail. My personal favorite scare was bringing the moose head to life. I didn't realize you could kill partygoers though. I ended up with a death total of six. Whoops.


All that I know about ranks:
30 scared people- S (means "Super")
28-29- A
22-24- B
17-21- C
9-12- D

PS: totem rocks ^^


I think you can scare people to run in the opposite direction from where your haunting.
But if you scare them too much (like scare them past the point they are screaming or using too many powerful spooks) you can cause people to jump out of the windows.
To me when people are screaming they eventually run down a floor or out the door.
Hope this helps, this was a great game, thanks JIG :)


@ fuzzyface not lieing ok weird

Phasma Felis November 14, 2010 9:55 PM

Beautifully designed, but gameplay has problems. :( It needs to be waaay more obvious when and how people die--I killed 7 people my first time through and didn't even realize it, and it took two more games to realize they were jumping out of windows (and I've seen someone leap into a blank wall and vanish in the windowless dining room). Very few things seem to be noisy enough to get attention when someone's back is turned, which is pretty weird when a bookshelf turns into a cackling maw a foot behind someone's head and they don't notice.

Apparently repetition is the scariest thing around--seeing a stuffed bear come to life and growl at you is only mildly disturbing until it does it six more times. Just my luck to have to haunt the Deaf Horror Enthusiasts convention!


29/30 Hallelujah!

This is a difficult game for me to go without killing at least 11 people, it's just so darn fun to scare them out of their wits. I mean, I'm a ghost, right? I should get the joy of the scare. But, finally, I just decided it was time to let them live. :P

I think the scariest objects to possess are:

The bear, the deer head, the bathroom cabinet, the birdcage, and the doll on their scariest settings.

They are all definetly a way to make them scream bloody murder.

Overall, this game is amazing! I love the cute ghost. Expecially when he makes that little ghost sound. Who knew the maker of the game would make an adorable little ghost cause so much trouble? ^^


Killing ppl is GOOD! Did you happen to notice the ranking gets better the more ppl you kill??? Obviously H (MASS SUICIDE OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS BEWARE) is a better rank than S(Super). I mean, if the house is supposted to be scary, then killing people is a GOOD THING!!!!


Sasha, I made the crime and decompiled it, there is no "MASS SUICIDE" in the code, conclude about it whatver.

Otherwise I personally vote this for the greatest casual game 2010.


This game is really fun! However, I noticed today when I played it that there were a LOT more glitches than normal. twitchy animations, for one example. When one of the kids was going down the ladder, he was doing the jumping out of a window animation. over and over again. then he ran all the way down into the basement... and jumped out of a wall in the basement. While the last person I scared out ran out through a window, but did not jump. Ran. Was not a kill. The oddest I've seen though is when they get caught in the ghost's room. I think it should be checked a bit more for bugs.

Anonymous January 1, 2011 7:29 PM

why won't this game load

[Try updating your Flash Player and disable any browser extensions that may be blocking ads. Free Flash games are ad supported. -Jay]


This was a very fun game, but unfortunately I can never get more than four deaths. I don't seem to be able to kill anyone, and I distinctly remember watching a person jump through the bedroom wall.

Whitewolf January 10, 2011 2:19 PM

the mirror on the wall above the fireplace has MORE effects to scare people out of the house the birdcage, flickering bulbs, screaming doll, and the flute picture blows a horn is good


I like killing the kids! : )


i only killed 2 people and got ranked A so the sign says keep out! haunted.


This is a fun game. It is possible to get everyone scared out alive, but it can be frustrating. What I'd like to know is if it possible to kill EVERYONE. I've managed to kill 22 (8 scared away).

If you want to kill a lot of people, scare them more on the top floors where they are far more likely to jump out of a window. If you want to get them out alive, get them screaming scared only on the bottom level.

The problem is, whatever your objective, once you clear out the appropriate level, the rest of them seem to stay where they are, only now and then going up or down stairs, often huddling in the attic or basement.


I killed zero people! It's like infecting Madagascar. One just should wait to haunt people already on the edge.


funny game, tough its really difficult to get perfect score and worst score. i hear a lot of people naming stuff that they found usefull to scare the hell out of people but not one of them named the mirror. spam lightning in the mirror and watch them scream their lungs out as they dash either outside to safety or dash upstairs and then jump out of the window... XD


Just this close to scaring everyone when one of the last two people decided to go up the stairs and through a window in the first floor instead of through the door, what's the matter with this people?


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